The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on November 2, 1894 · Page 9
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 9

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, November 2, 1894
Page 9
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PACTS ARE STUBBORN THINGS! The Great Bone of Contention haa done it, Tariff off. Lower Prices! Do you, ealize your opportunity? Our Loss. Your Gain. We must reduce our immense stock. See our low tariff prices. They will take like hot cakes. An opportunity of a lifetime l GREf\T SPEGIf\L MEN'S AND BOYS' UNDERWEAR Saturday, Nov. 3 and Monday, Nov. 5. D ICES 33 Per Cent Less tb lev, Pave Ever been laid Cray at We So icit Y Of the Famous Clothing ~>-AND^r- Merchant Tailoring House SPEAKS FOR MORTON. General Harrison Addresses a New York Audience. KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement and tends to personal enjoyment when rightly used. The many, who live better than others and enjoy life more, with less expenditure, by more promptly adapting the world's best products to the need* of physical being, will atrest the value to health of the pure liquid laxative principle's embraced in the remedy, Syrup of Figs. Ite excellence is due to its presenting in the form mout acceptable and pleasant to the taste, the refreshing and truly beneficial properties of a perfect laxative ; effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches and foyers and permanently curing constipation. It has given satisfaction to millions ana met with the approval of the medicri. profession, because it acta on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels without weakening them and it is perfectly free from every objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs is for sale by all drug- vhte in 60c and *1 bottles, but it in manufactured by the California Fig Byrup Co. only, whose name is printed on every package, also the name, Syrup of Figs, and being well informed, you will not accept any substitute if offered. The long ilroutu" lu Wt>Ht Virxiulu has caused great dlHtri-ssi among farmers inn) lumbermen along tlin Little Kenawlw. Many sawmills liavo boen compelled to •hut down for want of l.igsi. Harrowing gtorlus of Mm misery canned by a plug uu of mind fllu.s raino from UK- Interior of Africa. I" """»» «»«•» tlu< f «ah ou hiinilB mid feet of native* t» entirely eutcu away und th* bouus wxpuiud, Tills nineteenth century In oonsploloui In Ills- lory KB (in epoo of marvelous advancement. BWum'hli'H. niliwHys. telegraph •''?.»"»">• o the achievements wu prize so highly aretno oBsuriSi of llil" groiul «a. HlKht abreast «lth tht)woud»r'ullm|trovmnimlaof •clenoeaiiil art Iftlie iwt iMinii wrkable progress In «»• medical world us «x«m|)llil«d In no efficient and Mwerftil a re»t"ratlvo as Mf\ V'^ASSLifiS Medic*! Discovery accomplishing to •P«« d J. 1 X •hat formerly wai oonsldoroa linpoiilble. It will SJlTeatore "to" to » blind eye iwr insure » fcSttltliv circulation Hi a wooden leg-but oon- ields to III MAYOE HOPKINS SUBS TAUHEB. Charges tho Chairman of Illinois' Republican State Committee With I4bol-John- ion ClmUenijy* Bleltlnley—Debs I»«l»twr» » PomilUt Speech M Cleveland—Hill Thanfci CfUvnland's Friend*. NEW YORK, Nov. I.—Ex-President Harrison spoke at Carnegie hall Wednesday evening. Tho meeting was bold nnder the auspices of the Republican state committee to ratify the nomination of Morton and Saiton. When the doors were opened at 7 o'clock the street was crowded. When 6,000 persons •wura j packed into the hall, there wore still, many thousands outside seeking mrmft- tauce. As the band concluded a fainil*, iar air two gentlemen in clerical attire | were ushored across the platform. Some of those in the hall rooogniaed one of thpra as Archbishop Ireland of St Pttrd, His companion was Bishop MoOoiripk of Dultith. It was 8:80 and neither Mr. Harrison nor Mr. Morton had put to ou appearance. Tho audienco was getting impatient and George W. Stephens said ox-Judge Noah Davis wonld entertain them ponding the arrival of the speakers, lie had spoken only a few momenta when thcro was a commotion at the door and Messrs. Harrison and Morton appeared accompanied by Charles W. Haoket, chairman of tho state oommttteo. Morton Stands on III* Record. Their arrival was signalled by a great outburst of enthusiasm. The people •tood up, waved flogs, hots and haodkor- chiefs and cheered until they were hoarse. Aftor some preliminaries Mr. Morton was introduced as the president of the meeting. He said: "I am honored by being called upon to „, weai. j. am departed from my resolution not to apeak outside of my own state, because I could not seem to be indifferent to the contest which is on in New York, because, being in your city upon personal concerns, I would not have anyone think that I would be indifferent to the success of one whom I esteem and love as my friend. I believe the candidate of the Republican party, Levi P. Morton, to be ; altogether worthy of the support of his fellow citizens and altogether qualified for the highest exercise of tho high duties of governor ef this great state." After further eulogizing Mr. Morton General Harrison continued: "I do not regard this great contest which Is being waged in the state of New York for pure, clean, decent municipal government as a local issue. The whole country watches that great struggle. It has read with amusement and disgust the revelation of municipal corruption and debauchery which have been laid before the public, it watches with anxious solicitude the decision of th* question whether there if power in the body politio of this great city to cleanse itself from the** impurities and reassert decent government.' I sincerely hope we shall have another illustration to be added to those whioh we have had iu th* past, that when things have become utterly bad, men without reference to party rally to tho defense of the institutions of their homos and set things right once more." MAYOR HOPKINS SUHI TANNER. A. R. U. MURDER TRAIL SENSATION. •uuitloiUntse worst form, but Key d due no good. I tu«u took "Golden Modlcal DUoovorn" ami It lulu boon one your iluoe I coughed or ex- WotoVsted row liBrd'iub.t.uo.. Beside. 1 weigh more than J ever did In my Ute." Tlte will of the late JOM <U I*veaga, tat Santa Cruz, Ool., inillloualn, provide* •800,000 (or a homo for tUe blind, doaf, dumb, paralytic mid agurt, A Good Appetite. Always aooouipauloi guud buulttt, auU ao »b- tuuut) vf uiiuotite Is an iDdlontliui of loiuethluy wrong, Tun universal testimony Klveu by tboie woo Imve u»ed Hood's Sarsi»i>urlll», an to III merlin lu re*lurlnK appetite, uuil ui • purlilor of Hie blood, iioumilutos thu Btrougent reoowumu datum tbat cuu be urgud for uuy uwdlolne . llood'n I'liia vuru nil llvor Uli, billuuiiiowi Jauudlou, Inillgettlou, nick buadau|u>, ijQo. Buokleo a Arnica Salvo The beat salve In the world lor Ouli, Brunei , Ulcers. Heit Bb»aui,irevorlio«s,TeMt>r i, and positively our«» fU«l 01 ao pay r^utrod. It U guaranled to (iff perleo preside over this vast assemblage of tho people of tho city of Now York. I thank you for your cordial meeting and for tho hearty welcome you hate extended to the soldier-citizen, with whom It was my privilege to be associated In official service a few years ago. It has been foreign to my inclinations to take part in public inoetiuga after my nomination to public office. I desire to b» judged by he record I have made, rather than by irofoaslons manufactured for an oooa- Ion. If I am not worthy te administer ho great trust which will be committed o me when the will of the Republican state convention is ratified by the people, nothing I can now say will wAwvo ;he nitutttion." Mr. Harrison said: '•! cannot say much about tho last administration and it ls somewhat delicate for me to speak about tho present. But, ray fellow citi- ceus, they are of very little consequence of our public affairs. They do not tern events. The Important matter b the principle or politics that the respective parties reprwenU, and ol these I toel free to apeak. In this great country of ours, this sisterhood of states, this union undor one flag and one const tntion,there U such u community of influence) auoh an intermingling of iiittuoucei, tbat no election can in auy proper BOUSO be said to be looub. it U of oonuvqueuce uiid ought lo IK) of concern to all the neoplo v » v»« wuueu Mates, whether tho governor of tht) state of New York shall bu a uitiii of oleuu personal life, u uiuu who IlliiHtruttts in his own lift) aivd history thu virtue* of high American oltiwuuhtpi wlu<lh«r he xhall bu u man who luvce our frow institutions. '•It IB i>? (Miisoquonco to thw whole pep- plo w hut hur tho grunt nt-ate »i Now York shall UUYO uL Ihu Uutul of hur exeontivu a typiwil, upvltflit, pure American uitl- gtm oi' one who regard* these things fioui u low standpoint aud looks oftly to • advautUM* r»tU« tU«w to U» t»b- Gh4tr(*> the Ohttlmmu of Illlnoli H*|>ubll- can State Committee With LlbeL CHIOAOO, Nov. 1.—John B. Tanner, chairman of the Republican state central committee, was arrested Wednesday afternoon on a warrant sworn out by Mayor Hopkins, charging him with having committed criminal libel in making the assertion in campaign literature that Mayor Hopkins had "levied blackmail on the vice of the city." The warrant having been issued by Justice John K. Prludivllle, Mr. Taunt-r was taksu before that magistrate aud, waiving examination, was huld to Ui.> criminal court in bonds of (800. Bail was given as soon as the ordor of tin- court was made, Uie bondsmen IHJIIIK State Senator Henry H. Bvans oi Aurera, William Thleman, Republican representative for the Seventh congressional district, John M. Clarke, ex-ool- leotel at customs, and William J. Campbell., Mayor Hopkins saldt "The libel has been Industriously circulated throughout the state. I am accused of a Tile crime and the intention U to Injure the Demo oratio ticket, The people bare a right to know whether I am guilty or not. If I am I should be impeached, I shall insist the case be hoard at once. It must be this week." Mr. Tamer said:. "Tj»e .wearing, out of the warrant by HopWn* U merely a UU of play for Uie fraud stand. Wbet tke grand jury refuaed to take action, be was compelled to swear out the warrau te keep up the bluff. Tbat lit all there U te It." A r»i>f»etlTe TvUlfle* Thftt Worden ConfrimiUm Implicating Union Official*. WOODLAND. Cal., Nov. 1.—The trial (or murder of S. G. Worden of the five A. B, U. men under arrest for having caused the railroad accident which resulted in the death of Engineer Clark and four United States soldiers during the recant strike, developed a sensation Wednesday. C. J. Still well, a private detective, testified to an alleged confession, which woa made by Worden, in which the prisoner on trial confessed complicity to the crime and implicated the other men arrested. Worden, in this statement, alleges that the train wreckers were given the dynamite which they need to shatter the bridge by Compton, a member of the mediation committee. Worden also makes the somewhat remarkable statements that ha Hired a carriage and drove with the train wreckers almost to the bride, bat he loft them and returned to Sacramento before they bo- fan their work of destruction. Sample of Kentucky Friendship. PRINCETON, Ky., Nov. 1.—News has reached here of the lynching of Eddy Martin in Crittenden county by a mob. Martin was seized by a dozen or moro mail, who asked for information of .Bill Qoode, tho lawless pauper commissioner of Orittondtm county. He was also asked about the latter's crimes, especially that of bone stealing. The mob told him they hud coma to hang him, but if he would turn state's evidence upon Bill Gtoode he wonld be spared. "If these are the only terms, gentlemen," he said, "let the hanging proceed. Bill loode has boen uiy friend and I will hiwld him." The mob did 1U work and eft the body swaying from a limb upon louu country rood. No matter what your trude may bo An herballHt or butter Or something else, I im>, to thee If you have naught tho matter, Don't take the old style griping pills That rather cauantban cure jour tile; but take Dr. Plerce's Pleasant I'elleta, for they are very small and pleasant to take and nra prompt and eftectlve In their operation. They our.- Indigestion, sick headache, bllllousness, disordered liver and habitual constipation. ing machinery, has filed a petition in insolvency, with fll4,d75 in liabilities. Inability to collect is the cause of his failure. CAlUtOLIj Classified Business Directory. MILLINERY. MRS. M. SHADLE, Fashionable Millinery. MISS ELLA TODD. Millinery and Kancy Q8O*» FINANCIAL. MvKlalvr. OUCVKLAKD, Nov. >.—Bon, Torn L, Johiuoa, the Doutoaratlu oongre»slona candidate iu the Twtuty-urat dUtrlot ua» wired Governor MoKlttley a ohal Ituge for a Joint iuwtiiig and debate naxt Saturday avealag. Hill Vlmuha tUe»»t«u4't frUafla, Poivr CIEUVM, N. Y., N»r. l,—8en»to Rill iu his speech here said tke friends ol the aduiluintratlon were giving bint oortliul supuort avary where, bury past dUnuualous, for which u» thuuUod rionaor Kniunn Dead. KANSAS CITY, Nov. 1.—Major Lurln K. Thayer, a prominent Kansas City citizen for more than 87 yean, has dlotl after a long illness. He was born at lornellsvillo, N. Y., In 1887 and came o Kunsns during the war after having orved a torm of •nllatmeiit in a Now fork regiment. He re-enlisted iu tho Jiiith cavalry and served througb the many border engagements that company eucountm-ud. Since the war he has boen >ro;uim>nt iu local educational matter* Uid WHS a member of the bur. t'uulilu't Frlghtim »l»o Uuy, HAHK suuiw, Pa., Nov. l.— John H. _nnli-l''!i, a fivil engineer, w.ii. (flu)'i-i mistnlt > for a burglar by u boy whom n.i was trying to frighten at Kifo, Pa. I'M- {lubrrt upproachud th« house to ho allowed to enter. No onu wa» at homo nave Edward, Mr. Ko|i|MMueifur'a »ui, and hu told him lu* could not enter. En- glubort insisted. Kdwni'd Bred as he mi- teml. thw ahot taking otloct ut<ar thu loft •boulder, killing him instantly. KOJ* peuheifer supposed Eugltibert to bo a buttjlar. ' It would be interesting to know whether William of Germany really be- lievea that rubbish ho talks in his speeches about tho reigning Hohouzol- lerus being umlor tho especial guidance of the Almighty. If ho really docs believe it, then ho is a biggor fool than even his British relatives give him credit for being- Woman's Bights. In a recent published medical worX, tbs author iissorts tliut nine-ten tbs ol tho women ol America uro subject to uterine and kindred diseases und In consequence, maternity becomes to them H dreaded burden. Hew very small Is the proportion of ladles who reach middle axe wearing lue bright glow of health which was their maidenly attractions and of which they have been robbed by functional disorders and nervous weakness! We take pleasure 111 recommending to all thus anilcted tho use of Dr.rierce's Favorite Persorlp- llon.a tried remedy, siifu and sure In all cases. Its discovery merits the gratitude of Uie sex for thti blesslHK lie has conferred upon them. Kor nursing mothers and all debilitated, "rundown" women. It Is the most certain restorative. To those about to become mothers It Is a priceless boon. It lessens the pulnsaud perils of culld-blith, shortens labor, promotes the secretion of nn abundance of nourishment for the child and shortens the period of confinement. A JI40.000 llrti intmrancn tux claim In Kaunas wns settlftl for Jl'J.OOO nnd ervateJ a sensHtion. Attorney Gunttral Olnoy holds Unit whlaky in KuvurniniMit warehouses in South Carolina cannot bu conliscated under stall- law. Dr. KtiKt'iieCrowell, the author of two works on tt|>irituiili«m, of which hu was u strong advocate, dltnl at Now York. Klftoen huiulrud persons ntttmdtul thi; fmieml of Mrs. Mary Woodbrldgti al RiiVL'ime, 0. Kuloglua were delivered by many UMnoi-rance worker*. CIBST NATIONAL BANK, Cor. Main and PUto- Street*. NOETHWESTERN BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION, Fifth SUeet FEED MILLS. I. J. A: J.' R. MATLOCK, KUth Street. HARNESS, ETC. L. T. ANDKK50N, Harness and Horse Clothing, Trunks, Valises and Sowing Machines. • '»•»'" ' WINES AND LIQUORS. VICTORiH. STKPPUHN, "The Diamond," Fourth SReOI PLUMBERS AND STEAM FITTERS. SHEFFIELD 4 PATTKRSON. Wind Mills, Tanlu ana Pump*. JOB PRINTING. DAILY SKNT1NKL, Adams Strttt Best Equipped PrlntlnK UfHceln Western (•* Professional Cards. JAB. L. UAUTIN. U. K. MARTM. MARTIN & MARTIN, LAWYERS. } wm ESor'aT coW!? u "* ~ *^**^~>*^****^**** KsT*l'rom|)t atioiillon given to collections. Notary In otuce. Ofllco In McL«g»n Bleok. BEACH A HOYT LAWYERS. riiutlee lo ituiv auU Uderal ooutU. Ofllee «M Mala ttreet, over N'lswancer't dry goods stele TWO LIVES SAVED. Mrs. I'lioebeTlitniiM, uf Junction City, lll.,was U til by her doctors "lie bud consumption und thattheto was no hope for her, but two boltlos of Dr. King's New Discovery completely cured lit* and she says It saved hur life. Mr. Tbos. Jiggers liW Florida St., Ban rraiu-Uoo, suffered from a dreadful cold, approachltK i-oimumpHon, tried without result everything else, then bouKht one bottle ol Dr. King's New lil§.'o»«ry and In two weeks WHS cured, lie. Is uuturully thiinkful. It Is suoh results, of which thtsu me samples, that pro»e Uie woudcrlul cOlcaey of tills mwllclno la I'OUKUsaiul eolds. rTt*> trial bottles at J. W. nation's drug store. lUgular »U«bOo.uudfl.U) Mr*. Warren Springer, wife of a Chiea«o millionaire, was Indicted ou aohartct< of jury bribing. Fifty $1,000 bonds were stolen from tui> rwtldtnioe ol Ktophtiu A. UuUou in " ' Ivu. GEO. W. KORTE, LAWYER. Otlloo on Orst Uoor (iermun bunk — Will practice In stale and federal courts. Er*ti|>eclal Attention Klveu to foreclosures aid MUleiuBiit of twtatei. Q.BOHUB W BOWBN ATTORNEY A i LAW. F. M. DAVF.NPORT, A TTOBNK AT LAW. Ltyal busloeM Uas* f\ itated lu bolt) sUt« and federal eourU. Pellrer* it ro , iNp, Nov. 1.—Eugenu V. Dobs delivered u Popullut tpeeoh to a large au- dluuoo iu Bttiiiigwiwt nail. He left later for T«rr« Haute, hid. (JUK« the a»utit V« tfot I Toi'UKA, Nov. 1 —Mrs. ICrinina Payne has lllfl suit for 110,000 duinaxos against the Santa Fe railway, in her putitimi alie miyi that her busbauU, while lu Ihu emiili;y "f the company, wa> thrown from the ciui by Con'Iuotor UharKu Bhort. Payne was struck by a froiKht train and killed. Maliciousness on the |>art of Ihu conductor ls charged. Ontiia Will *<M> Hi* Haoea. Ni:w YottK, Nov. 1.—Tho saliw of the boxi'.-i uf the atinuul horse show ww heltl at Mndiaou Bquaro garden. Fully 800 reprotioututive New Yorkurs attouiltxl, Tiio tlrst IKIX was knookod down to UiKM^a Gould for |600. Thu «ulos uutttnl |ai,i.'7ii, an average of |UuU a box, against |ttO,()OJ lust year. Offlw ow Mark'* Young, HU Uuuejr. , Oal., Nov. I.— David uroiuiuout farmer who woa If S'n >i1i THK I'ltOOKKSS at Guns.;'Olitlon. T!M> makers of Dr. 1' ero..'i Uoldeu M«lle«l IXsoovwv ar» i-wtaln ol It. '- • ' i ovrd It for years past linn to M>U It u u —and thc/'re willing .- wllii tho 'igiiMineut Uutv uuse. tbr-, 11 ivtum tUo inuiiey* Cousii' nttou U tliat uorofulous coudlili»> that (xiiuwi from lui- imre bl>' I Tho "Ulscvvery" a, It taken 1» time; it oomuluioly, U you uliod t<xi lung; glvt* I cvuutui-t, evuu tu ad iOt» lu Bover*, Itngoriug Hhnm, Weak CUUM, • Uruncutol, TUmt, Atl'tfiluu. INSURANCE l.nnltwl ttuiount* of ralbkbl* liuuttuiou, in KO<K| mutual ooiupttuli;*. Kitlunitudooel, about oim halt Iho pruauut board ratM. If >ou wuut r»tuiumblt) nitoa un ttooil tu*uro»c«, takv nut u policy from Uie only non-board oru>« In the oily. J. E. GRIFFITH, Anar.t. haven't rvlitif vuiu-^ VI»' it ' «lid 1). l\ I as l\ down In • f uiillic KUKllUi takluu ' WUS ^'111' uilltis wl< (WKNBAUI. B»»i . .* i"(/«'' <'"•. jVim., wrltt'l V% l bail boon iroUu ivciBili ami wolgfit to" wu»iiolttbloloiUr»Bt vwjr ofuai. Alto ' out Uwu. UUIfuW »ue. 1 • vu 1'U pralsu ' oatualng T The ART AMATEUR. »«»rd»d mim' lo/iil lug tiy art ut lu umku their buutei bcat loiill who with to wake U»eU UjJ- tlltM^ _^ -- TP/"wn in/-> wottliUond to aujoite Weji J? Ol l\J{j lluiiliiii Uil» imbllwtUitt'a 1 nii'ii ooi'j, \vllli iup<>ru colur plates, I J ((or iMiiytiiv ur tiutulag) aud H«UD- •• " iiU'iuMiiarn imu<'i> of Utviluui (ttt U 'W I jirlci) tlilrty tivii cunts). Or • \v«> will »ouj »Uo Montagu* MurkB, » VatM

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