Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on November 12, 1966 · Page 9
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 9

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 12, 1966
Page 9
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SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 1966 THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS ANNUAL FINANCIAL STATEMENT FOR PUBLICATION For the fiscal year ended June 30, 1966 DISTRICT NO. 80, JEFFTBRSON CJOUNTY, ILLINaiS In compliance with section 10-17 School Code GENERAL 8.75 Size of district in square miles; 7 No, of attendance centers; 97 No. of full -time certified employees; 8 No. of part-time certified employees; 37 No. of full-time non-certified employees; 16 No. of part-time non-certified employees; 2211 average daily attendance; 2320 average dally enrollment; No. of pupils enrolled per grade: K—270; 1—316; 2—273 ; 3—291; 4—223; 5—274; 6—269; 7—232 ; 8—266; special 41; Total 2455; tax rate by funds: education .75c; building .187c; bonds and interest .35c; municipal retirement .033c; Total .'51.32. Total district asscs.sed value ?38,708,810.0O Assessed value per pupil in A.D.A - Assessed value per pupil in A.D.E ~ - -. Total bonded debt as of June 30, 1966 Per cent of bonding power obligated currently Value of land, appraised - — Value of buildings, appraised — Value of equipment, appraised _ 17,507.00 16,684.00 445,000.00 23% 107,100.00 3,705,675.51 495,947.78 VViUiout degree Margaret Roderick Bachelor's Degree Peggy Squibb Mary Ann Piper Kay Webb Judith Fi-y Darla Wolfe Virginia Wilson Joann Barczewski Rptta Estcs Robert Elliott Frances Barrow Kim Driggers Marie Ander.son Anielo Howie Vonnjiiicl Wood Minla Jack Helen Chaney Mary Hartman Mii-sters Degree Kay Riddle Luticia Waters D. A. Wood Carl Baker TEACHERS 11 Years and over f4>900 Kenneth Mills Arnold Ross Doris Cumniings Olva Phillips Dorothy Woodworth Freda Ballaixi Theo Hughey Vci'non French Marian Davis Iris Simmon.s Hazel Quinn Susie Cross PHD Degree, John Alford Part-time Doj-othv Peai-ce $2,555.55 John McNeil 1,252.17 Judy Shaw 1,992.20 Mary Jo Willis 2.502.80 0-6 Years Exper. BiU Hope Janice Wagner Linda Robinson Gai-y Boles Jean McClure Marcellc McClure 6-10 years Exper. Shirley Woodrome Betty Sharp Betty Martin Merlin Hodge 11 Years t over Ilif Young Nannie A. Bellah Lena Cross Charlotte Allen Ruth Hirons Freida Wheeler 0 -5 Years Exper. Carmella Kiefer Lucy Baker 6-10 Years Exper. Lloyd Morris Anson Smith 11 Years ft Over Imogene Hilliard Wilma Boswell Maisye Williams Belle Warren Viola Harris Ann Setzekom Feme Rude William Roy Gladys Hussong Cleo White Wava Ford Arleen Jones $4,600 to $6,568 Sidney Milliner Michael Vaughn Aria Bohlen Jere Shaw' Sue Nance Sharon Hostetler 55,428 to $7,018 Helen Toney Gena Rohlfing Margaret Martin Robert Wallace $5,S80 to $7,180 Audrey Purcell Louise Tan- Helen Wooclrome Harry Dunham Grace Brown Sharon Parti-idge $5,000 to $6,614 Deloris Render $5,862 to $8,481 Jean Crane $6,730 to $8,646 Eleanor Hodge Katherine Young Hany Anderson Everett Thompson LeVeme Tuttle Gertrude Snodsmith Alberta Johnson Geneva Elder Can-ie Lee Randall Selma Henry Alizine Hicks flS,60* Educational Audio-Visusl, Inc., Eldnar Equipment Sales, supplies Encyclopedia Sales, capital A. H. Foatherstun Co., service & supplies Fenton Music Store, supplies Field Enterprises, supplies and capital Fitts DX Service, supplies and service First National Bank, anticipation warrant and Interest Flaghouse Inc., service Gaylord Bros. Inc., supplies and capital ^ Ginn & Co., supplies ™_— Glidden Co., supplies _ • Marion L. Green, servic* C. Budd Greene, service Great West Life Insurance Co., lervlct Paul Gurley, service _ H & H Plumbing & Etc., service, Supplies, capital Hammon & Stephens Co., supplies Hanson Bennett Magazine Agency, Mipplies Harcourt Brace Co., supplies „ Clifton' Harp, service Teachers Sara Hayman $2,615.55 Yvonne Thormahlen .... 1,340.69 Betty L. Vaughn 2,175.60 Irene Brake 3,052.00 Harris Trust & Savings Bank, bonds and interest M. D. Haun, supplies and service Hawkins Bakei-y. Supplies Hertzberg-New Method Inc., supplies A. S. Hodge, service Holt, Rinehart & Winston, supplies Houghton-Mifflin Co., supplies 111. Association of School Boards, service 111. Bell Telephone Co., service 111. Municipal Retirement Fund, service 111. Power Co., service - Imprest Fund, service and supplies I. B. M. Corp., supplies and capital .— Ivans Flowers, service Jackson-Martin, supplies —— Kaskaskia Valley Div. I.E.A., service Kee Lox Mfg. Co., supplies King City Ice Co., service Claire Latta, service J. S. Latta & Son., supplies Learning Materials, Inc., supplies Livingston Drugs, supplies Lyons & Carnahan Co,, supplies M. & M. Bottlers, supplies A. C. McClurg & Co., supplies and capital McGraw-Hill Book Company, supplies Madison Chemical Co,, supplies _ Mammoth, supplies SubsUtute teachers at $15.00 per day Claire .Adams Belle Fairchild Luella Hoffman Hal lie Howard Veine Render Lilliam Sledge Kay Sweet All other Clarence Nolta Olive Page Lawrence Hughes . Jesse Johnson _. Lee Carey Donald Stebbins .. Max Djel Evelyn Foster DorLs Buesking Beulah Gowler Edith Hard Raymond Jewell Walter Reid Diane Springmier Ruby Wells salaried personnel, full-time or part-time ...$6,663.50 Michael Berry ....$4,812.09 Wesley Lampp 4,720.84 Joseph Stevenson „ 4,665.84 Randall Barker 4,795.84 John Capps 3,980.85 Beulah Dycus Juanita Grooms Winona Hendei-son Faye Lerch Marie Sheffield Dorothy Sulcer Velma Willianls 4,749.59 4,623.34 . 4.778.09 . 4,770.84 4,780.84 . 4,348.00 . 1,731.00 1,745.00 . 1,693.00 1,700.00 Evan Kelley Alma Carroll — Wava Hilliard Stevenson Lorraine Bigham Anna Kern — Lucille Piper 1.700.00 Eunice Owens 1,700.00 Ruth Wliittenbrink 1,452.11 Velma Felton 1,700.00 Beverly Page 748.00 Aloen Kane — 654.00 Lucille Garrison 57.00 Mae Hughes 559.00 Jeanette Joy 17.00 Wanda Phillips 112.00 Anna Lee Whitlocck ... 256.88 Marilyn Buck 390.00 Paul M. Fitch 1,320.00 Virginia Riley 7,333.33 Ph.vllis Dykes _ 2,261.60 Patricia Hunter 1,470.63 Therca Large 965.00 Christy Bateman 363.30 Judy Green — 357.00 Rcso Ladd 365.05 Janet R. Lewis 343.70 325.00 Juanita Hester ... Cleo Gruenwald Mildred Burnett Eva Barker Agnes Ross 530.00 4.643.26 1,745.00 1,756,24 . 1,700.00 . 1,700.00 . 1,700.00 1,679.00 Lucille Medlin ... Lois Hawkins .... Marie Anderson Joy Hall 1,028.40 . 1,700.00 . 315.00 . 640.00 . 96.00 . 25.00 6.00 .. 14.00 . 520.01 2,114.55 4,955.80 Marie Ashbrook . Beatrice Johnson Feme Kissel Madeline Wilson Anita Mayhugh . Noi-ma Kelley .... Marilyn Lane .... Patsy Sanders 1,348.37 Linda Capps 2,710.10 Carol McCole 1,263.75 Barbara Price 1,537.54 Robert Brown 210.01 Sammy Hicks 542.50 Nancy Langa 108.00 Marilyn McBride 359.45 Cheryl Miller 421.88 Mary Lou Parker 199.26 Carolyn Wnght 362.25 BUILDING, BONDS & Matthews Transfer Co., service Metropolitan Music Co., supplies Midland Laboratories, supplies Kenneth Mills, service — Missourian Office Supply Co., supplies Montgomery Ward Co., supplies and capital Mt. Vernon A-G Stores, supplies _ Ml. Vernon Electric Supply Co., supplies ivrt. Vernon Glass Co., service and supplies Mt. Vernon Lumber Co., supplies Mt. Vernon Register-News, service and supplies Mt. Vernon Education Assn., service — Mt. Vernon Froz-N-Foods, service and supplies — Mt. Vernon Y.M.C .A., service and supplies Myers The Printer, service and siv >plies National Biological Supply Co., supplies MyrI Newcom, service North American Mogul Products Co., supplies O'Brien Office Supply, supplies and capital Office Economic Opportunity, service Orkin, sei-vice Ozark Air Lines, service . . Page Insurance Agency, service .— A. N. Palmer Co., supplies Panama-Beaver, supplies - — — Paschedag Music House, supplies and capital Olva Phillips, service Post's Audio-Visual, supplies and capital Prentice-Hall, Inc., supplies Prescription Shop, supplies . , — Ralph Pritchett, supplies Elmer Rainey, service Robco Audio-Visual, supplies & capital _: Rilev Produce, supplies Roval Wholesale, Inc., supplies School Supply Sei-vice, supplies Schultz Burch Biscuit Co., supplies Science Research Ass'n., supplies Scott, Foresman & Co., supplies — Security Bank, anticipation warrant and interest, & withholding taxes Scaliest Dairy, supplies John Sexton & Co., supplies —. SiKcr Burdett Co., supplies Simplex Time Recorder Co., service Smith-Alsop Paint Store, supplies Smith-Svharff Co., supplies Society for Visual Education, supplies So. 111. Instnictional TV. service St. Ann's School Music, supplies Stappenbeck Book Bindery, service O. J. Steffy & Son, supplies Summersville School District No. 79, Sam Thornton, service • Tile Supply Co., service and supplies Thei-mox-Fax Sales, supplies E. L. Thompson, service Transportation Fund, transfer Ti-i-City Grocery Co., supplies Teachers Retirement System, service .— United Fund of Jefferson County, service United States Post Office, service Veath Sports Mart, supplies Ward Insurance Agency, service Donnie Webb, service Roger Webb Insurance Agency, service Weber Equipment Co., capital Western Chemical Co., supplies Westron Corp.. supplies 123 .53 155.71 665.00 208.28 218.81 254.60 215.23 34 ,298 .45 142.40 805.56 „ 3,807.33 981.54 795.00 150.00 ... 10,100.00 105.00 „ 1,262.28 103.60 135.65 240.07 918.00 ,_ 116,784.50 380.02 2,095.86 „ 126.50 ™ 102.46 „ 2,086.05 2,317.04 260.50 „ 2,133.83 .„ 23,081.27 9,098.15 560.13 ._ 541.18 __ 145.49 _ 15 ,416.64 _ 2,024:00 208.10 _ 157.80 986.00 „ 118.48 114.40 110.16 ™ 1 ,221.02 138.50 _„ 991.52 .... 1,244.61 146.15 375.00 607.34 492.97 _ 1,255.42 200.55 170.32 976.70 474.03 _ 734.29 342.65 597.98 _.. 916.35 318.00 1 ,195.00 429.47 427.40 141.51 173.25 169.57 _ 757.65 346.93 420.00 127.70 ... 2,344.00 611.80 185.00 648.49 167.36 1 ,188.41 ._. 132.90 114.72 .__ 1 ,063.61 _ 925.00 _ 347.88 „ 459.01 12,093.98 166.29 317.43 .... 760.31 _ 282.63 Notre Dome Takes a Hard Line Irish Outlook: Hale Ami (Kevin) Hardf service and capital Ada Sue Mendenhall .... Eiwood Richard 137.50 Faith Tucker 5,246.79 VENDORS TO EDUCATIONAL, INTEREST, MUNiaPAL RETIREMENT AND TRANSPORTATION FUNDS Acme Textile Mill Ends Co., supplies $ Ariams Book Co., supplies John Alford, service American Air Filter Co. supplies, 100.32 388.17 900.90 319.60 1,040.45 917.98 E F Wielt Co., stjpplies and service Wm. R. Wilkerson & Asa Ruyle, service _ D. A. Wood, service Yuill Music Co., supplies , Zerox, service and supplies EDUCATIONAL FUNDS Revenue: District taxes — Government-State Aid Governments-Others Interest on investments Tuition « _____ School lunch program ._ Other receipts 160,475.93 6,788.44 . 1 ,669.41 272.28 132.00 353.42 149.40 159.62 . 2,178.00 316.43 581.00 515.72 , 1 ,191.56 . 1,712.50 248.44 318.10 106.08 u 2.302.10 187.42 . 47,949.40 372.00 342.00 . 1 ,932.51 . 166.13 162.00 . 2,265.23 . 1,295.00 127.89 102.37 _ 1,477.93 _ 1,300.00 634.28 735.62 _ 139.24 By SANDY PADWE Newspaper Enterprise Assn. SOUTH BEND, Ind.—(NEA) —For Kevin Hardy, the school year is nothing more than a blur of reds, grays and greens, a color for each season: Red for the changing leaves of an Indiana autumn. Gray for the dull, bleak days of winter. Green for the freshness of a clear, spring day. Each is significant for the Notre Dame athlete frwn Oakland, Calif. In the fall, he is an Ail-American defensive tackle; in the winter, a center on the basketball team; in the spring, the rightfielder on the baseball team. "All of them," Kevin said emphatically, "I like them all —equally." It is in football, however, that the 6-5, 275-pounder excels. Extremely agile lor his size, he controls everything that moves his nay, be It to the hislde or the outside. "The thing that separates Kevin from the others," says Johnny Ray, the Notre Dame defensive coach, "is that he doesn't try to get by on his size. He uses his speed and his agility. "Playing the other sports has helped, but he's basically a football player." Kevin is the key to the Notre Dame defense which has scored three "official" and one "unofficial" shutouts this year. "Navy's touchdown against us," he said matter-of-factly, "was the result of a blocked punt. We consider it a shutout tor the defense." Navy's coach, Bill Ellas, wasn't in the mood to argue the point after his Midshipmen had been beaten, 31-7, by Notre Dame. "Hardy has to be the best," Elias said. "He and that end next to him (Alan Page) control a game." Kevin's performance this season has been better than expected. After making All-Amer- can as a sophomore, he missed th« 1965 season due to a rap­ tured disk in his back. "It was horrible having to miss the whole year," Kevin said. "To be sitting back in South Bend knowing you could be helping is a terrible feeling." Last August he reported back to school at 295 pounds which meant he had to. lose some of the excess weight. "That's not hard for me," he said. "I sweat it off quite easily. My record is 21 pounds in one day." John Ray smiled at Kevin's analysis. "It still was a pretty rough September for him," John said. "Anybody out a whole year has to expect a tough time." After the football season, Kevin will switch to basketball and in the spring to baseball. It means a busy year. "I have a 2.5 (B— ) average in business," he said, "but sometimes it's a struggle to keep up. I do a lot of work on the road _X_ . -X- -X- _X- -X- -X- • c P Kevin Hardy 'I don't get tired.* ..$276,108.03 „ 379,655.43 _ 110,903.07 431.34 ,„ 3,396.06 .„ 72,139.10 _ 29,210.96 Anierlfan Education Publications, supplies American Laundry & Dry Cleaning, sei-vice _ American National Bank & Trust Co., bonds and interest 8,184.75 Anchor Coal Co., supplies _ 4,920.31 A.scus Communication Service, service ._ 450.00 Auburn Foundry, Inc., supplies 192.24 Audio-Visual Aids. S.I.U., supplies and service _ 330.90 Bailey & Himes, Inc., supplies — 164.84 Baker & Taylor Co., supplies 964.93 Jack Balls, supplies 105.50 1,361.37 411.14 114.17 103.75 7,304.66 12,224.47 337.02 462.50 257.15 112.25 1,133.65 471.94 154.20 219.80 3,333.62 Beckley-Cardy Co.. supplies and capital Benoisl Bros. Haixlware, supplies _ Bermingham & Prosser Co., supplies Biagi's Electi-onics, supplies and service Blackwell-Wielandy Co., supplies & capital . Blue-Cross Blue-Shield, service Irene Brake, sei-vice Briel & Wood, service Britt Visual Aids Sei-vice, supplies Brulin & Co., supplies James Braddock, supplies Bro-Dart Industries, supplies & capital California Test Bureau, supplies G. D. Che.sley, service City of Mt. Vernon, water and sewer Coca Cola Bottling Co., supplies 263.28 Color Art Painting Co., supplies _ 193.85 F. E. Compton Co., capital 254.00 Continental Baking Co.. supplies l'??^?? Cleaners,. service Creative Playthings, supplies Dairy Brands, supplies Demco, supplies and capital — Dcnoyer-Geppert Co., supplies A-V Division Popular Science, supplies Dopai-tmcnt of Revenue, service Dobbs B .Trgain Town, supplies Dnwzer Electric Machine Works, service Edward Don & Co., supplies and capital — Dr Pepper Bottling Co., supplies DuBois Chemical Co., supplies Duncan-Pearce TV Clinic, service and capital Max Dycl, sei-vice lv;isi Side Lumber Co., .supplies Krekoi Edmison, service Educational Record Sales, supplies ^ Total revenue Disbursements: Administration Instruction _ Health — .Operation of plant _. _.- -— Maintenance Fixed charges School lunch program — Other disbursements Capital outlay Transfers out — .•• Total disbursements Deficiency revenue over disbursements Assets: Imprest fund Cash in bank ..$871,843.99 ,..J$ 39,617.32 „ 706,722.98 ,_ 5,080.29 _ 5,256.20 „ 1,274.45 „ 3,340.96 __ 94,006.38 „ 43,984.55 ... 9,737.78 ... 2,302.10 ...$911,323.01 ...(39,479.02) 100.00 22,261.25 Total assets Liabilities: Anticipation warrants payable Fund balance as of June 30, J96« ..$ 22,361.25 115.43 140.93 10,490.43 339.59 347.34 219.00 148.50 100.20 144.61 409.05 224.00 144,36 1,204.48 595.00 239.49 102.85 211.34 Analysis of change F\ind balance July 1, 1965 Deficiency revenue over disbursMnents Fund balance as of June 30, 1966 .— in find Waaee ...$142,000.00 ,.(119,638.75) „ (80 ,159 .73) . (39,479.02) .(119,638.75) BUILDING FUNDS Revenue: District taxes _. Governments - — interest on investments Other revenue ..: ..$ 68.856.93 . 2,610.68 892.81 379.75 Total revenue Disbursements: Operation of plant .... Maintenance Fixed charges Capital outlay 72,215.59 ,. 9,842.46 166.13 „ 2,005.51 Total disbursements GAL THREE School Na 80 . „ ...J 84,229.69 Deficiency revenue over disbursements Assets: Cash in bank „..., (11,489.52) $ 2,822.35 Henderson Hits 30 Junior Rams Bump Carmi Teom 69-55 With Ronnie Henderson scoring 30 points and Larry Mays adding 22, M. Vernon's Junior trips. I have to." As a basketball player, Kevin worries about one thing: bing branded a "hatchet man." "I actually try to stay away from contact as mucli as possible in basketball," he says, "because I know what tijcy'll start to shout as soon as I hit someone." In baseball, he thinks of him- jelf "more as a pinch hitter" than a ix)wer hitter. "I had a poor start two years ago because our first game came two days after basketball season ended," he said. "I didn't even take batting practice and r went sometliing like O-for-16. After that I hit .333 for the rest of the season. When school ends, Kevin heads back to Califomia and the golf course where he plays nearly 18 holes each weekday. Baseball consumes the weekend. "No," he said. "I don't get tired. I've been doing the same thing for as long as I can remember." Liabilities: None Fund balance as of June 30, 1966 $ 2,822.35 Analysis of change in fund balance Fund balance July 1, 1965 14,311.87 Deficiency revenue over disbursements „ (11,489.52) Fund balance as of June 30, 1966 :...$ 2,822.35 BONDS AND INTEREST FUNDS Suryived Pistol Shot It May Be Too Late For 'Big Cat' Who Was Rugged In 50 s By MURRAY ROSE HOUSTON (AP) - It might be six years and one bullet shot too late for Cleveland Williams, but the Big Cat from Houston still feels confident he can lift the heavyweight crown from Cassius Clay's cocky head Monday night. "I can hit Clay and I can take him out with either hand," said the 33 -yearK )ld challenger who wrapped up his training with a light workout Friday. "Qay's fast, but I can move with him," added Williams. I can jab and also hook off the jab. I can hit with either hand," Williams may be prompted in his optimism by his peppery manager, Hugh Benbow, vA^o has been conducting a verbal war with Clay, which has not hurt the box office. "He's a yellow-hearted dog," is one of the milder comments made by Benbow about Qay. "deve will stiffen him." "They've got the wrong rounds but now, because of that Benbow's big mouth, I think I 'll make it in two," said Qay. Williams will match the champion in height and heft and probably in desire. He won't be able to match bim in speed and there's doubt whether he has his old-time power, the jolting left hook that Floyd Patterson studiously avoided by not fighting Williams when Patterson was champion and Williams the No. 1 contender.- The Big Cat was a tough customer in the late fifties and the eju-ly sfacties. His insides were ripped up by a pistol inflicted wound during a scuffle with a highway patrolman on Nov. 30, 1964 and how he even recovered is an amazing comeback in itself. The .38 slug still is somewhere in Williams' body but the strapping challenger says it doesn't bother him and that he's as fit as ever. Ram cagers won ttie regular season opener at Carmi Thursday night, 69-55. Hendei-son dropped 14 of 18 shots from the field and Mays tallied on 10 of 14 attempts to pace Mt. Vernon to a red-hot .590 shotting average. The Rams moved to a 17-6 advantage at the quarter and upped the count to 37-17 at halftime. Also scoring for coach Everett Thompson's locals were Ricky Owens with 13 points, David Dude 2, and Mark Rubenacker 2. Morrall and Kane each hit 15 for Carmi and Hamilton scored 12. C a r m i' s seventh graders romped past Mt. Vernon in the prelim, 34-13. Mt. Vernon plays at Olney next Friday night. Y/altonville Loses, 85-69 Waltonville's Spartans traUed all the way at Thompsonville on Thursday night, taking their first defeat of the season, 85-69. Waltonville had opened with two victories. Eugene Bruyere tallied 32 for the Spartans. George Morgan and David Tomaszewski hit 13 apiece. Lampley scored 30 for the winning Thompsonyille quintet, which grabbed a 51-26 lead at halftime. Waltonville hosts Crab Orchard next Tuesday night. NOTICE The Bar-B-Q Hayen 1403 Moin St. WILL BE CLOSED FOR REDECORATING EFFECTIVE MON., NOV. 14 OPENING AGAIN MON., NOV. 28 LUMBER & SIDING PANELING LOW—LOW—PRICES EVERYDAY Your naighbort hiv* baan and alill ara SAVING monay avaryday en thair BUILDING A REMODEINO NEEDS-whara- "HEM" in Dix, III. Haavy Inaulated AlUMINUM SIOINC-Painlad STEEL Siding, Intulatad Siding, Wood Siding, Aibaitoa Siding, Rad Spot hinh—Aluminum Storm Window* and Doort—Farm Fanca, Barb Wira, Calat and Poih Calling Tila, Floor TIU, Hardwood Flooring, Concrata Saptic Tanlct, Plumbing and Elactrlcal FIxlurai. For your now Patio Roof, Fibarglata •Itynifa in 10 cotort-Wroughl Iron Porch Port and Railing. LUMBER YARD FULL OF BARGAINS Open Til 5 O'Cloek 6 Days PAUL 6. ROLLINSON LUMBER YARD DiXr Illinois P. S.-Don'i forgal Osori, Wlndowa, Rool Shlnglta, Hear TIW Revenue: District taxes Interest on investments Total revenue „ Disbursements: Fixed charges Bond principal retired ..$128,821.25 ... 1,543.88 ..$130,365.13 13,969.25 ._ 111,000.00 Total disbursements Excess revenue over disbursements Assets: Cash in bank „ $124,969.25 ..... 5,395.88 _ „.. 8,929,18 Total Liabilities: assets none ..$ 8,929.18 Analysis of change In fund balance Fund balance July 1, 1965 _ $ Excess revenue over disbursements _ 3,533.30 5,395.88 Fund balance as of June 30, 1966 TRANSPORTA 'nON FUNDS ' Revenue: Government $8,929.18 Deficit transfer from education fund . 1,325.90 2,302.10 Total revenue „. Disbursements: Operation-Contracted ~ $ 3,628.00 — -$ 3,628.00 Total disbursements _ $ 3,628.00 Excess revenue over disbursements _ None Assets - _.. None Liabilities — - - None Fund balance June 30, 1966 None MUNiaPAL RETIREMENT FUNDS Revenue; District taxes - - $ 12,148.36 ! Interest on investments ._ - 164.18 Total revenue - $ 12,312.54 Disbursements: Fixed charges - $ 13,048.82 ..$ 72,740.17 Total assets .J 2.S22.35 Total disbursements Deficiency revenue over disbursements Assets: Cash in bank ——~ $ 13,048.82 - (736,28) 506.94 506.94 Total assets — Liabilities: None Fund balance as of June 30, 1966 ~.$ 506.94 Analysis of change in fund balance Fund balance, July 1, 1965 $ 1,243.22 Deficiency revenue over disbursements (736.28) Fund balance as of June 30, 1966 506.94 PAUL School M. FITCH Treasurer TODAY and TOMORROW At NU BOWL LANES 17th and George Midwest's Better Bowlers will be at Nu Bowl Lanes Today and Tomorrow to compete for over $2000 in prize money. Spectators Welcome No Admission Charge BOWLERS WILL BE HERE FROM 6 STATES: Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, Tennessee and Arkansas. Quolifying Squads Sat. at 1, 3, 5, 7 & 9 P.M. SEMI-FINALS AND FINALS STARTING AT NOON SUNDAY Harry Stronski and Wayne Hicks from Mt. Vernon will be competing in this event. , BOWL um 17th and George Streets

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