The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on February 6, 1933 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, February 6, 1933
Page 8
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THE BAKERSFiELD CALIFUHNIAN, MONDAY, FEBRUARY 6, 1933 EDUCATIONAL»Q\K1 9 HUMOROUS CURIOUS WORLD By FERGUSON ONCy THREE PERSONA IN THE WORLD KNOW THE SECRET OP /WAKINO- GLASS* FOR, THE SECRET WAS DISCOVERED IN 163? &V LUDWI6 MOLLER.-URI, AND HAS BBBN KEPT IN THE FAMILY EVER, SNCB. e im ir nr» smvid, .me. SNAKGS ARE A0/AFRAID TO CRAWL OVER A ROPE. EVEN A CITIZEN OF ROME MUST ADO EXTRA POSTAGE TO MAIL GOING TO VATICAN CITtf FOR. VATICAN CITV IS a-t. SIDE GLANCES By GEORGE CLARK "If you arc 10 anxloui for him to (kip the sixth grade, why don't you try to get tome of these answers?" THE TINYMITES By HAL COCHRAN OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS AU. T«\e.o TO V.ET voo Me OF OF CAU. ME UP— AMD VOO .LtT HIM oer IT. - MAV<IWCT GeuTuEMAwev. »s CALUM' , BUT SOU OONT SEEM TO APPRECIATE. A so *'LU COMH. RIGHT OUT VJVTH IT, HEPEAFTfeR! VT-JS TH' PoP OUR BOARDING HOUSE By AHERN OP OpU&SEr.BErNTLEY, MY MAN,! 6XPECT YOU TO DOUBT THIS STORY, BUT-l CAN 6tT AN AFFIDAVIT TO VERIFY ITS VERAOTVf A« A YCXJN& MAN,»N A SNNAU.TOWN OF- NORTntPN tA\CH\OA;N,I V^AS A TElEGTCATNW, AND I WAD A PET WOODPECKER THAT I FOUND AS A FLEDCbltsKi •*—WELL.,S»R, t TAU6WT THAT WOODPECKER TH& ALPHABET AND MORSE CODE—TOOK ME THREE YEARS—AJND,DO YOU KNOW, I COULD LAY A PILE OF MESSAGES IN FRONT OF THE WOODPECKER AND WOULD TAP THE KEY s WITH \TS >- AND TRANSMIT THE MESSAGES OUNDS A LITTLE: DOUBTFUL TO US AMD X SUPPOSE YOU] HAD ATRAVNED CfittCKET THAT COULD MEMORIZE, INCOMING . MESSACaES.WmLE YOU WERE- OUT -PLAYING POOL, AND REPEAT THEN\ TO YOU WHEN YOU CAME- _ •BACK f. I (READ THE STORY, THEN COLOR THE PICTURE) (Pleturtt by Klni) npHEJ cubs just loved their milk and | -L bread and very shortly Duncy said, "C think you two are little pigs. Just see the way you eat. "I try to feed you from a spoon, but I will stop It pretty soon, If you don't sit up straight and try to be a wee bit neat. "The milk Is dripping from your .iaws and It Is smeared upon your paws. I've never seen such cureless bears. How hungry you must be." One bear let out a little roar, as It 'twas beeping for some more. Poor Duncy added, "What's the use? You both are beyond me." • • • "Oh, shucks, lad, let them have their fun," the hunter said. "Just wait! I'll run and get some more milk for them. Let's be sure they have enough." Then, to another one he said, "You get another loaf of bread. I must nd- ii)lt It's fun for ma to watch the two bears stuff." The two bears soon jumped to the ground, r round. and then began to waddle . _ _ _. "Why, they're so full they can't stand up," said Coppy with a grin. "Two quarts of milk they've put away and that Is plenty for one day. I'll bet, when night-time comes, they will be ready to turn In." * • • Then Duncy said, "Before it's night, I'm going to give you lads a Bight. The huntfr told me I could use some of his hunting clothen, "He has Bomo that are much too small, but that won't bother me nt all. I'm going to dress tho cub bears up. How they'll look, goodness knows." "I'll gladly help you." Windy cried. And then tho two lads went Inside another room. Tho bears went, too, and soon they all came out. The boars were dressed up, fit to kill. It Beemod to Ktvo tho cubs a thrill. The other Tlnles welcomed them with nulto a merry shout. THE GUMPS Set the Bear Trap By SIDNEY SMITH EVBK NOW PHONK CAU- AUSYRAUA- BENJAMIN OUASP »PEAKIN€H BROOCM IS AY •KAIiWA.YS COAMNtk ? « ifr wnr MILXIOKI r YH/»?rS TOO MltiH YONIfcKT- A DAY BERN *M* H1M.- WtRK MOTT ,»NAY V^k% YHAJT YOU *AJD — FOUR HUMOREO NEW OR&ER» i FOR YHE SYRCL AMUL*- GOOD/ PUT YRN YHOUSAN& M6N YO V<4ORK IK TMB MQRNIN<»- WR. - DAY-. AW CERYAINLY- I WAWY THAT HARBOR. »UILY- ir» IT DOES COST FEACK AND C.6T MS <»RT DOM'T LET AWAY — »F YOU DON'T BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By MARTIN SKFOfct ViHKT VT'S AW. "*™ rr ? FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS A Puzzle! By BLOSSER ESCAPE. BtlMQ HIT BY POI9OMEO ARBOWS, SHOT AT THEM FROM AM6USH, FRECKLES AND BILLY BOWLEGS EACH TAKE SEPARATE SHORT CUTS BACK TO THE. BEACHED 'SELKCERF.'... WHAT ARC VOU AMD FRECKLES DOIM6 DOWM THERE....PLAYING HIDE AND SEEK WITH EACH OTHER? FOMKV-ME BEATIM' THE KID BACK HERE, AND WITH MY RHEUM ATISM, TOO DAD GUM, IF 1 LIKE THIS// ...ER...AH...VE. HIT TH' NAIL ON TH' HEAD, COMMODORE-NOW IT'S MV TORW T FIND SOMETHIW' IN ME BONE5 TELLS ME. THINGS AIN'T J1ST RIGHT —I GOTTA' FIND THAT BOY-HE DIDN'T STOP T' PICK DAISIES,'CAUSE THEY AIN'T DAISIES' T' PICK/.' BLOWING UP THE. GULF OF CALI-^ FORMIC COMES PETE ME.NDOZA, HEADED FOR THE FISHING GROUNDS. WE'LL. WORK THE. WATE.R AROUND • MISHT TAKE BACK A LOAD OF TURTLES.' THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) My Operation! By COWAN OH. YES', CXDN'T AUNT VtYPTUC TEUU YOU 7 V I N.EAPLY PA^SCO OUT OF THE PICTOPE!! THE DOCTOO <UklD MY OPERATION WAS TME WOPST ONE VIE EVEP PEPFOPMEO AND HAD THE PATIENT PUU- THROUGH OF COUP9E. NOW, I'M NOT THE WOMAN \ USED TO BE. MY DOCTOP WONT LET ME STAND ON MY FEET--NOT EVEN LONG ENOUGH TO WASH O THE. UAST THING THC DOCTOP TOLD ME WA9 ,TW/XT HE WOULDN'T BE PE9PON91BLE IF t DID ANY PEACHING,LIKE MAKING BED9 AND SUCH-1 FEEL SO HELPLESS, AT TIMES AND SWEEPING \«5 OUT OF THE QUESTION SWINGING A BPOOM AN AWFUL <rrPAIN ON ME — •rTit»'*i;»ivicr. INC.^NN. u.». rxr.crr

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