The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on November 2, 1894 · Page 4
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 4

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, November 2, 1894
Page 4
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the Gay World of Fashion is Wearing—The Very Latest Styles, WINTER GOWNS AND WHAPS. Will Continue to Be Tory Wide Hi the Horn. Aijiong the now trimmings nro rogulnr ff{f 1« nstrnWmn, including cavers, col- ling cuffs nnd jacket trimmings. Some- tiiirta ttoo sets are tot bodices and are do- vistjn with a view to rentier them wearable vistjn vri »ut a coat or capo ininidsoason. For a sort of zouave or bolero In as- is edged all uround with ball The second gown Is of rose colored chal- 3. The plain skirt is sewed on the bodice nder a belt of garnet velvet ribbon with honx and ends. A watteau plait falls ver the front of the frock, the bodice be- ng additionally trimmed with velvet rlb- xm. The balloon sleeves reach only to the Ibow. JDDIC CHOLLET. NEW COLORS AND COMBINATIONS. Boyal STREET TOILET. __.___, and with it are sold a high collar an4 a long pair of cuffs, which can bo buttoned on over the dress collar and sleeves. Itls certain that beaver and astrakhan wiU be the favorite furs this winter. Skirts \vift continue to be rery wide around the baju, though the fit to the figure above Is still regarded as ouooC tho most important poffits of a smart toilet. Some dressmakers fitill use a stiff lining In order to make thft folds stand out well from tho feet at the back. The now skirtp with plaits down thj) eides nro well suited to redundant fl&wres, for, though they add to tho quantity of material on the hips, tho spreading out tbo plaits immediately below thorn do' tracts from tho effect of stoutness. Astrakhan cloth of heavy quality is sell Ing «t between $6 and $7 a yard. It is 60 inches wide and therefore "cuts to advantage," us dressmakers say, a Httlo of it go> loft » great way. It will lie much used for caff» and Eton jackets this winter. The round waist docs not diminish in fa^jbt, although long redtngotes have been announced for tlio winter and are seen aandKfcho latest importations. They are tlgaHlting nnd reach nearly to the feet. ThJI^ng stylo of garment over a skirt o! tho present dimensions promises to bo HMbar burdensome. An illustration is given of n gown ol putstiawool. Tlio skirt is plain in front, but pulled at tho sides under pocket flaps. Tha Eton jacket opens over a plastron ani has revors of white cloth. The full sleeves arjj gathered inte -white cloth cuffs, ai s horn buttons decorate th« gown. JUDIO CHOLLKT. CHILDREN'S CLOTHING. JlKliu Cliollct Knows All About the Instructive Small Hoy. Tho invention of reudy made clothing is uifrUmbtodly a labor earing ono, especial 1J for mothers of boys, but every advnti' tago has Hs disadvantage, and garments oSten require alteration in ordorlobereal ly ttsoful. A common fault of ready made eltiils, both cotton aud woolun, is a neck top high ut tho hack, No man or boy can ca^ry himself properly when his nook is tlcrust forward by an ill fitting shirt. If i' bd not possible) to have sucli garments mode to urdur, bo suro that any coustrio- UTTLK GIJUJj' GOWKS. tloii ft tho nook is relieved bof010 tho shir la worn. An a rule, materials for hoys clothing containing blue stripes or check Nliould bu avoided. Blue, except tho durl navy blue, xiHuuIly fudos and uiukog uvou u good ttiirmont look Bhabby weeks bofor its Mic'O tti )<,'t{ltJma(.oly run. Bumu brown «H> upt to turn rusty. 1'laln blauk or uu; plfihi wJor gJiuwtf btulns of all torts inor rUudlly than a mixed uurfuco. Aud, uftu all Js wild ami done, tlm boy's clothes wil bo rusty and In tutting long buforu llio I hiiinan judgment could huvo foruuuuu th cutitstroiiho. The ulothlng of girls Inn much less dlfU <>ult problem. Although a ready mad TVimlrubu Iti (jultu UH easily obtainable to tbt'iu us for boys, uiuiiy jiiothoj-s prefer ti huvo tliolr llttlo daughters' huwlng don ut liujiu). A woman who jiwlst-s no HUO ul all of hoys' tailoring IH ol'ton ubl to iiiiilu) m-iit mid fimhloimbh) llttlo gown and cloulcs unit to ovolvu tho utmost JIOH BibJlltloK uf u fnw yurds of uhullio or surgu Wldo felt Imtrf uro to b« worn liy lltti ylrls this winter, trimmed with ribbon uml iruiln'i'H, but tliolu'ljiiK (ifii no CUU|tht up— arc liuk'od very lltthi bi"it. TljO illllNll'fltllJM HholVB t\VO |rcll gOW»i> fur children, 'i'hullrot isuf biii: TV'OoJcn ({null:! mill )iun u jihiln i-Uli'l <t> round bndU'i) rmilliii'il l>y n illilmu I with long iMidtf m tliu li'fl. tldiv A )>! silk Helm wlt) ( Avldu (loublii frills IT.., Ihu fi'put of Uiu hoill'* 1 over » nllk jil 'ihu wlixivo uuir» mo t>t sli'lpt'd go tho lowu>' u«rt uJt Ui>) wluuvc-w of hllli FETCHING GOWNS FOB FAIR WOMEIf. In the center is a tailor suit of thick block whipcord, -with piping of c billiard cloth. The vest is uf white pique. At the left is a gown of hi for a middle uged lady. The vest is of black grosgran and the collar oi the right is a rush green camel's hair gowu with trumpet plaited skirt. At Brill tent Blue It Added to the Shade* Already Worn, Among the new shades that we are to xpect is n very pronounced tone of royal ilue. It is described as being harsher even ban tho tint to which wo became somewhat accustomed in tho cnrly part of last lutumu. French milliners have a way of ubduing and toning down these vehement colors by adding black in great qunn- ities or perhaps a darker shade of tho blue tseif, but we, being loss advanced in tho science of colors, forgot these palliatives nd inflict the crude shade without tho jondonatiou afforded by such propinquity, is almost certain that a great deal.of will bo worn in tho autiumn and skirt out MI tho deslrea manner. The wadded portion should not extend above the knees. Cosmetics and hair colorings are going out of fashion. Of course a certain proportion of persona will continue to employ them, but the use of hair bleach, toco on- VELVET AND CLOTn COWN. winter, not only in drosses, capos, coats and mantles, but on bonnets and huts. A groat many no\y ribbons are made with a satin bordor in ncontrastln&color, black frequently forming half tho ribbon, nnd tho other being a very bright tone of color. Bonnet strings aro already wider than they wore, nnd It Is expected that during tho winter their width will increase still more. Velvet faced with Halin is the favorite for this purpose. It is tied in an ample nnd becoming bow beneath tho chin, and tho ends are worn rather longer than they u«cd to bo. White ribbons with a black border aro greatly used for tho strings of sold and blauk or entirely jot bonnets, and a llowor of bright color is introduced in order to give relief to this magplo effect. Blue and heliotrope nro used In tho sumo costume, and pink and heliotrope, the latter being very pretty if tho proper shades are selected. The illustration shows u gowu of bluish gray cloth trimmed with garnet velvet. It is cut in princess stylo, the bottom being bordered by a bias band of velvet. Tho nkirt la decorated with throe horizontal bunds of.No. 100 garnet velvet ribbon, and two similar bunds trim the froutof tho cor sage. Tho glgot sleeves uro of velvet. Narrow jot pussomonU'i'lu forms tho additional trimming of tho bodlco. Tho hot Is ol garnet velvet adorned witli black plumes and two ears of Sevres blue velvet. J uuiu CHOLLKT. Ciolu*. A curious feature of Chinese coins, tho iinil mark, appears to have originated in til accident very characteristic of China. In the time of Queen Wentek u model In wax of u proposed coin w<is brought foi tier majesty's Iiihpuotion. lit tiiklnu hull •jt it sliu left un it the Impression of one null, and the impression has in conue- quunoo been u marked characteristic ul Chinese coins for hundreds of yours. FACTS AND FANCIES, Illnti Vur th« Tollel - C.i.inutlim »ud Oalr I>yod Nut l r UAliluimblv« Whltu and ntniw i»il«r nro an fashion* bio us ovttr, im Ji*ii(,'«''' Iw out of doo gowns in tliuir uiitliuiy, ot cuursu, but li thu ti'Jjjjujli)/,' uml ucc:^r;orU'u, and uls for tuu gowiiB, )vet'|illon imd bull CUH tUIUL'S. An umlnuut i'ariblan authority elute thut it id nuuvKBiiry fur bluo cyod wuiuv to wvou fruut tlinu to ttuiu In ontar thu thulr eyes juuy i-otulii thulr bounty. So ul fulr ludlua who huvo no troublii of tho! own would bcttur borrow wiiuo, with In tcrtBt of ti-aro puyiiblo uvury I wu wi'.uljc. Wuiuott who objuct to til" liiilrclutli jiol tluwit u» buliiy miuojiif'iriiilili- uml un Blghtly will /Ind un (ilil'-imi hubntltul for 11 lu tho old fUHlilmii"! yuilidil nn wuddod Blilrt. This may liu in.rln i,f hili uud jmddud with down, hi whi'-li c;iMiltl U very light lu wuljjht iiwlnolil* Uiu dmM la shown Is that of galloon, woven in n network pattern. It la usotl to cover hat shapes or to form tho crowns of email .bonnets, beside using employed as trimming in various Ways. Accordion plaiting has at last made its appearance on huts, mntry of thclrtteat Importations hnvI<tT£ bows thus mrangofl, scoured in tho middle by buckles or other ornaments. : Felt flats are seen in all colors and nre twisted into all conceivable shnpoa by the ingenious milliner, who varies the twist to suit tho face of the Individual customer. An lllns.trnt.ioii is given of a very large velvet lint. It Is trimmed entirety with pluinus, which nro buhl together In front by an immenie paste buckle. Jumn CHOLLKT. A stormy meeting ot tbe stock-holders of the Grand Trunk and Catmdiab WM held in London, England, A cut in 1'iist-bouud rates from Chicago was ivmde by six of the to lines, the provision rate suffering the most. D. W. Cnldwell, president of the Nickel Plate, has also been made president of the tinko Shore and Michigan Southern, Mary Louise Howard, a colored woman, has sued the Louisville and Nashville railway for 110,000 damage^ alleging ro- fnsnl of the railroad company to let her ride In a first class car from Cincinnati to Levington, Ky, 8am Hickory, Ml as Downing, was «en- tenced to hang at Fort Smith, Ark., for the murder of Joe Wilson, deputy United States marshal. President John MoBride of the United Mine Workers Is Buffering from nicotine poisoning, contracted by smoking while he had a cold sore. George Francisco, arrested iu Windsor, Can., for alleged embezzlement of several thousand dollars from the National Beer company of Qaincy, His., was taken to Quincy. Charles Price, giving as his address No. 8510 Union avenue, Chicago, was taken custody at Dubuque, In., apparently n a sorry state of dementia. He had pa- >ers showyjg he had recently graduated •t a Keeley institute. TEACHER » P. W. KegU W/ANTiD -SALESMEN • * . LOCAL and TRAVELING to 8*11 our well known Nursery Stock. Steady employment. Good pay. Complete outfit •"•9. No previous expetlence necctaary. ESTABLISHED OVEIt 40 YKAB8. . 600 acres. IH'i'eBnhousea. Address PHCENIX NURSERY COMPANY, P. O-ox 1215 Bloamlngton, Illinois. •WALKING COSTUME. amel, bistro and eyebrow pencils Is no ongor "good form," as our English coir sins woultt say. Theorists may assort that ilioso adventitious aids wore never good :orm, but the fact remains that many women of high social position "make up" as ovurpoworingly as a fifth rate actress. flow it appears that .nature Is authorized io have her Innings—if she can get them. Certain writers on matters of tho tollel wrslst in recommending the use of an ex iremejy coarse, rough towel for the handf and face. Thlg is a mistake. A towel of moderate coarseness is proper for the bath, )ut as the hands ami face are washed several times a day and are, moreover, con- iinually exposed to tho air they do not require violent friction and are apt to be rendered rough thereby. A now walking gown, of which a sketch s shown, is miido of lizard gray cloth. Tho skirt has a draped tnblior bordured with band of myrtle green velvet hemlud by a line of jot. Tho corsage IH trimmed with narrow jot «nd lias a guinipu composed o alternate stripes of gray sill; nnd grcuu velvet. Th-j. upper part of the sloovo falls open to show a pull similar to tlm ^ulm JUJMC UllOLLKT. STYLISH MILLINERY. Almost^Blind Inflamed Eyes and Run* nlng Sores The Success ot Hood's CMUSM Great Rejoicing—A Perfect Cur* Com B. £Cwrt Barnesvllle. Pa. " O. I. Hood ft Co., Lowell, Mass.: "I feel It a duty testate what Hood's Ban* partlla has don* for m». I was almost bllod, being compelled to stay In a darkened raom on account ol Inflammation of th» eyes. I aUo suffered with running s ores on my body. I WM tat terrible condition. My mother tried evay tblDf she knew about and I was attended by two doctors but without helping me. Flnall] Hood't SaraapurlHa was recomroeadtd ud 1 token two bottles before I began to Ml better. The luflamnitttlon lilt re; •ores heated, an'd tbe result was I I Became Stronger, •nd WM restored to perfect health. At Out Urn* I was only twolvo years old; now I Ma nlntUen and I nav* not since beea trouble) Hood's^>Cure3 wltti my eyes or noticed any sign ol a return « tbe tores on my body. loanreoominendnoed'i BuiaparlllA as an excellent blood purlrjrlnj medicine." Miss OOBA EBBHT, Banerrllle, P«, experience in stove making has taught us how to make a stove as it should be made. 3O years* testiag of Jewel Stoves and " - ™"^ iotiviiicedthe we know make the are artis- ign, per- structipn, in operation, price. Made ,nd sizes. Ask at the deal- has people that how to best They tic in defect in cou- ecunornical moderate in iu. all styles to see them era If you judge of JEWEL STOVES? AND STOVE PIMINTHEWORIJ) stoves, above trade mark will prevent you from making a mistake. WANTEIMn ench county tot spe- _.. clul work. Will pay $100 n month. leglee A Co., Box 1767, St, Louie, Ho. M EN to take orders In every town and city; no delivering; good .wages from start; pay weekly; no capital required; work rent round. State «ge, <i LEN JJR08., Rochester, N. Y. FITS CURED (From U. S, Journal of Medicine.) Prof. W. H. PEEKE, who makes a specialty at EPILEPSY, bB8 without doubt treated and cured more elites than tiny living physician; his success Is as ton- lulling. We have heard of cores of 20 years' standing cured Dy him. Be publishes a valuable work on this disease which he semi a with a large bottle ot his absolute cure, f too to any sufferer who many send their F. 0. and Kxpress address. We advlso anyone wishing a euro to address, Prof. W. H. PEEKE, F. D., 183 Pearl St., New York, m.w.s. OF OABBOLL, IOWA. Capital, $100,000.00. Surplus, $5,OOO.OO. Opened business .Feb. 4, 1S88. OmOIBBAHU DIBBOTORS: C. A. HAST, - President H. W. WATTLES. - - Tloe President. C. L. WATTLES, - - Cashier. 3. E. Griffith, T. Blnrlcbs, N. V. SturgeB, Clms. Waltersonela, Sumner Wallace, Interest pnld on time deposits. Money to loan on good security. Drafts for sale on all part* ot tbe world. Steamship tickets to and from all parts ot Europe. Insurance written In the best companies. LISTEN EVERYBODY! I am now prepared to do all kinds of blacksmithing, horse shoeing, plow work and general repairing. Wf^OON MRKER A first class workman in wood is employed in the same build ing, and we are prepared to do all styles of wagon and carriage work and repairing. HVE US A CALL. JEHRY LUCY, Proprietor. Shop opposite mill, formerly occupied by Fred Franzwa. Green Bay Lumber Company, JKALKHS Heod'e PIHe act easily, yet prompUy i •OUIently, on tbe liver and bowels. 250. Lumber and Coal, AND ALL KINDS OF BUILDING MATERIAL New yards north of Carroll mills. Carroll. Iowa. Bewildering Vuriuty of Shapim, Tint* and Materials—tiolii Ormimuntulion 1'opultr. Capotes are oxcoudlnKly small this win ter. Thu roifc'iiijiB bonnet ruyulrua but » triflo of triinniiiig, but Hint trillo must be perfectly put on. Toques, also email, or to bo much worn, but hats oro largo and hcuvlly loudod with plumes nnduthordoo orutlonH. For caiTlugoa woar thiirn aro no lliuitB to tholr slzu and fantiiBtlo nrrango- niont, but for ordinary streut. woar ox- tromoB uruiiot pcnnlsslblo. Tho jioko liafj iniido Ita fippearnnoo among tlio nuw chnpus, but It is to bo avoided by the majority of women ovor 20 years old. For children aud youutf girls it him u quaint effect, but it in u trying etylo for most women. Chunlllo IB used for trimming again, und double fnuoil ribbon hnvlnt? tho two Bldcg of dlffornnt colorB. Velvet und Batln uro also employed, us la lnco </f various kinds. Jut huH loiit nono of its jiupularl- ty, while B"l'l 1" " 10 «'i»jM) rjf flllots, orowiis, wings and ornaments bids fair to bo tbo most conspicuous font uro of the BOUBOII'B luillluery. Colorn uro ofUin Inoor- F VKLVKTIIAT. poruUitl with Hi giving un fxtivmuly rich etluct. Uhtrlcli pluinuH aro inin-li fnvorod, uud flowers iiltio uro worn. Jn l.iot, fusli- lull illclllllKU UlllHJht all lllHAVU liilllUll[IK« lu her Hat this wlntur uud n'u.••, uu uu- usuul upnurtutilty f«r inx-r;. l« ily to bo Awoug thiMiutv furjjiii iu whlrli .. INSUIUNCK In tlio best companies at tt»< lowest rates. It puy* ta have the beat. Hotter UHVoiioluimr- tmoo tlmn t« be Insured In un iiurelthble (loinpuny. The beat comimnleBoim be teuurod of H. W. MACOMBFR OFFICE IN THE BANK OF GAKROLL. PARKER'S HAIR BALSAM Olunwi aud bcmtmtt the ha Promote* • luiuritiU growth. ever )T*1U to Uoitore Qr Hair to it* Youthful Color. CIUM »c4ip dl*c«»« li hair (tiling. iOc.itodtl.OQH Uw Farkor't Vi'i»k LUUKI, I CDNSUMPTIV E It ciitwi Ui« wuw Ctiugo, D, IViniTftkc In time. MoU. YOU CANT LIVE WITHOUT A LIVER! HOW'S YOUR LIVER? AREYOUR KIDNEYS ALLRIGHT? DOES YOUR BACK ACHE? DOES YOUR SLEEP REST YOU? ARE YOUWEMANDTHIN? ARE YOU DULL AND BILIOUS? MARVELOUS SUCCESS lias attended the use of Dr. J. H. McLEAN'S /Ul who use it say it Is The Peer/GSS Remedy for curing al! ailments OF THE LIVER, KIDNEYS AND BLADDER, FEMALE TROUBLES, RHEUMATISM AND BRIGHT'S DISEASE, (for Sate ty all first-class doaltrs. PHICC. ft,00 * BOTTLE. The Dr. J. H. McLtin Midlcino Co,, st. Louis, it CLOSING OUT On account of the dissolution of the firm of NOCKELS GNAM The entire stock of Clothing and Furnishing Goods will be sold at Great | Reduced Prices,

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