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Hartford Couranti
Hartford, Connecticut
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THE HARTFORD DAILY COURANT: TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER" 9, 1947. Coming to Strand Showing Today laugh if he heard a friend point him out to me and say, "Didn't you li-nnur? UaV ti .,.1 1 .4. I Informing You BY M. OAKLET STAFFORD SO-and-So's" Haven't seen Jazz Sessions Are Resumed At Matarese Circle BY GEORGE MALCOLM-SMITH The Players Guild i really get-( Chick Pontillo for ages. Chick is Si IMP ting active.

A large turn-out aiw ays on nana wnen work is ALLYN Variety Girl, 12:50, NEWINGTON Egg and 6:35, 3:40, 6:35. Jungle 9:05. 11:30, 2:25. 5:20, 8:15.. PLAZA Last of the Mohicans, CENTER Winged Victory, 1:30, 6:45 Kit Carson, 8:30.

5:20. 9:10: Submarine Patrol, PRINCESS Miracle on 34th came for the most recent Ed Camp is active in this when leaves fof the bj V-l how 12:00, 3:45. 7:35. Street, 11:45, 2:55, 6:00. Signs of a hot winter, musically Remember town and bigger and better things Code of the West.

10:30. 1:45. CENTRAL Stairway to Heaven, A if rot weather-wise, were accorded lovers of jazz who Sunday evening attended the first of a series of Kit used to assist Marie Elena in the magic act Johnny Mancini is right in there pitching at the Mrand. I tell you. Mac, the lad likes his job When I saw Mer active Ed used to be in sketching? He should have a valuable collection of portraits of people who have made good in the theater.

Hartford people. Harold, Bill and Gladys Con- 2:00, 7:00, 10:05. 35 9 15' COLONIAL Cynthia, 3:20, RIALTO The' Westerner 3-20 Lost Honeymoon, 2:00, 7:00, Bohemian Girl, 2 00. 7 10:05. EASTWOOD High Barbaree, RIVERSIDE Woman Chases My Brother Man 7:40 10.35 Kid Talks to Horses, Spain 8 50 -E M- nR RIVOLI-Tha't Way with Women.

oT" :50, 8:2: wild Bill Hickok When a Girl is Rides 3-20, 6:45 9:45. rill Joel's letter to Hartfordites about talent scouts coming here to pick up talent I wondered why he wrote it. If anyone has ever torrid musicales being conducted by Bob Harrington at the Matarese Circle, Newington. "Wild Bill" Davison, trumpeter, wheel horse at Eddie Condon's Club in Greenwich Village and also of Rudi Blesh's "This Is Jazz" network program, was featured as guest soloist, supported by Billy Leuk- been picked up by a scout here, will he or she please send in name and details. Joels wasn spotted here.

Or was he? Wonder if roy were at the STRAND Cry Wolf; 12:10. 2:50 LENOX Stairway to Heaven, 5. 05 o.nn in-4o. rioLv, meeting of the Guild. So were: Jack Jaslowski is makine- rlanrprs I iwJ Amelia and Joe Silvester, Charlie 0f those two baby daughters he 3:10, Winter Wonderland, Kids, 11:00, 1:35, 4:15, 6:50, Lincoln, Dorothy Greener, Mina has? Jack was no mean dancer 2:00, 7:00, 10:10.

9:30. Brooks (she's "Claire Gibson" of hardt band. Listeners and performers sweltered as both mercury and the music rose. Nobody seemed to mind. Virtually everybody took off his coat.

This was appropriate, inasmuch as jazz music is shirtsleeve music and never belonged in gilded halls peopled with boiled LOEW POLI PALACE Mother VEBB PLAYHOUSE Woman himself when he used to drop in at the dancing school of Jack and Joe Ryan Gertie Berman says VH' on the ach, 7:40, It's' Blackmail, 3:05, 5:10,1 a Joke, Son, 6:30, 8:55 rwr u- I WEBSTER Love and Learn, LOEW'S POLI Song of the Thin, 9:00 the air now), and others. Some of those names recall so much. Recall days when J. B. T.

was knocking his knuckles bare beating out copy about Hartford's Diane, who married Richard Mor- ros (son of Boris) had a great I a- j.wtoitoaL time for herself at the reception Five Fingers, 3:20, 8:15. shirts. Mr. Davison gave the series a fittingly robust fanfare. He is no theater groups Jim McGrew, which followed Margaret Tru lvian, 1 Murder in Reverse, 1:55, 5:05,1 8:20.

publicity man for the Litchfield man's concert. By the way, did The above time schedules are LYRIC The Westerner. 2:05, supplied by the theater manare-, man for delicate nuances and subtle inventions, but he has a power Players, had the jitters when the! you see the spread a national speaker he promised for the weekly gave to Margaret's voice? 1 Duiiciiiiau, iiirins niiu suujrci 10 Cnangc 9:40. without notice. group didn show up.

Now Kayced it. Jim (who is an actor himself) knows that actors are funny Cupcake is In a blue mood. best Windam's season (A. in the streets for Princess Eliza- people. Edith and Art Keuy.

Bunker Longo goes to New York beth's wedding. Everett Austin, Jr.) was a huge success they say Plenty of big with Elena and with him go all the wild chases Cuppie used to time attractions coming to the Wooden stands normally are erected for many state occasions in which the Royal Family takes Dart. State Theater here, to Bushnell and to the Shubert Theater in make when Bunker was in his cage in our cellar "Why does are telling the world about their new baby. Marie and Charlie Palm are doing the same sort of raving. Parents! The lovely things they say about their offspring! Seems only yesterday that Jim and an authority that command admiration.

Billy Leukhardt's group, composed of Connecticut boys, is by all odds the most capable in these parts, and it therefore pains the reviewer to state, as in honesty he must, that the -rhythm section, with the exception of 1 he always reliable Johnny Vine, needs a jab in the arm, or a needle some place else. The fact that Cliff1 Gunn. bassist, is in the hospital may have something to do with it. The band, which confines itself to the traditional jazz "tunes, with commendable scorn for "Your Hit includes: Mr. Leukhardt.

clarinet; Billy Keitel, trumpet New Haven. It looks like a big theatrical season Joe Marso- lais will do okay for himself, now Toiifonnou! that he on his own, in New York. He has what it takes. "Tnr in i.iJi Mclntyre and Lil were worrying about when chubby little daugh Starring IRENE DUNNE it have to happen to me?" Cuppie asks Frank Sisk dropped down to New York for a week or two Willie Pep looks pretty swanky in that convertible. Racy and smooth.

Like the champ Lou Viscusi arrives in, town today from Florida. Lou can't make up his mind which state he loves Wedding Stands Banned. London, Sept. 8. -(AP.) The I VICTOR MATURE-BRIAN DONLEVY-GOLEEN GRAY Miss Dunne is eostarred with William Powell in the screen Ministry of Works said today that 1 view of present day condi version of the celebrated stage Centinuaug From tions" no stands will be erected Cliff Mertlemeyer, trombone; Eddie Boyce, piano; Cliff Irving, bass; Johnny Vine, percussion.

ter Vera would begin to get slim and alluring. Well Vera's a beauty today. She'll be a bride soon, by the way Althea Martin is just beginning to get her grip back on health. More power and progress along these lines, Althea! Eric Gerste is back from Hollywood Harry and Richmond Rudden have something to cheer about. New jobs doing what they love.

success, "Life With Father," which opens Wednesday at the Strand Theater. wtta Richard Widmark Taylor Holmes Howard Smith Karl Maiden Directed by Produced by HENRY HATHAWAY FRED KOHLMAR Ml MRNEKBROS. IfflH Screen Flay by Gen Heeht ind Charles Ledertr Based en i Story by Vwv tpsky Handy New Dictionary Offered By Courant It belongs with their other Ermine Pollard takes such in i vm Clock Pioneering Told Rotary by Ingraham The makers of clocks in Connecticut, as well as the makers of arms, pioneered the use of interchangable parts in the development of their products. Edward Ingraham of Bristol, president of the Manufacturers Association of Connecticut, told Hartford Rotarians Monday at the Bond Hotel. They also were the fathers of schoof books.

It is an up-to-date. in anv SUCCess her former 2nd BIG HIT JOHN IIODIAK FRANCES GIFFORD 1 i auinorname puoncauon 01 pupils achieve. And she lets those ii ii ii ir i I'm aenniuons or woras in common students know about it. too. And mm use; 4iu pages; illustrated, in addition there are Sepcial Supplements on current words and in Li does it thrill them, that she remembers them! Art Johnson says he never misses this column.

Let's see if you are reading this item, Art! Patty and Peter are really developing into an act. 3 ARNELO AFFAIR phrases, foreign phrases, everyday errors, curious word origins, abbreviations, and other helpful iThey have now followed in Danny information. Just the thing for school children. Bound in a dur- Kavs fontstpns and nlaved thp mass production, creating a large demand for sheet brass and wire and employed the Yankee Pedler to sell their goods in every corner of the globe. Mr.

Ingraham said. Among the state's great clock makers Insrraham mentioned Eli TOMORROW 1 able, flexible cover, this handy, so cane(j borsch circuit. I never size dictionary is only 25 cents a rea(j about Patty but I recall her 1 cop, postpaid, sena in yourimother. the former Leota Sim Continuous Show from 12 Noon Terrv. Beniamin Willard.

Seth order today mons (now Stockwell) and what a bashful girl she was. Now she's mm Thomas, Joseph Ives, Chauncyj Use this coupon. Jerrome and others including his lit the mother of a star-of-tomorrow Peter (Do Maio) has his I rf 1 I enclose 25 cents in coin (care- tnrv in Rristnt 1831 wrapped in paper) for a copy POWERFUL DRAMATIC HUMAN MOST DISCUSSED STORY IN LAST DAY mother to thank for her wisdom in helping at bookings of the dancing duo of Patty and Peter. Wonder if the dancers will SONG OF THE THIN MAN with WM. POWELL plus MURDER IN REVERSE Ingraham said that Eli Terry.

dictionary who made one of the first shelf Name fight over bookings some day. I mean about whose name comes TKi ITMI IT MAM UalR RWB THEATRE HISTORY nrt mum itmi ummw antrMT ara-aTl first, etc? Bill Turcotte would have got a Street or Rural Route City State (Mail to Washington, D. The Hartford Courant Information Bureau, 316 Eye X. E. Washington 2, D.

C. Don't learn traffic laws by clocks that was successful, about 1814 and Joseph Ives, who invented the so-called "wagon spring" clock in Bristol were two of the greatest contributors to the art of making fine timepieces. The first clock maker in this state, he disclosed, was Thomas Harland, an Englishman, who settled in Norwich about 1773 and made "tall clocks" and watches up until 1800. He died in 1807. NOW PLAYING Last Showings Tomorrow mmmm YEARS OUR LIVES Follow tht Searchlights DON'T MISS WINDSOR AMERICAN LEGION GRAS TKURSBAY, SEPT.

4 THROUGH SATURDAY, SEPT. 13 Sensational Keenans Performing 125 Feet in Air Giant Midway Rides Galore Kiddie Matinee Saturday FREE ADMISSION i Continnona daily from fi p. "Sc from p. m. to 6 p.

thereafter, $1.20. Children at all timet, 60c (Inel. Tax). with I Witk Starting; Next Monday Gene TIERNEY THEATRI GUILD naiilONJtl tOMFANT a. -n irene 9 Yd ir 4 KUZABETH The stars of "Gilda" and "The Jolson Rita Hay worth and Larry Parks, together in a magnificent new Technicolor musical dim to Bonttt WARD BOND CHARLEY GRAPCWIN MARJORIE RAMBEAU WILLIAM TRACY -um RICHARD RODOERS o-o i OSCAR HAMMERSTIIN 24 ZOth Century Fox Pictura Ll IUTH mm UKH j--m4LA present nn mmmmm aaaaaH.

Tl IS WEEK cfNf ROUIEN MAMOUUAN Omck AGNES da MILLE Each Eve. Orch. 1st Bale. 13.60, S3.00; 2nd Bale. S2.40, S1.80.

Wed. Mat. Sat. Mat. Orrh.

1st Bale. S3.60. S3.00, 12.40: 2nd Bale. S1.80, tl.20 (Incl. Tax).


COMEDY -aw am wrm jla. j. a mv THURS. FRI. SAT.

SEPT. 11-12-13 AO PHONE RESERVATIONS Eres. Orrh. $3.5: Bale. 13.00.

12.40, M.0; 2nd Bale. SI.20. Sat. Mat. Oreh.

S3.60; Bale. $2.40. tl.SO; 2nd Bale. $1.3. Tax Inel.

SEPT. 17-18-19-20 ATI Nit SATURDAY NO PHONE RESERVATIONS Eres. Oreh. S3.60; Bale. $3.00.

$2.49. 1.M; Ini Bale. $1.20. Sat. Mat.

Oreh. tS.flft: Bale. $1.49, II.SO; Ind Bale. Tai Inel. wwwnrs wrwiT nfiunnrn Six Minute From Downtown Hartford Bui Stop at Onr Doora Frequent Service PVMWSiililiMllBBHM ffS Edmund Gwenn ZaSuPitts CLIAAfIMA fla aVT i alt 2nd SMASH WK.

tf nniirx rr titrif iv c. xVf nuiviriLLijnjVOAi tanned Bookt Whif Hartford Is Saying About "THE BEST YEARS OF OUR LIVES" thought the picture was superb. It's the sort of movie that people will want to see more than once. I particularly liked the young sailor veteran, Harold Russell, having heard him speak here during a bond drive. Hoagy Car- michael is excellent too.

Phoebe Beroth, President, Aetna Life -Girls' Club. MiiirN till Michael Cukttz Finl Shewing in Hartford "DDUTE FOTiCE' BURT LANCASTER HUME CRONYN CHARLES BICKF0RD WEP. THRt SAT. "I WONDER WHO'S KISSING 'HER NOW" (In Color) Jane Haver Mark Steven AIo! Pifk Traryg Dilemma TnnV "HIGH RtRBARKK" mUMI My Brother Talk to Honrs roraet I Horrible Truth 253 NOWI Ends Thuri. "I.OVK I.AI AT HARDY" SUN.

TOMORROW STRAND Performances Continuous Daily From 11 A. M. to 11 P. M. Feature at 11:10 A.

Prices For This Engagement Only All Seats Unreserved. 90c. 10:45 A. M. to 5 I.

$1.25, 5 P. M. to Close. Children 50c. All Prices Include Federal Tax.

ROGERS CORNER I). Clark S. ir-entrpt That Way With Woman It. Cahnl-C. Itrnnett Wild Bill Hickok Rides I DRIVE IN THEATRES hwiTMfRsrrei.o ret.

9-3oo ON ROUTE 44 I 20 MILES WEST OF HARTFORD I IWjRAI JON HALL MARGARET LINDSAY ANDY DEVINE What Hartford Is Saying About "THE BEST YEARS OF OUR LIVES" Faultlessly produced, and filled uilh hundreds of delightful little touches that raise it above even the very fine movies of the past. Its realism is refreshing; its humor is from the heart. I recommend this picture as superlative entertainment. Willard B. Rogers, President, The Bond Hotel.

Weekday Matinfes Discontinned Evenina-s Doors Open 6:15 Show Starts 6:30 Joan Bennett. Robert Ryan "WOMAN ON THK BEACH" Pins Kenny Delmar "IT'S A JOKE. SON" THURSDAY "DEAR RUTH" Performances Nightly Dusk to Midnight LAST DAY! Erroll Flynn, Barbara Stanwyck "CRY WOLF" Also "GASHOUSE KIDS GO WEST" in HIT! "What a Girl Cornel Wilde Anita LnuUe I 1 "Ba ndit of Sherwood Forstf" I Becinnlnr FRIDAY! Hit HAYWORTH. Larry PARKS in "DOWN TO EARTH" IN TECHNICOLOR and "LIFE WITH BLONDIE" with HENRY Jark Carson Robert Hntton LOVE AND LEARN Robert Atria-Andrea Klnr THE BEAST WITH FIVE FINGERS rominc szzmnnMB: Elizabeth myiur ueorce Mary Astor CYNTHIA1 1 Pins! Franchot Tonp. Ann Richards "MIST HONEYMOON" W-d.

lark GaMr. Deborah Kerr "THE HI KSTERS" HMBMMaJ Frl. "DESERT HORSEMAN" 4 tj'jirie for Children I nder 12 51T IN YOUR CHRond ENJOY THE MOVIES 1 Complete Eve. Show 7:00 P.M. Randolph Srntt, Brnre Cabot LAST OF THE MOHICANS Dana Andrews, I.ynn Bart KIT CARSON Thnrs.

"Romance of Rosy Ridjte" JANB DARWELL JOHN CARRADINE Davirt Si-pti tr Kim Unnl.r DjW Nien Kim Mnnter CHA5. URAPtWIN 11 kly frnwTrrTT "STAIRWAY. TO HEAVEN" Nanoy Colpman Philip Rerrl' "HER SISTER'S SECRET" Wed. YNTH1A" CEEHHED Glassware to the Ladies! Gary Cooper Dana Andrews "THE WESTERNER" Whit Hartford Is Saying About "THE BEST YEARS OF OUR LIVES" This is good solid movie entertainment which I enjoyed tltoroughly. In addition, "The Best Years of Our Lives" is a wonderful presentation of the way in which ex-soldiers art readjusting themselves to civilian life, A really fine picture.

Herbert A. Hatfield, President. Phoenix Mutual Club. "STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN" Nancy Coleman Philip Reed "HER SISTER'S SECRET" Wed. "CYNTHIA" Glassware to the Ladies! Gary Cooper D--n Andrews "THE WEST'SU'ER" in Alan I.add in la! I I TOU'rc) "BLrE DAHLIA- I 1 1 Plo "FOLLOW I isJL THAT WOMAN- TOW FINAL It I MIRACLE ON 34th STREET with Maureen O'Hara.

John Payoa Also CODE OF THE WEST with James Warren. Debra Aldea Starta Wd. THE EGG AND 1 and CRIMINAL COITBT. Complete Shows at 8 and "THE EGG AND Fred MacMurrav, Claud. Colbert "NEW THINGS FOR OLD" nd Cartoon LAUREL A IMRDT I.ATREL A HARDY "BAUEUIAU Alnl't rwj i wink BOHEMIAN GIRL' Betty Grable in MOTHER WORE TIGHTS plus BLACKMAIL "JnnIe Flit" ROBERT LOWIRY 8TBTS THUBa.


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