The Courier News from ,  on July 2, 1948 · Page 9
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The Courier News from , · Page 9

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Friday, July 2, 1948
Page 9
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JULY 2, 1948 BLYTHEVIU.K (ARK.) COUUIER NEWS PAGB Tops Costs Rise Price of Livestock Shows Large Gain During May and June WASHINGTON. July 2. (UP) — Farm income, boosted by sharp increases in meat prices, climbed hish • ^Xugli "during the month ended ifc\ie 15 to more than offset rising living costs, according to Lhe Agriculture Department. Despite the fact that living costs f quailed last Jumiaiy'.s all-Utne high, the department saicS, inrmeii were better off. Increased farm income wax sparked by n, $3.30 ix?r hundred pound rise in hog pi-ices Prices lor beef cattle, veal calve and lambs .snt nfi\v records in inirt- June, tho department said. The index of prices received b! fanners—based on the 1900-14 av erase of 100—v:a.s 295 on June 13 This compared with '.'89 on May 1; and 271 a year ago. The record \va 307 last January. The index of prices paid by farmers, including interest and laxc.^ was 251, equalling last January's top It was 250 in May and 230 a yeai ayo. Comparing prices paid with prices received, tlie department measured the farmer."!' mid-June purchasing power aL 118 compared with 1-5 last month. It was the same in mid- June of 1947. The all-time high WA.S 133 in October, 1046, fo Man, Exceed •Tim in Number Early Treating Of Cottonseed Is Beneficial Hearing Aid to Public Address System Is Conversion Feat of 4-H Club Boy to Tn number, rals equal or exceed he human population in lhe UnUert; Slates. Estimated cost of damage Practically every cotton grower lone by rals is about $2 per rat i>erj today recognises the value of seed ( «ar or approximately $250,000,000 treatment, but many are unaware annually. I that to s«cme the benefit The greatest mcnuce of rats, RC- ! from seed treatment It should be wording to Mrs, Gertrude Holiman, clone at least one'monlh before next North Mississippi County home demonstration agent, lies In the lumber of diseases lo man which .Hey tarry. | Ratbtte fever Is caused by a splro- i chele. a kind of microorganism. In [ all parts of the world rats are in- >. fected with this organism, present in the saliva. The fever is trans-' till tied from rat to rat, and from \ rat to mmi through rat bites. Ame- : blasis or aincbic dysentery is caused by a parasite. AmoiiK other animals' the rnt is susceptible to this In-! l . . , _ t , , fcctlou and may be a menace byl *>«>• P°) nt ? * U V Tr * Mttl seed m * y ' u- « n r n i,. v,.,£ri from one season to ; Riil Into • public »it- i i Negro is f/ec(rocut«d planting, according County Agent Keith Hilbrey. I Even better results are smired i from still earlier treatments. Mr. j nilbrey said. He sslrt Hint seed is treated principally to destroy the Kcrnis anrt snores ol seeding blight i diseases which are carried ou the seed coat or on the llnlers. the chemicals used for treatment act slowly, 11 Is necessary lo treat early to allow lime for the treatment to take effect, Mr. Bll- II didn't win |,un R free trip to > provlsed T* A, sy.Memt Hie Male 4-H camp Ilili year, bill : Slnw lio lias to wnlt Hilly Joe Walters of tlie IM\~ puk grandfather Is asleep community nevml«lc.M gained ex- can "bori ow " the Iwni IIIR aid, Billy I. perlence and the resect of hts lives In dread of Ihr [noinei\t when fellow club members when he sue- I the old gentleman finds out Just cesslully converted a battery-op- ] what use Is bdiiR iniult; of emted lieurina dress bysteni. Billy borrowed his niamlfuthcr's hearing aid (ov the tlecU'kftl «x- iwrlnient- He hooked up the mlcro- pnone ponlcn oi the audio aid M an amplifier and found it a satisfactory p.A. system. 1 Tlie I/one Oak lad takes ; than a "putlcrhiR" Interest ! electrical Held although much j his knowledge has been picked Tammany Ha// Crowd 'Out' X IS O'Dwyer Says O<H niiiv I * * many leader District. of th« 3rd Read Courier N«wi ""» le NEW YOI(K, July i. -ruin ._ Mnyor William O'Uwyer iimonnccd [iMliiy he wax workliiK to xel up * new LX'mocrAtlc oi'KMiiiiutinn In lhe n»llo:i'.s Imtii'.st city thut would "leave '1'ammtitiy Hull down In (he TUCKKR PHIBON FAHM, , July 1. <UI>>-Krtward Pntih, an- 1 ' lle "'»y<"-s ririmiicUdon n[ yrnr-old UUIr liock Ne^ro (tied in ' ''»"'"iany was mud* In oily Hull contnminating ral droppings, plained. food supplies with •be saf *' „ , ( , Mr.s. Hollmnn ex- the next K they are rtry «nd stored .properly In a dry place. fanning Needed In Beautification Of Lawns, Yards North MLssisslppS County rati liave more attractive lawns vit.*i planning, Hutne Demonstration Agent Gertrude Boiid Holitnan sau! a,s she urged residents to think about t h ei r lj ome sur rou dl ngs a nil wli \\\ can be done to beautify them, Lawm nnd yard areas may need cleaning, A di?Aiiage problem may Rocky Mountain spotted fever, is i caused by - a tiny gerrn. Several • species of ticks become infected with this oreanlsm and rats also may act as carriers, as may squirrels, rab- human cases occvire &n- Typhus fever Is also caused by a tiny germ. Endemic typhus fever finds its chief reservoir In the rat. It Is passed from one rat (o another and from rat. to man by the rat flea. Endemic typhus, lever prevails In many parts of the world. In the United States, it was found in the South and on the Pacific : said, per cent Ceresan iclhyl mercury chloride) and New Improved C ere- san (ethyl mercury phosphate). Two other materials have now been i developed and are on the market. 1 These are Ceresan M (ethyl mer- . [ cury P-loluene sulfonanllide) and l Dow SB (ainc-trlchlorophenftte).l i These materials have been tested by ; the Arkansas Agricultural Experl- i meal Station and aU other important cotton producing states. Re- suits have been good, Mr. Bilbrey through tinkering. >t p^^,,,,,, „,,„, wlll l]e , uon . [ stl '» te lo o' 1 '" Arkansas 4-H Club! member, some or Hie UilnRs he h.s . n( , d al)Q>|l u| ^^city .„ wort. The rtemomtroilou will l»- t ,| ffere)U wllys R wrU lWt elccll . lc , nolo ,. W1 / 1)e us ' e(1 - er, corn slieller, churn, sprayer and elevator. White his work of this type hfls gone on unchallenged to date, Billy has one worry about his" 1m- ek'ctitc ctltur today (or a i criminal assault on a two nnd one- inorf .half yeai old girt of Ills own race. l the i Tjie .second mim to be executed In* this yciu— Push was con- Uctt'd of attacking tho youngster \vhile her mother attended the cluu'ch where tu't [kilter was l»s- tor. He Appealt^l to the supreme court but the snilcnce was alflrm- ecl. Marpagc Licenses Tlu? following couples obtained ]iifUTLi\Kc licenses yesterday in tl * office of Miss Kll7,i\hclh Hlylhc county clerk: followlnii the KpiKiLnlment of M city marshal, < "it (T(umimy> Is so (Un-icpll you routdn'l t^Jit\'fnAte II If y<ui IrliKl." , O'Dwyev nswvU^. "We need » new party.' lle dectarwl « i eorttHiil/.fd parly noeded decent m<m who HIC Intei- rsled In Elie welfare of Hie people, those Interested In doing public service. Then h« M.s«crtr<l: "\'\\ have nolhlntt lo rio v\\\\ the spiiveiiKcis wlio plan to get r'^h on. tlni nuiney of widows and oi'|)ln\ns/' O'DwytT, who waw c'tected to the mayoralty with tlie nlct of TIUH- muny Hall In 194ft, Indlcftted his \ slrutef?) 1 Iti the pwrly Charles F,. Slromtro ami Miss lion would be lo Ignore the wigw Knnicc Edna Marx of Illythi'vilte. In hi* niipoiulinent.i. Jesse Gene Wlugfli'ld of Stcclc.l lie delivered his first slap at Tain- Mo., and Miss Dorolhy Aytce Wicks many with the Hpiwlnlnienl iO( C:mithcrsvlllc. Mo. | Mnrttn J. Kennedy »s city marshal Henry puls Jr. and Miss Doris, H<; wns selected over Die' vloletil op- I N L.OIIK of Jackson. Mo. ' position of Eugene McMftnus. Tarn WAKt UP! SLEEPY LAYERS PURINA CHEK-R-TON p«p« up klid* voting ogoln oft*r • ptc> dlucllon alump. W* r«com> ro.nd a 14 lo 21 day bxilmtnt u« tall you ab*ul r*«ulU. T«. 30 to 35 IW. «f w.ijht) p*i ba« H Bi . eaunh blf In yra(i f**4 with late »l n>Mt *•• I 4493—Telephone—4493 coast. At least eight other diseases, many of which are fatal to man. come from the rat. Eradication ot rats may be accomplished by various means, stated Mrs. Holiman. Among these are trapping, polsonlns, fumigating and eliminating the food supply. Construction of rat proof buildings nnd destruction of shelters where rats may breed are important, she said. He staled that Ceresan M. according to tests. Is superior Uj the other two eresans from the point of view of Its toxtclly. It lias much less blistering action tnd. U nearly odorless. However, it is poisonous like the other mercury compounds, and should bt handled with the same precaution. Dow 9B Is thought to be less toxic to men and animals than the Cats are usually of small service in , othcr mater1a , Sp but further studies the control of rats but a good dog, are Mt&tfL to tell wl)eUler lt ls non . especially a terrier, may kill many I ngs may bn used for the comjxxst heap or saved for mulching the garden. These and other suggestions froiii the University of Arkansas Collet ktf Agriculture are available at the '^pbrth Mississippi County Extension office at Blythevilte. Old grass should be cut as short, as the mower will cut to give new green grass *. chance to come through sooner. Application of a. complete fertilizer (5-10-5 or 4-12-4« at the rate of ten pounds for each i t.OOO square feet will help grass : along, Mr.s. Koliman said. j As fruit and beauty may he coin- ; biued in ivees and -shrubs, Mr?. : , Kolimrin sug Bested planting a fev: dual purpose plants along borders. Vines may be used to advantage in Die landscape plan. Trees or shrilly to be planted should be moved this month. Late transplanting is the Rreatest cause for death of tree.s and shrubs during the summci Hedges and formal doorway plantings need their spring trimming New Growth will soon hide prun ing scars. The home demonstration agent pointed out thai all trees antl shrubs should be v;atered when planted. even if the soil is damp. Weight of the water settles the soil and eliminates air pockets. Apply fertiliser to trees that have been in poor health, she advises. A handful of complete fertiUter applied in holes made with i- crowbar will give trees a new on life. la] will greatly determine which pilot was able to let down the j chemical to use since all are equal- plane's landing gear. 1 ly as efficient as to their benefit to The plane was arriving here from j cotton yields. Two per cent Ceresan Miami when Capt. Francis Black | and Dow 9B are both recommended discovered tlie landing gear would j for home treatment. All except two not drop into place because ot tail- ( per cent Ceres«\i arc recommended, lire of the hydraulic pressure sys- j for mechanical treatment If th tcm. After 40 minutes he managed ; machine used can be adjusted to to let the gear down and the plane [ apply the proper amount, of lhe landed safely. ' chemical. 49 Airliner Passengers Get 40 Minutes More Ride Than They Had Expected ATLANTA. Oa.. July 2. _(UP)_ An Eastern Airlines DC-4 with 49 passengers and a crew of four aboard circled the Atlanta airport for 40 minutes yesterday before the CRAMP Pv 7" A WOi?D TO THt Wiit ^ GRAMP.UV SEX: "Customers find jus I what thej" want Or our shelves anrl nninlcrs each clay; Scarcity's nnr. tiling lhat doesn't dannt Thnse who buy TIIK TRADING POST way!" »MOMI 8W «o WEST ASM DELTA NEWS Published by Delta Implement Incorporated, Blytheville, and the Delta Implement Company, Manila July 2, 1948 Records prove that » tractor will operate about 15c per hour cheaper than mules, with a great deal more efficiency. 'Why tint give your tractor us good treatment as vou do a mule? Ynu'll give your mule (he best feed and the best care possible, because you have learned fror experience not to overload him, for that might kill him. Why wouldn't if be good business lo select your tractor fuel with care, and also learn how to burn il for the greatest efficiency? Be kind to your tractor, don't overload or abuse il, and you'll be far ahead in the long run. When your mule was ailing, you immediately called a veterinarian to put him back in shape again. \Vhcn your tractor begins lo acl up, it is ailing, too. Thai's your signal to call Old Delta and let us be your veterinarian. We will be glad to doctor the .sick machine and restore it to health so that it can do more work cheaper. We've heard several good farmers say the rains have shown them that we need Lo go back to cover cropping. Most people agree lhat this praclic was good; perhaps we should give this idea more consideration this summer. There are several good cover crops for our lerri- tor . . . why not check with oul County Agent, and begin ilocloving the soil before Mother Nature makes it necessary. Remember the old saying, "An Ounce of Prevention Is \Vorlh a Pound of Cure." If you plan to use vetch cover crops this winter and you own a John Blue Fertiliv.ev Distributor, we suggest you give our parts department you order for vetch augers. Changing augers is the only alteration necessary to convert this distributor to a legume seeder. This is lhe time to place your orders for tractor trailers. We have a limited supply of trailers with springs. They are a well known make and are very popular with our trade. \Ve have a very K<H>d supply of cartons and wrapping supplies for your Frozen Food Lockers. A size to fit your family Small or large family, there's an IH Freezer foe you! Whichever siz« you choose, you'll be thrilled with its shining white beauty . . . in miraculous freezing and storage convenience . , . (he wonderful •way it enables you to serve more delicious foods . . . rich in -vitamin* an«l minerals .; . in amazing year 'round variety. And with less effort , . i in less time . . . and with substantinl savings! All these big features and more * w * Tfcf.sf %nc>wy streamliners hare jpecial featurei *i*ch »• improved jid<wali rcfrigerailon, protected cold con- Irol, unobstructed access to »n<l full vitw <W iK« roomy interior. Along with Harvester's ••cl»- *iv t h" R OS'I - l.O fcC and & bund so m* elirome-pUteil handle. The result of years of research, development and manufacturing skill, t her're tops in low-iemp«r«cw«« THKE IHTERNATIONAL HARVESTER FREEZERS This junior sue firs in a n y w h e r t, amply-built mside,! It cut* your kitchen and cooking lime enormously! O( welded, seamless construction . to l«ftt 11 Uf«im»[ ||.l CUBIC-FOOT 11 CAPACITY HOLDS :,• POUNDS OF FREEZERS ARE WORK-SA Fnjoy *intlreamed-of freedom In yoor kitchen . t . hourJ «nd hours of extra leisure time. Fur with the IH Freezer ia jour home, you can cook and h*ke hujr« quantities of food . . . and »tor* for later use! Tor A lifetime of dependable service! Bu ilt 10 f>cc*e a siorc fruic, vegetables, meat, poultry* . . . conveniently economically, right in your own home! A marvel for |he large family ...» masterpiece of engineering! I las exclusive, double- clmy lUFHEE/.-AREA for faM freexin^. DELTA IMPLEMENTS, INC. 312 So. ?.nd Blythcrill* Pfcoit* t4)

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