The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on January 7, 1959 · Page 15
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 15

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 7, 1959
Page 15
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'JUDASES' ARE HUNTED Cube Government Informers Face Almost Certain Death HAVANA Cuba (AP)~Tbe dirti- men In Cuba and w«s marked by In Havan * is "chivato, The dictionary defines it a* ra«. etli but to Cuban* who endured the police state oppression of fallen Dictator Fulgencio Batista it means informer — and death If he is caught. One terrified youth was dragged by revolutionary militia from the plush Capri Hotel. Watching American guests said Cuban onlooker* drew forefingers significantly across their throats and explained that the youth got $33 a month to Up the police on revolutionary activities. He wag traced through check* he cashed. Sparred by Memories Hie hunt for Judaic* among Havana's million and a quarter people was spurred by memories and documentary evidence of sadistic practices of government txacting informa- television station interrogators tion. A Havana showed an Associated Press re porter a filmed record dating back to 1953 of bodies beating marks of beatings, bullets and hangings. The station Information chief, Rafael Coello, explained the pictures and gave a graphic account of methods used by police Col. Esteban Ventura's men in questioning prisoners. Ventura was known as one of the most hated rebels for death. He fled Cuba last Thursday when Batista left. II! Bodies "One night 13 bombs exploded," said Coello. "The next morning in different places we found 13 bullet-pierced bodies of young 2 Texas Cities Stage Friendly Verbal Battle BEAUMONT, Tex, (AP) Chambers of Commerce of two Texas cities exchanged tart telegrams this week. Beaumont, in southeast Texas where it rarely gets very cold, and Amarillo, in the high Texas Panhandle, were the principals in the hot wire swap. Said Beaumont to Amarillo when heating equipment failed in the Beaumont Chamber's office: "We've had enough. Suggest put windbreaks on barbed wire fence." The story in Texas Is that on'.y a barbed wire fence separates Amarillo from the North Pole. Amarillo wired back: "Suggest you set fans pointing this direction. We need the hot air." men, each with an uhexploded bomb in his hands." Coelte indicated these men had been slain in haphazard retaliation for bombings by rebels. Ventura's men pulled captives fingernails and toenaiis, beat them, electrocuted them by connecting high voltage wires to their steel beds and hammered nails into their heads, Coello said. Rogelio Paris, a director of shows, right in commercial said: "Last television December front of "this building about 100 women came with two lawyers to appeal for the release of their husbands, fathers, brothers and sisters. Police beat them with clubs and whips. They screamed and ran bleeding. We could do nothing." Television men who kept a photographic record of victims estimated that Batista's police had killed about 600 young men and five or six girls in Havana. Thieves Display a Variety of Tastes LITTLE FALLS, N.J. (AP) Thieves here displayed a variety of tastes in 1958. One stole a piccolo, while another took an auto spring. Other loot included a grave cover wreath two sea shells and a garbage ban. CONTINUES ALL THIS WEEK! s 7 io BEN FRANKLIN 510 1 O C A L I Y O W N ED — NAT ION ALL Y K N OWN Free Parking — Sterling Shopping Center Rockefeller Has Bad News for *,. New Yorkers ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) - Qov. Nelson A. Rockefeller launched his administration today by telling New Yorkers they must pay millions more in state taxes. The new Republican governor declared in his first annual message to the Legislature that the state's fiscal affairs had fallen into "a serious condition of deterioration" under Democrat Averell Harriman. "Much as we deplore the facts," he said, "conditions require additional tax revenues now." Struggles With Deficit Rockefeller said he was struggling with a deficit of "at least 230 million dollars" in the new budget. He said he would spell out his tax proposals in the budget message, which he must submit to the OOP-controlled Senate and Assembly by Feb. 1. The governor's 7,000-word message hewed strictly to state problems, unlike his inaugural message, which carried strong international overtones and prompted new speculation on Rockefeller's White House potential. Constant Battling He linked virtually all of the state's problems to its economic climate, which he said had grown stale during Harriman's four-year tenure — an era marked by constant battling between Harriman and the Legislature. Rockefeller reported that, during the last four years, state spending had climbed 46 per cent, while revenues increased only 35 per cent. He observed that Harriman balanced his last budget — a 1.8-billion-dollar spending plan —by dipping deeply into reserve funds, which were nearly exhausted. The new budget is expected to approach two billion dollars. Store Hardware Men Name New President MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Lars Machagen of Elbow Lake today was named president of the Minnesota Retail Hardware Assn. Also elected as the group's four- day convention and buying show came to a close was Carl Settergren of Minneapolis as vice president. CABINET WILL BE NAMED RESCUED FROM HOLE — Leslie Stafford, 40, Is lifted by bucket today from 24-foot deep hole In which he was trapped for more than 12 hours in Bakersfield. Calif. (AP Photofax) 12-HOUR WAIT Crane Frees Workman From Cesspool Trap BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (AP) — A workman trapped for more than 12 hours at the bottom of a collapsed cesspool was rescued today. A heavy crane finally jerked loose a metal casing pinning Leslie O. Stafford's foot at the bottom of the 24-foot hole and he pulled himself free. Stafford, who up until then had spent eight agom'zing hours trying to free himself, was rushed to a hospital. His rescuers said he appeared to be in excellent condition. Because of the close quarters and the danger of shifting sand, no one could reach Stafford's foot. He had to do the work of freeing his foot alone. Banged with Chisel He banged away with a chisel, broke blade after blade on a power saw, and tried unsuccessfully to move the casing with a powerful jack. the smart switch is to If I \/\J ^J ^/ \^/ 1 1/ C/ L/ 1 \J V\JV 90 many owner* of other make* « » . low priced and hi$h priced ...are switching to Chevrolet this year.) (Here, briefly, are some reasons ichy tOOWTER BOOT BY FISHER) features wider •eat*, more luggage space; It's new In everything but Ita famous soundness. MAGIC. MIRROR FINISH: a new type that keeps its •hlne without waxing or polishing for up to three years. NEW BIGGER BRAKES; better •ooled with deeper drums for safer stopping and up to 66% longer life. SWEEPING OVERHEAD CURVED WINDSHIELD and bigger windows-all of Safety Plate Glass. SLIMLINE DESIGNt fresh, fine and fashionable with a practical slant. HI-THRIFT 6: up to 10% more nttM per fallon, improved normal-flpeed per- fonnano*. VIM-PACKED Vffu right to choose from, with compression ratios ranging up to 11.25 to 1. FULL COIL SUSPENSION: further refined for a smoother, steadier ride on any kind of road. EASY-RATIO STEERING: brings you reduced wheel-turning effort, new ease of handling. TRIPLE-TURBINE TURBOGLIDE, POWERGLIDE AND LEVEL AIR suspension head a full list of extra-cost options that make for happier driving. No other car in its price field (or above it) offers quite such a satisfying return for the money you pay. One short drive and you'll know the smart switch is to Chevy. Come in and be our guest for a pleasure test, first chance you get. Debre Is Considered Good Betas the Next Premier of France NOW-PROMPT DELIVERY ON NEW CHEVROLETS1 Stepped-up shipments of '59 Chev- roleta have assured you a wide selection of models and colors. Drop in and look them over. We can promise you prompt delivery on a new Chevrolet—and it's an ideal time for you to buy! •V •':'•'*.•''•'':'. : -V'-' : -'.'•'••:.•'• v/v^vA^i^'^.'-^V-^.v;^. ^^^V;^'v:<^^\^v;^^-^^^/A-^^:•:^V:>^ : v.:^v^ The H-pat&enger Nomad and the Impala l-Door Sport Sedan. now—see the wider selection of models at your local authorized Chevrolet dealers! USEM CHEVROLET CO. 215 EAST BRIDGE AUSTIN Dial HE 3-8877 Finally a crane was put Into position and a hook lowered Stafford fastened the hook to the metal and the crane hoisted it far enough for him to pull his foot out. A doctor had been lowered into the shaft to give him sedatives and he had been fed hot soup. Mighty Cheer As the 40-year-old workman rode to the surface on a bucket seat hauled by the crane a mighty cheer went up from the rescue workers and spectators. Mt-tal tubes had been sunk in the hole, in the sandy soil, as 8 protection to Stafford as he dug One tube slipped down on his foot Stafford had survived an incredible four hours of being buried by sand when the walls of the hole caved in around him. Workmen were able to reach i gloved hand. The coroner wa, called and lowered into the hole The hand twitched. Workmen went at the pile again. They dis covered one metal tube, same as the one pinning Stafford's foot had fallen across the hole abov Stafford's head, giving him breathing space. Dag Deeper The rescuers dug deeper until Stafford'* head was uncovered. Stafford, a husky man, was not only alive, but conscious. "Give me tome water," he asked. "Then give me a steak and I'll help you dig me out." A crowd of about 2,500 was attracted to the scene. Above, watching intently, was his wife. Only prayers interrupted her weeping. "Pleas* God," she prayer. "Get him out." Auto Industry Expects Retail Demand to Hold By DAVID J. WILKIE A.P. Automotive Writer DETROIT (AP)—The auto Industry is scheduling Itt million cars for production hi this year'3 first quarter. The projection is based on an assumption that retail demand will hold up at the current improved rate. A further upsurge will bring increased output, possibly as much as 150,000 more units. Brisk Sales So far in the 1959 model year new car sales have been encouragingly brisk. There is no indication of a leveling off with production again at a more nearly normal level. Some industry opti mists are predicting a return of the traditional spring sales upsurge. The seasonal upturn did not appear in l!)i)8 or 1957. Some analysts noted that 1957 sales approximated 6 million units despite the lack of a spring sales boom. But much of the 1957 volume came at the expense of profits. A lot of price slashing was needed to attain the relatively high unit volume. 5Vi Million Cars Nobody close to the car factories is disputing predictions that 1959 will bring production and sale of approximately a'/j million cars. Some forecasters say this figure would be in addition to more than 400,000 imported • car sales. The industry's retailers started the new year with approximately 500,000 new cars in inventory. That compares-with 652,000 units on hand at the start of 1958. At the present sales rate the inventory represents about four weeks' supply, or about a normal stork. Whatever else may be said about the new car market imnifc diately ahead, the industry is fa voted with more buyer interest, apparently less reluctance to buy and a better over-all inventory situation. PARI3 (AP)-Michel Debre is jonsidered certain to be named Drench premier after Gen, Charles de Gaulle becomes president of the Fifth Republic Thursday. De Gaulle is expected to name Jebre shortly after he takes over rom President Rene Coty. A cab- net of about 20 ministers will be named soon thereafter. Justice Minister Debre, 48, has been Justice mln- 6 Men Killed in Collision of Car, Gas Truck KENTON, Ohio (AP)-Six Tennessee men were killed early today in the head-on collision of heir auto and a gasoline tank ,ruck on U.S. 68, about two miles north of here. The highway patrol and funeral lomes where the bodies were taken said the victims had been iden- Jfled tentatively as residents of ileveland, Tenn., and vicinity. The identifications were listed as: Floyd Clark, 22; Herbert Goings, 41; Richard Kelly, 28; Hor ace Boyd, 24; Rboert D. Lee, 31 and John B. Gibson, 32. The patrol identified the driver of the tanker as Albert Fohl, 24, of Tiffin, Ohio. He was taken to a hospital for treatment of lacerations. The truck was traveling south, the auto north. U.S. 68, a two- lane highway, was clear and weather conditions were reported good. Ister in the cabinet which De Gaulle has headed ai premier with special powers since last June 1. He is expected to keep most of the key ministers from De Gaulle's Cabinet, many of them nonpolltical technicians. He will ignore the political composition of he National Assembly by naming only about five ministers from the new Gaulllst party, the Union for a New Republic, which claims an Assembly majority. Control Former Premier Antoine Pinay, De Gaulle's finance minister, is expected to move up to a minister of state Job with coordinating control of all financial and economic affairs. Maurice Couve de Murvllls, 85- year-old professional diplomat, MOTHER HOME probably will rtmaln M tofUgrt mini tier, Others expected to stay in the cabinet ire former premier" Pierre PfllmUa, a* minister <rf slate coordinating matters concerning France's overseas- community} Andre Malrau*, minister of state overseeing cultural affairs, and Pierre Gulllaumat, a professional civil servant, as army minister. CANCER FOE DIES CHICAGO (AP) - Walter A. Krafft, 69, president of the University of Chicago Cancer Re. search Foundation, died Tuesday. Krafft was president of the Emporium World Millinery Co, AUSTIN (Minn.) HERALD -f r Wednesday, Jan, 7, 1959 13 Baby Is Still Missing NEW YORK (AP) - Mrs.! Frances Chionchlo, 2B, It home from the maternity ward — away from the sight of new mothers with crying babies. Her own infant daughter is rtill missing. Mrs. Chionchio returned Tuesday to her Brooklyn home from St. Peter'i Hospital, where her child was kidnaped from a nursery Friday night, only 2«,4 hours after birth. The woman's uncle, Dr. John Mollica, who delivered th« baby, said he had planned to discharge her today or Thursday, but after seeing her Tuesday decided she should leave at once. "I think she would be better off mentally if she were away from th» atmosphere of seeing other new mothers and crying Infants," Mollica •aid. Mrs. Chionchlo has on« other daughter, Gerardette, 1. Her husband, Frank, 28, an attorney for the Port of New York Authority, was with her when she left the hospital weeping. A widespread search continued for a h- ivy-set bleached blonde, between 30 and 35, believed to b« the kidnaper. Police think she is a frustrated mother. SERVICE CALL $3.95 AUTHORIZED TV HE 7-3833 > ^ , ^w'"'?; •~"~ '••'•' i ; , ";*/'U* ^ x'^-£'f,*»,' /X- * • ,; " . .', , * ' -, -**:' <\ TJIJMh^*^'--*^ i 'r"-rt ~~-*~>"Z"~'->~ •«,••*•"' / jw" * \-^F " UX*»rf m ft • •• ~* i r , "A-i\ . '"7 ,'' 'V ?*„« j ";/: i ^n, (M:. SAVE ON NATION-WIDE® MUSLINS! You get full value plus big savings on these alt-perfect laboratory tested Nation-Wides ... the muslins that families for generations have counted on for longwearing satisfaction. Compare: strong staple cotton in a firm, balanced weave (no weak spots here!) Sturdy tape selvages (take countless washings), smooth finish with minimum sizing (no gluey starches that wash out)! What a buy .. . stock up now! 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Fitted Mattress Pads TWIN 300 ^400 All new cotton material. Sturdily stitched, * Fitted style. Machine washable. BOWMSTAWf ITOt* -""

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