Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on July 16, 1948 · Page 53
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 53

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, July 16, 1948
Page 53
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July IS, IMS cur o»ok«-o«i«tu. M»MB city, u. Convention Sidelights — Demos Study Long-Range Effects on Split in Party By W. EARL HALL Staff Representative Philadelphia—Many democrats here are looking beyond next fall to contemplate the long-range effect of the schism in the party s ranks which has made itself so manifest in this nominating convention There are those who frankly believe it's the beginning of the end of 1-party domination iivthe deep south. They look for pronounced inroads by the republican party* — in the November election and the inception of a strong, youthful leadership as a foundation for the years ahead. 'Against these — and to keep the picture in focus^—there are others, probably a greater number, who look upon the split existent now over Harry S. Truman and his racial program as a fleeting issue which will wash out .in the campaign ahead and never rear its ugly head again. Evidence of this division occurred one morning this week when your correspondent, visiting with the Iowa delegation, fell into conversation with some Ala- bamans, seated immediately ahead of the Hawkeyes. "What's Alabama going to do to Truman?" was my question. "We won't support him under any conditions," the Birmingham was carried- by J. Frank Cravens of Cedar Rapids. At that point in the convention proceedings, however, there have been done in 2 days—one for platform and one for nominations. "Ed Dunn Great Soul," Says Jimmy Roosevelt A North lowan, Leona Busching of Nashua, broke the news to Jimmy Roosevelt about the recent death of his good friend, Ed Dunn I of Mason City. In company with I Eugene T. Burke of Clinton, Mrs. I Busching interviewed the .late president's son on the convention floor Monday night. Mr. Roosevelt expressed both surprise and grief when informed of Mr. Dunn's passing. The Mason City an was generally. conceded to be the late president's most intimate friend in Iowa with the possible exception of Henry Wallace. "Ed Dunn was a great soul," duty with Mr. Dunn in Iowa. There was an almost clean sweep !or the democrats in Iowa that year. "I've always regarded my stumping activities in Iowa as one of the most satisfying politi- I've ever had, delegate replied. to whom I was talking "He's speaking for. himself, not for me," the Alabama delegate in the next seat chimed in. "A lot ' of us Alabama boys are still for Harry Truman and all that he stands for." This is an unimportant incident in itself. It has meaning only as _it reflects a pronounced cleavage in every southern delegation. The evidence is too apparent to be missed that developments of a significant character are under way. . At the bottom of the split is the fundamental attitude toward the Negro. In the traditional democracy of the deep south, the Negro is still regarded as a chattel. In the new democracy, the Negro is accepted as a human being. And the issue at stake is so great that if those with the more enlightene'd attitude fail to find an outlet for their philosophy in the democratic party, they will be in a mood to look elsewhere, even to the republican party. This trend having its birth at this convention may have an ultimate impact on American political life possessed of greater significance than the 'ticket or the platform growing out of the meeting. Hawkeyes Savored Paul McNutt Iowa's standard in the demonstration for Senator Alben Barkley following his keynote speech probably more Hawkeyes favoring Paul McNutt than the Kentuckian. Anything for action. That seems to be the rule of the great battery of news photographers on duty in convention hall. At times when a demonstration seems to be lagging a bit, you'll see one or more of the camera boys prodding the delegates into action much as a cheer-leader gets action out of a crowd of students at an athletic contest. One woman speaker as a part of her act released a giant balloon from a box. The photographers weren't ready. So obligingly she had the balloon restored to the box and released a 2nd time. It's well understood that the audience outside Convention hall is hundreds of -times larger than the crowd present. Jimmy Roosevelt Has F. D. R. Showmanship Flair How many other F. D. R. qualities were inherited by Jimmy Roosevelt may be debated, but certain it is that he has the Roosevelt flair for showmanship. This was made evident twice within a few hours of his arrival in Convention hall Monday. His arrival was tardy. At his side was Edward Arnold, the movie star. The speaker droning away at the time didn't have a chance in competition with such a counter attraction. Then again during the Barkley demonstration Jimmy made his way to the platform and was pictured in smiling embrace with his father's "Dear Alben" associate. Though out-voted by his delegation in his opposition to the Truman nomination, he hasn't gone into mourning. Not Jimmy Roosevelt. Too, there has to be time for the so-called "smoke filled room" operations. The best work seems to be done in the early morning hours, incidentally. With the desire, the republicans could have done their job in one day — maybe 2— less than was consumed. And I have the notion that the democratic job could Jimmy told the lowans. "I'd like you to convey to his family the sorrow which my mother and I feel." In the conversation Jimmy harked back to the time in 1934 when he was assigned to speaking cal experiences Jimmy said. Keynoter Produces Convention's Best Laugh The convention's best laugh Tip to this time was produced by Keynoter Barclay's. definition of a bureaucrat in these words: "A bureaucrat is a democrat holding an office s,ome republican wants." He evoked his greatest applause when in recalling the democratic ascension to power 16 years ago, he observed that "even the spiders were so weak from starvation that they could not weave a cobweb in any department of the government in Washington." While I'm not certain of its truth, the report is around here that at least a few of the male speakers ! at both conventions have resorted to makeup to be sure ol proper results in television recep- From where I sit—about 50 yards from the speaker's platform I can neither affirm nor deny this rumor. Window Dressing Consumes Most Time Always I'll wonder how quictc- ly a national party convention could be brought to a conclusion if dispatch was a consideration. Everybody, of course, knows that 9-10ths of what happens in convention hall is window dressing. Speakers drone on, with nobody listening, merely to consume time. There are 2 reasons for this: One, the convention city which puts up the money to play host has to have some guarantees that the delegates and hangers-on will stick around for a certain mini- mum length of time. Usually, I understand, 5 days is specified. Tammany Up to Date New York, ttl.R*—The New York County Democratic Organization, Tammany Hall, will sponsor a series of television broadcasts showing the operations of the various city departments. JULY 19th NEW ELECTRIC REFRIGERATORS Immediate Delivery f ' . • Mason City Appliance Store 211 South Federal Phone 1103 PROFIT BY USING THE GLOBE-GAZETTE WANT ADS!! Colon Illustrations THE COLON Is one of the most Important organs of our body. The following illustrations show the colon in various forms, as one'* condition in health may be. You may ask: How Is my colon? 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The late President Roosevelt used to go to Mineral Springs in Georgia. He was helped or would not have gone there twice a year. WE HAVE all heard of the miraculous springs of Lourdes, France, and famous Thronion in ancient Greece, where, according to legend, Hercules, the god of eternal strength and youth, drank its waters and bathed to be forever young. IF YOU ARE a sufferer, and can not go to the mineral springs, try GEO-MINERAL which contains a blend of the same minerals that can be found ,at the world's best springs. The minerals in it may work miracles. Amazing Results WATCH your eliminations from your bowels two or three days after you start using GEO- MINERAL. The waste, black as coal, will break away and yon will SEE it! Also examine your urine. Yon may see impurities —poisonous 1 waste—coming out of your kidneys, and feel the relief. Be sure to watch for all this to realize its priceless value. 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