Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 31, 1933 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 31, 1933
Page 6
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PAGE SIX THE IQLA DAILY REGISTER, FBIDAY EVENING. MARCH 31, 1933. ANOTHER FAN'S ALL-TEAM Three Catholic and Two U. Playeni on Selection. i CROpTOU.B. i Favorites iDpwned 21-13 in FinalGkme of Sines at Jiinior High ; The championship of the Churcli liec^c went to the baskctetrs Of th3 - iUnlted Brethren church in Junior : )high last nlpht; when they trluniph- f icd by 21-13 over the Catholic quin ' ;tct in the third and deciding game of the play-off series.' ' '. . A large crowd, jamming the siric ; lines and at limes crowding onto th" ; floor, .lent atmosphere to the fray by siding with _ one team or the other and chperirg lustily through. «ut. •; The game was unlike the firs: ; two in that th? Catholics appeared . to be off form from the start. Foul? • c.ime fast on the losers In ihe open; Ing minutes and their own free tJirrws and field attempts failed tn : JTind the scoring region of the hoop By the end of the first quarter the V. B. had jumped into an 8-1 lead, • ^c-arlv the advantage held at tlio •, end of the game. , i Bixby .aided the Catholic cause ' d bit in the second period with two field goals but the victors doubled tlielr total at the same time for i a lfi-5 lead at the half. : The United Brethren five then • cjCn.sted through' to the title in th»^ final half, being content with fivo . n^ilnts a."! the Catholics shoved in feur markers in each of the two .; cjoslnp peilod.s.. I jThe new champions worked well ; ail the way. pl^ving one of theii bfst game.s of the season. Bill Mc- ^Ciay, center for the U. B. tied will- BJxby. opposing center, fqr the higi. ' .scoring mark of six pomts. Roberts and Ma.slerson. U. B. forwards. . and Baker, guard, tallied five points ; each. I .Elxby. Grant, jand OTlaherty of • the Catholics played the final slagea , of; the game under the handicap • of, three fouls onl each. The losers' flffil consolation \ from the loss of i tlK series wastjic fact that the/ had won thrcei i times from the cliiimplons through the season whljc .; losing twice. ] Harold Roberts. Frank Miastcr- Roa,' Bill McClay, Lyle Dale, am' : Rjiymond Baker played the entire ; (jafnc for the United Brethren < chBmplonshlp. No substitutions ' wore made In the starting pathollc : lineup as well. , i Ifloyd Smith, ij'ittsburg teachers • ooliege and recognized as one of : th(* niost competeht offlclaJs iii this • ficctlon of • the state, rcferecd the three games. The box score: Vnitcd Brethren—21 FG FT : Roberts, f ..., 1 3' ;; Masterson, f 1 3 \ M(?blay. c 3 0 ; L. Fbale. g. 0 0 ; Baker, g 2 1 Another fan contributed a team Lto ihi Church league all-star team lyiscusslon today. It follows; McClay and Roberts, U.' B., forwards: Bixby, Catholic, center; Grant and OTloherty, Catholic, guards. Second team—Griffith, Ch. • Jr., and Masterson, U, B., forward*; Dice, Bap. center; Sutherland, Pres., and Tweedy,,Bap., guards. Honorable mention—Lee. Middleton, Mclntyre, D. Miller. Little, R. Baker. CROWN OF FIJI ISLANDS STILL SAFE WITH COX Championship Goes to the Fredonia Fury on a Well-Aimed Kick By taufer KANSAS BRIEFS (By the Associated Press) Wellington—Dynamiting of a rural mail box and an attempt to wreck another, was said by Wellington police yesterday to have led to the arrest of three j-outlis. Romayno Aycrs, Harry Harris and Kle Mc- Danlrls. all of Harper county. .\rrested at Winfield a week ago. the three were said by officers to have had several sticks of dynamite in their possession and 2C0 sticks hidden south of Winfield. They admitted, officers said, they had in their possession a motor car stolen at I.ajunta, Colo. Harris and McDanicls are l)eing held for federal authorities on charges of violating the Dyer act, while Ayers wtis turned over to officers at Anthony wheie he wav sought in connection with a seriet- of robberies. Lawrence—^Four deacons and tliree elders were ordained here last night at the seventy-eighth annual Methodist conference. The deacons were Elmery Davis. Gardner; J. Wilbur Kadley. Michigan Valley; Charles L. Harder. Coming, and George L. Taylor, Pomona. Those ordained as elders were William G. Hattford. Admire; John J. R Held. T>-ro, and Lorenct Rapltr. Eudorp,. Topeka—Harold Davey, 36, wa^. killed here yesterday as he siepped from the path of a freight trail in front of a Rock Island iJassengc; ti-ain. He lived on* an island in the Kaw river went of here. PREACHER PRESENT.S ALIBI Indlanan Claims lie Wan Plunnine Trip at Critical Time. Totals. 7 dathoUc—13 FG S. Zyskow-skl, f. ..! 0 A. Zyskowski, f 0 Bixby. c 3 CPlaherty, g 1. Grant, g 1 FT 0 0 0 2 1 -Totals , 5 Referee—Smith, Pittsburg teachers. Muncle. Ind., Mar. 31. (AP)—An alibi was presented today In behalf of the Rev. ,G. Lemuel Conway, Methodist minister on trial on the charge of attempting to attack Mis' Helen Huffman, 18-year-old Sundav ."school teacher. William Ridgeway testified that on the afternoon of December 29 he and several others sat with the p accused pastor in a local plumbing 2 shop and discussed plans for a hunting exiJcdition. Miss Huffman previously had testified tliat it was on this same afternoon the minister had Invited her into his automobile and had taken her int* the country where he attempted to attack her. •F Ridgeway recalled that he and 0 the minister were in the plumbing 2 shcp from 2:15 until 3:15 p. m. 3 Miss Huffman said the minister 3 took her into his car about 2:3.) 3 p. m., drove with her ten miles into the country and returned her to 11 i the city about 4 p. m. WORK ON TWILIGHT BLEACHER Small Stand Beih; Erected in Rear of Backstop, TliP erection of the small bleacher which is planned to seat ap- prbjiimately one hundred Twilight league fans for Aie price of 5 centi w-a| .begun yesterday. Tlie stand will be placed directly behind hnm Ijlate at the park on the Kirk smelter grounds. Itew,fences along the foul lines fia4 a new • a:i]d higher backstop have nlready been completed and painted. Newspapers are contributing daily to the stimulation of thought and the upbuilding of human knowledge. Cincinnati—Just to show the boys and girls what an easy time they have now, the University of Cincinnati News dragged out some of the rules of Salem college, at Winston-Salem, N, C back In 1772. For instance: '"Baths can be taken only by spo- cln! permission, and at times indicated by the instructors. . •'The strictest order is to be obscn'ed in the embroidery room. "Pupils are never to go out of siglit or hearing of the instructor when out walking." j' No Beer in Capitol. Washington, March 31. (AP)— The senate adopted an amendment to the District of Columbia beer bill today to block the sale of beer in any federal building including the Capitol at Washington. HOOKS 11 and SLIDES BY BILL BRRUCHER Race Track Law J^ECIC.N'T Tfconl reoulpls at Hla-' drvel Cox's Kansas-Missouri-Pciji Islands middleweight wrestling championship is still in his hands but he proi^bly lost every friend he had in the house as a result of the way he cuffed our Bull Hemr in defending the crown in VL W. A. hall last night. As another result it may be necessary for MTi Henry to leave off the golf knickers he has been sporting the past few spring days in favor of. pajamas. He was stretched out on a dressing room table as the' crowd passed out of the hall last night.. i'he main bout which went to Coyi on two falls out of three ended one of the liveliest evenings of the grunt season here. Eggs Melton and Clyde Atwell—also Hans Sheban, the German Ox—provided their portion of the mo\'ements in the first skirmish which went to' Melton in two falls out of three. After Henry had won the first fall against Cm. in 17 minutes with a body pin, the latter started immediately upon the job of regaining his grasp upon the coveted K. M. F. I. crown. Bull was just starting to rise from the canvas aftei; gaining the .decision wlicii Cox, ah:eady on "his feet, kicked the Bulldog in the mouth. Boos for Cox. Henry slumped to the canvas and a volley of boos «£olled in the di- rectlpn of Cox. It seemed that everyone in the hall disproved of tile act. Promoter Mike Chacoma stormed into the ring and ordered Cox into the dressing room. Bull W.1S able to make his way to his dres.sing quarters, although considerably befuddled. 1 A ringslder chlded Cox before he departed and the Fredonlan offered to take him on. Tlie ringslder apparently had no desire for the honorable K. M. F. I. crown. Many of the spectators may have been alarmed at the oven act but in the dressing room of Cox he and the promoter and referee were quietly discussing the wcatlier and the pmspe'cts for a peach crop. On the other side Henry was recuperating. The unsclieduled attack on th • Bull may have caused his downfall. At ! It started it. After abouc. six minutes of the second round Cox shoved Henry out of the ring. It took the Bull until the thirteenth count to get back into the square and shortly thereafter, a butt in the middle area from Cox evened the count in falls. The lolan was all in or but, as the case may be. Bull Throws llimselr. B'.it he came back for more and leah rac* trnrk, Florida, can be used «•(•]] to show liow ollipr states' would pront. The tntal bet on horse roce.s during: -13 days was SS,03.'!.64,'?.; Flor'tla. taking 3 per cent, got ^ $2-)l-.50.29. In addition the state' took S50,T.5,S.2" in taxes on adniis-j si'ons and SIC.614 in OiTupational . ta.xes on employes, making the tot "ar .state profit S30S,.=i31. { « * • Niot Much in Ohio ; vAMONG the iiumerous bills Ohio' was considering was one by ^enat^r Emmons which provided: that tlie track could take IS'i per: cent of the money wagered, the ' state taking 10 per cint of the \ track's profit. With a meeting lik'.' i that at Hialeah, the track would _ take Sl,f>04.330^, The state's 10 pe-:- ^ cent of this would be 5100,433. .\ : County Gets $3000, ditTcrent .Mory from Aat in Flor-. g.\l,Tl.MORE county, "in DID YOU KNOW THAT— A MON(; the namrs of the wlnnPF .s in .\ew York'.') (;o!<Ipn (ilovfts tournament were these; Jimmy Siclari, Harry Mangano. Jack 'Ba.'iili- (0, l.oul.s Siipo. Leonard del Cenio. Kichard C'abpllo, Trip Collaro. Joe FiTroiie,- Joe PrcHli, Tony Juliano. Henry l!al!-amo, .Ale.x Valo . . . and nil ye.-!, tliere was a guy named r.ilrirk O'Coin .K 'll. too. . . . For the tirst time in V!< yoais, Joliii .McCiraw missed spring training this year. . . . Tlieie are tliree Cook Broili- crs in professional liockey . . . Bill and Bun on the Hangers, and Bud on tlie Bruins . . . Tommy of the Blaokliawks i.s not related. His strength was not lasting, however, and after trying a number of times to obtain a hold on Cox for an airplane spin he finally fell backwards with Cox on top of him and with that theFredoman picked up his battle scared crown and departed for home. Ege^ Melton and Clyde Atwell put on their expected show in the opener but an added attraction which was not advertised was present in the person of Handsome Hans Shebart, the German Ox. 'on a permanent tour from Amsterdam. Shebart earned his pass—and earned it well—by officiating the Melton-Atwell conflict. The Ox handled the unruly Atwell deftly, untangling him fron: uncalled for situations by grabblni; an enr, hair, or neck and spinning Cumbei-some Clj-de across the canvas, following which he would dust off his hands. Much of the dust had settled in the rUig since the last show two weeks ago. Ox Into the Melee. On only one occasion did She bart lose command of the situation At that particular time Melton failed to cooperate with the Ox, grabbing Hans's feet while Atwell grappled his head. The Amsterdamlan was carried acrn,ss the ring and the tiio went out through the ropes Aft^r a few .moments of indecisioi. on the floor. Umps Shcbait crawl c(l back in the arena and the priii- rlpnl.s followed: Atwell and Melton both put on their usual li\ely scrap which iho fans relish. Melton won the fall in 14' -J minutes with a pin- body phi—and Atwell took the second with some sort of wheelbarrow clutch. Melton s head was periien- dicular on the floor, Atwell had both of Eggs's hands and Clyde was boring his foot between the lolan's shoulder blades in the manner which the strongmen use in tightening the ropes of the ring:. Melton ncn the third fall and match in .some five minutes with another oody pin ' Previous to the start of the show. Forest Runer. lola, challenged AU ,well to a go in the near future and •the same was accepted. F)60RES Wt5 PHILS Like nearly every other "big league manager. Burt Shotton of the Phillies, Ls faced with obtaining at least one good pitcher. ^ Last yc^ar the lowly Phils electrified the old league by getting up and staying within striking distance of the pennant for a time. During one home stand with the pitcher.'; functioning a.s they should, they won 20 out of 24 games. But the team .slumped to flntsh the season fourth, largely due to poor hurllnfc-. Shotton has plenty of good stick work with Chuck Klein, Don Hurst. Hal Lee, and (ihuck Fullis around. And he has one of the best shortstops cf all time in Dick Bartell. Give him one good pitcher and he'll again make the Icaijue sit up and take notice. HITLER'S MEN DETERMINED TO START BOYCOTT (^ontinueU From Pare One) ! 8ul general, complained to police authorities, who expressed deepest regret. The pifitol wielding storm trooper was held for trial In summary court. The civilian, not a Nazi, also was held. j In I carrying out the boycott Sat- lirda^-, all Jewish employes of Jewish stores and business ofBces in Berlin will be summarily dismissed at 1() a. m. by order of Nazi leaders. Employers will be required to pay gentile employes two months* sal- Sries in advance. Atj3 p.m. all employes of Jewish businesses are to cease wotk and meet! outside their places of employ- meni to protest against the boycott of (jjerman goods abroad and reports of persecutions here. _ LONE ELM NEWS (Mrs. Bessie Penland.) Mar. 28.—Mr. and Mrs. John Butler accompanied Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Wilson to Blue Mound on business Monday. Mr. Wilson sold his big horse team. The'Happy Day Achievement club met nil day Tuesday with Mrs. Luna May Newlon. Frank Booth delivered a truck load of com to Ted Penland Mon- appeared about as liwly as evccJ-*''*''' Bob Dicky plowed for, Clarence Penland Monday. Mrs. Clarence Penland, Mrs. T. E. Small, Loella Klooz, and Lester De- Poe accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Claude Perrj' 4 .0 Arkansas City for the week-end, returning Sunday night. Mrs. Small remained for a longer visit with her children. The rural schools of this township met here for the elimination "THEATER OF "THE STARS" LAST TIMES The lola Federation of Women's - track contest Tuesday afterhobn. The county rural track meet will be Saturday. April 1. Several were absent from school last Friday on account of bad weather. Ruth Main and Oleta Fraizer were shopping in Kincaid Saturday afternoon. Frances and Myrl Brown spent Sunday with relatives at Mont Ida. The tr\out for the musical scholastic was held Tuesday afternoon. Tomah. Wis.—Not having funds for veterinarian to attend his sick chicken. Arthur Kress and his friend, Morton Robertson, slit open the fowl with a knife, extracted a wad of hay that was causing the trouble and sewed the incision with silk thread. That was more than two weeks ago. The chicken is doing nicely. INDEPENDENCE Mar. 28.—Dr. E. R. Belderwell of Bird! City, Kas., and his father, Rev. S. F. Belderwell of Baldwin, Kas.; came by aeroplane to sioend Monday night with Dr. Belderwell'." father-in-law and mother-in-law Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Ayres. Dr. Bied- envcU /'took pff' early this morning (Tuesday) for Des Moines, Iowa and Chicago, - 111., pertiaps going into Ohio for a short visit before returning to his home. He is driving a nev- blue and orange plane, and his landing in a meadow nearby the Ayers. home brought this, "neck 01 the woods" quite a thrill, as airplane landings here are still out of the ordinary. Mr. and Mrs. John Myers entertained Simday with a birthday din- nar in honor'of the birthdays of Mrr. Lloyd. Bybee and Marguerite Myers. The guests were: Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Bybee and family. Mi-, and Mrs. Ray Myers and children. Marguerite and Gertrude Myers. Afternoon callers were: Mr. and Mrs. Roy Martin and family of Moran. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Weast and family of Parsons. Mrs. A. L. Martin and Mrs. Ralph Martin and Billy called on Mrs. Lloyd Bybee Wednesday afternoon Mr. and Mrs. Fred Muer and small son Gary, were Sunday dinner guests at the home of Mrs. Muer's parents, Mr. and Mi's. J. F. Funk. Mrs. Charles Kohler of Golden Valley, was a Monday afternoon caller on Mrs. L. A. Aycrs. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Bromagcm have received, announcements of the birth of their first grandson.. Tiic young man arrived on the 23d, at the hoine- of Mrs. Myrtle Savage in Bartlesville. Okla. Mr.; and Mrs. Leslie Larson were Sunday dinner guests of Mrs. Larson's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ed McVcy. Mrs. George Alumbaugh called on Mrs. Lloyd Bybee. one morning last week. Mrs. J. F. Funk received a letter from her cousin in California telling of the earthquake. She said the chickens and other fowl were terribly frightened, causing the hens to lay soft-shelled eggs. Mr. L. C. Sarten is busj repairing his farm buildings, coming out to the farm each day from his home on the N. C. Kerr place. ON THE ALLEYS \ Men's Dotibles. Matney 181 197 Poust 144 199 Totals -.325 396 Sutton .115 153 Clemans ISO 236 Totals 295 389 • -i Humes 199 200 Willis 177 174 210 588 166 509 376 1097 180 448 205 621 385 1069 170 569 158 5(17 326 107;6 108 430 192 518 300 948 Tonight. Patterson and Corr vs. Bnster and Northrup. Totals 376 374 Mittelbach 178 144 Reuther 165 161 Totals .. ...343 305 IQLA, KANSAS B88g8BBg il Jilii 'illlll '5 •0^ Traininy Camp Notes iTampa, Fla., March 31. (AP)— Either Eppa Rlxey or Slla.s Johnson win pitch the opening game against the Pittsburgh Pirates April 12. Rlxcy seems the favorite. Eppa won. only five games laut ytiw, and four were from the Pirates. The probable batting order in the .sea.son opener: Morrissey, third bdse; Grantham, second base; JBot- tomley, fhrst base; Hafey. left field: Moore, center field; Lombard! catcher; Rice, riglit field, and b«- rocher, shortstop. 'I 1 ELM CREEK (AUce Ptovancha.) Mar. 28.—Mr. and Mrs. Jason Sherrill were Sunday callers at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Sherrill. J. S. Overmeyer who cut {his foot sometime, ago is now able to get aroimd and put his shoe on. Mrs. A. T. Baker and daughter Irene called at the Lee Hamilton home S\mday afternoon. I Mr. and Mrs. J. 8. Overmeyer called on Mr. and Mrs. J .!o. Ross of lola Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Lafe Conover'called on Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Sherrill Simday evening. Mrs. Shiply Is helping Mrs. G. W. Barker while she Is on the sick ll^t. P. E. Provaricha called at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Schiefelblne. ^rs. Ralph Sherrill and 'children spent Friday with Mrs.. Floyd Sherrill: Mrs. White and Mr. and Mrs. Shiply were callers at the G. Barker home Sunday. John Lamb Jr., Winifred Ballji, Colleen Call, Donald John.son, Norma Russell, Mr. and Mrs. E. non, • and Mr. and Mrs. IC. Can- Howard Know the leading citizens of-the world by patronizing your city library. TODAY! Here's the New Deal in Entertainment! HIT AFTER HIT—WEEK AFTER WEEK Clnbs Presents. GEORG E i ARUSS THE KING'S VACATION with Dick I^Dwe», racricia Ellis mSSOURI PACIFIC ASKS AID ilia. which I — t!ie Pimlica track is; located, ; • • • : takes an additional $.10 (iO a day .•^'oOUt Maryland ^ i fiom the track operator, which J^JARYLA.ND has the stiffest law | K'^'e--; track a S9ij00 license nut rn*efi W( the addition the state would take IJ;.^ , ^ per cent of the operator's proiii. • Other States •What would the' operator's profit-' T.V Illinois ami; Kentucky the • -*• tmc-ks pay a daily tax of S2500. Kentucky he on an; SS.OOO .OfiiJ meeting? A con-. ••• tmc-ks pay a dailv tax of S- servative estimate would be :sS00,-;In Kentucky the track takes 10 per O't -3, of Which tlie state would take Scent of the money wagered, in Ilfi- " ••• - jnois 6'i per cent, and in Mary- 9120.000. "Add'tlic S120 .000 fo the 1270.000 and yo i get g39Q,m • I land 5 per cent. Road Files Petition for Reorganization Under New Law. St. Louis, Mar. 31. (AP)—The Missouri Pacific Railroad company today filed in federal court a petition for reorganization to prevent a receivership, stating that it owed $40,589330, due tomorrow and within 30 days, and was without fimds to pay the obUgatlons. \ The petition, so far as known here. Was the first; filed imder the new federal bankruptcy law, designed to give railroads a "breathing spell" without the requirement of receiverships. I Judge C. B. Paris issued an order approving the petition and directing that the present management continue to pperate the property, piend- ing further order of the coxut. The petition also names affiliated jlnes, the New Orleans Texas & Mexico Railway company, and the Intemational-Qreat Northern Railroad (jomgi SATURDAY! 1:30-3:30-7:15-9:15 An Action Thrill : Show for the Whole Family! Admission TO ALL OF ACTION . CAR V L LI N C O L N TOM TYLER "Clancy of the Mounted^ NOVELTY "B.\BE O* MINE" MICKEY MOUSE "Birthday Party" THEATTR STARTS SUNDAY! The Sensation A Nation! Timed fo^fhe Second/ Inspiring! Reveallngl Prophetic! !nh A LANDMARK il yl Dramaficf ating! Swift! ERTAINMENTl Wade and baby were callers at the home of Mr. and Mrs. P. jE. Prp- vancha and family Sunday. ; Maiy Leek called on Aleent Baker Sunday. | Elm' Creek has two newj piiplls this Monday, Daramls and 'Weridall Steward. ' : Mrs. P. E. Provancha called oji Mrs. Newman Crowell Friday morning. • Mr. and Mrs. George 'Wills called at the home of Mr. and Mrs. iGeorge Balla Thursday. i Mrs. Newman Crowell has been on the sick list the past week, j Mrs. W. S. Drake very pleasantly entertained the A. C. club with an all day meeting. Piecing quilt blocks was the work of the day. A bountlT- ful dinner was served at noon, which all enjoyed. The roll call was a "Joke." A Bible verse is to jbe th<; next roll call. At the close }of the meeting a shower was given Mrs; Pearl Neimeyer Hart. Those present were: Mes.srs. G. T. Crowell. Johnson, Morrison, Rose. H. Remsberg, Neimeyer. Reece. Bliss. F. E, Provancha. E. L.' Provancha. Rogers, Wade. Wlcklund.'Roedel. Hart: and! Misses Irene and Martha Neimeyer;; Hazel Benton. Clarine Johnson and. Mr. Wavne Bliss; Beth Remsberg. Junior Wlcklund. ! New Orleans—The 'Big Five" of tli 'J Cle^-eland pitching staff 's' ready. 'Wesley Ferrell, ace of them al!. and Mel- Harder showed their fitness yesterday by holding New Oilcans to five scattered hits in the Indians' 2 to 0 victory. Clint Brown Willis Hudlhi and Oral Hildebrand had won Manager Pcckihpaugh's "O. K." earlier. IJOS Angeles—If you ask Manager Charlie Grimm, he'll tell j-ou one • of the wisest Cub winter moves waa . thfe acquirement of Harvey Hen- .\ drick. Hendrick can play first base or the outfield with equal ability and •' may get a chance at both Jobs dur- • Ing the coming campaign. He subbed for Grimm this spring and probably will be sent to KIW Cu>-- ' ler's outfield post until the latter • recovers from his fractured ankle. San Francisco—For the first time this spring training season, all hands are up, lively and well in the White Sox camp. "Mule" Haas, the last of the casuals; joined the team in action against San Francisco >Tsiprday but the- White Sox lost the decision, 7 to 3. West Palm Beach, Fla.—Jack Knott the new pitcher acquired by the! St. Louis Browns, 1:;; setting a ,pre-season pace that indicates he m.iy be a shining .itar In the B.'-ownie galaxy thLs year. He has allowed only one run in 16 I'nnlngs pitched in exhibition games, and his last 15 innings have bce'.i shutouts. Bradenton. Fla,—The Infield prcb- lein'.of the St. Louis Cardinals remained unsolved today as the team moved back toward Its home base after breaking training camp here. Manager Gabbj- Street apparently intends to do more "cxfjerimcnt- ir.g":ln games to be played alon;; tl'.e route to St. Louis. He announced another change m the lineup,for the game against Oglethorpe university this afternoon. Homsby Will be permitted to rest, with Adanis going to second and Wilson back to short. Fiisch again will be at third base. Milwaukee, Wis.—It was just a big joKo to James Murphy, when he was brought before Judge George Shausrhne.ssy in municipal court, "Something tells me. Judge." he explaiiied, "that the house of cor- rccti6n boiler Is on the fritz again. I'm a- bollermaker and every time they heed, me at the workhouse they send out word to picJt me up for bejng drunk."The judge nodded and said L "That .should take about 90 days, and see that you do .1 good job." The Rebirtii of A NoHon I WALTER HUSTON, KAREN MORLEY. FRANCHOT TONE, ARTHUR BYRON. DiaiE MOORE Directtd by GREGORYi lA CAVA If You Miss it, Yot^ Miss a Lot i NOTE—By special arrangement with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, lola patrons will see this tremendous show day and date with flrst-mns in New Yoric, Chicago, Kansas City, and 20 of the country's largest cities! MIDNIGHT PREMIERE SAT^11:30 3 DAYS NO AI^ANCE IN PRICES ENDS TONIGHT- ^Plcture-Malcins Sensation! - — iicii |ft/|>i>cu niteit irt^auea finance: faced the dazzling spotlight of pub- lie exposure! | • . PLUS—Harry .Sweet in "Heave Two," two reel comedy—"Timble Down Tow^i," Cartoon. SATURDAY ONLY, Something New on the Screen! THE laNO A "Werttm" drama siaacd in a small Icinadom of Europe IA travel- ins Wira West show gets mixed 5 up with bloody politics—and the smashing drama and hilarious fun never lets up. IT'S SENSATIONAL I With Mickey Rooney, Stuart Holmes, Noel Francis and others. PLUS—Clark and McCnllough in "Jitters The Butler"—IVQck- ey Mouse in "Bnildhig a Building"—3rd Chapter of "The Wliispering ShadoW—'^Latest News Eevent." SUNDAY AND MONDAY—

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