The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on October 19, 1933 · Page 7
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 7

Malvern, Iowa
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Thursday, October 19, 1933
Page 7
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ASTINGS of Public School* Calendar W U»t We*fc Monday, Tuesday, and Wednes day we had ottr six weeks examinations. Thursday and Friday onr Mr. Fellows, Mr. Bttt- Miss Varley, attended Teachers' ineetfflg held at Council Bluffs. This gave the students a short vacation Which everyone enjoyed. * teachers, ner. and Ffeshrnail News The home economls class are making their cooking uniforms, the class selected green and white as colors for their uniforms. Lillian Crawford and Pauline Gusttn attended the Cooking School at Malvern. Lillian was fortunate in winning a prize. Sophomore Newt The sophomore girls attending the Malvern Cooking School were Leora Christie, Ruth Darland, Esther Kldwell, Blanche Woods, Velma Mings, and Irene Everhart. Velma and Leora fortunately won prizes. Leora Christie and Ruth Darland visited Malvern high school Thursday. PlSf^t fe *ga« fft flW? irr. «ra ««. Hat Gttfctter re-f »r. W* »rt. O#orf* 6w«y *»d- Settfon 1. That for the parpose of retfrfn* and foiidfft* tfc«. ttf sne*p ftmtfmw* this year a-ml at- tarded thimsday from Chicago famfly Hfrfved Sunday morning debtednets of said county In th«- amount of Twelve Thtnwirnd DoT- roady ha* something over five where they had visited the* for a rtrtt with rel*I«s to fim-1 tar»^ thousand head on feed at Ms home northwest of town. He expects to have In another targe Junior News Examinations are over and everyone IB •waiting anxiously for his report card. We hope they will all he good. Helen Darland and Marjorle Haden, along with several other high school students, visited Malvern high school Thursday. Senior News Our class president, Tom Christy, had word that our rings would he here Nov. 1. Everyone seems ready to begin another six weeks work after our vacation. In sociology class Monday each student gave a news report. The reports were interesting, dealing with subjects on the condition ot our government. Fifth and Sixth Grades The people neither tardy nor absent the first six weeks in our room are: Leon Smith, Jacqueline Dunn, Farris Waterworth, Raymond Hunt, Ray Hltea, Floyd elites, Mildred Hunt, Betty Hayden, Keith Blunt, Jack Largent, Betty Crouse, Raymond Hall, Beta Crawford, Ruth Jean Gil- tens, Edith Martin, Dorothy *,. Johnson, Victor Vanderpool, Ag- Mae ^Clart, and Jlmmle Ip*^*^**? * '*>** ' *• >*' We/haVe a spelling honor roll including these people; Betty Crouse, Raymond Hall, Harold Hatfield, Dorothy Johnson, Betty Hayden, Keith Blunt, Reta Crawford, Ruth Jean Gittens, Hazel Smith, Jlmmie Parker, Leon Smith, Ray Hltes, Jacqueline Dunn, Farris Waterworth, Ferrel! Waterworth. Supt. and Mrs. Ben Haroff, Betty Louise and Mary of Beebetown visited her mother, Mrs. Priest, Saturday and Sunday. A. H. Crawford and W. F. Crawford were Glenwood visitors Monday. Mr, and Mrs. Frank Walker and daughter, Marjorie, Gene and Jimmy Ord of Lincoln, Nebr, visited Saturday and Sunday in the E. H. Ord home, Mrs, Faye Blunt and son, Robert, were Malvern visitors Mon* M. B, Fellows and Mr. Waterworth visited at the Earl Conrad home Saturday. Mrs* R, F, Crawford and sons, Waldo and William, were wood visitors Monday. shipment a little later. Fred Miss Edith Vlner vMtpd from Thursday till Straday with Marguerite Young of Carson. i Mrs. Cecil Woods and mother. * n ° * 8 feeding ?heep this year Mrs. Wm. Clark, antoed to Council Blnffs Tuesday. Oeo. Schnrr was an Omaha visitor Wednesday. they daughter. Mrs. Gordon Roekafel- i erson and in the Champion Hill amble of th's rpsolntion, ther« are hereby authorized ro be fi».»ned To*, and attended the big expo- tttJon. Mr. and Mrs. Prank Rockafel- Pleree is another of onr stockmen i tow returned over a week ago and he also has about five then- sand head at his farm northwest of Hastings. Mr. and Misses Aleene and Margaret | day. Mrs. Floyd Starr drove to Council Bluffs last Mon- Qttlmby and Frieda Fellows were Malvern visitors Satnrday. Dr. and Mrs. Silas Clark and children of Council Bluffs vlsitpd his mother. Mrs. Will Clark, Thnrsday. Franklin NIday of Glenwood visited a few days last week In the Harry Potter home. Harry Patterson and Aaron Bright of Shenandoah visited Thnrsday morning In the R. F. Crawford home. C. A. Woods and family were Malvern visitors Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Clark and Mr. and Mrs. Bill Clark were Shenandoah visitors Wednesday. Cliff. Parker was confined to his bed last Week but is feeling some better at this writing. Miss Ruth Pierce, student at the State University at Lincoln. Nebr. visited over the week end with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Leu McDowell visited a few days last week in the home of their son, Claude McDowell, who lives in the country east of town. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Woods and Miss Blanche Woods were Shenandoah visitors Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Crawford autoed to Omaha Friday evening. Mrs. Jim Clark and grandson, James Clark, visited Saturday and Sunday in the home of her sister in Corning. Mr. and Mrs. Oral Bower and children of Guthrle Center visited friends in town Saturday. Darlene remained at the home of Leora Christie until Sunday evening. Jim Dlxon of Glenwood visited Monday and Tuesday in the R. F. Crawford home. R. F. Crawford and son, William, were In G leu wood Saturday. Miss Helen Shaul of Strahan was a dinner guest Sunday in the Jim Fisher home. Mrs. Fern Kepplo and daughter, Betty, visited Thursday in the R. F. Crawford homo. Mr. and Mrs. John Fellows of Magnolia visited his parents, Mr. ! and Mrs, M. B. Fellows, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Viner of Randolph visited relatives in town Saturday and Sunday. Wood Vestal of Strahan was a visitor in town one day last week. A large number of people from this vicinity attended The Leader Cooking School at Malvern last week. Several of them received some of the nice gifts that were given away. AH of them enjoyed the Cooking School and thought from Chicago where they spent a wee* with their ton, Gordon, and attended the exposition. Bruce WaUahftn Was a Conncil Bluffs visitor Thnrsday. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hunt drove to Clarindft Tuesday. Imogene - S. E. Mills Imogene ha« three patients In* While fixing a pump one day the Mercy hospital In Council | last week Albert Statenburser, living near Climax, met with a very painful accident when the jack slipped and let the pump Tall badly crashing his hand. Both the public and parochial schools here were fumigated for scarlet fever Friday and Satnr- day. Mrs. Herman Schurr, Ruth, Jean and Edward, and mother, Mrs. A, L. Qustafson, were Omaha visitors Friday. Mrs. Susan Stork and daughter, Dorothy, were Council Bluffs visitors Friday, W. O. Resh, George and Crystal were Red Oak visitors Saturday. Mrs. W, D. Sbepard was a dinner guest Sunday in the W. R. Shepard home. Misses Lorraine Clark, Helen, and Ruth Darland visited school at Malvern Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Ord of Lincoln, Nebr. returned home last Tuesday. They are visiting her folks who live at the Wayside lake, F. B. Rockafellow and J. F. Wearin got in a shipment of cattle, two loads of yearlings from out near Hyannis, Nebr., Monday for their feed lots northwest of town, They were a nice bunch of cattle. T. M. Brazelton had eighty bead of nice fat steers trucked in to Omaha Sunday night in time for the Monday market in South Omaha. He had had them on feed at bis home place south of town and they were a nice bunch, Walter Hunt, for the past twp years distributor for the Cosden Oil company at this point, has decided to locate in Clarinda where he is moving this week and where he will continue in the same line of work. We are sorry to lose them from Hastings for they have made many friends during their residence here, Mr. and Mrs. James flays and Mr, and Mrs. L, Cooper have moved up from Imogens and are now residents of Hastings again. We axe KM to welcQjne thenj (wok/ Bluffs at the present. They are Mary Catherine McDonald, little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Tom McDonald, who was operated on Oct. 1 for a ruptured appendix. She is getting along nicely but will be there for some time yet. Her aunt, Miss Mae Maher. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Pat Maher, went to Council Bluffs to attend the State Teachers' Institute last Thursday and while there consulted a physician who found she had a double goiter and she was operated on Saturday morning. Francis Gnlltord, seven year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Gullford, was operated on Thursday for appendicitis. Both the latter patients are getting along nicely. Mr. Guilford is staying In Council Bluffs to be near his little son. A Farmall tractor pulling a corn picking machine belonging to Rep. E. P. Laughlin, blew up one day last week. Fortunately no one was on it at the time the operator having stopped the corn picker. Miss Loretta Maher Is teaching at Honey Creek in the absence of the teacher, Miss Mae Maher, who is in the Mercy hospital. Scarlet fever has made its appearance here. The first victim was Mrs. Albert Maher living four miles southwest of Imogene. Mrs. Maher is being cared for by her mother, Mrs. B. Slater. In town the Hob Jones home Is quarantined, some of the children there having the disease. Mrs. Kate McDonald and baby daughter returned home Saturday night from a two weeks stay at Mercy hospital with her little daughter, Mary Catherine. Mrs. Marie Laughlin is now staying with her. Patrick Martin who had an injured arm has almost fully recovered and will try picking corn this week. A great many corn pickers are coming in from different places and report places hard to find. The wages are 2 H cents. New corn on the market here Is 18 cents and old corn 26 cents. A great many started picking last yttefemd :.Mharg^wlU, start., this ; week/ T^5T , Mrs. L. E. Gutschenritter and sons, George and Vincent, returned last Tuesday evening from Colorado and Nebraska where they went in search of a -climate for John C. who has been suffering from asthma for twelve years. John suffered a very severe attack about two weeks before they left and was in Mercy hospital. They went to Denver after a few days visit at Axtell, Nebr. where John had a position awaiting him but the climate there did not agree with him and he suffered as much as he did at home. After three days in Colorado they returned to Nebraska and remained a week and John seemed fine all during their time there. He remained with the Shanaban family about fifteen miles southwest of Kearney and from all reports has felt fine all the time since going there. The Denver climate was a great disappointment to CHAMPION HILL On account of the rain Sunday morning there were only nine out to church, and In the evening the community. Jean KochFrspcrger drove twelve (12) negotiable fandln^ Bonds of said cmmty: to h« nnm- ; hpfed consecutively from 1 to 12 both number? Included; to be of ""the denomination nf One Thmis.ind Dollars ($lf>00) each; to be Strahan one day last WPPK and, f i fltc( j the First dny of Septpmb*T 19:!:?; parti hfarlnc Interest from enjoyed breakfast with her sistpr. j <nru i a f fcr the date thereof tint!! paid at tho rate of Five per cent Wanda, and Lulu MeRae, thenj (5% ) per anntim. payable spml-nnnually on tho Fir?"t days of March spent the day visiting the school, j and September in each year, such Interest to br< pvidfncpd by nego- * Mr and Mrs Rav Maxwell of I liable coupons attached to each tif said bonds: both principal and near Oakland and William Max-; interest of said bonds are hereby mad» pay.ihl* at the office Of the t'onnty Treasurer of said county. In thr- City of Ol^nwood, State of , . ,. t i Iowa, 'paid bond? shall become due and pfivnMf in nunr-rlcal order ner guests In the Koehersperger' as f 0 i ww g. $4000 on St'ptomhcr 1 of parh of tho yrnrs IfST to 19.19 in- well of Weiser, Idaho were din-1 home one day last week. Mr. and Mrs. Dean McLaln visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Otis Davis, Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Kellenbar- dusive. Section 2. That, npon presentation af the office of thp County Treasurer of any of said bonds. ?ame may be rr-sisterod a" to ownership in the name of the owner on the hooks of pntti County Treas- cer and Je«sie were srnests In thei " rer - snrh registration '" bo noted also on the reverse side of tho £tL.U. i!Jv!A««r wILrJ,v *>™**. «nd thereafter the principal of s-urh replstered bond* shnll bn Francis Parker^home \Vednes,da } r , avahlfi onlv to , h<1 registered holder, his local reprwntaiirps ol- helping with the shelling. j sss | Kn <,. gneh repistered bomls shall he transferable to another rptrin- Lucy Liddell was an overnight} tered holder, or back to hearer, only npon the presentation to th*» County Treastirer with a leeal assignment duly arkriowledKed or approved. Stich reRistrstlon of any of snld bonds shall not affect the negotiability of the coupons attached to said bonds, but such coupons shall continue transferable by delivery merely. Section 3. The bonds hereby authorized shall he in form and enest of her mother. Mrs. S. A. Reed. Saturday. Mrs. Esther Nims and daughter. Julia Dean, drove to Emerson Thnrsday evening after her mother, Emma Listen, who accompanied her home and went with them to Shenandoah the next day. Mrs. Margaret Carlson of Emerson visited her daughter, Mrs. Vennard Larson, the last of the week and made the acquaintance of her new grandson. Several from here attended the service was not held at all, but' 'oneral services held In Emerson we hope for good roads and Saturday _ for Mrs.^Crofton, who weather next Sunday and a rec- " """" " "* '*" *•---•- ord crowd both morning and evening. recitals snbstantlally as follows: No.. (Form of Bond) UNITED STATES OF AMERICA STATE OF IOWA. COUNTY OF MILLS FUNDING BOND Frederick Larson Jr. announces the arrival of a brother of whom he Is very proud. They are at the home of their grandfather, Nels Larson. Congratulations. A goodly number from this vicinity were Shenandoah visitors last week and attended the jubilee, also the convention. Farmers' Holiday was a relative of the Frank Mc- Laln family. Friends from Omaha came Sunday for a visit with Mrs. Merrill Brlggs. Mrs. Dean McLaln has had a Very sore finger and suffered with Infection caused by a splinter. The rain spoiled the plans ot most of the farmers around here who had their other work out of the way all in readiness to begin corn husking this week. Leader Want Ads pay and pay. COUNTY BOARD PROCEEDINGS OFFICE OF THE COUNTY AUDITOR Mills County, Glenwood, Iowa, September 11, 1933. On this the llth day of September, 1833, the Board of Supervisors met in regular session, with all members present and acting. The minutes of the meeting of September 8th were read and approved. This being the date oet by law for the making of tho tax levies, the Board takes up this matter for consideration, as required by law, and finds that the valuations of the County are. not complete, and therefore the making ot the t ax levies nre hereby adjourned to September 15, 1933. There being no further business to come before the Hoard at this time they now adjourn to meet on September 15, 1933. Attest;—E. A. SCHADE, Approved:—W. E. AGAN, County Auditor. Chairman Hoard of Supervisors. OFFICE OF THE COUNTY AUDITOR Mills County, Glenwood, Iowa, September 15, 1933. On this the 15th day of September, 1933, the Board of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment of September llth, with all $1000 KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS: That the County of Mills, in the State of Iowa, for value received, promises to pay to bearer, or, If this bond be registered as hereinafter provided to the registered holder hereof, One Thousand Dollars ($1000) lawful money of the United States of America, on the First day of September, 19 , and to pay Interest oh said sum from the date hereof until paid at the rate of Five Per Cent (5% per annum, payable seml-annually on the First days of March and September of each year upon presentation and surrender of the Interest coupons hereto attached as they severally become due. Both principal and interest of this bond are payable at the office of the County Treasurer of Mills County, In the City of Glenwood. Iowa, and, for the prompt payment ot the principal and interest hereof when due, and for the levy of taxes sufficient therefor, the full faith, credit and revenues of said county are hareby Irrevocably pledged. This bond is issued by the Board ot Supervisors of said county pursuant to and In strict compliance with the provisions of Sections 5275 to 5277, Inclusive, of the Code of Iowa, and all laws amendatory and supplemental thereto, and In conformity with a resolution of said Board of Supervisors duly passed, for the purpose of retiring and funding a like amount ot the valid, subsisting Indebtedness of said county outstanding on September 1, 1933, and until the issuance of this bond. AND IT 18 HEREBY CERTIFIED AND RECITED: That all acts, conditions and things required by the Constitution and lawn of the State of Iowa to be done precedent to and in tho Issuance of this bond and precedent to and In the Incurring of the Indebtedness hereby retired and funded, were and have been properly had, done and performed in regular and due form and time as required by law; that the Indebtedness hereby retired and funded was a valid, subsisting, legal and general obligation of said county, that adequate provision has been made for the payment of the principal and interest of this bond as the same will become, due, and that tho total Indebtedness of said county. Including thin bond, docs not now and did not at the time of Incurring tho indebtedness hereby retired and funded exceed the constitutional or statutory limitations. This bond shall pass by delivery unions It has been registered In the name of tho owner on tho books of tho County Tronmirer of snld county and evidence of mich registration endorsed on tho back hereof. Thereafter no (muster of (bis bond shall bo vnlld unless made on mild hooka and similarly noted hereon, unless tho last reirlstra- tlon shall have hoen to bearer, In which ruse trnnsfeniblllty by delivery shall he restored. The registration of this bond Hhnll not nlTect tho negotiability "t the, coupons hereto uttnched, which nhnll continue negotiable by delivery merely notwithstanding registration hereof. IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, snld county, by its Board of Supervisors, IIIIH roused this bond to ho signed by the Chairman of members present and acting. The minuteH of the meeting of September llth were read and approved. The following claims were allowed: Stroddard Adams, repairs—Maintenance Fund ? Boyer Hardware, supplies—Maintenance Fund Wm. Burgoin, supplies—Maintenance Fund M. Bacon, repairs — Maintenance Fund *^^^P^^ JWsp" 'iH&Qt'^&B™ wS^fl^PPw^ him, Mrs. Col Butcher has been quite sick and Miss Mary Dele- bant of Shenandosh has been car* Ing for her, A splendid rain fell here Sunday and Sunday night that win be very beneficial to everything. Miss Peggy Barren of Gretna, Nebr, who had been here for the past month visiting Miss Louise Gutschenritter left for her home Sunday morning. She was accompanied to Council Bluffs by George, Vincent, Donald, and Miss Louise Gutschenritter who spent tne day with the sick folks at Jfercy hospital. Jinj Cassell of QmaJta drove down last Friday for » visit with bis mother, Mrs. Ida CasselJ. Miss Anna Pelehaut was in Omaha Friday looking after business,- Joe Gil wore of Council fluffs spent last week here with relatives. Luther Johnson of near Esse* who has been here hulling clover for some time has returned to his home, having finished the bulling. Mr*. Pat Mahw and. sous, Km- juett and Torn, au4 WUe granddaughter*, Patricia and Mftry Molina, and Mrs, Marie Laugh- Uu went to Council Hluffi Saturday to he with Mis* Mae hw ouwftUfttt dud, th» Mm»iu, Miry giri» B&h table* emufe fiuudity . flTOBML ^ ^i f Sl-f **myP*W W-^tMmRgF to visit with, UU f*, Qeo, to » !MO 15.80 1.00 Coppage Oil Co., gasoline — Maintenance Fund ---------- 116.12 bald Hoard, nntl attested by the County Auditor, with tho soal of hald county affixed, and tho coupons hereto attached to bo executed vlth tho facsimile signature of the County Auditor, and said County J Auditor, by the execution of this bond docs adopt as and for his own 1 65 I Proper signature his facsimile signature appearing on each of said r ,_go! coupons, all as of the First day of September, 1933. Citizens Power & Light Co., services at shed — Maintenance Collins Drug Store, supplies—Maintenance Fund 2.20 Cllpson Paint Store, supplies—Maintenance Fund _ 2.14 Fullerton Lumber, Co., supplies—Maintenance Fund _,__ - 17.88 J. C. GOBS, repairs—Maintenance Fund _——_„.______ 2,62 Gearhart Lumber Co., lumber—Maintenance Fund —.— 89.17 Green Bay Lumber Co., supplies—Maintenance Fund 1.00 Alfred Hall, repairs—Maintenance Fund 7.40 Orlo J. Harris, repairs—Maintenance Fund 13.75 Iowa Culvert & Pipe Co., culverts—Maintenance Fund 330.67 Interstate Machinery Co., supplies—Maintenance Fund — 49.95 Frank Kemp, gasoline—Maintenance Fund 1.02 Klipto Loose Leaf Co., Co. Engr. supplies—Maintenance _ 7.60 LeBront Electrical Works Inc., grinder—Maintenance 50.00 Cliff Miller Tractor Co., tractor and supplies—Maintenance 2,933.00 Minn.-Moltne Implement Co., repairs—Maintenance Fund 1.44 T. D. Phillips, supplies—Maintenance Fund Ray Feed Store, supplies—Maintenance Fund Super Service Station, repairs—Maintenance Fund Sinclair Refining Co., gasoline—-Maintenance Fund Standard Oil Co., gasoline—Maintenance Fund — Geo, W. Wilson, supplies—Maintenance Fund Wilson Concrete Co., supplies — Maintenance Fund White Eagle Oil Co., gasoline — Maintenance Fund Mary Lewis Marrln, rent of ground — Maintenance Fund _ 12.00 Nebr. Bridge Supply Co., supplies — Maintenance Fund ---- 17.60 - - ------ ..... - 3.00 1.60 5.00 68.60 133.81 14.26 Wheeler Bridge & Supply Co., supplies— Maintenance Fund 21.80 21.00 62.89 Glenwood, Iowa, September 15, 1-933. The Board of Supervisors of Mills County, Iowa, met pursuant to prior action of the Board and to adjournment in regular session. The meeting was called to order by the Chairman and the roll being called there were present; W, E. Agan, Chairman, in the Chair, and the following named Supervisors: Guy Breeding and Q, R. Hyde. Absent; None. The matter of instituting proceedings for the issuance of $12,000 Funding Bonds was again brought up for consideration and the Board having investigated, found that notice of the proposed action for the issuance of said bonds had, according to law, and as directed by this Board, been duly published on the 4th day of September, 1933, in the Glenwood Opinion Tribune, a newspaper of general circulation within said county, and that no petition setting forth objections to said proposed action has been filed in the office of the County Auditor. Thereupon Supervisor Hyde introduced and caused to be read (he resolution hereinafter set out, entitled "Resolution providing for the issue of $12,000 Funding Bonds of Mills County, Iowa," and moved Its adoption; seconded by Supervisor Breeding and, after due consideration thereot by the Board, the Chairman put the question and, upon the roll. being called the following members voted: Aye: Agan, Breeding and Hyde. Nays: None. RESOLUTION PROVJU1NG l-X>B THE ISSUE OF $13,000 1JONDS OF MILLS COUNTY, IOWA WHEREAS, The County of Mills, in the State of Iowa, Is a body corporate, duly organized and existing under and by virtue of the laws and Constitution of the State of Iowa; and WHEREAS, said county now has an indebtedness outstanding and due in the amount of Twelve Thousand Dollars ($12,000), Incurred prior to September 1, 1933, and evidenced by warrants issued against the Poor Fund representing expenditures for the support of poor persons as defined In Chapter 267 of the Code of Iowa, and for the payment of which there are no funds available; and WHEREAS said Indebtedness was contracted and incurred by order of the Board of Supervisors of said county for the purposes authorised by law, and in form, time and manner as required by law; and said indebtedness was incurred in full compliance with all laws restricting or regulating the contracting or the incurring of indebtedness ot that character and in particular the law its now contained in Sections 380, 6258 and 6259 of the Code of Iowa; and WHEREAS, uoue of said Indebtedness has ever been adjudicated to he invalid and no litigation is pending, prayed or threatened involving the validity of euy of said Indebtedness, and said Indebtedness thus evidenced U a legal, valid mid binding obUgatiou of county, and said Indebtedness thua uvldeuced ta iti *uch form character (hit it can to legally rut I red and funded (itud and. oj . in the manner hereinafter provided ) ; and WHEREAS. U U deemed udvlauble uud for lUo b<m Interests or said comity that Funding Bauds of »uid county bo l«sut>U and uotU-v uf |bjt urouosaii action by thU Hoard ot SuiH'ivUors to lull lulu pro ' " ' x • " * " ------- "--- ------- J , -. Attest: County Auditor, Mills County, Iowa. Chairman, Hoard of Supervisors, (Form of Coupon) No ----------- Mills County, Iowa J ----------- . On -------------- , 19 — , the treasurer of Mills County, Iowa, will pay to bearer- ------------ „ ---------- Dollars (» ______ ___) at the office of the County,, Treasurer, Glenwood, Iowa, for semi-annual interest due that date on its Funding Bond, dated September 1, 1933, No ____________ County Auditor. That on the back of each bond there shall be printed provisions for registration of ownership in substantially the following form: Signature of Date of Registration Registered Owner County Treasurer Section 4. That each of said bonds shall be recorded by the County Treasurer as required by law, and a certificate evidencing such registration shall be endorsed on the back of each bond in substantially the following form: State of Iowa 88 County of Mills I hereby certify that this bond has been duly recorded in a book for that purpose in my office in accordance with Section 6281 of the Code of Iowa, as ot the First day of September, 1933. ._ t , , mu County Treasurer, Mills County, Iowa. Section 6. That the bonds hereby authorized shall be signed by the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors and attested by the County Auditor, and sealed with the County Seal, and the interest coupons thereto attached shall be executed with the facsimile signature of the County Auditor, and said officials are hereby authorized and directed so to execute said bonds and coupons, and when so executed they shall be delivered to the County Treasurer, and that said County Treasurer be and is hereby directed to register said bonds as hereinbefore provided In Section 4 hereof and to deliver same In exchange for .and upon surrender of a like amount of the outstanding indebt* edness of said county herein authorized to be retired and funded and the warrants evidencing said indebtedness so to be retired and funded shall be simultaneously cancelled with the Issuance and delivery of the Funding Bonds hereby authorized, the intention bein? to change but not increase the indebtedness of said county Section 6. That, in conformity with law, and particularly In accordance with the provisions of Section 1179-b2 of the Code of Iowa. there shall be and there is hereby levied and there shall be collected each year a tax upon all the taxable property in the county, in addition to the levy authorized for other purposes, at sufficient rates to pay the interest on the bonds hereby authorized as and when the becomes dua, and also to create and maintain a sinking fund which shall be sufficient to discharge the principal of said bonds at their maturity, and the moneys arising from such levies shall be used to pay said principal and interest and for no other purpose whatsoever. t>»*vvav Section 7. That it is hereby found and declared that to pay the principal and interest of said bonds the following amounts are levied as above stated for the respective years as hereinafter indicated, to- Vear of Lnvy 1933 1934 1935 1936 1937 1838 4,10000 „, ». The ,P rl ! l , clpftl . a . u , a i ' Ueres t coming due at any time in advance of the collection of the foregoing toxea shall be paid promptly when Amount 900.00 600.00 600.00 4,500.00 4,300.00 due from current funds reimbursement shall be made In the JMtMWq>Wt« ^V^*^*** »*J ItUMI *<V*«|I*» V» ,w**f*v-« * «•"?"*•» • W s*«t»^»»w «• • •» , , uud »u,lnortn» tVe issuance «f w»W Futwllug Uoud* hi »l»e! «*»»• tho amount thereof when said taxes shall have been collected Section. S. Ihat all resolutions and orders or parts of resolution* and orders in conftlct herew Ith ba and the same arc hereby repealed. v.v w Passed aud approved September 15, 1838. U. A. SCHADB, W AV, B. AUAN, mu „ . County Auditor. Chairman. ,» • Tl ! e a C ? ul !i ty A ^ ltop w »* directed to l»«u« u poor warrant ««» he taut Saturday of every month tu W. J. Ctornvnu for the rare of - South childreu, at ttn> rut» «.f '*i.60 per w«ok per vhl d to the NOW, * ol , ulven uf guu- UtffOl'B till* ._,„,_. .. ,„„ . ttl«4; „___. H« U and tt I* nwt»l»f r«*«lvii!4 *>' ib« l«w» »tTU* £lt>Utt«y o( UUU, lu Vbtt Ht«ta wl * o< Tw»lv« TUuu»«u4 , UUOM tu clreulaUuu wltklu ««ld county at leant urn (ID) no »i>W>*l uurnmiut tu *'***** . » "" ^ i * w ••"»«««!» WV** « M J V* M I M V*U IU lIHO takes up till* imiitutr for oou*ldt«rai|on; U nd flud* ' ' 1 * ' 1 ** ua fur'ut»r L, K. A. Cviutty uut ootu(>U'(o t ami Uu'rotar* ftdjauruwil to Ovtub^r ft, to I'oiiiu liLifuni ilu> tu meet on Oeloter 5, 1938. K

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