The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on January 7, 1959 · Page 17
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 17

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 7, 1959
Page 17
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A CASE THA CAM MAKE AW LAWYER PAMOU9. LAST WEEK 10 6W6 HIM PROM A MURDER RAP? ABNM CANYON VW/ttR.f .RAMO HUA AROUND AS MUCH AS ft55$l6L£,THEN HfM OFF MYSELF.., SUBTLE A« ABLOOWNOS6' CANYON AWAV? IP HE DIRTHERe T STEVC IS1W fOKfOf ROCKHCAO tVAS NO 5/<3N.,, WHO WOUUP DO A 6000 •JOft t PUNNY THINO/. 1 BV6M IP HE EN6W H6 WAS TO I^AFRAIDTHtREBHTROOM MARY WORTH All MY FRIENDS IN EUROPE. CALL ME CONNIE,STACY, OEM! PVEA5ET /WCflO. 1 PUAiE! NOT AUMT CONNIE! , PEOPLE WILL THINK I SIT 6YFIRKIDE5 ANOWHT! •••MARIAlGIUSEPPE!—MY FAITHFUL COOK-BUTLER COUPLE— I BROUGHT THEM , ALONG, COUSIN MARV—50 I'LL i NOT BE /\ BURDEN AA few A GUEST), aMT POP~By Al Vermeer , MY POP WAS READJNq TO ME ~ /ABOUT LITTLE RED ^RIDING HOOD! BAD WOLF WITH THEIR AXES...' AND OUT STEPPED 1 RED RIDING WOOD'S GRANDMOTHER, GOOD AS NEW.' YES, _, WASN'T THAT AMAZING If **.*-*****.*.&* S 'M» >1 HU »4rtK4. k«. OUR BOARDING HOUSE-With Major Hoeple I HOPE THEY WILL HELP VOU^tO ^<, ~ "~ VOURUI^CLE.ALVlM.'lHAME^ DID VOL) CO/V.S OOWMTCi WATCH ^ UMCL&AMOS? 6E£M WATCHING 1HES&LADSANO THsy HOLD A CANDLE TO THE YOUNGSTERS OP rue u'mc CI/ATC Vi"- nN > nwi-L> « LMINUUC .w> irie wur*33ich3ut- > MtJri P AMo^l't MY GENERATION/—£SAD, AS A MERE CHILD j NOT EVEN A FEW CONTUSIONS OR LACERATIONS I HAD MASTERED THE MOST SPATES VOU AMD AT 16 1 WAS LEAPlMG OVER 10 BARRELS PACK- WARDS/ " AUMT MARTHA AME M£ FOR CHRISTMAS, AREK5EM/ HE SAID SKATINS HC« BACKWARDS CARNIVAt-By Dick Turner OUT OUR WAY-Ey J. R. Williams WHAT6 THE ^S.THI5 SNIP MUST HAVE RUCKUS IkJ MERE-) 5EEM MB <3ET UP WHAT'5 6OIM6 7 PROM THIS CHAIR TO ANSWER. THE PHOWE AMP HE PLUMKEP HIMSELF POWKI IK1 IT BEFORE 1 COULP (SETBACK/ WELL, I'M NOT THIS IS MV FAVORITE CHAIR, MA,AM'5HELEFT IT OF HER OWM FREEWILL--1 PIPM'TASKHER TO.' HOW COULP 1 6ET IW HERE LIKE THIS IF 1 13 WASN'T HERE FIRST? ?&%*-* WHY MOTHER* 6$T SRAV -fmtl'wVJ". 11 ,' (•» TJt fc* f.S, Pit. OR 1M> ta UtA Eirm», TIZZY-by Kate Osann "I'm eorry you have such a splitting headache. You'll feet better when you get to the office where you can , take it out on somebody!" Want Ads Have Bargains and Good Buys! 'I forgot to put on lipstick. Do I look TOO horrible?" ed out a list of state and comity IT PAYS TO RIAP THE CLASSIFIED ADS candidates The commute* urged, "Speak Democrats 1 Error? l for thera> vot * !or them and iak * • i D ... ;this card to the polls wih you." Indorse Republican the committee urged support of NOGALES, Ariz, iff) — The Ari-'K. W. Holbrook for county super- zoiia Democratic Committee mail- visor. Holbrook is « Republican. The committee made » hurried correction. MATES HIM SO MUCI4 -HE DON'T WANTA LlVEff B-BUT WHV I^EALOPALL W NOWEVERVONE RED-BLOODED IV MATES HIS tYPE/.' AUSTIN (Minn.) HIRAtt) Wednesday, Jon. 7» 1959 THE TOODLES rr . rrv „ IS IT TRUE THAT YOUR AGED RANCHER HAS MOVED INTO THE HOTEL BECAUSE OF FAMILY OPPOSITION 'Z ALL WE KNOW IS THAT IF TEX LINGLE KEEPS SPENDING SO MUCH MONEV ON YOU HE" ' UAVS TO MARRV THATS .UITE AN E5CTRAVA6ANT SEEM TO KNOW ALL OH, I'M ^ \ . REGULAR JUSHtAO, r \CHBSS-NUT! DIDN'T KNOW \ SIT DOWN VOU COULD . / AND GET PLAV.CHESS:/ ROOKED' . . T N DID YOU ) SCRATCHED MOVE?X MY NOSE/ NOW I'VE GOT DOLtAR KIGHTV JUDD SAXON~By Ken Bald and Jerry Brondfield FRECKLES •-• --«a , ' , THEM '-rtxi'D j I'AIMY MY FAULT JVE 1 etrrEp. [-a ' BL/ILOI^J&'S SQMETH;.".e : ' 'A'k"- :>4.-j , FIRE ME / x' ABour ¥-ie ^^'CrVT'^C)^' VEfiiTtLtfi ~^ >^ \ IKI TLiic; prv-iiA / ROOM/ i- K>hlT ORATiON--- JUST VEMTlLAflON.' I". SHORT RIBS I KNOW OMT THIN* YOU'RE POINS. MISS LUCAS. YOU'RE PROVIN& YOU'RE A WOMAN. AND MAYBE IT'S ABOUT TIME.,' ... AS FOR SHUTTING DOWN THE PROJECT, BOSWORTH'S BOARD OF DIRECTORS THINKS WE'VE POURH? TOO MUCH MONEV INTO IT ALREAPX.' IT'S NOT HORRIBLE" MISS LUCAS. I'M TRYINS TO REACH STEVE VVRISHT. SURE HE'S STILL INTERESTED IN THE PROJECT... AND UNCONSCIOUSLY LOOKS FOR NEWS OF IT.., WHAT ARB YOU POIN6. MR. SAXONr...THAT HORRIBLE . AP... JifrX^- A SHUTT1N6 POWN THE OH.WHAT'VC 1 DONE ? WHAT-- I'M THE BIG WHEEL, 6££? I GIVE ALL THE ORDERS, AND WHAT I 6AY GO£6.' AND I <3AY THAT WITHOUT FEAR OF CONTRADICTION NOW, I'M GCMNO TO RUN THIS NEW CLUB OF OURS WELL, MOW THAT MDUVE CANMEPX I GOT ALONG OOP, HOSV ARE MDU GOING ( ALL RIGHT BETO PROCEED WITH THIS VrORE I HAD HIM 1O.OOQOOO RCPROJEOFS PtPNTl? I WOULDNT KNOW. POC...TOU HAD HIM/VANP THAT LONG BEFORE I / WA5 OVER. YES ..SO IT WAS/ JOINEP THIS OUTFIT... TWELVE YEARS AGO xi WASH TUBBS I KNEW IT 0CCUKKEP ABOUT TH VANISHED, SUH,,.8UT I SAW UO CONNECTlOtJ BBTWEEK) TH 1 TWO! II'THIVRBTHEMBW MV WITNESS SAW HERE THAT NIOHT; WE'PE BACK WITHOUT A CUE! THIS IS THE WORK OF P5VCHOSJ NO. rue HOUSB WHER6.HE WJP "MR.X" WERE TO SECLOPBP r5 ACROSS TOWN I AFTER *TUPVlMd THB TBCHNIffUB U5EP, THE P&I IS CONVINCED IT* TH& RINQ THAT DYWAMITED ANP A SYNAGOSUe.W NEWJBV STATES! THIS TOtVN IS UP IN AJ5M50VEK OUTS1PE HOOPLUMS BLOWINS UP THEIR, SCHOOL'. THERE'S NO WONEy TO REPLACE ITl (AAV I SEE THAT WITNESS CHIEF? BUGS BUNNY I'LL PIX IT PER YA T'MORRER, ELMER ! ENJOY FIREPLACE WITH THAT DWAU6HT ON AA YOU BWOKE WISJPOW, YOU WA5CAL! WHAT AM I SUPPOSEP TO CO IN THE MEANTIME ? V4HM COOLO NOU R«S»BLV HAVE TO WMPtAIH ABouTf JACOBY'S BRIDGE JJy OSWALD JACOBY Written for NBA Service 'Die Jac.oby transfer bid can be used wltu a good hand If you wish. North holds a six-card heart stilt headed by the king and four points on the side and wants to he In game opposite an opening nl-trump. Of course, his seven high card points don't Kimrtintec that game will make but he wants to be there and also much prefers to have Ills partner bo the declarer. A upade or lUamond lead through his partner might coat a trick but such a lead through hlH worthless doubletons can't hurt anything. Actually, the JTB la n. must 1,he way the cards lie. If North plays four hearts Etisl will open a spade and North will wind up down one. If south WEST NORTH 432 VK98754 • 82 + KJ8 KAST ¥J2 • AQ964 ¥Q6 • JlOt + A9S< SOOTH (D) 4AQ8 VA103 4K75 Both v.dnerabU 8«trtli Wwt Worth But IN.T. Paw 2* Pass 2V Paw 4V Pass •Paw Pa» lead—*T plays three no . trump West will open a diamond and almost surely eat tha hand wlUlp the double dummy combination of a club opening and jack of diamonds return will Bet bins two tricks. With South declarer at four hearts all Is sunshine. West can open a club or an old shoe but them will be no way for the defense to keep South from getting a spade discard on hi* own fourth club ana making his contract. Favorite Handcraft U&e the6« gay Swedish d«tlga» (or quick baza&r Iteau , , . tow^M. pot* holders, bags. mat*. So simple, even » cilld cua heip with tbls hanacraft. F»ttern 56o; chart*, directions tor weaving 4 dU- r erect designs on buck. Deoora.t# many varied Articles. Send Thirty . live CenU (cola*) lot this pattern — «4d 6 cents tot eftcb pattern (or Ut . cl»w m»tUac. 8ead to the Aujstla Dftlly Her»ld. Needlt- Send tor a copy of 1958 l*ur» Wbftsl- er N&edlecr&n Boo*. It tat' lovtiy <tf- »ig"s to ortter: ««xbroid«y. ctopl knltttns. weavtog, autttUyf, t»»,

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