The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on October 19, 1933 · Page 3
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 3

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 19, 1933
Page 3
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UUMBL mumm* IOWA, aefdtttfi is, PAGE THREE EMAITCHESS __ Ghtrm fit tftJB sfeMolFt fcfroLtSH ctAss o*» MAi&ttitft Mt&tt icttewt,. Initiation Tonight for Girl Reserves * t>nblic initiation of new Girl Reserve members will be held Thursday evening, Oct. 19. at 7:30, at the Community building. The Initiation will etplatn the insignia ot the organization and Us significance and the code and its application to everyday living. The theme chosen this year as Ihe basts of the Girl Reserve program la "Ships" and this particular program will be "Passports" or the pledge given by new Girl Reserves. Surprises It has . been rumored around that the first grade teacher has something up her sleere and there are a few who think it is something pertaining to Hallow* e'en. When a person walks into the primary room he is immediately surrounded by a fairy tale atmosphere of Hallowe'en. There arc pumpkin faces, black cats,, ant a number of different things •which the children have made. They made very attractive Jack-o-lantern booklets to take home this week. They are all very glad to have Danny Zanders back with them as he has been absent for two days with a cold. The visitors this week were Margaret Rlggins and Mrs. Joe Conner. School spirit! It realty ineatw something. Now that basketball is almost here everyone is taking that rah! rah! rah! oat of moth balls. Why was it ever hidden? M.H.S. is our school! Everyone should be enthusiastic for It in all of its divisions. The school board and faculty are working to the best of their advantage for each pupil. Our teachers would not prefer a cheer in odd minutes but it is their greatest desire to cooperate with each and every Individual. Why should new material be added to the equipment of oar place of learning If the present things are not appreciated? Everyone should show his appreciation and should raise thanksgiving that today it is not necessary for a scholar to acquire his education by a dwindling fire after completing a hard day's labor as was demanded from the great man, Abraham Lincoln. Why So alt tft* seniors have ch a sour , safcastlc expression en their faces? TM reason is easily guested — - it's examination -free* _ a critical period (to most of us). _ English literature test wasn't The Home Economies girls I so bad but wait rttll _we come have been studying table man- staggering down the ck rtep. ot When the aroma was assailing last rose of summer after a heavy nostrils Thursday around frost. So pale and droopy. fwho checked her book* and left* oar fair school. It i* said that Pearl is planning on being the other party of a. twosome within & short time. Etiquette Studied by Cooking Class The schoolhouse Is becoming quite popular with animals. (Don't get me wrong). No count has been taken of numerous dogs. rats. mice, and various other animals finding; their wayj our 11:46 we found it to be the little freshman girls cooking their Mlgg DM klndljr re _ Momef , Jackson when breakfast. (Do they get up ^ at « otun g down notes to please copy late often?) Table conversation J he &)ttect tnlng down first so **£ 'S^ S* ' —'"1 tt - *'» b6 »° tteed ° f ShakInB Miss SchBlkle aske nne d fc d , ft fln attempt to Waller how their cinnamon bread le °« ge the etfoti , t , ookg 8g was. Atmelta was raving about |«««* ho* good It was wheft suddenly she happened to think that she made it. Did the girls laugh? Just ask them! Had you happened to look out some desks might need If anyone sitting on the front in civics or tJ. B. history class feels a tremendous vibration do not become frightened Freshman Newt Attention 1 Special note should be taken of the editorials appearing in Em- attchess from now until the last of November, since all the members of the staff are to air their desires to be columnists by writ- ng editorials. The one with the lest style and subject matter will lie chosen from the group and published in the paper. Of those published the best will earn for its writer a valuable prize given by The Malvern Leader. of the south assembly windows . j j Jlm geckwlth jump Thursday morning you would' B0 have seen the Home Economics girls posing for a picture. Miss DvHcklKIfS «•** • . jLTUtm tf vuiito *^*4»«««* ww**w T ^ •* been wonderful from the exela. , ook , ng at lhe worW through ros mations of delight heard In the do)ore d glasses or did she wea assembly. Here's hoping they are theffi mere j y to pro tect her eye his seat trying to snatch a "few flies to add to his collec tlon of wild game. Does Jennie Edlund believe In good. Can you guess the reason for the Ohs and Ahs coming from the freshle's section the past week? Teats of course. In Latin II it is a good thing the pupils do not express their opinions on test day or we would •urely pity Miss Nervlg. Who, oh who, was the freshman boy who came into the assembly late Monday noon wearing a jacket due to torn trousers? While wandering through the ^classroom my imagination wan•• and I try to imagine Buddy Ml »°k!»»Wpg to .Florence men. SJBelen {Haaselqnlst without burly hair, fc; Evidently Stella Jane Dyke is Tising the senior girls as high example, the way she watches some •of them. Fourth Graders Indulge 'in Tests During Patt Week Those receiving 100 per cent in spelling last week were: Shirley Bacon, William Baer, Ruth Clark, Dwayne Bennett, Anna M. Frailer, Malcolm Campbell, Evelyn Kelao, Billy Cardwell, Betty Knight, Robert Chamberlain, Babs Randerson, Bobble Pinkie, Sylvia Smith, Dewey Green, Elisabeth Trlvely, John Slothower, Malcolm Stogdlll, Voc. Ag. Class Attends Demomtration at Holdens On Wednesday of last week the animal husbandry class went to the Holden farm west of Malvern to attend a demonstration instituted by Mr. Qualfe, an agricultural extension agent, on "Peed Rations." The object of the experiment was to show the advantages of different feed combinations in regard to swine raising. The complete results ot the experiments and demonstrations may be found under the Farm Bureau news. Th«, fourth »r« ',toWn» ~ " " Fifth Grade Surprises Miss Conboy with Progam Due to the suggestion of Carolyn Boebner the fifth grade pleasantly surprised Miss Conboy by a musical program given Friday morning. The program Is as follows: Piano solo, "The Joy of Living," Shirley Walker. Song. '!Ooin«jCamping," Oaro- from the bright light? in. or did they find their way In? j nn tslU\-e." These boys couldn't have brought hem in, Teh Teh! Manraret {Machine-Gun) McCormick has such Interesting; con- ersatlons with Rob Wilson about Oswald and Obedlah (pet chickens) that she is Rettinp quite exasperated over Interruptions from faculty members. The inevitable happened the other day. It was Just remarked last week that no seniors had been sent to Mr. Davlson and what happens? A popular senior boy was very coldly requested to leave the assembly and stay In Mr. Davlson's office until further commands. However, Jamie came to history class, a little late, but none the worse for the wear. Episodes A kitten arrived at school the other day escorted by Jim and Jamie, Miss Walker didn't fancy Boxing Instructor: "Now have you any questions yon want to ask?" (after Riving: Daniel Myers his first lesson). Daniel Mpyers (he appeared the next day at school with two very black eyes): "T«». ho* much Is your correspondence course?" Jim Cardwell: "Well, I've passed the Latin test." Boh McCormiek: "Honestly?" Jim Cardwell: "Don't be so In- Following ts what Mr. Hert* found on one of the exam paper* handed him In civics class Friday: At the beginning of the paper: lx>rd God of Hosts, f« with me yet, Lest I forget, lest t forget. At the end was written: Lord God of Hosts was with me not, For 1 forgot, for I forgot. Why Is "Minnie" Heddlng red the visitor so the erstwhile gen- faced and out of breath when ne I tleman Hurb Benton took the comes dashing into the study hall j kitten out. at 8:69 a. m.? What's the rush? One more minute yet before 9 o'clock —'too need to hurry. SNOOPY SEZ Orchlds Malcolm (Dlm-Wlt) Juelke received an orchid from Allen Wortman for his brilliant column Style Notes The new tad for kittens visit- Ing school Is a 12-inch string tied to the tall and then a hand-towel attached to the string. Charming, quite. Sixth Grade Alas! Six weeks of school has passed and the sixth grade has diligently been reviewing and taking examinations. Many good grades have been received and the pupils are patiently awaiting their report cards, hoping they will be good. writing last week. Here's another Gladys Stidd has enrolled in orchid to you the sixth grade. The class wel- £2!™ ' .comes her and hopes she will like It was a Junior girl this week Malvern. DISTINCTit Our Prices We have kept an accurate record of our business all through the years —good times and bad •— We know what it costs to operate a funeral business. We do not guess at the price of this or that funeral service. This insures' each and every one the same fairness in price. M ansfield alvern CHAMBERLAIN $AVL aid • •write answers to Questions In history. Our language test is about the use of come, came, seen, saw, and other words that we sometimes use incorrectly. Fifth Grade This week the pupils have inem6rized the poem, "Knights of the Air," taken from the Intro- ductlon of their new Bison read- •ers. The fifth graders have completed their contest on the reading of "Casablanca." The result was a tie between the two teams, The first team was composed of Carolyn Boehner, Betty Lou Bar* kus, and Betty Smith; the second, Goldie Cozad and Betty Hatfield. . They are sorry to report that Clarribelle plggerstaff la absent from due to a case of Seventh Grade In reading we have all given our boofc reports for this six ^greeks, We are starting the chap' ter "Passing of Arthur," In spelling those who received 100 per cent are lone Bartholomew, Dartese Bavls, .Martha Ev< aus, Mary Je»n ;Bwing» Doris Jrelsftd, M»r»B Jane Saar. Waiter Smith, Julia Jeane steeje, Itfeel Storey, a&d Irene Waller, W.e all seem to Improving .Jn spelling, jn. ingUsft «e are reviewing yejhs B»4 vwrfe phrases, Bertha Brennlng. ner, accompanied Walker. Harmonica solo, Jane Johnson. Group singing by the entire grade. Normal Training The future teachers have at ast completed their first grade seat work. This week an exhibit of their seat work project is be- ng displayed in the normal .raining room, Everyone is Invited to inspect them. Following the example set by the freshmen (Can you imagine freshmen being shining examples for seniors?) In their English I class, the methods class had a spell down, If they ever are in a spelling contest In the future years they hope the "pronouncer" will be Miss Riddle. An example of what happened in methods: Miss Riddle: "Geneva, spell sentinel," Geneva: "8-e-n*t" (pause), Miss Riddle (thinking so hard that It Just slipped out: "i-n-e-l." "Thanks," says Geneva, Eighth Grade Six weeks tests are in full swing In our grade. Most of them are met with groans and sighs, In music we had a program Friday. Leone Storey read two pofiins by Edgar A- Quest and Mary kouise Juelke played a p}* QUO number, In arithmetic we have finished real estate and, are taking up building and loan associations. Sophomore News Miss Nervlg almost lets Latin U get the best of her when she is really concentrating on it. One morning while reading "Ulysses and Circe," Miss Nervlg called upon Ed Wearln to recite. As she addressed this sophomore she called him Circe, Naturally this caused quite a commotion in this particular class room. While studying Ivanhoe the English II class came upon a character by the name of "Gurth," a swine herder. One of the girls, Frances Brewer, (living In town) asked what a swine herder was; someone , that chases sheep? This caused quite an uproar in the classroom across the -half from the assembly, A certain sophomore handed me tbjs poem to be published: "aeoroetry" I hate to do Geometry, It seems so awful queer; But when H somes to Algebra I have no dread or fear, The proportions are so hard I study half the night; And yet my efforts are in vain For I still am in a plight, I dream of angles 4 and, B, They never let me resU Ajjfl every month my blood rues cold When teacher says "a teat." Oh who the deuce invented it? I'D} sure he must be queer; I the chance to meet h SAVE THIS WEEK Bargains! Barga : ^ No, 2 Opal or Iowa Maid Cut Green Beans 15c 3for 42c s r Tomatoes . . Ajpar . S TRONG-HEAR POOD PRODUCTS featured at The Leader Cooking School NP, S l /a Opal or IOWA M Bartlett Pears No. lor No, a Strpng.Heiurt TO, rua *w to (I'd knack him on his ear) Third Grade receiving 100 per ce»t la the spslilRg test were: Peggy vi», Aivey aim smart, Betty Brewer, Peggy awnsJter JM* HwrVtti. m» tar. luRta? O'dsll, BoUrt ^«iM» rwi »4» m Strong-Heart GRAPE FRUIT 18c » » * * 15° STRAWBERRIES 25c» ™^WB^^^^ ^^PHI^^^ ^^^^^ ind, Malvern

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