The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on February 7, 1933 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
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Tuesday, February 7, 1933
Page 2
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I * , J H ' ~ . ••:' " "'. » , THE BAKEHSFIELU CALIFORNIA**, TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 1933 t ' 1 im\[ sour I (Vnttcd Press Leased W ASHINGTON, Fob. 7.—A docl- feion to scrap nil permanent farm credit relief bills in favor of a temporary program to ease the farm mortgage situation was reached today by a Senate bank subcommittee, Tho committee planned to meet tomorrow and if possible to draft a temporary program without further hearings. "1C we cannot get a draft out this week," Senator Stelwer, Republican, Oroffon, said, "there Is no use doing anything about it fit this session. "If we could get a few taxes paid off and get rid of the harvest of foreclosures It would be the but we could do at this sosalon. It was felt we could not attempt to reorganize the farm credit structure." Among the bills designed to give tho farmer a breathing spell until permanent refinancing and other credit legislation can be passed l.s u measure sponsored by Senator Hull, Democrat, Tennessee. It authorizes $600,000,000 of Recon- tructlon Finance Corporation loans to farm mortgages to secure a two-year postponement of foreclosures on account of defaults In mortgage Interest payments and unpaid delinquent taxes. Tho subcommittee has had drafted a permanent 51,500.000,000 credit measure combining w-"'-"t features of most of the pending bill*. 7 Chester Avenue Ibs. Ibs. Ibs. Pigs' Feet each Lamb Tongues .each Tripe Ib. Hearts, Small Ib. Hearts, Large Ib. Hogs Heads Ib. Liver, Sliced.. Wieners, Bologna, Liver Sausages Ib. Hamburger O Boiling Meat Ib. Short Ribs Ib. Pot Roast (Center Cut) Ib. T-Bone Steaks Ib. Sirloin I Steaks Ib. • Rib I Steaks Ib. • Round Steak....Ib. »*"» and Veal Roast (Shoulder Center).... .Ib. Veal Stew Ib. Young Mutton Stew Ib. Beef Stew Ib. Beef Stew (Boneless) fc Ibs. Vtal Chops Ib. Dry Salt Pork Ib. Mutton O Chops ** Mutton Roast (Ctnter Cut) ...Ib Legs of Mutton Ib. Pure Pork Sausage.. Pork Chops Large Bacon (Guaranteed) Ib. Oleomargarine O •• ibs. Longhorn Cheese. Ib. White Ribbon Shortening 8-lb. pall Lime Rickey (Coast Club) Ginger Alt (Coast Club) Flour 24l> Ibs. Corn IAJ. Meal 5-lb. Sack "^9 Corn Meal 10.Ib. Sack Stokley's Corn, No. 2 can each Tomatoes, No. 2</ a can each String Beans, No. 2 can each Toilet Paper, O I 1000 Sheets * rolls • Laundry Soap bar Sugar, ' Pure Cane Tomato Sauce. Tomato Soup.. Brown Sugar 1-lb. box Tomato Juice (Armour's) Sardine* (In OH) Cauliflower, Snowball e&ch CARROTS. ONIONS. TURNIPS . MUSTARD •%•• RADISHES If &!• Potatoes, .... 25-lb. cloth baa Red Wlnesap Apples Bananas • * Ibs. t * cans can .23c Ibs. Cabbage £ • * * f *•*•*. Lettuce head No limit—we. however, r««erve the riflht to change prices with, out notice. FOR WEDNESDAY. THURSDAY AND FRIDAY SEE OUR NEXT AD IN FRIDAY'S PAPER LOCAL Hope Abandoned for Recovery of James J. Corbett (Associated P res ft-Lea it ed Wire) NEW YORK, Feb. 7.—Hop« for tho recovery of Jnmes J. Corbatt, former heavyweight chnmplon who is seriously III with a heart ailment, haa been nbnnd%ned by his physiclnn, Doctor O. Wlllard Dickie. "His condition la such that h« might flo at any time, or linger a week or even a month," Doctor Dickie -said last night. John McQraw of the New York Nntldnal League baseball club, friend of Corbett, visited Corbett and found htm tn good spirits . "Corbett Is making n great fight for life," he said, "and If gameness counts, he will win." CONCILIATION FARM MORTGAGES Companies to Which Billion Dollars Due Suggest RANSOM DEMANDED FOR WOMAN • > h 4 ri - • One Way Out • t • MAN G MISSING S FOUND MURDE (Untied Press Leased OAKLAND, Feb. 7.—Tho body of a man Identified as Kaymond Walker, taxi driver missing since December, was found in Oakland estuary at tho foot of Grove street, today. Ills hands nnd feet were bound by ropes and a mHHk covered his face. Tho body had been in tho water for a long time. Police believed weights had been tied to tho ropes but worked off, permitting th« body to rome to the surface and bo washed near .shore. It was discovered by a member of tho crew of the coast guard cutter Northland. Walker, who xvns involved In a taxlcab war while working as a strikebreaker for tho Yellow Cab Company, disappeared the samo night that Albert K. Scarbrough, another cab driver, was murdered. No trace of his whereabouts was discovered until his body was found today. Ho came hero originally from Johnstown, Pa. He formerly managed a golf course In Ouornoyvllle, Calif. ALLEGED BY (United Pr#*8 Leased Wire) WASHINGTON, Feb. 7.—Speaker of the House Garner today charged that early in (he present session some members of Congress deliberately set out to creato a legislative log-Jam and thus force an extra congressional assembly soon after tho Roosevelt administration took office. Tho speaker refused to identify the alleged plotters. "Were they Republicans?" he was asked. "I didn't say, nnd I won't," he answered. "I do say," ho added, "that 1 knew early In December that some gentlemen set out to fix the legislative situation so i\s to have an extra session." Stubborn Coughs LATE BULLETIN DES MOINES, Iowa, Feb. 7. <U. P.)—Spurred to action by discontented farmers threatening to revolt, the Iowa Legislature passed a bill late today designed to relieve holders of mortgaged property. Within 24 houre sfUr a del- . egatlon of farmers marched on the Legislature with relief demands both Houses passed a bill granting courts the discretionary power of continuing foreclosure cases until March 1, 1935. (Associated Press Treated "Wire) OMAHA, Nob., Feh. 7.—Establishment of conciliatory boards designed to establish the reasonableness of farm foreclosures wan suffocated today ns possible solution of tho rural mortgage situation. The flugfteRtlon came following a meeting of the representatives of companies holding 11,000.000,000 In farm mortgages, who Indicated a belief that tho main hope of settlement lay In creation of the conciliatory bodies. - „ Farm mortgage moratorla, such aa are now In effect In Iowa, were termed "bad business" by F, Goudy of Omaha. Mr. Goudy, representing tho Trav- i elers Insurance Company, was the main speaker and he nneerted that the problem facing the loan companies today Is to collect a reasonable portion of the Income of tho mortgaged farms to meet Interest and taxes. He warned ngalnnt lotting thin thing roll along," declaring that If such a course Is taken "It will be worse than ever." He placed the blame on the shoulders of both the farmer and the loan companies. The farmer, he said, "wanted to borrow more than he should, and we wanted to to loan him more than he should borrow." Tho meeting resulted In the formation of Iowa-Nebraska Farm Association with Dean B. \V. Trick of Cedar Ilapidfl, Iowa, as chairman. During the day there were rumblings of the farmers "rebellion" In Iowa and Wisconsin. At Anita, Iowa, 100 farmers succeeded In obtaining an Immediate hearing In the case of Thomas T. Saunders, landlord, who was being sued hy Chris Chrlstensen, tenant, for settlement on n sain of chattels. Chrlstensen won htfl point. NET RUMORS S1ILL CONTINUE Justus Wardcll us Assistant, Lindsay Grapes, Just Picked Are Put on Display Report; Jones May Be R. F. C. President - _H ri F KIDNAPED MAI S RETURNED SAFE Polite Seek Woman and Four r + Men as Abductors of Mrs. Mary Skeele aby Is Burned to Death at Fresno Ended Mixed Recipe, Home CooklBf! ^M»*MM*«Bi Hero Is the famous old recipo which millions of housewives hare found to be the most dependable means of breaking up stubborn coughs. It takes but n moment to prepare, and costs very little, but it positively has no equal for quick, lasting relief. From any druggist, get 2 1 /4 ounces of Plnex. 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SENDS TREATMENT ON FREE TRIAL Anyone suffering from High Blood Pressuro, dizziness, ringing in tho cars, sleeplessness, weak shaky feeling, |bad taste, nervousness, pounding of the ' heart, and who fears a paralytic stroke, should write to Dr. Hayes ARR'U., 1006 Coates House, KanHan City, Mo. They will send you a regular one-dollar size of this famous nre- hcrlption on absolutely Free Trial. If natiHfiod with results send them $1.00; If not, your report cancels the charge. This proscription Is a pure, harmless vegetable treatment. Whllo a non- npeciflc. many canes report symptoms diminish and normal sleep returns within three days. Contains no saltH. physics, oplateH or dope. Perfectly wife with any treatment you are- now an It can not conflict. If you (United Press Leased Wire) FRESNO, Feb. 7.—Fire started by an overheated bottle warmer today cost the life of a 0-month-old baby and burned its mother severely when she attempted to rescue tho child. Tho baby, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Olllette, was being- treated for a cold. Mrs. Gillette returned to tho child's room after an absence of a few minutes to find the blankets of tho crib ablaze from the warming device, which was being used us an Inhalator. Sho received severe burns on the arms and hands when she snatched tho baby from tho blazing bed. William L. Baskett of West Side Dies (Continued From Page One) tho gang and upset plans to trap Its members. Desplto this Interference, officers had Dean Skeelo follow tho Instructions. Ho took a dummy package to Monteclto Drive at 5:30 p. m. as ordered. Officers, although concealed, overlooked every vantage point. They waited threo hours. Nothing happened. Then Dean Skeele went to his home. Officers said today that tho best cluo In their possession was the typewritten noto which told Doctor Skeele of the abduction and gave him instructions as to the ransom payments. It also threatened death to Mrs. Skeele in event of police Interference. Officers hoped to locate the typewriter. Police Theory Differs Although Mrs. Skeele believed her abductors were easterners, police still affirmed they had as an associate someone who had access to the university campus. This theory was based upon tho dean's full name, "Walter Fisher Skeele/' having: been clipped from a university information circular and pasted on tho envelope containing the ransom note. Tho noto had been tacked to the front screen door and was found after young Skeele, returning from his fruitless trip to the hospital, located his father at church and the two returned home. Tho note contained several other words which had been clipped from magazines and papers and pasted over typewritten verbiage. One was "wife" which had replaced what apparently had beon 'daughter" in the original version. Police believe that kidnapers may first have selected the Skeeles* daughter, Mrs. Walter Humphreys, aa their victim. f ;P *..^.-™.. , *$58gi Mr». Mary Skeele, 65, wife of the dean of music at University of Southern California, lured from her home In Los Angeles by a report that relatives were Injured. Above, part of the death threat note demanding $10,000 ransom, left at the Skeele home Just after Mrs. Skeele left. ROOSEVELT FISHING VICINI1Y Prr*fl Leaded Wire) MIAMI, Fla., Feb. T.—President- elect Itoosevelt presumably was fishing somewhere off the Bahamas in tho vicinity of Nassau today. The yacht Nourmahal stopped at Nassau yesterday to pick up Captain Christopher Brown to guide the party to the choicest fishing grounds and Mr. Roosevelt received a call from Governor Bede Clifford of the Bahama islands. At one time yesterday, reports from Nassau said, the president-elect left tho yacht to make a fishing excursion aboard the tug Malolo, but it was assumed he later returned to tho yacht. General Pershing's Brother Is Very 111 By FRANCIS M. STEPHENSON (Associated Press Leaned Wire) MIAMI, Fla., Feb. 7.—Jesso H. Jones of Texas appears destined to head tho Reconstruction Finance Corporation under tho Roosevelt administration. Through this giant ngency and Its billions of credit, Mr. Roosevelt Is looking for a strong hand in his plans for assisting the nation on the upward swing which ho believes will result from his "new deal." Selection of Jones for chairmanship of the board means ,tho displacement of Atlee Pomerene. Ohio Democrat. The latter'H appointment by President Hoover was blocked together with nil other nominations by this session of the Senate, This and other Kossip emanated today from the temporary Democratic national headquarters established hero at the Miami "Blltmore hotel by James *A. Farley, national chairman, during the fishing drulno of President- elect Roosevelt In southern waters. Three Mentioned Tho whirl of speculation among Democratic leaders also put William H. Woodln of New York In the cabinet as secretary of commerce, and brought out tho names of Henry L». Stevens of North Carolina, former commander of the American T-.efflon, for .secretary of war, and Archibald McNeil of Connecticut and O. Max Gardner of North Carolina for secretary of the navy. It now appears that Senators Hull- of Tennessee, Glass of Virginia, and Walsh of Montana, respectively, will fill these key positions. In this connection, reports have it that J. Bruce Kremer, national Com- mttteeman from Montana, and the Roosevelt chairman of the rules committee at the Chicago convention, will succeed Walsh as senator from Montana to team with Burton K. Wheeler of that state. Warded Dlsousted The "baby cabinet" talk brings in a wide variety of names. Bert E. Haney of Portland, Ore., Is mentioned for secretary or assistant secretary of interior; William T. Kemper of Kansas City and Justus Wardoll of San Francisco for other assistant cabinet posts. It was Wardell who battled It out with William G. McAdoo for the Senate nomination in California, nnd later burled the hatchet In tho national campaign. Woodln of New York, who is now regarded as a certainty for secretary of commerce, Is president of the j American Car and Foundry Company , nnd has beon at the elbow of Mr. i Roosevelt for the last five weeks in a discussion and study of the railroad problem. Jetnee T. Straus, New York merchantman, also Is prominently mentioned for the same office and there seems to be no doubt that the post lies between the two. Hopeful of having a lender of the Republican Independent bloc In his cabinet. It Is believed Roosevelt Is still looking to Cutting of Now Mexico for this place. (United Press Leased LINDSAY, Feb. T. — Fresh grapes, declared to be at good as those picked three months ago at the height of the grape season, were taken from vinos on the F, E. Sterret farm near here today, and placed on display In town, Sterret explained he kept the clusters covered with a light cot* ton cloth during the Intervening months of rain and cold. He said they were not damaged. ADMITS HE SLEW CROCKEIICITI Midwest Abounds in- Bitter Threats; Bloodshed, Riot, Martial Law Heard Philip Florez Confesses to Murder of Jeweler ml Plundering Shop (Unitrd Pro** Leaned Wire) ANGEbKS, Feb. 7.—Philip Florez, nllaa Dan Droesch, has con- fcefied to tho murder of Harry "Whlted, Crockett, Calif., jeweler, Umlorsherlff William Vcnle of Contra Costa county declared today. Veale said the confession was made to him and Captain William Bright of the IXJB Angeles sheriff's homicide detail. Florez was captured in Phoenix, Ariz., nnd was held here overnight en route 'north to face tho murder Whlted was found in his store tho morning of Monday, December G, with his throat cut, his head nearly severed from his body. Vealo declared Florez had made a detailed confession, and had admitted robberies in Sacramento and Los Augeles. ' The Contra Costa county officer quoted his prisoner as saying he entered Whited's Jewelry store during the absence of the proprietor with the intention of stealing loose articles nnd making hlu escape. Whlted returned to the store, Vealo said Florez admitted, and u struggle ensued. Vealo said Florez admitted cutting Whited's throat with a large knife he had won from u» punch board. Tho knife was large and heavy, Venle said, and quoted his prisoner as saying he first tried to club Whlted with tho weapon, but failed to subdue him and slashed his throat. I TAFT, Feb. 7.—William L. Baskett, 00, passed uway Monday at his residence, 106 North street, after an Illness of several days. He was born in Kentucky and came to the Midway fields about 20 years ago to work for tho General Petroleum and later for tho Standard Oil Company. Funeral services have not been arranged, pending word from a sister residing in the east. The remains are at tho Taft Funeral Home. Remains of Matron Are Sent to Joplin Remains of Mrs. Ota V. Wood, 40, resident of Taft who died at a Bak- ersfleld hospital, were sent east today nnd were accompanied by a cousin, Mrs. Hazel Triplett. Mrs. Wood was born in Missouri, and tho remains will be Interred In Joplin. Funeral rites were held Sunday at the Payne &. Son chapel. BANDIT KILLED MEXICO CITY, Feb. 7. (A. P.) A dispatch In the newspaper celslor said today that one bandit was killed and two others were wounded when a gang of seven attacked an hacienda owned by an American family named Newton on the outskirts of Guadalajara City. Reject 5-Ct. Bid at Foreclosure Sale (United Press Leased Wire) TURLOCK, Feb. 7.—rive-cent bids may bo accepted at mortgage foreclosure sales In tho midwest, but not In California, It was revealed today. G. D. Booth, auctioneer at a foreclosure salo attended by 360 farmers from the Turlock district, ignored a bid of five cents for a wagon, the first article offered. The farmers protested. A constable was called. Tho wngoif finally brought $16. Man Who Fought in Custer's Army, Dies (Associated Press Leased Wire) SAWTELLE, Feb. 7.—Funeral activities will be held here tomorrow for Henry M. Brlnkerhoff, 79, who served with General ^Custer in the battle of tho Little Biff Horn. Brlnkerhoff served as a guide and scout for Custor In many of his *x- pedttions and carried tho message to tho relief party headed by Major Reno. Hrlnkerhoff's widow, Mrs. Louise Brlnkerhoff, survives. (Associated Press Leased Wire) NEW YORK, Feb. 7.—Little hope was held by physicians today for the recovery of James F. Pershlng, younger brother of General John J. Pershlng, who has been a patient at Manhattan Hospital since December 20. Pershlng suffered a stroke of Paralysis at his home, December 20. When he was taken to .the hospital General Pershlng came to New York from Washington and remained for some time, visiting his brother dally. Yesterday Pershing became unconscious and his wife and son, James, Jr. t were called to his bedside. L. A. Supervisors - Opposing Recall " (United Press Leased Wire) LOS ANGELES, Feb. 7.—Proposed recall action against Governor James Ralph, Jr., Is opposed by the Board of Supervisors of Los Angeles county. The hoard passed the resolution Supervisor John R. Qulnn introduced as an "economy measure." Qulnn said a recall election would cost tho county $200,000. T.ULARE, Fob. 7. <U. P.)—Tho Tulare County Grange unofficially was on record today as opposed to tho cost of a proposed election to recall Governor James Rolph, Jr. FIGHTS FOR HIS LIFE FRESNO, Fob. 7. (U. P.)— HU shoulder cut through and his lunff exposed, Guy Dobbs of Clovis fouffht for life in a Fresno hospital today. He received tho Injury when he slipped and foil onto a power saw with which ho WUB cutting wood. * ** _ Co Id, Snow, Sleet, Blizzard Lashing Mid-West States Denied Kaiser Is to Return to Germany (Associated Press Leased Wire) DOORN. Holland, Fob. 7.—Reports that the former Kaiser Wllhelm IT, In exile here for the past fourteen years, WHS awaiting a call to return to Berlin as a result of the establishment of a Rightist government there, were officially denied today. An Investigation of reports that Wllhelm's baggage had been forwarded to Berlin disclosed that only some packets for charity purposes wero sent to Germany, which was quite the usual order. December Crude Oil Yield, 58,044,000 (United Press Leased Wire) WASHINGTON. Feb. 7.—Crude oil production during December totaled CR,044,000 barrels, and consumption 75,021,000 barrels, the commerce do- partment reported today. Htooka on hand at the closo of December totaled 338,718,000 barrels. THIRTY MIDSHIPMEN RESIGN ANNAPOMS, Md., Feb. 7. (A. P.)— Thirl3" Midshipmen of tho naval academy have resigned as the result of deficiencies In studies during the first half of tho scholastic year, Lieutenant Commander Lynde D. McCormlck. aide to tho superlntedent, announced today. (United Press Leased Wire) ARRIE, Ont., Feb. 7.—A warrant on which Martin Insull was arrested lant October as a fugitive from Illinois Justice, was dismissed today In SImcoo county court. Tho dismissal transferred entire jurisdiction In the Insull case In Canada to Supreme court In Toronto. Judgtt Dudley" Holmes of SImcoc county dismissed the warrant for "want of prosecution." The hearing had been postponed three times since Insull, last October, submitted to service of the warrant charging him with grand larceny and embezzlement. Tho judge also released the $60,000 bail under which Insull had bqcn at liberty, and ordered It returned to the surety company which signed It. That action left. Insull at liberty under only $500 bond on charges of grand larceny, embezzlement and theft by bailee. (United Press Leased Wire) CHICAGO, Fob. 7.—From the Midwest today oatne three bitter and violent threats If speedy relief Is not granted hard-pressed city nnd country '» clwcllerfl—tho menace of martial law In Chicago, "bloodshed and riot" It) Iowa's luiih corn fields and a national farm strike. In rural hamlotn nnd great olt|es, there was raised a Btrl- ' dent cry of protest against economic conditions which, men declared, struck at their livelihood and very existence. An epidemic of milk strikes, protest meetings, demonstrations, legislative demands, nnd pickets was reported In a half-dor.en states. For tho first time since farmers rebelled against forced sale of their landfl and property, effects of their revolt reached beyond tho barn yards and villages where they massed to prevent foreclosures, . * Predicts Martial Law In' Chtcngo, Mayor Anton J. Cermak predicted that mllltla will patrol the streets If a sales tax to provide unemployment relief funds la not enacted In Illinois. Tho sales tax proposal, long opposed by down-state farmers, come* up for consideration In the Illinois General Assembly to^day^ Warn of Riots, Bloodshed In DCS Motne's, center of tho nation's richest corn area, 'Clinton county farmers threatened forcible dissolution of the state Legislature unless immediate relief measures are enacted. They warned of "riots and bloodshed" If farmers' demands are not met summarily. In the northwest, where much of tho nation's wheat supply Is cultl- * rated, a national farm strike was threatened by Mllo Reno, head of the Farmers' National Holiday Assocla- clation, If relief Is not prompt. Other cities wero warned of possible dire results by a mass meeting, in Wisconsin, at which farmers talked of "proving that food rules the world." Many Prottat Meetings The Wisconsin meeting, only one of dozens held throughout the midwest, was at Mnrshfleld. At Minneapolis, a series of meetings began to demand Increases In milk and egg prices. Nebraska farmers met to protest ugainttt foreclosures; 1GOO farmer** fought through a blizzard at Madison, Minn., to cheor an announcement that foreclosures were halted in Ivanhoe county. Farmers succeeded In stopping one foreclosure sale In Iowa but were thwarted In a similar attempt In another part of the state. Milk-Price Clash** Milk-price disputes continued at Sioux City, Iowa, and near Davenport, Iowa. In the latter section, which extends over Int6" Illinois, milk prices today were reduced to 3 cents a quart from 8 cents. Four men were wounded last week in a violent Sioux City milk "strike." Cannot Discipline G. 0. P. Insurgents {Associated Press Leased Wire) WASHINGTON", Feb. 7. — Senator McNary of Oregon, slated to bo Tic- publican leader In the new Senate, said there was "not a chance In the world" of success of any attempt to discipline Republican Independents who supported President-elect Ilpose- velt by denying them committee assignments or reading them out of the party. A New Way to Economy For Users Of Antiseptics New Vicks Antiseptic Does Everything a Quality Mouthwash and Gargle Can and Should Do—At Less Than Half the Usual Cost Special Trial Size At Local Druggists—a 25c Value for Only lOc—While the Limited Supply Lasts. I ACTOR ARRESTED I,OS ANOKLRS. Feb. 7. (A, TM— The arrest of Henry M. Schroeder. 20- year-old German actor, on charges of illegal entry Into tho XJnitecl Stntun, WUB announced today by Murray W. Garsson, hpeolnl assistant to tho secretary of labor. K ANSAS CITT sh POSTAL RECEIPTS DROP WASHINGTON, Feb. 7. (A. P.) from High nlooil HiWure write! Postal receipts for 50 representative i 71>r. Hayes ABH'II today.—Adv. Catarrhal Deafness May Be Overcome If you have catarrh, catarrhal deaf- netiK or head nolKns caused by catarrh, or If phlegm drops In your throat und has caused catarrh of the stomach or bowels, you will be glad to know that theHO distressing Hymptoma may bo overcome In many instances by the following treatment which you can easily prepare In your own home at little cost. Secure from your druggist 1 ounce Parmint (Double Strength). Take this home und add »4 pint hot water and u little eugrar. One tablenpoonful four times a day should quickly relievo dl^- tronnlng entnrrlml head notatR, clogged nontrllH, difficult breathing niul dropping mucous, mul improve honrlng. All victims of mtarrhnl ileafnrKi or iirad noises should plvr» Purmjnt a trlul.— AUv. cities last month totaled |24,673,6!>0, a drop of S.52 por cent from tho same month last year. It compared with $33.097,443 for last December but the December total wan above the normal figure on account of Christmas. TROUT BABY BORN lilrth of a daughter, Carolyn Trout, at tho Allen Maternity Home on February 5. has been announced by Mr. nud Mrs. daughter couple. B. Trout of Poso. The the first buby for tha RITES FOR BABY HELD Kuneral rites were held today for "Wllbert Robinson. .Infant son of Mr. i and Mrs. Will Robinson. The child ut the family home. Interment in Union cemetery under direc- of the Payne & Son chapel. died was tlon UREN BABE BORN Mr. and Mrs. S. Uren, of 831 Q Htreot, announced tho birth of a Ron I'Vbruiiry 0, at I ho Allen Maternity Mr.., Feb. 7. — A shrieking blizzard lashed the, mid- west today, plunging thfl mercury to new lows for the winter In an area from tho llocky mountains; to Chicago. Sleet, Bnow and .subzero tem- poniture.w, driven boforn :i howling gale, wrought huge damage to crops and livestock, slowed rommuntrillion, and endangered human life. Sweeping down from the Canadian northwest, the storm sent temperatures down forty, fifty, oven sixty degrees within a few bourn, paralyzed air travel completely, slowed railroad schedules, and created a terrible highway traffic hazard. In Kansas City, whoro the mercury touched 50 degrees at 2 p. m., yesterday, tho weather bureau thermometer recorded zero weather noon after 1 a. m. today, and was dropping hourly. Zero to 20 Below » Through Kansas, Nebraska. Missouri, South Dakota, Illinois, Indlapa, Wyoming, Montana, Utah, Town and Colorado observers chalked up marks ranging downward from zero to about 20 below. Sleet whloh froze on elty streets during early evening turned to snow nt 10 p. m. IRPI n'rht. nnd more than Homo In UakorFfleM. The won WHS'two Kpcetcd by n 4-yeur-oUl sister Utlt"i fell her* boforo ? n. m. « iilso reported enow. I'Vnitcd Press Leased Wire) Throughout tho southwest, cuttle- men fought desperately to save their fltook. As far ttouth as Texas zero temperatures were reported, accompanied by snow. Heavy Damaoe Torrlfic damage was believed <Jonft to the wheat rrop, which M*«.B unprotected by snow as the blizzard struck. In Home sections the grain was reported almost blown from the eurth by the gale before the snow fell. Blrlklnff after a period of comparatively mild weather, the storm brought hardship und Buffering to the poor of tho entire storm area. Scattered reports told of many families without (sufficient food, fuel or clothing to withstand the cold. Hundreds of men, however, found employment on work £aiitffl clearing streets and highways or operating snow plows on street car and railroad lines. Storm warnings were issued In the Oreat Lakes area na tho mercury dropped to 10 below, und snow fell throughout Illinois, Indiana and "Wisconsin. Shippers from Chicago to tho northwest were -warned to protect tliMr goods to temperatures of 30 degrees bo"low zero. * To -the millions who use a mouthwash or gargle for halitosis (bad breath), oral hygiene, and other antiseptic uses—here Is news, indeed, of unusual savings. The makers of Vicks VapoRub have produced a quality oral antiseptic—Vicks Voratone Antiseptic —at actually less than half prevailing prices! The regular size, large 30! ounce bottle—a usual 75c value—is only 35c. This answer to tho public's problem of antiseptic costs is made possible by the record low prices of raw materials, combined with Vicks facilities for mass production. Born in a depression year and priced accordingly. Vicks Voratone Antiseptic j brings a new revelation of economy In an article widely accei; modern household necessity. Vicks Quality, Of Course Quality in keeping with the Vtcks name and reputation is, of course, maintained In this new product. It Is the best oral antiseptic Vicks Chemists could produco , . . and they" wero aided In their research by the ohemlfttff, bacteriologists, and pharm- acologists of their 16 allied organizations, both here and abroad. Vicks Voratone Is a balanced antiseptic. Mild enough for dally Utso without risk to delicate membrane*). Strong enough to do everything un oral antiseptic can and should do. It Is designed for all usual uses—In the customary way. Unusual Trial Offer Of course, the only real proof of its quality—and Its economy—la in actual use. To furnish such proof, the makers havo supplied druggists with five million bottles of a special trial size nt less than cost of manufacture. Each bottle contains 2H ounces-—a U5c value. Tho price—while tho supply lasts—Is only lOc. remodeled ut The doed of transferrsd to Norma Talmndge tho commodious homo Jioro which he purchased last fall nnd considerable expense. transfer was filed at tho courthouse, today. The deed was inado out from ,7eK«el to "Norma Tulnmdgn fVhnm*k t " and .ToPsel was listod 113 unmarried. J WITH THIS SECRET FORMULA Luden's is a medi* sated prescription that relieves coughing, quickly and pleasantly. To CHICAGO daily via Santa Fe ONLY $25 TO DENVER 132.50 TO KANSAS CITY EW reclining choir can with Ladies Lounge and eaay wicker chairs, on the fart Grand Canyon Limited Fred Harvey Diner 100 pounds free baggage allowance • Tourist Fare $65 tc Chicago —plus berth charge. TICKET OFFICE AND TRAVEL BUREAU Menthol Cough Drop* Sunlu w. n. WHITK. C. U H15NRY, Traveling Station. Phono 40. Agent Htisnenger Agent Dulcersflold, California -ft P-:' I J* L . • - i

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