The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on February 7, 1933 · Page 6
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 6

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 7, 1933
Page 6
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. f THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIA, TUESDAY; FEBRUARY 7,1933 Ginem Fairbanks. Jr., and Cluirlcs Uickford Star in Fine Dramas Charlie niclcford nnd tlflen rimnrt- Icr In "Vnnlly Street." mid rmuglaa Fairbanks, Jr., In "Sonrlet Dawn," will bo the loudlnp attractions at the Rex theater tomorrow and Thursday on n big double program. PerhaiiB the most democrat In pair of motion picture principals aro Charles HioUford nnd Helen Chandler. Blokfnrd i.« veil liked for hi.s friendly attitude toward minor players In a picture he in miikitiR. and it tickled him no end to discover In his IcartttiR lady. Mis.* riinniller, a kindred spirit. Director Nick Orlnde estimated thai. the two of them spoke personally to close to .100 extras on the massive New York street set at the Columbia studios diiniii? filmliiR of "Vanity Street." "You cannot measure the Boofl a friendly pat on the back, constructive sutrijestlon or word of praise does' an up-and-roniiiitf screen player," says Rlckford. Doitfflas Falrlinnks. Jr., will be seen In his latest Warner Bros, picture, a stlrrinp nnd dramatic story titled "Scarlet Uawn." with Nancy Carroll playing the feminine lead. The picture Is of especial interest because of the fact that Fairbanks Is doing an entirely new sort of characterization in this story — that of :i younp Hussian nobleman who Is exiled by the revolution, and who niectH somo amazlnp adventures after leaving his native land. DOUBLE PROGRAM BOOKED SCENE FROM "FAITHLESS," COMING TO CALIFORNIA BUFFALO BILL'S PAL DIES CLINTON", Iowa, Feb. 7. (A. V.i— I'. IT. \VinRet, S3, boyhood companion of William K Cody, known IIH "Buffalo Bill," clle.l today, lie was the first biographer of Cody. _ T ALLULAH BANKHEAD and Robert Montgomery are the Interest- Ing personalities about whom tho story of "Faithless," showing at tho California theater tomorrow and Thursday, revolves. Tho brilliant iind thoroughly Individual Miss Kankhead has a vehicle worthy of her talents In thin timely dnuna of an heiress whose world collapses about her when the economic depression puts an end to her luxurious existence, Forced to stand on her own feet at last, the heroine of this realistic drama follows a colorful path in search of a way out of chaos. Montgomery is excellent as the man whose fortitude in tho face of i obstacles helps Miss Bankhcad to re[ sain her omot lonal balance. Worthy | support is given tho two stars by •Hugh' Herbert, Maurice Murphy, I Louise Closser/ITalo and others. The I discerning direction of Harry Beau! mont also contributes to making | "Faithless" an rffuctive piece of screen entertainment. Also showing tomorrow Is "Malay Nights,"" a very entertaining feature starring John Mack Brown ( Dorothy Burgess and Ralph Ince. Closing today is Marie Dressier and Polly Xloran In their big laugh creation "Prosperity." Norman Foster and Anita Page are featured In tho cast. CONTINUOUS 2:30 TO 11:00 NOW A5M6 At HUMANITX • Af •OrKHaTftUE Af UK ?! Col. C. H. Bowers Is | Wealthy Man Leaps Given Promotion! 6 Floors to Death IIWAYHK NORMAN fOSTCT Stars Enough for Eight Pictures! Picture Enough for Eight Stars! EXTRA! "KING NEPTUNE" SILLY SYMPHONY IN COLOR LADIES!! Tomorrow at the Ladies 15c Bargain Matinee, Several Gifts, From We ill's, Will Be Given Away Free! Ctnllnuoui. I 30 to II :00 LAST TIMES TODAY— The Scream of the Screen! [' V MANILA, P. I., Feb. 7.—Colonel Clarence II. Bowers, a native of Cleveland, was appointed chief of the Philippine constabulary today and raised to tho rank of brigadier-general by j Governor-General Theodore Roosevelt, Jr. Bowers ban been acting chief of tho native police force since tho death in California u few weeks ago of General Lucien R. Sweet, who waa elevated while on leave. (United 1'rCNH Lcnted ll'irc) HAN FRANCISCO, Fob. 7.—William T. Realty, 70, wealthy Chicago manufacturer, leaped six floors to his death from the roof garden of Dante Sanatorium here last night. He had been confined tp the institution for medical treatment since last April. He is survived by bis widow and two i daughters. Dually formerly was president of tho Austin Manufacturing Company, makers of road machinery. "$TAJ£F1"I$ MjrPHBED Group of Eight Slurs Wins Acclaim; Adapted From Popular Novel There seems to bo no doubt in tho minds of the people of Bakersftold that "State Fair" IB one of tho best pictures ever to show in thlB city. Every one of the thousands who have seen this great production has a word of pralao for It. There's tho greatest lineup of stars, real Htnrs seen in one. pieturfe: Will RogerH, Janet Gaynor, Lew Ayers, Sally KllerH. Tjoulse Dresser, Norman Foster, Frank Craven, Victor Jory, and Blue Boy, the TTampshlro boar hog who wins admiration. ISnough stars, real favorites, for eight big pictures, and enough picture for eight great stars. "State Fair" IB a splendid adaptation of the hook that won a literary Guild grand prize, the picture. Is the grand champion of them all. As an extra attraction the Fox IR offering the prize-winning short subject of the year, n Walt Disney silly Symphony In color, "King Neptune." It's an evening's entertainment In Itself. "State Fair" will be shown at tho Fox today, tomorrow and Thursday. KERN—1200 K. -<*> 6—Chesterfield program, Tom Howard and George Shelton, Leonard Miiyton's Orchestra. 6:15—Threads of Happiness. 6:30—California Melodies. 7—Those McCarty Uirls. 7:15—Tarzan of the. Apes. 7:30—Kdwln C. Hill. 7:45—Myrt and Marge. . 8—Globe Headlines. 8:15—Howard Barlow and Columbia Symphony. 8:30—I sham Jones Orchestra. S—Joe Haynes Orchestra. 9:".0—Harold Stern Orchestra. 10—.All Request Hour. 10:40—Ted Flo Jllto's Orchestra. 11—Dancing With the Stars. 11:30—Dance Orchestra. H'-liuinjt ^ _ lehlncry. f STARTS TOMORROW Shows 7 and 9 p. m. HRE SOULS FOR SB IE-BEHIND THE COUNTERS % YOU SHOP OVER? Viiit dressing rooms where desperate girls whisper their secrets of the boss..who con make or break them! . . . See the borgoins in that hard times hove brought! Hert's thegreatestmoralproblem oftheagel WAKEN WILLIAM Starting Tomorrow TAHUUHTwo Big Features BANKHEAD •OBERT man IN AND "Malay Nights" 1<r WITH JOHNNY MACK BROWN DOROTHY BURGESS RALPH INCE FOX NEWS YOUNG tinployees ENTRANCE WITH ALICE WHITE • WALLACE FORD ALLEN JiNKINS • RUTH DONNILLY JACK HALEY Comedy ABE LYMAN Rlpley Last Day i JAMES i CAGNEY In i "Hard to Handle" | With Mary Brian 468.5 M.—KFI—640 K. . 0—Hclcne HandJn, Truthful Trouper. 6:15—Talcs of the Secret Service. 0:30—Kd AVynn and Fire Chiefs Hand. 7—Ijiii'ky Strike"Dance Hour. 8—A mop 'n' Andy. 8:15—Mfinory T,ane. 8:-l!>—Adventures In Health, fl—Tnpt?ntrlcs of T^ife. 9:30—Ben Hcrnlo's Orchestra. 10—Rii'hflelrt Reporter of the Air. 10:1f.—Phil Harris's Orchestra. 11:30 to 12 midnight—Uus Arnheim's Orchestra. ROMANTIC PAIR Sally ElUrt and Norman Foster In "State Fair" at the Fox. $191,971 in Highway Contracts Awarded (Vniti-a I'rees Leased Wire) SACRAMENTO,. Feb. 7.— Highway contracts totaling Jlfll,971 were awarded today by the state department of public works as follows: Imperial county — Grading and paving San Bernardino-El Centre lateral at Brawley, on First street between K and Main streets; awarded to B. G. enroll, Run Diego. $20,856. Riverside county — Grading and paving 10.9 miles of San Bernardlno-Kl Centro lateral; awarded to Oswald Brothers, Los Angeles, 1171,116. Urge Restoration of Hohenzollerns f.isnociatfd 1'rcnn Leased Wire) BERLIN, Feb. 7.— Restoration of the Hohenzollern monarchy was urged today by Frledrlch von Wlnterfeld, vice-president of the Prussian Diet, at a meeting of u Nationalist party group. Taking Issue with the point of view that the president of the republic should have greater authority, he declared: "A president dies but the king lives forever. Therefore the aim of the German Nationalists Is establishment of .a Prussian-German Hohenzol- lern monarchy." ALEX PAH MAY RE-ENTER ( Vrets Leaned Wire) HOLLYWOOD, Fob. 7.—Alexander Puntages. millionaire theater operator, w.ould take over the management of numerous Pacific coast theaters "tf the right kind of proposition were made by receivers of Radlo-Kelth- Orpheum," he told the United Press today. "I am not so sure there is any money to be made In theaters these days," Pantuges declared. "But there might be. The trouble In tho pnst Is that these eastern men came out here and operated the theaters without knowing anything about tho territory or the business," Pahtages Indicated that ho was In no hurry to return to extensive theater management which would be rc- fulred If ho took over n. K, O. theaters on the'west coast. "I prefer to sit tight and wait developments," he said, "because I'm always 'Interested In a Job, I would manage theaters If a lucrative proposition wers made." -#• Tom Mix, best known Western star, heads the double hill which opens at the Virginia theater today when h« appears In "Destry Rides Again." With him is his Inseparable companion, Tony, known as "the wonder horse." Bellowing pistols, cracking -whips, wild riding — the roaring West turned Inside out In a whirlwind of screen action characterizes the film. The pictorial excellence Is greatly enhanced by one of the prettiest leading ladles In Hollywood — blonde Claudia Dell, tho Texas beauty who distinguished herself In Ziegfeld's Follies before screendom claimed her. On the same bill Is "The Midnight Ijady," said to be a powerful drama of modern morals set In the glittering night life of Broadway. The cast la headed by Sarah Padden, John Darrow and Claudia Dell. JOSEPHINE DUNN WEDS NEW YORK, Feb. 7. (U. P.)— The marriage of Josephine Dunn, musical comedy and screen star, to Eugene John Lewis, Philadelphia, attorney was revealed today. Miss Dunn was a Wampus baby star In 1929. The marriage took place at Great Neck, L. I., on January 6. SELZNICK WITH M.-G.-M. HOLLYWOOD, Feb. 7. (U. P.)— David O. Selznlck, who resigned as chief production executive at Hadlo- Kellh-Orpheum last week, had a new job today as an executive producer at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Selzntck will assume his new duties within two weeks. 285.5 M. — K NX— 1050 K. 6 — News. 6:15 — Bill, Mac. nnd Jimmy. 6::iO — SI and Elmer. 6:45 — Currier's SerenaderH. 7 — Frank AYutaimbe and Honorable Archie. 7:15 — Marlon Mansfield and Singing Strings. 7:30 — Concert Orchestra and Earl Edmunds. 8 — American Legion Program. 8:30— KN.V Orchestra. 8:45 — Golden Memories. 9 — News. 9:15 — Crockett Mountaineers. 9:30 — Concert. 10 — KNX Dance Band. 10:30 — Organ Recital. 11 to 12 midnight — .Vow Paris Inn, 333.1 M.—KHJ—900 K. SHEET MUSIC 25 C MOST NUMBERS PHILLIPS MUSIC COMPANY Corner Twentieth and "Eye" Streets 6—Music that .Satisfies. 6:1G—Threads of Happiness. 6:30—California Melodies. 7—Those McCarthy Oirls. 7:15—Keyboard Varieties. 7:30—Chandu, the Magician. 7:45—Myrt and Marge. 8—filohe Headlines. 8:15—Howard Barlow und Orchestra. 8:45—Don Clark and His Sweet Music. 9—Don Redman. 9:15—Unknown Hands. 9:30—Zoellner String Quartet. 10—News Items and Blsqulck Band. 10:15—Eb and Zeb. 10:30—Ted Klo Rlto's Orchestra. 11—Danclne With the Stars. 12 to 1 u. in.—Marshall Grunt, organ. S. & H. Stamps an Added Saving With Each Purchase | \ • ) February Brings New Economies in Corsets and Underwear Dept REDLICK'S SECOND FLOOR NEW "COMBRAZERES"-~of Trico, fine quality rayon. An entirely new innovation (ACTUALLY FITS THfe BODY REGARDLESS OF POSTURE). Ideal for every occasion. Extremely comfortable. iNow $1 .95: NOTE—Separate shorts may be had made of same materials as above for ,$1.00 RIALTO ' STO 8 P. M., I3ei AFTER li, lit. 23c Last Times Today TWO BIG FEATURES Gloria Swanson in "Tonight or Never" • nd R Thrilling Mysttry Melodrama "Two-Gun Caballero" Comedy, Newi, Fable VIRGINIA OPEN 12.11 P. M.—15c ANY TIME Today and Wednesday TWO FEATURES TOM MIX and His Wonder Horse J°NY In "Destry Rides Again" and an All-Star Cast in "MIDNIGHT LADY" Powerful drama of modern morals. Also Comedy I, watc for the caller who it bringing YOU valuable coupons, andjree "KTCKERNICK" PAJAMAS—the strictly tailored styles of finest broadcloth, in plain blue with white trim, also pink with white trim. Hundreds of Bakersfield women prefer Kickerriicks. These are exceptional in style, quality and value. ,95 and $2.50 LAST TIMES TODAY GARY COOPER in "Iff I Had a Million" Jj Tomorrow and Thursday TWO BIG FEATURES DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS, JR., in "SCARLET DAWN" and CHARLES BICKFORD in "VANITY STREET" Phillips MUJIC Co. sno Sheet Music Publishers' Prices ALL-SILK GOWNS—the new bias cut silks in lace- trimmed stylejs. Colors, flesh and tea rose. AFTER-INVENTORY SALES NOW ON! IN ALL DEPTS. Yardage! Beddings! Draperies! Men's Wear! Shoes! Hosiery,! Needs for the Home! Ready-to-Wear! Corsets! Underwear! IT'S TIME TO BUY! MORE CHARMING THAN EVER LORETTA YOUNQ IN "EMPLOYEE'S ENTRANCE," NILE BOOKING. T ORETTA YOUNG, more charming than over, Is starred In "Employee's Entrance," the new Warner Bros, drama opening at the Nile to- lorrow. Her rolo, that of a department store WOMAN AQED 106 DIES SAN LUIS OBISPO, Feb. 7. (U. P.) Nancy Moore Wheeler, 106. believed to be the oldest woman v pioneer In this section of the state, died hero today. She came to California In 1851 worker, matches any of. the finest. characterizations the screen has offered. Warren William Is also starred, with Alice. White, Ruth Donnelly, Wallaco Ford and Allen .Jenkins prominent In the supporting cost. CORTEZ SERIOUSLY ILL HOLLYWOOD, Feb. 7. (A. P.)— RIcardo Cortez, film actor, today waa confined to the Cedars of Lebanon Hospital here with a serious rela'pso from Influenza. VALENTINES of the MINUTE for your Big: "Moment" Whether she's a panther woman, a smart sophisticate, or a Mary Pickford, you'll -find in our varied assortment of Valentines just the card to strike a responsive note in your favorite femme. INDIVIDUAL VALENTINES Ic to 50c Kitnball & Stone The* Particular Dnicfiito Phone 53 Phone 54 PROMPT FREE DELIVERY BakenfteU, Calif. , NOTHING DOES SO MUCH FOR SO LITTLE AS YOUR TELEPHONE Its ring may open a new chapter in your life THE TEUEPHONK gives your friends straight access to your home. Friends with tidings, with message* of importance. Big in usefulness, small in cost, even more convenient with an extension—the telephone! THE PACIFIC TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY Bushiest! Office: J520 Twentieth Street Tolephouw 80

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