The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on October 26, 1933 · Page 4
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 4

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 26, 1933
Page 4
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PAGEStX fttl MALVtftW LEABEL MAiVEftN, tOWA, «L IfSS LOCAL NEWS OF THE WtEK IN A1ALVERN too* Mead* *fll appreciate bavin* theft visttt mentioned Ift tb«M connate*. PhoB* 100. Mr. and Mrs. Watdon 8o*er from near Henderson were in town shopping Saturday after •noon and called to take advantage of our special subscription B. 3. Smith frott north ot Hastings was in town Satnrday and called to order some advertising for a corn hortittg machine he had for sate. He has two of the machines and needs but one so is offering this one. Shoe Repairing —First class. We meet competition prices. • Fred Hall. adv. Glen Sowers of the Wesley Chapel neighborhood was in town Saturday. R. E. Robbing was in town Saturday and faVored us with a brief call. Miss Anna Warnke from north ot Malvern was In Saturday and called to take advantage of our special subscription offer. Here's your chance! A trial offer of THE! OMAHA BEE-NEWS, 70 days Dally and Sunday by mall, on rural routes or In non- carrier boy towns, for only f 1.00. 13tf. MPRESO THEATER MALVERN. IOWA FRIDAY - SATURDAY Charles RugKlcw, Lionel Atwlll in "MURDER IN THE ZOO" Added Shorts. IQc and 85c SUNDAY - MONDAY "STRANGER'S RETURN" with Lionel Barrymore, Miriam Hopkins, Stuart Erwin Story bjr PHIL 8TONO Author of State Pair. Added Short*. 10c and 25c WEDNESDAY ONLY BIO BARGAIN NIGHT One of the Best Pictures ot the year, Oeo. Artist, Madge . , , "THE WORKIMQ MAN" Scant! lOc Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Nixon drove in from Chicago for a several days visit with Mr. and Mrs. C. S Royce and other old time friends Mr. Niton is employed in the head offices of the Burlington Railroad In Chicago and was taking his annnal vacation, visiting friends and looking after business matters. Mrs. P. E. Crawnier from north of town was In Satnrday and called to advance her subscription another year. Earl D. Sowers and family from north of Wesley Chapel were shopping In Malvern Saturday and Mr. Sowers took occasion to advance his Leader subscription another year. Walter Glenn from down near Tabor shipped out three carloads of nice fat cattle to Chicago Sat- nrday orer the Burlington. Walers trucked them In from the 'arm. Mayor D. E. Whltfleld returned ''rlday from Kalamazoo, Mich, where he had been on legal business for some of his Mills county clients. Mrs. J. E. FIckel returned Sunday from Council Bluffs where had spent a week In the home ot her sister, following an opera- Ion she had undergone the first of the week, removing her ton- lls. She has recovered nicely. Mr. ^Ickel drore up Sunday morning to bring her home. Dr. and Mrs. Thos. W. Gidley and Mrs. Gidley's mother, Mrs. Enoch Hill, drove to Hopkins, Mo, Sunday morning and spent the day with Mrs. Gidley's brother. Harold Hill, and family. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hill of Hamburg joined them there so they had quite a family reunion. Mrs. Enoch Hill remained for a week's visit with her son. Children's and Misses' Shoes— $1.00 and up.— Fred Hall. adv. Judge and Mrs. Clifton 8. Wortman of Ashland, Nebr. were over night guests in the W. P. Wortman home last Friday night and visited another cousin, Mrs. Eva Durbln, the following morn- Ing. They were en route borne from a visit in Illinois and had attended the big Exposition in Chicago while there. Men's Shoes —Work and dress —• 11.96 and up. See them.— Fred Hall. adv. Floyd Owens and family from near Red Oak were guest* In the home of his uncle, C. E. Ester, quest, last Sunday. Miss Mabel Wittuhn is enjoy, ing a visit this week from her sister, Miss Florence Wittuhn, of Tabor. Don't Take a Chance with WINTER It costs less to act FIRST, We suggest Winter Oils, Greases Change to winter grade. Your motor will wear better. We'll change your transmission grease, put in lighter oil in the crankcase and otherwise winter-proof your car, Anti-Freeze will protect your radiator Alcohol Glycerine Prestone Auto Heaters Arvin Tropic Air and Chevrolet Firestone Tires and Tube* Mills County Chevrolet Co. PHONE 880 Frank Juelke Mulvem Harry Pte» «*** 1 from Sprfn«netd, HI. over night with Ms par eats, and Mrs. George Pace. He had been to Sfeenaftdeah to dispote 6* some property he owned there and drove trp here for * brief visft before going home. John Carnahftn and daughter* Jean, Dorothy, and Annette, and Mrs. Clara Farqnhar of Lfneoln Nebr. came Satnrday for a weekend visit with Mr. and Mrs. Fred Farqnhar. Guy Gibson from south of Emerson was over Saturday . aftd brought some Guernsey cows for the sale at the sate barn. He was wen pleased with the prices they brought and said he would bring over some more later. John Pnlsifer from northwest ot Glenwood brought over a bunch of Jersey cows for the sate Satnrday. They brought very Satisfactory prices. JCew DreMM Arriving! Shipments of the latest creations ar•Iving almost dally. Regular and half sizes from 12 to 60, featttf- ng Style and Quality with Economy.— Mrs. C. O. Nickols' Apparel Shop, Shenandoah. adv. M. E. Bell received the sad news Tuesday of the death of his sister, Mrs. Bates, at Davenport, he day preceding. The funeral was held In the old home at Fon- anelle yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. Bell and Jesse and Ross Bell drove -up to attend the funeral. Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Hale, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Durbln and Mrs. Eva Durbln drove down to Imogene and then to Rtverton and over to the state park last Sunday afternoon. It was a beautiful day for such a drive. Beautiful Winter Coats fashioned by "Redfern" and other fine coat makers, featuring Style and Quality with Economy.— Mrs. C. 0. Nickols' Apparel Shop, Shenandoah. adv. Mrs. Leonard Duval fractured both bones In her right ankle Saturday evening when she slipped on a rug at her home and fell. She was taken to the office of Drs. Kline and Kline where an X-ray was taken and the fracture reduced. Mr. and Mrs. Duval were preparing to entertain their bridge club that evening. Mr. and Mrs. Duval were preparing to entertain their bridge club that evening, Mr. and Mrs. Max Franks have been enjoying a visit the past week from an old friend, Mr. Perry Alexander, of Omaha, who is stopping for a couple ot weeks in their home. Claude E. Wilson of Henderson was in town Saturday evening completing arrangements for the big all county corn husking contest that is, to day on Mr. Wilson's of Henderson, W. A. Cape and son, Herschel, from over near Henderson were in town Saturday afternoon and made our office a pleasant call as Mr. Cape ordered his subscription to The Leader set up another notch. Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Asqulth came down from Karlan Saturday evening and :were over Sunday guests of Mrs. Samuel Masters. Mr*. Minnie Johnson was also a guest of Mrs. Masters Sunday. George Phelps was over from Glenwood Wednesday and subscribed for The Leader again for another year, Mr. and Mrs. Seth Byers and daughters, Rose and Roene, came up from Shenandoah Sunday morning and spent the day with Mr. and Mrs. John Fletcher. Mrs, Fred Farquhar -went to Jamaica Monday for a short visit for* fttffHMia f trettfat radrfrfnf troth ft ten days tiftft « Chicago «Efte*f»j tte Century ot Fro*- fett ExfoSfttoft. ffcey *er* tery m*elr pleated wltn tfceif tfl» a«a *ft& *fc*t tftey s*w at tfc* etpw- W&teit they toot te pfetty for 8at«rr**y — Patent leather straps and pumps priced at |8.60 to »5.00— all go at 11.96 — a Dig bargate. — F Han. adV. «f. and Mrs. H. f . Seattle, lames and Harriett returned Sunday from a three Weeks trip through the east where they visited Dr. and Mrs. Winslow ThorapKlns at GerinantoWh, Pa. Mrs. Thompkins will be remembered as Miss Jean Seattle. From there they drove to Washington, D. C. for a visit with Mrs. Beattie's brother, commander Allan J. Chantry, and family and then drove hoine by a southern rente :hrongh Kentucky. Miss Ellza- >eth Seattle who accompanied them remained at Germantown where she has entered an art school fof some special work in designing. Shoes — for the whole family. — Fred Hall. adv. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Harbold ana 'amity spent Sunday in the home of their daughter, Mrs. Merrill Skinner, and family near Sliver City. R. W. Criswelt and A. W, Salyers were in Omaha Tuesday morning on business. W. 8. Young ot Hastings, county appraiser for the Home Owners Loan Association, was in town yesterday and made our office a brief call. Mr. Young says that he has already had a number of appraisements to make. Smart New Hats in Wool and Fur Felts, Suedes, Velours, Wool Crepes, VelVet and Metalllcs. Brims and Close fitting styles featuring Style and Quality with Economy. — Mrs. C. O. Nickols' Apparel Shop, Shenandoah. adv. John Paulson was returning from Omaha Tuesday night where he had taken a load of livestock. When near the D. & D. Institution grounds he was halted by a large body of men picketing for the farmers' strike and he says they sure talked mean to him and warned him not to come back. He said he felt sure that many among the bunch were not real farmers but just men who had joined the crowd. The Mills County Holiday Association does not favor this kind ot picketing and are opposed to violence In any form. Miss Gladys Riddle drove to Webster City Saturday for a week end visit with friends. She was accompanied as tar AS Des Molnes Meld Big Reunion Simd&y» D£Afe6tta ftfitt W. iBCTB tdit F4ttuKtt Met At rfl G four Wet! known pioneers Mills county were the Summers brothers, Milt OB, Haftey, I. Jf., and W. G. Summers, atf of wtrom Hved down «t WMt* (flatt* t«**> ship. AH are dead no#, btrt tail Sunday their de*«*dahts and relatives to the Mmbtf of eighty gathered at the did W. G. SnnK- inefs homestead, now occupied fey his son, Chas. H., and held their annual reunion and picnic. Also among these Were descendants ot their sister, Mrs. Pet due. They had ft great day down on the old home place aitd it fasted very quickly with the big picnie dinner at noon and then VUitieg and reminiscing ot old times aft* erward. Among those present were- fain-' Hies ot the descendants of W. O. Summers: Grant, Chat. H., Wit' Its, V. A., Mrs. Kate Lewis, and Mrs. Roe Hitson, and the dangh- ers of Mrs. Alice Chantry; Edith Davlson and Ethel Hurlbntt. Of J. N. Summers: Ross, Jay , Strayer, Mrs. Arvltla Benton, and Mrs. Eunice Axtell. Of Harvey Summers: Mrs. W» E. Larrison. Of Milton Summers: Paul Swain. Of Mrs. John Hassetquist, granddaughter of the only sister of the Summers brothers: her three sons and their families. Out of town relatives were: Mrs. F, J. Duerr and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Rapp of Council Bluffs, Mrs. Jessie Pippitt, Maryvllle, Mo. Out of town friends: Mr. and Mrs. Jim Pouch and Mr. and Mrs. Omar Fouch of Logan. Montana, Nebraska. Iowa, and Kansas were represented there among the direct descendants. Walker. returned to Malvern Sunday evening, Misses Franclle Blnnall and Bernice Messerole of Plerson and Orvllle Starr were guests Sunday In the Wilbur Walker home. Mr. and Mrs. John Skinner of Silver City were visitors Sunday in the home of his brother, Geo. Skinner. Dr, and Mrs, M. S. Campbell drove to Council Bluffs Friday to attend the meeting of the Pottawattamie county medical society. B> B. Kline returned from the Edmundson hospital Saturday evening where be had been taken for examination and treatment. He has a tumor of the chest and is in a very serious condition at bis home southwest ot Malvern, we are sorry to note. Joe Wearln Is still in the Ed* mundson hospital in Council Bluffs. He has been gaining con- went up with Mrs. E. E, .„., derfrank of Tabor who was drlv ing to Perry. Mr. and Mrs. William Warner drove to Des Molnes Tuesday morning to attend the annual grand chapter meeting pf the Order of the Eastern Star which opened In Des Moines Tuesday evening. Win. H. Ramsay of the Ramsay Rendering Works of Shenandoah was in town yesterday and called to order some advertising 'for their plant. They render up dead domestic animals of all kinds and ask you to call them reversing the call it you have any you want disposed of. See their ad in this issue of The Leader, ut is still in a condition, but apparently slowly improving, Forgot,to Give Proper Description The Home Owners Loan Corporation of Des Moines have notified their county appraiser that some parties from Malvern have filed applications for loans but have failed to give Jot and block numbers of their property. They cannot consider the mat* ter or give an order for appraise* meat until they get these, you, W*ij D)TOu&|}ly Hot AfiftF tit QXQ »M®B3> until 7QU "H4 IB • W99& 6tf* crlpttoo. " • ' ' ' ' BSHMB«B«3aB*SBB Community Club in Special Session to Consider Business Harvey Lisle to Tell of With holding Program Tonight All business men of Malvern and others interested are urged to attend a special meeting of the Malvern Community club this (Thursday) evening in the Community building. Included in the business of the evening will be presenUtlon;ftn^(|xnl|nat|p)i Regular business of the group also will demand the attention of those who can attend, R, W. Salyers, president of the club, said when announcing the meeting. Mr, Lisle said Wednesday that he wanted an opportunity to present to the people of the community the true aim of the withholding program and to explain* its purposes and why it is now being used, The meeting will start at 7:30 o'clock. Methodist Ladte* Will Have Food Sale Saturday Division No, i of the Ladies' Metnodlst Circle wiH give a foo4 sale Saturday afternoon, Oct, 28, beginning at 1 o'clock, InJHans- fleid/s Furniture store. They will nave all kinds of good things to eat for sale at a reasonable price, A. I* A. to Meet Friday s Regular monthly meeting of the American Legions-Auxiliary win be held Friday aftsrpBon at the usual time and place, Menu bars who J»»ye sot yet paid their dues are aafeeg to bring them at this time, CHAMPION HILL Rtnll W ml SALE! pRUGDOM'S BIGGEST BARGAIN 4 Dm. Wedietdiy, Thirdly. Fridiv. iituriiy. Htv. 14 Here's .How It's Done ;^ 10,000 RexaU.Brwg §»ta?88 tsfce ps are prices so low. You buv a No Limit to the Amount You MftyBuy f ¥&u fltftd hMUdffdf <rf WM> J'aBJBj^pBw!*"«W qpHI VJPM^Pfk- IfcW^p WwUP ?fe00M* gy EXTRA EXTRA Value* wt we c«n m ttoitt fur ta HUVHI MORE you get one more of the hundreds of items which you Nowl A tm aame need ev terns OR eale are far too wsmeft't. toUtt goods, Cosmetics, Stfitim Caady, Furoou* jdQMi P ^^v^v"^-f W V wy^BP wBJF yy|T«MP Pearl M?I*ia visited Wednesday night with Myrtte D -u*e«; |B eteriflJi, * <?»* ''-- ••"' feunjorou* aiYiSloa oJUbe djolam, fttory sanjejBj oj u»e Bed $flk Mil), " •'1IMasi4ijF.iM^» 4 ''4iS i* A* RM4 snsRt witt bw V ^^^^MP^^^^ tffl. CM Krnf. ^ ^ Dorothy DTefiM o< Mnw, Mov left «M Utt of 1M w«it J8f tif ftome aftef ten **ys fftft wttfe Marjoffe Iftfref. Soy tt««e«Wrft tafff» **» Mrs. Rfro*d** and hftr dauglrtet, Minnie Wn%1«f , ft BmefsoB. Matjotfe laftet *n« h«* toate ft«R, Dofotfcy W«ta*« # &»& 6* »ft. M fettttoik Aftd M», 8. O. fi*}d*ift in feiBerion tnufiday . ton ttat#etd and famfly a*d Blsh6fh! wire STW«t_t»e*t* f ft tfee notti ot Dewey *«d Wane* Slshop Friday night. Ctatence Bishops called in the evening. Mrs. Jaines and Matjofie, Dorothy Weland, and Veltea MeLain were Red Oak visitors Wednes^ day. Edltfe farter spent Friday ete- nlng with net cousin, Snia Tits- Worth, of Montana who it tisiting In the home of her parents, Mf. and MM. Henry Schiefc, in finv- erson. Harold Haideman of Red Oak spent the week end with his tm* ete, Roy, and family. Clarence lames spent the week end In the parental home. Mrs. Bertha Kellenbarger called on Mrs. Pratt in Red Oak Wednesday and with her attend' ed the Presbyterian Aid, Ruby Straight and daughter, Darlene, returned to the Waiter Kellenbarger home the last of the week after a two weeks visit with her husband's brothers, Lloyd and Everett. One lives at Brooks and the other at Corning. Bertha and Ella Kellenbarger called on Mrs. Henry Schick Sat* urday afternoon, Mr. and Mrs, Will Dungan spent Sunday with the letter's mother, Rosa Boyer, in Emerson. The Dungans live in Carson. In the afternoon Mrs. Kochersperger and Mrs. H. B. McLain called on Mrs. Boyer, The A.R.C. class held election last week and the following officers were elected: president, Joe Allen; vice president, Florence Hatfleld; secretary, Helen Haideman. Lon Hatflelds and Mel Berri- mans spent Sunday with the Carl Anderson family near Wesley Chapel. Grace Ruth ; Kellenbarger was on the sick list. last week. Mr. and Mrs. Dean McLain were Sunday dinner guests in the Otis Davis home near Coburg. Mrs. Carrie McLain was a dinner guest in the home of her brother, George Davis, Wednes- Alfred Cooper and daughters, Wilma and Florence, spent Bunday evening with Clarence Bishops. Mable Ungry spent Friday in Emerson with her mother, Mrs. McLain. Among- Red Oak visitors Saturday were Mr, James, Loren, Carrie, and Marjorle, Pearl Mo- Lain, Francis and Madge Parker, Ruby and Darlene Straight, ( We are glad to report Mrs, Boyd Bishop able to be home again after her operation for goiter. Ora Douglas is reported to be improving again and we hope he will soon .-be able to come home. We bad 4? at our service Sunday morning and a goodly attendance in the evening when Florence Hatfleld had charge of the 0,33, • ' \ - . «*«* tSf fMEw pteOS 01 firoperty ift Mtfts ttetrMy. ttflt* Ortrirty AferfMtrt Co. (Stem*** of tie A*ieftt*n tffttt Aitft. aird iewt fHlf Alia.) 41 JbttH* otd«f« Wttfc Colttft* Bftf, MftttWS. «T ftfWil fWf «8fi, flft, >: STOVES Pw 8«l«*«Uft«d parlor heater In good condition. — Landig Hardware. lt*l» FOR RENT B*«t*"« Modern house. »* J. H. Seciwlth. 9t£. MISCELLANEOUS ftead Animals —Call Art Jen* kins, Phone g9, Emerson, or Citf Meat Market, 88. Malvera. Itf. Call itte tot potatoes of woodi Best grade of potatoes and good dry elm.— Ivan McCord. 16-1, For Sale—Bxl2 heavy canvas truck eotef. — R, M. Butcher, Glen wood, la. 16*1. for Bale — Olrls* coat, sice 16. -Phone 166-P20. 16-1. Sale —E Flat Saxophone in A 1 condition. Will trade for livestock. — Vincent Gutschenritter, Imogene, Ph. 40-F4. 16-tf. HOGS For Sale —Pure bred Hampshire spring boars. At the farm 2 H miles - northeast of Malvern on Highway 34. — Lee A. Roland, istf. For Bade —Pure bred Poland China spring boars. — Floyd Rboades, Malvern. IStf. For Bale—-Pure bred Spotted Polands: 8 fall males and 8 spring males. Vaccinated.—Wesley Smith, Malvern R 1. 13tf. For Sale—12 big husky Hampshire spring boars, Immuned. Priced to sell. J.N. Summers. 15-4 MACHINERY For Bale or Trade—Corn picker mounted on Fordson tractor, ^ and Mollne Fordson'tractor cnl- For Sale — Chester spring boars. — Phone 179-FB, Oscar Leau. CATTLE For Sale—is head good breeding cows. Shorthorns, Bred to Polled Durham bull. Also 16 head of good April and May calves from the above cows. —Fred Dickersbacb, Phone 180-F22, 16-1 LOST AND FOUND Estray Hogg _ Taken up" at my place one mile east of Mai* vern, Oct. 8, six head Hampshire, Bhoata, weight about 176 >ba, each, Owner may have same by, proving property and paying ex* pense. *-. Floyd There wos a time when real comfort was not to be had by anyone at any price Rub-a-dub-dub tub! PMCPU8I IsiMrmtef ^>F iVlARA' ^*f^vfV Wtl deism sbeutf ' v ^» dear rtsd§r,M te shatter^, : " '>,.» $&l*j£fM<} i T . t ^.^•••Fm *r. ft „ i 1 ftllffe

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