Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on November 30, 1955 · Page 2
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 2

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 30, 1955
Page 2
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TwO CUMBERLAND,. WEDNESDAY, ..NOVEMBER 30, 1955 Dial PA-2-4600 for a WANT AD Ttk« Group Starts Rival Textile Unions Set Court Action lTo J 0 j n Forces In Merger For Students i • " Negro Organization Seeks To Speed Up School Integration BALTIMORE * - For the first;" By N011MAN WALKER NEW YORK—tfi- Mergers with- .in a merger are in prospect today, 'on the eve 'of the AFL and CIO i joining forces for the first time in ... '20 years. f ORE >» — For the first; (Jeorge Meany, the ex-plumbei ( f time since the U.S. Supreme Court| w)]0 w ^ sleor t f lis powe rful mach- asked school officials to make a| ilie u^ugh t ne obstacles ahead "prompt and reasonable" start to-' has c i am p et j a heav\ hand on anj ward integration, legal action has..^ gl] union nianeu vers which bj been started in Maryland to prodj any chance m j«ht interfere with local officials into action. i hj _ s " ma j n objective of the past three' A suit .was filed in Federal Courtj yea rs—the alliance which will bei yesterday by attorneys for the >> 7 a-| a pp r0 ved by the two groups in tional Assn. for the Advancementi mec tj n g S starting here tomorrow j of Colored People, requesting an. Rut plans already are >vell ad injunction to end racial segrega-, van ccd for a number of smaller | tion in Harford • County schools, i weaker unions in both the AFLi The suit, filed by the NAACP oniand CIO to merge into stronger,' behalf of 20 Negro students in Belimore effective bargaining and or- Air, Edgewobd and Aberdeen, ganizing units. Rivals To Merge For instance, the separate AFL charges the county school board has refused to desegregate schools ( ^ in the past and has no plan to doj and QQ t ex ti)e unions have spent so now. Imillions of dollars scrapping each The attorneys asked for an in-other for years, trying to snatch junction against the defendants—(already-organized members from Charles W. Willis, superintendentjeach other. Amalgamation of these of county schools, and the five two unions into one camp for an members of the Harford County Board of Educaticn. Named as plaintiffs ; ii me ii I: Amerira Daily Crime Boxscore Printed By Civic-Minded N.Y.'Newspaper NEW YORK—(INS)—One,civic-jcount on in minded New York City paper '.as;tempers, recently begun printing a daily) a big city it is bad Safe Driving Day Appeal Made By Head Of Council CHICAGO — <INS) — Trafficiing with the President's committeejcunningham's are hunting authorities called on the nation's and the National Safety Council- •• • — - L! ._, automobile drivers today to make in the S-D observance. tomorrow's observance of the sec- ! : - ond annual safe-driving day a p^ Harbor Memorial York Couple Now Has 20 Children^ Looking For JVame. YORK. Pa. I* heartening success. ; National Safety Council Presi-j To g c Dedicated Dec. 7 ,JJ TIA/»_! minded Kew vorK my paper lasnempeis,. ; deht Ned . Hi Dearborn said Dec- recently begun printing a daily] Robbery is next in line for the; ember l should be reme mbered by PEARL HARBOR Ui — '' Iboxscore on the crimes about town,,title of most even-keeled crime onj all Amer j cans every minute of the mem orial to the men whc [keeping us -posted on the latest;record. There are an average of iday He declared: here in the first Japanese murders, robberies, assaults and;2o robberies a day here, and they »j n v j ew O f the steadily rising aaainsf ihp Tinjfpd states; in jmurders, robberies, assaults iso on. This is very thoughtful indeed. If a reader earnestly follows this handy guide day in and night out, he can sort of figure how things !are going in criminal circles, and 'make his plans accordingly. It is nice to know, for instance, that i Friday is an off day for burglary. a day here, and they! •run pretty true to form on every; |day but Sunday. steadily rising every; tra ff lc 'toll, it is vital to the wel- A ivho died here in the first Japanese attack against the United States in World Presumably .Sunday is a tough day for the trade, in that about the only safe place for robbers to operate is in a crowd. And about the only crowds to be found on Sunday are in church. And it has often been proven that most crooks jfare of America that drivers- begin driving better and safer on S-D Day and keep on doing it every The Spurgeon a nam« for their 20th child. The latest, a boy, arrived Monday at York Hospital. Of the Cun. ningham's U boys and nine girls, four are married and 15 live at ihorne. The oldest is 26. Mrs. Cun. iningham, 42, has had-all her chi'r-\ ' by single birth. V Cunningham is a York factory foreman and operates a small- against the United States in World farrn " at ' h is" nearby Hellam home'- War II will be dedicated Dec. 7.1 —The memorial, sponsored by the Navy Club of America, is' a 10- foot-high natural lava rock with • President Eisenhower's national a traffic -safety committee ; s spon soring the 24-hour period to save lives by careful driving. The day on Ford Island in Pearl the parents or legal guardians of the children, all of whom are minors. The suit contends the' students are being denied their rights for a non-segregated education "as soon 'as practicable" as required by the 14th Amendment. . . •• Churchill Feted On 81st Birthday With Hoine Party LONDON (Ji t— Britain's great man of the 20th century, Sir Winston Churchill, is 31 today. : r: By' his own wish, a quiet celebration was planned with the chief event a birthday luncheon for 12 ar his London home hard by the grounds of Buckingham Palace. As she has for the past 16 years, Hungarian-born Mrs. . Frederick "Floris, a Soho pastry cook, baked the cake. This lime it was in the shape of a straw "boater" — the hat traditionally worn by undergraduates of Harrow, Sir Winston's alma rnater. all-out textiles organizing drive is: expected, as also among rival; paperworker unions, meat-packing! inions. and possible electrical: vorker unions. j The -constitution of the merged j states as a policy conflicting and eating jurisdictions - shall be eri-i couraged, though not compelled, combine. . " . ' . ;.- . Offices of white collar workers|-|-. T~v and those in the oil-chemical andjJJJ J_/j textile'industries are reported;, to j . ,.- . .. .. .• be major- organizing targets afterr SUj vER SPRING, Md. i-fl—Police 11.«' -w«m«r<n** '• T?Qr»ftlIf Q! HI . .'. CftPl^l Jl I t 'i .1- _ f . . ...I '.I.I-,.-- Lhe merger. .'(Renewal of • special j organizing drives; in the South also is charted. .. •].'• • _ Miners union boss John L. Lewis, still mad at Meany .over that word; jattle at the 1947 : convention of the AFL, has. not been invited,to join the combined AFL-CIO. Meany's altitude toward Lewis and all other unions affiliated .with.-neither the AFL or : CIO is : that, once the merger is completed, they caaijq u j(j which "made her go to sleep, . PEOPLE Who WORK A Sp«eio//W Loon Scrvic* $25, $100, $200 up to $1200 BELIEVED SLAIN 1 — Mrs. Arlene Smith, 36, of Lebanon, ill., and her husband, Harold, 31, nave been missing since Sunday night. Relatives yesterday found their home marked with bullets and blood spattered in nearly every room. Police believe they were murdered and the bodies taken away. (AP Photofox) rirtav k an off nav for bur'larv oiien ueen piuveu ui«". muai. \.IUU<»->.UVM «j vaitm. un»m 6 . *«%. ««.-. ndayisanoffday orDur iao prjnciples against that kind was inaugurated last year in the , Makes you feel sort of good about, 3 £ v j hope that it would bring about a ileaving home.for. a.week-end flmgf -average" daily crime rate;year-round ' reduction in traffic | With a bit of. mathematical appli-^ ^^ Yorkscitv figures out like!deaths. On the first S-D Day ob- cation. one c;m surmise on any ^ murder) 1; - rape 3; ro bbery. servance. 51 persons died in traf- ' ' " fie mishaps. The appalling annual traffic toll 1140: grand larceny, .69, and auto brought a promise from Rep. Sam- After jotting down the results ofj th( ^; ( ^^ .. ^ my daily box : ud N- Friedel of Maryland that he I figure I can avoid froublejwould introduce in Congress a bill igiu m, ui.a, ,.„., ..-.-.. „.-— r ~ 1;f T c!mn1 ° stay iri the ^ Quse w j t i,!for creating a national traffic post - - • - and;°f cabinet or sub cabinet rank. Handiest Locations in PITTSBURGH! IF EVERYTHING YOU EAT TURNS TO GAS • You dor-'t have to suffer, from • zas pains and heartburn due to acid indigestion'alter every meal! Thousands have found reh« through the effective stomachic tonic action of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. taien regularly. No more gas, heartburn. bloating! Get Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery, liquid or tablets, at your drugsm. Advertisement H°"ipittsburqher In the heart ol lh» Golden Triangle • 400 outside rooms • bath • television • Air Conditioning "ATlanlie 1-6970 Hotel Pittsburf h«r MOTEL Opposite Greater Pittsburgh Airport • 56 air-condilioned rooms • til* b«th • television • private phone Courtesy car to and from motel JOS, f. PUPPY. GEN. MGE p . <l ulte " uiet on but he 'this tell me? It if safe to let one's other six days of the week. to |Girl 5 3, Raped ye' -^.-r . • ^~--: ^—•-. . » • • . • . daughter walk to. church on Sun- . ... day, but it is Wise to obtain a sitter !G| t OUp Asks foi one's car. i • • -.1. Baring upsets, which of course) (Continued from Page i) , oorn saySj -- 1S • ncucuwus wuen must sometimes occur in anyone's grumbled that the first of the giantj thoughtfu]ness and courtesy upon life (or death), the murderers of conference's.reports last night wasj lhe - Dart . of all drivers would per . New York appear to be reasonably the bill drafted when Congress reconvenes in January. The National Safety Council says traffic fatalities total nearly. 40,- JOOO annually. "This figure," Dear- iborn says, "is ridiculous when inactive on Thursdays. -Fridays and Sundays. Sunday's, cutback on ^U-jthe^delegates ing is easy to' giuuiuitu niav IMV. ii.-i. ^i. "— » 1 tnou ff ntiuiness ana courtesv upon conference's.reports last night wasj lhe - part . of all drivei . s wou " ld per . top generalized. -mit manv people to enjoy life There 'were; those who : thought! uiuciuiv ^J^ 1 tvjii i -—•• • -~~-~fj . . " l UA ^ o i j. v/iiv- if you want to solid backing to modern theories-; sc j,ools ,. ,• . n_14l->il- Affivkl^t e^tiyA ^rl^rtfinff ftl(* (•'hilfl! ' _ many people to enjoy life . ^ more years.-" . . '. Police, city and civic officials, and other organizations -is easy to'su'-e you wan poetic" and -assume that death (that emphasize adapting the child j w ere among the grpups co<)perat- " .... *., it ^i _r !-fn Viic- c-nt-rnitnrHncrc Ttiif" nftlPfc:'^^» are' looking for a man :who they say raped a three-year-old girl and: may have used a drug .to render her unconscious -before'the attack. The-child, .who was in fair condition at .Washington Sanatorium last night, told investigators- she was taken into a house under construction in Takoma Park by' a young man.' . . The man gave her a spoonful of _ . takes a holiday-like the rest of us: ' surroundings. But. others 1 ldhc.3 o liuiiuav niv* t.-*,^- «- ( . . — • . but nobodv is able tc. explain -why .[thought the report .should .have: Thursday "and Friday 'are dead, [called ' for ' concentrating : on .the deathwisei Monday is the big day for bur<r- iVlUUUdV 10 \.L*\^ tJi.0 <^"J vv - ' —~ ' , :. , ~. ... ,, ., lars from which' one can orilyitween the .two"lines. .It said that deduce that weekends are the time j "in. each schpol an .appropriate for quiet looking ahead. get in ; if. they wish. A number of •' these - independent unions have indicated a desire to join the merged AFL-CIO.. Lewis has expressed . no such interest, however, and has dubbed , it a "rope of sand," meaning he doesn't think it can possibly-last. Lewis likes to tell -a story she told police. Officers said they think the child was unconscious when the assault occurred.. ; . Physicians said last ,night' they intended to check to'determine if the child had been dragged. •• Police said the girl told them her assailant was wearing dark clothes that and had "shiny black hair." when he was' CIO-president he, .--.,• made a merger, proposal to thejTeacher Attackers only to 'have it rejected. A ;•''' "f£- Shad To Get.Back Into Church few years later, brought his United Mine Workers Union back into the AFL, he says he made' an identical merger proposal to the CIO but it, too, was turned down. Labor;Seen Stationary Lewis tells this to illustrate the foibles of' AFL and -.CIO chiefs, but it serves to point tip-also what Meany had to deal with in weaving the merger together. Perhaps 1 he most compelling reason, for.the merger was (hat traditional classical studies. The report treaded gingerly be- balance must'be .'maintained' Ifl UUICL iuur\i»i§ tiu^wv.. i Grand larceny slumps dramatic- ito insure wholesome, all-around alivon 'Sunday', which 'is to 'be ex- i development of the individual." pected but picks up with'a tremen-j 'The report, summarizing round- dous impetus on" Mondays. Thejtable discussions on "What Should average daily'grand larceny quo-jOur Schools Accomplish,", was pre- tient is 69 in- New York City. Onlpared by Dr. Adam Benmon, an Sundays it drops as low as 38. butjapostle of the Church of the Latter on Mondays hops back to/a 95 or Day Saints in Salt Lake City, and more. Dr. William Carr, executive sec- Get money to pay all your bills Meany and most union leaders at once:Spread:repaymeixt.over a realize, that organized labor had number of months. If needed, the money will be ready in one day. Cem* In er. le ier> lime, phene Aril 61 North Centr* St. Corner Frederick Cumberlortd PA 2-4900 PUBLIC LOAN CORPORATION ERATH, La. an. — -Two women, excommunicated for beating a catechism teacher in a row over segregation, are believed to be taking penitential steps to' get back in the Roman Catholic Church. The women were excommunicated by Bishop Jules Jeanmard of Lafayette after Mrs.,Lula B. Or- temond, a catechism teacher at Our Lady of Lourdes Church here, was beaten last 1 week for teaching a class that included 'both Negro and white students. • The .most consistent,: unvarying rc-tary of the National Education crime, day in. a' out. isjAssn. . . felonious assault. The'number ofj . !Irough: S °y bea » ^Trend. Easier Sundays, •'seldom' running' muchj CHICAGO W—In a over 30 or dropping much belowling soybeans • showed an easier 20 I trend on the Board of Trade to- that if j day. Other grains had no definite Which proves, I guess. ( there's one thing, you can really;trend. 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