The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on January 6, 1959 · Page 11
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 11

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 6, 1959
Page 11
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Winter Blasts Cause Deaths in Northeast By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Man Claims Americans Were Neg/ecf ed by Officials in Cuba AKRON, Ohio (AP)-- An Akron!did, we will glady do it," Graham man claimed today that he and;said. , ,, ., i other Americans held prisoner ini He said he was on a business Winters coldest basts buffeted j Cuba by the supporters of fallen j trip to Havana for a chemical the Northeastern states today Dictator Fulgencio Batista were! wholesale firm in Hollywood, Fla., causing Widespread death and de-. virtually neglected by United'when he was arrested last May. 3 r £? uui ,, t. ' States otficial s during the months i He said he was thrown into prison The bitter cold brought freezing j they were imprisoned. ! without explanation and never'was temperatures to portions of north-! Jonathan j. Graham j^ ^ told | to ld on what charge he was being wea at by f „!., *i- 1.1. j * pomtedj mo ti,er, where he arrived over the! He said Cleaves and Keehn had to only slight.damage to crops. , weekend after escaping from pris-l^en imprisoned without explana- Subzero cold, powered by gale on ln Havana JJ * rioU p in i t ion while in Cuba en route to a| and sometimes hurricane force , the Cuba]) u , Ncw Yegr . vacation ,„ Jamaica , Mt Augugt i winds, spread across wide areas ! rj ay ' of the Northeast. At lenst 19 per-' sons perished in flaming dwell- „ Aureed With Story ings. Blazes also raced through' He WOS a " om P anied here office buildings, stores and ware- P ea " nLeon G ] e !? s « f otvPc ^ h ouses land, Ore., and Edward W. Keehn, The fire deaths brought the nJ 20 ' ° f . Ponti f. c ' ^ ich " S°., eS " caped from the prison with him. They agreed with his story. <>•>, jiiwuucu wcjc victims 01 ex- uisnam said U.S. Embassy of| UMIUAIJU (Af> — TIIC nation's posure, auto accidents on snow or, ficlals in Havana refused to help' traffic death toll during the long <•- slicked roads and heart „(,. | them despite knowing they were New Year weekend, a final count shows, was 377—13 less than the pital lion's storm death toll in the current outbreak of cold to at least (>:). Included were victims of ex i Traffic Death Toll 13 Under Predictions CHICAGO (AP) - The nation's ice slicked roads and heart at-| nem nes P |te Knowing they were tacks Induced by overexertion' America n citizens held by Batista while shoveling snow. supporters without explanation. The Arctic air covered the east- In Washington, the State Depart- day estimate, ern two-thirds of the nation, but ment said it had no knowledge of Final tabulations for the a warming trend brought some Graham and the others except < da y period from New Year's Eve , moderation in the nation's mid-1 from news reports. It said the em- to midnight Sunday also showed sections. I bassy had been asked for infor- ^1 persons lost their lives in fires and 113 were killed in miscellane- National Safety Council's preholi- four-i bassy had been asked for infor- 'mation, but there had not been uitiiiim, DUI mere naa not oeen " •»«•!« i*mcv» »u uuai,ciiaiic- Indian Statesman, 78. time to get an answer. i ous tv P e accidents for an over-all " ' '•. _ . .... i total nf SRI Tho froffio fnll ornv,. Dies of Heart Attack MADRAS, ,„„,„ <AP) - V,«, an Indian statesman Sir Mirza Ismail died of a heart attack at Bangalore Monday night. He was 75. Mirza was prime minister of the princely state of Mysore from Rep. isaid in with the State Department in of 1956-57. Washington if Graham and _thei ul ^ mg " the others would make the.r, holiday there were in the form of a signed affidavit. 1 Prevent Suffering "If we can do anything to pre- 1946-47. .*? 1926 and of Hyderabad in: vent other Americans in dictator countries from suffering as we Christmas 594 traffic deaths, 93 killed in fires and 97 killed in miscellaneous accidents for an over-all total of 784. The record Christmas traffic toll is 706, set in 1956. RIOT SCENE — Map locates Leopoldville, capital of Africa's Belgian Congo, where numerous casualties are re* ported in clashes between native rioters and troops. The riots started Sunday after a political meeting at which crowds demanded Independence. (APWirephoto Map) Soviet Rocket Is Almost in Orbit as Planet LONDON (AP>— The Soviet cosmic rocket Mechta is more than half a million miles from the earth and has practically entered orbit as the solar system's first artificial planet, the Soviet Union announced today. Alexander Topchiev, vice president of the U.S.S.R. Academy of Sciences, told a Moscow news conference that the U4-ton projectile is now 310,700 miles beyond the moon. WE WILL Why Buy Damaged Furniture WHEN YOU CAN BUY FRESH NEW, UNDAMAGED FURNITURE AT WOLF'S AT THE SAME OR LOWER PRICES! No Smoke! No Soak! AT WOLFS WE WILL MEET ALL COMPETITION OR BEAT IT! See Tomorrows Austin Daily Herald! Mental Hospi Contracts Let St. PAUL (AP)-ten contract* totaling $1,375,674 for conitntctlon of. two mental hospital buildings' at Brainerd were awarded late Monday to five firms. Adminlstra lion Commissioner Arthur Naftalin announced that the contracts for the male work patients building and the female work patients building, respectively, were awarded to: General contract—Dean L. Wiclv ter, Minneapolis, $498,700 and $496,290; plumbing and steam ! heating ~ Shoppe Plumbing and Heating, Minneapolis, $89,160 and $89,350. Ventilating and warm air heating - Utilities Sales & Engineering Co., Rochester, $35,504 and $36,260. Electrical — Cross Electric, Staples, $52,795 and $52,695; and elevntor — R & 0 Elevator Co., Minneapolis, $13,415 for each building. Reds Threaten Islands With Severe Shelling TAIPEI, Formosa (AP) — The Chinese Communists today threatened the Nationalist-held Quemoy Islands with severe bombardment in retaliation for B Nationalist artillery attack the Reds claimed killed a number of mainland children. The Nationalist defense Ministry denied the Red charge of hitting a commune nursery on Amoy Island during an artillery duel Saturday. The charge and threats were broadcast by loudspeakers from Amoy to Quemoy. Rear Adm. Liu Hoh-tu, the ministry spokesman, called the charge a shameless, outright lie invented as a pretext for renewing heavy shelling of the offshore island. Nationalist fire always is directed on military targets, he said. The Communists began the current series of bombardments of the Quemoys on Aug. 23. For the last two months they have shelled the island only on odd-numbered days, usually lightly. They fired 246 rounds Monday and withheld j,fire today. The governor of Formosa, Gen. Show Chi-jou, said more than 500 Nationalist soldiers had been killed in the bombardments. 5 Perish as Fire Destroys Nursing Home MARTINSBURG, W. Va. (API- Five persons perished in a fire that swept through a nursing home early today. Four others climbsd out windows to the roof in 6-degree temperature and were rescued by firemen. Four of the dead were elderly. The fifth was Velma Smith, about 50, who, with her husband, operated the nursing home. Her hus- ban, Clifford, was one who escaped. House Burns; Area to Start Fire Company KUtPTOWN, Pa. <AP)'- for two years David Kennedy, a plumber, tolled in his apnre time to build a one-story frame and cement block home in this eastern Pennsylvania community. It was ready as a Christmas gift for his wife and 21-month-old son, The family moved in Christmas Eve. Monday a fire destroyed the house when firemen from neigh- ! boring communities were too Inte j to save it. The Kennedy's lost ev-1 .™-_ erything. And Monday a judge granted n charter for Kulptown'a first fire company, although township officials had objected to the extra tax burden. One of the sites under consideration for the proposed fire house adjoined Kennedy's house. MARKET ,!an, 6, IMS The following price* vtte p»td *t Austin. Biirnnvi »fid CMltt Oracling ;60-I70 170-iao 180-100 loo-aao 220-330 230-240 a-10-250 250-260 260-370 J70-280 280-2CO No. I No. 5 H.iO .17,80., .17.80., .17.30., .17.00., .16,70., .18.40., .lfl.10., .25.80. 18,50 .17.80.. .17.20.. .10.90.. .Ifl.ff).. .16.30.. .10.00.. .1S.70., .15.40., No. 3 ,.17.10 ,.10.80 ,.10.50 . tfl.20 ,.J5.60 ,.1.1.80 , , .15.00 300-300 1J.SO 15.10 M.TO All uutohart w«ighing nun SCO iivs nfe priced th« m\me na snws of the wgt olniwlflpntlon. PACKING ROWS NO. I No. 2 No. F. 15.40.... 15.00. 1B.15,...14,7.1. H.nO 14,50. H. 15... .13,75. 13.CS,... 13.25 13.15 12.15 12.05,,.. STAGS S70.;ioo 300-330 ;i:io-3flo 2IVOO-27.00; good steerl 24.56-25.i50j most choice heifers 26.00-27.00; good 24,50-25.50; commercial cows in.50-20.00; utility 18.00-19.00i cutter and utility bulls 21.60-24.30; venlers a fl d slaughter calves steady to strong; average to high choice 36.00-37.00; prime 38.0039.00; (food and choice slaughter calves 24.00-28.00; stacker and feeder classes steady; several consignments good and choice heifer calves 30.00-33.00; including 116 head string weighing 475 lbs at 32.50. Hogs 15,000; barows and filts active; fully SO higher; sows in small supply 50 up; all interests buying; 2 and 3 190-240 Ib barrows AUSTIN (Minn.) HEftALD Tuesday, Jart, 6 11 M.IX); cull to low toorf RS0.17.W; otie de-ek good and chofcl, fhdstty good |hofn hfttbs 90 Ibs 1 -With No. 1 pelts 19.00$' * dWk of choice 100 Ib with summer shorn t*lU 19.50; cull to choicB slaughter twes 6.607.50. CHICAGO MtitfftY CHICAGO (AP) *. (USDA) - Uvi poultry no tone,- Monday* rewip-W w«r* 62,000 Ibs (flo prtww) reported due to insufficient Information, CHICAGO PRODUCE CHICAGO (AP) - Chicago Mer- tmrl^r 400 Stuns 400-600 .. over 500 .12.3,1 and 3 240-300 lbs 15.25-17.25; 1, 2 ^and 3 160-190 lbs 16.50-17.50; 1, 2 i nnd 3 sows 270-550 lbs 13.00-15,75; | odd hend 3 sows 12.50; feeder pigs 25-50 higher; good and choice 16.00-16.5(1, Sheep 3,500; trade fairly active; slaughter and feeder lambs steady v^iiuicti , , t • , . , , t i»»**>> IIM'O !,i . A* > i i * . ciood .,, to strong; top 25 higher on slaugh- gilts 16.75-17.75; 1 and 2 hogs j cnnlile Exchange - butter steady; 17.75-10.25; some held higher; 2 receipts 806,000; wholesale buying unnorriniMinfl mill or tlllfrt no*8 .vut h« dltonuntftd tr.rftrdlnglr, All o£8 ttt eubj«ct tn gnrernment lu- ippot.lnn 19.1» SPRIVO I.AMI* MAtlKET Choice * Prlm» .,,..,.....lo.r.n Cholc* P«r {ttr MOUND BAYOU, Miss. fAP)- A mother and five children burned to death around midnight in a fire which destroyed their home in the nearby small town of Winstonville. Two other, children escaped. The fire was caused by explosion of a coal heater ns the mother poured kerosene to start a firo, firemen snid. Marshal Ezell Anderson the dead, all Negroes, as Nora Smith, 35; four of her children, Lux .1. Smith, 14; MarRarnt, 9; Heristine, 8; nnd Vivian, 15, and a grandchild Sally May Robinson, 3. The children who escaped the flames were Dorothy Lee Smith, and Joseph Smith, 6. Mrs. Smith was separated from her husband. Agents Inspect Voter Files in Alabama 100 pound over 100. VKM, MAKKCT Veil n»K«s n[ ill w«lfht« tnd eliM- •« .iD.siM7.oo iter lambs; »..,,..» 12.00 down I , , . „„ ,, , , , ,. AH buck .iimbs duoqvmud »i p*r|deck prime 9(1 Ib wooled slaughter ' " moat good and choice wooled lambs under 105 lbs 10,0019.75; lond choice inl Ib fall shorn nnd No. 1 pelts slaughter lambs, 18.50: deck mostly choice 103 Ib 1 and fall shorn slaughter lambs 1B.OO; cull to choice slaughter ewes 5.00-7.50; few two year old breeding ewes 12.00; package choice 73 Ib feeder Inmbs 21.00; most good and choice feeders Choice 180-230 ,.,. ........ .13.B0-3-l.00 Good 180-230 ..... . ........ 20.00-30.30 Standard .................. 27.00-28.50 Utility 180-230 Ifoi ......... 24.00-2.1.50 Choice heavy 240-300 lb«. ..2(1.00-30.50 Oootl heavy 34J-300 Iba. ..27.00-28.SO Oulli all weight ............ •! 1 .00-20.00 All ctlVM nv«r 3M Ib*. dltcmmtiiri 13 OWT Ve«l enlvM will b» nr-MptNl tt .Miltin until 9:30 «,m. FrldHT No mtrltl in Stturcinv CATTLH MARRf.T U 8, Prlmt »t«m 4i TUT- llngd .....27.25-29.00 U S ''.hole* »tr«r» & vMr- .. . . linns listed j u s Hood uttr, * rei Mr R . rj "™' 21.2U-23.75 All hellern 25 crnU to 50 cunt* C\VT under steer prior* AH nttrr.1 ovor 1, 030 ibi. and htlfrn over 050 Ihi, tit U. S, Utility Cowg ........ 1C,.75-18.25 CutWr ..................... 10.00-17.75 Cnnneri ................... H.50-K1.75 Fat Mulls .......... , ....... 18,50-22.00 ! ' Hulls 18.V5-24.00 .. U. Wt. Thin Bull! ........ U.00-18.00 AUSTIN niUIN MARKr.1 Soybeans ........................ $3.02 ChU.9 .3-1 Corn , 03 SOUTH ST. PAUL LIVESTOCK SOUTH ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) 20.00-20.50. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK CHICAGO (AP) — (USDA) — Hogs 8,000; butchers and ROWS steady to 25 lower; 2-3 200-225 Ib butchers largely 17.75-10.25; n few lots mostly 3s 220-225 Ibs 17.50 17.65; a few lots 1-3 largely 1-2 200-220 Ibs 18.36-18.50; around 100 hend 1-2 200-210 Ibs 18.75; 2-3 230250 Ibs 10.7S-17.75j 2-3 260-280 Ibs 16.25-17.25; few lots 3s 290-325 Ibs 15.7B-lfi.25; sows 1-3 330 - 400 Ibs 14.25-15.75; 400-550 Ibs 13.25-14.75. Cattle 8,000, calves 100; slaughter steers steady to 25 higher; a load 905 Ib slaughter steers high choice with a prime end 29.75; around 8 loads high choice and 3,500; choice slaughter steers and heifers again relatively scarce; trade moderately active on such kinds nt steady to strong prices; sood grade and below steady; MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) _|cows and bulls fairly active and Federal agents set out to inspect ' fllllv s ^«dy; load high choice nad voter registration files in thren.P rime around 110 ° lh slaughter Alabama counties today, but sleers 2 ^°°; several loads aver- whether they can question regis- "&« to choice 8teers welshing 1075 trars about Negro voting com- to 1125 lbs » l 27 ' 5 °: bulk choioe - (U8DA) - Cattle 5,000; calves mixed chojce and ° ime « -~ A _"\nil» nnAinrt elditfyVirn** atnAK? n<nrl . ., . * plaints was left undecided. Previously defiant state authorities agreed Monday to let the U.S. Civil Rights Commission look at| the records without removing !gt oc j{ S . STOCKS YORK (AP) - 1 p.m. them from custody of the registration officials. But a court order issued by U.S. Dist. Judge Frank M. Johnson Jr., after federal and state attorneys reached a compromise settlement, did not say whether the voter registrars can be compelled to testify before the commission which meets here again Friday. Registrars in ail three counties —Harbour. Bullock and Macon — refused to testify at a commission hearing Dec. 8-9. Judge Johnson subsequently ordered them to speak. But he set the order aside temporarily when witnesses pleaded immunity under a provision in the Alabama constitution which desig- Abbott L Allied Ch Intl Paper 11U1» 92% Jones & L Allied Strs 52% Ken'cott Allis dial Amerada Am Can 9014 SOU Lor'lrd Lukens Stl 61 97% 73 Minn MM 113% AT&T Anac Co Armco Stl Armour 228At tiO'.i 66H 24 Beth Steel $W Smith told firemen they smelled j nates registrars as judicial offi- smoke about an hour before notifying the fire department. Fire- cers. In bringing his original order up men said the blaze apparently ] to date Monday, the judge decided started in the basement and slow- j only the question of the Civil ly climbed between the walls to j Rights Commission's right to look the top of the 10 room frame ; a t the registration records. structure before suddenly bursting if the commission decides to question the registrars and they the four pa- j still claim immunity, the issue into the open. Identification of tients was not available immediately. 2 Brothers Die Within Hour PHILADELPHIA, Pa. (AP) Two brothers died in Lankeanau Hospital Monday within an hour of each other. Herman H. Perlmunn, 58-year- will be up to Johnson t again. Whichever way he rules, his decision can be appealed, State and federal authorities disagreed on what the compromise settlement itself said about whether the registrars could be questioned, FORMER COMMANDER DIES Boeing Air 45 r :> Case J I 111 1 /* Celanese 28Vi dies & O CMSPP Chi &i NW Chrysler Cities Svc Comw Ed Cons Ed Cont Can Cont Oil Deer* Douglas 26'4 3HS, 54 63V4 57 64 :> > 57% 62 49 57 3 i OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. (AP) • | D *J ach 52 ^ - Maj. Gen. W. S. Key ret., C9, llntniarv 4 former commander of the 45th Di- lived in suburban Overbrook Hills, died first. He had been a patient since Sunday. Morris C. Perlmann, 54, an attorney, suffered a heart attack j while visiting his brother. He was i being treated when Herman died. .nd a member of Gen. E senhower's staff in World War II, died Monday of a stroke. He wasj an unsuccessful candidate for gov- j Bid ernor of Oklahoma in 1938. ' 55 Am Mtrs 38% Minn P&L Mon Chm Mon Dk U Mon Wrd Nat Dy Pr No Am Av Nor Pac Nor St Pw Norw Airl Penney Phil Pet Pure Oil Radio Crp Rep Steel Rey Tob B Rich, Oil Sears Roe Shell Oil Sine Oil Soc Mob St Brands St Oil Cal St Oil Ind St Oil NJ Stud Pack Sunray Swift i- Co Texas Co Truax Tra Un Oil Cal Un Pac U S Rub U S Steel West Un West* El Wlwortli Yng S Si T George A. Hormfl * C*. ConmoB Stock (Wright Well* * Ci.) 39H 2974 42 49% 1,200 Iba 29.25-29.50; most choice .mder 1,200 Ibs 27.50-29.00; good grades under 1,200 lbs 25.00-27.25; choice 1,200-1,400 lbs 26.00-28,00; ?ood grades down to 24.00; two .oads mixed choice and prime around 1,500 lbs 26.00; choice 1,550 Ib Nebraskns 25.50; two loads mixed choice and prime heifers 28.75; bulk good and choice 2o,50- 20.25; standard to low good 23.0025.25; utility and commercial cows 18,00-20.50; canners and cutters 10.00-19,00; utility and commercial bulls 24.00-25.75; vealers 32,00 down; culls as low as 15.00; a load of good to low choice 50 Ib feeding steers 25.75; a load of'good to mostly choice 1,050 Ib feedera 25.50. Sheep 4,500; early sales steady on all classes; good and choice wooled Jamb* 08-108 Ibs 10,50 • prices unchanged; 93 score AA 57H; 92 A 57%; 90 B 57; 89 C 56»i; cars 90 B 87%; 89 C 57V4. Eggs steady; receipts 12,300: wholesale buying pjices unchanged to 1 higher; 70 per cent or better grade A white! 86%: mixed 30%; mediums 35; Btisn * dards 35; dirties 32'/4; checks 31%: current receipts unquoted. CHICAGO (AP) — (USDA) Potatoes arrivals 53; on track 183; total U.S. shipments 375; old supply light; demand moderate 4 , market steady; carlot track sales: Idaho russets 3.60-3.70; Idaho bakers 3.95-4.00; Minnesota North Dakota Red River Valley pontiaci 2.20-2.30; new — supply light; demand moderate; market about steady; no carlot track sales reported. NEW YORK POULTRY NEW YORK (AP) - (USDA) Dressed poultry: squabs ateady; ducks weak. Duck», Long Island, frozen ready - to • cook. 40%. NEW YORK (AP) — (USDA) — Butter offerings moderate; demand good. Receipts 855,000; pricei unchanged. Cheese steady; receipU 252,000; prices unchanged. Wholesale egg offerings moderate; demand fair to good today; receipts 19,400. (Wholesale selling priest based on exchange and other volumt sales,) New York ipot quotations follow: includes mid western; mixed colors: extras (48-50 lbs) 39%; extras medium 10%-37%; smalls 34-35; standards large 36%37%; checks 34-35. Whites: extras (4B-50 lbs) 39-41; extras medium 37-38. Browns( extras (48-50 lb») 38- •iOVi. 22% 32'-i 104H 48 ft 44 r -i 46VJ 73U 94 ( J8'/ 4 39',;: Dow Chem 75>.i 213'/4 150% du Pont East Kod Firestone Ford Mtr Gen Elec Gen Foods Gen Mtrs Goodrich 78*!* Goodyear 119% GtNorRy 50% Greyhound 17% Homestk 45' * Inland Stl 144 es',4 49', i 63=54 60% 47V. 53 1 !* 79 78 50 84»i 21*8 47=i 31H 72».i 54 V< Asked 57 ZRUCKY Refrigeration Strvict HE 3-3607 AIR-CONDITIONING rou CAN BROADCAST THE TRUTH BEHIND THE IRON CURTAIN I The Communist dictators fear the truth because they Vnow that the truth could destroy them. Now! Send your own Truth Broadcast behind the Iron Curtain over Radio Frte Europe. You may be flown to Europe to • broadcast it yourself. . . or you may bt : awarded one of 200 high-powered fislli- crufter short wave radios! Juit complete this sentence in 25 words or lets ... "At (i/i American I support Kadio fret Europe btcaiut , , ." S*W y»vr t»M»i tar tox 10-f, M»unl V«rn»n 10, New Y*rk Publithtd as a public twice in coop- tration wwi The Advertiting Council, THE 1959 FORECAST AIAIL.4ULE KOW! The outlook for business, finance and the stock market in the year ahead ... wh*t it expected in cost-uf-livinj, employment, industrial production, farm income and many other vital areas of the economy . . . these are juit some of the topics discussed in a penetrating forecast of the new year prepared for the twelfth consecutive year by a nationally-known Economic and Research Organization. The 1959 Forecait it off the pros and packed with subjects designed lo help businessmen and investors in making important decisions in the months ahead. It u written clearly and simply— the estimated earnings and dividend* per share for 1959 for 65 Industrials, 25 Utilities and 40 Rails are presented in table form for quick reference. This comprehensive report i* yours FREE. No obligation, just return the coupon below today. fmmmm»mmmm»m<m*m*i~mmir Wright WelU t Cfc lit Ntt'l. lenk lldi. Bridge St. Entrgnct Austin HE 3-JOW Plegs* stn4 mi Fri* 1*51 Forecast City »nd IttW. TIZZY-By Kate Otann Boys Sentenced to Church fora Year WAYNESBURG, Pa. (AP) - A Greene County judge has sen- ; tenced three teen-age boys to attend church every Sunday for the j next year. The boys had pleaded i guilty to burglarizing a home. ! Cattle Saved From Fire Near Owatonna OWATONNA, Minn. (AP) - , Neighbors and firemen helped save 44 head of cattle before . flames destroyed a large cattle barn on the Frank Bleker iftrm, 14! miles northeast of here, Monday.) ,-BJgker said the blaze apparently was caused by defective wiring. WANT DUNCAN- OTTAWA * — The Ottawa | Rough Riderg confirmed they have \ signed up one U. S. college quar- \ terback and are after a second— I Iowa's Randy Duncan. Club Sec-j retary-Treasurer Wes Brown said .Duncan is expecicci to be inter j viewed shortly. The player signed I w&» Don Allard of Boston College. | "Well, Herbie, you certainly didn't do tnythlng t0 htlp •xparuUng »conom^ twlghtl" , NEW MANAGEMENT OF ELEVATOR AT LYLE I hove purchased the Kluff Elevator at Lyle, Minn, and invite the patronage of customers old and new - We assure you most prompt and courteous elevator service in the area. Come in and get acquainted today. VERNON NELSON FORMift M5R. OP FAftMiftS I AT CQNGfi/ MINN. OUB MEW NAME IS Lyle Feed VEtNON NIL5QN, Fr»p. Mi.

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