The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on October 19, 1933 · Page 2
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 2

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 19, 1933
Page 2
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A* Ste|>t Wbesi Yoor Tia* t* Oot TMfi MALVIRW LEADER ?^E*^^T^£ fptart* whfeJi ros* dropped l**t rammer — W. P. WORtMAft, PqbJahef To»* ttwhTh* Eat*r*4 i» th* Pwft Offk-e at Makers, f-k-es j*' a fsti!*- town, » wg-ad...class . mail.,,matter...... .... ,. ..., v^^"^, sjwwr* think that aey prfw iwprfiv«n*t;t «**ld ii-self felt nntfl th* f>t fh* r*4n<"t?v">s it — si Term* ctf Subscription: PnyaM* ta ti* »** U»* t<> '*** "*- T * NATIONAL EDITORIAL ASSOCIATION Rears! ar» pr!st«4 la Rates OTSFUkT. 1$ <••*» * LOCALS, LOCAtS. it** UA tto *f tit *sy t^jtnrw ***** ' ~ ' "~ Bl9»». t« . Tfc* EDITORIAL i* »A?e wiUtaa; lhan b*f**T*. Wtife^mt doaM a , k>«* reikie** policy Ji*t-e &f<-tif far iBfvr* im the MB** ft p#*re iban its fb* wait **y of all be is tk* «vii*tT if try wiiJj£rawia froa the well v-rotsT* to say, tar 3ws bam t* tie PM<* thas hs* «t- ti«B ft* r>r**pe within tbe p.. And a* to the effect for tt froa *ff«4r by <vm*tr if •She I>abl}f pnrk barrel "*. It wii! be tfc* r. Si. is In s fccfe c»ry a* a re*att of Itst fitMrnsanseEt tir-r; Without doisbt ante** .•fits* iTsSatffTsarr as»s*nres ar* taker: before That, the neat sw- sion of Oa*ress »ill force Jt ^,^5 1t . f rresident. We believe tfcat a f*rta:-! *sicni7:1 of Infia- jjf,. »M2>4 ttstnediately benefit the price situation btit we r*T!T;ot spe iba* inflation will s-olv* all of oor difficulties.. And it dw» sot M*a probable t-hat threat of inflation is spoiling the credit inflation -which some are askir,? for instead of the direct iEor.eT increase. The credit inflation is hampered by the government itself. For the jroveraHieat i* constantly bor- rswinit more money, competes with every private borrower. always disastrously to the private debtor. Xot only i« it most difficult for a private Joan to be negotiated, bat the interest rate is kept at preposterously hiph levels. Should tie government entirely refrain from borrowing money, and should it take ap as rapidly as possible its old obligations, a vast amount of Investment money would be forced out into commercial channels with a resultant lower interest rate and more favorable terms generally. That i« one reason why pnb- lie works, for which the government aiuft borrow money. are of doubtful va'ue in stiran- better time*. Credit for for Bt> kfflger think tosf- ef r^TBTB frfrss our own ft, btrt envy those with federal fob* wfeo are snre of retting paid. We ask not for private help for building community a&d local project*, but federal aid. We no longer oar local governmental alone but a»k federal assistance,. We are. in short, becoming fflore and more dependent «poa help in every endeavor from tbe national government. Even In crime conviction and prevention the federal government ha* been called in. Item: the rrsehel kidnapping case and th* earlier conviction ot Al Capone. Perhaps the most Ironic Instance of all Is brought BS by oar own Governor Herring who. before repeal of th* eighteenth amendment seemed probable, willed loudly tor states* rights in handling the Ilqnor situation, and who. now that repeal i* Inevitable. Is already asking for federal aid in promulgating the states' rights liqBOt control plan. Somehow this atter dependence apoa the federal government seems vastly unhealthy. We admit thai It has been fostered by the whole present recovery program. We are asked to let the government regulate oar businesses, oar crop plant* e a- ment looked to Its border protec- j f aB dj a g pla* of about two Wfffim tlon. OB . otbw s*d* of the world a ^^ !n tj|(ft rejatloc? wrfet M(J JapaB Both the other of bad faith In connection with the agreement dollars. Tb* operation means a saving in Interest cost for the uew issue ot bonds ot some 19 million dollars a year, bat ft meant to Interpreter* of the government monetary Pftllcy that a tidaappteg ett* WIST of Mr. and Jtr*. Ken? and their sestesce of ., earn* a*** from W ton ot a proposal to me a trry prison on an island la Fraseteeo Bay for th« It _ meat of dangeronf. htcorrfg eHtnlnals. Som« "charter" ant*, ft was said, would be Harvey BaJley. Mr. Albeit tad Mr. tfeorte Kelly. FortiH* oVrretopment fn the) vestfgation of the Chicago COBCC^-'iivM «.*-« »— - —s ;T:IWU»^M« MIWM^*<»«^ j""--x T99tl^&vavu w* *.«« ^^uscs^o g for operation of the Manchnriaa c!iatl g e to » cheaper carrency} j^tery of i a «t Oewaber wat' railway. ! ba«« was far distant. I ——-—«— -* -— —.-» * * * * I Whatever the enrreney base will be the news Indicated tinned Mffl th* <*J*rt of controversy, the plan for the adjustment of production of corn and hogs was |/( LF\t U V-V*Vf£* **•> ^ w ,__ --„ ready for consideration by President Roosevelt, Secretary of Agriculture Wallace, and Administrator Peek. The plan Includes a processing tax on hogs of 1C per ponnd to be effective Immediately and an Increase to 1%£ Jan 1, a nroeessing tai on corn not used for feeding live stock, benefits to hog and com prodae- ers agreeing to restrict product tion. The plan contemplates the continued purchase by the government of pork for relief par- poses to as amount equal to present storage stocks. The government purchase ot pork Is expected to brace the hog market antll the first of the year, when the effects of the earlier pig and sow purchases should be felt. The proposed plan Is primarily for a longer time adjustment ot production. The ftrst effect* ot the project of the Department ot Agriculture to smbsldiie export* Of wheat to the orient were protest* from Australia. RepreaeatatiTe* ot «m- "pressnre for the thawing of credit when the RFC announced the pare»a*e of 59 »fl- !loa dollars of new preferred stock of the Continental Illinois bank of Chicago. The money *» to be ased for the expansion ot credit by the bank. The daMow dMtactfoH of being the first employer to be deprived of the Bine Eagle came to the proprietor of a dine and dance establishment at Gary, Ind. He plans an appeal to th* recovery administration for a hearing. A»o«b«» sfeep towaaM the eom- assassination of 6ns who was supposedly about talk. His was the second death of person* ot whom matlon was expected. The longest ships ta oar ate the airplane carriers I*, ton aad Saratoga which are feet long, the distance of three dty blocks. The newly modernized bat ship New Mexico sailed tt Hampton Road*. Va.. recently Caban waters on a ten day trt. lag cratoe. This makes a total i nine battleships which have modernised. ot losing that vitally necessary ability ot caring tor all of those things by themselves. If w« have an automatic government we win have a nation of automatons. is for the tie rinse •of pen all. Jump on Wallace? YT ike 2;{f «il os w* cannot whj- s.-> ttir^r who voted ffif n are We fcnsrtily XF>T-re*rF rr(*ia<*iit"j: fcf?**3 for *{ clitrlty rtrfriJiisaSioiw.- We roaj- n««e4 * lin.le »«Cp Uus* It ;be wins««• *,T>fi iM-T** t-be.y cts raise «<M>nrh T* Tifif- n* hsrd. He is »<--rely the plttf of the administration SES •«>;«: ke 6o«sn's do fh»* rbf r>r«.1s5cjj5 can ve-ry «ai41y ftf MSB. If hf w*:re to .«<o»I«rtm*e i* ATtw «f- TI*MK part of Gen&K&s. She >ifct used peace iwmt«r«jo«» «rt«nsiv«>Jy in sorii effortji. lat* « bin** riai«tiBii in io line. He is rasreJy <-«.rryir,p oat fce prfi|K»«ft<! before jon. We 4ifl DOT vote for ti* {-.hatif f Bar for Mr. tint w* are {rtriB* to inar* tiai -etrai we M« wiuii he cam do. It may 1>* the maiint ot o* last i Uiitt 19 ta BOW tie Deal bas i*>i tbe St i* true that pnw* have £{o>« up «uw- tli*- tews hit etsr- damping the wheat oa markets ordinarily held by Australia, and was contrary to the London wheat agreement. There were echoe* ot the farm revolt when eleven farmers saed for damage* for fate* arrest ia connection with the Denlson incidents la*t spring. And there were continued demands by Mito Reno of the Farmers' Holiday Association that Secretary of Agri- 1 culture Wallace be removed from office, a* well as violent criticism of the agricultural adjustment act. * • • • Commodity aad rxjaitr markets suffered drastic price redactions ;la*t w«*k- Bonds rose in price. 1 In foreign exchange th« dollar! row from abont C3c sold to 6>cj gold. Immediate deralBatton of* • the dollar had become apparently | i remote aad market* which 3»ad j .heavily discounted that develop-j 1 meat were on new prfc* base*. 1 1 ^^^____^_______^__ J ^_— THE FEDERAL UHD BIMK OF OMAHI is making first mortgage, long time, farm loans, with nothing to pay tor five years but Interest at 4ft%. After five year* the interest will be $%, with amortization payments In addition. The Land Bank Commissioner is authorized to make In addition a second mortgage loan at 6% for a* much more a* the security will Justify, nothing to pay hat interest tor three years. All or any part of this inert* gage may be paid at any time. Those needing loans either next spring or sooner should apply at onee through the Mills County National Farm Loan Association If living In Mills County. The application should be prepared la my office. T. Q. Record*, »ec.-trea»», Glenwood, la. NOTICE! A*oM faBaed aaft* that daft minHf* I"****** to jaiftut aJnuaV m bytookinefaftfeiaaealwbonyoubvyr WHEM IT DON'T FAIL -. ** %fA.u^^_w^ Sate waslMi'at 'ptiatfan th* ttmefct ot O»* bempJw gtrtaa XRA office a i-osh frf preji»T*timi for tii* j • <4fw^ fejsT £naS3!y yfifcfly jmd UDIK& • p3ets«fi witi tb* crowd* *f worn- ' ^fl3^6?ii^ ifejn "oxori&j flff. *F'^^ do sict ; yppttHye mfc3« iipegUoiifi aad m»r- • V*!M long w tht skill -irttii wtidi ! alr^e ^^oc S^ocfZtQ* both prccpardd lionifr ew5y, w-eariei ty so nmcto in ffce TO LEARN natclilec* form eoodntif* «f AT. near 1 * Fixed Flaw Star TO ENJOY Anaoor 9 * Ftw»d Flavor all far ** yet or wi*J» ««f*« * riddle cake* or Wfle* » w«rk«a* and pc«ty , girls carrriac pancai<* to, diner*, asd Dr. Tom Gidley prerfding over two grid- dias %ct not fryins fact e»oaeh a*d canstt In tfe* maelstrom was Snio as apron asd wad«d plates, mtHalm deft MiCard, A* ereatty •«*distancing me bat toiii At «s veil ahead of Katirym Beeri, Mr& Sk»tfaow«r» and «aker ard«ft dish wipers asd to a ««ar- prActioe witi Ed Weuia wber* leara*i of xte pUBcinc ,«<i a dark plot t* ^tower rioe «a: jBaaaittfrfe. Broc* Bo«flntnr. Paul: Svnbada and <Rx*en Vmln4 *»r bar «T ti* famed JL3i«wat «to* pm^ew av* *t carxtefl «at «s M»r wswjy retorsBa* Jwaa a anatt- ±o«i* fftHnttntfrTtifr T**f fi*nr^w to •«U«y^ w sn* vat Ta«*w Homer wad 3l*m. D- O- »• a tetwr *»« I Sn fiww «« . «nd O*ARMOUR'S FIXED FLAVOR STAR BACON CSty «• i! 3B7 ^}031cBO|^9& ^t £$ &8£ irwaas maM f«w w* %r «»* ! ffi^ggpjfiftfl ^y $a ypfc INSTANT sTMTiMe LIGHTNING, 'i-.i&M> ^> M ANY people have been prttimhtfc «bo« (ine dtinxs— Goooco Brooxe hw dunged dicRi! dut ins «mt»sd even tbe cynics that claimed oo awH do it! The«nsw« is found In the oew, scientific fooml* to be «a optimist about ^»solwe pcd a, m. •**»•' mnfl !«** • I**WPP| i>ip» tp>*s !«•*• <N«ltMMMar<i 401MM fjir IV IHHsB^^^r '^BIBff - 'flW^s^WMIpp 'W jf I|^BW»P f^jff^^ff ^MHHF «•****»* C ASOLIN >M®tQ&

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