The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on October 26, 1933 · Page 6
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 6

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 26, 1933
Page 6
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,AG££lGHt THE MALVfeR* LfeAbfett. MALVtftH, tOWA. ftfjJJRg^ IJ8i E M A I T C HESS TKOtTKO BY THE SECTOR fciTOMSfl JOL4S9 High School Heafa j World Peace Talk i i i 'i ii ' j Noted traveler Explains! Nations* PfoMetns to Sht- i dents Wednesday By AUn »n Val On Wednesday morning the Malrern high school assembled to hear Mr. J. W. Van Kirk speak on the subject of "World Peace." In this talk the speaker explained several world problems to the students which the average person does not know. Mr. Van Kirk was uneasy as to the state of affairs existing among European nations. The students were told that In the next few years It would be their task to help prevent another war among powers which would be far more devastating than the last World war. Mr. Van Kirk, an elderly gentleman, Is not connected with any organization. He has been In all the states of the union and has spoken for his cause in more than 2000 schools throughout the country. In addition he has traveled around the world three times, has met many notables and attended peace conferences such as The Hague conference In 1913. He designed the official flag of the World Court. It consists of a field of blue with white stars representing the nations having membership in the court. Upon a portion of this background are stripes of the rainbow colors and a globe encircled by a white band symbolizing the unity of the world. For a small contribution to the cause he will give to the contributor a replica of the original flag which he designed. Mr. Van Kirk's talk was well accepted and will be of future value In the classroom discussions of history and civics. School Lunch Boxes New Experiment in Home EC. The home economics girls have finished the breakfast unit and are now studying about kitchens and school lunch boxes. They have been drawing kitchen plans and find it is very enjoyable worto A new member, Margaret Ann Buttmann, entered the class this week. This makes a total of 19 girls in the dais. . and they weren't M good M they expected but everything can't be aa one expects it. For Friday they made and ate their lunch in ( the home economics room, bringing anything they wanted besides what they were to make. From what they tell it must have been an enormous lunch and no doubt every high school pupil wishes he had signed up for Home EC. Editorial By Lloyd Walker If there Is no law that restricts the adoption of subject matter from someone else, permit me to extend my hearty thanks to Mr. J. W. Van Kirk. a world traveler, who recently addressed the Malrern high school assembly on the subject, "World Peace." Mr. Van Kirk conirratnlated this generation for Its educational advantages and it Is my true opinion we are to be congratulated for It Is true that we are undoubtedly better equipped than any preceding generation. It Is also my honest opinion that too little stress Is placed on the necessity of education. The people of this world, as a whole, seem to be too "speed craz«d" to weigh the importance of education. We will find from observation that regularly different ones of our class mate groups suddenly get the idea of quitting the courses our public school offers for some outside "course," less advantageous. It Is not only my idea that we need the education offered but I want to make It your Idea as well. The time has passed when "existence" is fought for with muscular strength as a weapon. It Is fast becoming "survival of the fittest," with the "fittest" pertaining to intelligence. It is a known fact that the world's population is becoming weaker but more intelligent. Due to this fact alone this known intelligence should be used to gain more intelligence. So I say grasp that which Is before you now and not wait until it Is too late to wish you had done so. T WITH THE DIM WITS By Malcolm Jnelke High School Topics Miss Walker says the German Marks may be very low but they can't be much lower than ours. Alan Du Val likes English Lit. He says Bacon is his meat. Jim Beckwlth returns from a duck hunting trip but declines to tell how many ducks he bagged. We .figure be either shot. more then the'limit or none at, all. We think the speaker who risked us Wednesday morning showed rare judgment in select- Ing our Adonis, Lewis Storey, to hold his world flag. Is it true that the "Conner- Hall-Anderson" triangle has broken up and resloved Itself into the "Conner-Hall Alliance?" Do Hastings girls always descend stairs that way? Babylon Brooks. MODERN VERSION OF QUOTATIONS TAKEN FROM SHAKESPEARE'S "AS YOU LIKE IT" Hy Klliel DuvJs | Shakespeare: Shepherds, go off a little. Modernized: Scram you eggs. Shake,: Dear master, I can go no further. Oh, I die for food! Here, He down, and measure out my grave. Farewell, kind master. Mod,: I can't make it boss. I feel like u can looks after it's been crushed by atmospheric pressure. K I don't get around some food pronto you might as well stir up six foot of mother earth and I'll cash In my checks. Shake.: Nay, I shall ne'er be ware of mine own wit till I break my shins against it. Mod,: You telling me I'm witty? Huh! I knew that long ago." Shake.: My singing will make you melancholy Monsieur. Mod,; Grab your laundry thugs, Bill's going to warble a note. WMtMMM flt JMMt ttWtili IsWnhnns ui j m< flj wpu« m m& 'P**l'v w»^4''HJW w*^*i^9!WQ*r Letter System i* Used In Grading Student* Handed, ffcfcit Mfc* port Card* Wednesday Nooft Why could certain high school pupils be seen standing alone in secluded corners of the assembly Wednesday noon? No doubt they were glancing over their report cards hoping to get them tucked away In the envelope before any of their classmates should come creeping up behind to "take it all In." Grades ate supposed to show us our relative position. The letter system Is used in grading as It has been found to be more practical than the numerical system. Many schools have been gradually changing over to the letter system and have found it a fairer method of grading as most subjects cannot be graded to the etact point. The following system of grading has been adopted in the Malvern school this year: A — 95 to 100. B —88 to 94. C — 81 to 87. D—75 to 80. E — Condition or incomplete. F — Failure. C is considered the average grade of high school students. Seventh Grade In geography the seventh grade are studying Germany/ Most of them find it a very interesting country. In reading they are finishing the stories of "King Arthur and His Knights." They received their report cards Wednesday and most of them were well pleased. They are planning a program in music for Friday. Boners of Bright Junior* Members of the American Literature class have been giving three minute talks. Here are two of the funny things that just slipped out: Gladys Wheeler: "Longfellow wen t down to the shore and watched the sea and the wharves coming In." ' Dorothy Nay lor: "Florence Nightingale took a corpse of nurses to France." Miss Nervig: "That word means deed body; toe word, 700 mean is pronounced Ilk* 'core,'" Dorothy: "But It Is spelled •corps.'" The juniors are studying insects In biology, They attempt to draw funny bugs very seriously and to make A's on bees. Anyway it is a very amusing class. Maybe they are bugs nuts. Name* Pitted on H* 5*Maft«f Roll Fifth Grade The fifth grade Is stressing oral reading this week. Their aim is to present the thought to listeners In a pleasing manner. This week they studied Lindbergh's flight, drew his plane, and traced the route. They have also filled blanks with new words to add to their vocabulary. The class has started a new history book. They outlined the division of the plan of government and are Interested in see* ing bow Washington arranged matters. Thursday Joe Salyers brought a salamander to school in a jar. It was passed around the room for observation. One girl tried to attract Hit attention by making faces at it. In their hygiene test one pupil seemed confused about joints, and teeth. His answer for two types of joints was "baby and permanent ones." Thursday the fifth grade helped Betty Smith celebrate her birthday. Her mother treated the class with candied apples and candy bars. For entertainment they told riddles and sung songs. Fir*t the students on the honor roll for tfte ifst Btt week* wttn no grade belo* B, are as follows: S«»lo*t: BOD WHson, Freda Brenning, lift Clay, lean Davis, Margaret ftdOormteJt, Marie Swe- boda. Juniors: L*e Gary, Stewart Han. Kathryii Boord, Charlotte Wedefqnist, Phyllis Wilson. Sophomores: Edward WeaMn, Lorraine Dashner, Delpha Conner. Freshmen: Edna Mae Lowrey, Ruth Louise McCord, Roberta Rahne, Florence Swoboda, Annetta Waller. The pupils with an average of B are as follows: Jim Beckwlth, Marian Ben ton. Willard MilHkan. beta Gary, Wilma Caster. Mary Ellen Summers, Annette Wilson, Garold Breeding. There were eighteen pupils on the delinquent list. "Mote time id concentrated study, especially in the assembly." says Miss Walker, "is necessary for better grades." A word to the wise Should be sufficient. SNOOPY SEZ Annotations of Famous People Celebrated "torch bearers" '— light the pupils on their way. Miss Walker: "People, wilt you please quiet down?" Mr. Hertz: "Now 1 believe we left off yesterday——" Miss Schalkle: (No words; just a boring gaze). Miss Kiddle r "Quiet down right now or make up time after school!" Mr. Davison: "I assume that you get my meaning." Mr. Dyke: "Now this formula, average velocity Is one-half the acceleration when the object comes to a stop." Miss Nervig: "Do you understand that phrase? Explain the meaning." Followers of the "torch bearers." "Dim-Wit" Juelke: "Why steal a car like a thief. Buy it on the installment plan and miss a payment like a gentleman." Jim Beckwlth: "Can't ya take it, mine friend?' Allan Du Val: "Are you laughing at me?" Lloyd Walker:^"111 ^tajse Bis McCord: "What did Cleo* patra say to her Roman boy?" Marjorie Du Val: "Don't look at me in that tone of voice. And last and also least Snoopy set: "That's all." Assistant Editor Pinch Hit* in Absence of Editor Lorance Lisle, senior class president, and chief editor for Emaitchess, was absent Friday. Lloyd Walker, assistant editor, worked zealously on the news handed him in an attempt to uphold our editor's journalistic standard. Margaret Ann Buttmann Enrolls a* A Freshman The freshmen are rejoicing as the much dreaded tests are over for another six weeks. The Latin I class is becoming more like the Romans every day. Why should this be? Isn't the idea of being an American and speaking the English language good enough for them or must they be different? They are learning bow to become better converBatipnaltBts as they are still working on oral talks in English I. They were Klad to welcome Margaret Ana Buttmann into the class last week, HENDERSON Wtfc* SOU* Weddmtf C*tebtat* Mr. and Mrs. Owen Price of the Wales vicfnfty recently celebrated theft fiftieth wedding anniversary, tney nett open noose fot their friends and quite a nnm- ber called. Lunch was served also. They received a number of gifts Including money, receiving one Check for f?5. New* of Second AnftttalH. S. We*ley Chttfcnes ft. E. tfeafeltt, Paste* Wesley Sunday school at 10. Worship service at ii. Sunday school at 10. Epworth League at A:80. Junior League at 6:80. Worship service At 7:80. Cholf rehearsal Thursday evening. The Rally bay program at Wesley Chapel. Will be held at 10 a. m., Sunday, Oct. 29. The program will be miscellaneous and wilt In- elude missionary and temperance features. The Rally at Henderson will be of a similar nature and will be held Nov. S at 7:30 p. m. All our church people are urged to support this phase of our church activity by their presence and cooperation, All others are invited to attend. A Junior League has been organized at Henderson and will meet at 6:30 every Sunday evening. A large number were present for the organization on Oct. 16 and much enthusiasm was manifest. Members and friends of the senior and junior Leagues are reminded of the Hallowe'en party to be held in the church basement on the evening of Oct. 31. All young folks are urged to come. There will be games and eats. The young people's Sunday school class of Wesley will hold a Hallowe'en party at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Clark Monday night, Oct. 30. All young folks are invited. Dr. D. J. Shenton, district superintendent, of Council Bluffs, had charge of the services at tlfe M. E. church Sunday evening and gave an Interesting talk. Ida Simmons and Mrs. Paul Forrestal sang a special duet, A baby girl arrived in the.For- , In this borne. Mrs. Harold Campbell ir at Oakland caring for her aunt, Mrs. Will Cooper. Ann Margaret Caugshell Splker passed away at a hospital In Council Bluffs last week following an operation for appendicitis. She was the daughter of Mr, and Mrs. George Caugsbell of Carson, well known here. She had been married but two months. two days vacation which would have been given them had the teachers attended the Council Bluffs meeting, It is believed that these girls were supposed to be attending cooking school but played "hooky" from that to visit our school and tempt us. Although this may be true their presence protected the history class from a "bawling out" prepared by Mr* Hertz. Visitors from Hastings were: E. Lorraine Clark, Leora Chris* tie, Helen and Ruth Parian*.* Marjorie Had.en, and Edna Hen. derson. Those from Qlenwood In* eluded Lorna st&cy and Arlllss Lotte. (it may be a general opln* Jon that these girls jvere here (or the special benefit of "VerbJe" Wedding and Lew( 8 storey), Snpt. R«t <J. DWfy annewfcees the second annual nigh school corn Bttstfnt contest for Mtftt county boys. it »m tw freid 6* tfee & 8. Wilson tatas neftnwesl of He** defson some time text Week, probably Thursday If the preliminary contests are held Ifl time. AH Mills county high schools ate eligible to enter ftnd tndt pfe=- Hmlnarles will be held in the next few days. Start Basket Salt Practice This Week The Henderson basket bill squads hare begun practice. There wete twelve appeared for practice on the girls* team and fourteen on the boys' squad. The first game will be in Henderson Not. 10 with Coburg competing. James Plerson of KFNF had charge ot the services at the church In Wales Sunday morning. A basket dinner was enjoyed after the service. Mr. and Mrs. Donald McKenzie of near Wheelers Grove were entertained Sunday for dinner In the Herbert Stephens home. The Christian Ladies' Aid So* clety"haVe been sewing for needy families, Materials are furnished by the Red Cross and the work is being done -under the direction of Mrs. Art Davis. A social was held at the Wheelers Grove church Tuesday evening. Each one attending took some article to be sold, the proceeds of the sale going towards church expenses. Mrs. Lee Braden of Nebraska, a sister of Ed Wllkenson, has been in the University hospital in Omaha recovering from an operation performed recently. Mr. and Mrs. T. D. Phillips visited in the Wlir Cooper home at Oakland Friday. Billy Ellison, son of Mr. and Mrs. Earnest Ellison, has been having infection In his hand caused from a cat scratch, Mrs. A. J. Harbor and daughter, Arlene, drove to Emerson Sunday evening taking her daughter, Virginia, who returned - - ' " "• •"• ' worklin' ' Iran **« Jrr* Htfww* f*** t DfffiWKy" 'WSBw HKifwBw I ww £ iiiiSii. iimti -Mj»«—*HKt. •fcMhfitJt'jrlt DTBttng tneir stxtflenu ou today. A pf«*s*#t tfnVft was «njbt*d «y ,jfcA,iJ^a a dfraftt^gyt «t tuOVe pTfSoeHZ* Mr. and Mrs. tMtifti OWttt dfov* &$*& f rote G&tB* Sin***f tpWKt tft* «*y fa tfe« J. C. Mrs. ROB* Plain* fttet Mrs. Addle Bollefta were R«i Ott fttft* Mftt Morgan speftt fff« end with bet patents ffi tfee east- era pmrt of the stats. ^ Mr. And Mrs. Htrgn MeSwwirty Ut& Luetia Vttrfo* &ovid test week and *fft occupy tn« rootts above hts place of business. Carrol Pnillips was tfttttt to the Jennie Edmnndson hospital last week fot treatment fof kidney trouble. Thad Flntey And wife and Herman Ahglln and Wife of Arkansas cam* several days ago and will relnain hete- dnHnf the corn husking season. James Hottset and daughter, Addle, June Boliean And Dan Petklns wete guests Sunday in the Mattln Hansen hftme in Omaha. Pearl Metcet and Art Ftlteher wete In Maivetn Satutday anet- noon. Mrs. Bernlce Moore of Macedonia visited friends here Saturday afternoon. . Doris Triplet! visited the Orlo Harris home several days last week. Mrs. Louis Rhinehart celebrat* ed her eightieth birthday Tues* day. Her many friends wish her many mote happy birthdays. Orlo Harris and sons and Max Stonebraker returned Wednesday from a few days visit at the fair in Chicago. Word has .been received hero that Mrs. Will Cooper recently suffered another stroke of paralysis at her home in Oakland and is in a very serious condition, The Rebek&b lodge enjoyed a social time after lodge Tuesday evening. A lunch of hamburger sandwiches, cinnamon rolls, and coffee was served by Margaret Harbor and Addle Bolleau. Mrs. Pearl Harbor and daughter, Luella, were in Aed Oak Saturday afternoon. Cleo Holtmyer spent the week end with her parents near Elliott. The members of the Christian Ladies' Aid Society were treated to a cake Wednesday by Mrs. Clyde Qravitt .In honor of her birthday. A lunch of potato salad, hamburger sandwiches, and coffee was served also, Grandma Farrlngton who baa been staying with her daughter, Mrs. Cora May nes ( 'ati Carson the I >,t-4*1,4 »M ^ i-tt^f^-, The first grade children have ueen enthusiastically making leaf babies this week- Their teacher had them gather leaves, paste them on paper, and draw bauds, feet and heads on them. They like this better than auy work previously done thin year. The children have learned, a number ot different Hallowe'en poems this week. Their teacher Is having quite a time getting different things to do as they learu so quickly. The visitor* this week were: Mrs, Frank Xaudwn, Mrs. Fred ftobliiuQU. anil Mr», Frank uer. Scott Bre*k» Ankle Game Observe Teaching in Rural School* The normal trainers had a very interesting experience last Thursday. Bach girl WMt to ft separate rural school an.4 observed tor the day. Margaret McComlek, visited the silver »cbooU Ulster Hall went to Weftria, and <3Mr» lotte Irwln visited CauterUns; Jennie Ediuud obasrved in Of- borne Valley and. }Ja Clay to HllUdulu; BerulCtt Be' observed lu tUa ReaaoaoF „..„_„ Geneva Scott visited Foxwortfejf and Juuultu H^14«u, waut |Q Pleauaat Valley. Mtt,rMi 8*«*«*l wa* unable to aUetu} h§| Uw yrlvUkustt will yrobjibjiy, he jfrftMtid later. On Friday each, gJ/J in, tola UtltfrettlluK muUttl lu u Uruk»tt nuku (or BwuwU. 41 MM m l«Mrt wtw immbjt u«u» visT Att iiiiiil wto w* *«»f tutu ktt Will ^wq^ w^ -ww^ HtlUtt ot t b^lMt BfffiMf tt would U* «i|| :rf-v «H, PupiU in Fourth Grade |ncr»ai« lnduttn«Hi*iB Those receiving 190 p^ c in both tfee Friday te»t» and week* test i» spelling. '& M, Fmler, . Saawi^S Babs s Bftnaerwo, @yly& Elizabeth TrSyeJ^ i»4 ' wee* toifptJtofVL. _ iftmuife. TbjB w«ek worWftf e»peciaii y Jhpji Uwjn to. • mjirk anjj wgifrkfr • ::,% "i, 4- «i*v * ^ ^T^J^T* T^i*i>eWw ittjl ^^^f ftT'ip <f ri f-VT«*| »|p r? ? >;«i l*. r ,<" |^;^l>'!* IK-**, to. >;$•.<• 1 1 * _ -N35«HS JSW? «ftz. "r* £& r '"S-rV^f -^ f""*""^ V^aayt V»»*^»/ V^V.

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