The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on October 26, 1894 · Page 9
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 9

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, October 26, 1894
Page 9
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, KNOWLEDGE V firings comfort and improvement nnd ^"ids to personal enjoyment .when jhtljr used. The many, who live bet- t than others and enjoy life more, with " expenditure, by more promptly .atinir the world's best products to > weeds ot' physical being, will attest i value to health of the pure liquid _jative principles embraced in the einWdy, Syrup of Figs. s •,-•«-'Its excellence is due to its presenting i in the form most acceptable and pleas- p Mt to the taste, the .refreshing and truly r beneficial properties^ of a perfect lax- .'Itlve; effectually cleansing the' system, 'dispelling colds, headaches and revert ana permanently curing constipation. • It has given satisfaction to millions atirf -.'met with,the approval ot the medics!, • profession, because it acts on the KioV , Liver and Bowels without weak- t them and h is perfectly free from ,,„./objectionable substance. » By rap of Figs is for sale, by all drug- L lists in We andll bottles, but it is man- i fifactured by the California Fig Syrup » jOo. only, whose name is printed on every K ; package, also the name, Syrup of Figs, and being well informed, you will not • swoept any substitute if offered. CARROLL Classified Business Directory. MILLINERY: (.UBS. II. 3IUDLK, fashionable Millinery. " lllSfl KLLA TODD, Millinery and Kanoy Good* FINANCIAL. ifOtST NATIONAL BANK, .Cor. Main aid Flftn Street*. NOBTHWE8TEBN BUILDING AND LOAN j ASSOCIATION, Filth Street, PEED MILLS. I. J. ft 3. B. MATLOCK, Fifth Street. HARNESS, ETC. L. T. ANDKBSON, Harneas uud Horse Clotblni, Trunk., valises and Sewing Machine*, WINES AND LIQUORS. YICTOB'H. 8TKPPUHN, "Tbe Diamond," Fourth Street PLUMBERS AND STEAM FITTERS. SHEFFIELD ft PATTERSON. Wind Mills, Tank* and Pumpn JOB PRINTING. DAILY SENTINEL, Adams Street Beit Equipped Printing unioeln Western low* Professional Cards. JAB. L. MARTIN. O.K. HARTIM. MARTIN & MARTIN, prautloe In .tate an« feooral courts . Promnt Httoiulon given to collections. - Notary, In ofUce, OiHoe In UoLagan plook BEACH & HOYT LAWYERS. In .tate and federal oourto. OB*- c M;iln utreet, over Nlswooger'. drj goods .tore GEO. W. KOBTE, LAWYER. Oflloe en Orst ll«or (Jeruian bank building Will practice In state and federal courts. eolal attention given to roreoloauie* and nt of ottaui. QIOBOB w. mown* ATTORN E V A i LAW onu'm. • ' . F. M. DAVF.NPORT, HI busliidM uam A TTOHNK AT LAW. Legal bus) acted In both .tate itudlwteraloouru. am —» / ofee otwr Mark's d<*v goods ttora, Carroll "^Lunttid "amwjutrotreHtlei«urance, to goed mutual <xuopant«*. I*tl mated eett, about on* naif th« prewnt boaid rates, • If »ou want rwtMMisblD rates on good Innuranoe, take out a polloj from the oul| AQU-bosnl ortlue In the city. . (. ONIFFITH, Agsnt. F IRE INSURANCE 1 t — - --S ^1 PI V It i tm N, W, MACOMBER QmoK In Twt BANK 09 CAUBOLL, l'> The ART AMATEUR amd. CORRUPTION IN CHINA, or Richter Diiguetetf With Chinese Officials. PARIS 3INK9 AH UNKflOtfll SHIP. friable to Find the Wreckage After the Vemel Ooe» Dotvii-aritTlty of C«ar*« Condition Not roily Represented tn Omutitl bulb-tins— Chile O*etit» « W»« •Ml Amnesty— Foreign Mew*. VICTORIA, B. 0., 6ot, 85.— Among ttie passengers on the Empress of Japan was Mnjor Richter, 'late of theOhtaese arnajr. who threw np tlfe post of Inspector gelK eral of Tien Tsin in disgust, He WM formerly in the German army and ftm commissioned by Li Hung Chang ..two years ago to inspect all troops, regulars jnd militia, nnd suggest improvements. Ho entered heartily into the Work, but soon found it impossible to perform them. He found corruption and fraud rampant, even his reports to tit Hung Chang being garbled and cut before reaching him. The war with Japan ww never expected and when It came China's troops were in a state of demoralization, poorly armed, poorly drilled and generally disorganized; \ . Large sums of money have been expended to increase the effectiveness ef the army, bnt found its way into the pocket! of the various officers. After leaving China Richter spent a short time in Japan and had a long conference With high Japanese officials at Hiroshima. When taxed with having given •way valuable information, Richter laughed at the idea, for he Mid he could gain more information from them than he could give to the Japanese. The Japanese had been preparing for war for several yean. They had a complete survey of . every port. Major Richter said they had excellent information ae to the defense of Tien Tsln. PARIS SINKS AN UNKNOWN SHIP. Vnable t* Find the Wreckage Altai the Veuel OOM Dow*. SOUTHAMPTON, Oct. 95.— Between li$0 9 o'clock Tuesday morning the American liner Paris, which arrived here Wednesday night from New York, ran down •ad probably sank an unknown ship. The weather was very thick at the time. and a beery rain falling. Aa soon as the collision occurred the Paris was put •bout and a search made (or the ship. After a time the vessel, or a eapsiwd wreck, wan repotted off the starboard •ide, but sight of it was lost before a lifeboat couid be lowered. Nothing further was aeen although the taris lay off searching until daylight. The steamer sustained no damage beyond having a portion of her rail bent and two wire stays broken. Sailors on the Paris say the sailing vessel showed signs of distress after the collision and that screams were heard aboard her. It is stated that a white light was seen ori 1 board the ship three minutes before the collision, but that no red or green light was visible nntil after the steamer had struck. 'Gap- tain Watkiits declines to make any state ment except to the company's officials. Passengers on the Paris criticise the do lay of the steamer in lowering a boat and getting the search light working. GRAVITY OF THE CZAR'S CONDITION. Not Fully Represented In OffloUl Bullet- In* — W6<lillug Not Announced. LONDON, Oct. <£>.— The St. Petersburg correspondent of The Daily News euya the official bulletins do not ivpvejtut the gravity of the czar's comfVon. Tho temporary relief by tapping, he adds, means nothing. It is the general opinion his majesty is already dyiug. It is knpwn that his unconsciousness lasted several hours. It is not known whethm the wedding of the ozarowltz and Princess Alix occurred Wednesday or not. This silence is ominous. It has been hinted that it may be • surgical operation has delayed tho ceremony. Per- slstsnt rumors are in circulation of mournful sickbed scones and other touching scones. Princess Alix, it is said,, la still waging a desparnto struggle against the fanatical •ea.1 of the orthodox clergymen who insist upon her declaring that the Evangelical fitith is accursed, Tlio princess cannot b • persuaded that the matter is a mere formality and demands that she may be excused from pronouncing the word* in question. The correctness of these rumors cannot be vouched for and the tact ia only mentioned that they are in circulation and are receiving fresh nourishment from the Absence of news •boat the wedding. Jlnrrleil a BuwliM Prlnoe. PARIS, Oct. 23.— The m»rringu of Miss Basau Tucker Whittier, daughter of General Charles A. Whlttiur of Boston, to Prince Dulloaulvky'Dellicunky, one of the cxur'a aide-de-camp, took place in the Russian church on the Rue du Hue. A second religious ceremony of marriage afterwards took place in the American churoh on tho Avenue de Alma. Both ceremonies were attended by tits elite of the Auiurlcim tuid Russian colonies. General Whittier gave the bride away. Prince Qrloff wan tho best man. Among thaw present were Baron Von Mohreu- holm, tho Russian umbMiudor and Hou. lames B. Eustis. the American auibaun. lor. _^ _ <J»pa» M»J««te MedJatlM. LONDON, Out. IW.-It it itnted lhat J»p<u» hub utfuiu rojeotod the mediation of a forvitfn power in har (Maputo with China, while thu latter country ban ««• petted bur roadlneiw to accept UK utioe on any roiwouable ooudillou. Joint ui> HtrauM III. LONDON, Out. 84,— The Thaw tlfut Johuun Htruuss, 'the couipaaor, who 10 Biifforins with a uold coutrautod dur* tug lita ruttwt jubilvu Iteteti.iBBuriously ill, Dhll« WAHUINUTO.N, Oct. JtiUtiH wini.'HT lu Ulv.|i ita,t« <lt'i>uru»t'iu tUut jruiuoni Utw uruutod g Auiuv»»jr. ¥6,— TUe Uuitwd « 1m* udvUotl tiio Uio C'uilvuu guv'- uumwaty to THE HUNTER'S LUCKY PALL. —New York World. •11 persons accused of political ofrenses prior to Aug. 2K, IdttO. The effect of amnesty is to pardon the adherents of •x-President Balmaceda np to the day he was forced to resign and does not extend to those who resisted the new gov- emment formed after the ex-president's abdication. BstablUb. • Oold •taadar*. MADRID, Oct. iifi.—The finance committee of the Cortes has decided to establish a gold standard of currency for Porto Rico. The Mexican dollar will hereafter be used as a basis of weight for the value of silver. CHERRY COUNTY SWEPT BY FLAMES. Two Mra Burned to Death and Many Ranchmen Rained. HYANNIS, Neb., Oct. 85.— A fearful conflagration has just swept over the southern part of Cherry county and the northern part of Grant. The fire has burned over a strip of country nearly' t>0 miles wide and destroyed hay stacks, homes and in some instances stock. Two men, names unknown, perished fa the flames. The hay of a number of stockmen was burned and a Urge space of range ruined. At present the fire is spreading and extending farther north. The destruction of property is great and • number of stockmen will be ruined financially. SUES FOR HEAVY DAMAGES. Mr*. Otto Peterson Want. S)4O,OOO of the Liquor Seller* KBOKUK, Oct. VS.— On the night of July 4 Otto Peterson was murdered- by Frank Watson in a drunken row. Watson was convicted and sentenced to the penitentiary for 30 years. Peterson's widow has brought suit against the Leisy Brewing company, William Welch and .Carl Pfaffer for fHu.WM damages. The plaintiff alleges her bus band's intemperance was largely caused by the defendants selling him liquors in large quantities. - , Fltltbnrg Company Advance. Wag-en. PITTSBURO, Oct. '<». — The Carrie furnace company has advanced wages ol day laborers from $1.05 to $1.20 per day. It is believed other employers of labai Who have been paying less than $1.20 for day labor will restore the price to what it was prior to the panic. This is the second advance in wages which has occurred in Pittsbnrgthis year.' The other was to laborers at a Soiithside mill. They, howovqr, only received 7c of an advance. _ . ' Fortune Come* to Him Too late, DETKOIT, Oct. iW.— Fitzroy D. Mon crief lived and died a poor man, bul leaves an eatit^ worth |UM,(HMl. For 14 years he was a private in company E, Nineteenth infantry. Ho left the army threa years ago. Two weeks ago he received notice that a relative in Scotland had left him a 10th part of a 11,000,000. Friday be died at his boarding house in this city. His brother Is • major general in command of the Dublin district in Ireland. _ Alleged Swindler a Millionaire'. SUptnn 8x. CLOUD, Minn., Oct. a~> - It has Just been learned here that "Doafy" Letson, who is in jail here charged with swindling passengers on the Great Northern trains, is the stepson of Millionaire Baldwin, owner of the Ban Francisco street railway system and a brother of "Lucky" Baldwin. Three I4*M Ix*» IB • Hotel Vlra. BATON, N. M., Oct. *>.— The Central hotel, • frame structure, one of the laud- marks of this town, was burned shortly after midnight. James L« Point, James MoCool and Al Kennedy, railroad wen, who boarded at the hotel, perished in the flames. The fire was caused by to* explosion of • lamp. Wblteoup* rUeed OB Trial. MEMPHIS, Oct. M.— Twenty-five members of *n Alleged K<*ng of whttecaus, WHO have been creating a reign of terror in St. Francis county, Ark,, w«rt placed on trial at Helena, Ark. There an over 100 witnesses to be exarniuod and the trial will continue several days, Wrecked bjr • Natural MARION, Ind., Out. Hft. — Larriiuer Brother's photograph gallery In this city was completely wrookod by an explosion «| natural gas, _ ' |NMtm«>t*r UOUUVHK Dead, GENKVA, Neb., Oct. So.— Postmaster Jere Donovan died suddenly from a relapse of typhoid fever. Lived Cur Over'* Oe'uiury, ST. Josmi, Out. «•,— Mm. Ro«etta Baxtou, uiotltMi' of the lute wilUouuiw banker, A. M. Buitou, dlud of old age, Bhu was born in Vivtfiuiu Out, 18, 17 and wa» 10D yeur» aud U days of aye her death. She retained her faculties to the last and remembered many things connected with the beginning of the century. _ For Wllnon'e Campaign. FORT WOKTH, Tex., Oct. . 25.— The Young Men's Tammany club of Fort Worth is raising a tund to be remitted tu Willitim L. Wilson to aid him in his congressional campaign. Horten to Be Sold at Auction. DDBUQUE, Oct. *<25.— Thirty horses, all except four by Nutwood, were shipped by the Stouts to New York, where they wHl be sold at auction Nov. 1. Lewis Appointed Receiver. WASHINGTON, Oct. 35.—Henry E. Lewis of Lincoln, Neb., has been appointed receiver of the First National bank of Kearney, Neb. Running the Olook Backward. This apparently Imppiilbte feat I* easy to the WHtcbmaker, but more wonderful If the neoro niBDojr which makai the old young main. Tet that U very much the effect Dr. Pleroe's Favorite Hrenonptlon baa OB multltndea of prematurely worn out, broken-down women, who reek n It relief from the maulfold woes of their MX. Bucktche, dragging palm, displacements, nau- coa, functional derangementi and in*galarl- tlei disappear before It* use ae by maf'o. For nursing mothers and all deMlltated and run-down women, It IB the moat effective restorative tonlo and soothing nervine. Ditpels melancholy and prodncea refreshing sleep. To tlioae about to become motheri It la a priceless boon. It lessens the pains and peril* of childbirth, ibortent labor, promote* tne Mention of an abundance of nourishment for tbe child and shortens tbe period of confinement. Students form a protective association to rcaist the payment of a library fee imposed by ttfe Kansas State university. The Burlington will not be able to ruu Its 11 rat train through to Billings from OjU'Uin.Qct. 3L us intended. YOUNG SPIRITS, • yigorou. bod; and robust gtrencth, follow eood health. But all fall when the vital power, are weakened. Nervous debility and los. of manly power result from bad babiU.coa- tracted by the young through ignorance of their ruinous consequences. Low sptrita, melancholia, impaired memory, SF^' morose, or irritable temper, fear of impending calamity and a thousand and one derangement* of body and mind, result from such pernicious practices. All these are permanently cured by Improved niothods of treatonent without the A medical treatise written In plain bnt chaste language, treating of tbe nature, symptoms and curability of such diseases, .sent securely sealed in it plain enrelope, on receipt of tuts notice, with 10 cents in stamps, for postage. Address, World's Dispensary Medical Association, Buffalo, N. T. Shadowed by a Detective This woman Is one of the mysterious and interesting; characters in our new Dt- Uciivo Story, by Fergus Hume If you tiro interested In unraveling (erioH y m should follow tho lortuuu* Sat- f tho horo of this story. We etmll print it in Serial f'>rav At* you thinking of buying a new Stove or Range—ofle that v^. Will burh the least fiiel, cause the least trouble, give the greatest degree of heat, last the longest and look the best? Then Jewel Stoves RangM will interest you. For eflScieticy, economy, durability, and beauty, they represent the zenith of the stovemaker's skill. Ask to see them at the Sealers. Look for the above trade mark. Green Bay Lumber Company* Lumber and Coal, AND ALL KINDS OF BUILDING MATERIAL. New yards north of Carroll mills. Carroll. Iowa. YOU CAN'T LIVE IA/ITUOIIT A IIVEPT HOW ' S VOUR LIVER7 w¥l I nw I M L.IVCI* I ARCYOUR KIDNEYS ALLRIOHTI DOES YOUR BACK ACHE? ARE YOU WEAK ANDTHIN? DOES YOUR SLEEP REST YOU? ARE YOU DULL AND BILIOUS? MARVELOUS SUCCESS has attended ttie use of Or. J.H. McLEAN'S .„ All who use it say it is The Peerless Remedy for curius all ailments OF THE LIVER, KIDHEYS HUD BLADDER, FEU ALE TROUBLES, RHEUMATISM AMD BRIGHT '5 DISEASE. tofSattbyatlfirtt-classdealtrs. PRICE. $1.00 * BOTTLE. The Dr. J. H. McLean Medicine Co., st, Luis, ft. LOCK The Modern Writing Machine Is the invention of gauina, unfettered bp old-sohool tra- dltiooa. It bns been brought to perfection in it* meobnnioul detaile by four yeflra of experience, backed by mnple capital, helped by practical mao determined to spare no endeuvjr to maunfaotare » bigb grade machine wbioh shall prodnoa the best work with the least effort and in the shortest tim*. Its price may by a little higher than that of others, bat the Bar- Look is made for tbe olaja who want The Best Typewriter Possible, And the only doable key-board machine tbat write* EVERY LETTER IN SIGHT. JBNDOHSED bj those who ase it: H. Q. DIM * Oo., St. Paul Minn. Pifikttrton National Detective Ayonvy. (8) ffeio York Ventral A Htidson Rioer ft. R. (10) Michigan Central R. R. Co. (10) Daenport Daily Democrat. Dav&tport Daily Times. Superior Evening 'I'eltyram. fatioiuil Wall Paper Co. (7) . And thotmaiut* qf others. ON TKIAf, iu your oOloe, and unless yoa like it yon ~"™^^™^~ pay uotbiug. Old maobiuea eiobanged Our Bent on trial tbe D^r-Look baa a obunoe to epenk for itself and to staud on iti own inerita, which is jast where we w«ut tbe Bar-Look to stand. We take all the risk of iU not pleasing yoa. Whatever typewriter yon buy i there are typewriter seorats yoa should know. Oar catalogue contains them. Send a postal for it. The Columbia Typewriter Mfg. do., 116th St. Umoi and «ttb are., MEW YOMC. tit. l>uul llruuub, 1M* -U!i Htreet. LISTEN EVERYBODY! 1 am now prepared tu du all kinds of blnokamlthlng, horsd tihoeiug, plow work and general repairing. VWGON MttKER oliwa workman iu wood ia employed in the same build lug, and we are prepared to no all styles ot wagon and, carriage work and repairing, US A CALL. JERBY LUCY, Proprietor. Shop opposite mill, formerly occupied by Fred Franzwa. A Mkk£& ,Uy .

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