Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 31, 1933 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 31, 1933
Page 2
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ITS IN THE AIR. A Stir on the brink of the evening, A tint ill the wann gray sjcy. The sound of loosened rivers; And spring goes by. A stir at thp rim of winter, : A wingonlihe crisp midnight; A herald from gloaming In northward flight, A Stir in the dawn re-arousing The wild, urideparted imrest To forth in the springtime and follow The infinite quest , A stir in the golden April, By Indian willow and stream. The sap goes upward with morning And death is a dream. —Bliss Carman. Grade School, Teachers • Entertained The teachers in the city, grade .' schools •and Superintendent and ' Mrs. Ar M. Thoromani were entertained at tea yesterday afternoon in i the home of Mrs. R. H. Carpenter J)iy the junior college practice teaching class taught by Mrsl Carpenter. Decorations were of spring flow- i!rs and spring colors were used in .. the refreshments. >• •> • • IJ. B. Ladies Aid Society ; Meets in Church The Ladles Aid .society of the , United Brethren chui-ch met yes• terday.afternoon In the church for their regular meeting. The shor^ •' session was conducted by - the pi-esidenta Mrs. Mary- Wilson, .•ind devotionnls were le^ by'Mrs. '. EUa Jacobs. The afternoon was spent quilttjig. Seven members wero' present. •:• •:• • Gives Btrtliday Party fur BiHter sirawderman ' Mrs. J. L. Strawderman gave a birthday party yesterday afternoon from 4 to G for her son Buster who was 11 years old. Jie received many iiice gifts from, the guests present. Ice cream and cake were served and chocolate Easter eggs given; to each as favqrs. They played games and worked Jig-saw puzzles: The table was decorated with a large angel food cake with candles." Those present Were Jack Kelley, Gene Garrison, Junior Oswald. Joe Littrell, Ed•\yard Poi-ler, John Wiler. Stanley IHuflord, Paul Redfern, L>-ndon Redfern, Gerald Sherrill, Burton Sherrill, Charles Fontaine, and Harold Klein. • •> •:• v. M. F. C. Class Entertains : The y. M. P. C. class of the Trinity Methodist church entertained •Oie A. X S. class Thursday at the .home of Leslie Snell. Games were ; played and refreshments were served ;to 22 members present. •> •> •:• Mr. and Mrs. Strawderman {![n(erlaiii At Dinner :, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Strawderman I 'ntertained at a seven o'clock din- ..iier last evening with Mr. and Mrs. Gaston Fontaine and family, Mr. and Mrs. Roe Sherrill and family, and Mr. and Mrs. Herschel Redfern '.and family as guests. The evening •was .spent playing pinochle. ALLEN CENTER Mar. ^8—Miss Wray and pupils had'sciibbl Satunfity for a day lost earlier iii the term. Maxine Roedel taught at week ago; Monday, so Miss Wray oii>uld attend the funeral bf Mr. Goyette, Elsmore. The IdrllUng rig has been moved from; the Roedel farm to the Wade farm, where drilling will be started in a f ew; days. Mr, and Mrs. Axel Peterson and Herbert and Bobble Ciimmiogs spent Saturday evening at the C. E. Tur! ner home. ' Alma and Don Turner entertained the Christian Endeavor of the Christian chiu-ch, LaHaipe,! at their home last Wednesday night. Music and games furnished entertainment for the evening, and refreshments were served to 35 guests. Mr. and Mi^. John Pige and Willis spent Sunday afternoon at tti,e Dewey Steward home, south of Gas. The regular Farmers Union meeting will be held Tuesday ni^ht, April 4. The entertainment committee is MrsJ C. E. Turner, Mrs. Axel Peterson and: Mrs. Howard Wade. Mrs. Everett Rogers entertained the Royal Neighbors'club a week ago Wednesday afternoon. The time was spent piecing quilt blocks. Those present were Mesdames Geer, Gumphrey, Johnson, Page, Wood, Turner, Fox, Aten; Misses Bertha Htz- patrick and Clarlne Johnson, One new member, Mrs. Idella Johnson. Next meeting with Mrs. Abbott, April 5: Roll call, your favorite recipcl. Alma and Don Turner attendep the "grub" and church services rit the Chrl-stian chiirch in lola Sunday evening. j The A. C. C. met with Mrs. Drakje for an all day meeting last Thursday. A shower was given Mrs. Earrj- cst Hart, formerly Pearl Niemeyei;. Those present were: Mesdanies Wlk- lund, Morrison, Johnson, Rogers, George Crowell, Lawrence Crowell, H. Remsberg. Rose, Provancha, Elmer Provancha and baby, Roedel, Wade, Nlemeyer; Misses Clarire Johason Martha and Irene Niemeyer, Beth Remsljerg and Ellzabeti Wade. Guests were Mrs. Reis, Mrfe. Bliss and Hazel Benton. Next meetl- ing will be with Mi-s. Howard Wadt. Roll call, a Bible verse. Ml-, and Mrs. J. Reilly spent Sunday afternoon at the John Roedtl home. THE lOLA DAILY REGISTEK. FRIDAY EVENING, MARCH 31., 1933. lOLA. KANSAS Sunday School MnmSTERQi ^G TO JEWS AI>}* ' GEI^TttES. Tbe Intenational Uniform Snnday Sebobl Xesson for April 2. Text: Mark 7:24-37. .^SLurgbon Bay, Wis.—Residents of Sturgeon Bay are wondering wheth: C.I the prolonged battle of a determ- 'incri cockrobin with his image In a Kan.^as City, Mo„ window lias any, rcoiiiuoction with a similar campaign ; wn;fcd by a robin at the John H. Sl'nvnit home liere durmg the las^ : three summers. Membei-s of the Stewart family believe the shadow lio.vrr now winning fame in Kan: KD.?. City may be the same bird 0i\ : Ills way back from winter training : qiinrtcrs. SOUTH LONE ELM Mar. 23.—Mrs. R. P. Sprague received a card from Mrs. Charlotte Jones ot- California saying they h4d survived the earthquake. Mrs. J, W. Stout and Ruth Ree' are both under a doctor's care. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Kulp and Josin and John Kulp spent Sunday at tl^e Harry Poster home. i Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Reeve aijid children were Sunday dinner guests at the I. C. ElUngton home. | Mrs. Gertrude Carrier, Lawrence, jMr. and Mrs. Nelson Carrier and Irene were Sunday dinner guests jof O. H. Carrier's. Ed Hunter of Parsons and J. E. Hunter of lola were afternoon callers: Mrs. Gertrude Canler accompanied her brother J. K. Hunter to lola for a longer visit. Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Klooz and daughters spent Sunday at the W. E. DeGolier home. Mr.' and Mrs. Floyd Prather and family of Chanute called at the S. B. Prather home Sunday afternoon. Mr, and Mrs. Fred Hunter and Mr. and Mrs. Earl Hunter called at the Nelson Carrier home Wednesday morning. Mrs. Ethel Hewlett took M. Hewlett to see the doctor Wednesday. His siioulder which was dislocated when h'ls horse fell with him. is getting along as well as could tie expected. Francis Herynk of Lawrence visited at the parental Herynk home Sunday. HOlll/.ONT.VL VA bulk. a noolstork, :) To secure. ' 12 Egg-sliapcd., 13 Lassood. U Part of a bird's bill, laCoiUiite. ; 17 Blossom u.scd at WL'dilinsj'. 19 FormiiUi. :;0 Hoi.sliii!? macliine. :;lBpforc ' 2'JExppl> fi'om iXxf li;U-. :;4 Moukoy. :;T Artist S .\lir5«ci- lo l»i-oviou.s I'li/./.Ie have a settlement in lo.spr. fniii\o. i:i rim lu 29 Hypollu-lical struct ui:il unit. :il To vn>Ul. :!3 BUit 'K iiiid as Perlaiiiiiit; :iG kiriRlet. :tS Falsifiers. 40 EiiWsBary. 41 To iiiiliatf. 43 Latfiist «?xisliiii: d«cr. 4.1 Patlietio. 46 Opposite of . r parts. I Sriuiid. liir slroiiKtli. >> Suitable. ."I liiiiind Willi 7 ScMOiid note, a garlr-.r. S Smells. 'I'D valiii>. '•> Army officials. .M Indi^iMit. 1 II rail of work, r.i; I 'lvsoii opijos.-d U r.olf mound, to a'piili<y. l:lTlie upper and IC To become weary. IS Harvest in .Indian. 20 Eyelniilies, 22 Satan. 2:! Dress faKiencr. 24 To perform. 25 Fairy. 26 Destitute of teetli. Inane. :!0 To attempt. 22 Monastic brotherhood of Jews. ^4 Gloomy. 37 Party for men only. 29 To slash. 42 Center of an anipbitbeater. B¥ WaiL E. GItBOV, P. D. Editor or Tfie CotfKrecatioBiaist. This is a world friendslilp lesson, and if the world ever needed les^ sons in friendship it is at the present hput'.' The probleiti of crpating friendship in the world is proi*ably just the same as it always was, In- isofar as it mieans the brealdng down of pride and prejudice and the barriers that keep people from mutiial recognition and mutual imderstand- ing. But the problem in its': (extent has become different from that in_ any former age. In fact, it might be said to have changed within a generation, and even within a decade. •When steam navigation was dls- oovored intercommunication itetvieetf. nations and peoples suddenly advanced far beyond anything that the world had known before. The invention of the telegraph' and the cable also brought nations a±d peoples into immediate conununication; but such communication was greatly limited both geographically and in the number of people' whom It affected. But now, wltliout the need of poles and wires or lines of transmission of any kind, the power of radio has transcended land and sea. A recent visitor to India has pointed out that there are two broadcast systems in that country, oiie of which niakes the whole of tiie vast population potentially accessible to broadcasts from Russia. Missionaries tell us, also, that one of the acute problemjs in mission lands today is the prevalence of American mov-ies which are uncen- sornd, and often of the most objectionable type, and wliich are doing much to give to foreign peoples sordid and false representations of true .American standards and the finer aspects of American life. When we think of the power for good, or evil, of all these circumstances, that are making ijhe whole world more essential^ onej place sc far as communication is concerned than any single country : formerly has been, we must sui-uly realize the obligation that rests upon all peoples of Christian spirit and good will to promote friendship and good understanding, not only between individuals, but between nations and peoples, if we are to save the world from the effects of prejudice anil nari'owness and selfishness. Here in oui- lesson we have typical example of race prejudice. A woman had come to Jesus with the request that he would Heal her sick, and probably demented, daughter. The woman was a Greek an;! a victim of Jewish prejudice just in the way that people of minority races arc often victims of the-pre judice of dominant gioups m mod- ei-n countries. WHERE 12 BURNED TO DEATH IN PLANE CRASH Here is the scene of the San Leandro, Calif., tragedy in which twelve persons were burned to death when a traiisport plane, battering a driving rainstorm, plunged into the home of Joe Arisa Sr., and exploded with terrific force, hurling blazing gasoline over the ruins and over two' adjoining homes. A.t the lower left is one of the plane's wheels in tangled fusilage that was scattered about the scene of the blast. In the right background parts of the ill-fated ship are strewn over an automobile demolished in the explosion. In the charred ruins were found the bodies of the pilot and his two passengers, Arisa's wife and four children, and four guests. Arisa is not expected to live. Three men were injured when Are destroyed two adjoining homes. r,7 'I 'll 1 )1' in debt. r.Nriiariiy. .'ili Action. VERTICAL 1 Soft hrooui. 2 To affirm. . :! rndRran ;;ed. 4 To eat into lower ,44 To mix bread, voted to 46 Wanders about. the Eieiiteentli 47 Sea eagle. Amendment of 4.S Network, the U. S. Con- 49 .\way. stitnlion? 14 The liusslan religions sect "IJoukliobor"' 50 Legal rule. Rl Jewel. ."12 Aocompll:ihed. 55 Deity. .Testis, apparently recognizing this prejudice, referred to it. not as on^ might suppose from the record, expressing It himself, nor even as soma have said, testing the woman's faith, but speaking of It with an apparent harshness that undoubtedly his manner belied. Did he not. In fact, refer to the; prejudice In such an extreme way, .saying to the woman, "It Is not meet to take the children'^ breJ ».d and cast it to the dogs," only tlrnt he might rebuke the prejudice? For he was about to perform a miracle of healing for the child of this woman, and if he had any otlier purpose in mind he siarely would have refused to exercise his power on behalf of a stranger. The real lesson is to be found in what Jesus actually did. It is the spirit of Jesus to break down barriers and to bring men and women of all sorts and conditions Into re • laticnsliips of mutual love and mutual helpfulness. The moderii world may still look to the Galilean for tlie way 01^ of its visions, its prejudice, and its conflicts of hate. PLEASANT PRAIRIE Mar. 28—Mrs. Julia McVey and son Wilbur spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Harley Mt'Vey.and family. Ray Bartlett and children were afternoon callers. Mr. and Mrs. Ace Paugh, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Dick Larkey. . Mrs. Ida Ransom and grandson Richard Reed Ransom spent Friday evening with Mrs. H. Ponsler. • Mrs. W. A. Moss entertained the Sunshine club Thursday afternoon. Members present were: Mrs. Roy Stevenson. Mrs. Ada Stenneit. Mrs. Ed Cox, Mrs. C. Franklin, Mrs. W. £nsminger, Mrs. D. Landon, Mrs. L O. Morrison. Mrs. R. Morrison. Mrs. Tommy Mbss and sons Jerry and Junior, Mrs. Harley McVey and son Junior, Mrs. H. Smith, Mrs. M. Templeman. Mrs. Perl Baker and Mrs. H. Ponsler. The hostess served refreshments, :Mr. and Mrs. Schofield and Florence, Mr. and Mrs. Miles Templeman, Miss Doris Bieard, Paul Wagner and Nlgei McDonald spent Sim- day afternoon with Miss lone Smith. Mr. and Mrs. Herschel Smith and daughters. Miss lone and Ruth Jean were dinner guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Werce. Mrs. Fred Pierce and Mrs. Herschel SmUh spent Sunday afternoon With Mrs. Tucker, near Mildred. Mrs. West Is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Chalmer Mosier and Mr. Mosler. Mr. and Mrs. Perl Baker and Lois spent Saturday with Mr. and iSxa: Dora Morrison. .Jerry Moss spent Saturday night with his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Moss. Mr. and Mrs. H. Ponsler and Everett Poiisler, Mr. and Mrs.' Dewey Smith spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Roy Huss and son Jotui Richard at Fort Scott. Mr. and:Sirs. Perl Baker and Lois spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Webb Baiter, LaHarpe. Betty Jeon Pierce and Riith J«an Smith spent Sunday afteinoon with EL&lVfORE Mar. 29—Elmer Price came home Friday from a week's- visit with friends at Crown Point, Ind. G. W. Leffler who has been ill with flu is much better. Mrs, Georg:e Squires went to Chanute Monday. Mr. Schifferdecker made a brief address^ in .the program that the Mt. Pleasant school district presented at the Christian chureh in Savonburg Simday night, March 26. Pern Beaman, Helen Tlppie and Webster Olson represented the Elsmore high school in the forensic contest held last week at Bronson. Helen Tipple won third place in the girls' extemporaneous spc.iking. and Webster Olson placed third in boys' extemporaneous speaking. Grandma Zimmerman who is quite poorly and unable to get around, was lovingly remembered with a very appropriate dinnefr sent to her by the Page family, who had gathered at Mrs. J. M. Page's home and pleasantly surprised her on her eie-htieth birthday anniversary. This was very much appreciated by Mrs. Zimmerman. The W. C. T. U. meeting held at tlifi home of Mrs. John Ludlum was opened by singing "Forward to Enforce the Constitution." Scripture, Proverbs 3:1-24. Prayer by Mrs. Hill. Six members answered roll call, with three new members. Mr. and Mis. Harve Ludlum and Mrs. Geo. Mc- Comiack. The lesson was taken from "Our Messenger." Reading by Mrs. Mattson, McCormack, Krokstrom. Hill and Ludlum. Closing .song, "Win Them One by One." Prayer by Mrs.-Moore. Next meeting wijl be held at Mi:s; McCprmack's. "The city is through crusiiin'g rock for the streets. It is being hauled as quickly as possible. The farm bureau met with Mrs. Ernest Ericson Tuesday afternoon. Word was received here early Saturday morning of the death o^ the little .son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Pinkston of Garnett. The little boy was a year and two montlis old. He was ill but a week, of double pneumonia. The funeral was held Sundav e ^r ernoon here at the home of his grandmother. Mrs. Carrie Ard. Mrs. Ilif Ard and children, Kansas City, who came down for the funeral of the Pinkston baby Sunday, is staying for a week's vis. with relatives here. Mr. and Mi-s. Martin Vollmer and Carolyn visited with Mr. and Mrs. John Holmes Tuesday. Carolyn 'remained to help with the work for a wliUe. Mr. Frank Smith, west of town, is veiiy ill after a paralytic stroke. Mrs. Ora Meade and Phoebe, have moved to Savonburg. STER MARY'S KITCHEN BY SISTER MARY , disturbed and the leaves are that !*E.\ Service WrUer ' much cleaner after each washing, W ITHOUT ioubt spinach de-|W^en tlie water is poured off the serves the good reputation it • dirt Is redistributed throuRh the enjoys In spite of the fact that it's the butt of jokes in the funny papers. The large amount of Iron and vitamins present in 1 its leaves vegetable. It's a good plan to let spinach stand in cold salt water for at least an hour before cleaning and looking over for cooking. makes it one of the best bargains i This freshens any wilted leaves and in foods that the homemaker can ] ^^ws out '"sects which may be i hidden In them. i Cut the leaves from the stems. buy. When you go to markat and! shop for spinach, look for pJanU i The stems are hollow, are apt to with plenty of good healthy leaves. 1 „ • , This vegetable is an edible foUage,; so the condition of the leaves In ot • prime importance. Medium-sited; plants of good dark green color, leaves fresh and crisp, fi'ee from i . sand or dirt, are desirable and The revival continues. Rev. Q. O. Wilson will lead this church in nightly meetings one more week. Interest growing daily, twelv^ additions to date. Tonight Rey. Wilson will speak on, "Thfe Prodigal Boh." Sunday mbmlng at 9:45 oy^r 300 wiU gather in Bibte school. At 11 the minister. Mr. Keleford will speak on, "The Way, the Truth, the Life." At 6:30. Christian Endeavor meetings. The Young People's swiiety will join in the .union ijieeting. At 7:30, revivat services. Rey. 'Wilson preaching, using the subject, "So He Paid the Fare." First Sdethodist Episcopal qhtirch. The Sunday school will nafeet at 9:45 a. m. The morning church service at 11 o'clock. , " . Epworth League wil meet at ~&:30 p. m. Evening worship service TrSO. Prayer meeting Wedhesda? night at 7:30 in charge of a laymaii. A most cordial invitatkm: to all services Is extended. ' W. P..WHARTON, Pastor. Presbyterian Chnreta. Sunday school at 10 a. m. and jinoming worship at 11 a. m. Mr. Snuffer speak on "Holy Communion" ifelch sacrament •will be observed.afTihe wdrsliip period.- Prayer m&Btlng Wednesday at 7:30 ,-i^ with Mts. Tnd Dunlap leading a ' Missionary meeting. On Thursday at 2:30 the final meeting of this cburcl^ year for the Gheneral Working society—picnic supper, election of officers. Church of God. (First and Neosho.) . Sunday school begins at 10 a. m.. foHbwfid with preaching at 11 by Miss Georgia Lewis of Tul^, Okla.. as the speaker. grentng services begin at 7:30. ; Everyone is invited to ccime and hear the old fashioned gospel preached. I. M. COX, Pastor. Trinity Methodist Cbnrch. Sunday school at 9:45. This is Wdrtd Service Sunday.' Mrs.; Flora Ricketts will speak at the naming service. ;. A union young people's temperance service will be held At Pfestiy- terian church at 6:30. Rev. J. M. Mason will preijch at the evening service. Cm:le No. 2 will serve a penny supper Wednesday eveniqg. The young people will present the religious drama, 'The Tmth JShall iviake You Free," on the evening of April 9, under direction of Evelyn Quick. W. E. VAN PATTEN, Pastor. Gas City Methodist Chureh. Rev. McGiU will preach at tfte 10 o'clock service. Sunday school at 11 o'clock. Junior'^League at 4:30 and Senior League at 6:30. An Epworth League parly is planned for next week and will be anhoimeed Sunday. V/. E. VAN'FATTEN, Pastor. mean that the vegetable will be tender and an- attractive vivid' green when cooked and dressed for • the table. Of course, spinach' is prone to • Imperfections even as all other life of the vegetable kingdom. The most common of these I)elng weeds, plant' insects, sandiness. yellow or' wilted leaves and woodlness. , If the leave.s are light colored. and of a yelloWish tinge and tightly , curled, plant insects are usually present. If this condition prevails, that particular lot of spinach should not be purchased for It will Monday's Menu BREAKFAST: Halves ot grapefruit, cereal, cream, bread crumb pancakes, milk, coffee. LUNCHEO.V: Noodle soup, prune and cottage cheese salad, poppvers with fresh inaple sirup, m'ilk, tea. DINNER: Salisbury steak, French fried onions, spinach with inushroom sauce, ginger ale salad, rice pudding, milk, coffee. First United Brethren Cbnrcb. Albert V. Howland, Pastor. Earl Knock, S. S. Superintendent. Worship program 9:45. Sermon 10:05. Sunday School classes 10:30. Dismissed 11:15. Junior Church 10:05. Union Young People's meeting at Presbyterian church. Evening service 7:30 p. m. Regular mid-week service Wedi nesday evening at 7:30 with choir j practice following. contain sand and furnish little nourishment. They take longer to cook than the leaves and make it necessary to prolong the cooking have an unpleasant flavor When! period if they are not diiicarded. cooked. A few plants with a yeV-1 After thoroughly waehing spin- lowed leaf do not mean an ln-';aeh let it drain in a colander for ferior quality and ot course the center of the plants often contains the tender yellow baby leaves which are delicate and desirable; The washing of spinach is perfectly simple but of utmost importance. Always lilt the leaves from one water bath to the other. In (his way the hand which settles to the bottom of tbe pau Is not a few minutes to remove excess water. Then cook it covered until steaming, about five minute.s. Remove cover and toss lightly with a fork. Cook, uncovered, until tender and almost dry. Season with salt just before removing from the fire. Drain if necessary before adding addUional seasonlnr and serving. •MarjQiie McWpy. ROCK CREEK Mr. J; E. Clark and daughters spent Sunday morning with Mr. and Mrs. Harley Clark and daughter Virginia. Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Biutaett visited at the R. L. McNutt home Monday evtining. Mis.s Mae Clark spent Saturday night and Sunday, with Miss tiois Dreher. Virgil 'Wilson. Roy Gillespie. Lowell Morrow and Harold Clark spent Sunday with the Burtnett boys. Mrs. James Brownrigg and Francis visited with Mr. and Mrs. Perrj- Bennett, Tuesday. The community meetUig held at Rock Creek schoolhouse last Friday niglit was well attended regardless ni the, rainy weather. But as there were so many that couldn't get thori: on account of muddy roads tbe play "QvTlone Sally," will be given again at the schoolhouse on Friday night. April 7. Oren and. Elsie Bennett visited at Uie Jame? Brownrigg home one day last week. Two pupils enrolled at Rock Creek last Thiusday. They are: Lloyd and Pearl Draper. That bruigs our enrollment up to 19 at the present. 5t>th pupils are in the second grade. The report for the seventh month of school at Rock Creek which ended Mareh 24. is as follows: Number qprolled boys 10. glrJs 9^ total 19. Number neither absent nor tardy 14 they were: Eulalia Pearl. Delmer, and Billy Sarver, Gerald Gorden, Katharine and Nadine Clark, Roy Gillespie, Georgia Shafer, Nona Marie end Howard Burtnett, WUda and Wilbur Clay. Uoyd aiid Pearl Draper. Those who received 100 per cent in speUing for f:he month were: Eulalia Pearl Sarver, Libby Brownrigg. Oelmer Sarver. J D. M«a»utt. Kathryn Clark, Nadyne Clark. Geot^a Shafer. Wilbur Clay and Orval Burtnett. We had one visitor during the month and that was Addle Southard. Visitors are always welcome; — Bfedeline Cunningham Harris, teacher. Radium can be hammered into powder, froze or melted, but none pf these joperattons interfere in the sUghtest [degree wUb-tts aetivfty. * STAR VALLEY (Lester Helle.) Mar. 27.—Mr. and Mrs. P. B. Murdoch and Mrs. J. F. Nigh. lola. and Mr. and Mrs. J. Fired Schmidt spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. J. Paul Nigh. •Mrs. I. B. Wheatley and Miss Elizabeth Plckarts spent Thursday afternoon with Mrs. Roy Hamilton and Leota. Miss Georgiana Lobaugh of lola spent the week-ehd with her grandparents Mr. and Mrs. F. X. 'VWllen- burg. MIS. E. R. Brown who has been quite ill is much improved and able to do her work. Mrs. J. O. AHeii, lola, was a pleasant visitor at school last Thursday during the moromg session. Mrs. E. C. MdCoy and Patsy Ann spent Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. I. B. •Wheajtley and Elizabeth Pi<^rts. Bud Zomes and Mrs. J. C. Colltos th Mr. and Mrs, children, nt Sunday with his grandmother! Mrs. Atanira Bay. lola. Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Moore and family spent Sunday in Chanute. Mrs. Frank Helle and Uts. "W. C. Moore spent Tuesday af tetnoon with Mrs. I. B. Wheatley and Elizabeth Pickarts. Miss Prudy Lower spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and ACrs: Wesley Lower. Humboldt. Dalfred and Howard McCoy spent Saturday motlntaig with Merle Lowe and Shelton Moore. Wayne Palmer spent Sunday evening with Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Collins and family. Mr. and Mrs. E. C. McCoy and family spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. P. N. Noble and family, Colony. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Lower and Kent Ray spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mis. Thomas Cation, Savonburg. ! Mrs. J. M. Overman spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Overman and family. Miss Edythe Ml4idleton and Mr. Muid Alien spent Suhday evening Mr! and Mrs. children. Mr. spent Sunday C. A. Collins Howard Ray with Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Cooper and family. Thehna Truster and Dona Isbell spent Sunday evenliig at tbe Ed Cleaver home southwest of lola. Mr. and Mrs. J. M: Cocker spent Suhday with Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Moss and family. Miss "thelma Truster spent Thursday evening and IViday with Mr. and Mrs. Ernest TriKter and daughters. EUa and Martha. Humboldt: Miss Mable Bair spent the week with Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Moss and family. Mr. and Mrs.: Clyde Moss aind family and Miss IfiiUe Bair spent Tuesday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Clint Baker, Crescent Valley district. Mr. Noble Barnett spent Sunday morning at the J. C. Overman home. Mr. and Mrs. J. Fred Schmidt spent Thursday evening with Mr. and Mrs. George Works, Hl^boldt. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Nichols and daugliter Jacqueline spent Friday With Mr. and Mrs. Dean Nichols and daughters, Shirley Deane and Dorothy, Chanute. Mr. and Mrs. John Donnelly and daughter, Beverly Anne, and Miss Ella Truster of Humboldt spent Thursday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Truster and family. Mr. and Mrs. Russell McHenry and son Eugene spent Thursday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Moss and family. Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Truster and daughters. Thelma, Lois, and Glennis spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Russell Larkey, LaHarpe. , Mr. and Mrs. R. Kaufman spent Saturday with Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Tleener. Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Truster and daughters, Thelma and Glennis, spent Tuesdaiy with Mr. and Mrs. Bert Truster, and Miss Mary Gibson. Chanute. Dean And Max Overman spent Saturday afternoon with Harold and Howard Ray. Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Nigh spent Tuesday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Wright Lyfe. lola. Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Sicks .snent Tuesday with Mr. and Mrs. Fred Broom and fartiily. lola. Mrs. R. C. fiiitler and baby daughter Esther Louiise, and Mr. and Mrs. Clarence H<*e and son Bobby, lola, spent Wednesday with Mr. and Mrs. Homer Teats. Report of Star Valley school for i the seventh month ending March 1 24: Number enrolled, boys 19, girls 12^ total 31. Those having 100 per cent In spelling for the month are, Marie Stickle, Lester. Helle, Glen Kaufman. Mary Sicks. Virginia Nigh. Harold Ray. Viola Teats. Lois 1 Tnister. Carl Cooper. Donald Nigh, and Howard Ray. Those receiving lOa per cent in spelUng in the bimonthly examination are, Marie Stickle, Lester Helle, Lois Truster, Prudy Lower, Viola Teats, and Harold Ray. Pentecostal Chureh. (Second and Neoslio Sts.) Sunday school 9:45. Preaching at 11 a. m. and Tuesday Friday and Sunday nights 7:45. All welcorpe. We will have with us Sunday morning Brother and Sister Vaijght of LaHarpe, (Four Square) folks. Come out to hear them. J. A. DUNHAM, Pastor. The Baptist Temple. "The Measure of a Man," will be the sermon topic at the morning service o'n Sunday. The Lord's Supper will be obsej;ved and the hand of fellowship given to new members. In the evening Miss Au''™ Williams, representing the Scientific Temperance Instruction deiJartnfieht of the Natlona"l W. C. T. U. will speak. Miss Williams will also speak before a meeting of the. Young Peoples' City Union in the Presbyterian chureh at 6:30 p. m. Nf^acene C&nrch. (223 V. Sycaiatm fit.) 10 a. m. Sunday Bible school, Mrs. Nellie Rahdel j^perintendent. 11 a., m. Morning worship, the pastor will preach the sermon. 6:30 p. m. evening service and sermon by the pastor. 7:30 p. m. 'Wednesday prayer meeting. M. R. Bishop, Pastor. F^irst Church of Christ. Scientist Sunday services 11 a. m. Wednesday evenhig meeting 8 p. m. ' . , Sunday school 9:45 a. m. The reading room at comer 6f and Sycamore streets, is optflti daily from 2 to 5 p. m.. Sundays arid holidays excepted. ' • '• "Unreality" wlU be the subject of the lesson sermon in all churches Of Christ, Scientist, Sunday; APrU 2. ; Golden Text: Jeremiah 2:5: Thus saith the Lord. What iniquity haye your fathers found in me, that they are gone far from me, and have walked after vanity, and are become vain? "; The public is cordiaUy invited Uj attend the church services, and to enjoy the privileges and moke use of the reading room. STAR DISTRICT (Mrs. S. M. Dickersonj Mar. 27—The writer has been ill and' her daughter, Mrs. H. E. Boone has been caring for her. • Dpsplte. a.feeling of winter yesterday, today is a warm spring-like frtioming. Farmers are busy plowing or sowing flax. A few have eariy garden up, many have early garden and potatoes ip, but many more are plaiyiing. garden for planting next week. Mr. and Mrs. Foley Alvis and little son of Yates Center visited last Sunday with Mi-. Alvls's sister, Mrs. V. J. Preston and Mr. Preston. Mr. Alvis runs, an automobile accessoi-y ^op and filling station iti- Yates ,^ :<?enter. . M . "Two children from the Vnndlver farm have joined our school. The family name is Lee. Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Dennoy nntl Nadine spent an evening last week \^ith us. Mrs. H. E. Boone and Haroldlne spent Thur-sday at the S. M. Dickerson home, helping with the houso work. Mrs. Joe Kelly was hostess 10 a goodly number of members and two guests of C. C. club. Mrs. Norman Lowe and Mrs. Dorsey were gue.sts A'quilt was hemmed for the hostess atod Mrs. Clem Kivett sent her club blocks for distribution. Lunch was served and club adjourned to meet April 6 vJlth Mrs. John Oliver In an all day meeting with covered dish dini\er. Roll call will be current events. • Mrs. V. J. Preston. Mrs. W. M. Varner, Mrs. Leona Beard and Mrs. C. L. Dickerson have the baby chicks here. James Young who is attending junior college in lola, comes homo to run a tractor several hours every evening, preparing the com ground. Another example of over-production: the hundreds of bills introduced at the state legislature. NOR6E New Low Prices Effective Today! COSTS NO MORE TO BUY COSTS LESS TO "OPERATE. Have you a house for rent? Or for saaeT' 'Want to buy anything? nw> th* Claffelfled coliintml They've Sta;Od the Test of Time £iiatl »sbed iSiOiS Williams Monument Works 301 Bo. Wfsli. loU, Kas. ALWAYS — rendering that cfepeiidable type of f^ervice which one comes to expect from a permanent institution. The soundfeKt rule of busines.s is the GoWeii Rule—or ih modern terms—A Square Deal. —-PHONE 36 Funeral Service WAUGH Ambulance Service

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