Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on March 6, 1946 · Page 3
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 3

Postville, Iowa
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Wednesday, March 6, 1946
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, MARCH 6, 1948. THE POSTVILLE HERALD. POSTVILLE. IOWA. PAGE THREE. What Postville Talked About 25 and 50 Years Ago Twenty-Five Years Ago. Intrrcstlng Items Taken From the Flics of the Postville Herald of V Thursday, March 10, 1921. A son wns born to Mr. iind Mrs. lioorge Braltiard Sunday night. Mr. und Mrs. Henry McShnnc of ncur I.uaiin have n daughter, born to them just Frldny. Mr. and Mrs. John Castcn have left the farm and moved to Postville into the house they purchased from Henry Eggert. Mrs. France Dresser, 77, a former l'ostville resident, passed away February 24 at the family home in Em- mctt, Idaho. Amelia Schrocder, who has been with the Lymnn Bros, wholesale millinery house in Cedar Rapids, has been transferred to the Goodwin millinery in Belle Plainc. Al Ellis bade his wife and son goodbye yesterday and headed for Louisville. Ky., where he joined the baseball team for their spring training ramp near Mobile, Ala. Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Cnndec, long time residents between here and Hardin, became Postville residents Friday when they moved into the former Henry I.uhman residence they recently purchased The grudge battle between Elkader Fifty Years Ago. Interesting Items taken from the files of "The Graphic," published In Postville, March 12, 1896. ST. PAUL'S LUTHERAN CHURCH Frederick R. Ludwlg, Pastor Hall Rnthbun has accepted a bookkeepers' job in Arlington. Mamie Hecker, seven year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Hecker, passed away this morning. Hugh Shepherd and James McEwen were elected as school directors at the annual election held last Monday. The Milwaukee railroad has paid Charles Krumm $80 for Krumm's five hogs killed by a train some time ago. John Ernest Ruckdaschel, 1514 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. C. Ruckdaschel, passed away last Friday after a long illness. The John Brcuer family, who have made Postville their home for the pnst 13 years, will move to Cedar Rapids next week. The Turnvercin at its last meeting voted to enlarge its barroom and hereafter will rent its hall to the public for $10 per night, Over 100 carloads of corn have been shipped into Postville this spring and sold to local farmers who were unable to harvest much of a crop last fall. James B. McWilliams, 00. passed away suddenly at his home southeast of Postville early Wednesday morning. nd Decornh basketball teams was He is survived by his wife, five sons played in Postville's gym Friday night anil Decorah was the winner by a 35 to 12 score. Receipts at the door amounted to $158.50. In the preliminary game, Postville defeated Monona. 28 to 15. Mrs. F. L. Marquis, formerly Josephine Burling of Postville, has been appointed to the West Waterloo board df education. A graduate of Postville high school and of Upper Iowa University, Mrs. Murquls was a successful school teacher for many years before her marriage. l.ynn Shaw McEwen. 30, passed away Monday night in a Decorah hospital where he had been taken following a fall which rendered him unconscious. He was a bookkeeper for the Interstate Power Co., since leaving his position as cashier of a local bank. He is survived by his wife and one son. The Post township Farm Bureau members have organized a community club and elected the following officers at a meeting held Thursday: Eugene E Owen, president; Mrs. Henry W. Meier, vice president; Miss Velma Schultz, secretary-treasurer; program committee, Mrs. W. L. Meyer, Mrs. Vern Letcli ford. Miss Bertha Schultz. Mrs. Jay Marston, Mrs. Euclid Mnrston and Mrs. Ralph Bachtell. and two daughters. Henry Daubenberger. who has just completed his apprenticeship in the Stuud'. drug store, has accepted a po sition as pharmacist in Rockford and left for that place today. Vincent Kapplcr, 83 year old father of Mrs. Joe Nick, passed away last week and funeral services were held in St. Bridget's church here Wednesday with burial in Spillville. Mabel Dresser is the highest rank ing student in high school, with others ranking next in order as follows; Pearl Blanchard, Emma Nicolay, Joe Hecker Blanche Riggs, Nora Dawson, Vella Starkey. Edna Hughes, Nellie Sheehy and Cora Splies. W. J. H. Schultz and family Monday moved onto the Fritz Thoma farm And the Frank Sebastian family are now nicely situated on the forme Johnson farmstead. The Grant Huey family are now living in the residence opposite Ed Sheehy's place The seven members of the class to graduate in June have chosen as their motto. "Honors Wait at Labor's Gate.' Members of the class are Emmett Mc Williams, president, Ruby Webster, Edna Hughes, Grace McMaster, Nor; Dawson, Blanche Riggs iCastalia), und Mabel Dresser MAKE PLANS NOW FOR RASPBERRIES If you're thinking of adding raspberries to your home-grown fruit supply next spring, you might spend a little time these winter days thinking about varieties to plant and where and when you can best start your patch. Harry Nichols, extension horticulturist at lowu Stute College, says raspberries thrive best on a rich, sandy loam soil that holds moisture but is well drained. Don't put the new patch on the site of an old one or next to a neglected patch. For planting time, spring is best— and early in the spring, too. Soil for the bed should be manured heavily before the plants go into the ground. As to how many plunts to order, Nichols says 50 bearing plants of any kind of raspberry will produce from 35 to 75 quarts during the season. The red berries grow best from central Iowa north; the blacks, the southern half of the state. And the purple canes are increasing in popularity, though they produce more of a canning berry. Usually just one variety of a kind is sufficient—although you might like to try more. If you like red rasp berries, the Latham is the loading variety but the Chief will ripen n lit tie earlier. The Cumberland is per haps the leading black cap, but Bris lol, Black Beauty and the New Logan have proven very satisfactory. Lead ing variety of purple cane is the Sodus, with the Potomac extremely we" adapted to northeastern Iowa. Nichols says raspberries aren't dif flcult to grow—yet only one farm in 20 has them. Ash Wednesday service this evening at 8:00 o'clock. "The Lenten Call," is the subject of the meditation. The Women's Missionary Society will meet Thursday afternoon at 2:00 clock at the home of Mrs. Henry Sebastian in West Union. Mrs. Ed. Plaht the leader and Mrs. Sebastian the hostess. Cars will leave from the church at 1:30 o'clock. The senior choir will rehearse on Thursday evening at 7:30 o'clock at the church. A series of lectures on vital religious themes will get under way Friday evening at 8:00 o'clock at the church. "The Christian Life," is the subject of the first lecture. Subsequent lecture sub- ects in the series, are as follows: Baptism the Beginning of the Christian Life," "Prayer and the Lord's Prayer," "Our Creeds and What They Are About," "The Ten Commandments," "Concerning the Lord's Supper," and "The World's Greatest Institution." Those desiring to unite with the congregation are invited to attend these lectures. The lectures are open to the public. The confirmation class will meet on Saturday morning at 9:00 o'clock at 9:30 o'clock. The junior choir will rehearse on Saturday afternoon at 2:00 o'clock. Church School service Sunday morning at 9:15 o'clock. The Service Sunday morning at 10:30 o'clock. "How Far Can We Trust God." is the subject of the sermon. The Brotherhood and the Sisterhood will meet Tuesday evening at 8:00 o'clock in the Assembly Room. The topic for the evening, "The Meaning of Lent." Mid-Week Lenten service Wednesday evening, March 13, at 8:00 o'clock. •Christ Speaks to Those Who Suffer," the second in a series on the theme, Christ Speaks From Calvary," is the subject of the meditation. The Ladies' Aid will meet Thursday afternoon, March 14, at 2:00 o'clock in the Assembly Room. St. Paul's is open daily for prayer and meditation. Want AH m Want Ad Rates —25 cents per insertion up to 25 words when cash accompanies order. Otherwise the rate Is 10 cents per line per insertion. An extra charge of 10 cents is also made where replies are to come to this office. Want Ads get cash from needing your "Don't Wonts." those Wanted—Girl for general housework. Call 349-W, Postville.—18c. For Sale—30 acres of timber and pasture land. Inquire at this of­ fice—18p. For Sale—A boys' bicycle; in good condition. William Belsker, R. 2, Post vllle.—18p. Lost—Gold locket, with green settings. Please call or return to Herald office.—18p. For Sale—Cabinet model radio; battery set, with two A batteries. Ben Morch, Postville.—18p. Get your harness repaired and oiled now for spring use. Putnam's Harness Shop, Postville.—12tfc. Wanted—A fern jor, about 12 inches in diameter, or larger. Mrs. Harvey H Douglass, Postville.—18c. For Sole—Crushed rock for driveways and road purposes. Also have agricultural lime for sale, at county quarry near Cherry Valley, R. J. Cooney.—18p. Notice—Have received my shipment of Funk's "G" Hybrids. Germination 95%. If you need a few extra bushels, see me today. Your Funk "G" Man, Louis Benjcgerdcs, R. 1, Postville.—17c. For Sale—New Hinman milking machines; also the following good used ones: Kleen-Easy and Fords Portable; short tube, 2-unit Universal; 2-unit Serge. Lloyd Schrocder, R. 1, Post­ ville.—18p. For Sale—Several farms and city properties. J. T. Humphrey, Real Es- state Broker, Postville. For Sale — Three purebred Poland China brood sows and three purebred Chester White brood sows; not registered. To farrow latter part of March. Two miles south of Postville. W. E. Lubbers, Postville, Iowa.—18c. A Sewing Machine in good condition has more trade-iti value for that new post-war model. Be ready when they come. Get your machine cleaned and reconditioned now. J. A. Flynn, Calmer, Iowa. Phone Herald Office in Postville—Phone No. 200. •Ill LOANS for EARLY BIRDS Wanted—Married man to work on farm; no milking. Inquire at the Herald office, Postville.—18tfc. I pump and repair cesspools and cisterns, also pump basements. Ray Canoe, Monona, Iowa.—20p. Just Received—A shipment of car batteries at Phillips "66" station. Lyle Kurdelmeier, Postville.—17c. Wanted—Young lady for permanent position in local store. Leave your name at the Herald office.—13tfc. If spring plans demand action on a loan without red tape or delay, you'll be glad you made your first stop at the Wanted—Man to work in the mechanical department of our garage. Ruckdaschel Motors, Postville.—18tfc. For Sale—4 -foot cut mower and a one-hole hand corn shelter. Fred H. J. Thoma, R. 1, Postville, Iowa.—19p. Wanted—A horse, between 1500 and 1600 pounds. Must be gentle and well broke. Elmer Zieman, Postville.—18c. COMMUNITY PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH OF POSTVILLE Rev. Eldon Scamans, Pastor. Sunday, March 10—Morning worship at 10 o'clock. This is the first Sunday in Lent. We shall begin a series of Lenten meditations on the "I Am" passages of the New Testament. Theme for this Sunday "Spiritual Sustenance." Sunday School at 11 o'clock. Mr. Elmer F. Weihe, Supt. Classes for all ages. The minister will bring a brief meditation to the school. The Session will meet for an informal meeting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. F; Weihe on Wednesday evening. All those interested in joining the minister's Communicant's Class in preparation for uniting with the Church should get in touch with the minister before Friday evening. I buy burned out electric motors: one-third horsepower and larger. The Electric Motor Shop, Postville.—16tfc. For Sale — Three heavy springing Holstein heifers, coming three years old. Robert Hangartner, R. 2, Post­ ville.—18p. For Sale—Five Duroc Jersey brood sows, due to farrow last of April or first of May. Ray Scharn, R. 2, Post ville.—18p. Bring in your harness now for oil ing and repairing, so it will be ready for spring use. The Tindell Harness Shop.—5tfc. For Sale—Several outstanding high grade springing and very close up Guernsey heifers. A. G. Bahr, Waukon, Iowa.—19p. ST. BRIDGET'S CHURCH. Francis J. Vallastcr, Pastor. Sunday masses at 8:00 and 10:00 a. m. Weekday mass at 7:30 a. m. Catechetical instructions Saturdays at 2 p. m. for children of school age. Confessions will be heard every Saturday, from 2:30 to 5:30 and from 7:00 to 8:30. Old hens are often carriers of tuberculosis to swine, veterinarians say. The Iowa State Highway Commission is offering for sale the following quantities of FULL TREATED guardrail posts at the location shown. The posts are approximately 6 inches tops and 7 feet long and will be sold at $.75 each (plus sales tax) in any quantity. Hauling from site will be done by purchaser and payment is to be made for any purchased before removal will be permitted. Located at Waukon, in Allamakee County, Iowa, Quantity: 1350. Fred Wiedenmann, Foreman in charge. For further information communicate witji-- P. A. SCHNEIDER Division Maintenance Engineer UNITED BRETHREN CHURCHES. Rev. J. B. Haddock. Castalia: Sunday School at 10 a. m. Worship Service at 11:15 a. m. Prayer and Bible study every Thurs day evening at the parsonage. Postville: Sunday School at 11 a. m. Sunday evening service of worship at 7:30 o'clock. Prayer and Bible study on Tuesday evening. Forest Mills: Worship Service at 10 a. m. Sunday School at 10:45 n. m. Telephone No. 248 Postville, Iowa For Sale— Agricultural lime and crushed rock. Get your orders in early to avoid rush. Lorence J. Meyer, Cas talia, Iowa.—19p. For Sale — Seven Spotted Poland China Brood Sows; due to farrow the latter part of March. Paul R. Waters, R. 2, Postville.—18p. Postville State Bank We Offer A Complete Banking Service For Sale—Baled clover and timothy hay, and baled timothy hay; put in barn without rain. A. C. Nesbit, R. 1, Castalia, Iowa.—19p. For Sale—New half horse electric motor; also have a 500-chick size electric brooder. L. W. Thoma, phone 270, Postville.—17p. For Sale—The house on the former William H. Weihe place south of Postville. Inquire of Mrs. John C. Weihe, Postville.—18c. Foy Sale>—A Wesley piano in good condition; a walnut wardrobe, a Duo- fold and other furniture. W. H. Haef- ncr, Castalia, Iowa.—18c. Christian Science Churches The subject of the lesson-sermon In all Churches of Christ, Scientist, for Sunday, March 10, 1946, Is "Man". The golden text U "The steps of a good man are ordereu by the Lord: and he dellghteth In his way". (Psalms 37:23) Selections from the Bible and from "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy comprise the lesson-sermon, One of tht Bible citations reads: "And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: So God created man In his own Image, in the Image of God created he him; male and female created he them". (Gen. 1:26 to:, 27) From the Christian Solence text book :s the following: The Scriptures Inform us that man Is made In the image and likeness of God, Matter is not that likeness. The I'lcness of Spirit cannot U so unlike Spirit. Man is spiritual and perfect; and because he la spiritual and perfect, he must be ao understood in Christian Sol ence". (p. 475) MOTORS—I do all kinds of motor repairing, rewinding and recondition ing. J. F. Hart, at the Electric Motor Shop, phone 272, Postville, Iowa.—6tfc A rusted or damaged milk float In the separator may be just as bad as no float, The separator needs & float, so If the one In use Is not working, throw-it awoy and get a new oho, For Sale—New Apex washers, ironers and cleaners, as well as Clarion radios, I still buy and sell used furni ture. Ray Sumok, Postville.—16. For Sale—Used Junior size white porcelain Sanico range; in very good condition. Can be seen at Hill's Hardware, Donald Lamborn, R.' 1, Luana Iowa.—18p. FREE — I have' a bunch of two months old puppies I will give to any one who will provide a good Ttome for them. Victor Ruckdaschel, R. 1, Postville.— 18p. Exchanged—A hat was taken by mistake at the basketball tourney here Friday night. Has initials O. E. under band. Will finder please leave at Her old office,—18p. EXTRA—I have received my Pflster Hybrid Seed Corn und have some ex tra if you need it. Germination good 95-day. Emil H. Block, R. 1, Post ville, Iowa.—19p. TIRES—Two 750x16 8-ply tires with tubes, like new; two 800x16 10-ply tires, complete with tubes and wheels; two 700x16 tubes, new, Blegen 7 -Up, Phone 8Q-W, Postville,—I8p. "Was I Surprised ... At the many new items of furniture I saw at Louis Schutte's store in Postville," we overheard one lady telling another down on the corner the other clay. Yes, furniture shipments are being received by us almost daily. It's true, we aren't getting all we are ordering, but there are many new and novel creations that you'll be. delighted to see. We have another new assortment of table lamps, odd chairs, mirrors and some of the larger pieces of furniture you'd be proud to place in your home. Why don't you drop in and see our stock when you're downtown . . . we'll be glad to show you what we have. If you can't find what you want, we can tell you when to expect the 'items you are seeking. Louis Schutte Largest Stock of Furniture in Northeastern Iowa Postville, Iowa

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