The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on October 26, 1894 · Page 12
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 12

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, October 26, 1894
Page 12
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The Official Records, Showing the Best Baking Powder. The United States Government, after elaborate tests, reports the Royal Baking Powder a pure cream of tartar powder of greater leavening strength than any other. —Bulletin 13, U. S. Ag. Dep. t p. 599. The Canadian Official Tests, recently made, show the Royal Baking Powder highest of all in leavening strength. — Bulletin, to, p. /<*, Inland Rev. Dtp. Royal has the highest leavening power of any powder examined, and is composed of pure and wholesome ingredients. No Other powder gave results so satisfactory. —Floyd Davis, Chemist of Iowa State Board of Health. Hence, in practical use, The Royal Baking Powder goes further, makes purer and more perfect food than any other. ROYAL BAKINfl POWDER I . 106 WALL ST., NEW-YORK. DAILY ASP WEEKLY. ALL HOME PRINT. THE SENTimi. is the only newspaper In Carroll county tbat la printed all at borne and It con- alns more local and counti news tban any otber two papers ID tbls county. POWBBS A COLOLO, Props. FBIDAV, OOTOBHB 26, 1894. PEOPLE AND tVENTS Visit Moore's shoe store. Frank Connelly was at Ogden visiting friends, Patent photograph envelopes for sale at this office. A. U, Quint was at LeMars this week on legal business. PsiiitH, Oils aud Brushes at J. W. Hattou's. M. Miller bas returned to the city after several days' absence. F. M< Davenport was at Odebolt Tuesday on legal business. J. U. Boebing, of Kniest township, was in tbe city Monday. C. A. Daniels went to Chicago Tuesday with a shipment of cattle. Diseases of tbe eye, ear, throat and nose. Dr. O. L. Wright, Carroll. Tbe Union band assisted in the funeral exercises Wednesday of Mr. Todd. Democratic rally at Carroll next Thursday evening, Nov. 1. Diseases of women and children a •pecialty. DR. B. C. KKLLBY, Carroll, la, Insurance, and money to loan on real- estate at 6 per cent. MABTIN & MARTIN. Mr. and Mrs. Htflelfloger.of Stuart, are visiting tbeir brother, U. B., and family. Rev. Father Magber, of Danbury, was in tbe c'ly tbe guest of Father O'Connor. Mr. and Mrs, Macomber left Sunday evening for Chicago to be absent a week or ten days. BOOB & Laugblin are offering tbe lowest prices'on carpets and .oil cloth of any one in tbe city. Miss Ola Griffith arrived in tbe city Friday from Dei Moines where she is attending school. C. A. Mast Is getting ready to begin housekeeping again, bis wife will be back in a few days. Fremont Basom, 'of Pleasant Valley, was in the city Monday and made a pleasant call at tbls office. Superintendent Ament was on the sick lilt several days last week but IB again able to be at bit work. J. B, Kelley and family, of North Goon, were in the city and we ac knowledge a friendly call. Miss Jean Ringer is ia the city for a few days' visit. Sbe bas been living In Omaha for some time past. Clerk! Ksnnebeck issued a marriage license Monday to Philip Motenry and Mary W, Baaom of Pleasant Valley. Bam Klwood, of Bao City, Republican tMdldate tor district Judge, was lo tbe eity Wednesday looking over bJs fences Qor prises M flour are right, suits everybody, give it a trial aud you wil «ome beak to Ibe Yellow front for more W. L. Culberleon returned Saturday from a three week*' trip te Arkan where he wuu looking after private busi- HUM. Joint F, Uuuuombti ut GeUTOli next Thursday Xev. I. Mrs. Muglll, Miss Bllwftuger, Mrs Moore »ud Chas. Ducltuui* left yester- dsy for Dubuque, Mr. Bueknatu ipend a couple of weeks viaitine hia old home until be bad completely regained its health. Wm. Shenkelberg, of Halbur, and bis brother-in-law, Frank Jennings, of Mt. Carmel, were pleasant callers at this office Monday. • State Treasurer Beeson was in tbe city Tuesday night, leaving Wednesday for Dow City, where he was to deliver a political address. Marriage licenses were issued to Oeo. E. Clearwater and Miss Dora N. Butter-, ck and to J. F. Tbelen and Miss Mary Scbulte. of Breda. F. B. Johnson, who has been yisiting tor several days witb bis daughter, Mrs. W. R. Lee, left for bis at DeWitt Tuesday afternoon. W. H. Rickerson, editor of tbe Coon Rapids Reporter, was in the city Saturday. He reports things in a flourishing condition in bis city. Don't fail to attend the Democratic rally at Carroll next Thursday evening, Nov. 1. Mrs. Hanlin, of Newton, Kan., an old friend ot Mrs. G. L. Sherman, was in the city tbe guest of her friend andleft for her home yesterday afternoon, Chase & Banborn teas and coffees were used exclusively oo tbe World's fair grounds, selected for tbeir enperior quality. Bold only by Merchant. Schumacher & Mitts have plenty of tbeir Salt Lake potatoes on band. All parties ordering HJW will be furnished From the car at wholesale prices. The good people of Lake City are worked up as much over the irregularities in tbe postpfnce at tbat place as we have been with tbe pension board. Mrs. J. J. Russell, Mrs. Gallup and Mrs. Harrington, of Jefferson, arrived in tbe city Wednesday for a short viiii with friends. Mrs. Russell will remain several days. Pa Smith, of tbe Scranton Journal, bas only been married a short time and he's advertising for a cook. What's tbe matter, Pa? Does ber cooking give you tbe dyspepsia? Mrs. AnnaT. Bowen.of Washington, D. C., is in the city visiting ber aon George and family. Mrs. Bowen came unexpected and greatly surprised George by ber appearance. H. C. Carpenter, of Richland, was in tbe city Tuesday and favored tbi office with a call. He I* ai old time subscriber and says he could not get along without Trot SBMTUJBL. 0. Bucknam waa down town Tuesday for tbe first time In sevarsl weeka, bavins, been down with a severe attack of tvpbold fever. Charles Is looking quite thin »ad is very weak. Merchant wants you to oall at Ue etorenodose bow few goods 700 can bay for five dollars. Leave yonr aeoka and basket* at borne, bat pat a doable box on yoar eled or wagon. Kx County Treasurer Delaney, now a resident of Iowa City, is bere on business and visiting friends. Mr. Delaney is jusi as enthusiastic B Democrat as ever and was present at tbe rally at Manning. F, Florencourt and wife left Monday afternoon for Charter Oak to be present at the marriage of Willie Fleskes and Miss Anna Simmons. Mr. Fleskes Is a sou of Theo. Fleskes of Mt. Carmel. Tbe sweet dirge played by the Uulou baud «i the Todd funeral i» entitled. "Flue u» u Ulrd," *u(J was generally UQIU- munted on us being one of the *wee.teit pieces of music composed for occasions of tbls kind, The Art Amateur, In its October Issue, expresses a hope, which all art-lover* will echo, that Ibe abrogation of the tariff on plttanumy h« (QU9V«d by an mprovement In the quality of tbe Engish paintings of tbe last century imported into this country. The citieenH of Ft. Dodge have under-, aben to raise a'f 5,000 bonus to secure a canning factory for that city. Our city baa often talked of an enterprise of this kind but nothing of a definite character was ever done\ ' John C. Scbutt, of Evanston, III., is in the city visiting relatives. He is related o tbe Wegner boys. Mr. Scbutt lived in our city about twelve years ago and says bas made quite : an tdvance in appearance since then. Judge Paine and wife ate at Des tfoinea. Mr*. Paine is having in opera- ion perforated upon ber eyes, a cataract having formed on one of. them. We understand they will be absent from tbe city for a couple of weeks. Tbe Republicans of Ibis cityiere arrang ng to go to Manning next Monday to bdnr J. P. Dolliver. They are going down to encourage the brethren in that part of tbe county. They think that "tittle Beo" needs a little outside assistance. J. C. Delaney.our ex-county treasurer, informs us tbat it is his intention to return to our city attain next spring Jwhen he will build himself a home s,nd settle down to spend tbe remainder of his days lie re among bis many friends.. John F. Duncombe, one of Iowa's foremost orators, will address the Democrats of this and the surrounding vicinity Thursday evening, Nov. 1, Mr. Duncomb, is a grand orator and we .are t;s pecially favored by his giving us a dale. John Whitman, of Laurous, a former resident of our county, was In this locality a few days laajt week visiting friends.' He now bas a large farm of about six hundred acres and i'» doing nicely and he says the family are well pleased with tbeir new home. We have made arrangements by which we can fnrninb tbia paper aud the twioe- a-waek New York World all for only *2 a year. Here is the opportunity to get your own local paper and tbe Mew York World twice every week at ex4r»ordi nanly low rates. Address Tn Burn NKL, Oarroll, Ia. The four tough characters that were arrested on suspicion for shooting at tbe brakemen at Grand Junction the other day were taken to Greene county Bun day for a preliminary bearing. JPven if they are the parties wbo did tbe sboetlcK at tbe orakenan because he fired them off tne train Itjwlll be hard to fasten the crime upon tbtm. Oar stock ia eomplete, goods first quality, popular prices. Tbe tariff or ailver bill euts BO figure with as. Don't think beceaes we don't button bole yon on tbe street and beg yoa to trade with oa, we don't want four trade. Wedo, W think yon aie wise enough lo shotss the best place to trade. Reepsotfolly, Erie county, Ksw York, in which i •Ituated the city of Buffalo, will require 3,785,800 ballot* at the election IbU year This extraordinary number it oeeaiMry becauou each of the 910 eleatlon districts will receive 4,000 regular official ballot! and 8,000 constitutional amendment bal lets besides sample ballots and * ent ballots, Miss Ague* Boehbolz, dauffcftur ° John Bucbbol*. of Sheridan loWBi ' died at ber home last Thursday and burled Saturday at Mt. Care)*!- Tb deceased •»» working for Count? B»«order tlelrei during the tlwo tuefupUy w« down witb typhoid fever. Hue va« >«k oo borne a few days ago and in four day afterwards died fronv the dlseafJi which ibe probably contracted while fa tk» ploy of Mr. Heirs*. The negleoj of American by AuericMi p*l«W« aad ici Art Amateur (October) points out, \t no more marked than the contempt ibown V the former for the latter, Bunting in lustration the reply of John Adams to lino*'* first request for permission to make a bust of him: "The age of sonlp- ure and rpatn ilng haa not yet arrived in hu country, and I hope it will be long efore it does so. 1 would not Rivfe a txpenoe for a picture by Raphael or a' tattite by Phidias." Sam Henry, of the Coon Rapids Enterprise, still keeps pouting at TUB BimwBL, We are lorry we ctnnot lease him, for we have surely done our art, but still he refuses'!" be comforted nd bas allowed his simmerlngs to de- eaerate into a regular old woman's scold. So, ta, ta; Sum next time be satis- ied with trying to run lyour own busi- icssanddo not presume Jto dictate to there bow they shall conduct their's and ou will save yourself much needless nabatTMStnent. In other words, keep •our mouth shut andl people will not find out how fearfully ignorant you are n public affairs. Mrs. Quegle is recovering from , the wound she received as well as could be xpected under the circumstances. She ras removed to Wright's hospital last Saturday and a thorough examination of he wound wts made. The result of the nvestteation proved that the ball did not enter the skull but fractured It and had Irivee pieces into tbe brain. Dr. Wright removed the fractured portions of tbe skull and since; then the patient IBS been resting much easier. Then* Iocs not appear to be any 'reason why he will not recover unless complications set in. If she does Alex, ber husband. can consider himself a lucky man, for in he event of her death it, would have one very hard with njm. To show their appreciation of Delos Waldron's efforts in giving the Glidden all .club such- an excellent record, tbe toys 'Snipped in" and purchased an legant "sweater" wbicb they presented him with' an . appropriate acknowledgment. This token ot their regard is lighly appreciated by Delos. No amateur lub.iti Iowa bas a better record than that if the Glidden club under the management of "Cap" Orris. The club is com- iosedofour finest young men and as a result bas received the hearty support of all our people. We hope to see the nine eorganized next year, which it no doubt ill be, as Grill, Page! and Orris will be bere to fill tbeir old positions.—Glidden Graphic. Tne case against Drs. Wright, Gockley md Dunkle Is set for hearing next week it Des Moines, and there Js no doubt that heee gentlemen will be able to clear bemselyes of any criminal charges. It may be that they were negligent in some of their official acts, but their" long residence and high standing in tbe coutraun- ty precludes the belief that they ever en- ered into a conspiracy to defraud the Jnittd States government, or even bought of such a thing, They have labored too long to build up tbeir high rep utation as professional and business men for any one to suppose they would sully, that well earned reputation by any dishonorable act, Dr. Wright bus for wtntv years administered to the wants of thejsick and helpless in this vicinity and bia name is a household word all over the county and beyond, and wherever be s known be has won the highest respect of all. D's. Gookley and Uuukle, while not so well known, stand.equally high among tbeir acquaintances.and it is utter y preposterous to suppose that any one of these men, wbo are classed among our best citizens, bas done an intentional wrong against tbe {government. The smallness of tbe sum involved only tends to confirm the universal belief that while tbe doctor* may have been careless, they certainly were engaged in no conspiracy, and the findings of the court will with, out doubt completely exonerate them from tbli charge, BALLY AX MAMNINO A GUANO 8ooo«aa. Tbe Democrats of Manning and ear rounding ooantry turned odt en mease to BOB. Horace Boise and Hon. Horatio Dale, candidate for secretary of state, discuss tbe issues of the campaign It was a glorious day end tbe enthusiasm of tbe loyal BOM of Demoeraey wan at fever beat. Tbe beautiful eity of Man uing, which be* developed such wonder ful thrift during tbe paat few years did itself prond in paying respect to lowa'e favorite aon, Horace Betas. The bosi noes men, without regard to polities belief, bad taken special pride in deeorat ing tbeir booee and the tri-eolore waived from e hundred euffs and floated froan nearly every bouae In the buslnasa part of the city. When tbe delegate! from Oarroll, beaded by ibe Union band arrlv ed at tbe depot it *a§ met by the com mlttee and tbe Manning baud joined with the Union band and ssonrte< the visitors to tbe hall. All along tbe line of march Ibe streete were pack*'* and tbe visitors received a perfect uvailon On arriving at the hull it wue found to be packed to ite fttllent oapaoity and w w») more standing oo the sidewalk and in the street. The, Qarroll visitors were given Beats ou the «tuge <""1 ware vaj >y Not le« than a tuous*uil w«ra paeked in tbe ball and bad it bave b»ea tvio* a* large it would kftve bean a»«d' Aa looked over the v«at au4i»uo» we oouU not Mp vat think tbat tbe wame spirit at was ajiv« to tke iwose trf ttt* vftf* FORTY niLLlOri CAKE5 YEARLY, THE PROCTER ft GAMBLE DO, WMTt, >y their voles the verdict of, tuu nation waa that MeKinleyism wae doomed. When Qov. Boies was introduced to he audience by Douglas Rogers, chairman ot the meeting, be received snob a welcome tbat could not help bat cheer him with the belief that his four years as xeontive of onr state had made many oyal supporters in Oarroll. county. Tbe ddreei of the governor was greeted with applause. 80 plain and convincing were hie arguments tbat tbe Demoorata of this nation were deserving of the enp- »ort, that he made every man woman and ihild feel proud to know that they* bad be honor of belonging to tbat great em j of patriotic, nnealfleh people who are pledged to work and vote for 'the interests of the plain people of this country. le eeverely r arraigned the leaders of the Republican party for going up and down tbia country telling the people bat the nation wee going to the. dogs teeaaae Cleveland was president. and wtb branches of congress were Democratic. He aaid he charged MoKinley," Reed and Harrison with uttering a false*- lood when they say tbat the Democratic party is responsible for tbe panic and nd'ostrial depression of this country, aod more, thef know they eie telling a false- lood when they eay so. He .entreated tbe Democrats to be oyal to tbe party, for good times were sure to come, for they were now rapidly an the way, no matter what party ia in K>w«r, acd be,did not want the Repnb- loans to ateal tbe credit for their return, or they are not intitled to it. H. F. Dale made an addresa full of ife and entbueiaem, which was well received by the voters of Warren township nd tbe visitors present. In the evening the party .arrived in Oarroll but tbe train waa late.only leaving birty minntea until the east bound train waa due. The governor'and Mr.'Dale were escorted to the court house by the ooal committee aod in a twinkling the arge auditorium was filled witb entbuei- asMo admirers of the governor, i Bon. M. W. Beach introduced bim to the audience. H« delivered a ten minute talk and was compelled to atop for want ot irae. Mr. Dale waa then introduced by Governor Boies and talked'about five minutes and then hastily departed for the train. The Oarroll Union band did fine work and were complimented on all eidee for heir appearance and tbe music they 'nrniebed The day wss a grand one and will long be remembered by tbe Democracy of Warren township. MABBIHD. At tbe residence of tbe bride'a parents near Oarroll, Wednesday, Out. 17, 1804, Ofaarles 8. Farrer and Mine Flow E Thompson weie joined iu marriage, Rev. Wm. B. Thompson officiating. A goodly oumber of immediate friends and ralativaa were present to witneeetbe nuptials of this worthy couple and by their good cheer added neat to what even otherwise waa a moat enjoyable oeeaeion. Mr, Farrer is a young man of excel ant character and industrious habits. Bia borne ia near Moville, where, witb hie father, he is extensively engaged In faming and tbe oattle trari*. He may opoot himself fortunate in having seeured as the sharer of hie joye add sorrows so estimable a companion. For a oumber of yeare ber borne baa been near Oarroll, whereby ber amiable queliiieesbe bee drawn to bereslf many friends eaweg both old sod yoang. May many days of oesful happy life be given them. Toaaday evening Ibe larsje residence of Mr. and Mm. A. W, Fatteraon was filled to overflowing with a jolly erowd of their friends. About one hundred were present to en jo? tbe BB»ue»meete of the* •veoiog wbleb, oanslaled of atoeic, games and dancing. A platform bad bean wd on tbe aoatb aide of the boose and was beautifully lighted by aleotrio lights. Eferswysr'sorohaalre furnished the music. Notwithstanding tha lateness of tbe season the pUt'orm dauoe was greatly enjoyed. Pellghtful refresh weuls were served early in (he evening Mr. and Mrs. Patterson and their two ao oomplisbsd daughters proved themselves vharwiug antorleinarB and made all f*e i>* bum* who partook of tbeir bospl Ulity. . ile in onr oily applying to the court 'toi ' have their troubles settled and their mar riage contract annulled. So nameroua bad become these rumors that Wednea- ay a reporter called at the olerk'a of- ioe and ezamiOed the divorce record. The following eases were ob file f6r bearing at .the coming term of ooart which convene* next Monday: , > Wood vs. Wood, of Andnbon. " ,. Carlisle va. Carlisle, of Manning, Woodward vs. Woodward, of Shane va. Shane, of Coon Rapids. Moraoh va. Moraoh, of Manning. Risk vs. Risk, of Oarroll. Piokell vs. Piokeir, of Coon Rapids. This Mr. Eennebeok informs us ia the complete record, idle rumor to the rary notwithstanding. .,•••• reat beallBf and euratlve bowers are ptMsesssd f no other remedy. Ask your drtitfUt las Bwayne's ointment I Ml > . . :'': WANTKD. An active agent In each county in theO "',• Jnit«d Stales, to solicit subscriptions for he Twlce-a-Week Republic A liberal oommlsBion will be paid to hustlers. Ad- V^ Iress. superintendent circulation, The tepublic, St. Louie. Mo. I«HD twelre cento In postage stamps to 86 Cor \ ooran Building, Waiblneton, D C and you will receive four copies of KATE Fim.u'8 WASK- NGTOK, contolnlngmfttter.of special Interest. ,. fiTe name and »ddren, and say where »6n saw ^ •' his advertisement. Dissolution Notice. Notice is hereby given tbatou the lltb lay of October, 1804, the fltm of folen & Hodge waa dissolved by mutual consent. AH debts owed by the firm will be paid by H. H. Nolan & Co. All rilla due the same are to be paid to H. H. Nolen & Go. . H. H NoutN ( , OHA«. HODOK, AI.HOBT A NBW YORK DAILT. That Demooratio wonder, the New York Weekly World, has Just changed ia weekly into a twice-n-wwk paper, and oo OKU now get the two papers a or the eeme old price—81 » vear. Think of it I The pews from New fork right, at yonr door fresh every three daya— 104 papers a,y»ar. 'jfe'r It is seldom that the air has beau no «ompietsly Oiled witb Ml* rwwwe re f«r4ing »he4ivoros raoufd M al IbJe llsay, BjuftQjr haj (MMl WMtfjIl WUSi fWV \, eoa- "HowtoOur* All Skin Dlaeaaea." \V Simply apply Swayne'Ro'Dtment. No internal _iedl«ne required. Cores itetter, eczema, Itosk, all eruptions on 'the race, bNndt, aose, eta.' 1 '.< Leaving thertln clear, wbite and beaitbr. Its 4 Pare Bred Poland China Plga for Sale. I have 100 pure br«d Poland Ohio* liga for sale, most of them aired by Ooo 8416) out of aged sowe. .I.will take good notes when parties want them. Ono ie four years old weighs over six buudred pontids when in breeding condition; can oarry 1000 pounds. 8. T. BOYHTOM. West Hirte. Ie. NOTICE-HIGH WAY-Proof of OleJms. To M. UlHliop, C. £. SUnley aud U. B. Sherwlu and all whom it may concern: * Tliu coiuiuisslonor uppuinted to locate and vaoat« a highway commencingkt« i point on Urn north line of the rinlit orway il the Cliii'sHo & Norlliwestciu railway at »j)oinl 88 feet weatof where Uiequurter sucllou line ruunlnu bulweeu the east half itndthe west tmlf of the mmthwcHt quarter of section 27.township Hl.raiigo 88 wV»t«h p. m , of Iowa, crossing thn north line of rlulit of .way of the Haiti Cliiengo & Nortbr : western ratfway aiirtrunningthenco north 86 feet, thence westerly 187 ft'ei; thence south 48 feet to the north line of said right' of wav; thence east along the north line of said right of way to the pi sen of beginnlnB: befii* a stria of land containing w 'i . «2°i fl8> Al110 coromtinning at a point 88 feet west of wher« the quarter •action line above rteMorlbcd erot«M tbe mutblliieof tli«-».|drliihtof way of ifio •aid Ohlcaao & North western railway «pV ninnliiB thence south 85f«-e».tbeno«fi| » westerly direction 220 fwt, tfience north ffftft. tothejald south line of the said right of way, thence east albiiK said south ln«of stld right of way to the place of nralnnlnv, cnntalnlngastrlpof land containing 81-100 of an acre. Alan vacate the hlnhway on the i»fo*fc_ said quarter section ||IIP. onromenclpBal* the north Una of the right of way of Mid railway company and runiting thence" mnth ;«r«M »ald right of way to the south line of aeld right of way. Ha» rf rjnrfed In favor of location and vacation thereof, and all objection* there- tp or claim 1 ' for damsneN must be nu-d In H* •«".'!?'" rS°* °l' or before noo»t of theJttlii d«y of November, A. 0. WM. of, Mi«h hlghwav will be Inoated wlthnnl W, P Hotiiucn, Count v Auditor. A<UalW>i>»t9r'« Notice. " l0 "* ' 9r0iflro " "wrtf' afi of uutAluv 1 n \BOA i K vtypivn of thtaisuiot ^'oMows In wIT for SHlsbunas* ln«t s'id nport us DO YOU WANT tkew D years «»l«b)U|i(ia. wltbuiirfaoiu _ Jittki a goiwi »ul«8in»ii in tw i irA.,i. aRB3Hr?S^ ilatluaat, i r «i»»J M v l Si J*'H«

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