The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on November 2, 1894 · Page 6
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 6

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, November 2, 1894
Page 6
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DAILY AND WEEKLY. Hy POWEKS A COLCLO. SUOSUIUPTIONIS. u.u—rww, uny address, pet yeat ...,|i 00 If cUmstfvftnce 160 i BBHTMKI, IB a straight-out Democratic _.._.«per working for the advancement of th« tetaits of the cauie In Nttthwestern low*. ADVERTISING. the circulation of Tai BMTIHSL exceeds that i>t W) paper on the C. & N. W. Hallway west of tfttqUMlltown. our lists nre open to nny advertise*. We have good lists In every town on all branch roads, lists reaching the best farmers •nd business men In every community. Rates on ill glasses ot advertising reasonable. Schedule at r«WB furnished on application to the office. Correspondence desired on all topics of general Intipnt. Be brief, write proper names plainly, •nd>aave your letter reach us early as Wednesday-waning. Address, TUB SENTINEL, ___ Carroll, Iowa. Kntere at the Carroll, towa, postoffice, BS ee 9B4eli»rs matter. Published weekly. FBIDAT, NOVEMBER 2, 1894. [See preceding page for late telegraphic news.] Democratic state Ticket. For Secretary of dtate, HORATIO F. DALE, of Des Molnes, Folk County. , For Auditor ot State, BERT 0. BENHAM, Of Musoatlne, Muscatlne County' For Treasurer of State, L, W. WHITE,) Of Oorjdon, Wayne County. For Judge of supreme Court, JOHN CLIQGBTT, Of Mason City. Oerro Gordo County. or'Jnlge of Supreme Court to flll vacancy, W. E. MIl'CHBLL, ot Sidney, Fremont County. For Attorney General, 3. D. F. SMITH, ot Cherokee, Cherokee County. For Railroad Commissioner, JOHN H. COLE, Of Kookuk, Lee County. For Clerk ot Supreme Court, T. F. WABD, Of J?rimglier, O'Brien County. For Reporter ot Supreme Court, J. J. SHEA, , of Council Bluffs, Pottnwattamle County. or Congressman 10th Congressional District, J. C. BAKES, of Palo Alto County. PWINLEY5 ILL-TIMED WAIL MICHIGAN- for Rspnblioan fellows should; day. candidates. be spotted All these on election Judicial Ticket. <;HAS. D. GOLDSMITH of Sao County. M. W. BEACH, of Carroll County. Now that you have been canvassed by all the candidates for oounty*offioe, go to the polls OB next Tuesday and vote tot Hombaoh, Sohroeder, Eempker, Korte and Flenker, and yon will make no mistake. If we can poll the entire Democratic vote of this county nest Tuesday oni majority will not be leas than 900. Bat every Democratic voter that fails to go to the polls will reduce that majority just one vote. Tuesday, November 6, is election day. It is the duty of every Democrat to go to the polls early and cast his vote to sustain the principles'/of his party: The safest and best way to do Is to rote the straight Democratic ticket. Alexander, the Czar ot all the Baesiae, is dead and his eon, Nicholas II, will succeed him. The young Czar is 27 years old and is looked forward to as a worthy successor of his father who has made one ot the beat rulers Russia ever knew. no wise responsible tor any ot these, bat I nn endorsement nest Tuesday and by it baa been the history of oar country I snob a mnjo'dty us he will be proud of. that arisen when each the • party in a oriels power -has has bad Democratic County Ticket. ' For County Auditor, WM. F. UOMBICH. For Clerk.of the District Court, JOHN H. SCHBOEDER. For County Recorder, JOS. KEMFKER, For County Attorney, GEO. W. KOBTE. For Supervisor, C. H. FLKNKER, to Buffer. It has made no difference what party it waa the result has been the same. Now Democrats, it behooves yon who have followed the fortunes of this grand old organization through good and ill repute to stand firmly against the passing of the shadow, for the principles upon which our party are built are just ae essential to the welfare of oar government and are just the same as they were two years ago when like a tidal wave they carried everything before them. We ask you now to be loyal to this party which has stood by .the peopl«, and every law rbat has beqn enacted in their interest We are eorry to see the Herald trying to drag religions fanaticism into the local politics of this county. The friendly and harmonious feeling of our people is of far more importance to us than who shall hold a petty office'aud the man who stoops so low is an enemy to society and cannot be too severely censured. The days of religious intolerance have passed by for all save a few apostates who like a fester- Alexander, the Ozai. is dead. Democratic meeting at Templeton Saturday evening, Novembers. Vote for W. P. Hombaoh for auditor and reward a faithful and competent official. Vote for Jos. Kempker for recorder nod thereby elect a worthy and competent officer. Watch ont for Republican boomers, .who will try to corrupt the voters on election day. Democratic meeting at Center school house, Bueridan township, Monday evening, November 5. The Democratic organization in this county should pu(; forth special effort to get the full vote out. Vote for John H. Sohroeder for clerk aud rebuke tbe false end malicious stories circulated to injure the Democratic candidates. _ Wm. Lynch aud Fred Oaspary huve made faithful and competent justices uod are entitled to your vote for reelection. Vote for M. W. Beach and Obaa. D. (or judges aud help elect two worthy and competent lawyers to fill these response hie positions. Vote for 0. H. Flanker for supervisor and elect an honest man to tbis positon, who is a successful farmer and understands tbe needs of Carroll county. Vote for Geo, W. Korte for county attorney nod thus reeleot an official who has ut all times been faithful to the trust reposed iu him by the paople two years ago. ________ Tuesday, Kovombor (I, IN oleoUou day, It I* the (iutjr t»f over? Democrat to aro to tlio poll* carl) ami cast his vote to tiUNtiilu tlio priudulos of the party, Tbo fiuioNl aud best way to U(U« to vote tho straight DumoorttUu ticket; The campaign stories that have been Mi ullotit »re only tbe annual recurrence •of tut* mtrns old olieutuute with which (he voters of thin oouuty are entirely familiar. Men of judguiout pueu (hem by uu- ing sore are trying to corrupt oar body politic. It is said that some alleged Democrats are canvassing this county in the interest of Republican candidate. This ie a mistake. No Democrat would do each a tutng. It is the privlige of every person to vote as he pleaeeb, but no party man would canvass the county for the oppoei- tion candidates. It anyone cornea to yoa claiming to be a Democrat and urging yoa to vote for Republican candidates, don't believe him. He ie a wolf in sheep's clothing,- masquerading as a Demoarat in order to injure yonr party. No honest Democrat would do this and you are fully justified in saying that a man who would do such a thing is no Democrat uud has been paid for hie services. ____________ A Bright Outlook. During tbe past week tbe local Democratic orators, headed by Frank Davenport and Geo. W. Korte, have held meeting in Jasper, Kpieet and Boaelle townships, and have been greeted with good audiences, and especially so in Jasper and Boselle. Tbe meetings were full of lite end enthusiasm audjangura well foi the fu!l strength of the party in these localities, Tbe boye who buve been doing tbe field work of this campaign claim tbe majority on tbe state ticket will be much larger than it was lost year. Then about three hundred voters ot the Democratic faith remained away from tbe polls, but tbis year they say they look to see a full vote polled, whlob means an old time Democratic victory in Carroll county. has found its origin in tbe principles of tbe Democratic party. Onr Candidates. Tbe campaign baa closed. All that remains is for the voters to register tbeir verdict. Tbe canvass on tbe part of the Democratic candidates for the local offices has been carried on on principle. There has been no appeals to tbe prejudice ot the voter, but the patty aud each of its candidates have simply asked for the suffrages of tbe people on their merits. Ou the part of tbe Republicans they have made a vigorous effort tbis year to completely disrupt the Democratic party of this county. Not a onn- didate on the Democratic ticket is being opposed on account of incompetence or uufitnesB tor the office for which he is a candidate, but the whole force of the county Republican machine has been worked to overthrow tbe ticket ae a whole and thus disorganize our party, hoping that it they can defeat some one John H. Sohroeder, the candidate for oleik, has been much maligned and abused during this pampaigo tor political purposes. No one has claimed that he is not fully competent for tbe position he is seeking, bat capital has been made oat ot the fact that he, by bard work and solely by his own exertions, earned enough money to secure a good education. Surely such an attempt to prejudice the voters against him will react upon the opposition. The worthy people ot this county 'will never set the seal ot their disapproval upon a man because he secured an education to fit himself for the duties of life, wben every one of us hope to have our children secure the same benefits-, when the great majority of fathers are willing to undergo privations themselves in order that their children may have advantages that they were deprived of. No; Mr. Sohroe- der'e efforts were laudable and ae a result be is thoroughly well equipped for the office of clerk. He is an honest, conscientious American citizen and as such and ag tbe duly nominated candidate of his party ha is entitled to support ot bis party at the polls. tbia year they can BO array one faction of oar party against the other tbst success will be easy for them in tbe future by playing on tbe prejudices thus created. In foot, one ot tbe chief disorganizes in tbe county has been beard to Voters, do not ullow uuy muu w't claims to liuve "iuilouBiioe," barter n»i your rights. There mo meu \vuu claim be able to "handle" u pertain number « and bre giyeu wouty by Republ Work at the Polls. 'Ibis is tbe laat issue of this paper before election, whiob willj be held next Tuesday. We aek our party friends to do their duty on that day und see that tbe Democratic purty iu this county comes out ot the contest with flying colors. It it true tbe opposition parlies are awake to tbeir interest uod it we secure au old time victory it will require honest, faithful work of all. There are times iu tbe history ot every organization wheu it requires u spuoiul effort on tbe part of those who uphold its priuoiplew urd tbie is one of these times to our party, It is (rue we have hud a iiu&uoiul jjuuio, a business depression aud a drouth, all to contend against as a people uud they buve become dlsatieiled uud waut a obuuge. You all kuow enough to know make his boasts that he wished the Democratic majority reduced to such an extent that iu tbe future he by hie influence could hold the balance ot power, and in-tbat event any candidate tor office, on whatever ticket, would be forced to come to him aud secure his support or lost) tbe election. Do honest Democrats desire euoh a result ? Could anything be more disreputable tb'nn for auv man to boldly lay bis plant to gain such influence in this county that be oonld barter awny the rights ot the people? The way to forever effectually squelch such a base ambition is to give snob a rousing Democratic majority us will show that tbe booeet yeomanry of Carroll county is uubougbt and unpurchaseable. Our'local ticket is beaded by Messrs. Obos. D. Goldsmith and M. W. Beach as candidates for the bench. It is not our intention to give partisan reasons why tbeae gentlemen should be selected for judges. Tbeir legal knowledge is snob that tbere would be a peculiar propriety this year to selecting them <o tbis position by a non-partisan expression of the opinion ot the good people ot this judicial district. If elected, it goes without saying thai they will bouor tbe respop- sible positions for wuiob tbey are candidates and that tbey will on the bench merit tbe approval of all good oilhseus without regard to parly. For county auditor we present tbe name ot W. P. Hombaoh. fl B bas filled tbis position, most important to tbe people ot the county, iu a manner that has gained for him the approval of all who have bad any busiueuu with bis of- ttoe. He has proven himself u ooneoieu- tious, hard working oilloiul, b*viHK at all times the interests of tbo tax payers ut heart uud carefully guurdiug those iu- the We believe that the Democrats of tbis- county who believe in honest, straight, legitimate campaign methods will repudiate tbe outrageous attacks that have been made against Mr. Sohroeder and will elect him by a large majority, and we are sure that be will prove one ot tbe very beet county {clerks that this oouuty ever bad. For recorder the Democrats present to the people asking tbeir suffrages Joseph Kempker, a clean, honest, sti night-forward Democrat, to whom ever; Democrat should be proud to render hearty support on election day. There ie nothing spectacular or sensations) about Joe Kempker'a campaign,' but hia manner and bis honesty appeil to all the pea- aclni*>, egaiust the honesty and tbe ability »f thesavflMl onodtdstes to flll the resj-ieotive olliops for wbiob they are asking the support ot tbe people, and we aeartiff tielieve tuat the? Will eHQh hud every Oiw be indorsed by the people nun be trM'ftiwhatitly elected by » good, round mi-j:>rlty. Tiieartay, November O, is election d«» It i* the duty ot every Democrat to go to the polls early and cant hia rote to sustain the prinelpV-iH ot his pavty. The safest and best way to do is to vote the straight Democratic ticket. HON. .JOHN P. BUNCOMBE AT OABKOIJlj LAST EVENING— FOLLOWING IS ENOUGH OF HIS SPJ5BCH TO GIVE A aumsRAr.- IDEA OP IT: FEMXJW CITIZENS: In a former speech I showed from history that there was a plainly marked line between the old Ha'miltonion ideas of a powerful centralized todernl government with its rich aristocracy, nnd the eqnnlity and simplicity of Jutfersonian Democracy, and that the line is more marked today between the principles of Democracy and those of Kopublicanisra, than in tbe days of Thomas Jefferson between Federalism und Democracy. I showed that for 28 years Republicans hod the presidency and for nearly twice that length of time Democrats have controlled tbe government. I further showed that the Democratic party is a party always standing upon the broad platform of individual freedom—opposed to paternalism in government, opposed to sumptuary legislation, opposed to religious proscription and in tolerance, opposed to unnecessary taxation because thii is unjust taxation, opposed to the levy of one dollar of taxes for anything but governmental purposes that demands that taxes shall be imposed only sufficient for the economical administration of the government, and for the payment of pensions, that believes that, taxes must be levied as for as possible acpording to man's means and upon luxuries, while th.e comforts und necessaries of lite, so far as possible, should be made free of taxation. REPUBL'ICASB HERETOFORE FOB KRVENUE TARIFF. In that speech I proved from the records of congress and the words oJ leading Republicans that Elaine, Allison, Grimes, Grunt, Garfield, Arthur, Morton, Cullom, Dawes, Hale, Huwley, Logan, Kelly und other great Republican leaders, had at various times advocated froe lumber, free salt, free coal, free raw mutoriul and bad proved the Democratic revenue tariff of 184G as the best tariff "aud most perfect tariff that we hiivo ever had." That tbe Republicans in Iowa hud in their state conventions for years resolved in favor of "a tariff for revenue," and thut never until the war turiff, which has since the close ot the war been four times increased by the Republican purty, until immense trusis have been built up, did that party favor a protective tariff us a principle but only as a \vur measure. Then when Mr. BJaine declared that "trusts were mainly private affairs with which 'Mr. Cleveland nor anybody else had anything to do," and when Republican lenders demanded immense sums of years, although every low effecting financial affairs had been passed by R*-^ publicans, all was falsely laid to the Democratic party. No set of blackguards in human form ever cried ruin more . incessantly'-or, louder than these calamity howlers, What was the cause of all these troubled times? They snid it was the fenr of the peo* pie that the Democrats would pass a revenue tariff luw and thus ruin the industries of the country. In one breath they declared, that the Democrats were delaying tariff legislation to the ruin of the country. In the next breath they said the Democrats were rushing tariff legislation too rapidly and this must be prevented, and they made every possible effort to prevent it. t To cnrry out this latter program Sena-- tor Quay talked for half n month against the Democratic tariff law. Other Republicans kept up the senseless, talk for nearly all the time from Jnuuary, when the tariff bill passed the house, until it finally became a law iu August. The McKinley bill did not become a law until October. Who but the Republicans were to blame for all this delay, that unsettled business for over six months? Who made the McKinley law which cut off the revenue and made a deficit in the U.S. treasury Just year of $77,000,000? Was it not the.Republican party? Who drained the U, S. treasury until there was a deficit of over $9,000,000 when Mr. Cleveland was inaugurated? Was it not the Republican party ? Who passed the Sherman silver purchase law thut drained the gold from the • U. S. treasury, frightened the people., greatly aided in creating a panic and almost. drove the nation into bankruptcy? Was it not the billion dollar Republican congress? Who gave the Maine Yankee an advantage over everybody else in the importation lumber free and when lumber was made free to ull,deserted the Democratic party Was it not the billion dollar Republican congress? Who gave the Standard Oil company an opportunity to import tin, pay the duty and fill. their tin cans with oil, ship it to the foreign country and collect back all the tariff taxes paid except one per cent of this duty, while people who used tin in the United States were compelled to pay this tariff tax and not receive back one farthing? Was it not the billion dollar Republican congress in the McKinley bill? What party was it took the money of the farmers of Iowa and gave from ten to twenty million dollars of bounty to the sugar raisers of Louieana? Who committed this robbery? Was it not the billion dollar Republican congress? Who placed a duty on wool and wool- ed goods of over ,98 per cent, which raised tbe price of woolen clothing and blankets, which every one must have, over half a million ciollurn, annually, in every congressional district in Iowa? Was it not the billion dollar Republican congress of 1890? • Who placed u tariff tax of §35,000,000 on wool and woolen (foods imported, annually, which added over $34,000,000 to pie alike and wherever be goes be is met by the hearty sympathy and well wishes ot nil hie acquaintances. Iu thin campaign he bas made a host of warm friends who will be pleased to see him elected, aa he surely will be, and we can assure tbe voters of the county that tbe records ot tbe county, those records which are of inestimable value to all tbe property owners of the county, will be carefully looked after by Mr. Kempker after he takes poeses«ioa of the office, to which he wi>.l be elected next Tuesday. Qflo. W. Korte as oouuty attorney bas made an enviable record, one that be may well be proud ot. Evil doers re- money to help elect their candidates, the cost for the consumer to pay? Was'it not the billion dollar Republi- • can congress? Who placed a tax of from one to two dollars onevery thousand feet ol lumber? Was it not a Republican congress and administration? Who took off tbe half million dollar annual burden on wool und woolou goods in over); congressional district in Iowa? Was it not the present Democratic congress? The supreme court of the United States in 1874 declared that "to lay with one bund the power of the government on the property of the citizen and with the other to bestow it upon favored individuals is none the less robbery be- bpodjwe to get Doiuooruts tp vc> u however tb*t tU» pttmoprotjo party is in tereets to tbe bast of bis ubiiiiy. An oiUoial who bus applied hirneelf to tbe duties of his otttoe us Mr. {UombSflb has done until be has thoroughly mastered all tbe details, is certainly uutit|#d to au endorsement /row u(s aotintituju^ »• »» eojitttattt ttat he will ^-' oeive no favors t>t hisfbsndsand bsbas at all times been ready to uphold tbe majesty of tbe law, as it is sworn duty to do. He is a young man ot irreproachable character and floe ability nod bis friends are more than pleased at the aptitude be bos shown in bis chosen profession. He will be heartily supported at tbe polls by all who wish to see a faithful officer rewarded and will be tri- nmpbautly re-eleoted. Only one candidate for county supervisor is to be elected tbis year and for tm's important office the Democrat* have put forward 0, B FJeuker, of Washing- tou townttbip. Mr. Fl»uker will bring to tbis office tbote ()unUtles wbiob b»v« maj« him sooosssful u it farmer wd will look after the interests of tbe county with tbe same faithfulness with wbiob b» bum ulwnys guarded bis own, He is » man of ripe experience aud is iu every wuy iiuulifled to attend carefully to tbe vuiiud duties of a supervisor und be will receive next Tuesday, we predict, tbe Ueurty support ol not only bit own party, but of all tbose wbo know him. without regard to party, whloh will iu- sura his election by a large majority. Wilb these onudidutee tuo Deucwratio party go#s before tbe people confident that tbeir selection will be ratified by the people ai tbe polls. As we buve said before, uot one word bus ever been said, iu they Bold themselves and their parly soul and body to those powerful, wealthy robbers for the sake ot success. From that day this purty, created to slop tho progress of negro slavery, embraced u slavery more debasing than African slavery, thut slavery which compels one man to give his earnings to (inolher, that slavery which robs the farmer of tbe northwest to enrich tho men of Now England, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania nnd Ohio, und to uroilo mighly LruwlH, tyruuts who rule uvor ull the people, Ultl'UliLIOANlUM, J'ABT AND I'llKHKNT. The llopublicun purty was formed for a noble purpose. It once sustained the doctrine of free speech, free lands uud free men. How have the mighty fallen I Now such men as McKinloy,who became bankrupt u short time ago and whose dubts wore paid off by these turill' bene- (Iciurjes, have boen the willing tools of thoBe who raised him from pauperism to wealth by his foes for protective tariff service, und ho now rolls around ovor 1)1 0 country in his palatial special cur, more like u king Uwn u plain American oitiatii). Fouler loo, Jute secretary of the treasury, untlor Mr. Harrison, although he has just compromised with hip creditors for.furty cents on tho dollar, iu uupplivd with Cumin from the sumo source to live iko u urluoe uud go around over the country U>lliug about tlio wonderful beuufllB of thul protection whiuh made tho country ao prosperous thul he bo- ouum u bankrupt. UKI'UUUUAN HTOOK IN 'rilADK. The present campaign wan uum- cause It is done under the form ot law." Am I then too severe wheu I call the ten or twelve million dollar sugar bounty robbery? Does not the govornmon'. lay its power on the property of our citizens und bestow it on another in tliis vlcous unconstitutional legislation? IH it not doing precisely what the supreme court of the United States hue denounced as robbery? Now these sugar bounty fellows have deserted tbe Democratic party. Can any man remain 11 Democrat who must be purchased with tariff luxes and bounties? WHAT CONGHKSS HAS DONE, ' With all the complaints made against congress by calamity howlers I believe the present congress und administration have done more for the people than any congress since the passage of the revenue turitf uototlSiO. This congress 1ms repealed the silver urchusoluw. It has repealed the McKinley law. It has reduced taxation, It has made living cheaper. It hue made all money taxable. It has taxed surpluo incomes. It cut off about 91'2,OUO,0(K) unjust aud unuuiiHtitutiouul annual bounty, raised in tho winter boforo Mr. Olovo- Juml wan inaugurated. i(w solo (ifforl wince that (lino huw been U> jimku it uppear thul Dumocruliu HIIC- CUBB bits uuuBUil ruin nil ovor Vho luml. Tho iioiuu und duller of thouu livpub- hoim iiKiiiipululoi'ti, though their orators uud jouruuu) were HO llerue uud wild tor a t.iinu i hut they milled ulluntiuu from lint CuolK, uiul created uuuli u fright that o\»n timid Dumoorulu wwu temporarily Although the Democratic] party hud not bwm iu IKAVOI' boforo, so UB to be able u> mukii u viugle luw, fur ovor thirty by|iuxutiou;aboui ono-thirdof it or&400,000 paid annually by the puoplo of Iowa, uud over 139,000 unuuully in this congressional district. It repealed the force bill uud restored freedom of elections. U reduced publiu expenditures over $•28,000,000 annually. li reformed abuses iu the various gov- ermueutul departments, reducing expenses over a million of dollars annually. It provided tor tlio taxation of over ttUM),000,000 of taxable values in money und property, heretofore exempt from tuxutiou, whluli will now bo subject to utute. county und municipal tuxutiou, It hua given the people of lowu free wool and reduced the tariff on woolen goods from 08 to d8 per uoiit, saving rnorfl than half u million dollars •unuuully to the people in every uougrossiouul district Iu lowu. it huugivoii the paopla fruo lumber, fi'uo suit, free biuding twine, fruo oils, free utiuuiiuulH and iminlB uiul put over IU) olhor artioloH ot uuuoumlioB uud uoio- fortu on Iho free Iml. It husruduuoU tho tarilf on iron und iron oro, on uluul uud on ooul mn\rly one Juilf, uuviug millioiiH of ilollui'b to the funuurt) of tho went. Jl hut) passed novoro muatmres uguiuut trubU uud uombinos and crippled tbe uowur of thoBu imomiog of u KoimUliuua fuj-in of guvwnuwut. U puBBod, uotwithBlimdlmf tlio uliuoflt bankrupt condition of iho Uuitad States lri»uBury,uu uppropriutlou for thebenottt of the river laud uettlere of lowu of over

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