The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan on November 16, 1939 · Page 8
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The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan · Page 8

Ludington, Michigan
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 16, 1939
Page 8
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MCE EIGHT fTHE DAILY NEWS—LUDINGTON, MICHIGAN. ; NOV. 16,1939, RADIO BIGHLICHTS Key ate ll«t«d in the program*. ,Wm(U^WTAM.WTMJ, WOT, WLW, W8M. WMAQ, WOOD. wfWJ WJZ —WL8, WTMJ, WMAQ. WXTZ, WLW, WOOD. WABO—WJB, WHAS, WBBM. CALL LETTERS AND KILOCYCLE ^^ FREQUENCY OKLW 840, K0KA 980, KFAB 770, KF1 MO, KMOX 1090. KOA 830,KrW 1020, WBBM 770, WCPL 970, WBAL 1000. $000 810. WABO 880. WKABB50. WDAP 610, WBAP 660, WKNB 870, WON 720, W&Y 780, WHAM 1150, WHAS WO/WHO 1000. WTBO 570. WJJD 1130. .0. WKZO 670. WOOD 1270. WOW 590. WOWO ll WSB 740, WTAM 1070. 1060. WKBZ 1500, WTMJ 620. (Time Is Eastern Standard) NEW YORK, Nov. 16.— A milestone comes up in the radio career of Major Edward Bowes on Sunday. It is the seventeenth anniversary of his theater family, now being broadcast by the CBS network. The program, originally started by the late Roxy and taken over by the major in 1925, has a record on the networks equalled by no other feature. For many years it was heard on NBC, then a couple of years ago when Bowes transferred his Thursday night amateur show to CBS, the theater family went along. Four 'football games are being lined up for the networks' weekend.' MBS will have two, Dartmouth vs. Cornell, to be followed by Northwestern vs. Notre Dame. Two chains, CBS and the NBC- Red, will handle Oklahoma vs. Missouri. The WJZ-NBC chain will describe Columbia vs. Tulane. TONIGHT: Europe — WABC- CBS— 8:55, 11; WEAF-NBC-East -41; MBS— 9, 10:15. •WEAF-NBC— 8 —One Man's Born with Two Heads reciprocity agreement of the licensing of trucks traveling between the states. Jones said differences with Minnesota had been cleared up and he was hopeful an arrangement could be made with Michigan, although nothing definite had been, worked out. Officials at Marinette recently began stopping Michigan trucks not displaying Wisconsin licenses on the claim that Wisconsin trucks had been stopped in that state. It's Thanksgiving in Monahans, Tex. MONAHANS, Tex., Nov. 16.— (fP) —This may be just plain Thursday, Nov. 16, to President Roosevelt, but it's Thanksgiving day here. Furthermore, there'll be two more—the 23rd, and the 30th. •Mayor Elmer Hill said he just couldn't let Mr. Roosevelt or Texas' Gov. W. Lee O'Daniel get the best of him, so he'd go 'em one better and proclaim the third Thanksgiving. O'Daniel announced he would proclaim both days after the president had set the 23rd as the official one. Some of the jjiayor's friends accused Hill of letting his appetite for turkey cause his free use of his proclamation powers, but the town took him at his word. Mrs. Enwry Herron, farmer's wife of Bristol, Tenn., holds her infant baby, Jesse, who was born with two heads. The extra head, fastened at the base of the normal skull and filled with fluid, was removed by the attending physician, leaving only a small wound. One of Mrs. Herron't three other children is shown. Family; 8:30—Those We Love; 8—Good News variety; 10—Bing Crosby show; 11:30 — S a d i e Hawkins day program. WABC-CBS— 7:30—Vox Pop; 8—Jim McWiUiams' quiz; 9—Major Bowes' amateurs; 10—Drama, '"A Letter From Above;" 10:30— Americans at work. WJZ-NBC—8—Green Hornet, moved from MBS; 8:30—Joe Penner; 9—Eastman symphony; 9:30—America's town meeting, "Should We Ignore Racial Differences?" 10:30—Vicki Chase concert. MBS— 9:30 —Paul Whiteman band; 10:30—Concert revue. FRIDAY: Europe—NBC-chains —8 a. m.; WABC-CBS—8 a. m., 6:30 p. m—WEAF-NBC—1:30— Words and Music; 3:45—Vic and Bade; 6^—Torch of Progress, WABC-CBS—3:15—Society Girl; 4'30—Men behind the stars; 6:15 —Hedda Hopper. WJZ-NBC— 12:30—Farm and Home Hour; 2 . —Music Appreciation Hour; 5 — Ed East quiz. MBS—3—Marriage License Romances. Some Friday short waves: GSF GSD GSB London—7:15—Background to the news; TPA4 Paris —9:15—M u s i c and sketches; TGWA Guatemala City—10—Radio theater. Indications Throughout State Are That Good Kill Will Be Made (Continued from Page 1) state police meanwhile continued investigations of the 'deaths of two hunters, both killed Wednesday by errant shots from companions in the woods. Augustus Altvatter, 67, of Fowler, died in a Bay City hospital after being sped there by ambulance from Harrisville. Altvatter was struck in the head by part of a -buckshot charge from the gun of Harry Brousseau, 24, of Alpena, nine miles north of Glennie in Alcona county. Brousseau told state police he stumbled while carrying his gun. The death of Altvatter followed that of Ray Morris, 42, of Detroit, who was shot accidentally by his brother-in-law, Ray McFeely of Detroit, at Buck Creek, ten miles from East Tawas. The conservation department said a survey Indicated the deer kill was normal in the Lower Peninsula despite unfavorable •Weather conditions but that it , -was unusually light in the Upper Peninsula. Reports of Success by Mason County Hunters Continue to ;Come In (Continued from Page 1) , „ , was a tive-pQinter. ,J"Clarence Hall, 502 North Gaylord avenue, was another of the *—'-- hunters able to bag deers is first day out. Clarence re] In tne afternoon with a six-point buck. ~ ilman of Ludington, who id his luck at the game times, was finally reward- tdnesday. Hunting near lake, Wr. Holman shot a slx- LTCT^. about l p .to. Backwlck of Luding- thls morning he go his deer, a six-point, 130-pound animal, while hunting in the Ward hills about 3:30 p. m. Wednesday/ Leland Cutler, Route 1, Pentwater, hunting south of Branch, reported this morning he bagged a 150-pound spikehorn shortly after 8 a. m. Wednesday. Cutler's is believed to be the second deer killed in this region on opening day. John Lund of Ludington reported Wednesday he snared his about 7:55 a. m. Bags Big; Buck Stewart Barclay of Southern Michigan, visiting at the home of his parents, Mr. Frank Barclay of and Mrs. Scottville, made his trip into the woods on opening day extremely profitable, bagging one of the largest bucks killed in Mason county. It is reported to weigh about 175 pounds. Ivan Shoup of Tallman was another lucky gunner to be rewarded on the first day. Details s'ere not known. George Haller, c. J. Peterson, Id Cabot, John Paasch, Irvan Dixon, Norton Baker, all of Maori county, and H. Dee Spencer if Three Rivers were other hunt- TS reported to have been successful on opening day. Rich Gold Pocket Is Found in West SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 16.— ')—A rich pocket of gold be- ieved to contain $1,000,000 9f the jrecious metal, has been discov- red hardly 300 feet below the urface in an Eldorado county mine. Walter W. Bradley, chief of the mining division of the state department of natural resources, said $600,000 in gold already has een taken out of the pocket in | he old Alhambra Shumway mine at Kelsey. It had been worked or 50 years, yet one of the rich- st finds ever made in the state was comparatively near the sur- face. The find came to light here because of suspicion of officials at the U. S. mint that an unusually large shipment of gold could not have come from one mine. Always on the lookout for irregularities which might trace to the "high-graders," who deal in gold stolen from rich ore mines, they asked for an investigation. John F. Bongard, chief inspector for the state division of mines, checked on the Alhambra and said the gold was there, all right. The mine operators had to get their permit changed from one which allowed for possession of 200 ounces at one time to one providing for 4,500 ounces. Michigan, Wisconsin Talk Reciprocity MADISON, Wis., Nov. 16.—(/P) —Hugh Jones, deputy director of the state motor vehicle department, said Wednesday Wisconsin had started negotiations with Michigan officials for a TEMPERATURE TODAY AT 11:00 Weather Forecast Lower Michigan: Generally fair tonlfeht and Friday. Cooler Friday and in extreme north portion tonight. IT'S COAL TIME— We have the coal you demand — Just give us a ring for prompt delivery. THt; LUDINGTON LUMBER CO. For Correct Time Phone 99 Fatal Stilt Village Won't Be Rebuilt CARACAS, Venezuela, Nov. 16. —(#>)—Informed quarters said today the Venezuelan government would forbid reconstruction of the stilt-supported shanty town of Lagunillas on Lake Maracaibo, which was destroyed Monday night by a disastrous fire. The village had long been considered a firetrap, it was said, but efforts to remove the inhabitants to new homes on the shore of the lake had proved futile. Exact figures on the number of dead remained unavailable as authorities continued the search for bodies. The Maracaibo press estimated that 300 had perished, but the government press office indicated the actual number might be less. Condolences were received by the Venezuelan , foreign minister from representatives of numerous foreign governments. It was announced that the papal nuncio at Caracas had been instructed to convey a message of sympathy from Pope Pius XII and to send the apostolic benediction to the families of the victims. Federal Jury Studies Case Against G-. M. (Continued from Page D and 17 officials in - u ne huge Gea- eral Motors family, violated the Sherman act through a plot to monopolize financing of installment "car sales. The other firms are the General Motors Acceptance corporation, GMAC of Indiana and GM Sales corporation. William S. Knudsen, GM president, and Alfred P. Sloan, Jr., chairmran of the board of directors, are among individual defendants. 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Schmock's Standard Service Station 201 W, IiUdington Avenue, Phone 30, FRUIT COCKTAIL Del Monte No. 1 can MARASCHINO CHERRIES, Shurfine, Red or Green ... .9c RITZ CRACKERS : lb. pkg. 23c BARLETT PEARS, Del Monte No. 2 can 17c PASTRY FLOUR, Perfection, 5 Ibs., 20c; 24y 2 lb. bag 69c COFFEE Viking lb. 15c 3 Ins. SHURFINE COFFEE, pound 25c UPTON'S TEA, Yellow Label, Black V 2 lb. 43c LIPTON'S TEA, Yellow Label, Black V 4 lb. 22c HORMEL SPAM 12 oz. can 29c FLOUR A. G. Best 241/2 lb. Sack Dromedary DATES Pitted 7!4 oz. pkg. 14c Dromedary Glaced PEELS Orange, Lemon, Citron 9 3 oz. 1 Q f ^pkgs. I*'*' Welch's GRAPE JUICE pi nt 23c quart «Jv Blue Plate SHRIMP No. 1 can " cans «' v Ginger Bread Mix Mince Meat Jam Cranberry Sauce pkg. Dromedary Shurfine 9 oz. pkg. Seedless, Shurfine, Black Raspberry, lb. jar 23c lOc 15c Shurfine, 17 oz. can TASTE WELL COCOA 2 lb. can 19c RAP-IN-WAX, Junior Rolls 2 for 15c VEGETABLES 6 ,. r 23c *< doz. t*5C MEATS GRAPEFRUIT, Texas seedless ORANGES, Florida, ORANGES, Florida, large size, CRANBERRIES, GRAPES, n, 17C , te . | A JLV ibs. isc20c22c plnt APPLES, eating or cooking SQUASH, Hubbard ............... lb. SWEET POTATOES, ff Parsley, Green Peppers, Rutabagas, Celery, Head and Leaf Lettuce, Cauliflower, Tomatoes. FOR THANKSBGIVING: TURKEYS, GEESE, DUCKS, CHICKENS AND RABBITS CHICKENS, OYSTER * 23c PORK ROAST, lean butts, ............. lb. SPARER1BS, 15C PORK SAUSAGE, O bulk .............. & Ibs. KRAUT ..................... quart NECK BONES, /I SIDE PORK ......... O 25C PORK STEAK, ...... ........................ lb. COMBINATION SALE 2 CANS STOKELY RED KIDNEY BEANS,' 1 PKG. CHILI POWDER, Serves 6, All for. OYSTER CRACKERS rut PUMPKIN, ........... .' ..... ........ large 2Y 2 size can lOc PUMPKIN PIE SPICE ....................... Per can lOc PICKLES, DILLS, .......... per qt., 15c; SWEET, qt. 25c GLAZED CHERRIES or PINEAPPLE ........ per pkg. 15c CANDIED PEELS Mixed per pound 30< BABO ...................... ................ large size 13c LUX TOILET SOAP ........ '.'.'. ............... 3 cakes 19c LUX FLAKES .......................... medium size lOc LUX FLAKES ............................. large size 22c WAX-RITE Self Polishing Floor Wax pint 39^ 20 MULE TEAM BORAX .................. 16 oz, pkg, 15c BORAXO "Cleans Dirty Hands Gently" .....-•.• • • • • - 8 oz - 15c ME M B E R S N R O G BTDR •£fe& v •vwvwvuvuvwvvvvvvw^^

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