The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on November 2, 1894 · Page 5
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 5

Carroll, Iowa
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Friday, November 2, 1894
Page 5
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(tar of Ail the Russia* Passes Away at LivadU. ? DIED IN HIS WIFE'S ARMS. Grand Duke Nicholas Is the Successoi i to the Throw, HEW RULEE OtfLY 26 YEABS OLD. •»M to Be Friendly Toward Germany and Austria—Betrothed to Prlneess Alix. 1 Btatn Mourning Will Commence Bator- any With thn Funeral Two Woekii tutor, | Deep Sorrow Throughout Barope. ST. PuTERBBURa, Nov. 3.—The angel of death, in the shadow of whose pinions the autocrat of all the Russias has been lying for many days, has beckoned and the soul of the man who had in hie hands the lives and destinies of millions upon millions has been borne away. Calmly and peacefully • as a sleeping babe, he who, by his slightest word, ould have plunged Europe into a war, the horrors of which would defy deserip- tion, fell into the dreamiest sleep which he feared not. He, though thn head of the church whose members number over 70,000,000 persons, took his last rites a f*w days before death claimed him from all his greatness. At 2:16 o'clock Thursday afternoon the anmmons cnma and a few hours later tho thunderous booming cannon at Livadiu and Ett. Petersburg announced the oar was dead nnl rlvif V 1 •'.•ho had been the 'i AUEXANuJ.:* III, I.ATE CZAR. Grand Duke Nicholas, reigned in hi •tead. On- lightning wings the news o Russia's loss spread throughout the world, and It is safe to say that every where the intelligence created sympathy for the family of him who, by his policy had maintained the peace of Europe. Words of Sympathy Fiom America. From America came words of sympathy, for the dead ruler had always been a friend Of the great republic of the west and American* have not forgotten how wall his father'* friendship sustained th north in the war of th* rebellion. . Among the peasant* of Russia (be wil be mourned with a deep and abiding sor ROW, for wa* he not th* "peasant crarr' Not one of the grandiloquent title* borne by him was thought a* much of a*'the on* bestowed upon him by hi* lowly sub Jects whose virtues were magnified in him, and whoa* vices in him were en tirely lacking. He who denies the popu larity of the ocar among th* iowrjf classes of Russia is blinded by prejudice. Hia kind acts to them In their aeaion* o plague and famine will never b* forgol ten and in thousand* upon thousands o: home*, from Vludivostock in the Pacifl to th* Fortresses of the Cnnoaans millions of people will pray from th bottom of their heart* far the repose of the soul of their "Little Father," who wa* to them a* great in soul a* b* was in stature. His Home an Meal One. There will be sincere mourning, too In the royal and imperial families Europe. Not the conventional mourning prescribed by rule, but the mourning o Uttle children. For who has not hear of the annual visit* of the oiar to Oopen bagen, the homo of the beloved ocarina when, with the children of emperors kings and princes around him, hu was "tio biggest child of them all, joining ill their .ports and romping with then Jiko u big boy, His death will bo a moa bitter loss to the wife he loved ao wul that It was a proverb in St, Ptttorebur that he waa "tho only Ruaslan who wu* true to hia wife." Hi* h'.nno was an ideal one, and all his pleasure wan fount with hi* own family. But as the ccar and not the man h could bu as -tern, as unrelontlng OB fat itself. Ho baa banished men and woniun to Siberia, but they were men and wo men who sought to kill blru or to over turn the government of which ho wits the abaoluto hood aud whluli ho, by th nioit solemn oaths in th» mother city o Ruiila—Alonoow—had sworn to main tstiu it* integrity. Oaliuly Awaited the End. glue* Tueuduy, when tho doctor* in fprrued the war tlioro wan uo longu fooui for hop., his wujoaty eoinpo-edly Waited for thu und, ultundlng to aury »tuU awl family ail'aiw iu thu nhor Interval* of ooiwolousuww uucl fruedou from palu, Thou. w»ru nuoiw-arlly brluf thu Auotor. having roouuiau • to procure sleep uud allay uuiu. Ui Wwdnwduy thu czar was tttill able to tak»u to u window of tho puluu-, whunoe |W gtt*-d out upon thu country ho loved TB« night pa~-.ul with all the uggravat tyuiptouit uml dry cough. l)r Ziochuriu rumuiuod in attendance- upon bin) throughout tho uiglit, only uatohiug brief interval, for ul..p iu tUo uuteroQuw morning IroUo with ralu aud heavy -Jumlu aud thu weather wiu coldtir, An thu day ajUunced th turn iuwreasod KO mpidly th»t tin biuutelf itcognijad that hu could Ho to rWJelve the sar,r*nient, wlitcfi ws« adrninlstertd to bun hf O«m Ckna>- aiti Vauisheff aud father Ivan in Ihe irtsence of the whole family. Died In Hi* Wlte's A*MI. The <-z,u then conversed kMig an4 earnestly with Father lva«, ameludln| by asking his family to again gather around him. He spoke to 4MA member wpm-ataly, and at the greatest length With the ciarina. ft* Weasel all hte children present. Tlw scene was one of deep pathhs, all being in tears. All this ime his majesty was sittMglap in am armchair. After taking leav* of his fcmily he grew gradually w«_ker en4 his voice became so indistinct that it was icarotily audible. About noon « convul- live fit of coughing was followed by a light rnlly. From then until the end ;he czar remained qniet, seemingly t re- 'rom pain. At 2:lf> o'clock he heaved a deep sigh and breathed his tat in the arms of the empress, who tnfirt kroko down with the weight of her g*st. The loctors fear the results of tM reaction on her already exhausted system. When all was over, the «arowit», Grand Duchess Xenia and the other Im- jerial relatives approach th« bedside in .urn to take a last farewell. 4lie coart officials and members of hia majesty's suite were afterwards adpoIMp^ The lag over the palace was placed at half mast and a salute was fired tot **>« r aels in the port. Shortly after 4 o'clock ;he members of the palace guards were marshaled in the square in front ot the palace chapel for the ceremony of (wearing allegiance to 'the mw etn. Th*y were the first to take the oaMi. The grand duke* were the next to swear allegiance and they were followed in the •rder of precedence by the high court functionaries, oonrt official*, military officers and civil officiate. Funeral Arrangement*. The arrangements that will be made tor the funeral are still ankntf<am. U It believed the remains will be embarked on the imperial vachl PolarnaU Five-da (Polar Star) at Yalta, where tit* Seventh army corps will render military honor*. The whole Black sea fleet wiU ajport the yaoht to Odessa, whence the body will b* convoyed by railway to Si. Petersburg, stopping at the impottttst town* enroute to enable the troops to remder honors to the dead, The ftate mourning will commence on Saturday. The fuu era! will probably be held taw weekj hence. Tho arrival 6t th> Ripce and Princess of Wales, now enrooto to LI- vadia, is anxiously awaited. A special train awaits them at the froutter. It U believed the presence of the Princess of Wales will afford gieat oomtaBt to her •ister, the czarina, and it ia expMted she will make a long stay in Russia* An imperial decree, anuoiNMtng to accession to the Ohnme oC the Grand Duke Nicholas, the czarowltz, is ex pected from Livadia in a f*w data. The theater* and rastao rants wave clos&i Thursday evening, but the street* were as busy as usual. Crowds stop4 ahon the places where the bulletijM from Livadia have' bosu posted, reading the annonncemwnt 9. his mnjesty'a death. Late Thursday night' it was • nportei here that the populaoe of Moscow, indig nant at what they believe to hat-a been the malpractice of Dr. Zacchariti In th case of the ccar, tee wrecking Is* doc tor's house in that city. Tho garrison* at Oronsttdt and 8t, Petersburg have taken tho oath •( allegiance to the new csar. The Career of the Csa». Alexander IU was the second son o Ciar Alexander II. He was bora March 10, 1H45. Bh mother was MM Princes. Maria, daughter of the late Qaaarl Duke of Hc*ao-Darmstadt. Being the seconi son, Alexander oriftnaUy ha4 *tt}|se praa- pect of ascending the throne. His edu •ation,therefore,wa, somewhat flee and his life down to his wth year Was uneventful, but when -*««*«., th oldest son, died, April M, IHtfS, at th age of 33, everything was chfenjed with Alexander. Nicolas was engaged to be married to the Princess Dag mat, daugh tor of the king of Denmark anl sister o the Princes* Alaxundtir, who utacried Ai bert Edward of England, Victoria's old est son. When the efder brother dlec and It was dootded that for artssoui of state Alexander should many the Pita oces Dagmar, he made no dMerinlnoi opposition. Th* marriage toolc plao* Nov. », IBOtt and although authorities conflict abou MICOLitt, TtlV NBW C*Z4K almost everything o)*g purtaiotag to the IK* of Alexander HI U no doub that the iiwrdud lifu of the couple wa aliuoat an ideal one, uotwlUwtauiUuj the unusual olrcumstancas wwoh led t their iiuioti, Czur AroxuiuUtf II was klllud by a nihllUt bomti MuMa M, and hit sou .ucueodud him u» Caar Alexander HI. Alexundor III was u uiun of remark able physiual forcu, He vtooA tf too 4 iuuh-u in hk utookiuga, ntt it told of him that he could take a «ilv« ooi u of thu -ixe of H dollar uud double i hotwoeu his thumb aud lorunugw When iu 189. hU train wo. wfwkixl uud a number of iw.otis w.v« WHed, it •ni«i ho auvud tho.o who w-t* hi tU, siuutf vompurtmoiit with him from Iu jury and iiurhaps duutb by aupportlng jwrtion of the fullou roof with hl» •hooidors till owtotauev wine. •» k«|> hliu.uU iu gyuU ugudiUou hjr U»e ttto* GENERAL YAMAQATA, COMMANDER OF JAPAN'S AftMY. General Ynma(?nta; the eomraiuider-in-chiof of the viotorioug Japanese army, U 61 years old n«ul Uiw risen from the ranks. Nine yenrs ago he overthrew the reDel- lion started by Siugo Takamori and has since been very^popalar. He is a statesman aa well M soldier and has been prime minister of Japan; . tvvere manual labor. Like Gladstone, be was fond of chopping flown trees, and in the winter time he used to shovel snow paths in his palace grounds. Five children were born to the czar and czarina. Nicolas' Alexandrowitch, born at St. Petersburg May, IV, 1808; George Alexandrowitob, born May, 9, 1871; Xenia Alexandrowna, born April 6, 18V5; Michael Alexandrowitch, born Dec. ft, 1P78, and Olga Alexandrowna, June 13, 18*3. Of big child ran, the czar, as a model family man, was very fond, and many stories are told of the methods h<! used to adopt to give them pleasure. He was very, fond of amateur theqtri- cals, and fie was ncvSr happier than when getting up playw in which his children were to figure aa actors. In religion Alexander III was a thorough bigot. He never once doubted that he wan the Lord's anointt-rl, ruling all PRINCESS AfJX. Russia and her subject provinces by divine right, and that Jews, Stnndiste, Mennonitos and others who did not implicitly obey his direction* were in rebellion against (Jod and deserving of little consideration. The Romanoff* have always been given to a sort of brutal devotion, and th* natural b«nt of Alexander's mind was intensified by the teachings of hi* tutor. M. Pobiedsnot. •off, in later yean th* much reared chief of th* holy synod of the fUusian church. tt*varth-loi* he taught bis pupil morality, and it i* elalraO. that Alexander III wa* the only European sovereign of his time who never kept a mistress. He wa* frantically devout, and hte views on education wore those of th* Ruiwian priuiti. A* head of the church he ecu- sist.ntly oppoaad every form of instruction not controlled by th« prie*.*. The young man who OB the dotith of Alexander III, ceased to bo Graud Dui.-o Nicholas and became tho absolute ruler of more than 100,000,000 peoplu, is only 88 yeuvu old, having bi»u born in May, 1864, the eldost son of the czur. Out iuto hi* brief life hw hoen coiapiv._ed the experience of ago* »o for at instruction by the boat matters, extensive reading, travel, and mental and physical development could do *a. Since the hour of his birth th* fact that be would some day b* the o-ur was never forgotten by cither hi* imperial paruuta or thnne entrusted with his educatjon, lie hat provud him•elf, It is aiild, to be poworrttl and brilliant iutollectuulty, and he learned with ease thu severe tank* prescribed for him by hU tutors. He U «uld to be proficient in literature, history, languages, aud military -clone* and art. Ho ta h»tld in high UBtouui .by ull who know him, ami it U ; -odlcli-d that when huh'.ta ussuuioU thu pnrpl*. an era of political r-fann will begin iu Rumln. Ho in said to bo friendly toward Garumuy uud Austria rather than toward Franco, with which country Alexau- dur 111 hud hueu allied. The young man is but rut Uud to Prlnueaa Alix of Darmstadt. Gossip has coupled the namu of thu cgarowit* with that of an opera duiuiur, who IB «nld to ho causing gome trouble oo auixmut of his approach- lug uurriiigo to I'ihnia_j Alix. Tho Jioaltli of Ihu gruui) dukt) wu* fur u long tluiu duliuute and It wit. okou prudiotud ho would nut live to wuur thu orowu. Hucuiitly hid health hiia iu>urovud and lie U said to Uu uuw iu good physical coudi- Uou. WASIIINQTON, Nov. 'J,— Thu annouoo- uiuul of tlio c.ur'a duutli brought pro* found grittf to the lluusiiui lugtittou at Wo-hliigton. Omulol word cuiuo iu a cablu for tho mlutstiir foreign uHfutra, The luini.tur ooininuiiioatud the iu- foriuuhonio the state dopurtinent. Tho pjxaldeut'a message of condolence to the Rutwiuu goveruinunt will be traiumitted ta MiuUter Ur.ckii»riJ»j» at St. Prior* burg. Deep Sorrow In Denmark. COPENHAGEN, Nov. a.—The death of the czar, who was a son^-in-law of the king and queen of Denmark, ha* caused deep sorrow among all classes here, where his majesty waa a universal favorite. All th* members of the royal family will attend a memorial service that will be held in the Russian church. Heoetred the Mews at Vienna. VIENNA, Nov. 8.—The Prino* and Princess of Wales arrived here at S o'clock Thursday afternoon and proceeded to the British embassy, where they were informed of the death of the czar. They continued their journey to Livadia by ipecial train. Will Attend the Funeral. BERLIN, Nov. S.—The Grand Duke bf Hesse, brother of Princess Alix, the czarowite'g betrothed, and Prince Henry of Prussia, brother ot Emperor William, will attend the funeral of the czar, Prince Henry representing the German emperor. - Queea Olga the Ciar*« Con.ln. ATHENS, Nov. 3.—King George received a dispatch from Queen Olga, who is at Livadia, timed 11-35 p. in. Thursday, sayiug: "All is over; he died quietly. We are all heartbroken." Queen Olga is a cousin of the late czar. CLEVEUND'S PROMISE. Will Recommend an Amendment of Sugar Schedule. GERMANY IGNORES THE OFFER. Demise of General Cortina. CITY or MEXICO, Nov. 2.—General Juan H, Cortina, once the terror of the Rio Grande frontier., died of pneumonia and was buned with military honors. In addition to adopt!::3 tho Omaha platform the Populists o! the Newark (N. J.) congressional district havo added fioino platform of their own. One plank is a declaration in favor of a constitutional amendment providing for tho election of. United States senator* directly by tho people. Another plank calls for thi* attachment of a penalty clause to tin* eight hour labor law. Resolutions favoring woman suffrage and tho initiative and the referendum went through unanimously. In another reso> lutiou these Now Jersey Populists do- el are thouislvos of the opinion that thu action of the federal courts in tho Pullman strike oosos threatens the existence of the citizen's right to trial by jury. • A great eo-oporiitivo baking company has bron formed iu St. Louia. Tho local baiters tlioro havo formed it to make wiii ou tho Amoriouu Biscuit company. Which sido will win ia uncertain, but it is certain that both parties havo uioro terrible weapons for tho fight than ineli- uite shells. When tho company hurls at its enemy showers of thu average deadly American baker's pio, it would bo sure to rout Ha imtagouist if tho latter did not resort by uhootiug off oauuou loaded with Amoriouu biscuit It will bo a pretty fight. The city dude who is accustomed iu his uiiutl to toko ugriaultui'itiU for slouches would havo been very muoh uuduceivcd if ho could havo soon tho man assembled at tho farmers' congress iu Parkurtfburg, W. Vu. Tho 11 uo, strong, rosy uiun, with largo brains ami good clothes, ihi'i'u luuuiublod would havo put him to slmiiuiwlth hit) ailly notions of urban superiority. Thu farmors any in their mldrotttos at thu cougrcss that (hoy want it muiibor of tilings. Among thosu <vro good vouds, froo umil dolivory, telephouus from liousu to houso, anil, iua*t of all, improved profits for tlioir farms. Thosu Utter (hoy iutoml to so- cure or know tho reason why, aud tho poopla will applaud. Among tho politicians (ho murohuuts, umuufuoturors aud huuki>r- thu fuvmors wwo buing slowly ground to powder. They-ay now that thu UiriiV iiuo-tiou may soldo iteolf 0110 wuy or tho othur, but whit'huvor way it jumpd they duuiuuJ I'm- tlioir prudm'tB tlu> prottiotiuu time othor poo- pie's product, (jot, bi> tlui NIUUO muru or loss or iiouu at ull. Tliuy iutuuil to liuvo hurtuifUU' a fullur, fnw, liappitir life for tlw rurnl iuhtibittuit, with culture ami Unsure. A yum ull thu pooplo say uiueii, Tho ruslt front tho furiu to tho city uiutit ouuse soou uiul tho tiilo sturt thu other way. It iu inevitable. JTuriuuis huvo eutl'urud horutuforo from luck of ortiituiauUou. That lauk they are uow biijiiilyiuy for thomsulvc-, Tho faruiovs of this country will bo (row. Qcrmitn Minister Dlsolalnts Any Intention of Retaliation—Monthly Treasury Statement Shows a Deficiency of •13,573,700. Bryoe Sterjr a fabrication—Uncle Bam P»y» Intereit—Washington News. WASHINGTON, Nov. 8.—There is tittle reason now to expect the German government will relax its new order prohibiting the importation of American cattle and fresh beef and It is probable the matter will settle down to a question of endurance as between German' sugar and American beef. . Onr ambassador at Berlin,. Mr. Runyon, has presented Secretary Graham's vigorous protest to the German foreign minister and accompanied it with the promise that the president will recommend to congress the amendment of the sugar schedules of the tariff act in the line of removing the differential duty which i* the cause of the German complaint of discrimination. Apparently this representation- has made bat little impression, for fee cabled the state department the German minister bad disclaimed any intention of retaliation and he asturcd him the prohibition of our cattle was based solely on sanitary reasons that could not be neglected. Of course our state department cannot go behind the German disclaimer of retaliation, however, it may regard the prohibition and must content itself with trying to disprove the diagnosis of tho German veterinary surgeons and then settle .down to a waiting policy. Meanwhile it will be interesting to note how the president treats the subject in his message to congress and whether in view of Germany's maintenance of her position, he will redeem his promise of recommending to congress) an amendment of the sugar schedules. Monthly Treasury Statement. WASHINGTON, Nov. 9.—The monthly treasury statement shows the total receipts during the month of October to have been $lfl, 139,240, and the disbursements |;i2,713,039, leaving a deficit for the month of illi,578Jv»9 and for the four months of the present fiscal year $14,- 888.BOO. Of the receipts for Octnhor (11,1132,118 was from customs; fe,408,.:!t« for internal revenue and $GS!J,6H8 from miscellaneous sources. Of tb.3 expenditures 111,1163,857 was for pensions. Bryce Story a Fabrication. WASHINGTON, Nov. 3.—Senor Romero, tho Mexican minister, has received from the governor of Pneblo, MOT., a statement showing the jail and court records f&r flv* years past fall to show anything 8-XLINfll Lr«UOR_ TO lNOI*.f49.;. taigt Bdsjevlon Believes It ti Kc|t n Crime If Tltejr Are Voters. Siou* PAI.LS, S. D.. Nov. 2,—Wlfhin a few days a very important point will be settled in the United Stntes oottrt here, Judge Edgerton has instructed the grand jnry not to return any ntore Indictments against persons aconMA of selling liquors to Indiana residing in Sisseton reservation, as he was in dotttt it such Indictments would hold, The matter wiH come before the court on a demurrer to an indictment agiiinst 28om Kindred, who was arrested liere aijew days ago while in the act of aeljhig liquor to Sisseton Indians. Judge Edgerton said it appeared to. him at first glance that where the Indian lands were divided in severally as ts tho cose with the Sisseton reservation (iml where the Indians have a right to vot<! the latter are citizens of the United States and the act of soiling liquot to them is no more a violation of the United States laws than is the act of telling liquor to a white man. He says that a person selling liquor to an Indian is only amenable to the United States . laws regulating that matter when the Indian is muter an agent or supetin; tendent. TWO STICKS SENTENCED TO DEATH. Modi Indian to Kiplate the Crime of Murdering Cowboys. DEAD WOOD, S. D., Nov. 2.—Judge Dundy sentenced the following Indiana at Deadwood: Kills Two, pleaded guilty to manslaughter of cowboys at Humphrey's Camp, fir* years in the penitentiary at Sioux Falls; White Faco Horse, same charge and pica, five years; Two Sticks, for murder of cowboys, was sentenced to death, and his execution was let for Dec, 88, 1B94. On Two Sticks being asked if he anything to say about his sentence, he said: "I am an old man, bnt have a brave heart and am not afraid to die; but if 1 am to die, I think it would be proper for me to see my rel- . ativ'es. I am an old man and would father die right away now, for then I will not suffer any more. I do not consider myself doing anything that is Very important towafVls the whites, bat even for that I am to be executed, and I am ghd that I am to be executed for my people." ' ______—_^ r Ask For a Receiver. DENVER, Nov. 9 -—The Hills Brothers company, judgment creditors of th« Perry Commission company, have filed an application for a receiver for the )nt- ter concern. The application states Unit the assets of the Perry Commission company have been fraudulently disposed of. The plaintiffs allege that Daniel Pe*ry, the head of the firm, gave a $2a,000 note to the Union National bank without sufficient consideration with the intention of defrauding .future creditors. . Hopkins Wants •56,000. CHICAGO, NOT. a.—Mayor Hopkins has re atong to one Hugh Bryce, who was , ^ 8uit ^ ^Q^Q damage8 from alleged to be on hw way to the United I JoUn B Tnnneri chairman of the Re- State* to prewnt a claim for damages : publican 8tato central committee, .for lor ill-treatment by Mexican officials. '?•---• ... - The storv is denounced as a fabrication.. " • . i ...^ „ V- ~-'k' Cnale Sam Fays Interest. I WASHINGTON, Nov. i).—The cash balance in tlui treasury at the close of business today was $107,840,149; gold reserve, f>i.8«l,820. Th* decrease in the cash balance is accounted for by the payment of over $5,(XK>,000 on interest account. Favorable ta Farm Work WASHINGTON. Nov. a.—The weather bureau in its review of weather crop conditions says that on the whole the weather condition* during October wore generally favorable for farm work, especially for fall plowing and gathering corn. In Diplomatic «Hr«l«s. WASHINGTON, Nov. 9.— Mi»« Virginia Pulger, danghter of Qeneral Pulgar of Venezuela, nntil recently the Venezuelan minister to France, wa* married to Mr, Elbauo Spinnotti. PaolHn CaMe Pro|iM«ls Submitted. MONTREAL, Nov. a.—Proposals for the laying and maintaining a submarine oriole across the PaolBo was submitted to the Dominion government. SPARKS FROM_TME WIRES. The A. P. A. hn. got out a circular attacking CouKfussinau Bprluger. Olmrlwi Uurrill, o( Lyons, la., secretary of the Marino Engineer*' society, illod at the iitft) of *W. A out of UO cout In wute* at tho Lohiich Valley sliopn at Wust Ch-nter, Pa., goes libel. The claim is made because of the .assertion ,o£ Mr. Tautier -that, tUe.muyar.. WAS "levying biaoktuail on the vkfie of the city." Pennoyer's Proclamation. SALEH, Or., JTov. 2.—Governor Peu- noyer issued the following Thanksgiving proclamation: "I hereby appoint the lost Thursday of this mouth a Thanksgiving holiday. In the day of prosperity be joyful, but in tti« d»y adversity eon- aider—Ecolosiastes 7:14." ProTed to n* H Live Ghost, SILVER CLIFF, Colo., Nov. 2.—Cborloa Davis, a barber, shot and mortally wounded Gonrad Heinemon, u young man who wa* running through tlio streets dressed only iu his underclothing. Davla, who has been arrested, 'says Hoineman waa a ghost. HayinoiMl and WUttcomb Excursion. DENVUB, Nov. a.—The Raymond .and Whltcomb excursion, enroute from California to Boston, arrived in Denver 'ov«i thu Atchison, Topoka and Santa Fe. The party, after Higbt-«oeiug in Donter for several hours, departed for Chicago. Death of a Vroiulueut Nethoillst. BALTIMORR, Nov. ».—The Rev. 8am- oel Rogers, one ot the beat known uiin- ittera of tho Methodist Episcopal church, south, ia (load. LAT6 TELEGRAPH M.»"<<eTS. Cliloago Oruln »«<• v rii»lslons. Nov. l.-l)l-»:niilitn» receipts, •lently fnrul.u niurkeu, tl> ds.ili ot the uzar . . -,_ .- , -,. , , ., ... -.- anil uooil liuylix uoiil wliea* up tod»jr siul i« iuto eflfcot today. lhl«l. tUe third out , cembor C | USl , u ^ Mt \ iet . Corn olliube*! Into wittilu a year. . n, 0 U(l ,,,i \vauou wlrti a Wt »*\n (»r Mar, «i>d The case against Jayroe, tho whltecnp May oata mliltxl %a to yesterdny's oloila*. suspect, was dUmlsted by tUe prosecution Hrovl-loiis w«r.i dull. buuil.luly.lil»Uor. ~ ~ UI.OHINU PKH'ra, WHKAT—Novembur. &So; Uco«n\b«r Mu; May, &7^io t>Ul. OUUN-Niivoiuher, K»i Januury. l">4''; Muy, • OA't's-Nuvuiutwr, -*)4« UlU, WV4u bill; Miiv, Ittriu I'OKU-Nuvoiuher, |I3 l». .Ua«i«r» fit at Holuim, Ark. Thu Eaatfni Iu\v« Dental soctaty lieUl Its anuuul inuftliig at Iowa City. (Vdar Rapids was ulmson for the next ulacu of Work of mirveylng for a slilp canal to uunnuul I.ako Ki-lu aud ihu OUlu rtvur 1. to bu begun at uliuu. Mrs. HoU'U M. Ciunuar wa« (or tho I7lh tlinu eli'ctud pivsUli'iit of thu liidlann An Inorwi-B In tlitt avallablo nuiiply o( whunt in tliu tliilti'il StittuH and Cuuada of nearly 4,000,000 bu.hoU U rvporioU uy Drnd.trout'H. (iuruiany IIIIH dcc'ldod to i'»tiilill,,h aurl- cultural burvau. In uoiineutlou with liur at nuvorul capital-, I , JH a>; Mny. U1HS— Nuviiiiitwr, M-y, »<) 1.4 bid. Cush whful. !&•; jiork. 113 IU; l»rU, |(IO); l ml; . JU.1J. Mrs MvKou ami Uirou uthor tuui'lu'rn Iu Ihu \Vu»U'i'u I'Viualo tii'iiilimty at Oxford, ()., wvr» h\^ I lulled nut of tiki by a hinui^cr WllU [irftl'lldl'll U) hi' 1 1 UIVa.1 |)itltcfli». Jiulgo Ili-nry J. IK-i'kvr of Mui«>uHuli, Illu., Uidur.ud n W.IH draft (or a stniuyi'r culllilri UtuisuK Kduiuil \VtftfM-r, Kiui II wiui ri'turm'il to him fur |i;iyiiu-iii. Till' -'->l iilHlU;il n'liKri'VM of ||u> AsJ-uclu- tion for llio Adviincuuioiit of \\'unn'ii, Miu Julia Ward llowu i>r«tUliu«, U iu Mi's.sloii ut Kiui\vllU', Trim Ouituf tliu rt'uciu dfVflopmi'Ut.s of tlu> browvra' war at St, >los^pli, Mu., is tin 1 mutilation of huiwx lu'louuliij.' u> tlu- brtnvci'M TUi' einplo) r>. an' hiuju'cUHl. William Join'- uuil (ii-.u^u IHicUiur i, liiliu'rs near Nuulicukt', I'a.,wi-rfi1nnviiiii by a fusil u( wunn- ivuin u svt>rUu*j In l u- Chicago Uv« Slook. Nov l-OATn<K.-Cowi. Mul bulls »oM iiiulidy at fl.I6A9.tt5 »ml from ||.UUJt-"i &) bini^lit l^ bulk of slo-rn. iMilc* of wtuloru'rs wurixin it basis of |l T.'itt-iU for |HHir to rliulue aiul Tula. cAtll* wcro llrui Ml U0(lii--'riin «urly luuvumvnt «n« hrlik Hiul uvoruK" prU'u 60 lilglier than yosicnliiy, luu befuro tho cly^u iho murnlun's K»!II uiul Vi uioro linil In-oii tukwi olt. Tl.u mujorUy uf tlu> bii»l»«»« «*» itoiw ul II.JiiJJ Iu f»r i»». i^Uim uint $t,KUt4 *' popular (irli-iw fur ll^Ut wel.liU. nu>rm(i>3 uf Itus Iti-iii -X'J lt» v'u"' and |ilv« «»ia ul M .UUftl.UO. SilKKP 1'lu'ui win A K>HH| iliuu.uiJ aud * f»lr hii|.|il >• of kk««ii, will) salo. i<iliul|u«lly at *Y 'I'lix litiuli win ll uiul wuo liu Uiufr ilittu yf» i't mujtlv ut J.I '.v n i,J,M. Id.'; wltli HI, IAU; I1UU Iti I s.mUi Oumliit t.lvv Stuck. OMAHA, Nov I.-C!A'ITL.&-U*- t< IM-.I.I: 1 J>i Iu IVJll tin , $1 ,V<a^ 60; lli» . »t '"0.1 ?X U"l lii I lUU IU- . Utiuoii. oiu-a, in tlu' i of Ihu by cHJiupany ut aucUluuto$n, wa. tuil uf rock. t.du: Uiarkul UiuU, Jl.7.«.vi «0; uiurkut stvmly H'»_; ll|;ht, $1 »^ W-uvy, KW.ll 03. |o01u-j«t; iiiuliuHi, uutrii'l .ivttUt.

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