Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on November 14, 1966 · Page 3
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 3

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, November 14, 1966
Page 3
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MONDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 1966 THE REGISTER-NEWS ~ MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS Mt V. Students At SIU Concert Students from Mt. Vernon high school and junior high took part In a concert at Southern Illinois University Saturday night. Participating from the high school were: Teresa Buttrum, Susy Robison, Unda Pardee, Debbie Spurlocit, Steve Speake, Leslie Page, Kevin Davis, Jed Starman, John Jacobson, Terry Kent, Cheryl Bond, Brenda Browder, Charles Rohlf- Ing, Shelah Dodson, Roland Mays, Steve Smith, Dennis Hoffman, Donna Dawson, Anita Trammell, Joyce Thomas, John Dorothy, Steve Vursell, Roger Davis, John Underwood, Leonard Jenkins, David McClure, Linda Atchison, Greg Backes, Karen Book, Chuclt Smith, Gary Egglcston, Nancy •Wolfe, Carol Sanders, Rhonda Gregory, Peggy Lord, Sherry McKay, Stacie Smith, David Dickerson, Darrel Brandon, Janice Dale, Jane Gray, Beclty Loei-y, Mark Wheeler, Nancy Jarrell, Sondra Henderson, Jhn Black, Randy Winn. LINKON'S ANY PART — ANY CAR Equipment, Parts, Glass Complete Machine Shop AUCTIONEER ROY TAYLOR Phone 244-1909 Or Write Rt. 7, Mt. Vernon SCHELLER It has been reported that Ardell Foutch was killed in a car wreck SoutJi of Effingham. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Foutch live at Tamaroa. His mother, before r- Triage was Etta Shurtz. rs. Lorene Kabat has entered Nashville hospital for surgery. Katherine Newell and Marie Freeman have entered Good Samaritan Hospital. Mrs. Steve Dressier and son, Joe and Mr. and Mrs. Carl Dressier spent the weekend in St. Louis with Mr, and Mrs. Raymond Dressier and at Dupo with Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hebel. While there the birthdays of Raymond Dressier and Robert Hebel were celebrated. Mrs. Philomena Skrob and family of St. Louis visited her mother, Mrs. Mary Mlczko and aunt, Mrs. Anna Stelmazewski over the weekend. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Kabat, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Trader and Mr. and Mrs. Bill Webber and daughters of Pinckneyville attended a birthday party at the home of R. J. Kabat Tuesday evening. Mi-s. R. J. Kabat was the honored guest. Mr. aid Mrs. Jerry Lampricht of Steeleville visited her sister, Mrs. Lena Pyszka from Tuesday until Thursday. Mrs. Ronald Shurtz and daughters of Waltonville spent Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. Joe Stelmazewski Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Anselm Wycis- kalla visited Mr. and Mrs. John Lamke Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Paul Blumer and Mrs. Edward Rastopher of Bergor, Missouri and Mrs. Bernice Dillard of Normandy visited Mrs. NOW HIRING RNs, LPNs, NURSES AIDES HICKORY GROVE MANOR, INC. No. 8 Doctors Pork Rood Mt. Vernon, Illinois Above average rates, good working conditions, steady employment. See ucu/i dcctc^ ^i'uil P ...THEN BRING YOUR PHESCR'PTIONS/f0*t' TRI-CITY GROCERY COMPANY paid tribute tills week to ltd "26-Year Club" with a dinner- dance at Augustine's Restaurant In BellevUlo during which these five new members were in- slnlled. Standing, from left—Maurice Cowan. Dorothy Emblck, Pearly RIefford, Mary Wyatt and Lee Reller. Seated are Betty Green, Checker of the Year, and S. E. PershaU, Jr., Tri- City Grocery Co. president. guests were Sam Pershall, Jr., president, presented a 25 year pin to each new member. This made the wives and invited in attendance. Betty Green, of the firm's membership rise to a total ofjBellemore Village Supermarket 54 in the 25-Year Club. About 400 store managers, office and warehouse executives, their in Granite City was cliosen "Checker of the Year" from about 300 checkers of the com­ pany who participated m a recent voting contest. Her prize was a General Electric portable television. Entertainment and dancing followed these presentations. Lena Pyszka Thursday. Mrs. Myreta Presley was guest of Miss Ruth Laur Thursday evening for supper. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Smith ade Grace Smith attended a bean and ham supper at Sesser Saturday night. It was for the benefit of the Eastern Star. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Pyszka of Benton visited his mother, Mrs. Lena Pyszka Wednesday evening. Mrs. Pyszka has been on the sick list, but is improved at this time. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Wright and family enjoyed a drive to Crab Orchard Lake Sunday afternoon. Waltonville Spai-tans won over Ashley's Wolves Tuesday night. Waltonville lost to Thompson- villo Thursday night. Mrs. Grace Smith attended the Missionary meeting at the Baptist church at Waltonville Monday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Pyazka and famOy of Belleville will arrive here Saturday to visit his mother, Mrs. Lena Pyszka. They wiU also visit at Benton before returning home. . . , Grace Smith, Cor. ^' V?.V.SeRJPT/O.V SHOP Rude To Tell Her Of Rights GREENSBORO, N.C. (AP) A woman defendant in municipal-county traffic court Friday told the judge the arresting offi-! cor was "rude" to her. "How?" asked the judge. "He told m^e to keep my mouth shut," she asserted. "Your honor," explained the officer, "I just told the lady that she could remain silent and she didn't have to say anything .without talking to her lawyer I first." KEENES Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Austin of Bluford visited Mr. and Mrs. Walter Haynes on Monday. The Mt. Zion Bible Club met Thursday at the home of Mrs. Wanda Lowery. Those present were, Mrs. Etta Jenkins, Nell Smith, Goldie Robertson, Jen Smtih, Wilma Trotter, Sallie Allen, Gordia Edwards, Chloe Shields, Grace Lathrope and Mrs. Bessie Hutchcraft who was a visitor. Mr. and Mrs. Everett Buchanan and daughters Sheila, Yvonne, and Paula of Taluca visited her mother, Josle Buchanan over the weekend. They also visited her sister and hus- Mr. and Mrs. Grover Catron Cowan and son. Mr. and Mrs. Homer Wood visited Mr. and Mrs. Walter Haynes Friday evening. Homer Henry of Chicago visited his mother, Mrs. Lou Stevens last Wednesday and Thursday. Mrs. Betty Lane of Opdykc- visited he rmother, Josie Buchanan on Tuesday and attended the funeral of Edward Braddock. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Shell of McLeansixiro and their daughter and granddaughter visited Mr. and Mrs. Grover Catron Sunday. Clyde Harris of Rochelle i^ visiting his sister-in-law, Mrs. Avil Harris. . . . Josie Buchanan, Cors. The lake beds at Edwards form the world's largest natui-al airfields. Firm clay makes the beds hard as concrete. The natural runways stretch 11 miles. Special Bonus Offer! to our Christmas Club Members This 33'/» RPM recording, featuring | Lionel Barrytnore in his favorite role | OS Scrooge in Dickens' Christmas^ Classic, "A Christmas Carol," and \ the celebrated Canterbury Choir \ singing ten beloved Christmas | Hymns and Carols. | t A $3.95 value only $1.25 to t Christmas Club members. | I The ideaf record for every family's | collection during the Christmas Sea- 1 son. Order yours when you join our Christmas Club to be sure of deliv- g ery before Christmas. \ • Jocoby On Bridge You ust Learn To Dump Loers By Oswald James Jacoby South's four-heart call was an all-purpose bid. He wasn't sure that he would be able to make it. In fact, he rather expected not to make it; on the NORTH (D) 14 4^1043 ¥972 • Q654 WEST EAST 4kKQJ 4A976S2 VK6 ¥5 • KJ973 4108 4^10 7 3 «QJ96 SOUTH 48 VAQJ10843 • A2 4^854 East-West vtilnerable West North East South Pass Pass 4 ¥ Pass Pass Pass Opening lead—4k K Wayne City News The revival is still going on at Olive Branch. A large crowd is attending each night and fine preaching. Mrs. Mary McCromick and son, Keith and Mrs. Gladys Thomason were shopping in Fairfield Monday morning. Mrs. Golda Dawson visited part of last week at the home of her daughters, Mrs. Mary De Foy and 3Irs. Helen White and families of near Chicago. Mrs. Laura Gammon of McLeansboro is visiting at the home of her sister, Mr. and Mrs. Lawerence Jones this week. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Wisely and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Scott visited at the home of Mi\ and Mrs. Alfred Bruner Monday evening. Mrs. Rosa Schaldford and daughter. Alberta and Mrs. Wheat of near Enterprise attended church at Olive Branch Tuesday night. Mrs. Dorothy James and Mrs. Ruth Minor and daughter Lisa called at the home of Mrs. Lizzie Porter at Mt. Vernon Tuesday evening. The fai-mers have their corn and bean crops about gathered and wheat crops sowed. They report a good ci'op after such hot and dry weather. Lester Webber of near Wayne City, age 42, was in an accident Sunday. His car was hit by a train. He was not seriously hurt. He was rushed to the Memorial Hospital at Fairfield by the Richardson ambulance. His car was demolished. He is in fair condition. The funeral of Edward R. Braddock, age 87, oi Four Mile Township was well attended Tuesday at the Richardson funeral home. Burial was made in the Thomason cemetery. Brother H. H. Mayberry conducted the services. Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Oark are the parents of a daughter born at the Fairfield Memorial Hospitatl, Friday, November 4. Those who were admitted to the Fairfield Hospital last week from Wayne City were Mrs. Ronald Clark, Bobby Lynn Talbert and Lester Webber. The work on tlie new Wayne City Bank is getting along nicely. . . . Mrs. Gladys Thomason, Cor. STAGED COMEBACK Once on the brink of extinction, the trumpeter swan has staged a dramatic comeback. In 1935, only 46 adult trumpeters could be found in the United States; today, thanks to conservation, 1,500 of these lordly birds live in Canada and continental United States. GETTING UP NIGHTS After 35, common Kidney or Bladder It*- ritatlons often occur and may make yotj tense and nervous from too frequenB passages both day and night. Second* arlly, you may lose sleep and suffer from Headaches, Backache and feel old, tired; depressed. In such Irritation, CY8TEX usually brings fast, relaxing comfort by- curbing Irritating germs In strong, >el(( }i !,JS2 .J£* by analgesic pain relief. Oet CYSTEX at druggists. Fed better fut. $70 MILLION other hand his partner had passed as dealer, the opponents were vulnerable and South was really afraid of the spade suit. We don't give our full seal of approval to South's bid but we have always felt that a player who makes such bids should be able to get maxium mileage out of his cards when he gets around to playing the dummy. West opened the king of spades and continued. South ruffed the second spade and led a club to dummy. East dropped the nine spot. Ten South finessed the heart unsuccessfully. If West had been one of those wooden type players he wjuld have led another spade but West had seen his partner's nine of clubs. West led a second club. The defense would up with one trick in each suit and 50 points on their side of the ledger. South explained that if the trump finesse had worked he would have made his game and that East and West could have made three spades. He was right about aU that but he should have made his contract. There is no rule requiring declarer to play trumps right away. South was looking at a potential loser in clubs but he had a potential spot to get rid of that loser. South should have played ace and another diamond the first time he was in. West's best defense would be to take his king and shoot a diamond back. South would play low from ' dummy and ruff. Then he could lead out ace and another trump and it wouldn't matter where the king was. South would be able to get rid of the losing club on the queen of diamonds. Rocket- Success Old Stuff Now OUR NEW CHRISTMAS CLUB IS NOW OPEN. JOIN TODATI For The Best In Banking - Look To The Leader ITie First Natlondi Bank nnd Trust ca. Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation ELKTON, Md. (AP) - The thrill isn't what it used to be for H.G. Jones, general manager of the Thiokol Co.'s propellant plant which made the retrorockets for the Gemini series spacecraft. "It's sort of routine by now," says Jones. "After the first flight, you expect it to go well." Jones spoke with pride about the four 13-inch, solid-fuel rockets to be used by astronauts Edwin E. Aldrin Jr. and James Lovell Jr. to bring the Gemini 12 back to earth Tuesday. He said the celebration among the plant's 550 workers would be limited to a public address announcement when the asti'o- nauts are back safely. "You've got to have a sort of quiet jubilation in a propellant plant," he said. "You can't let anyone get too happy." Fai-ms have declned steadily in number since the 1930's; they now total only about 3,400,000. PERSUASION PREFERRED DALLAS — "Christianity will win or lose by out-thinking the heretics, not by burning them, or cuffing them about or shouting at them," says Methodist theologian, the Rev. Dr. Albert C. Outler. TREE OR SHRUB No precise distinction can be made t)etween a tree and a shrub. Shrubs are smaller than trees and usually have several stems which support the twigs and branches, while trees commonly have only one trunk. is a lot of money It is the total of the capital, surplus and reserve funds which stand behind every title insurance policy issued by Chicago Title and Trust Company. It's the financial strength that protects you against anyone who might threaten the title to real estate you own—i/your title is insured by Chicago Title and Trust Company. If you have one of our title policies and somebody should dispute your ownership, we will engage local legal counsel and defend you in court if necessary. Should the claim be upheld, Chicago Title and Trust Company will pay your loss promptly under the terms of its policy. $70 Million is the kind of financial strength you can count on. Chicago Title and Trust Company 111 WEST WASHINGTON STREET, CHICAGO, llilNOIS, BOW BEPRESE NTATIVBS Webb & Harriss, Abstracters Jefferson Co. Abstract Co. 103'/2 N. 9th, Mt. Vernon — Ph. 244 0615 117 N. 10th, Mt Vernon—Ph. 244 1519 AGENT King City Abstracters 704 Main St., Mt. V ercon—Ph. 242-3212 Ghange BOLD /(9 &^ Gustomers warm up to extra electric heat It doesn't take expensive remodeling to warm up a hard-to-heat place of business. Just add electric heaters. They create a warm, inviting atmosphere for customers and employees. Before Jack Frost starts clipping your sales ... ask at Illinois Power for dependable advice about auxiliary electric heaters. Discover the many benefits that can be yours from portable baseboard heaters ... infra-red heaters (for outdoor warmth at entries and display windows) ... even the practical new electric fireplaces for heat with a decorator touch. See a complete display of auxiliary electric heaters now at Hlir)ois Power. axrelectrxc IT'S OUR BUSINESS TO S E R V E V O U B E T T E R ILUNOIS POWER COMPANY

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