The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 2, 1948 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 2, 1948
Page 8
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(ARKJ COURIER NEWS ' FRIDAY, JULY I, 194» Interest a r m er Farm Accidents Decrease in 1947 K«ri«««tS«f«ry Group Lwta 206 F«w«r Farm W«fk DMriii in Y«ar Some Insects Called Man's 'Best Friends For cenlnrle. 1 * ] unremitting war ! enemies. Undoubtedly, [ prime reKson why CWICAOO, June 24S.— There were M,M* Icwir iarm work Usuries as (*M TMult of iccldenls In 1947 tliau In 1»«, Uw Nuliorml Sulety Council Mid todoy. Tt» Council emphasized, liow- •»«•, th»t the over-nil picture in 1M7 WM a gloomy one in view of |.h« '»cl th>t the nel loss In dead and injured was exactly the same as In i»4«— 18,600 killed and 1,800.000 j injured. /allon. The ludytyiK, "' the beetle 1 (nrnily, noes her klu one belter Ijyi IralhiK »» doslnictlve scale insects, nphlds niul other soft-bodied crea- j lines or Illeir engs. . . . and ""I '»' i net foliage. And scule Insects anil aphlds me two of the very worrl-1 home enemies with whle.)> shade; trees have, to contend. \ In the same benevolent tatcgovj j man lias waged an w | lh lhe i at jy|i,i K is the syrphid,' against Insert ! |M , (ler kllowil „,, (nl . flower fly, ly, tills Is the. .,,,,.,, a)so (] |, les 0 ,i liee cnemlM, .so many •"•«»y MijcciBiiy aphtrts. I overlook the "fact that somn l>\>gs j <j om( , insects pi-mlnee knolitiy) are mankind's fitUh/til servniUK. 7»' K , owt i, s on trees called Rails, Tnmilc 'iicid Is obtained Iroin Insei t Bt>»s- This is used for tanning furs ami' leathers. 1'ernmncnl Inks iinil dycsj ui-c made Irom oilier insect nails, j •Even Die common mujlewnrjn does his bit hy aerntlnB soli and helping •Thin conllmied x deadly toll of «''" l»rm retldenU can only be slopped i beetles aic if nil organizations >n<i individuals i tnt«re«Ud in farm life unite In an |. all-otit attuclt on the hazards that j j cause accidents/' said Neil H. Dcar-f| born, president of the National Safe-, i ty Council, ! \ ' "President Truman has set the 11 to*l lor us by calling for the eVIm- ,' Jnntion of 30,000,000 Jann hawirds [ during National Farm Safely Week, i July 26-S1." i [ "Tt Is the • National Sately Conn-; t eil'R firm conviction that the elimination of » possible source of accidents for each, member of every American . family will help bring down the 1948 toll In two ways. First. 1he removal of that many hazards undoubtedly will prevent tliou- unds of injuries during the balance of the year. Second, the removal of 30.000,000 firm hn'/.ards will litive an educational effect on farm resident* that will tend to make them ! more cautious 52 weeks a year. 1 ' i Trade Accidents High Highlights of the National Safc- fcjr Council's farm accident report lor 1947 follow. 1. There were 200 fewer farm work deaths In 1S41 than lu 1948— « reduction or Tour per cent. The total for 1947 Is 4,300 as compared With 4.500 for 1946. 1. Motor vehicle accidents ac- oovmted lor the greatest number ot •ccidenisl deaths to farm residents, claiming a total of 7,300 lives. 1.. .Agriculture, with more worker* than any other industry, had K death rate of 62 per 100,000 workers, a* compafed to the non-agricultural Mte ot 18 during the year. efforts to rout Uw, Insect the beneficial roll's .some bu«s play Is (orguUcn. One of the most Impoi'lHiil Ihiufs Insects do. of coui.-i-. is |>o!Uiil/c blossoms and In Hint wny helping lo produce flowers, fruits anil seeds, reminds Manln 1. Uvvvey, Jr.. v«'^- dcut of The Ijavoy Tree Hxport Co. Kvfrybody thinks of beetles as; ravenoiis lent dcvourers. Yet along j bees, butlerllle.s and moths, tree roots breathe. Among man's! most productive Insect Irii-nds nre; the honey bee anil the silkworm. | Girls of 4-H Clubs To Porticipote in Conning Program Tn line with ttie saying, "A penny .saved is a penny earned," Mississippi County 4-H Club girls are earning dollars by canning fruits, vegetables and meats produced on their home farms. [ Mnny of tlie gins are laicmi; part; In the 1948 National 4-H Canning! Acliievcnienl prourata. This activity i I'nconrases club girls to produce n more varied, well-balanced diet and I reduce cash expenditures for food \ by the use of H family food preservation ulan. They also Jearn to recognize the lii]|Kiilance of fruits mid; vegetables In the diet, and to In-j crease their during the winter' gome SUII In MANIIA < OP)—Philippine constabulary came upon two- tattered Japanese soldiers walking near a forest, and shot one to death,. The oilier Japanese fled Into dense wood l>een hiding In Hie forest since the ] end of the war. Notice of (Granting; of I.iiiutK 1'ennll Notice is hereby Riven thai tho Constabulary officials theo- ! Comml.ssioncr of Revenues of the rlzed that the two Japanese had i State of Arkansas has Issued a per! mil. No. 205 to Armorel Prng Co. — ; • j to sell and dispense vinous or spirit- months. llolls 1'q.i'ors /or beverage at retail County Exteiitlon Agml K«!th on lhe P»'e»i>ses described as Ar- Bllbrey will furnish more complete . morel . Al ' k - inforiimtioii on the program for I fj ' llls . p 6 ™ 1 ' 1 lMUCd on the 1st day , 30 day'of June 1949. ; Armorel Drug Co. By 8. S. Burnley, Mgr. 72-9 mil, No. 228 to Elves A. Hill to sell and dispense vinous or spirituous liquors for beverage at retail on the premises described as 111 S, Main St., Leachcille, Ark. This permit, Issued on tne 1st day of July 1948 and expires on the 30 day or June 1919. Elves A. Kill 112-9 awards. Awards tins year are gold-Tilled ! medals of honor for county, Nation- | al 4-H Club CoiiKiess trips for the slate, anil $200.00 college scholarships for six national winners. Notice of (irantlnf or Liquor Hermit i Notice is hereby given that the There were sixty-six county tncduj J commissioner of Revenues of the winners In Arkansas last year. ' State of Arkansas has issued a ]>cr- N'otke at Granting of Liquor Permit Notice is hereby given thai the Commissioner of Revenues of the State of Arkansas his Issued a per- mit, No. 217 to Russell Marr'i LI- quor Store to sell and dispense vinous or spirituous liquors (or beverage at retail on the premisei described at 10* South 2nd St., Blythes'llle, Ark. This permit Issued on the 1 day of July, 1946 and expires on the 30 day of June 1949. RusMU K. Marr 1J2-I i^iDE ROACNER k Delicious Drink* /I N (>-?tavor$L ' Wool-Aid for w«lu< Vi, M «,. t* G»l Qvtnn-i DEROACH ER lod.c ,1 i 4Ad XTOC4TC. helpful in cross-polliul- Read Courier News Want Ads. BUILDINGS 25'x48' Sectional Army Surplus HVKCIKI CATIONS 1 xS Drop •i\\ S(ti(l(li"K, 2 fl of. Wall hcijrhl, R ft. inside. 2x10 Uafters, 'i f(. o<'. 12 double sasli windows. • Ap|>rov. lifl fl. uiirlitions. • ShfCf Ruck in Hide walls. • I dimrs. • 90 l,l>. rnll roof inn. ,1'ricc ?85I).«0 F. O. B. 4. Public non-motor y«l>lel»J» tfMths, auch mn drownings, showed [ < «n Increase of 200. with 1.900 deaths : J tor 1MT, M compared to 1.700 for li 1*46. ' i [ 5. Mom* accidents, like motor i accidents, remained .slnUon- I < K«t th« 1948 figure Of'7,000. )J Th« l.SOO.OOO Injuries to farm', I <nt* .web* divided into fmir •' L« follows: motor vehicle, 250.- 11 lion-molor vehicle. 2.10.- i' ^050,000; Find oceupa- IJ ciparath'e figures i 210,000; 1,- ' •,«M «M •vm' - j l We Uvtt T.onK«r AMRKR8T, Mass. (UP) — Life ex- p»ck»ncj li»« increased 15 yenrslj «inc« 1800, according to Dr. Ira V.', Hlscock ot Vale University. He told I • health meeting here that despite J »dv«nc»s in health. 1.000,000 per- j i •onk are kept from their jobs daily by temporary Illness. Also Available: 20'xlOO' Buildings, Price $750 Fob 16'x48' Buildings, Price $350 Fob 20'x52' Buildings, Price $575 Fob 16'x16' Buildings, Price $150 Fob All thp iiliovc buildings nrc inspected fur dfimajtc and rvpnirccl hcfnre IcnvinR nimp site H( Alexandria, I,a. Call- Write or Sec Us for Further Uetnils Marion Surplus Sales 805 Ward Aver l)av I'honc SM Candliersville, Mo 1'rume 15S FARMERS-- MASTIC HOUSE PAINT YOUR LOVELY HOME IS IRREPLACEABLE! PROTECT IT FROM THE RAVAGES OF RUST ASlb ROT1 You can restore your home to its original newness and brightness and keep it that sway with ^le Se« Mastic House Paint. Do not gamble with your most prized possession—your borne. We'll be glad to help you select an attractive color scheme and recommend a reputable painter. COME IN TODAY! THE CHEAP WAY TO CLEAR GRASS FROM YOUR COTTON Get a BARKSDALE FLAME CULTIVATOR IT FITS ON YOUR TRACTOR BURNS OFF THE GRASS HERE'S WHY IT'S CHEAP • COST OF OPERATION IS 50< PER ACRE • RESULTS ARE SUPERIOR TO HAND-CHOPPED COTTON. • CAN ALSO BE USED FOR CORN AND SOYBEANS LET US SHOW YOU! CALL OUR PLANT-2911-AN D WE'LL TAKE YOU TO THE FIELD WHERE YOU CAN SEE HOW THIS AMAZING FLAME CULTIVATOR WORKS. — OUR PRICES FOUR-ROW MODEL - - $670 TWO-ROW MODEL $425 *••«, Mounted On Tractor Free Immediate Delivery DON'T DELAY! CALL TODAY! HARDWARE CO .Inc. HOME OF FAMOUS BRANDS 126 W.MAIN St., PHONE 515 BARKSDALE MANUFACT URING COMPANY 3 Blocks South of Farmers Bank BlythevilU Phone 2911

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