Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on November 29, 1955 · Page 8
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 8

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 29, 1955
Page 8
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-EIGHT EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., TUESDAY. NOVEMBER 29, 1955 Dial PA-2-4600 for a WANT AD Span Approach Lights Qrilered A traffic control installation plan] was completed for the Cumberland-! Ridgeley bridge at a meeting call- 1 ed by Police and !?ire Commission-; er William V. Keegan at City Hall I yesterday afternoon. j The plan adopted calls for the Potomac Edison Company to install traffic lights already on hand while two additional lights needed to complete the set up are being delivered. Bandleader Answer to Previous Puzzl* ACROSS 1 Bandleader Ken ton 5 He features name guests on his program 8 He jf °" «*"<» f TV program 3 Asseverate 4 Closest 57 Scottish sheep/old 58 Pace DOWN 1 Blow with open hand 2 Ancient Irish M Crews last week began installing | traffic lights after a long-delayed' "•_. . 4 Closest 24 Indian order for cable arrived. The work! Oklahoma 5 Small pastries25 Tatters was called off after one light was H Persian prince 6 Poem 26 Son of. Seth installed, the commissioner said.j 15 Region * £loth menders (B b..) since the equipment was not the ! 6 Rot flax by * £ ee ™f ° dpsoet 2?Palm 10 Forefather N\ - exposure 17 Unusual 11 Very <Fr.) 19 Worthless table scrap right type Lights Are Ordered .IOT-IH o K;,^ .Keegan said the lights on hand| J J^mgbird will be placed : n their proper '°-i 22 Bi tter vetch cation and that two "green arrow" 23 Garden 21 Stockings lights ordered from the Grouse-j implement Hinds Company will be fastened; 34 Wave top to the brackets when they arrive, i 27 Dinner sweet C. E. Kennard, a company rep-! 31 Rave 28 Sea eagle 29 Observance 30 Kite part 32 Liquor vessel 47 Completed 35 Dirk 48 Fillip 36 Is present 51 Native rnetal 32 Challenge 33 Narrow inlet 34 Self-esteem 35 Hardens 36 Against , "'& ~-i'~ - ;— r~ ..• i 37 Perfume * check the orders and invoices t° | 39 strengthen learn why the order was mixed i 40 Meadow up. ' . j 41 Perch Kennard said traffic lights on-42'Young girl Greene Street will remain green I 45 Tendencies ' resentative, w h o attended at Keegan's request, said he will ask the factory to speed delivery. In the meanwhile, the Engineer- ,ing Department was asked to I 18 ZZ 4.9 One time 50 Also 52 Gaseous element 53 One who (suffix) 54 Make a 50 51 untila car coming off the bridge actuates the "detection pads" or trippers. • . Then the light which held back the bridge traffic will turn green to allow -vehicles.'to leave the) bridge., while holding up traffic! mistake moving in the middle lane. _ j 55 Movie star, The green arrow lights . beingj Andrew* ordered will allow cars going to- j 56 Weights of ward the . Dingle from the eastj India and toward the bridge from the f . . , T . ... 'west to-move .at all times. [Nuzum and Lawrence -Cessna of ^J alTla o e LlCCUSCS It was suggested that signsjthe Potomac Edison-Company. - ..& _ __ ..._ _ _ could be painted-and placed until ChamberPicks Key Workers For Program The committees that will promote the seven-point program adopted by the Cumberland Cham- Iber of Commerce are being shaped jup, according to Anthony .Saeli, ! manager. j The Industrial Promotion Com- 38 Church mittec, headed by Joseph M. officials Xaughton, will spearhead an ex- ; 39 Courtesy title panded program to encourage newl industries and people to locate in' the area. The Area Planning Committee, of which Albert S. Paye is chairman, will look toward a planning and zoning code for the area to ensure its orderly growth. The Civic Affairs Committee, 'iheaded by Edward L. Ewald. will 1 ] work toward a realistic parking 'and traffic plan for the downtown 41 Shop 42 Lichen 43 Poker stake 44 Froster 46 Tidy 8 17 55 An area trade expansion committee, to be named by the Board of Directors December 15 will direct the work on developing area trade., . A special tourist and convention committee will also be appointed at the. meeting to promote tourist and convention business. The Legislative . Committee, headed by W. Earle Cobey, will work with the city, county and federal governments on proposed legislation.' The Civic Affairs Committee will also be in charge of Point 7, the the arrow signals arrive.- Also attending the meeting'were Police Chief R. E. Flynn. C. R. The island of Tahiti has an area John Burton Galford, Ridgeley, of 402 square miles and is 33 milesjerts Street: and Thelma Naomi Nester, 36 Rob- long. James Edward Eicker, . Somer- Storage Space Needed In Area The Federal Civil Defense Administration is interested in leasing '100,000 square feel of .special do not propose new construction. Bkls will be received until 11 a. . December 8 in the Business Serm. JL/etUIUUcl o m -me jjuomtoj ijti- J.AWMVWV.*" ---,--- vice Center, Room 7100, GSA Re-lchester, Va., north on U.b. 11 to geographical area bounded by Ha- gcrstown, west on U. S. 40 to Hancock, south on U. S. 522 U> Win. , gional Office Building, Seventh and D Streets, -S. W., Washington, 25, ' DC. . The area where the 'government land. , ., Hagerstown through Martinsburg, W. Va.. or in or within five miles o) Front Royal, Va., or Cumber- ized warehouse space in square foot units in Cumberland or within five miles of the city. ! The space will be used to store emergency medical supplies. According to the invitations to I bid issued by the General Services Administration, contractors are invited to build new space or alter existing space to meet FCDA specifications. This is a departure from! j normal procedure as invitations to jbid on lea'sing property ordinarily j seeks the' warehouse space is de_... as follows: In or within five miles of the Bid information has been filed with the Chamber of Commerce and is available at the Post Office. FOOTER'S Super Special . i Now She Shops "Cash and Carry" Without Painful Backache NacErine backache, headache, or muscular aches and pains may come on with over-exertion,emotional upsets or day to day stress and strain. And folks who eatand tirink unwisely sometimes surfer mild bladder irritation ..with that restless, uncomfortable feeling. If you are miserable and worn out because 3f these discomforts. 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The 1$ religious and cultural resources of k«f earl -neck, weskit-effect ofjg the area the bodice, graceful 6-gore skirt |» Coordinating the work of the task arc so new, so flattering! Pro-jg forces will be the three vice pres- . dents. . alteration J. Kenneth Morgan has been C11S P asked to' direct the work of the budget.- membership and finance committees: William II. Buchholtz, civic affairs and hospitality, and . ... -jset, Pa., and E«***«^«**-^** ! *^« : *«^ ,. i . . - • ' *! Frank Mercer, Youngstown,! wcKer. . somer- stegmaier, legislative and Virginia Mane; ' , * , -., area planning and expansion. £ ! Ohio, and Eunice Elaine Will, Key'. j Your brain, lungs, liver and " - - -- n' . , -j bones are not ordinarily sensitive . «., u , cw ^...auu™ Miller, -andj to pain, but their delicate _ co vor- !DorisDe!ameZimmerman,both ; .o{i ings often are subject to intense «:ser, W. Va. Andrew Emanuel portioned to fit — no time-taking|| problems! Choose a stripe, or gay print. 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' $ An American Dental Assn. re' port says only 40 per cent of Amer: icans get reasonable adequate regular dental care. Aluminum Kiddie Kar Tubular aluminum frame S in. di*cs , wheels, Yi'in. tire. Rod and cream. $ 298 Automatic Jet Gun SHOOTS 6 PING PONG BALLS. HARMLESS TO LIGHT T A .M** BULBS—WINDOWS, CHINA OR OTHER BRIC-A-BRAC. ^Jf ' 4.98 VALUE USE OUR LAYAWAY PLAN or your 1st National Charge Account YOU CAN BUY ANY MERCHANDISE IN OUR STORE ON THE FIRST NATIONAL CHARGE ACCOUNT PLAN 7 BUSES DAILY NEW YORK $7.70 Including 7 Expresses. For Example: Lv. 7:30 A. M. Ar. 4:55 P. M. Other convenient athcdules to: Pittsburgh 3.05 Washington .. 3.30 Philadelphia .. 5.60 Baltimore .... 3.30 Harrisburg ... 3.95 You Can Be There In 2 Days MIAMI $22.55 5 buses daily including through ami expresses. For example: Lv. 7:30 A. M. Ar. 5:15 P. 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