Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on November 29, 1955 · Page 10
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 10

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 29, 1955
Page 10
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TEN EVENING TIMES. CUMBERLAND, MU., TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 29, 1955 Wai PA-2-4GOO lor Taker Jacobfj On Bridge Triple Trump Coup Explained BY OSWALD JACOBY Written for NBA Service You sometimes read in the text books of a grand slam that can be made only by what is known as a triple trump coup. If you came to the conclusion that such hands never actually came up in play, you wouldn't be far • wrong. Just such a hand did however, turn up in the match between Norway and Italy this year in the European Championships. linues with a club to the dummy and a club ruff. He gets back to dummy with a top diamond to ruff another club, and then dummy is re-entered with the second top diamond. Now dummy continues to lead high clubs through East until he trumps. Whenever East trumps the party is over since South can overruff and take the rest of the tricks. NORTH (D) 4A7- V A 4AK84 + AK10753 29 WEST A X 10 9 8 5 3 ¥7 • 1092 + J62 SOUTH EAST VJ982 4J7 North 2 *'.-•• -3* v- 7V A 6 VKQ106543 • Q653 *9 Both sides vul. East South West .Pass 2V Pass- 3V Pass 4V Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Opening lead—4k 8 ."Both teams actually, stopped short at six hearts, but both trembled on the verge of bidding the grand slam. If the grand slam had been bid, as shown in the bidding diagram, any ranking expert would make the grand slam lay means.of the tHple coup, k Dummy wins the first trick with the ace of spades, and the ace of hearts is taken. Declarer gets to his hand by ruffing a spade in order to draw another round of trumps.with the king. , : Since West discards a spade on the second .trump, the situation .is all too clear. South must now find some WE$ of preventing the loss of a trump trick to East's jack. . South must plan to ruff twice more in his own hand, after which the lead placed in. the dummy. Eventually East's trumps will be picked up even though dummy cannot lead a trump through him. 'After drawing the second round of trumps with the king. South con- Q_The bidding has been: South West North East 1 Diamond Pass I Heart Pass 7 You, South, hold: AAQ73 V85 4KQ106 *K 9 2 What do you do? A—Bid one spade- Although you have «. minimum opening bid, It costs nothinff to show your biddable major suit. TODAY'S QUESTION The bidding is the same as in the question just answered. You, South, hold: 4Q973 V85 4KQ106 *AK2 What do you do? Answer Tomorrow B&O Freight Train Wrecks The three main line tracks of the B&O Railroad near Martinsburg were blocked yesterday afternoon when 13 cars of a freight train were derailed. The mishap occurred about 3 p. m. Railroad officials said the dcrail- nent was at Blairton. about two miles east of Martinsburg. Other .rains had to be rerouted and rail officials said the tracks were not cleared until early this morning. The engineer, fireman and conductor of the 100-car freight which originated in Chicago, were R. A. Durst, E. A. Hare and S. A. Rams- ourg, respectively, all of Cumberland. Officials in Cumberland said wrecking crews from here and Brunswick were sent to clear the Utility Lines Will Be Moved Public utib'ty firms have been notified/by the city engineer's office to move lines and poles from the'right of way of the West Side flood control'levee. ~ The firms were told the E. J. Albrecht Company, contractor for the current Potomac River improvement contract, wants to start digging an exploratory trench for the levee, which will run from the concrete flood wall at the rear of the Moose Home to the new Cum- berlanti-Ridgeley Bridge. Water and gas lines and utility poles will-have to be moved off the right of way which parallels the river on Water "Street and the lower ends of Pack and Johnson Streets. , : Ridgcley Church Holds Mission Convention ! The third meeting in a missionary convention will be held today .at 7:30 p. m. in Calvary Metho- 'dist Church, Ridgeley. •'-Rev. Meredith Haines, a returned missionary from Korea and Japan, will speak, on missions in Korea'and will show slides of the work in the mission field. - The convention will close with a meeting tomorrow at 7:30 p. m., when Rev. Mr. Heredity Helsby will speak on missions in India and show a film "Souls in Transit." The convention opened Sunday night, according to Rev. T. Roscoe Hall, pastor. _. o DIVIDENDS ON SAVINGS An Unbroken Record For 15 Years All Funds Invested in First Mortgages on Homes WE INVITE YOUR ACCOUNT HOME Building & Loan ASSOCIATION, INC. 19 South Liberty St. Cumberland, Md. PHONE PA 4-1900 ^•^=rQL WHy, AH,YES, COONEU HAV6 ycW HAVE 1 HOT PONS FOR MV cotiMTey tracks but service was not resumed until after midnight. Passenger trains such as the Capital Limited, the Columbian and the Washington Express all were running about an hour late because: of the derailment. All trains wer rerouted over Western SCIENTISTS FIND NEW WONDKDRUONASU. SPRAY a&ws WORST DISTRESS of, HEAD COIDS Maryland Railway lines from Big Pool to Hagerstown, from there to Weverton on Baltimore and Ohio branch lines and. thence into Cumberland. Andrew Jackson ; was the first U.S! President to travel by train. Fined For TV Damage MATTOON, 111.' tf) — Robert D. McCool, 18,.was cooled with a $76 fine in Mattoon police court after he had: Pulled loose the : television wires . from Paul • Gibson.'s set. Showered Gibson with eggs. Gbmbal Photographer : Matthew Brady was the famed Civil war photographer whose pioneering coverage of the battle fronts made him .the first U.S combat -photographer and photo historian. NEW CLINIC STYLE ATOMIZER Work* lite a'docfort ifomfcw to spreM iwhcatKXi-even children like in ^ViCKsMedi-Mist NASAL. SPRAY S WAREHOUSE SPECIALS USED REFRIGERATOR USED DEXTER WASHER IN GOOD CONDITION . COTTON MATTRESS .... ROLLAWAY 30-inch BEDS . SMART CHROME OA.95 BREAKFAST SET fromOif up 40" MAGIC CHEFE 1/IA.95 GAS RANGE liif Lime Oak Bedroom Suite 1 (f (1.95 Bed, Chest, Dresser JLUt/ SIMMON'S FAMOUS 1 1.95 SPRINGS from Hup MODERN Kft.95 SOFA BED •);; I. BERNSTEIN WAREHOUSE 1 SI UNION STREET new food Concentrated high-quality protein in a delicious new cereal form Protein helps him grOW. From childhood through their teens, boys'and girls need up to twice as much protein as adults. The kind of high-quality protein in Special K helps build sturdy bodies, red blood. » Protein helps bring healthy babies. Expectant mothers require far more protein than usual. Kellogg's Special K supplies the kind of high-quality protein, needed—more than, any other leading cereal—hot or cold. Protein helps keep yOU young for years longer^ Kellogg's Special K contains plenty of high-quality protein it* easily digested form. Unusually'appealing to eat, Special K also helps stir up-lagging appetites. Protein starts your day right, in Kciioes's Special K, folks in a hurry get the high-quality protein needed for sustained activity. Nutritionists say Special K is one of the most nutritious cereals ever put in a package. • ..••-•• Protein helps YOU reduce. Concentrated, high-quality protcin-the kind in Kellogg's Special K-is satisfying food. 'Yet there are. only 105 calories in an average 1-ounce serving of this delicious new protein cereaL.'•- Y OU'LL find some mighty good and nutritious eating in the Kellogg's Special K package. This delicious, new ready- to-eat more than a flake, more than a puff. Special K is an entirely new form of ceYeal that even feels better in your mouth: •->••'•'-••' - •'•'' -• • ' ; : . • Special K, for all its extraordinary health benefits, costs only READY-TO-EAT about 4V^c for a generous one-ounce serving. (Where else could you. get so much high-quality protein plus substantial amounts of most-needed vitamins for so little money?) We feel sure your whole-family will enjoy it, for breakfast and any time of .day they .want tomethint wholesome and good tasting. Your grocer has Kellogg'i Special K now. We invite you to try it.

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