Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on February 20, 1946 · Page 8
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 8

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 20, 1946
Page 8
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PAGE -EIGHT. THE POSTVILLE HERALD, POSTVILLE. IOWA. UEDNE8DAY, FEBRUARY ! There's quite a rush reported in local stores (or white tlour still in slock before the "Bray" Hour makes its appearance so that more food may be shipped to the suffering peoples of war stricken countries. It brings to mind to those of us who recall World War I the tlour substitutes of those days. With each purchase of white flour customers had to buy a certain amount of •dark flours." The bread and cakes the substitute Hours produced weren't so bad .... we lived through that period .... and so will the folks of today. • • • * • One of our correspondents writing us on Lincoln's birthday may have hit on what really ails this country which is going through the worst period of strikes and labor unrest ever recorded. He says. "This is Lincoln's birthday, as you know. The fact there aren 't anymore, nor any need for. rails to be split may be some of the reasons for the mess we're in." If this correspondent should write us next Friday, Washington's birthday, he'll probably tell us. "We've come a long way since the cherry tree incident when Georgie invited a licking by admitting he used the hatchet. Today when the ax falls on the higher tips and men old enough on the higher ups, men old enough t Yeah, watta mess we're in. Bill.) As a matter of fact the -world is get-, ting lazier day by day, says the New Hampton' Economist. In testimony of this assertion, the General Motors offered their employees an increase of pay of about eight dollars a week if they were willing to work the same number of hours per week as they worked during the war—instead of fifty-six dollars ;< week they were offered sixty-three dollars, and this was for less than forty-seven hours a week. Some genius has already invented a machine for dealing cards, and if we keep on with trying to keep out of work, there soon will be a demand for an electrically operated machine to make breathing easier. R. F. Kneeskern. the mink farmer living up near Castalia. was up at C. C Searls' depot the other morning getting a mink he had received by express. He transferred the animal from its shipping crate into a wire basket, but not without a pretty fair fight being put up by Mr. Mink. Robert wears heavy leather mittens when handling the animals which exude an odor "mighty like a skunk." • * * * * Two weeks ago we commented on the need of returning service men to take hc#ci of guiding the affairs of a community that intends to keep up with the times and to progress along with other communities. Last week the officers of Arthur F. Brandt Post. American Legion, resigned and that group then elected as its officers young men who have recently been discharged from the service to carry on this worthwhile organization's work here. The old officers felt the Legion here had never fully lived up to its aims and expressed the hope the new officers will bring about many of the results they themselves had hoped for but never accomplished. With the retiring officers, we wish success to the organization under the guidance of the young men who have come back to us from their recent battles, far more dangerous than any they should encounter in community and civic life. When God commanded Moses to march with his people into a "fine, large land abounding in milk and honey." He could have pointed to Iowa, which ranks first in the Nation in honey production and is growing constantly in dairying importance. In 1945 Iowa produced 25,630,000 pounds of honey, or 11T of the Nation's total. The state, which also ranks first in the production and income from the sale of beeswax, had ideal weather conditions for apiary activity last year and increased its honey production more than 6'-j million pounds over 1941. the previous record-yielding year. That Iowa is "flowing with milk" is attested by its 1945 production record of more than six billion pounds. Last year this "fine, large land" produced more than 10 million pounds of cheese, and in 1944 produced 215,700,000 pounds of butter, the quality of which is respected and sought after throughout the United States. Iowa's successful butter-marketing organizations send a large part of the manufactured product to large, eastern industrial centers by rapid-service, refrigerated trucks. • * * » a It seemed rather a concidenee to me that two daily papers advertised men's shorts the same day last week. If that didn't produce a male rush for that article of apparel <just as the women staged a rush for nylons) then I miss my guess badly. From comment heard in these parts' men feel shortage of shirts and shorts almost -worse than any other item of apparel, says the Sumner Gazette. While the great crying shortage is shirts and shorts, it seems that pajamas are another short item (take that as a pun or not, as you wish) but that is the truth with some, literally and figuratively. One local woman threw a local club into a spasm of laughter recently when she described the pajaroa" combinations which she and her husband are wearing. Bloomfield Township List of Taxpayers This week the Horald brings a list of the taxpayers in Bloomfield township which shows the total amount due. Property owners in the following list are shown by school districts, so they should look under each sub-division in order to ascertain the totnl amount of taxes they are owing. The homestead credit has been deducted from full amounts. Ambrose Arnold $219.56 Marie Anderson 114.60 Orlando Ask . 32.00 Ervin Allen Est 24.45 Earl Anderson 19.65 Mrs Henry Behrens 205.39 Wm & Nora Beckman ?08.24 E H Bohr 8.80 Harry Bachtell . ' , 22.39 Clem J Bohr 18.36 W F Buddenburg 161.12 Melvin J Buddenburg 89.75 Greg T Bodenstciner 24.63 Henry B Bodenstciner 201.35 Fred Brouiltct 14.16 Delia Boy Is 11.62 Elmer L Blumhagen 37.18 Fritz Blumhagen 149.29 Elmer Brainard 22.84 R I, Carl F and Lester Brainard .87 Elda Blumhagen 134.65 Henry Blumhagen 130.83 Lloyd Blumhagen 156.88 Alvin Blumhagen 145.87 Louie Blumhagen 72.15 C G Sc W H Burling 202.16 F W Benjegcrdes 399.97 Mrs Elizabeth Bohr 7.60 H C Benjegcrdes 38.69 Earl J Sc Irene Corlctt 190.30 P E & A H Caldow 60.71 Adam Caldow Est 279.61 P E Calflow 24.95 A H Caldow 3.37 Lula Campbell 87.58 H H Dahms 9.32 Fred W Dahms : 235.19 Roy & Janet Campbell 135.81 Theodore Dreier. Mrs 184.06 John Dyke 140.18 Frank Dowd 9.04 Edw. Dahms 39.13 Clarence Dahms 27.34 Walker DeCou 22.01 Arno. Dreier 8.50 Emmet Dreier 164.21 Gudman Eidc 3G.83 Walter Evernian 87.40 Jens Egeland 117.71 Fred R Everman 144.23 Mae Finnegan 56.40 Greg & Cyril Figge 1.87 Mrs Augusta Groth 39.13 Wm F Gentz 23.61 E W & K M Green 49.77 E W Green 166.77 E W Green 15.54 E W Green ...< 207.79 Harold L Groth 236.24 S A Green 239.25 S A Green 214.24 Edwin & Agnes Ginapp 8.05 C R Green 4.15 C R & E W Green 27.73 S A Green & Son 43.94 Elmer & Evelyn Hawkins 104.50 Herman F Sc Anna L Hemesath . 82.63 Mrs. Lena Hecker 241.26 Milton Helgerson 13.99 John Hemesath 221.10 James Harvey 1.87 John Harnack 101.13 Alonzo Harvey .. ; 328.83 John Holder 59.82 M. E. Harris 45.03 Anna E Harroun 442.47 Geo C Harvey 26.58 D H Harvey 36.39 Louis & Mary Harnack 187.25 J B Holtey 19.33 Reuben Henning 15.91 Louie Harnack & Sons 58.01 Harlan H Harnack 13.47 F W Harvey 162.10 Harold F Harvey Alfred Ihde 50.21 Joseph Ihde 138.62 Lewis Ihde 25.21 John Jauert 249.96 Elif & Henry Johnson 423.68 Leonard ohnson 21.08 Harvey A Jarms 100.41 Henry Knipping Est 133.58 Ida Kramer 38.84 Mrs. Margaret Kipp 153.94 Mrs. Peter Knudsvig 83.24 Alvin M. Knudsvig 17.81 Frank P Kobriger 272.82 Victor Kuhse 43.48 Fred H Koenig 331.32 W. C. Koenig 221.77 Henry & Clara Koenig 106,43 Alvin Kahle 184.11 Leonard Koenig 19.89 Helen B Kautman 13.58 Albert O Lee 69.39 John Lydon 89.74 Gottlieb Limkemann 60.16 Roy Leubka 74.09 Cecil E. Livingood : 13.42 Carl Linderbaum 3.48 Walter Linderbaum 2.33 Charles Linderbaum 187.71 Lawrence Linderbaum 5.87 Chas. Linderbaum 63,19 Louis Leubka 91.54 Laura G, Kent & John Larson... 3.74 Merle Lange 17.29 Harry J. Lenth 254.70 Aldo Larson '. 8.29 Henry W Lansing 3.74 A C Monroe 12.23 McManus Bros 195.88 Elizabeth Manderfleld 74.18 Edw Manderfleld 13.38 Lawrence G Meyer 134.80 Lena Meyer T. 6.74 Thos & Ella Monroe 34.52 Thos Monroe 3.74 H J Monroe 224.81 Wm R Murphy 153.02 Lester & Lilly Martens 145.44 Ed W Meyer 105.42 Willard A Meyer 36.94 Mrs H Willman Moon 170,74 Alvin D Meyer.., 191.77 Lloyd Meyer Etal 167.97 Mrs, Ida Meier 198.45 Walter W Martie... ..... 28.31 Geo Moore Est 48.31 Verln Mundt 8.00 J A & Chas Mundt Est 7.71 Lena Mundt 103.21 Chas Mundt Est 74.75 Ralph Mnuderfleld 5.87 Alex Manderfleld 37.25 Elmer E McMartin 26.93 I B McMnrtin 118.37 Elmer, I B & Jessie McMartin.... 89.40 F J Martens 10.01 Reuben Monroe 9.50 Joseph Miller 7.94 Henry F Miller 7.77 Melvin Monson .57 F W Meyer 84.97 William L Meyer 272.62 H L Meyer 93.31 W A Meyer 11.97 Ora M Meyer 15.00 Victor L Meyer 15.00 Chester Meeker 1833 Francis Matt 325.71 D C Malloy Est 48.48 Harold L Matt 39.25 Cloy Meier 46.76 Reka and Arthur Meyer 287 Damond Meyer 55.25 Laurity Nesvik Est 27.65 Melvin J Nesvik 160.71 Clay P Noack 61.84 Nereson & Hendrickson 58 Walter Oxley 187.62 Chas & Velma Ohloff 269 35 S C Oxley Est 7.77 Elma Perry 31.08 M E Perry Est . 4.63 Chester L Perry' 67.95 Vernon Perry 5.29 Emma Putnam Est . 7.21 Geo & W H Peckham 7.48 Geo W Peckham Est 199.80 W H Peckham 108.32 August Peck 5.76 Ray Putnam 15.00 Leo Reeves 77.97 Earl & Hazel Russell 13.94 Wilbur Reckward 4.48 Francis Russell 94.73 John H Riha 3.74 Mrs. Agatha Russett 99.28 Harold Rawson 14.73 Herman Reckward 30.50 Olaf Russett 13.01 W L Richards Est 35.88 Elmer Rosa 2.30 Virgil Reckward 6.21 Walter Ruckdaschel . 181.65 Joseph Rcmka 1128 Oliver Shcggrud 40.39 Hyless Stendel Est 80.31) Fred & Louie Schutte 90.35 ' Johannes Svendsen 167.39 Otto Schweinefus 50.50 Wm Schweinefus Jr 267.47 Martha Schroeder 106.51 Ed & Nora Schroeder 309.83 Fred Scheidemantcl 16.86 John Stendel 202.62 Frank & Mabel Schmitz 163.42 Roy Schultz 78.68 Henry W Schroeder 209.24 Esther R Schroeder 17.50 Elmer B Schultz 100.13 Ole Stavnes 45.78 Art W Schroeder 34.41 Art W Schroeder 373.30 Knute Solheim 63.49 John Schroeder 7.48 Frank Schroeder 8.28 Jacob Sand 5.70 Mrs. Tillie Swenson 3,05.63 Clifford J & Clara E Sphar 57 W B Sphar 2.30 Walter E Schutte 94.69 Helmuth J Schutte 80.27 Elmer C & Marie Schutte 109.39 Elmer C Schutte 40.29 Mrs L H Schroeder 215.48 Carl Strien 7.94 Henry F Schultz Est 8.74 Lavern Schweinefus 28.77 Mrs L H Schroeder 14.96 Robert L Schultz 79.96 Ervin Schweinefus 32.11 Erlan Schweinefus 15.39 Mike Thiel 96.46 Gordon Tieskotter 112.85 Arnold Tieskotter 101.33 Tieskotter Bros 54.26 Tosten Tangcn 83.04 Harold & Ruby Turner 77.38 A F Timmerman 93.23 M E Vyverbcrg 31.01 Theo W Uhlenhake 180.07 Alva Uhlenhake 18.01 Clarence & Loraldo Wahls 42.24 Doyle Wagner 49.49 Leonard Wagner 240.86 Myra Wolfe 47.85 William Willman 147.18 Kaia Wangsness 12.80 Karl Walter 24.83 Felix Zweibohmer 6.03 Castalia Independent. W. M. Allen . $103.78 Fred Bareis 144.32 Walter J Brandt 98.91 Harry Bachelder 22.33 Ward Bachelder 24.96 Roy & Jsinet Campbell 37.59 Elmer & Lucille Eberling 173.15 Mae Finnegan 198.58 Earl Gilster 118.13 Grace Gilster i. 43.35 Mrs S A Hunter 263.21 Kurdelmeyer Bros 37.51 Louie Koenig ,10.51 A C MONROE , ; 276.22 H J Monroe 108.78 Harold F Meyer 171.29 Lena Meyer 107.52 Thos & Ella Monroe 56.02 Thos Monroe 174.76 Thos Monroe 261.94 C O St, Margaret Marsh 301.64 Merle Monroe 7.59 Damond Meyer 131.36 Valder C Meyer 41.61 H L Meyer 264.46 W A Meyer : 183.55 D C Malloy Est 56,93 Otto Miene 181.73 Elma Perry 64.04 Harvey O Reinhardt 139.47 Mrs Alta Reeves 51.60 W L Richards Est 212.89 Kenneth Reeves 8.06 Fritz & Irene Schnuelle 226.51 Otto Schweinefus 365.72 Wm Schweinefus Jr 116.77 Eldo Schutte 21.68 Art" W Schroeder 277.85 Leonard Schlee 27.18 W B Sphar 439.18 Elmer C Schutte A F Timmerman John G Wander Phillip C Wander Frankvillc No. 5 Joseph Broghamptcr Joe C Bodenstciner John Broghnmmcr Olc & Emily Benson Chris Bodenstciner Theodore Feickert John Holder Joseph Hajgemnn Carolina Kipp John O Lcc Walter B Lansing Laura G. Kent & John F Larson Lawrence G Meyer Rosa Mundt Leslie Mundt Spencer Nesvick John Rosenbauni Albert Riha Theo Schcidclmantcl Elizabeth Schroeder Edw Timp Orlando" Tangcn Tosten Tangcn Svening Tovson 168.11 165.46 327.12 14.63 $101.34 151.21 1.H8 5.27 16.65 6.43 3I).0i> 2.74 12 !lii 76.59 147.68 2.(« 2.52 193.111 21.20 49.11 n.«i 1.71 111 HI 45.95 122.32 25.12 68.00 2.89 CASTALIA CORPORATION'S LIST OF 1945 TAXPAYERS Below we are publishing the l*st of taxpayers for Castalia Corporation. Winneshiek county. The amount set opposite each name is the total amount due for 1945 taxes, the homestead credit having been deducted. W M Allen $U12.:ifi B L Albright "8 19 E L Buddenbcrg . 14.45 Oran J Brandt H.')2 E C Bachelder 13 41 Bertha Bachelder 29 39 Wm W Bloxham 5 08 E J Baltz 117.34 Fred Bareis 65 94 J S Brandt 46.59 V G Bollmaii 11.07 Chas R Brown 9 70 S Bloxham Est 4.10 Roy & Janet Campbell 39.83 Carnation Milk Co 320 25 F W Dahms 29 13 Frudden Lumber Co 163.24 Beatrice Flonily 20 25 E F Floody 32 84 Gross Oil Co 16 84 F W Harvey 3(1 74 l.ela Harvey 1 56 James Harvey It 7:> Addie Harvey 2 34 W 11 Haefner 85 14 Mrs S A Hunter 23 90 Cora Harvey . 7 71 13. 11. Harvey 22 91 Lottie Harvey 2 84 Iowa Oil Co 82 84 Interstate Power Co 82 53 Elsie Kobriger 12 23 R F Kneeskern 28 71 Vernon Kamp 19.29 Louis Kamp • 17 75 Kamp Bros 30.00 Bertha Kamp 2:; 5li J W & Amy Kluss 12-12 Wm Kamp 1555 James B Logan 24 47 Nctta Z Lark in 40.36 Grover Monroe ;;j ;,o W A Meyer' . ...195 A C Meyer Est ,.; uj Christina Mullin i; s.i L J Meyer . Henry J Monroe -)7..|<i Amanda Meyer j] 39 Mary Jean Malloy 7 7 t ; Carl Marsh Damond and Malinda Meyer 81 50 Alma Perry 1 [ Pleasant Ridge Tel Co 8dl Mrs Bertha Richards 21.06 Harvey O Reinhardt ;093 Leo Reeves 17 4;! Merle E Stec xi 12 Ralph C & Vila Mao Schultz 19 82 Mrs. Elizabeth Schroder. 37 i<; Ernest Schweinefus •>(i0~ W B Sphar " 8 , Clifford M Stee Steve Szabo Standard Oil Co Henry Schultz Jr Dorothy Schopp C B Schopp Melvert Schopp Geo B Schultz Wm H Schmidt Sarah Schopp .... Chas H Schweinefus C F Schweinefus Est Clara E Sphar Carrie Schaffer F I, Schweinefus Hattle Stanley A F Timmerman W J Timmerman Alma Uhley Lawrence White C R Winn Mrs, Edna Winn Mrs. W C Winn •"^ OUT OF ADAM'S HAT ''WOBIV ^ ' BAKER, PRINCETCHS STAR —' HIS THREE OROfKlCKS WERE THE T«5ER3 Oil* PC 'IN 'TS IN i9l2, AND'13, BUT THEV WERE ENOJOH TJ re VALE feV TWICE/ —**** TED Coy*, VALE'S GREATEST " V FULLBACK-** NBVSRIOST row^,. TON- SCORED 5 TOUCHDOWNS AOAINST THE T/CJESS Z" tnnee YEARS > TMRI wr« fWwry »f W ON |ACi» 9 >0* Kliirr* SCHOOL NEWS. (Continued from page one) plays which were directed by Miss Dons Allied one was chosen by Mrs. .Milton Kiesan. .Hid had the opportunity of competing with W.iukon. The plav receiving a I ratlin; at the home oiite.-i was "Win (lets the Car Toim;|ii"" Or. Monday night it competed with a one-act pl.ty from Wuu- koti. entitled. "Wallflower>." The ville play w.,s given a II r.itiiin while W.aikorj's play rated 1 Since the dvelam -t'ldenS had no c<>i!)|Vt!t:.>n. they v. ill .rally .:••• directly p. the ptc-di-;: a ' !M> come-: \.. v. a-d ):.,- he. -i received as to wh,:c .. r whet: tin- con- te.-l will be held .Itininr W5I1 X'ius. • ! arte K::J.,y up! The -oai !y glr.h .'.rule til i-orcd hv the c ghlh grade his ems i 'lie Junior H :.:h h., ht in the >'ai cyntn \va- Tl ::-U'Ves:iru: m u day e.a'h si. it; w„< . : the n'.e Ti; the ;v,n...r Aed a r .,r: : . Mr- Kur. a prize In the last name The also exchanged valentines aftei freshments of chocolate milk and ics had been served. Second Oradt. Twenty-three people itot 100 ir.s inq this week. Allen Severn had a birthdj; week. He brought tie.its fur ftjj, In arithmetic they are lom.r.j^ to borrow. They have started now work books. These c.> with : ers thev are usiiu; The second tirade eiijoyc.l tine party yesterday aftcrnocer. ! one received many valentines ; Severn and Hubert IVenr.i: tn treats for valentines ,ive After M. 'iinii.i t-o\s on, Kuiteno Kinia Oca r,u :d Cl..v Mien the ir.ii.i hamburgers, completed their fre.-hment- Wed. prize for eatm . The ail ela-.-es hav • its Thurs- cunom interest, '.-ct.iy ii^ht with lll.'.ll basketball a: tile h -K'ie of v-d ve- I'mane ino ait ela-.-es have completed their lieMiitiniK project. They h.e.v selected 'hen- best patterns of the design- ;hey made and have cut tin' -tencil- They ire new Mcncilim; head scarfs, handkerchiefs, dresser sets, pillow cases ami numerous other articles. . .. ...v ua i -ee-. numerous other article: Sixth (iradi-. The hi.; ,.vcn: ,,f | ;l> , w . t , valentine party. I). 1: was a 4.82 11.ti!) 1 23 15.811 2.79 123 21 8.48 . 49 91 7.47 30 91 15G3 25.13 25.7« 111.78 35.29 31,19 H.21 . . 16.58 14.04 41,28 .. . 27.68 27.10 ^ BELOW; 44 ABOVE IS TEMPERATURE KANGK Following are the readings recorded by Albert Bevtelson at his local weather station during the past week; Wednesday, Feb. 13 Friday, Feb. 15 Saturday, Feb. 16 Sunday, Feb. 17 ... Monday, Feb. 18.... Tuesday, Feb. 19.. Hi K h Low 15 —3 28 —7 34 19 13 18 20 JERSEY BREEDERS TO MEET IN POSTVILLE ON TUESDAY The annual meeting of Jersey breeders of Parish No. 1, ol northeastern Iowa will be held in Postvillc next Tuesday, Feb. 26. The grpup will meet for dinner at the Rlmn Cafe at 11:00 a. m„ and a business meeting will follow. Mrs. Ted Anderson and son n :,K , Caylor,, spent the weekend ( Toa bort Jeglum homo in Point n„, township, nml Cri *k . ,.e:..o.e patty nendeshavm, m;m> .V; I valentines distributed, there were <ev- " „, oral treats. They had chocolate bulk, '•^'.cupcakes, suckers and ie, cream burs. .'. There's a hruht sp-d tn the room this week, (or the, are lu- mnniim t» bloom They add a lot of color to the eld February weather There were several very «.«.d freehand drawings of Lincoln made during art class Tuesday. They are bemnnim: the study of N'orway ami Sweden m «e»ur.iphy after linishinc work on the small North Sea countries. Vilth C.raile New-.. Roys and girls must lie \a\utht to concentrate. They must learn to think about what they are -nuly'm.: and keep their minds on what they are doing, no matter what goes .m in the room. If a child knows how to concentrate mi his work, it simplifies the matter of teaching him how to study and hnw to remember what he has heard. Learning how to concentrate is itobe their aim (or the next three | weeks. H is going to be strc.-scd in all • classes, study periods and in the home- I work. There are several different projects being carried out in art. One group is doing dry-brush painting, another is milking table decorations of used x- ray film, and still another is painting large pictures. Fourth Grade News. The fourth grade had a valentine party Thursday afternoon. Some of the children brought treats, and valentines were given by everyone. All ei\- ioyed a good time. In music class the children have learned a song about Washington and Lincoln called "The Heroes." The pupils In science class enjoyed looking at pictures of dinosaurs and other unirrurts which lived long, long ago. They arc rending about skeletons and fossils which have been discovered. Third Grade News. A contest to promote accuracy in daily arithmetic papers was held Monday through Thursday o! last week. 'The girls competed against the boys I and won the contest. 1 Third grade enjoyed o Valentine' ay party Thursday nft»- — First (irailc. Our visitors this week u-« | Milo Meyer on Tuo-.lay 3:4' ; Glenn Olson and Mr- Hurr M : Thursday afternoon. Also 5!r '.A \ F.\\b and Mr. .bunt I the two grades together froml !*J J til 11:30 Wednesday morrow One reading group limshrf book. "Fun With Pur Friendi'; other group started the hot ur.,t same book. In their "Jolly Number" biviri learned that numbers (rem H -i were made up of one 10 and w: ones. Books were used far mi lion. One pile of ten w,is l<f, changed while the other pile viraj number to illustrate the nuaix: 10s were found to be 20. They had a valentine parly day afternoon. Rveryono got i nice valentines and those «hotn treats for the class Anna Louise Schupbach arf! teacher. Kindergarten. Judy Schultz had a birthdiy J, Saturday and brought treats M class on Friday. The class learned a new sor-jc "The Fire-Engine." this week On Valentine's Day the KindttlU had their party with the tlrst (nil the afternoon and did not COIM'J morning Ihnt day. Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. fee. Mrs. Carrie Stromsodt and MtsS nice Stromsodt were Docofjfc 1 Cnlmnr visitors Saturday Mrs. LeRoy Jeglum of Paint ( township was n guest in the W* rterson home several days hit' The ladies are sisters-in-law. The U. S. Post Oilice Dcp has signed.,n five-year renewal! al $780 per year for the biuWj Mrs. Anna Schroeder which housof Post office, according to papersr at the court house in Waukc* •slened to theTV '" tcr "°°n. They Thought Qems HOME. We nee'd not power or splendor; Wide hnll or lordly dome; The good, the true, the tender, ;j These form the wealth of )w*l —Sarah 1- »J * • • • » The first sure -symptom of'«i health. Is rest of heart, and f te 't nt home,—Young. Be /ajth/ul over home rem 'hey lead to higher Joys: Golden Rule for human We, a* spare you much bitterness-—f Baker Eddy. • • « • • Happy are th,e families wW] Kovernmcnt ot parents Is * he ,, affection, and obedience of « dren the submission of love.-? • * • • • A parent's good exnmple the tempted child Jn solving;«! problems.~Dr. John W. » • * • • The strength ot a nation, «J of a republican nation, Is ' N J ligent and well-ordered W*l poopie.~M«. Slgournoy.

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