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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 10

Carroll, Iowa
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Thursday, November 19, 1970
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Much Different People, Land Examined— Portugal Has History, War, Charm — But No Coke By RALPH NOVAK LISBON (NBA) - Don't come here to drink Coca-Cola or gamble in casinos along the Sun Coast or see X-rated movies or escape air pollution. Do come here to look at historic castles and palaces, to visit one of the fishing villages that dot Portugal's 500 miles .of Atlantic coast. Portugal is a country spending nearly half its national budget fighting wars against black nationalists in its African colonies. There are indications of liberalization . in the nation's policies since Marcelo Caetano replaced 'Antonio Salazar as premier- dictator of this country of 9.5 million people two years ago. Whatever else he has done, Caetano has his countrymen casting longing and avaricious glances at the American tourist trade. There is even a chance Coca-Cola will be sold here soon, after all. Right now, you can't get Cokes in Portugal. The Portuguese say it's because their doctors believe American colas are harmful; Americans say it's because the Portuguese want to protect their own wine industry. Tourists say the water tastes lousy and they're thirsty. The Portuguese have allowed the establishment of gambling casinos, for foreigners only. The Portuguese aren't missing anything, if one can judge by the Casino Estoril, which is decorated in a nouveau Las Vegas style and features slot machines, a game room, a cavernous banquet hall and a floor show that is a combination of low-grade Ed Sullivan material and refugee acts from a company picnic. The Salazar regime put an "adults only" rating on the movie version of "Sound of Music," but Lisbon is showing signs of moving gingerly into the Now Generation, far enough, at least, so that anyone who comes here to boo- galoo can find a discotheque or two. It is also making strides toward the Pollution Age, having already accumulated a respectable smog for a city its size — about 825,000. The city harbors so many statues, monuments, museums and memorial parks that you can hardly walk a block without running into one. Alfama, the old section of the city, has a labyrinth of narrow streets and alleys, tunnels and buildings which give strong architectural evidence of North Africa's influence on Portugal. In the Thieves' Market, a street bazaar, you can pick up a bargain if you care to defy the odds. Elsewhere, monuments to Magellan, Prince Henry the Navigator and Vasco da Gama are conspicuous, but they reflect glories far off in the past and in some ways add a touch of pathos to the scene. For, with Brazil long since independent and even Goa ripped from its control, Portugal today has only its African colonies between it and has-been status as a world power, which at least partly explains why 140,000 Portuguese soldiers are fighting nationalists in Mozambique, Angola and Portuguese Guinea. Lisbon dots not, however, give any surface Indications of being a country at war and the Portuguese who will discuss the situation contend they are waging anti-Communist crusades. Then, if they're talking to an American, they'll add, "It is just like your war in Vietnam, isn't it?" A tourist is unlikely to encounter any of the repressive by-products of the authoritarian system that has prevailed since Salazar in 1928 masterminded the creation of a dictatorship that throttled floundering at tempts to create a democracy But the Portuguese, with th bonds loosened a little under Cateano, are beginning to stir through legal organizations such as the newly formed As sociation for Social and Economic Development, and extra legal ones such as Armed Revolutionary Action. Those indifferent to Portuguese politics can try to fine a cafe or restaurant to listen to fado — the traditional For tuguese music that is a com bination of flamenco, torch-sing ing and blues — outside the jaws of the tourist traps, where photographers hustle the cus tomers for pictures and people hawk everything but their kitch en's refrigerator. Carroll County Board Proceedings Board of Supervisors Office, Carroll, Iowa Monday, October 19, 1970 The Board of Supervisors of Car roll County. Iowa met in special ses sion at the Board Office at Carroll Iowa the county seat of said county On Monday, October 19. 1970 at 9:00 a.m. Central Daylight Savings Tome pursuant to law the rules of sait Board and to adjournment with ar members present. On motion the Board of Supervi sors approved the Class "C" Commercial Liquor License for Wm. M Otto, dba Starline Ballroom, East on Highway No. 30 Carroll, Iowa. On motion the Board of Supervisors approved the suspension o taxes on the following described rca T estate: Lots 21 & 22 Vanderheidcn'f Acldn. Carroll, Iowa; Lots 5 & £ Garst's & Greenwaldt's Addn. Coon Hapids. N. 362' of E'i of W'/z of Lot 15 Garst's & Greenwaldt's Addn. S 11.2' of N. 148' of W. 52' of Lot 1 & S 11.2' of N. 148' of Lot 2 Garst's & Greenwaldt's Addn. Coon Rapids Inc.: Lots 7, 8, 9 & 10 Block 11 Town of Lanesboro. : On motion the Board of Supervisors approved the monthly report of Harry Hagge, Justice of the Peace in Carroll. 19 wa. On motion the Board of Supervisors adjourned until Monday, October 26. 1970. Warren Remsburg, Chairman Leon P. Oswald, County Auditor Board of Supervisors Office. Carroll, Iowa Monday, October 26, 1970 The Board of Supervisors of Carroll County, Iowa met in regular adjourned session at the Board Office at Carroll, Iowa, the County seat of said County on Monday, October 26, 1970 at 9:00 a.m. Central Standard Time pursuant to law the rules of said Board and to adjournment with all members present. On motion the Board of Supervisors approved the monthly report of DeLores Joens, Justice of the Peace in Manning, Iowa and the Third Quarter report of F. M. Rombough, Police Judge in Carroll, Iowa. These reports are on file in the office of the County Auditor. On motion the Board of Supervisors approved the following: CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION OF WORK CONTRACTOR — Goecke Construction Co. Address — 419 S. Walnut St., Carroll, Iowa SURETY — Merchants Mutual Bonding Co. COUNTY — Carroll KIND OF WORK — Grading ADDRESS — Des Moines, Iowa This is to certify that the following part of the work covered by contract of Goecke Construction Company, Carroll, Iowa let on July 27, 1970 and dated July 27, 1970 consisting of grading work on the following projects: L02-70 Section 33-34 Newton Twp.; L03-70 Sec. 24-25 Newton Twp.; and LF1-70 W. Sec. 7 Maple River Twp. located in Carroll County, Iowa, have been completed in accordance with the plans and specifications on or before this 8th day of October 1970 and recommended for final acceptance October 26, 1970. s/M. L. Schmeiser Carroll County Engineer Approved and work accepted on behalf of the Board of Supervisors of Carroll County, Iowa this 26th day of October. 1970. s/Warren Remsburg Chairman, Board of Supervisors Carroll County, Iowa On motion the Board of Supervisors proceeded to audit and allow the following claims and authorized the County Auditor lo issue warrants for same: GENERAL FUND Francis J. Clark, Jailer 8:5.20 John M. Smith, Extra Help: Treas. 115.20 Beth Brumbaugh, Jail Matron 23.20 Walter Koster, Mileage . 52.00 Warren Remsburg, Mileage 43.50 Leonard Rupiper, Mileage .. 32.00 Jack Thein, Mileage 39.20 Orel Thomas, Mileage 35.10 Pitney-Bowes Inc., Office Equipment: Auditor 308.00 Koch Brothers, Vz Cost of Maint. Contract 3M Copier: Auditor 25.00 Monroe, Office Equip. Maint.: Auditor 25.00 Pitney-Bowes Inc., Office Equip. Rental: Auditor 39.67 R. L. Polk Co., Office Supplies: Treas 12.00 Pitncy-Bowles Inc.. Office Equip.: Treas. 308.00 Office Equip. Rental 31.17 .... 339.17 B. G. Tranter, Postmaster, Postage: Recorder . . 60.00 Xerox Corporation, Equipment Rental: Recorder ... 94.26 Koch Brothers, Office Supplies: Sheriff 11.16 N.W. Bell Tele. Co., Tele. Line for Radio 8.00 Eleanor Roverud, M.D., Autopsy, George Keat 75.00 Crawford Co. Mem. Hosp. Blood Alcohol Test . 15.00 Pest Kil C h e m ic a 1 Co., Courthouse: Oct. Spray .... 8.00 Doris Walkup, Mileage 59.50 ~ieon P. Oswald, General Elec. Expense: Mileage . 21.00 i'leskes Construction, Permanent Improvements at Co. Home: Fix Windows .. 950.40 SMILE AWHILE ^ CASE POWERS EQUIP. MY HUSBAND <3AVE THENA TOME. 5W) >S \ I'UJ. NEVER UNDER6TAND HOW SUCH 6OR6EOUS FURS COULD EVER ) COME FROM SUCH < A LOW SNEAKING J 5LINKV -F VARMVT. VOU'LL FIND ONLY THE BKT AT CASE POWIRC EQUIP. BEST IM QUAUTY AND BEST W SERVICE BUY A NEW CASE TRACTOR AT USED PRICES! These are the black night demonstrators. They have only 50 to 200 hours on them. Buy 'em now with a NEW TRACTOR WARRANTY at used tractor prices. FOLLOW; THE CROWD POWER ^EQUIPMENT //«*Y 792 9294 • CAR ROLL."" 9ow* Manning Monitor, Publish Proceedings 66.60 Iowa Elec. Light, & Power Co., Gas: Social Services . 13.19 Iowa Pub. Serv. Co., Elec.: Social Services . . 14.98 IBM Corporation, Office Equip. Maint.: Social Services 70.78 IBM Corporation, Office Equip. Maint.: Social Services .. 93.58 COURT FUND Diane Mayer, Extra Help: Clerk 50.40 Xerox Corporation, Equip. Rental: Clerk 216.05 The L a w y e r s Coop. Pub. Co., Law Library Supplies . .. 20.00 The Iowa State Bar Assn., Law Library Supplies 19.50 The Pcngad Co. Inc., Court Reporter Supplies 30.56 DeLores .Toens, Justice Court - JP Fees State vs. Gregory L. Blum 3.00 DeLores Joens. Justice Court - JP Fees State vs. Gregg K. Knowles 4,00 DeLores Joens, Justice Court - JP Fees State vs. Lavern J. Spieker 4.00 POOR FUND Eleanor Dinsmore, Mileage 26.20 Bus Ticket advanced 10.60 36.80 Koch Brothers, Office Supplies: Relief 2.93 Koch Brothers, Office Supplies: Relief •... 3.20 IBM Corporation, Office Equip. Maint.: Relief 72.14 Textor's Store, Provisions . 8.00 Brenny's Market, Provisions 15.00 Frqhlich's Grocery, Provisions 100.00 Food Stamp Cashier Eleanor Dinsmore, Provisions 50.00 Iowa Public Service Co., Elec. 8.61 Beiter Oil Co., Fuel . 51 80 Northern Propane. Fuel 7.75 Steinberg Pharmacy, _ Drugs 133.30 Bell's Drug, Drugs 42.85 Dr. Gene E. Michel, Medical 28.00 Dr. C. A. Johnson, Medical . 30.00 St. Anthony Hospital, Hosp 466.25 Wm. Graves Account, Rent 65.00 Jack Foley, Rent 60.00 Norine Swank, Rent 55.00 Mr. C. C. Easier, Rent 55.00 Catholic Charities, Care 191.31 Raymond Friedman, Care 90.00 Guthrie County Home, Care 285.50 Cash Allowance 2000 Iowa Public Service Co., County Home: Elec. 198.71 Nockels Clothiers, County Home: Clothing 59.34 Steinberg Pharmacy, County Home: Drugs .... 19.10 Dr. W. L. Ward. County Home: Office Call 5.00 SOLDIERS RELIEF FUND Travel Expense to Wolfe Eye Clinic . 20.00 STATE INSTITUTION FUND Edward Bracker, Auditor Pottawattamie Co., Commitment Costs: M' e n t a 1 Illness Case 95.00 MENTAL HEALTH FUND Perry Nursing Home, Oct. Care 165.00 Steinberg Pharmacy, Drugs 40.15 Medical Assn. Pharmacy, Drugs 30.00 SECONDARY ROAD FUND Frank Sumerlin, Scale- man . 51.00 John Von Bon, Checker 243.00 Mileage 31.20 .. 274.20 Tom Volquartsen, Scale- inan . . . 133.00 Duane Wenck, Overtime .. 78.00 Koch Brothers, Office Supplies: Eng. 7,34 Martin L. Schmeiser, Mileage 64.50 Schoeppner Electric, Elec. Work on New Maint. Build- Ing in Dedham . 345.23 Town of Lanesboro, Water: Co. Garage 9.04 Iowa Public Service Co., Elec.: Co. Garage 5.71 Manning Municipal Light Plant, Elec.: Co. Garage . 2.10 Lewis Schmitz Appl., Road Maint 552.20 Great Plains Gas, Road Maint 20.20 Sieg-Ft. Dodge Co., Road Maint 182.32 Joe Schweers, Road Maint. Tiling 39.92 Goecke Construction, Grading 220.00 Rd. Maint. 30.00 Culv. 552.00 802.00 Paper Calmenson & Co., Lumber 40.34 Standard Oil Co., Gasoline .. 129.50 Dedham Oil Co., Oil 4.70 D. Fuel 248.13 252.83 Manning Oil Co., D. Fuel .... 117.84 All Wheel Drive Co., Repairs 60.11 Quandt Auto Salvage, Repairs 6.00 Missouri Valley Mach. Co., Repairs 272.97 BRUCELLOSIS FUND Donald J. Casey, Testing .... 25.00 Wm. D. Blohm. Testing 36.00 Ronald L. Davis, Testing .... 122.50 Leon J. Wernimont, Testing 5.50 Jerry D. Fetty, Testing 10.00 A. H. Mally, Testing 271.50 C. W. Dreibelbls, Testing .... 38.50 VOTING MACHINE FUND AVM Corporation, Sixth Payment on Contract No. 1656 8,516.50 On motion the Board of Supervisors adjourned until Monday, November 9, 1970. Warren Remsburg, Chairman Leon P. Oswald, County Auditor PHONE SERVICE The U.S. Navy recruiting station in Omaha has announced that an answer phone service is now available. This service will enable persons unable to contact their local Navy recruiter to place a collect call to Omaha and leave a recorded message, which will be forwarded to the local recruiter. The number to call to take advantage of this service; call collect, area code 402-221-7311. This is for families who have questions about their sons in the Navy, according to BT 1, Mike Guthrie, recruiter. Congratulations to the WESTGATE MALL on their GRAND OPENING in Carroll From the STORE DESIGNERS Gram, Johnson and Stanky, Inc. Midwest Plaza Bldg., 801 Nicolett Mall Minneapolis, Minn, PUBLIC NOTICES Iowa laws require th«» the rtiidcnti of thit area be notified of certain legal proceeding!. Certain individuals, at well at groups, may have a personal interest in these notifications. Often the publication is the only public notice. To keep well informed, readers should check carefully the notices which appear in this section. COUNCIL MEETING NOVEMBER 9, 1970 The regular meeting of the Council, City of Carroll, wai held on this date. The minutes of the meetings held in October were read and approved as read. The following bills were allowed: November 10, 1970 Middendorf Sheet Metal, repairs & parts at lift station 51 i Schroeder's Carpet, repair of door at City Hall 11.45 Hyland Oil & Feed, repair tire for Cemetery truck 1.50 Lon Mosman, wax for City Hall ' 5.00 Snyder Tree Service, removal of tree stumps 565.25 Peters Motors, Inc., fluid for 14-5 Police car 3.90 Brenny's Market k Lockers, supplies . 8.44 Earl May Seed & Nursery Co., supplies 5.00 Great Plains Gas, propane gas 10.40 Roy L. Olsen, Maps for _ City 4.52 B i e r 1's Parkway Furniture, supplies ... 15 sg Interstate Electric Supply Co., supplies 8.35 Cleveland Cotton Products, supplies 130.05 Heck Ross Uniform Company, clothing for police 82.85 Omaha Testing Laboratories, testing water project 18.00 John W h a 1 e y Chevrolet, Inc., repairs .. .. 144.85 Joyce Lumber Company, supplies at garage 13.29 Witt Hardware Company, supplies .. ... . 6.23 Daily Times Herald, publication fees 137.53 Iowa Electric Light & Power Co., gas bills 201.55 Acco Unlimited Corporation, supplies 56.25 General Excavating Co., machine work 592.20 Milk Inspection Trust Fund, water analysis . 62.00 Stone Printing Co., supplies 72.60 Dust-Tex Service, service 4.80 Carroll Sand and Gravel, sand for sanitary sewer 28.31 K 1 o s e r Seed Store, supplies 285.70 Moorhouse Ready-Mix Co., rock and cement 8.40 Carroll Ready Mix, cement 78.40 Amil H e r k e r Jr., Sec'y. IWPCA, operator license 20.00 Mid-State Distributing Co.. supplies for C.A.T 41,95 J. & M. Supply Co., supplies . 22.15 Precision Laboratories, Inc., supplies 384.22 T. S. McShane Co., Inc., repairs 17.25 Asphalt Products Inc., cold patch 60.23 Watertower Paint Ic Repair Co., Inc., contract on water tower 1,154.00 S w a n e y Equipment Co., repairs 250.00 American Allsafe Co. Inc., helmet liners 37.16 Brown Supply Co., supplies 826.94 Carroll Supply Company, Inc., supplies 140.10 Crouse Cartage Co., supplies for water dept. .. . 13.20 Greteman Insurance Agency, Audit premium 141.77 Badding Construction Co., replace of sidewalk (U.R.) 742.64 Reinart Service, repairs . 52.38 Joe P. Frank & Son, repairs & parts 105.97 Ed M. Feld Equipment Co. supplies H5.25 Carroll Lumber Co,, supplies 125.84 Coast to Coast Store, supplies 46.66 Deluxe Cleaners & Launderers, laundry 33.211 B e i t e r Oil Co., supplies and gasoline 8T.67 Henningson, Durham * Richardson, Engineering services 3,051.34 Northwestern Bell Tele- phone Co., telephone pills . . 229.22 Heider Manufacturing Co., supplies at pump house 19.21 Stand. Oil Company, gasoline and fuel (Diesel) . 473.00 Carroll Machine & Weld., supplies 4.37 Sieg-Fort Dodge Co., supplies 110.20 Bliss Tire Service, Inc., repairs 7.50 Glidden Bolt Supply Co., supplies 12.0! W. C. Otto Engineering Co., engineering, (Topic Plan) 3,240.00 Nash Motor Parts, Inc., supplies and repairs 20.91 Mid-Iowa Insurance Associates, Inc., Ins. for car & truck at Airport 78.00 J. & J. Electric, work at water tower 134.16 Arnold Motor Supply, repairs 34.9: Carroll Fire Dept., Calls & Drills 595.00 Iowa Public Service, light bills 4,304.65 Joe's Paint Center, supplies 31.45 Nu-Tone Products Co., Inc., supplies 91.53 S19.410.44 A resolution was approved accept ing a proposal as submitted by Jew ell G. Jung for the purchase of prop erty located in the Central Business District after a public hearing on the same was held. A resolution was approved, sub ject to a public hearing to be held December 14, 1970 and providing for the opening of bids on the same date, stating that Demolition Docu merits have been prepared for Group R-17 D, consisting of nineteen struc tures in the Central Business Dis trict. Bids were received for the instal lation of City heat to the building lo cated at 603 North Adams Street The low bid of $500.00 was accepted The City Clerk was authorized an expenditure, not to exceed $500.00 for a planting plan on the Municioa' Golf Course and a Development Plan for an artificial Lake and the area adjacent thereto. Approval was given to purchase a Tree Spade and Mover from the Carroll County Conservation Commission. A plan on preventative measures of Dutch Elm Disease and a Tree replanting program for the City of Carroll was approved. A Class "C" Beer Permit Aoplica- tion was approved for the North Star Grocery. Arthur F. Gute CITY CLERK November 19, 1970 Statement of Nondiscrimination The undersigned have filed with the Federal Government a Com pliance Assurance in which it assures the Rural Electrification Administration that it will comply fully with all requirements of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Rules and Regulations of the Department of Agriculture issued thereunder, to the end that no person in the United States shall, on the ground of race, color, or national origin, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be. otherwise subjected to dis crimination in the conduct of its pro gram and the operation of its facilities. Under this Assurance, these organizations are committed not to discriminate against any person on the ground of race, color or national origin in its policies and practices relating to applications for service or any other policies and practices relating to treatment of beneficiaries and participants in eluding rates, conditions and exten sion of service, use of any of its facilities, attendance at and participation in any meetings of beneficiaries and participants or the exercise of any rights of such beneficiaries and participants in the conduct of the operations of this organization. "Any person who believes himself, or any specific class of individuals, to be subjected by this organization to discrimination prohibited by Title VI of the Act and the Rules and Regulations issued thereunder may, by himself or a representative, file with the Secretary of Agriculture, Washington, D. C. 20250, or the BEST WISHES to Ellerbroek of Carroll on the WESTGATE MALL Electrical Work by Prentice Electric Classified Ad Information Dial 3573 CARD OP THANKS Up to 20 words -$2.00 All over 20 words 8c per word Per column inch $1.60 Additional insertions $1.40 CLASSIFIED DISPLAY Classified displays taken until 9 a.m. day of publication except Saturday and 8 a.m. on Saturday. Regular classified 'till 9:30 a.m. Saturday, 10 a.m. Monday through Friday. CLASSIFIED CASH WITH ORDER One day, per word 10 cents Three days, per word 24 cents Six days, per word 36 cents Card of Thanks 3 CARD OF THANKS I wish to thank relatives friends and the priests for their prayers, cards and gifts while I was in St. Joseph's Hospital in Omaha. Your kindnesses will always be remembered. Mrs. Pauline Berger 3-273-ltp CARD OF THANKS I sincerely thank Father Sulkowski. Father Macke, all the nuns, relatives and friends for their visits and cards; and all the staff at St. Anthony for then* help during my stay at the hospital. Mrs. William Hoffman 3-273-ltp Rural Electrification Administration, Washington, D. C. 20250, or this organization, or all, a written complaint. Such complaint must be filed not later than 90. days after the alleged discrimination, or by such later date to which the Secretary of Agriculture or the Rural Electrification Administration extends the time for filing. Identity of com- plaintants will be kept confidential except to the extent necessary to carry out the purposes of the Rules and Regulations." CORN BELT POWER COOPERATIVE Humboldt, Iowa GLIDDEN RURAL ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE Glidden, Iowa Zion Pastor Is Installed (Times Herald News Service) ARCADIA — The Rev. Lawrence W. Sawhill was installed as pastor of Zion Lutheran Church in Arcadia Sunday afternoon. The new pastor was installed by Dr. Elles Neiting of Fort Dodge, president of the Iowa District West, who also gave the sermon. Pastors assisting were Rev. Ed F. Heinicke of Manning who has been serving as interim pastor; Rev. Theodore Letzring, Auburn; Rev. Richard Nagler of Wall Lake; Rev. Stanley Rosenau, Glidden; Rev. St Persa, Audubon; Rev. C. Cramer, Lake View; Rev. A. Mueller, Coon Rapids; Rev. Albert Bostelmann, Lidderdale; Rev. M. Hasbargen, Denison, and Rev. Theodore Tews of Arcadia. A social hour followed with the Martha Circle in charge. A grocery shower was also presented to the family which includes a son David, a high school senior now in Ar-We-Va. The couple have two other children, Mrs. Sheila Kimle of Kenesaw, Neb., and Philip, a junior at Concordia Seminary in Springfield, 111. 10 Tlmti HtraW, Carroll, l«. Thurtday, Nov. \9, 1910 Card of Thank* SON'S ADDRESS Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Renze of Carroll have received the following address for their son who is in basic training with the Air Force: AB Joseph G. Renze; 483626415; PSC 5, Sq. 3708, Fit. 1310; Lackland Air Force Base, Texas 79236. CARD OP THANKS We wish to thank the hospital personnel, doctors, sisters, nurses and priests for their kindness; neighbors, friends and relatives for Spiritual and floral offerings and the many other kind expressions of sympathy, also, those who brought food. Brothers and Sisters of Ottilia Hoffman 3-273-ltp CARD OF THANKS Sincere thanks to all my relatives and friends for cards, visits, gifts and flowers I received while hospitalized. Special thanks to the priests, sisters, doctors and nurses. Florine Koenig 3-273-ltc Announcements 6 Fiu.Yowrurn.E"CMWSTM»s LIST WTM Our Christmas toys are in and arriving daily. Browse our complete stock and lay away with confidence that your toy shopping is completed before Christmas rush. WITT'S Gift & Toy Dept. (Downstairs) WE WILL BE CLOSED ON Thanksgiving Day but mindful of our customers needs, Holders Barber Shop, in the Thomas Plaza, will be open on Monday, Nov. 23. Call for an appointment. E. E. Holder. 6-273-3tc CARROLL HEALTH CENTER A Friedly Place To Live We invite your visit. 2241 N. West St. Phone 792-9284 6-269-7lc Have Your Change Ready Daily Times Herald carrier balesman make their weekly collections on— THURSDAY, FRIDAY OR SATURDAY. Prompt payment and correct change will be appreciated by our carriers. SPECIAL THIS THURSDAY 6 P.M. to 9 P.M. FREE 36" Santa Glaus with any order for $25 or more. This is your opportunity to get your Christmas orders in early. SPECIAL DISCOUNTS on display merchandise Thursday evening. Montgomery Ward Phone 792-3513 AUCTION SATURDAY, NOV. 21 Sale Starts Promptly at 1:00on Livestock Cattle and Hog market some stronger this week. Some local cattle beginning to move. Had some good local calves last week. Steers $33.00—Heifers $31.00. Yearlings $26.50 to $29.50. The demand is good. Pigs are not high — they are buying them. For Saturday: CATTLE k Hereford steers, good quality — wt. 450 to 500 Ibs. 8 Hereford heifers — wt. 450 Ibs. 12 Hereford heifers — wt. 375 to 400 Ibs. 6 Good Angus steers — wt. 475 to 500 Ibf. 4 Angus heifers — wt. 375 Ibs. 7 Mixed heifers — wt. 400 to 500 Ibs. 30 Choice Western heifers — wt. 575 to 600 Ibs. Here- fords & all one brand. 100 or more Western calves. HOGS 22 Good feeder pigs — 40 to 50 Ibs. 16 Small pigs 8 Stock nogs - wt. 140 Ibs. MISC. Several small articles. Will have screens and doors that were in ad last week. Some lumber. Farmers Sale Co. Incorporated C. W. Bedford, Manager, Phone 9876 Barn — Phone 2572

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