The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on October 26, 1894 · Page 8
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 8

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, October 26, 1894
Page 8
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PACTS ARE STUBBORN The Great Bone of Contention has done it. ^ an o . J?^ " c m^-^jjj take like hot cakes, An opporti MEN'S SUITS. Men's line gray suits, fine value at $15; go at.... $11 00 Brown and dark mixed Scotch suite, single and double breasted, a gem at $14; go at 10 00 Men's gray mixed and checked suits, good value at $6.60; go at .• • • 4 50 13^" We put the knife in all our suits; too numerous to mention. Equal reduction in Fine Worsted, Cutaways, Prince Alberts, etc. UNDERWEAR. AN IMMENSE ASSOBTMBNT. Fleece lined, splendid value at $1.00; go at Gray mixed, desirable at 75c.; go at .. Wright's fleece lined, $1.25; go at 50 dozen white, brown and red mixed, good for 40c.; go at .42 .90 OVERCOATS. Men's fine imported Irish Frize Ulster, shiners, at $8.60* our price .... f b uu Fine Fur Beaver, black and blue, a hummer at • $10; go at b T5 Fine Kersey, black and bl ue, splendid value at $13.75; go at • 9 50 The finest line of Domestic and English Kersey in blue, drab, blown and black. State your choice for.... 1050 Good value at §15.00. BOYS' SUITS. Boys' double breasted, gray and mixed suits, , splendid at $2.50; our. price $ 1 20 Boys' double breasted dark cheviot, splendid at $4.50; our price <>• • •' • 310 Fine dark union, a suit for all, $3.25; go at. " 2 50* Overcoats ; .tl.60, $1.75, $2.00 and $2.60 18c., 20c., 25c., 45c. and 75c. pri We will cheerfully return the money if goods or ces are not satisfactory. ' GfVFS. .**! (IxTo All styles. . .". ..... Scotch ...... ........." ...... .. . .. ................... 17 I ........... 15 Trunks, Gloves, Mittens,, In fact everything m our store at less than you ever dreamed of Buisness Suits, from $28 reduced to • $2250 Pants, from $10 reduced to* • —- 8 QO We Solicit YOUI Inspection, • Chinchilla Overcoats, to order ....• ••—•'• v.--—vv:$2250 Dress Suits, Etc. - •,.-••• ...Away Down u Of the Famous Clothing' —-^AND-v— Merchant Tailoring House PLEAD NOT OUILTY. BOSD PI/ACED AT *10,ODO, IN DEFAULT QF WHICH HB IB FIiiOBD IN THE OOUNTX JAIL. Alexander Qaegel was arraigned before £%aire Lynoh Monday to answer to the charge of attempted murder upon the life of hie wife, I e le Guegel. The warrant was sworn out by her mother, Mrs. A. Eart. County Attorney Korte appeared toe tbe state and M. W. Beach for the defendant. The prisoner waived examination and pleaded not gaiHy. Eaquire Lynoh then placed the bond bt 810,000, in default of which ha was sent to tbe county jail to await the union of the grand jury which meets next Monday. We understand that ao effort was Made to secure the amount of the bond but as yet they bavs failed. It does •aem that a man that has been guilty o r committing tbe crime that be has it would be almost criminal carelessness to again turn him loose upon the public. Ita man oau commit a crima ot BUOU a Bitnre aa would depriva t-ioa ot hie liberty, surely this last one of Qaegel'a is • -oteuoha nature. It would seem as if there could be no greater in the whole catalogue of crimee, than for a husband to afoot down his unprotected wife iu cold blood. If Guegel has not forfeited all claim that he ever had upon the people fpr proteotiou, then it is impossible for him to do BO, aud th« authorities thut irifla further with him in allowing him to pursue bh devilish work should themselves be bold responsible for bis deada iu tbe future. Morolly they will be al least. CAHD or THANKS. We hereby extend our most heartfelt thanks to all our good neighbors nnd friends who eo generously assisted us at tbe burial of our dear father. ELM Tonix BAM TODD. without them there were not sufficient names. The other question arose as folOWB: The papers we filed in two junches and more than thirty days apart. It was claimed and objected by the county attorney that the first bunch could not be counted because they were procured more than thirty flays before the filing of the last bunch. The Martin law provides that, no names signed more than thirty days before- filing shall be counted. These consents do not have to be on the same paper, but when filed are in my opinion to be treated and have force and effect as though one, and all names signed more than thirty days before the last date of filing could not be counted. -Therefore I held that objection good. There were on several of the papers names which had been cut from other papers and gummed on. Sufficient names had evidently been procured, but owing to the careless way in which they were, was not obtained. Youre truly, the object sought GEO. W. PAINE. Advertised Letters. The following letters remain uncalled for at the pustofflce, Oct. 22, 1894. Unless delivered within thirty days from datet'.iay will be forwarded to. the dead letter office at Washington, 1 !). C.: 3. D. Walsh Mr. Roth J, W. Howendoller A. M. Henderson The law provides that one «eut shall be paid for all letters advertised. When calling for samepleaue state date of ad vertlbtimant. POWKHB, P.M. FIGHT FOR ft BIG STftKE Great Battle For Possession of the Atchison. KING HENRY OP NAVARRE. By his defeat of Domino and Clifford In a recent special race Henry of NavaweTByron McOlellarid'g great three year rtd, was crownwikiniK of thoroughbreds by the turf world! Navarre is by Knight of Ellershe and Muss Rose. He wa> second In tUia year's Brooklyn Handicap. _ OUTCOME MAY EFFECT KANSAS, TL^KCIAL, PETITION, ' COTTAUH IIOBl'ITAI/, DOS Moiues, lowu, Oct. 24, '04. RIHTOKS SEXTINBI,: Referring to your paper of yesterday I wish to Bay tbut you were in error about the liquor permits in Cttlhoun county. A case was submitted to me there involving tho validity of tho statements of-consent Hied in the iiuditor's ollioe of that ooun- ty. T.wo ijuoBtions were presented in tho Blipuliition uud on both I hold that they woro iimulHoient to suspend tho operation of tlie old law. A large muss of papers from tho auditor's ollioe were presented ami it was singular what cure- i was evident in tho manner of of the Btnto nnil Company Are Clonuly Allied—reliable Tlmt It the Muuagetuimt I* CUftngod the 8lMip« Will JJo Moved From Topeka—E»-Se«ret»ry trace)- MBy 1 lie Hade a Director. TOPEKA, Oct. §5.—The fight for the possession of tbe Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe railroad looks decidedly uncor- tain. Not one—not ovqn the representatives of the two opposing factions—can positively tell which side will win at the meeting being held here. This IB not a Bght for immediate control, but for the ultimate possession of the property. Bo long as the system is in the charge of the United States court it matter* s Httle who Ite directors are. But when the property shall be reorganized, the party which will win will reap the reward. If His the Bocallod "general committee- MoCook, Gillette, preparitig uud tiling' the papers. There , were three lists of names with no heading. There were govorul papers signed ut'&uke City consenting that (Joo. II. Scott, Goo. H. Soott and M. V. Humil- lou, and Goo. H. Boolt and auothor whoso name 1 uauaot recall might soil liquors at Ijiiko City. Also a large number of pupei'B giving a .general consent tor tho siilo of liijuors in Oulhoun uuuu- ty. It is conceded thut there were mil' lloient uuiueb on all these pupors il tli») could ull bo counted uudor tho law Tho contr^vorwy oubiuittud aroBo i One tjueBlion WOB, could II;' that Geo. H. Wcolt and olhtu lu I^ake City bo oouutod !• salon in Pomoro. Jt there will be fow"clmngea. Peck, RobiiiBon, Wilder, Foulkfl, Hogebooui and their and thousands of employes will remain In power. But if the Bocalled "protec tive coramittett" wins, two months nftu they get pouawion, there will be atrango faces all along tho syetotn from Chicago to California, and the Kun«a» people who bavo known the Banta Fo offoiuls for years will b*vo to got acquainted with u uow set of men. _..— — I" i' 10 o A nuwnoUanjtnar with Kansas poo- pie aud the Banta Po railway can hardly imagine how closely thoy ure idwitinod and how essential they ure to oachothow existence. Tho remarkable interest thut Isboiug shown in tbta contest IB uot uroiiHcd by tho fact thut it is one of Uio greatest lights for possession in tho Ins- Iwy of Amorioan railways, but becauso many thousands of p«opl« all uloiiH O.OUG odd wiles of the railway aro di> pendent npou it for employment. Iho S-mtu P* aiuow 1SW bus boeu allied witu Jt 1*!V BUivP *** * U*UW*VJ« Jt ww".*i;v> i~><iuvii *'TI ««MW •**••-- to WB that-thoy could nut, uuU Ui» hirtoryjrf Kun»»j P»Wieal au otherwise. Topeka lives on tue Sunts Fe general offices. and shop?. The offices, which ure in a magnificent build- near Capital square, have lonf,' been tlie pride of Topeka and Topektt people fear If there is a change in management the offices may be hauled to Chicago. From i a railroad standpoint this light possesses remnrkablo interest, bocaxwe there has ; never been just such a flgut before for go great a stake. I Tho Ivoa ttght on the Northern Pacific j resembles it somewhat, and tho contest for thei possession of thu Banding is not different in many respects, but they do not interest such u Inrge number of people and uro not so close. Many people in London. Amsterdam, Now York, and Philadelphia, in Bo.stou mid all of Now England are interested in.this fight. The? huve given proxies for tbe shares of stock thoy hold to representatives of ono side or the other. The famous Dutch proxy of about 50,000 shares of stock, which has been talked so much about, has finally been secured by the gonowl comraittoo" irf favor of J*»P<*- uatiug tho present management. fins | proxy ia even now claimed by both Bides, a member of the present board showed u reporter a cablegram from Amsterdam unconditionally surrendering this pvozy to the general cowmlttoo. fcuk-ul VlKbt Majr Follow. ' The Cheney holdings, of Uostojj, comprising evon more shares than thai, are nwiueBtionably in possession of the preB- out hoard. Tuo "protective committee,' represented hero by Theodore W. Myen>. Otiieral B. F? Trawy, «*««f*«»y. » f the navy; Newman »rb, W. D.pnttfb, E. N. Taylor and H. D. Kyle,fUo< New Vor-k, have been in tho ntat# law library digging up legal support |or a plan of cumulative voting, whtoti they will ujidoubtodly iprlng. Thto way cause u legal fl^ht that will postpone the result for soveral.days or wwlw, Hto said the "protective." have iiboat OOli BhftroB of .took. This umltipM by 10 the number ol directors to Iw oleoteO, would give thow a voting strength of tl.Duo.oOO, or enough to oloct two <Mrw> 1 toi* und noarly e»ou«b to olitut thrae, Could u compromise bo pioiiiuwfl, the "nrotoctivo" would, of coureo, deiflttn< three direotow. <l«»erttl Trucoy WOUl« ! I»e1»ccoptttbl« to the lUBjority us w» o | tho mluovlty 4lw«*or«. rh w) dow W I Myers wunto to be on the board and u it u lighter. Be will mtulw u Uuinendou cttort, but the majority pooplo »*y b made such a fight on the old management that his presence on the board would be a source of trouble and dissension. Newman Erb also wants to be a director, but be, too, is objectionable to the majority. , The men who hold tbe majority proxies are not talking compromise So for as they permit tbo public to know they expect to elect the slate prepared in New i York. The only speculation is aboul the names of tile men who will succeed AldeuSpeare of Boston, resigned, and L. Severy of Kansas, who is to be dropped. Candidates for Speare's place are said to be H. L. Duyul, Walter L Oakman and Bayard Cutting. Colonel C. K. Cutting, of the old board, wil eurely be re-elected. Miners who took the places of strikers •t Ashland, Ky., were fired upon from ftmbuab and several o£ them were wounded. Jamea West an-1 G. H. Crenshaw of Philadelphia were, killed by a landslide while crossing the Sierra Madres. Tebalfl Temple of Mystic Shelners was ^sOtuWd at Rockford, iMs. TViree hundred ftSto Afty Chicago Shrluers aided in the wrtrfc. Adyiees from Borne verify the rumor that Satolli is to be made a cardinal. His •ecretwy, Father Papi, wUl take Jesuit ordera. Chica»> merchants testify that they lose trade amounting to 115,000,000 yearly by unWrSr poutbern rates. Celet»»itofl Catholic dignitaries participated iu the consecration of ttisjht Rev. James McFaul, bishop of Trenton, N. J. Memters of the Illinois Christian Ku- deav<* union inetlu annual convention at Galpsburg, 1,000 delegates being pres- enti Marshall Reardon, while trying to ool- teot a Mi of Williiiin Kingston, a cook at Lemont, Ills., was murdered "by the latter. HerttoB Geincer, a farm laborer, waa nurdOTOil for bis money by unknown per- K)B8 1$. Upper Alton, Ills, Cincinnati police arrested a supposed member of tbe Aquia train robbery gang, 'be hftfl *t,300 ol tbe stolon money, • AstUst'ant Secretary Uhl of the state de- artii)ent left Wnslilngton for Mfobigan o open np his campaign for the United States senate. A otowded house greeted John C. Sp'ooner, who addressed a Republican uettiug at Fond Uu IAC, VVls. Sm&Upbx has aRuin broken out at Wal- ;ertuu, Ind. IHvo new oases are those of rfrs Samuel-Miller and Mrs. William Rititfhart. There is talk of building a In a tah'd-to-hand enoounfer between President Hippolyte of Hayti and his minister of war the latter was badly pnn- Buoklmra Armoa Salve TMbest ialT« ID the world for Cuti, BrntMt, »»nn, Clc« ri.flsitHhonni, Fever 8or«i,T«U«». Oh»pp«d Hud*, ObUblklBi, Oont ao4 ail VUm •raptloni, and poilUvaly cnrei Piles or M pay r*«atrad. It Is cntranted to «!T* perf*at tttiifMtlom or monrf retanded. Prle* >» e*«l» u«r»"ii. for Ml« b J. W. H«ttoB. Health Commissiouer BTempster of M'i- wankee* against whom impeauhmont proceedings have been brought, threatens to bring a like action against his chief ac- cmsr. _ ^ __ "Ask wh? God made the gem so emiill, And why so huge tbe granite; • Beouuse he meant mankind should place Tbe hlgheil value on It." This U Burns' neat compliment to a rather petite lady friend, but It upplie* with literal exactness to tbe concentrated, yet nxreeable, minute. gnB«r-coBted globules. >»own the world over ug Pr. Plerce'i Plessunt Pallets, wblobare easy to Hike, quick aud mild in thiilr nctlon, and leave no conatlpnllng edeota. They not especially OB 'A Flftetm MlBDten Ahead of Tim*. ALBANY, Oct. '-'ft.—Edward Payson Weston entered the city atlt:4ft Wednes do.y afternoon. He loft Nowburg las Monday afternoon on a 60(»-mlle wal through the state and must reach tha city ut 8 o'clock Saturday night, NoV. 8 in order to win a wager of H.OOO. was 15 minutes ahead ot bl» . the liver, »tomacn, bowels and blood. rerinRe Bjttom tram Impurities and rentorlng healthy action ot tbe organs. . The touch of nature which makes tha whole world kin was never more beautifully illustrated that when tba actor, Henry Irving, in London, tho hour tha news reached there of tho fire calamity in our northwest, cabled $500 to the mayor of New York for tbo sufferers bjr ifc Kosu Wolf, an inmate of the fe- nale hospital at St. Louis, Mo., jumped 'roui o third story window of that institution, ItU'ibK herself Instantly. It is suppwiert nbo was temporarily insane. Last venr !)00 German Baptist Dunkards from WnUanh, lud., cstaMishod a colony near Vlurre, 8. D. Tho crops falling, tl >ey liavu nil of tha colony they want and <le- Hlre Coughing. For all the ailments of Throat and Lungs there' is no cure so quick and permanent as Scott's Emulsion of Cod-liver Oil. It is palatable, easy on the most delicate stomach and effective. Avoid poemetlcB. Lftea. »hun conmetles I Mo»t«« «}» cowmon pr»p»Mtion»oont»lu poUonoui tbemlwli « lt . | o | l exert n'.t)elet«rtou» action on tto«ktni and attbe be't no (Suit, uowder or wwh e»n »uijply tno •"turiiwaniyot uttno complexion. They ore imluib « and » palpabi* fraud li an »bom(im- Uon, Pure ratii witer and good health are *•"en" »l« to a Meiilthfu) «kln. The former u nlintirul: tliuHttorcanbo regained «nd kept by Ue iwe of Pr. Pleroe? «olden Madjo»l Wieovwjr wliluU purlne* the blood, rentoyei pimples, blaok- liead" and roughne§8. »tr«ngthen» Inn aired dl- B0*tloo iod wards o» pulmpn»rjr dlwMei WUU- ut pure blood you uuunoi Imvo u cltmr uomplex- Isioi Vclcrao N*v»t Cuuiuwnder l>le». NOIWOUK, Va., Oct. 3f>. — Oaptata Robert B. Pegram, formerly in tbe United Statoa nnd Confederate navies, led hero, aged B4 years. Hy was in the xpedition to Japan in IBSU and in WW Commanded t^je Ainorioiui forces vrhion unitud with the English in ojiyrutlug against the piraten iu Chineeo waters. Prosidont Ousiinir-Perior dropped into • toy store tho othor day mid asked ft nervous young shopgirl If » phonograph- o Edison doll, which ho produced, could bo repaired, The young ludy MM "Yes" and asked liiiu to what addres* tttihould bo sent. Whoii ho gave hU mo and uddress, eho fainted away, w .,d tl»u wieodoto the rounaiOI Uio Parisian papoVs oa^'M. tier's lutwn J F, Pierce, Populisti candidate for A u- itor of Wyoming, has been uotmed by 10 OlAou Vacltto Coal company that he must withdraw from his candidacy or uit m J°K A Good Appetite. Iwnyi ac«ouip»nl«i «ood nvslln, and an ub- ouoeol ttjipotlto is MI luai«i>loB ot aomeilUnii ivrou», TUB unlv»rMi toitiioony nlv«n by tu«»v who liavo un«d Hood's Sarnftpwrllls, in to Us uedtB iu rtktoriuy »1>V«V"«. W<> •» • i>urlil«r of be blood, uonntUules lb« strvim««t r«uonunuu- atlontlitt cmi Iw urged for »ur wedlolne. Hood's fUU eure all llvsr niii UMitdlov, lodl««illoo. »'«* b»t>din!in). "a* 1 ruporUsU WH of luoimy u»MJWu»ury to run govi'riuu«ut luntl omen m»xt y«'ur. Julliin I'auiuwfoUt, Jlrlli«li amliaxnartor to HIM Unltoil Stale*, who U iiuw uu luuvo o( ubbBiici', will not return UUtll Uocumber. A wruiHlUau wu» received ut oU» for H. O. tflowur and 1'. H. who ur»- ttlle«eil toliavoswlndlod of yiilwitfp o«*.of stimulates the appetite, aids digestion of other foods, cur._ Coughs and Colds, Sore Throat, Bronchitis, and gives vital strength besides. It has no equal as nourishment for Babies and Children who do not thrive, and overcomes Any Condition of Wasting. 3V«rf/»r /V§«>4I// «» Settfi Entnli!o», /•>*•, •con*l«*m,N.V. AIIPfUMUU. Kk.tmlH •purl Brown, a ml'nor, otttih by lullluK •!««« WIIH crtuiioil to . Xtw American Institute of Arel»lt«otn djo [,. K^ OF CARROLL, IOWA, Capital, $100,000.00, $0,000,00. Free tteud ivui »dUte»» to U. K. Uuokleu A Co., Oht otgo, Mud get • <ree iwuiple bux of Dr. Ktug's New Life fill*. « trlul will convince you of Ibvlr UteriU. Tliwtei>UUureu»»>' lu uouuu uud tire u»rllcului - l) utteutlvu In tlKcureof ouuitli>utlou •ud vlok headaoba. Vot utulurlu mid liver (t obulen they Ituvo Uteii proved luv«lu»blv. TUoy ur« guutttu^eed to b« uttrteully true f tout every aeloltrloiis buuuluiiw aud to bit putvly v(«otublo Tlief <lo nut u'MHkeu b; their uotlon, but b; giving Voue to tUo »touiuel> m4 bowele ureitOy lirtlgor- •t« tlie eittvui. Ufguluroi^Wo. per bu*. Sold by 1, W. Uktton, diru|«l*t. 4 Opened Itut/Uiutv 4\ib, i, vi«e lulei'ent paid ou time deuonltii. Uouer to ou good Ktourltjr. Drutu tor vale on wl pu tue world. DtMttiiUlv ticket* to « u^jiot Xurop*. luHurtuve wriiteq f iv v ^ i 0. A. UABT, - U. W. WiTTWCU, o. i.. WATTJ.Jta, - j, u. unuut, v. N. y. aturgei, auw. Wuu«rwU«Wi ' Suinaer

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