The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on October 26, 1933 · Page 5
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 5

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 26, 1933
Page 5
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•»* HASTINGS tUt MAtVfeRfr MAlVfeftH t IOWA, 0€tQ§i£R PAGE SEVtK A Sftftd&t Wftftol tfftfd meeting w*s held M tfc* Fred Martin tome Wetfftetaa* irfafaf where they ejected the ioHtowfftf officers: 8n-pertnt*ndent, Fred Martin. Chortster* Mrs. Fred PMesi. pfaiiitt, L*wf*nce ttferttn. Sectetafy» Mrt. W. d. ftesh. freatWtf» Mtt. SefcK* Co*. As yet the ne* tsaefeefs have not beett elected but it WM decided to hats Ut. Martin, the stt- perihteftdeat, afrj&ttnt the teachers he think* suitable iof each class. HalldW*« .. Pltftift far OcL 31 A Hallowe'en program will be given Tuesday evening, Oct. 81, by the Ladies' Aid Society, at the M. E. Church. A play entitled "Wife Wanted," wilt be given; also a musical program. From 6 o'clock oft pumpkin pie, doughnuts, barbecued Sandwiches, and coffee will be served. The pro* ceeds go to buy song books. No admission charged. Mr, and Mrs. Lawrence Read and daughter, Dolores, ot Glenwood and Miss Aleta Bayes ot Strahan visited Sunday in the Ralph Hanscom home. An invitation dance was given at the Wm. Courtier home Sat* urday evening. A large crowd at* tended and a good time was reported. Walter Hubbell and family moved from one of Mrs. J. J. Starr's houses to Imogene one day last week where he will shuck corn for Leu Qutschenrlt- ter. Teacher Stricken Saturday World's Fair EXTENDED TO MOV. 12 Don't Delay ... Go Now I It is one of the epochal events of our era. See it if you con. NOVEMBER 11 Good on all trains in comfortable coaches and chair cars. Half fare for children 10-DAY RETURN LIMIT Abo—-Every Day $1g35 * VJ Ronnd Trip with 16 day return limit Good In sleeping cars upon pay. meat of the usual Pullman (are. . 25% .reduction u* tupping cur r&t«i Consult Agent for Details Caftte Lirtfcef, ioftg time teacher in the Hastings schools, was stricken With Cerebral Hemorrhage at her hotne in Villisea Saturday afternoon and is in a very serious condition. She had gone to her home from here Friday evening and had been working about the house the following day apparently as well as usual. Along In the afternoon a neighbor went in to see her and found her unconscious on the floor, A physician Was summoned and every cafe given her but she remained unconscious until Sunday morning when she seemed to revive a little but soon relapsed Into Unconsciousness again. Mrs. Ella Priest, a long time personal friend with whom Miss Luther had always made her home when in Hastings, was called Saturday evening and went at once to her bedside and has been with her ever since helping care tor her, tt was a terrible shock to the many friends of Miss Luther in Hastings who had seen her about her school work the past Week apparently as well as usual, and deep anxiety is manifested on. every hand regarding the outcome. Miss Luther has taught in our schools for the past twenty-six years and had begun on her twenty-seventh. She has been justly popular with pupils and patrons. No one here has more friends and all sympathetically await further news from her bedside. Miss Elizabeth Garrison of VII- lisca is substituting for her in the schools this week. V the rest tri antfotts to gee them. . Lorraine CTatk Mr returned to We ate muen concerned over tie tews received Sstatrtta? of Miss Lather's serfons Illness. Mtts Garrison of Tfnfsea ft substituting dnrtig her absence. Fifth and Si*th Gf«d« Tlnose on the splitting note* fott tot last week were Jaeqnelfn Dtnn. f*errell WatefWottn, Leon Smith, lifnttle Parker, ftay Mitet, Farris Watefwofth, Rets O*w- fofd, Betty Crottse, Betty Btaden, and Ha*e1 Smith. The sixth grade is making booklets on South America. We are going to start bu the ftew World and Old Wotld soon. We are decorating out room with Halloween posters ready fof Halloween. Leon Smith, reporter EMERSON A. L. TEftteflamed FHettds Hallowe'en Party in the Clites Home Mr. and Mrs. A. V. Clites entertained the following people at a Hallowe'en party Saturday evening: Mr. and Mrs. Dallas Clites of Strahan, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Michelson, Mr. and Mrs, Bob Moore, Mr. and Mrs. Reuel Harman, Mr. and Mrs. D. D. Fellows, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Vestal, Mr and Mrs. Dale Read,/The evening evening; was {reported by nil Newt of Hastings Public Schools Junior New* * The junior class gave an invitation party Friday evening at the school house, Among those present were: Lavern Potter, Blanche Woods, Helen and Mildred Darland, Bruce Wallaban, Edgar Lookabill, Elmer Parker, Irene Bverhart, Wayne Ord, Leonard Mitchell, Marjorle Haden. Qladys HHes, and Miss Varley, the junior sponsor, After an evening of games which everyone enjoyed the refreshment committee served pumpkin pie with whipped cream, popcorn balls, and apples, Senior'New* Our rings are hers. Tfce sen« tors are ansious to got tbenn while secret in if to iiy . , . "ARMOUR'S >/X*ft>U/0* S TA R HAM 41 Miss Aleene Qulmhy spent last week visiting in Omaha. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hunt an- toed to Clarinda on business Friday. Mrs. A. V. Clltes was ft Council Bluffs visitor Thursday, Miss Peggy Clites was an over night guest in the home ot Miss Naomi Hartnan at Malvertt Wed* nesday, A. G. Williams and family of near Strahan moved last week in* to one of Fred Martin's houses recently vacated by Cecil Woods. H. P. Schurr and family visited relatives In Red Oak Saturday. A group of young people en* joyed a picnic dinner at Shenandoah Sunday with Harry Patterson. Those present were Blanche Woods, Evelyn and Thelma Craw- lord, Millie Gale, Wayne Crawford, George Resh, and Harry Patterson. Mrs. Berntce Clancy and Mrs. A. L. Gustafson of Red Oak with Mrs. Herman Schurr spent Thursday In Omaha. Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Nelson ot Irwin, Mo. visited Thursday in the home of Mrs. W. D. Llnthl- cum. Quite a number from here have gone to work on the government project on the Missouri river near Plattamouth. They are riprapping the banks to prevent further erosion. Among those from Hastings are Roy Crawford, A. G. Williams, M. B, Fellows, Will Smith, Walter Hunt and there may be others whose names we did not learn. Congressman Otha D, Wearin returned Saturday night from a trip to Washington, D. C. where he went to look after some legls- lative business. Mrs. Wearin went » j :<?i£'"v ~i»«««-•izr^.J" , *•••_*_i-i_ j_—.a — «. j 1 ' — - .**. fhe American iefton Auxiliary met Tuesday afternoon at the feotte oi Mrs. W. tt. Cramer wtth a good attendance. Several articles ot correspondence pertaining to welfare work wife raid, also an flsterestiai letter from Mrs. Wi I. Adatt* of Whittter, Calif. Who is a member of the local nnit, who told ot the activities of the Whittter units and express- j ing her desire to remain a member of the Levl Burton unit and enclosing het 1&S4 membership dues. The secretary reported that a large collection of magazines were tent to the Clarinda veterans' hospital. the membership drive for 1934 is now on and all members are requested to send in their dues promptly. All eligible ladies of this community are invited to become members. Mrs. C. M. Vetter of Red Oak, department of Iowa historian, was present and acted as installing officer. The newly elected officers were Installed and the new president made committee appointments and discussed Armistice day plans, Mrs. Vetter gave an inspirational talk. Mrs. Edith Parker was elected delegate to the district joint Legion and Auxiliary conference held in Council Bluffs Oct 24. At the close pot luck lunch was served. The next meeting will be at the home of Mrs. K. A. Evans Nov. 10. tfr. and Mrs. Fremont Herseh- berger of Canton, Onto were here Saturday and Sunday, guests of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Cheney. Mr. Cheney and lir. Herschberger were formerly neighbors la Ohio so they had a very pleasant visit together. Mr. fferschberger Is in the dairying business there and has been engaged in that line fof a number of years. He is milking twenty cows and sells ail his milk at 18 cents per quart, delivered. Looks like a pretty good price compared with milk prices here. They had been to Minnesota for a visit and stopped here enroute home. Mrs. Wilbur Morrison and Mrs. Sari Crawford gave * surprise party for Earl Thursday evening at the Morrison home, tt was earl's birthday. Four tables of bridge were played. Delicious refreshments were served. A masquerade dance will bo given at the Emerson town hall Oct. 18 as a benefit for local relief. All dancers must be masked. Mr. tttit Mrs. lot* Ketfy reft fof therr toae in Cali- after speMfnf sever*! weeks viMttttg relatives and friends M tht* vtettrtty. At the home of Jtr. and Mrs. Lon Cttfver several fainfltes gathered Sunday to honor those with bfrtfcdays ill October: John Rltt, Everett Bntterfteld. Delorte Ward Mrs. Cntver have birthdays this month. Others present beside the honored ones were: Mrs. Margaret Johnson and son, Mrs. Emma Rist. Maude Rtst, Mr. and Mrs. Lisle Alley and three children, Mr. and Mrs. Bennie Ward and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Ward and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Fay Bntterfleld and daughter, Erwln Bntterfleld, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sawyers, Mrs. Estetia Sawyers, Mrs. Mary Sawyers and Randall and Margaret Louise. Mrs. Stella Sawyers, Mrs. Mary Sawyers, and Margaret Louise took dinner with Mrs. S. Sawyers' sister, Emma Kestersofi, in Council Bluffs Thursday. Miss Mae Orlgg ot Oakland, Calif, has been visiting her sister, Mrs. Rollln Bnffington, and family the past two Weeks. Mr. and Mrs. Bufflngton accompanied by Miss drlgg left Friday evening for Chicago where they will attend A Century of Progress. Waiter Hilton who has been Women** Relief Corps, Attention The Emerson Women's Relief Corps No. 214, Auxiliary to the Grand Army of the Republic, will meet in regular session Saturday afternoon, Oct. 28. Corps called to order by 2 o'clock. This will be our annual inspection. Mrs. Ethel Shepard of Council Bluffs will be the inspector. Each member is requested to wear his Corps badge. This will be followed by a pot luck luncheon. Please bring sandwiches and a covered dish. to stay Saturday for "Al Smith" day but it rained so hard this event was postponed until Monday so they came on home. N. W, Colling and daughter, Mrs, Wallahan, and son, Bruce, and Fred Priest drove over to Vllllsca Sunday afternoon to see Miss Luther who is so sick, Dr. and Mrs. Edgar Christy attended the meeting of the Potta- wattamle County Medical Society beld in the Chieftain hotel in Council Bluffs last Thursday, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mitchell drove to Omaha Sunday to visit relatives, Mr, ' and Mrs, .L, L. Greenwalt accompanied them as far as South Omaha and visited their daughter, Mrs. Qayjord, and family. Mr, and Mrs, John Colwell Mrs, Bert Colwell of Glenwood visited in the home of Mrs, Jim Clftrfc Wednesday afternoon, They autoed to Corning wltli them and visited Mrs. Hutchinson. W. B, Fehnestock of scribner, Nebr, was a, visitor in. town Mon* day, Mrs. Q«be Everhsrt &a<i daughters, Mrs. John Hudson and son and Velroa fialg§ll and Bererley autoed to Bed Oak Thursday. Mrs- Cecil Woods an Tfeetoa and Evelyp. Crawford were Maivern visitors Tuesday. D, B, Kidwell was A Maivern visitor Friday, " , Mrs. Cecil Woods. Mrs, W». Clark, and Mrs- Roy Crawford were MaJvere visitors Saturday, keslte Baw&QR »n4 fa.rn.Uy of fUmtea visits Sunday la t}»e bauea ef Mrs- W, p, Wntl>l?uw sad R- U Christie, Mr, asd Mrs. Qsreoa s&d Mr* sad Mrs, ii, P. Bea of Be»e* vis* its4 8«B4ay in tbe feme of A, H- Mr. a»d Mrs. tA»e Marat daughters, isaste »8d Jua d Mnu P*a Morse visite4 y io tbe borne of D^aw v KS near Blrabau, Mr, »M Mrs, Cecil Waods, 8s aadi SwaWift* visited i«4 Mrs. guu pjArk i« Oa iuSi &u»(J*y, Tbe t*di6» a«d but Mr. la wittux Mr»- w. R, tvyv •yft^jiTt trffrfii ,l^^4%fr'•««•«, "M-.- 1 '* "f te'.a£*r> A Boy Scout meeting was held at the town hall last Thursday evening. Fifteen new boys joined and'will be initiated into tbe great Brotherhood of Boy Scouts of America at their meeting at the town hall this, Tuesday evening. This Is one of the organUa- Wl^^-.V^-'..,..«-_--tjj^,^^ of Bmer- son as It teaches the boys to be good citizens, giving them something to do, to earn credits to work their way up. Mrs. Myrtle Combe and children ot Hamburg came Sunday to visit her parents, Mr, and Mrs. Sam Spoon. Mr. and Mrs, V. L. Kapple moved their household goods here Tuesday from Ottumwa to the Weed house. I. N, Cheney and family returned home Monday from Chicago, Elgin, and Aurora, 111. where tbey spent ten days with rela- tjves, Miss Marjorle Brlggs returned from Omaha Saturday having completed her course in cosmetology. She will take tbe state board examination in Dea Molnes Nov, 6. H, C. Hascall accompanied his son, Johnnie, to Nebraska the first of tbe week to look after bis farming interests, \ The junior class is sponsoring a carnival Friday evening in tbe Fred, Huntsman building on No. H near tbe Coppage Oil station, Ten cents admission. 4 little daughter was born to Mr, and Mrs, James Frobn last week in Bed Oak, Mrs, Frohn is at tbe boroe. of his sister, Mrs, YauBbs, Mrs. Harold Hossje spent tbe past two w^ks at Bed Oak assisting in tbe care of ber father who is seriously sick, Ht, and Mrs, 0. W, Hataeld and daughter, Margaret, spent lu&day wltb-relatives in Clarinda. kulu McBae of Straban speat Sunday with Miss Jesaette Stewart la tbe Henry borne. Mrs, Ciftrtes Greenwood Beverly, of Qsseola, same Friday to visit ber reetSj Mr- and Mrs, R* K- Uuna, Mr- §04 Mrs. 0, Q, Ma4ee» and little 18% Charles, an.d ber brother, Ray Br«na4»g, j^t Friday afterjjfcp.* for Nebraska to rfiJftiiyjft." Tbe freshen eajftyjd, § H»l< Prizes for the best costumes; 2Bci admission. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Wayke of Washington and Mrs. Ernest Janke of Billings, Mont, made a short visit in the Earl Crawford home Wednesday. They were en- route home from the Century of Progress Exposition. D. C. Coppage, L. E. Rice, and Elmer Larson attended a convention ot Shell Oil men at the Chieftain Hotel In Council Bluffs Friday. Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Hicks, Mr. and Mrs. L. V. Hicks, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Wllklns, Ray M. Hicks, and Mrs. Lottie Thrapp went to Steele City, Nebr. Saturday to attend the funeral of H. C. Hicks's brother, Ed C. Hicks, held there Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Whitney and daughter, Ruth, motored to Centervllle Saturday to visit relatives. His mother, Mrs. Margaret Whitney, who had spent the past two months there with her brothers returned home with them. Mrs. Emily Burton and daugh- ! ter, Nellie, took the former's I daughter, Mrs. Ray Henry, to her ! home in Plattsmouth, Nebr. Sunday after spending a week here with home folks. Mrs. D. C, Coppage returned Saturday evening from Chicago where she remained a few days longer with friends after attending the ^Exposition. seriously ill the past week, is reported to be slowly Improving. Mr. and Mrs. George Howard had as Sunday dinner guests his brother, Walter Howard. Laura and Wayne Hilton at* tended a Hilton family dinner at the Clyde Hilton home near Randolph Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. E. Erickson and her mother, Mrs. Coffee, all of Omaha, called on Laura Hilton Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mm. Hftrvie Dbn*la* were Omaha tfsftor* Saturday afternoon and called on Or* Douglas at the Immanue! hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Fester «a« daughter, Maiine, attd Miss Clara Marie Donglas of near Red Oak spent Sunday at the Rarvfe Doug- lag home. Mrs. A. jr. MeGInnls and daughter. Betty, Mr. and Mr*, fieott Arterburn, Mrs. Ota Douglat and daughters. Pearle and Dorts, were Red Oak visitors Saturday afternoon. Mm. Martha Nlms who has been quite sfck tbe past week to again able to b« up and around some. Mrs. Jane Wade of Newton la visiting this week with Mrs. Martha Nims. Read the ads. They are addressed to you personally IN DAVENPORT ASBURY Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Nims and Miss Stella Nlms were Shenandoah visitors Saturday. Mrs. Barbara Ballain and Mrs. Mary Swadley visited from Sunday till Wednesday with Mrs. Ora Douglas. Mr. and Mrs. Opal Bayes went to Omaha Saturday and brought home their little son, Darrell, who has been at the Imrnanuel hospital the past two weeks. Dtveflporfs Largest Hotel. Rates frottti-.W- Visit our celebrated '•Tap Rctotn" and fUft* too ler ba time is party at tbe 4 Mil- - Monday for Des Moines where she will attend Grand Chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star, Mrs. Grace Crawford and children, Frank, John, and Mary, left Friday for Davis City to visit her daughter and their sister, Mrs. L. E. Ivie, until Wednesday. HILLSDALE R.I.C. Club Met With Mrs, Dillehay The BJ.C, met with BUa Dll- lehay Wednesday, Oct. 11. Following the regular business session Mrs, Buth Jackson presented the following program: Boll call was responded to by telling the vivid musical memories of childhood. Paper, "Musical Mo. ments with American Mothers," Ruth Jackson. "The True Story of 'Silent Night," 1 Pearl Buse, "America, the Beautiful," Mar* guerite Seeger, Mrs, Dlllehay with her assistants, Lela Baines, Maxlne Vau- Orsdel, Gertrude Bftftne, and Margaret Howard, served a deli* clous lunch of sandwiches, pickles, salad, and coffee. Favors were miniature boys end girls made of gum drops. Tbe next meeting will be Nov. I with Mrs. Yerna White as bos. tess. Mr. and Mrs. Fay McManUal entertained Mr. and Mrs. Claude Brooks and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Coffee and Betty at a dinner Monday evening, Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Plumb of Bed Oak called at tbe Floyd Parker borne Sunday afternoon. Miss Laura Hilton attended tbe Southwest Iowa Teachers' ssaos elation in Council Bluffs a week ago. Mr. and Mrs. E. Erlpkson, Mrs- Coffee of Omaha were Sunday dlnuer guests of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Coffee. Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Howard spent Sunday with Mr. and, Mrs- Edwin Howard and son. Bev. and Mrs. Pettit were s»p» per guests in tbe Walter Hilton bows Friday evealng. iNew i** 1 Cleaning Office Eth*l'« Art Shop : I*M*tt ta« CLEANER Public SALE! in the Malvern Sale Barn SATURDAY. Qctr28 commencing at one o'clock p. m. M U L E S — One White Mule CATTLE Guernsey cow, 5 yrt. old, and Black cow 6 yr*. old, both due to freshen soon. Jersey cow 6 yrs. old, giving milk now. Heifer, 2 yrs, old due to freshen soon. One spotted cow and two Jersey* all due to freshen soon. Yearling calf; Several small calves. HOGS Some Hampshire sows, will farrow soon; Some good male pigs. 5 Sow* with litters of pigs, 2 weeks old POULTRY One dozen Rhode Island Red pullet*. Other* that may be brought in* POSTS AND LUMBER Some good oak posts and a lot of native lumber. MISCELLANEOUS The uiual amount of fruit, vegetables, and little thing*, ,>.*«-, ANDY J. BERKHIMER L, A. Talbott, Auct. Dead Animals W A N T E D Ifiamsay RenderingWksl I WE ^^& g Shenandoah Phone 623 We huil (tad Hog*, Honoi, Cattlo, Stop. i*i» *32" BAV IMUI difttttHM MkUsV • K." ^CP—.

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