The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on October 26, 1894 · Page 11
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 11

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, October 26, 1894
Page 11
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(; :: ,6 With ' Its n&sing ihliia heart. ! the shiny (trsw steeper, and the tywahnost spent, for ho could eoaroc- .iuTtt tit so great o height, In vain )B Gttftjthdrive his spurs into Its sld-js; bcnst could do no more. Snd- ddwn.' SHrely, t thought, ho now.. But oven I had not . of his'tot-row, tot bo HM» dWeiignscd himself from the fallen Sf looked towned irtb, then fletl forward feet; casting away his annor ns ho ttt that, Jio might tr/wel inoro lightly, this time We had passed tho snow to tile cdgo of the ico cap by tho iiiolting of tho snow |th tho heat of tho Inner fires, or pcrhtips y,that of tho sun in hot Bcnsons, t know , and Its Miming in tlio winter months tin 'the cold of the nights. At least there ten ft cap on Xaca, 'incasurlng 5 nearly a i In depth,:which lies between the snow ifr the'blnck rlro of tho crater. Up this 6 climbed Do Garcia, and tho task is hot K the basteat, oven, (or ono of untroubled lnd, for a ninii nuist EUcp from crack to ilSok orncctlib'to neeiOoof rough ice, that fjltand Upon sinootll surfacollko the bristles ; pn a hog's bock,/ and )voo to him if ono U break or ho Blip, for then, as ho falls, very tho flesh will bo filed from his pytwhcs by tho thousands of swordllke point* p over which ho must pnss In his descent to- the enow. ' Indued many times I I grcutly lest this should chance to > Garcia, for I did not desire to lose my gcancothus. Therefore twice when I 'him In danger I shouted to liim, .tell- tig him whore to put his feet, Tor now I within 20 piiccB of him, and, strange y, he obeyed me without question, for- iing everything in his terror of Instant But for myself I had no fear, for [.knew that I should not fall, though tho i was ono which I had surely shrunk __, t climbing at anyothoi time. | 4; All this while we had been traveling to- 1 Xaca's flory.crcst by tlie bright moon- bit, but now the dawn .broke suddenly [the mountain top, and- tho flame died _ ray, In the heart of the pillar of smoke. | It was wonderful to see the 'red glory hat shone upo'n the ico cap and on ug two en who crept like flies acrow it, while e mountain's breast and' trie world'bo- W were plunged tn 'the shadows of night. I i s t'Now.wo hnvo abettor light to climb by, rodo!" I called to Do Garcia, and my > rang etrnngoly among the ice cliffe, ) never a man's voice bad echoed bo- [f Now, I thought, he will surely'make a ad,, for could he hnvo found courage it I been cosy for .him to .kill mo with his ", which he still wore, as I climbed i the ice to tho hot lava. It seemed ho thought of It, for he turned and at mo like a devil, then went on . -«gala, leaving mo wondering whore ho be- |"-,|leved he would find refuge. Some 800 lipaoes from the edge of tho ice the imoke , .'and steam of the crater rose into the air, -and between tho two was lava so hot that 19 places it was difficult to walk upon it. sAcrosg this bed/ that trembled us I passed ••over it, went Do Garcia somewhat slowly, 'for now ho was wcarjv.f.'id I follov.-odhijn •t my case,' getting my breath again. f,f ' 'At length, pe Garcial'' I said. "Now ' - -let us make an end. You have your swonl. ! '", Use It if you can. It will be easier to die "-Uflghtlng." "I cannot," ho groaned. "My doom is upon mo." . '-, "Ai you will," and I came at him, ••word up. ' He ran from before me, moving back- It ward and keeping . his eyes fixed upon . »jmiuo, as I have seen a rut do when ivsunko k '"jjbj about to swallow it. Now wo were upon J \<he edge of the crater, and looking over I ,saw an awful sight, for there, some SO tect beneath us, the j-erthot lava, glowing luHenly boucnth u sliUtln^ pnll of smolio, mllod and spouted Ilka a tiling alive. Jets f «f steam flow'upward from it with a *' •OBOuning sound; linos of noxious vapors, many colored, crept and twisted on its surface, and a, hot and horrid stench pol- ; sonod tho Kcutcd air. Hore Indotxl was suoli Ja gate as t could wish for Do Guroiit to I pass through to his own abode. I looked, pointed with my sward and auglied. , llu luolcutl and shrlokud aloud, ; now all lilH manhood hud loft him, so he f ropped from hla hnnit, and kward into the vit, . wus ins terror ot wna« lay beyond xcs this proud and haughty wroaiued and wept and prayed , Bo who had done so many vll- , » beyond foyglvouuss prayod tor moroy ). he might llnd time to ropout. I stood ttlobud bini, apd »o ureoiUul was hi* tthut horror struck mo oven through riwlm of wy frown heart. o, it J» (lulsh, '.' I said, and 1 lifted my swonl, only to lot It fall, |4U(iUeuly his bruin g»vo way, aud Do ia wwtti i»nd bo/un> wy oyuil all tUftt followtHi 1 will not write. j his raadnemi ouuruuo uame back to , aa<) bo bo«tt«i to fight, but not with i seejncd to porooivu wo no morv, byt Mi he fuughtt «ad desiwraMy, »* Ute eii>u|y air. U was Uwri- Tui UttlawUh UU i(bje fotta and to hoar his swoaini uiid itwiuuh by (nob they drove him luvok edge of tho orator. Hew hu stood e, U(c«oiw who iuukos a lost •Mm! »t QwriMJWwrliiB strougth, thrusting , striking f ui'lounly. Twice ho utxurly tliaugU IwtiwtU « tuurtiU wouwl. hlwsulf (ought ou with hut), with n Bbwp try. «u«- throw bi» uringwlde. tw « man > Is piom>a through tho Iwii't. if wd Uruiuwd from hi* lu»ud, aiul ho . okwwd Into thu pit[ t(W4iod ttvvtty my *>ycs, for I wUfctd to i v »o uvoiv, but ofuai I hav httbTtwus tUftt de*U wyuud. iwou 'in'aliiiai lll»T, Vfaukltu of ,Hu- tME TEN THOUSANO. M fhp Aristocratic Circle* of Cttcat MrlWIn. Iu reference to some recent remarks ttere about the poor iimtrirnonhil rot*Jts of the last Londou season It. is learned that hifttohiunking parents are deriving much consolation .from the ainjo^t phenoinonal activity of what is known is the country house setfton. The Weather has been bad for grouse shooting and other sport, compelling th« young wen tu spend, more time than usual indoors In the society of the ladies. The gMMl* fyiug result is said to be the engagement of about 200 fashionable girls to an equal number of fashionable young men since the parliamentary receas commenced. The bridegrooms luo'lude some half dozen Of the eldest song of peers, among them the Marquis of Hamilton, the heir of the Duke oil Abercoru, who will marry the daughter of the Bad of Lucau, There ia also one divorced man, Lord Connemara, who caused a grave soan- dal when governor of Madras. He is to marry a widow, Mrs. Coleman, and polite society isaekiug whet priest or pur- son will have the courage to perform the ceremony. When Lord Bruce took over the .titles, honors and estates of the marquisafos of Ailesbury on the death of his childless nephew, "the Coster Marquis," lie found mntiy valuable heirlooms miss- Jng. Thereupon he spent money lavishly in advertising and employed several detectives. The result in now announced. Most of tho property has been traced. Tho 'heirlooms are in the hand* of irious people, including pawnbrokers, collectors and disreputable women; The late marquis, it seems, had treated them as available assets and distributed them freely among his friends and hangers on, male and female, the majority of whom pledged or sold them speedily for. oasb. Some of the present poesotttn have readily agreed to return the CJMt- 'urea on reasonable terms. Others kimre put fancy price* upon- them, and a few have refused to part with them ou any consideration. Lawsuits will thefefbre ba necessary, and the recalcitrant holders •will have to prove how'tltey obtain, ed the heirlooms, what they paid for them, and also show that (he purchases were made in the open market. Their stories promise to be extremely interesting.— <Loudon Lettct ' ia New >'nsk Sao. HIS HORSE TO HIS SWEETHEART. MM R*«deJt of • Vouac Thmofkr UU Comrade* Found Djtng. On the steamer City of Puebld, which arrived from the sound the other'tluy, was a beautiful coal black horse on its way to Los Angeles. The horse belong-' ed to Lieutenant Casey, who was stationed with his troop of cavalry at tho Pine Ridge agency. He was a popular young officer and nmd» friend* yk£»- aver he went.' About five years ago he met a daughter of General C. O. Howard of Los Angeles? aud before the lieutenant's leave of absence had expired the young couple were engaged to be married, Shortly after Lieutenant Casey joiued his troop at Pine Ridge the Indians began to be troublesome, and finally a report that the savages had swooped down on a number of settlers and murdered them nil reached the post. The young officer started off In alt futsM with his troop to head off tho marauders, but they soon found themseVrm sntr ronudod by the Indians. Lieutenant Casey rodo his favorite horse that hod boon with him through many campaigns, and ho was thn first to full with a mortal wound. As he fell from the saddle the horse stopped and stood guard over his almost lifeless body. When friends came to his relief, he W(ts near his ctoirUi, an~d he reqnoStoa that his faithful horse bo seut to his fiancee. A favorable opportunity was awaUod tn oorrf out tho lo.8t tfhbea of A* Ueth tenant, btit changes were made in the personnel of the gurrlsou, aud the horse remained at the post. lie had his usual ,I>f.ioo iu the stable, bat no on* fode him. As time weut on some of tho offl- cciv; who h'Kl been wftli LJetitouaut Ca- *oy roturwod to the fort, and Tijey Were surprUed tlmt the liorse was still there. Ac the Awt opportunity kfaeywof <«e IIOMO to die found by rail, and front thoro it ciiiiio by btoainer on its way to MUs tloward.— Sail Franoisoo Ecam- luer. , _ . Hrt, I,vue'i Blcclloa p«l. Mr*. Mnry B Lenso Is in Kansas City oil important business— to have a dreas fitted. Mru, Lease said: ' "The, Populists will carry Kama* by •bout DO, QUO. Do you know it was a discussion upon this very subject that lud me to wake uiy first betf Joe find- too of the Topoka Capitol and myself were talking one day, and i saiq the Populist* would wiu. Hudson differed. Ho had confidence Iu tho Republicans Mid offered to bet »' ICO dress against a |0Q suit of olotho* that the Bopublio- »u* wo»W wiu, I did uot want «t but aud said I wiu afraid. H» laughed at me. I soid t wiu uot afraid i would lose, but that I had never made » bet aud wa* a little timid, I liuully took it, however, attd the bet is duly rooorded, Tl>ufi>li uluotious Hbalt doof do who shall wear the now ulothe*. He has ono »d- fifty dollar* will buy a «plaii< «ulji of clot bus, but uot nu extia flue dross, "— Kiumiu City Ttwo». , ____ i ," , . . POLITICS IH NEW YORK. Democratic Leaders Trying to Harmonize Differences, 7IOE PEBSIDBKT AT ST. JOSEPH, QlVen » Ro/*l Recnptloti bjr Mlmnurl De. inocr»rjy— NoT«l Injunction Aiked Fot by Popttllit<"Ex-Spnahor Reed Addfeinet t!i» Ilamlltnu t!ldb ot Chloiil'o— Hurrlicm Onlng to Mew Tork. K«|iwrliuuut*. Nikola Toslu, tho fnuiuuv uleutrioiau, entermiuod fno Eleott'O-Thurapuutio us- toointlou Monday tit hii laboratovy at 86 Soiitli Fifth avenue. He made n uuuibyv of iiitovoatluB Bnpi'vlmewui, iu ouu of whioh his visUoi'h t'oueived 7,000 ypltd of oluutrlolty without injury. Thin wa» I'ullowud by a oummt uf 800,000 vulu, durliiK whioh the guosts, who wovw iu u dai'kuiK'd room, buuutne illu- miimtud i»nl bpurks flow front tuuui and frojji th« inniitufu with wljloh tht>y ouvna Ju contnot. No oue cxperteuoM the ullglitu.-ii iuuonv«uJoua«. ^New York Tribune. YORK, Oct. 28.— The Republican managers of the state campaign, while actively at work pushing the canvass In all parts of the state, ate unable to find any distressing indications in their Tanks, and in serene, confidence are Watching the attempts ot their Democratic adversaries to* adjust and harinon- ite fho factional disturbances with which they aro beset on all sides; and especially in ibis city. Ex-President Harrison will arrive here later in the week to attend to some private business, and while he is in the city it is Chairman Hacrtetfs intention .to arrange, if possible, a mammoth meeting, at which the ex-president will speak, and at which his former running mate, Mr. Morton, now the Republican candidate for governor, will be present. Senator Hill spoke at Yonkers Monday night. He will speak 'at Brooklyn and S«» York and in this vicinity nntll Friday, when he will return to the interior of the state. A great deal will dep?nd Upon the result of his visit and the controversy be has with the state and local leaders. Trying to Marmonlu DlBtrmem. In so far as the View York and Brooklyn candidates for congress and assembly are concerned the situation is very critical with the county Democracy candi- opposing the Tammany oongres- and assembly candidates in this djiy and Shepard candidates running against the regntfer nominees in the Brooklyn districts, save that represented •$• JSr. Goombe. There are Jiine congressional districts in this city and five in Brooklyn. The opposition of the county Democracy candidates jeopar- dises the election of from one to four Tammany candidates in this oity and the Sheparditea endanger four in the districts of Brooklyn.' A* the margin \a which the Democratic managers hope to carry the next bouse of representatives ia very narrow the situation is regarded •tf extremely grave at Democratic heal- qnaAers. All edorts heretofore made toward* harmonizing differences to prevent the possibility of Republicans slipping in through Democratic divisions have thus far ptoved ineffectual. Senator Faulkner, chairman of the Democratic congressional committee, is here to witness the result of the present effort. Riqh^ird Croker, and Perry Bal- •ilont. PMsidMt Cleveland's ex-minister to Spain, were at the Democratic head- qnarters regarding this question. Senator Hill, Mr. Croker and other lenders were •aid to be advising a policy of concession bat Lieutenant Governor Shuehan says that no basis of agreement him yet been reached. Re has given out an interview in reply to the charges of colonization of votes by the Republicans in which he makes counter charges against them, 8TEVEENSON AT ST. JOSEPH. Tloe Fmldeattel Party CUvon • Itoynl B»Volition by Mli^ourl DeinoornU. ST. Joaiivu, Oct. ali.— Amid the boom/ ing of cannon add the cheers of l<t,000 lusty tongned AJissourians the vice dendal train pulled into the uniou depot ou Monday evening. The platforms and the railroad yards adjacent were black with people, who pushed aud jostled each other to secure a bettor point of vantage. Ai the train steamed into the depot tho Fourth regiment, N, (J. M., deployed and, with fixed bayonets, cleared an nvenuo, (hough whioh the VH» president and bis party passed to I carriages. Tho party were met as they i stepped from the train by a reception i ooinfnitteo, headed by State Committee- wan Davis and uiadeupof the loading wholesale merchants of the city, Pour full bands were stationed at different parts of the depot ground*, and as thu party left the train, duaoucted striking lunslo. •' Aprooestilon WAS then formed wiih the Jofferson club 100 strong at th» h<m<l and preceded by a baud and flunib'jiui club, the prooesaion H,000*tronguiari<b >') to tho new Crawford opera hon«>. whum the speaking took place, Tht htr^u theater wtw crowded two hoar* previous to the arrival of the vice president and it wa* almost impossible for the party to get into the boose. Judge O. M, Spenoot aunuied the chair in the absonoo of Congrtwmuun D. D. Bnrne*, who wai prevented from attending by illness, in presenting Mr. Stevenson to the audience, Judgd Hpauoer, in a graoefnl umu- wer, regrottud the fact that 10,000 eager Ambrioan* were outside the doors who could uot galu entrance, and for whom overflow meetings ware then beiuit bold. It wa* estimated that 90,000 atruugarf were iu the oity. Fred W. Lehaman of St. Louts, Con- grosarnan A. M. Dookery, ex-Senator J. W. Alexander, ex-Goveruor Siliu Wood- Kin, GgugrgMiuuu W, H. Hatch, Attorney Genwal Wulkwr, ohairman of tu ' Deuiooratio itutu central oominlttue, J. | O, Maffltt aud other distinguished Dow- 'oorate oooupted the stage, Gcitornl Stuwusou opened III* ttJdruds with u cuttrnotoristlo aiiBodotu, illnstratiug tli^ *upiMWod death uud roourrootiun of the Democratic party. Ho showed tliHt tho party stood plodged to tariff ryform and that it had vurried out its (iroiuisus, H been tompelled to cancel some of h!i campaign appointments.' His condition IB hot thought to bo serious, and he ex- pecW to be tip again in a couple of days. Katel Injunction by Pnp«ll»t». CITY, . Oct. S5rt.— Dissatisfied | Populists in Wyandotte county, Kansas, hav* asked for a novel injunction. They wad the courts to restrain' the Populist leaders from fusing wjth the Democrats. Fusion on the Democratic county ticket ha* been talked of for some time and the party leaders were about ready to get together. The suit for an injunction want brought in the court of common { pleas by Attorney Smith and U8 middle of the road Populists. The petition states that the Populists nominated a county ticket with the understanding that 'there should be no fusion, and that such a move would be fraud against the people and an irreparable damage to thi party. _ Colonel Brncklnrldc* For Senator. LEXINGTON, Ky., Oct. U8.— At Winchester Colonel W. C. P. Breckinridg* spoke to several thousand people. The colonel spoke for the Democratic nominees for district and county office*. Winchester is in the Tenth congressional district, in which Judge William Brecknei and Joe Kendall are the short , and . long term candidates. The colonel's reception signifies that be will prove '» dangeroni factor-in the raoe for United States senator. The people ot Martinsbnrg, when Colonel Breckinridge ipoke last Sunday, have since instructed the prospective Members of the legislature from Cartel and Elliott to vote for , Colonel Breckinridge for United State* aenator. Add Oct. 33.— Thomas B. Reed wa* Monday night the honored gnest at the annual banquet of the Hamilton dab, whioh is one of the leading Republican organization* of Chicago. Th« banquet wa* attended by a majority of the more prominent Republicans ot tktt oity, many ouats from ocber cUie* also being present. Mr. Reed addreesed tbi clnb on the subject of Alexander Hamilton. Mr. Reed's speech was followed by an address by A. B, Cnmming* oi Iowa and by a number of local speakers. Ma>B*oo'< N«m» on Both TtolwU. TOPEKA, Oct. vd.— Jerty Simpson will go on the Democratic Uckst a* well as on the Populist ticket to be voted next month in the Seventh congressional district aad there will He no initiative and referendum ticket nnder any name whatever. This is the deolaion of Judge Hasen of the district cgnrt. lM*d WiU Mot SpMkk Ia KUIM. TOPBKA, Oct. 28.— A telegram from ex-Speaker T. B. Reed inform* the Republican committee that ne will not be able to apeak in Kama* thi* campaign. He had been booked for ipeeohe* at half • dozen points in the state. ' 8*Mtor Kyi* ¥«rkloft Potlttot. HURON, S. D., Out. 23.— Senator Kyle •poke to a large audience at the court house here. wo* fmjuuully luturrupto>l by liou, W. Lohamuu foilowatl iu a shon i, titter whioh thu viot>|>ro<i|<Umtltil party, u»oortud by the Fourth I'wgi uunt, two bauds «ud a lavtja uuinbar of th-i pi'oiniuuut politluiuiis of this auotiou yere driven to tho Union (tattoo., wluu'o they dt)ji»rtuil at id p. iu, for Jopliu, yo iug ovor tho lJurliugtun. Laid V mi., Out. «>}.— U j» cwfluod to hi* tod Uwo mud Union Pacific Offlclali at Cheyenne, CHEYENNE, Wyo., Oct. US.— Receive! Clark, General Manager Dickinson, Superintendent McConnel of the motive power department, Superintendent Bancroft and other Union Pacific official! who are on a tour of inspection of the road, arrived here, and after inspecting the shops they proceeded wait by special train. They will go through to Hunt- iagton, Or. Proreil H*r»ir> If (rain*, OXFORD, Oct. 3».— At Fuirhaven Dr. Staler, ;iRed 80, rushed into his burning barn tosavoa horaoand foil Unconscious. His soii-iii-luw, Robert Beckett, went to eavo him, but was also overcome. Dr. Sutler's daughter ran in and dragged both from the flumes, but was very seriously burned neraelf, Dr. Staler will die. _ _ """ ' Jury P»ll«d to Agree, SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 28.— The Jury be- tore whom ,Tohn W. Flood was tried for tho enit^zzltiuient of 1 1 64 ,000 of the funds of the Douohue-Kelly bank while employed as th« bank's cashier failed te agree, and were discharged. The jury stood iiiiu) for oonviotioa aad three for aoquittttl, _ WHa Murderer ftentcnucit For 1.11*. CIUWHI*, Neb., Oct. a*,— District oourt convened here, Judge Nuvllle pw> sicliug. The case of Jacob Frohui, charged with the murder of bis wife last May, was brought up. He pleaded guilty to murder iu the second degree and was sentenced to life iuipriaouinent. Olile InUnUU Vulr. MAOON, O«., Oot, •:».— The Dixie In- tentato fair opens today, ooutinuing to Nov. 8. One of the special feature* ol the exhibition will ba tho Midway Nuisance, a true reproduction of the one at tu* World's fair. Tan thousand dollars iu stakes are offered for the races. M«M» ftp »!»• DBS MOWHS, Cot. 8W.~- Judge Spurrier decided that the stato auditor oanuot refuse to draw warrants to pay the espouses of tho militia for services tlurliur tht> •tay of "General" Kelly's army in tun •tato last spring. The oiuto will uow bo taken to tho supremo oourt. V. *• B, <T K. Oonvvullou, Scoux Omr, Oct.JW.—ThelowaYouiiK People's BoolotU* oT Christian Hndoiwor will moot here for annual convention ou Fruluy of this week. It is expected about 800 dvlegute* will b» prv*»ut, Ml*ke •• AtlWkU. Ayi.ANi'A, Uot. aa.— The Hon. Edward BTuku, "tnV UaimtlUu inuuiuw of tli« British hougu of eouuuona from lri>luud, •ddrtmod u mooting in Mmlt oi IrUh home rule In this oity. tti»wurM» (. ST. I'AUI,, Got. W. —Thu Uuriimn brunch National Kjnvin'tli buaifuu hoid» its uiiuuul 'JOiivuutiou horn from today tv Out. as ^ _ ISI In httviU 1>K'« tm>lilt<uly. BVANsviujt, luil., Out. 28. —EH, LouiU, umbrella iu thu Robcrl' *>v Com edy funijwuy, died kw uuiWculy <i ATLANTIC BM4K CASE. Damaging Testimony Against President Yetzer. MYSTERIOUS TRAGEDY IN IOWA. BUM Jon«« and His Wife BarncA tn Deni It In Their Residence If«»r Rn<tx*ltl«, Terdlot Agalntt Bnrrett Scott—ftcbrnskn Admlnlttritlon Di-mocr»U Flic Tlietr ticket—BMlan Boyt ArrtlMd. , ATLANTIC, Ia., Oct. 23,—The trial oi 3. O. Yetzer, president of the defunct Cass County bank, is one of the principal themes of gossip here at present.- The testimony of A. W. Dickerson, the cashier now nnder six years sentence at Fort Madison penitentiary, has been very interesting and brought out much new information in regard to the failure. Diclterson has/been on the stand for sev^ eral days and has been nnder strong cross fire from County Attorneys Bruce and : wan and Attorneys Hndspeth and Siins for the defense. His testimony has been direct and cool nnd the oroes fire has not affected him. The most damaging testimony was thjt which alleged that Yetzer bad full knowledge in every particular as to the condition of the bank and was counseled in all and every action that was taken. Witness said that he had been in consultation with JntleV Phelps and J, C. YeUer in Phelps & Temple** office, they being attorney* for the bank, during the summer, and Phelnn had eaid that when the bank should be closed he and the defendant would be arreeted for fraudulent banking. He told him (witness) that the best, thiqg*. he could do then would be to plead guilty and go to the penitentiary, It was understood that Yetcer'* account wltfe the bank was to be fixed np •o a* to appear u wall a* possible, and when the failnn came be oonld run the hardware store in bis children's name after the qrash. The witness also produced letters that had been .written by Yetzer in Jnne and August before the failure in December, when be wa* in charge and trying in every way to secure money to bold np tb< bank, ending one of the letter* by saying: "All we can do i» to dose up and take onr medicine." MYSTERIOUS tRAGCDV W IOWA ud Hb WITe B»n*d to D»»Mi In Their Itttldcnoe^ LB. K, Oct. >»».—Silas Jones , ho lived 10 miles southwest of this city, were burned to death in their house, which wa* totally destroyed. The case is shrouded in mystery. They bad four children, all of whom were away. Mrs. Jones bought a revolver a few day* ago in thi* city, ostensibly to keep off tramps, and quite recently had her life insured. Tb* condition of tire two Indies, to- cether wltk surrounding dronmatances, lead* to the belief in the community when they lived that the burning of Silas Jones' house and the death of Jonee and his wife were not accidental, but that Mrs. Jones, in an insane condition, murdered uer husband and burned the house over them. OO ON THE TICKET fcY PETITION. AdmlnUtntlon I>»mo«»»t« In N«bnuk» M«k* Their Fin^l Hov*. tiiMCOUi, Neb., Oct. S3.— The Administration Democrats propose to have a chance to vote for Democrat* in fhe coming election, and filed their petjtion as required by law to have their ticket on the Australian ballot by petition. The petition was filed by Euclid Martin, through A. J. Sawyer, attorney for the administration wing, and had 700 signatures attached. The ticket entire as nominated by the bolting Democrat* at Oiufthtt. wUh P; D. Stnrdevant for gov- ernorV is the one petitioned for, and it will go before the vote:* as Democratic by petition. VERDICT AQAINST BARRETT SCOTT. Halt County Win* the CM* Agalnit th» Ito. hultlng Tmuurcr. ©•NtitL, Neb., Oct. 3d.— The ease of the county of Holt ngainst Barrett Soott, wherein the county claimed a shortage of |f>,000 during but first term of office as county treasurer, came np for trial ou Tuesday iu the district oourt aud WAS submitted to the jury Friday afternoon. The jury was out 80 hours, finally agreeing on n verdict in favor of the county as against Scott and hi* bondsmen in the sum of |6,700. Brotluri Meat AfUr lUny T**n. CUES-TON, Ia., Got. «9.— Qnlte a romantic meeting occurred here a few day* ago at toe wedding oi Miss Madge JdoDlll, daughter of the late interstate commerce co'muiHsluuer, J, W, Mo- Pill. Dr. Funouwilder, father of Mrs. McDill, is making hU home with his danghtur. At the wedding a brother of the Doi >!•'* from Indiana wa* present, aud tin.' ovont brought together taeee brother* for the Ant Uuie ia W yean. Dr. FulUmwlitlor i* 01 yean of age, and bis brothm over 80. The aged broffcmj •hed tear* of joy and Mated boyhood ex- iu a happy vein. Will Hue iUoowlwr For Ub»l. DM MOIKKS, Out. 81.— lit a newspaper artlolo Oity SolU'itor 4. K. Mauouilior at- tuckud M. V. V. Buunett, a prohibitioit fiwaker from Kni^iu known as • tho "K»u«a* Cyuloutt," culling him a drafted man in th* army and a deeurter. Bennett is now headed for DM Moluen, and say* in a letter that hu will have th» oity attoruuy urroatod for criminal libel, and nmy c'auso the ari-vnt of B. P, Clarksou, editor of thu Iowa Stut« Rog(»t«r,|tU« u«. per whioh printed thu artiolw, Uurkv tint fro*. WATKULOO, IH., Oct. »».— Thomas D. Burku is u lriH> man. Tho grand jury r< hi&tid to indict him for the abduollt>u of Huy KUuu uud U« uuw go«» buvk to Ills Marion, O., homo. H'lu* Uvr tfutt OMAHA, Oot. Pu)l>« R>-u buultlug Una ul Ij.illut i.uuiluu Unnlivrx »'.'. -'l'lu> suit of Mr aguinttt tlu' IAIII*UII Manifold Disorders Ate occasioned by afllhitiure and ink-' poverished condition eftheblood. Slight impurities, if not corretted,develop into ' sertous maladies, sucb as SCROFULA, ECZEMA, RHEUMATISM an other ttoubtesome diseases. To curt :•' th jse Is required a safe and reliable retrt*^ edy free from any harmful ine " anJpurely vegetable. Such I It tetnoves allimpuritie fro* •• the blood and thorough- 11 ly cleanses the system. Thousands of i cases of the worst forms of blood dlfr eates have been Cured by 8. S. S. Send for our Treatise mailed free toftny ftddrelft 1 SWIFT SPECIFIC CO., Atlanta, G». land, aggregating several hundred thou•and dollars, was decided In her favor. Now sbe will press the $300,000 damage snit which the stories of the London bankers provoked. So»|>p(it Arrested at Chodrmt. - CHAtmoN, Neb., Oct. 22.— John B. Rnssc'li "was arrested here by Sheriff Blakey of Hot Springs, S. D., on a war- , rant from Dead wood. He agreed to ac- oompany the officer without requisition papers. He is charged with insulting some lady, bnt he is one of the parties suspected of the Hot Spring* and O«U richg burglaries. Farmer Swindled. GENEVA,*!*., Oct. 22,— (Jyros Green, • rabstantial farmer, was swindled by • traveling piano agent, who operated «• twuively in thii vicinity. H« signed • noelpt for an instrament, wbieh turned oat to be a note for $430. Boy« la., Oct. sa.— two men of .this county, named and Ferguson, son* of respectable far- msn, wen arrested hen and taken to Jasper county on a charge of btrrglary at Newcastle. In Proupciet In KMUM. OBOWATMIK, KM., Oct. a».— Charles Our, all** trtumuwt, a Conga AftraoWr, brutally aesaulted Rosa Chandler, U yean of age. A pursuing p*rteo«p- tnrad him and lodged hint in Jefl. A Mob Hi orflStoTting a^d, « IjW^fBt to Itobable, ', tttflia* OonVleUd of BAE.T LAKE, Oct. 23.— The jury in tk* Theide murder case, which has been on trial for 10 days, returned a verdict of murder ii> the first degree, without recommendation, the penalty being shooting or hanging, as the murderer piefer*. O*orf« QouM Bnrnnt* MIDDLKTOWK, N. Y., Oct. UJ. Gould and J. B. Oarrinian <tf left over the New York Oantral in Mr. Gould's private ear for Buffalo Bill's ranch in ADELICIBUS DRINK , •d lib PACKAGES I— MAPJV TINE PREMIUMS GIVEN FREE TO ORIA/KERS OF LION CflFNI AT- 'S OUK STOCK WH WIUi 8KLL — « ft. Ash Eileoiled Tables |8.M 8fl »• » »• 5.09 Qttrd wood Chamber Bets li).0» 4 SpimUe wood Obair*, per eet,... 2.M must reduce our *look and lbe«t« price* surely ought to do it. KANNE & ZEBWAS, MEAT MARKET tn*b, iituue, ttiuttrr. ete. ALL OHDKUS IKK 1'UOMITI, DBU*tofl> Cot uer 61U aud Ailnun «weu, OtttoU, Ik. ELECTRIC TELEPKOHE t&tit

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