The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on January 7, 1959 · Page 3
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 3

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 7, 1959
Page 3
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EX-COP HEAD TELLS OF DEFEAT loser Martin Never Could Stay Mad, Even at Foes WASHINGTON (AP)-"My policy was persuasion," Rep. Joseph William Martin Jr. told newsmen after the Republican caucus had ousted him Tuesday as party leader in the House. In that phrase, he 'was saying a great deal about his defeat by hard driving Rep. Charles A. Hal- leek of Indiana — and about Joe Martin, the Massachusetts Yankee who headed House Republicans for 20 years. His hearers remembered scenes in recent years when the ruddy, stumpy Martin had battered the majority Democrats with hot phrases—and then sat down and laughed heartily as Democrats replied. He couldn't seem to stay very mad very long, even at the opposition. Not Enough Hell The 74-year-old Martin conceded ruefully his Republican opponents jumped on him because "I didn't «ive the Democrats hell enough." But he said he had to angle for Democratic votes for. Republican administration policies. There was a time when Martin was singled out scornfully as a Republican, symbol — by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Roosevelt, running for his second term in 1936, lit into the combination of "Martin, Barton and Fish" as the epitome of what he called the Republican reaction he was pledged to defeat. The others in that combination wert publicist Bruce Barton and Rep. Hamilton Fish of New York, then a Republican stalwart on the House Rules Committee. More Gusto Thost who pressed to replace Martin as floor leader might contend he had had more gusto than skill in debate. Millions of television-watching American* remember how Martin, presiding over the 1956 Republican convention, was taken aback by a high-spirited delegate's nomination of the mythical Jo* Smith for vice president. "Take jour Jo» Smith and get out of here," was the best Martin could think to say. H« had been a Republican officeholder and hardworking party man for almost a half-century. It was obvious his first defeat deeply grieved him. Fade Away Martin repeated to the newsmen his description of himself to the caucus that rejected him — an old politician, told to fade. away. Associates said Martin wouldn't! run again for Congress — he's been in the House for 34 years. Martin left that question open, but said he wasn't going to drop out of politics in the next twoi years, though he wants no secondary party posts and no committee assignments. Martin said he'd have plenty to do as representative of the 14th Massachusetts District, publisher f the Evening Chronicle of North' Attleboro, his birthplace, and the Franklin (Mass.) Sentinel. A bachelor, Martin was born Nov. 3, 1884. He went into news- j papering immediately on gradua tion from the North Attleboro pub lie schools and soon entered poll-, tics, winning a seat in the State Aircraft Carrier Even Includes Powder Rooms NEW YORK (AP)-The big new aircraft carrier Independence has rverytlu'ng — including ladies' powder rooms. Several of these have been installed about the powerful vessel \vhich is to be commissioned Saturday at the Brooklyn naval shipyard. : This doesn't mean that there are soing to be any women manning the Big I, but just that the Navy thinks of everything. The powder rooms are for the comfort of the women who visit the ship when- • i-ver it is in port. The men who'll serve aboard me world's biggest and most pow-i (.•rl'ul aircraft carrier are going 10 have it pretty nice, too. There are walls of pastel green ;md pleasing hues of floor coloring in the sleeping quarters, pull- wan-type bunks and individual | fluorescent lamps for each crew! member, air conditioning, television, porcelain washstands instead of the standard stainless steel, and foam rubber mattresses. The 60,000-ton warship, costing 190 million dollars, has been under construction 3's years. From top to bottom she is as tall as a 25-story building and a i c.rew of 3.500 is needed to operate > her. > The Big I will carry 100' supersonic aircraft capable of de- '• Hvering atomic bombs. j Nasser Conducts Big Purge of Communists BEIRUT, Lebanon (AP>—Presi-' dent Nasser has carried out in Syria one of the biggest purges of Communists in the Middle East, arresting more than 300 persons. The arrests beginning last Thursday virtually wiped out the Com-. munist organisation in the Syrian region of Nasser'* United Arab, Republic. j House of Representatives in 1912. He was elected 'to Congress in 1924 and regularly thereafter. He presided over every Republican national convention beginning in 1940. For two years starting in 1940 he was chairman of the Re- Red Shelling Is Heaviest in Over 2 Months SUCCEEDS HOOP New Toy a Sensation ST. LOUIS, Mo. (AP> - A simple toy invented by a former trie- vision advertising salesman is publican National Committee. Martin became Republican House leader in 1939. By virtue of j his leadership, he was twice' speaker of the House — when the Republicans controlled it in 1947-48 and 1953-54. whirling toward the-top in TAIPEI (AP) — The Chinese | kingdom of children's fun. Communists pounded the Quemoy «•„ the whirlev-Whirler, Islands today with their heaviest the the HOME TO AN EMPTY CRIB — Frank Chionchio leads the way for his distraught wife, Frances, as she leaves the hospital from which her infant daughter was kid- naped 2!/2 hours after her birth in the N. Y. hospital Jan. 2. No clues have been found to the fate of the child for whom police have been carrying on an intensive search. (AP Photofax) only invention of John Hyatt. Sim- iply, it's a small stick whirling a fire in two months. The Nationalist Defense Minis-, plasUc soup , nle nlotl hM" P ,° ?^° re ,L " , 2 'T R ? d < How did Hyatt get the idea' shells landed on the offshore is-j lands between 2 and 4 p.m. and said the bombardment was con- tinujng without a letup in intensity. The Ministry ^said the Nationalist guns fire back vigorously, but the volume of counterfire was not announced. It was the heaviest Communist firing since Nov. 3 when 39,182 shells were fired during an 18- hour period. And the rate of fire ' iated completely one of the three Sdlk Vaccine Eliminates Type of Virus ANN ARBOR. Mich. (AP) — antipolio vaccine lias olimi ..«,. FC ,, U ». «,,u i,. e ,««,- u , ,,,- e completely one of the thre this afternoon virtually equaled ; lypes of P° lio virus among the the hardest shelling on Nov. 3,j VHC cinated persons recording to some 3(5,000 shells in G hours. Dr - Jonas Salk ' tne University of The heavy Communist bombard- Pittsburgh physician-scientist who ment was expected. The Reds had; <ievel °P ed the vaccine, charged the Nationalists wit hi The three ty P es are known shelling a commune nursery on ns "I was rending nbout the hula hoop craze," Hyntt recalled, "nnd like a million other guys, 1 said to myself, 'Why can't T think of something like that?' Rtmcmbrrrrl .foggier.* , "Well I got to thinking nbout hula hoops and what mnde them popular. Kids like something that balances nnd spins — and suddenly I remembered 4he jugglers nnd their spinning plates in vaudeville." With help from a plastics designer, Hyntt fashioned the first model from a climestore plastic plnte nnd a rim from n coffee can. Then Hynlt excitedly went to n friend, Lou Westheimer, a marketing consultant, and told him he had the successor to the hula hoop. The men joined forces and took in Israel Trcimnn, a Inwycr, to handle the lognl end. German Munitions King Buys Our Rivol \ AUSTIN (Minn.) HERALD Wednesday, Jan. 7, 1959 oAri? e-nrtunct. ^ BONN, Germany (AP)—Alfriedjates the Rheinhausen »teel plant wot-BMAv * OUNDER A I Krupp, the German munitions capitalized at 2714 million. EPERNAY, France (AP)-| Wng o( world War II, has bought With the two companies going Vim*™ Fw.« ? 5, O ut a rival concern and emerged':full blast, Krupp interests Chevalier Vincenzo Florio, founder of the Targn Florio nnto- mobile race in Sicily, died Tuesday of a heart attack. as West Germany's leading steel- maker. Krupp hns purchased the Boch, timer Verein with a capital of 23 READ THE CLASSIFIED ADSjm«"«» dollars. He already opcr- now turn out four million tons at steel a year. American tourists comprist England's No. 1 dollar industry. "/ told him and he told the world" 1 T. II and III. In the before-vaccine the' mainland Saturday and days ' Ty P e 1 appeared on an av- threatened a severe attack in re- crage of eight times in 10 cases; prisal. The Nationalists denounced types n and m onlv once ecah ln the charge as a barefaced lie and 110 ' Type n has been eliminated said the Communists had made it' amon & lhose vaccinated, he said. • as a pretext for resuming sive shelling of Quemoy. Prominent Writer Dies at Louisville LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP)-Milton Bronner, 84, former European editor of Newspaper Enterprise Assn., died Tuesday. He started his newspaper career in Covington, Ky., and later went to New York and joined the old Scripps- McRea league of newspapers. inten-i Dr- Sa 'k anc ' ollier a»thovities studying degrees of immunity given by his vaccine ogree it, has reduced chances of developing etiher type I or HI polio and apparently even has resulted in a reduction in type II among the nnvaccinated. Why the latter is true Dr. Salk is uncertain, but he suggests that with fewer persons to spread type II, fewer are likely to get it. Why liis vaccine is not more potent against I and III Dr. Salk said he is uncertain. NATE'S Sons Whirled The public unveiling came in SI Louis' biggest tlppnrtmpnt store. Hyatt nnd his two young sons did the whirling. Thnt first day they sold more than 250. The cost of a single die $5,000. But "the Whirley boys" — ns John nnd Lou call l-hiMnsolves! —gambled. i The toy clicked. In I wo months' n half a million units hnve been' sold. Four plants now work, around-the-clock to make the toy.! You work the toy by elevating' the four-ounce plastic plntc on the' Iwo-foot long stick. You flick your' wrist nnd the plate begins spin-, ning, The right motion puts it in orbit. The wrong on<! puts it on the floor. ; "I WIIR one of HIOBC pcoplo who had irrcRulnrity (rouble for n IOUK lime," writes Mrs. OBI-HP Potter of Morrow, Ohio. "Kiimlly. I K«VI; Kellotf/i'a All- Bran it try, just, to ftee if it would ] work. Hc'linvo me, it did. And was l when my hititbaiul started having (rouble, I told him nbout All- Hrnn, too. Now he thinks it's wonderful and he's tellint; nil his friends almul, it." The Potters hnvn found, HH you cnn too, that KelloKK'a All- Hran is the good-lnsting, nnturat way to overcome irregularity i-mised by lack of Inilk. If that's your trouble, why don't you try All-Mrnn. Want more in SCISSORS? PENNEY'S SOLINGENS ARE FIVE WAYS BETTER! German precision -crofted of hot dropped forged steel! Sharp cutting hollow ground edges; screw set plated! Wanted larger 7, 8 inch sizes included! DOWNSTAIRS STORE SPECIAL PURCHASE! Read The Classified Ads. ALL-BRAN EACH 18 stylet to choose from ,000 WINTER OVERSTOCK NATE'S SALE STARTS THURS., JAN. 8th PROMPTLY AT 9:00 A.M. THE GREATEST MERCHANDISE CATASTROPHE IN AUSTIN 'S HISTORY Here is the story: Unseasonable warm and dry weather forces Nate's to liquidate this tremendous overstock at once . Prices have ST 6 OP Toil WOM SJS!^ M ™V ?A? e SaVin9S ° f Up f ° 50% and m ° re °" qualif y mercha n d ''*e for the entire family. LET NOTHING STOP YOU FROM ATTENDING THIS SALE OF ALL SALES . . . YOU WILL SAVE PLENTYI Children's Flannel Lined Boxer Jeans $1.00 TWO CENT SALE Boys' Patch Pocket IVY LEAGUE SLAX $2.98 Get Second Pair For 2c Washable blue denim Tough—long wearing Famous make Sixes 2 thru 6x A regular $1.79 value. • Just $3.00 for two ' pair of these fine quality boys' wash pants. Sues 4 thru 16. Black & tan colors. BOYS' ALL WOOL PLAID JACKETS • A Value Plus Feature • A Reg. $7.95 Vol. BELOW COST Men's Well Made BLUE CHAMBRAY BLUE (.HAMBKAT K Work Shirts ) INDIAN BLANKETS • A rog. $1.49 vol. • Full cut, sanforized • Sixes thru 17 • Limit: 2 to a customer • CAMPUS ond other famous brands • Latest • Ideal for furniture or car seat throws wanted fabrics POSITIVELY No Sales To Dealers! You'll Never Save More Door Jammer Specials JERSEY GLOVES, men's, reg. 29e >/i price 15c pr. limit 4 pr. to customer CHORE GLOVES, reg. 39c, heavy fleeced 27c pr. limit 4 pr. to customer SWEAT SHIRTS, reg. $1.59, random color, men's sizes 89 £ WORK SOX, men's mill thirds 10c pr. sold in dozen lots only DRESS RUBBERS boys', reg. $1.59 value .$1.00 pr. HANKIES, white, men's, fine quality 7c ea POCKET COMBS, men's, reg. lOc value 2c ea. CANVAS SNOW BOOTS, genuine surplus, brand new cost to Gov't. $4.95 pr. now just 99c PRICES SLASHED TO RIBBONS IN EVERY DEPARTMENT SAVE LIKE NEVER BEFORE ... AT NATE'S BARGAIN HEADQUARTERS. LARGE SELECT GROUP Boys' Car Coals $10.00 • Actual values to $17.95 taken right out of our own stock. • Sixes 6 thru 18. • Warmly insulated thru-out In the latest styles Cr fabrics. MEN'S FULLY INSULATED Tanker Jackets DOWN GO PRICES Boyi' Worm, Zip-oH Hood PARKAS A Reg. $10.95 Vol. $6.66 (or A Regular $9.95 Value • Water & Wind resistant • Fully insulated I • r warmth • Navy blue only • Sites tnru 46 i Fully Insulated warmth , L • Colon: Navy, Charcoal M f -> Sizes » thru 16 M • Heavy duty zipptr Knit inner wristlets • Water and wind rt- listant shell. DRESS UP FOR LESS Values to $75.00 HEN'S SUITS Entire stock reduced to 3 low prices. $25 $30 $35 none priced higher • An outstanding array ot fine quality suits tailored to perfection by rde leading suil mfgs. of the country. • Latest styles & fobncs • All sizes in regulars, shorts, longs, slourt BUY SEVERAL AT THESE LOW PRICES VALUES TO $39.95 MEN'S ALL WOOL SPORT COATS reduced to 2 low price* $15 & $18 none higher, our loss • a huge stock to select from • latest styles & fobncs • All sizes for men & young men ENTIRE STOCK MUST GO FINE QUALITY TOP COATS DRASTICALLY REDUCED IN PRICE! > /yK&&&tfZs&&£^ if — IM U\ Boys' All Wool ))) •X COAT. 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