The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on November 2, 1894 · Page 7
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 7

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, November 2, 1894
Page 7
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',*-•"-PUT DAILY ASt) WEEKLY, HOME PRINT. ____ .___ |_. : ..__ 5PBM Smreisttt, IB the onif newspaper In Carton totmtf that Is printed all at hone and It con- Aim more loenl and count* news than any other two papers tt> thin county. Vowiins ft OoLoto, Props. PBIDAV, NOVEMBER 2, 1894. SPECIAL Xs To all Whom it may Concern; THtiStQ THE 111 MAJJ3HT1ES; TITANIA: QUKKN LAOY-BIKD: QUEEN MAB. of Fairy-land will, by special oar attended by tboir beaatifal Fays, Sprites aud Gnomes arrive and hold their Fairy Court at the GERMANIA OPERA HOUSE, Carroll, Iowa, THURSDAY FRIDAY 16 Beautiful Young Ladies. Handsome Young Qentlemen. Pretty CJtildrqn.' Elegant Costumes. Bewitching Mutic Reserved seats at Hatton's. Dr. Lowry, director. Mrs..E. 3. Lowry, directress. Admission 25o. Reserved seats 35 * 50o FIRE AT OMAHA. Special to the Sentinel. OMAHA, Nov. 2.—At 7 o'clock this morning the beet house in Hammond packing plant took fire. Owing to high water pressure, fighting fire was ineffective and entire structure and office building was burned.. Loss $350,000, folly in eared, John Steele, fireman, and Henry Peters, foreman, were killed by falling walla, fire is now under eoutrol. Four hundred employees will be laid off. The buildings will be rebuilt at once. PEOPLE AND tVENTS. Rubbers at Moore's. Overshoes at Moore's. Ladies' overshoes at Moore's. Children's overshoes at Moore's. Gentlemen's overshoes at Moore's. Smoke El Gemelo, on sale at The Hub. Fresh oysters all the time, at The Bub. Six room house for rent or sale, J. B. Griffith. . Will Sexton was in the city today between trains. A bice line of school supplies, at the Palace drug store. You can get fine repairing done at Mooro's shoe store. Read lion. Jno. F. Duncombe's speech published iu full in today's paper. Why do foil suffer from • bad cough when Mann's Cough Cure will cure you at once. Pal nee Drug Store. When you want first class fruits of any kind, call at Hchachtner & Kgan's cash grocery. Wauled at once, two apprentice girls. Call at the dress making parlor* of Mrs,. Moggie Brown.- Uann'H Cough Cure and Munn'ii Allgator Llnl- mout lire guurantoud remedies and will uuro every time. For snlo at 1'alaoo Drug Store. The next issue of Tan WEEKLY BUN TINKL will tell you all about the result of the election next Tuesday. What do you take medlelne tor'/ Because tou are sink and want to got well, of course. Tlion rmuombur, Hood's Uuraupurlllit euros. Tho Olio club will meet tomorrow afteinoon at 8 o'clock with Mrs. K. U, Burke. Try a suck ot Crosby's best (lour, for sale by Bchaohtner& Kgau's grocery, aud be convinced of its superiority. Now seven room cottage for rent, beet house in town far the money. Call at WoodTlng** furniture store, Hann'f Alligator Liniment Is UM most pine* trutlug inodlolne ia use, «ut| will oure §uy ailment wuore an external remedy U needed, for sale at PaUuw Prug Store. For reut,—two dwelling houses,'ouo located on north side aud tbo other on tbe south side. Goo. W. Uowon, A good bouso to reut ou uoitb aide with good accommodations, Enquire at Carroll, box 211.—Mus. MAHV HAMT. Baiter's bibles for sale at tbo cheap Palace drug store. John Blelgerwalt came down from Carroll Saturday and li upending tbe week at home-—Sorantoir Journal. Ca(l at Joyce's office for ruck, meal and barrel suit, oil tuoal, storoCsasb, bard aud soft coal, Bpeolal prices OB surplus lumber. " Bchumaobor & Mitts have plenty of tbelr Stilt Luke potatoes on band. All parties ordering now will be furnished from (be car «,t wholesale prices, Tluk«U arc now on sale at Sturgoi 4 Thurliiuuuu's drug store (or tbe enter- laluiueui to be givuu Friday evening, Nov. U, by the King's Daughters, a«- B|stod by luu \'. M. U, A. Program will appear later. U is with couimeudublu pride thut the oily authorities arc insisting on all parties repairing thuir sidewalks. This should be done before (be cold weatber oets in, But while We are talking about private individual* repairing theif walks we are reminded of the complaint that a business man living on Main street was making apainst the city authorities for not putting (he crowing ob the west sld.0 of Main street and.Bixth in better condition. lie says he known ot no private walk in the city tbat ie In wone shape than this. , The electors of Carroll township will bear it) mind that (he polling place has been chnngcd to Maple River. ' W. R. Orchard and wifu, of GiWdeu, come to the city this iifternnon and are the guests of their sister, Mrs. C. W. BriiDur. The Daughters of Rebekah will give nn oyster supper Saturday eyening from 6:80 to 10 o'clock at I, O. O. F. ball. Music by Egerinayer's orchestra, Supper, 25 cents. . Geo, B. Frazier, of Breda, was in the city last night attending the buncombe- meeting. • Mr. Frazier's father and Mr, Duncombe wore ectioolmates in Pennsylvania nearly fifty years ago. ' Schumacher & Mitts, dealers in flour, feed ntd produce are prepared to furnish goods cheaper than ever before. Call on them when in want of anything in their line. ,..•,.,. "J. would rather trust the medicine than any doctor 1 know of," 'says Mrs. Battle Mason of Ghilton, Carter Co., Mo., in speaking of Chamberlain's Cold, Cholera and Uiuri'liooa remedy. For sale by J . W. llatton, druggist. : That joyful feeling with the exhilarating sense of renewed health and strength and internal cleanlinuss, which followb tlie use of Syrup of Figs, Is unknown to the few who have not progressed! beyond the old time, medicines and the cheap substitutes somoiimas offered but never aa- cepted by the well informed. Last evening some thoughtless person left a fire burning in the rear ot the business buildings on Main street. When Or. Kelly came home about midnight, the fire was burning quite briskly and tbo wind was blowing a gale. There was considerable loose material lying around there which could easily have started a destructive fire. Cold and chilly days ore hard on any once's health. Protect yourselves withuice comfortable underwear and you will not be exposed to the change of the weather, thereby secure and keep your health. Health is wealth; it takes but little wealth now to procure a nice eet of uuderwenr. Bee the announcement of MOSES SIMON. There is no medicine so often needed In every home aud HO admirably adapted to' the purposes for which it isglnteno/l, as Chamberlain's Pain Balm. Hardly a week passes but some member £of the family has need of it. A toothache or headache may be cured by it. 5?A touch ot rheumatism or neuralgia quieted. The severe pain of a burn or scald promptly relieved and the sore healed In ruucli less time than when medicine has to be sent 1 for. A sprain may bo promptly treated bufon: inflammation sets in, which Insures a cure in about one-third of the time otherwise required. Cuts and bruises should receive immediate trentment before the parts become swollen, which can only be done wiien Pall! Balm in kept at hand. A sore throat muy be cureditbetore It becomes serious. A troublesome corn inlay be re- removed by applying It twice a day for a week or two, A lauio buck muy bo, cured , and several days of valuable time saved or a pain In the side or chest relieved without pnyliig a doctor bill. Procure • 60 cent bottlo at onou aud you iwlllljnover regret It. ( For.salo by J. If. Hut ton, druggist. Tho Dos Moines papers say that the throe physicians who constituted the old pension board who were caught up bytbe federal authorities on a technical violation of the rules of tho board have concluded to waive examination and will plead guilty to the technical violation of tho rules aud will pay the lion which|wilj bo imposed. _ DUNOOMUB'S Loat evening John F. Dunoornto, of Ft. Dodge, was greeted with a large and enthusiastic audienoe at tha court houM, wliiob oheered bia well grounded argument* to the eoho. Never before have the principle* ot our parly been mart clearly and ably Mtatod, in this oouuty, (ban they w»re lott night by tn« eloquent and able orator from Fl. Vodga, Mr. Pauoontbe WM in fine voto* and good haling pervaded the entire audUooe from the opening to Ibe nuuib of bia epeeob. He bandied Ibe variouarabjeota under disouwiou in enob an able manner tbat tbe only way we could do jottioe to them waa to reproduce tbe epeeob in full wbiob can be found in tbia paper. We invite ita oaretol pernaal by all in order tbat they may tbe more fully comprehend tbe priuciplee nf our party and be tbe better informed upon the work Ibe leal oongreae did for tbe people. Dead tbe epeeob aud judge tor Touraalf of ila merite. ' COMNC8JPOINDKNOC. ICorreepondents, to Insure th» publication ot their letters In tbe weekli, must mall tnem so ther will reach our offlce wednttdar.J UNION TOWJfSHIP. Corn busking fg now the occupation of mdit of the men, . Mrs, H. Morrii ia enjoying a viail from her father and sister. " Mise Nancy Dntton closed her fall term of school at^No. 2 laat Friday. J. Ohurobill had a new cistern made a abort time ago. Mr. J, Ay res purchased a new top buggy at Dedbam a few days ago. Waiter Bnthraufl is working with Lyman Berond in the well business. 8. E, Arbingast and Foxworthy Bros, made a trip to the ooal bank last week, E. Tnel oan haul turkeys without any end gate in his wugon. Mies Lou Ramsey closed her tall term of school at tbe Lake Friday. Tbe young people enjoyed a party at M. O. RnthrauB's last Saturday evening. There will be quarterly meeting at tbe Friend's church the fourth Sunday in November: > < M. O. Ruthraaff went to Bayard Friday and purchased a robe for hia eons. "8ig" Healer, frtrmerly of this locality, reports a eon at hia home in Dakota. U. L. Dawning and family spent Saturday with 8. E. Arbingaet. Oct. 30. "BraFoUB." DBMOXJIUTIO Dentooratlo meetings wilt be bold at Tempollou, November 8, at 7 p., m., aud at Center eobool bouee in Sheridan town- ibip, Monday evening, November B. Al deeirove of hearing a dieouwion of tbe polilloul iaeaee ot the day from a Peaio- oraiio standpoint, uro requeated to be present. WANTWD. ii50 busbols off outs. Highest marvel price paid, hBOTB FMtmUHt CO. WANTKO. Afow day bourdors wanted At A, A Talbolt's. PLEASAKT HILL. Rev. Nelson's regular appointment ueit Sunday at 3 p. m. sharp. Air. Harvey Hay is able to walk now. His foot is considerable better. Mr. J. H. Willey, of the Valley, was dowo near the Hill last week, but did not talk politics much. Miss Maggie Knight, who has been visiting with Mrs. L. Shirkey lately, returned to Conn Rapids this week. C. A. Bailey baa built a new barn. Wm. Lester boaaed the job. E. Sbirkey is in a fine humor now. A young Odd Fellow is boarding there now since last week. Mr. M. V. Sigler waa taken by surprise aat Tuesday, but enjoyed an anniversary dinner in good shape. Mr. R. Smith, of Oflrrollton, one of tba oream collectors for tbe Willey creamery, will move to Ooon Rapids EOOU. MIB. Maggie Wolf, of Fort Morgan, Colorado, a sister of Mrs. Sbirkey, is expected here soon to visit relatives. O. A, Davis bos started hia buzz saw and is prepared tor work in tbat line. A child waa born last June southeast of Oarrollton with a well developed tooth and recently two more have appeared eimilar to eye teeth. Mr. W. Clark, brother-in-law ot Sam Byerly, is visiting in Mills county . Parties having empty beer kegs lay- ng around had better return them eoon r us a man is looking them up now and it might cost something it be found bis irand on tbe promises. TEUFLBTON ITBUS. Jos, Nutt, who moved south some time ago, was here visiting old* friends. Ha is engaged in training and selling arouoboe. Tbeo. Sohoeppoer and eieter Anna were at Mt. Oarmal over Sunday. Most of our people have finished corn busking. Miss Mailer and Mrs. Neber were at Mt. Oarmel from Saturday to Tuesday. Burglere entered tbe jewelry and hardware store of Seyler it Sobumaker laal Thursday nigbl and secured several hundred dollars' worth of good*. They made good their escape. Two trampe Were in tbe town that evening and they are thought to be the partiee who stole tbe gooda. When we were in Carroll Monday we mat Mr. Bouroeder, Democratic candidate lor oouuty olerk, who was out looking after hia political fonoee. We have known him for a long lime aid are aura be will make a worthy and competent official. He bae been at considerate time and expense to gain M education and is fully oompelart for the offloe he is seeking. All Democrats should give him (hair support. iome,abd wrecked the house and killed he Initiates of the home nearest to Mrs., Sarah Coder Streper. -..- . • Dear Bt-o, Santa, we still use our pencil ItHougli It U worn to a stub. If we can let 4 sabsariuer to THR SKNTINKL we can irehibs aftord a new one. • ! Oct. 81. JIM. WKST BIDH ITKMS. Mrs, Payne gave a small party in honor of her brother's return from an absence of otne length. A pleasanti.feature of the evening's entertatnm«nt|va)thefollowing WAy Of finding tlieir phices at the tables When refreshments were to be served. The favors were • hand painted celluloid ,ards about 8 by 6 inches, With a blotter led on the back of each one with different olored rlbbo'hs. The business in which iach young man was engaged was repre- ented on the several cards In outline lainting. The followlog,4persons were epreaented: Mr. Johnson and wife, jeweler,'watch and spoon. Mr. aud Mrs. Eugene IPagner, farmer, arm house with two wheeled cart stand- ng before the door. Mr. Spottswood and lady, insurance agent, one man Interviewing another with a roll marked, "pollcy"in his hand. CD Prof. Chapman and lady,schoolmaster, be proverbial class of small boys, the master with hair awry and glasses adjus- ed explaining an example. Mr. Hope and lady, bloyllst, bleyUst idlng a bicycle bent over in~the reguia- ion style. . Mr. Malotte and lady, Jbutoher, the lead of an ox with, the look of wlldness usually seen in their pictures. Mr. Dannittam aud lady, stock dea er, a fat pig sitting up blowing a whistle for ustomer. The words "only three cents." lelng In view. Dr. Stratford and lady, physician, ;he doctor is prescribing for a young lady, she Is holding the bottle. Underneath are ihe words "ten drops". Mr. and Mrs. Payne, banker, dimes are growing into quarters, then half dollars, hen dollars. A small boy is pushing each one. A. good deal of merriment was caused by his novel method. The evening was passed very pleasantly by all. Mr. and Mrs. Payne gave a five o'clock' ua Wednesday evening to the older ones. A. CliiitiUifjua circle has bean organized n West Side. It meets at the M.E. Parsonage Monday evenings. BA»T LIHUITV AMD UPOK A very slight fall of snow on tho 89th. Henry Shrodor has hia wind-mill up. A Urge amount of plowing IB being done Frauk Maxou wilt visit bU mother, Mrs Joues, of Lod/ard, Iowa, this woek. Ills sou Darwin accompanies him. Wo understand that H'm. Hyrne.who re movod to Texas from thin plaoo throe year til noc, has changed his resldeuee to Okla houia. Jehu aud (Kill Tobin, aud Jobu Nuui burg, with their famUlon, start for Oklu houia this woek. Afr. aud Mrs. Sauiuol Coder are re juicing over a great grand-'ohlld, Mrs Sti'onut, formerly Miss Sarah Coder o thin place being Ita grand-mother. The cyclone of Sept. 21' piase.4. wlthli two wiles of Mra. guste Coder OOBN FOB SALE. Any amount. Fifty cents on track. F. L. ELLIS, Fonda, Iowa. $1OO Reward, $1OO. The renders of tula paper will be pleased to earn tuiuthoro laat lemt one dreaded dlieaa Hut gcleace Ims beeu «ble to oure In all Its stage tud tlint Idcabirrb. Hall's catarrh oure la tho only positive cure now known to the medical rajernlty. Catarrh being a constitutional disease, requires a constitutional treatment. Hull's catarrh cure U taken Internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces ot the ays- em, thereby destroying the foundation of the disease, and giving the patient strength bj- allying uu the constitution and assisting na- are I U doing Ita work. The proprietors have o much faith In Its curative powers, that they iftor one hundred dollars for any fcajo that It alls to oure. < Send for lint ot testimonials. Address F. J, OHKNKY 4 CO., Toledo, O. Sr-aokl bj druggist*, 760. Carroll Market Report COUN— 60 OATS— 26c UO(iS-S5.40 I'OTATOKS-ttS liUTTEU— 10 EGGS— He CATTL.E-82.26 RYE— 76 HAKL.KY— W WHEAT— 00 aimers themselves. It is certain that it I s iiow harder to earn a living on a farm ban it was even 20 .years ago. Lands love run down, competition has beeu harper, and old -wasteful methods had J ;o be changed o> tbe fanner -would ga own. In many cases be has gone down when, If he bad bestirred himself, held in to his laud and learned tho new way , it forming, he would be a richer man oday than If the hard times had not orae on him. Speaking of tenants, it may interest he reader to know that in New York ity 08.67 per cniit of the population ive in rented houses. In the largest ity of this great Union, that is to say, BBS than 7 per cent? of the people own he houses they live in. They nearly all ive in htige tenement houses, coutain- ng from 10 to 20 families each. . Of people in town aud country who own their homos, there are in the United States 12, 700,153. But these homes are enouiribered with over f 9,000,0^0,000 if mortgage indebtedness, the interest alone on which is almost 4300,000,000. Make the Most of It. Nine persons out of ten are this day ighing for some faraway opportunity. Thia one thinks if he only had th« jhanoe to go to school and. get such an education as some of' his acquaintance* are receiving then he could make a figure in the world. That on* is atre ifta }nly had a certain amount of capital ha xmld realize a/vasti fortune on it Thia ronug lady who works for her living be- ieves if she only had fine olotnee and dleness she would be entirely happy, aud so she does grudgingly the work he ought to be proud and thankful she can do, and thus oan give a reason why she should live. The result is that the real opportunities which come to each of these discontents is passed by unrecognized. In ery truth, to each one is given p -noisely he fate that ought to be given. If he is dissatisfied with his surroundings and ougs for a higher life, a broader field, u himself lies undeveloped the germ ol he power that will gain all ho wants. Day by day faiut hints that might be utiliaed, cobweb threads that, if fol- owed, will bo tho clow through all the wildering labyrinth in which he wanders unhappy, como to him and touch lina, and he perceives them not By making tho most of tho everyday things that meet us all along tbo path we shall hid tho hints and tho threads, and we shall find them in no other way. It is to be noted that women general- y east, west, north aud south are tak- ng more interest in tho political caiu- taigus this fall than they over did be- ora OLD PBOPIiB. Old neople who require medicine to rogulnte ;he bowels and kidneys will tlnd tbe true remedy In Klixilrlo Bittern. This modlolno doe* not stimulate uud contains no wblikr or other intoxli'.unta, but acts us • tonic and alterative. U nets mildly on the stomach and bowel*, addlnv u'.rengll! aud giving tone to the organs, thereby ulUInK nature to the performance of the fuuo- tu as. Electric Bitters la an excellent appetkr.ei nut! ulila digestion. Old people Ond It Juat ei- sctl> »U»t tlioy nued. Prloti fifty oeuU per hot tie at J. W. lUtton'a drug store. No I'ICB OK ClUNUK OK I'OLUNO PLACES. T<> tho qualified electors ot Carrol iwnship, Carroll county,Iowa. Notice 1s in-ruby given that tho polling place, for ul township hui beon changed from ;'umi's school house to Mario River, Iowa. You will please bo goverooc accordingly. J H PAI-B, Township Clork Home fUuiUtioa, " Tho census bureau .iu 1800 undertook (o nmko n lit>t of nil famllius in country thut owned tlioir hoiuus, aud also of how many of those homott wnro yu ouiuborod by mortgucos. Sumo of the vo lL-i obtftijmd aw BUggostive of tho HI>- oiul revolution that in (|utoUy going in Uiiu oountry. Itu toudowgr may ba guoKaed from the fact that in 1«80 only 80.50 of our rural uopulatiou rvutod ttt« fai-iuti tUoy lived uu. The rout owuwl thttiu. Iu 1800 ai.8 of our furiuora rent tho loudg tliuy live on. The touaut farm populutiou of tho Uuitod 8tuto« hoa iu- oroused iu projiorticui to tho population uiiarly 1 iior oout u year. We BOOUI to be upproouliiug Uiocouditioii of Kurojw, it whioh all tho laiul IB parooled out anioui a fow owuei's, whilo (Jio mou who UU i live on it tuoroly uu touiwt* aud have no Uiturost iu it boyoud that. If tUo toudouoy uoutiuuen, we huve shortly u Uuutoil twiatowuoy tutd dlod uuua the uuukx uf tho rural ponu latiua o( thia ouuntry. wlUv tho «aaU> llua us HUoruly druwiiou U lain Europe. Tho ouly thing that will ba looking wil bo tbo tiUw, aud uvrUavn in tint w ouu get thti oouBtitutiou ohaugud >o tw to have that too. Auy thing to obliga our Arnwiojo) nobility. The ouly tulug tuat will (top drill «* (bu ItwU iuto a <«w kauda will »w (tefcrwlued otforl on Ihe park of the GjriertloS of the right of« nttronA Conipany to dismiss men because tfaey b*- lobgio a nnlonjs tiow before the federal Mr. B. H. Wilson writes In Tb« United Service Magazine that t>8 wori'd's next great naval battle will last Jnst 10 tniuntes aud fro tnoie. Ptapt tlite ships will approach each other at the fate of 38 knots an hour, and the*e Will be an end on attack whioh wHl last S% to 8 minutes. Tho forward compartments of the vessels will be blown, away in a "terrible blast of fire." "Melinite shells, poured from guns firiag smokeless powder, will wreck all parts of the ship outside the heavy armor." The melinite fnmos are suffocating. Itm electric lights will be extinguished In that awful three minutes, and the Inside of the ship will be in Egyptrjtn darkness, ,Hnge shells will wreck the already injured ships like tbe explosion of a powder magazine. If after one of these hits anything is left of a vesaqjl> tho enemy's ram will tend it tqjhebofr- torn with fiendish haste, and there will not be time to take off tbe ftha£Aerq) remnant of the crew. All wttl be ai tifc bottom of the sea in half a minute. The picture is so terrible tbat one may fervently hope it will never be represented in real life. The next boom will be in the south. The efforts thut section bos beon making are bearing fruit already. The estimate, based on letters of inquiry received at various points, is (hat there ore in New England aud the north generally 35,000: people who contemplate moving south. Tho cheap living, ,and tho open winters tempt them. Perhaps thus it wws tbftt the polar regions were deserted its the •arth eoolr-i off up there. Babies and rapidly growing children derive more benefit from Scott's Emulsion,than all the rest of the food they eat. Its nourishing powers are felt almost immediately. Babies and children thrive on Scott's Emulsion when no other form of food is assimilated. 5cot£s Emulsion stimulates the appetite, enriches the blood.overcomes wasting and gives strength to all who take it. For Cought, Colds, Sore Throat, Bronchitis, Weak Lungs, Emaciation. Consumption, Blood Diseases and all Forms of Wasting. Send for pamphlet. Free. e. H.Y. All OrugglsU. 60c. »nrl*1. GUILD Is letting downthe prices on dry goods, notions, ladies' and gentlemen's furnishings, cloaks and capes. ^CLOAKS. For For For $ 5.00 y° u can b u y a g°°d Beaver Cloak. 8.95 y° u can k u y a P' 06 Crush Plush Cape. 14.75 y° 1 ' can"buy a Seal Plush Coat, just worth*$5,oo more. Children's aud Misses' Coats from 12.50 up. These goods are all new this season. We did not soil cloaks last year.consequehUy we have not an old garment in the house. UNDERWEAR. For IQc, you can buy a Ladies' Jersey Ribbed Vest, worth 25 cents, F° r 35 C - y° u can buy an Egyptian Cotton Fleeced Vest or Pants, worth 50 cents. For 49 c y° LI can b li y a f' ne Merino Vest or Pants, worth 60 cents. For 3T^ C - y° u can b"y a Gentleman's Derby Ribbed Shirt or Drawers, worth 50 cents. For 43 C ' y° 11 cau buy Gentlemen's Heavy Merino Shirt or Drawers, worth 65 cents. For (->3 C ' V 011 can buy Natural Gray, all wool, very fne Shirt or Drawers. This would be cheap at $ i Children's underwear in all sizes from 124 cents up. You will save money by seeing these Ixiforo. you buy. iHOSIERY. For 25 C - y° u cnn buy a 400. quality Ladies' Fleeced "^ ^^ I'll! Lined Hose. For 3€> c - y° u can buy a 500. quality Ladies' Fleeced *«^ *~ i • j 1 1 * Lined Hose. F° r 1 6^°' y° u can buy a 250. quality Men's Half Hose. For boys and gidslwe have got just what you want, mnuuUiing that WILL WJCAR LIKE CAST JUON, from fio, per pair up. Intending puvuhasere will do well to see our stock before buying, as we have ouu of the best stocks iu western Iowa, and we make the lowest prices. and seo our astonishing'jR A RQ A INS GUILD'S ONE PfllCE DRY GOODS STORE. i Fl % 0 %« tor a ohiid. oan buy as cheap as a man.

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