The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan on November 16, 1939 · Page 7
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The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan · Page 7

Ludington, Michigan
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 16, 1939
Page 7
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THURSDAY, NOV. 16,1939. THE DAILY NEWS—LUDINGTON, MICHIGAN. PAGE SEVEN Want Ads 'Hit In The Pinch' When Cash Is Needed PHONE 21 FOR AN AD-TAKER LUDINGTON DAILY NEWS Daily rate per line for consecutive Insertions: Charge Cash Three days, 3 lines 9 .81 9 .72 One day, 3 lines 36 .30 Advertising ordered for irrcptilar Insertions lakes the one time Insertion rale; no ad taken for les* than basis of (hree lines. Count six average words to the line. Charge arts will be received by telephone, and if paid at The Daily News Office within six days from the first inset-lion cash rate will be allowed. Arts ordered for three or six days and stopped before expiration will be charged only for the number of limes (lie ad appeared and the adjustment made at the rate earned. Publishers reserve the right to edit or reject any Classified advertising copy. Kate per line for white space is the same as * !'"n of copy. Announcements Flowers and Mourning Goods 4 TUT FLOWERS—And funeral work. Tel. A72. Frank Nordine, 810 K. Ludlngton Ave. Business Service /"S^^N^>-*XrNrf"^»»X>»^W-«-^'»-r^^^ 1 ^x^>^V^NXX* B ^"^"\ Business Services Offered 18 rABMERS ATTENTION—Dead stock removal. Phone collect. Prompt service. MUSKEG UN RENDERING CO. Tel. ScoUvllle, 129-F-ll. HOW ARK YOUR KYKS—If they bother, let us show how perfect fitting glasses help. Chlnncry, Scottvillc. TIIE PARK STORK—Cider mill will run Tuesdays and Thursdays until end of season. Dressmaking and Millinery 21 HEMSTITCHING—niittnn making, children's dresses, suils & aprons. Needlework Shop, 211 S. James St. Employment Sy^XV^X^w^^r^^-^N^wrv^^-^V^j* Situations Wanted—Female HOUSEWORK WANTKD—Sweeping and dusting. Call G04 N. Uaylord. Phone 743-M. HOUSEKEEPING—Position wanted by Protestant woman in family of 2 or 3 adnlls. Desirous of home more than big wages. Address AH, c/o Box 71. Business Opportunities 38 Personals STORK AND KILLING STATION—Finest location on US-31. Owner leaving state. A real opportunity for immediate sale. Home Realty Co., Rm. 8, Nat'l Hank of Ludington Hldg. Livestock DORS, Cats, Other Pets 47 MI-:N! WANT VIM? TAKK HAW OYS- ' concentrates and other invigor-i a tors in OSTItKX tablets, to pep up ' whole hoily quick! $1.00 size, today Sfle. If not delighted with results first package, maker refunds this priec. I (;ooo CAT I'M: nor;—For sale. Dnanc Yon don't risk a penny. Call, write Durham. Scottville, across from Ford Salilmark's Pharmacy. garage. Horses, Cattle, Vehicles 48 Strayed, I/ost, Found 10 i I Ol'ND—Speckled white Si brown hunting dog. .ihonl a week ago. Resembles fo\ hound. Owner can have by paying for .id and keep. Heche's Station, Simlile. Michigan. UM: NIIEKP—Strayed fo my enclosure. Owner may have by paying costs. Gordon AM/., r. mi. S., 1<-'. mi. K., '.i mi. N. of Sc.ittville. Ill'*;—.\\inliiMrr. Idst on t'S-.II between Vandenlvnvel's Corners. 2 1 - mi. W. of .sciillvillr am! Scoltville. Reward. Abe Cliadu-ick. srotlvillc. Automotive FRESH COWS—For sale. Registered Ilolsleins, choice of 20. Also Registered Holstein bull, I'M yrs. old, ready for service. Johannes Anderson, It, 1, Frcesoil. Poultry and Supplies 49 FNGLISH HARON—White Leghorn pill- j lets and vrarlings for sale. It. R. Witte. ] R. 1. Liidington, 1 mi. W. Rivcrton I townhall. | WHITE LEGHORN—Pullets, for sale. We ] have 1(10 pullets ready to lay, priced i reasonable. Archer's Hatchery, Hart. YOUNG GEESE—For sale. Lionel Uos- GarajfCS—Autos for Hire 14 | well. North end of Rath Ave. GAKAGK AT 210 S. .IAMES ST.—Service I on all cars. Guaranteed work. Ray j Giiiilu-rK <.V Henry Genla, Mechanics. Merchandise Articles for Sale -Service Stations 1C ! ROAD SERVICE—Day or night. For niKliI service phone B!I2. Belka Garage, 1102 S. Madison. Tel. Slill. FOR SALE—A number of gasoline en- I gine washers, also heating stoves. Lawrence Mattix, Scottville. POPEYE Registered U. 8. Patent Office SUCE.VJE KMOVJJ \TVJE IHfcEW TOMATOES AT KtWG BUGGE GREETINGS VIV LOVAU SUBJECTS HEM POPEVE IS KINS'? ME ARE RULED BV A ONE- EVED vSAl LOP."? DOVOO FELLERS KMOVJ DU.BUGGE IS VOHJG SANIVJHO IS KISJG OF THIS COUMTR.V? I THOUGHT v. CLAPTRAP WAS K1M6 1 JUST RECEIVED Ladies' Silk and Woolen HEV, K\NG, COME OUT ON THE BALCONY AGAIN VNHV WE. HA LOTS OF ATOES NO.POPEVE 6AVEYISTHAT THROVE TO ARIGHT? WELLHE ABDICATED VOU THREW TOMATOES AT OUR KJEVJ IK) FANJOR OF POPEVF Hose New winter shades. Sizes 9 to 10 '/£. 49c-79c PENNEY'S BLONDIE Rpeistered U. S. Patent Office ISNTTHIS YOURS, MRS. ILL TAKE IT DOWNTOWN) WITH ME TODAY AND SSTITHXED RIGHT SUMMER OR WINTER—A new PERFECTION MIL.KKII with automatic suction control will be a real asset to your farm. Sec them at II. Smedberg and Son, Custer. WHAT IS HETTER—Than a fine set of silverware in a tarnish-proof chest for a Christmas gift. Hamilton's, 225 S. Jas. Farm and Dairy Products FucJ. Feed, Fertilizers FELIX THE CAT R-iristerert ft. S. P-it-nt. offlr» \f MIGHT ONLY \3-BE CHVMNEY YOO QO FIRST TICK Houses for Sale SPRING CHICKENS—5 pounds and up. Also pork sausage, hams, etc. Orders being taken now. George Sterns, U. 3, Liitlington. Tel. 12-F-31. DRY IIAKDWOon Uindling $2 a cord; also Gravity dump box. W. A. Ocnson. Phone 343-J. »(n N. Emily St. KOU SAI.K—Cedar spaults by the cord and shingle splints in handy bundles. W. II. Stewart's Mill. R. 1. Fountain. PRATT AND DOMINO FEEDS—At reasonable prices, liethkc Feed Ilarn. Tel. Good Things to Eat CI OVER HONEY—7c a ib. Also buck- whrat honey. Bring eontain-rs. A. R. Kirkman, 2 mi. S., Z<± mi. E. Scottville. DRESSED ITRKEYS—For sale. Clarence Collins. R. r>. Liidington. 1U mi. K. Case's Corner. 51 CUT YOlut—Winter supply of apples now. Very fine, storks, Ilrd & t.oldcn i Delicious, Wagners, Spies, Winter < Haiianas and liiildwins. John M. A. Hansen, '^ mi. N. Stiles Corner, R. 2, Ltiflingtoif. Household Goods The British museum in Lun- ! dun. lia.s samples of honey which 1 lire thousands of years old. FOR SALE IB ca. double bbl. shotgun. SIS. Ifi ga. double bill, shotgun. Jix. ;;» ga. double bhl. vhotcun. JIT..'.(I. All hamni'T- less. I! 'iMKDBKRC; & SON, CUSTER. IlKDROOM Sl'ITK—Large <1-|)iece. two- tone, hea nil fill linished striped walnut with different type vanity, at a bargain. Obel's Furniture Co., Dow- I MODERN B-ROOM HOUSE—For rent or land SI. GUARANTEED USED CARS! 1938 Dodj?c l-I)oor Radio & Healer. 1 !):*:> Master Chevrolet Coach. 19.% Ford DeLuxe Tudor. 193") Ford Coupe, Radio & Heater. 1930 Plymouth Coupe. 1937 Plymouth DcLuxc Coupe. , DtlO-TIIKKM—Amrriea's most popular i oil hr.itcr is now more nenutifiil and I practical' than ev?r before. Sec it. try it. buy it. II. SinetllierK & Son, Custer. i(iOO|) I'SKI) COOK STOVKS—Ami heaters. BOIVS KL'RNITIIRK STORE, 5UI K. Dowland. Tel. <181-M. ,KARN AMOUT TIIK CMCANMNKSS— Economy and quiet, operation of the Double Chamber Howl Ktirncr. It's one of the outstanding features of the llt-W KSTATK Oil. HKATROLAS. Sec these stoves at W. E. UKAUER & CO., ill CUSTER. for sale on easy terms, or trade for farm, in City of Liidington. 2 blocks from Ludington Ave. Write I*. O. Uox 5, Fountain, or Tel. 6, Fountain. Shore & Mountain—For Sale 8fi HOMEMAKER'S COLUMN By G. PEARL DA-RR (Publicity Chairman of Mason County Extension Clubs) THEY'LL DO IT EVERY TIME LOW TERMS—EASY PAYMENTS. SEE OUR LINE—Of Quak'T and Con- goleum nigs, gay new patterns that will make the room much brighter. • We have them at very reasonable prices. W..E. READER & CO., in CUS| TEK. Prepare Now for Winter Driving! • MOTOR TUNE-UP • WINTER LUBRICATION • FLUSH AND REFILL TRANSMISSION AND DIFFERENTIAL WITH WINTER LUBRICANTS • FLUSH RADIATOR AND REFILL WITH /KRONE OR PRESTONE Our Service Department is Fully Equipped to Service Your Car Efficiently and Economically! USED RECONDITIONED WASHERS— Spi-cd Queen. Maytag, Norge, Ward- wav. Easy, $17..10 and up. Grotemat's Wife Saving Station. LIQUIDATING— Beautiful Florida Bay Short Kstalc. Parcels originally sold $750, now only S7S. $5 down down, $5 month. Write for free map. Avalon Farm Equipment 61 SWAP COLUMN Ads accepted for this column will be published two times foj 25- cents. Each ad must bear name and address of advertiser. They must bo accompanied by cash or stamps. Ads must be brought or mailed to The New:, none taken by telephone. If ads involve exchange of labor for commodities, or vice versa, they will be run free of charge. H. SMEDBERO A SON. CUSTER. | Many hOUSemakei'S ChOOSB tO _„ sni'ir r-rpnm in nlfirp Of Other mon. re or ree map. vaon I u .fe SOUr Cieam 111 place OI owici Beach, 310 s. Michigan Ave., Chicago, shortening, but are sometimes puzzled in making the change in knowing the right proportions. Sour cream can replace both fat and sour milk or buttermilk. One cup light spur cream is equal to one-third cup fat and two-thirds cup sour milk. One cup heavy sour cream equals one-half cup fat and one-half cup sour milk. It is better to use milk and j | cream, 'mild in acidity, that have soured quickly because of I better flavor. I In using one cup of either sour j i cream or milk, add one-half teaspoon soda and deduct two teaspoons baking powder from the amount called for in the recipe. Whether you drink milk or use it in such foods as chowders, TOLD HIM i WASN'T. IN ? WHV, THAT GUY CAM£ IM TO PAY ME SOME DOUGH ' COULDN'T YOO LOOK AROUND FOR ME ? T WAS JUST DOWNSTAIRS. WHAT'D you WANT r ME TO DO? SEND OUT A SEARCH PARTY? I RAN<5 VCXJR DESK. ANSWER. WHEN IT'S SOMEONE, voo PARTICULARLY WAWT TO SEE GOAT. FAT HOG, TURKEYS. GEESE— Will swap for anything 1 can use. G. Gerybo. 1 mi. E., !i mi. S. of Scottville. Hansen & Peterson Auto Sales Musical Merchandise 62 CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH Cor. Filer & Harrison Sts. SALES & SERVICE Phone 865 i VSEI) BATTERY—And Electric radios. I $!i and up. The Palace, Scottville. 11 Frank Clavcau. ROUND STEAK OR SIRLOIN 23C II). Specials at the Stores SHOATS—Will swap for hay, feed or anything I can use, II. T. White, !•• mi. N. of Eagle school, 1st house VV. TURNIPS—Will swap for chickens, hay or what have you. Mrs. L. L. McClatchie, 1st house VV. French school. Tel. 12-F-I2, R. 3, Lndington. WILL SWAP—2 cows, just fresh, 'with calf by side; also corn fodder for grain or anything I can use. John Baldauskas, •! ml. N. of Scottville. Sugar Cured SMO. PICNICS ,„. 16c VEAL STEAK 21c Ib. PORK ROAST Nearly Honcless Butts 18c Ib. LAMB STEAK i b . 15c CLEAN QUICK SOAP CHIPS 5 Fresh Side Pork, Ib. 12'/jc RoastinR Chickens, Ib. 21c Bulk Sliced Bacon, Ib. l!)c Bacon Squares, ... Ib. 12c IJCK of Lamb, Ib. 21 c Pure Lard, 3 .Ibs. 25c Chuck Roast, Ib. 18c Kitigntit Olco, . . 2 Ibs. 25c Larffc Florida Oranges, 2 dozen 3!)c J; Viking Coffee, ..3 Ibs. 39c $ Delishus Coffee, ... Ib. 21c J Shurfinc Coffee, .. Ib. 25c Ij Shurfinc Marshmallows, I 1 2 Ibs. 25c •; Shurfine Grapefruit Juice, ** giant can 17c % Walnut Meats, "j \'« Ib. pks. 25c *f Mixed Fruit Peels, Ib. 27c «jj Tuna Flakes, ..2 cans 25c l» Fresh ' Roasted Peanuts, i 2 Ibs. 25c .; Applesauce, 3 No. 2 cans 25c Shurfinc Pork £ Beans, 3 tall cans 25c Shurfine lied Kidney Beans, ... 3 tall cans 25c Shurfinc Flour, hPECIAI,—liny one can N r U-KNAMTX Spar Varnish—set second, same si/e can. KIIKK. Urotcmat's Wife Savins Station. Wanted—-To Buy BUYING—Furs, Poultry, IIciuis, Junk of all kinds, raying top prices. Don Fisher, Custer. Tel. 157-F-22. CALF WANTKD—Also Rreen and dry wood for sale. Kenneth Kilibey. Phone 1!)-V-12, K. 3, l.mlinRlon. NOT1CK—We pay (lie hiKlicst prices for heans. IJIIODY BROS. Tel. 510. OLD AND D1SAIILKD HOIISF.S—Want- ed. "Hank" I'i'Iawski. F.xcclla Mink Farm. I'honc 23-F-3. Route 2, LiidinR- ton. WE 1'AV—Highest market price for furs. Mrody lirothcrs, '120 K. Dowland St. Tel. 510. G-WUF.K-OLD PIGS—Will swap for corn or anything I can use. Frank Norton, Kotil.i' 'I, I.udington. soups or v deserts, milk is milk and should be given in the porpor- tions of a quart daily to each child and a pint to each adult. Historical Notes -BUT WHEN IT'S SOMEBODY VOORE TRYING TO PUCK-THEV'LL DO IT EVERY TME. TUANX ~K> ED RoeLKER, ENGLEWOOtJ N J. THIS WAV- HERE HE IS. I KNEW HE WAS SOMEWHERE AROOMO THE 6UILPIN(>. ,_ Copi I9!9 King Pyiiurei Synditia. Inc. World nghu fgjrv (Mesdames Ada Rozell, Margaret Bagley and Pauline Stakenas. Booms without Board 68 ;i()9 N. JAMES ST.—Warm, pleasant bedroom, close-in. Outside entrance. 1st floor. Tel. 5IM-M before noon or after G. Real Estate for Rent Houses lor Rent. 77 MODKHN HOUSES FOR RKNT—At 506 N. William, 201! N. William, 205 N. Robert, 70S N. Rath. Olmstead & Ncwbcrg. I'lione 22 or 7!I2 evenings. Auctions—Legals OKDF.Il FOR Al'I'KARANCE STATK OF MICHIGAN 111 Circuit Cuurt Commissioner's Court before Peter R. VonSpreckeii, Circuit Court Commissioner In and for the County of Mason. Jfinimiivnndrel Loppcnthetn, Plaintiff, vs. Fremont Hulbert and Catherine Hulbcrt, liis wife, Dcl'cndiints. Suit Hcnrtlng in the above named Court at the City of Ludlnglon, in siiid County, on thu 15th cluy of November, A. D. 1939. In this Cause it appearing from affidavit on Hie that the above entitled defendants do not reside in this County and that it cannot be ascertained in whut state or country the said defendants do reside, On Motion of Clay P. OhnsUad ..'r., Attorney for the plalntltf. It is ordered that the said non-resident defendants cause their appearance to be entered jn this Cause within ihlrty- Hostess to Society According to historical records of 1890, the Indian reservation of which Eden and Cus- „„_ ter townships were a part, re- Marquette Ladies' Aid society suited from the treaty of 1855 ! me t Thursday afternoon, Nov. John McKillop is ill. The Lincoln River Ladies' Aid -^-TTT^-. O^TT^^T -n society recently held a very en- •MARCHLDO SCHOOL. — Pere Joyab f e meeting at the home of Stephens. A potluck when Ottawas, Pottawottamies and Chippewas sold out their rights on Grand River and agreed to select a reservation farther north. In 1857-1858, 17 shattered bands of about 1,300 red men shipped on the steamers Ottawa and the Charles Mears Propeller, at Grand Haven and started for Pentwater. The young braves on their ponies made their way along the beach from Pentwater to Indian town. The reservation ran 24 miles north and south and six miles across and was territory in OC I'llierea JIl bills I.IIUBI; witiuii i/um-.v- i , , , " i j »-»»AW^.^J »». live days from the date of this order; I Which are located the towns 01 and it is further ordered that this) Custer and Eden, Mason coun- '/i Ibs. 79c IVORY SOAP 2 IS 15c MARKET BASKET Cor. VV ash. Ave. & Dowland St. Plenty of parking space. Real Estate^ for Sale Brokers in Steal Estate R Cause .shall he heard upon the Com- I plaint filed therein on the 21st duy of December, 1939, at ten o'clock A. M. at my office mi the 2nd floor of the Huston Building in the said City of Ludington. It is further ordered that this Order shall bo published In The Ludington Daily News, a public newspaper printed u lid circulated in said County once, in I each week for three successive weeks, the first publication thereof to be made •within 12 cluys utter the date hereof. The following Is a description of the -HU iDOl property set forth In the complaint scalps. 9, with Mrs. Byron Conklin. For entertainment the ladies gave a history of their parents and the experiences they encountered in establishing homes in the different parts of the country. The business meeting was conducted by the president, Mary Bradshaw. Iti was decided to give $5 to the Red Cross and to secure some work to do for the same organization. A delicious lunch was served by Mrs. Conklin, assisted by her daughters, Mrs. Edwin Mbline and Mrs. Lawrence Godin, of Ludington. The ladies enjoying the pleas- j ant meeting, in addition to enjoyed at noon. The December meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. Hulda Mavis, i Leave for John Bagley made a trip to Mio | Saturday to get a load of Time Schedules Mail, Rail, Boat and Bus Pcre Marqueuc Passenger Trains Westbound, arrive 11:25 a. m. Eastbound, leave 12:50 p. m. Dally, except Sundays Pcre Marquette Carferries and those of Crystal and El- | those mentioned were: Mes- FOR REAL ESTATE BARGAINS—City homes, lots or farms. See A. T. Benson, Nat'l Bank Bldg. Farms and Land for Sale 83 •bridge in Oceana, or towns 1816, 17-16 and 16-16, 15-16. The site was chosen 'because it was then a long way from white men. It held many wild beasts, particularly wolves of a large, gray variety as large as Newfoundland dogs. From $8 to $10 ibounty was paid for wolf 120-ACRE FARM—Known as Ncls Peterson farm, Victory Twp. Ideal stock faun. Ki mi. to school. Priced right for quick sale. National Farm Loan Asso., Hart, Mich. West Point cadets wear the above mentioned: Lot Two (2) of Block 1 Thirteen (13) oj Manufacturer's Addi- I tlon to the City of Ludington, Mason County, Michigan, according to the recorded plat thereof. (SEAL) PETER K. VON SPRECKEN, Circuit Court Commissioner In and for Mason County, Michigan. Nov. 10, 22, 30. In making motion pictures of wintry scenes an expensive candy, in pill form, is employed by the actors. It gives off a vapor when dissolving, thus giving a most buttons on their coats of realistic illusion of breath in any of the male sex—44 in all. wintry air. hpavpr hpar<? mink ,oed,VBl, UUctlb, millK., muskrat, coons, fisher, otter and marten were plentiful. There were fish and" ducks, pigeons and wild berries so the Indians found, plenty to eat. Old Indians and the squaws planted corn and potatoes. The younger men peeled hemlock bark, picked berries and fished. When the corn and potatoes were put away they went out to traip and hunt. In the spring they made maple sugar. dames Mary Bradshaw, Christine Outcalt, Mary Proper, Lucille Bradshaw, Edna Larsen, Pearl Benjamin, Amy Inman, Birdie Hansen, Delia King, Martha Peterson, Anna Hesslund, Agnes Boe, Ethel Brozzo and Rose Butz. A clinic for pre-school age children in the Marchido-Sutton's district was held at the Albert Letteau home Tuesday afternoon, Nov. 15. Leave for Milwaukee, Wls ....... Arrive from Milwaukee ...... 2:30 a. m., 0:30 a. m. .11 a. m., 7 p, m. Leave for Manltowoc, 4 p. m.. 3:30 a. m. From south (mail bus) 10:45 a. m. From east (bus) 9:40 p. m. Incoming mail, Sundays (mall truck) 9:30 a. m. FROM SCOTTVILLE Pcre Marquette Passenger Trains From east, arrive 11:10 a. m. Eastbound, leave 1:02 p m. Bus Lines Leave for Traverse City, etc 11:15 a. m., 4:30 p. m. Arrive from Traverse City, etc 11:45 a. m., 7:30 p. m. *• m - 5:45 p ' m ' ton ,.11:15 a. m., 5:45 p. m., 7:15 p. m. Leave for Baldwin 5:45 p. m. /Vrrlve from Baldwin 9 p. m. Outgoing Mail Northbound mall (mall truck) closes 7:30 a. m. Southbound mall (mall truck) closes 0:15 a. m. Westbound (train) closes ..10:40 u, m. E.istbound (train), connecting with north and south trains, closes 12:40 p. m. Eastbound (bus), connecting with north and south trains, I closes — 1 ..5:30 p. m. Westbound (bus) closes' ....>.6 p. m. Incoming Mail . From south (mall truck) ....8:30 a, m. Arrives from east (.train) .. ..11:10 a. ra. Arrives from west (train) —1:02 p. m. Arrives from west (bus} 6:00 p. m. Wls. Arrive ."rom Manltowoc 3:30 a. m., 2:30 p. m. Leave for Kewaunee. Wls P *. m. Additional sailings without regard to schedule. Dn'ly, Sundays Included Call dock office for daily Information. All boats carry automobiles. Bus Lines Leave for Muskegon, etc. . .8:30 a. m., 12:30 p. m., 4:15/p. m. Arrive from MuskeRon. / etc. . .10:50 a. m., 4:05 p. m., 7:35 p. m. Leave for Traverse City. etc 11 a. m., 4:15 p. m. Arrive from Traverse City, etc 11:59 a. m., 6 p. m. Dally. Sundays Included Leave for Baldwin 5:30 p. m. Outgoing Mail Weekdays Southbound mall (mall truck) closes u:30 a. m. Eastbound mall (train) connecting with north and south tralna, closes 11:30 a. m. Southbound (mall bus) closes 3:30 p. m. - . . , -, ., -.,. .- ra&stbound (bus) connecting with ; Tuesday informed relatives tnap north and south trains. •^ &tSf Crawford Successfully lift-* ouigoing 'AiatV Sundays "(mail 'truck) ' derwent a^ operation closes s i>. m morning and her condition Incoming Mail Weekdays favorable She Is at — ' From south (nmll truck)' 8 o. m. lavoraoie. OJUJJH »s Word from Ralph Lincoln River PT-A to Meet The Lincoln River Parent- Teacher association will meet Friday evening, Nov. 24. Program committee for the evening is Mrs. Hulda Mavis, Tillle Ohst and Rita Christmas and refreshment committee, Prom SSt w \tmiK)'"!"».'.'.'.'»«*.' ml hospital, Grand Pelton school Thanksgiving: Party Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Woeb- 'beking and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Woebbeking will celebrate with a family Thanksgiving party on Nov. 30 in the usual manner. Guests will be Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Peterson of Victory, parents of Mrs. Fred Woebbeking; Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Heitman of East Millborn. Pa.; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fitch Jr. and children of Ludington, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Brady and son of Ludington, Mr. and Mrs. Dan Alex*- ander of Grant.

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