The Evening Sun from Baltimore, Maryland on November 19, 1960 · 11
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The Evening Sun from Baltimore, Maryland · 11

Baltimore, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 19, 1960
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THE EVENING SUN, BALTIMORE, SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 1960 PAGE 11 Pimlico Charts Double Niksar-Blue And White (3-2) $46.40 Weather clear. Track fast. Saturday, Nov. 19 . Copyright, I960, by Triangle Publications, Inc. Purse, S3.0OO; 2-year-olds; maidens; 1 , Value to winner, $1,950: second, $K00: third, $300: fourth. $150. Went to post at 1-06: off at 1.06'j. start good, won easily, dace driving. Winner. ' P; e Al'bhai-Glrl Buyer by Nearco. Owner BoncrUt Farm. Trainer L. Murray. Time .24. .49, 1.15, 1.41,. 1.48V. Horse Jockey Wt. P.P. Niksar W. Hartark 118 3 Mi cy tinners r. e. cone 115 Sakuntala T: 115 Prow J. tUloa 118 fresh Runner.,.. S. Brooks 118 nimenite E. Mclvor 118 Polarity A. Chambers 118 Chance Mike R. Sisto 118 Blessed Notion F. Kratz 118 Cork O'Leas H. Block 118 St. 4 3 S .a 5' 6i 10 4 lid 8J 7 . 9 2i 31 8"' 10 Handle $90. ooh. Dally Double Handle S133.058. Scratched Mirlton Pike, Harwood. Natchea's Pride, Hidouble, Hilt? Dllty. 6 7 9 10 2 1 1 7 10 3M 5! 2 8. 4 - 1 7 4 5M 3 A lid 2! 8 9 6tr. 1 JM 3d 5" 4-i 1 fihd gio 9 10 Pin. Odds 1' 21 3d 4'1 5 6 7M 8' 9 10 J.10 9.10 5.10 25.40 13.00 7.50 3.70 38.10 92.70 81.20 Our Choice. Straight Place Show $3.40 $2.80 ' $2.40 $22.00 $10.40 $3.60 Niksar displayed speed to retain the rail position and assume command early, was not menaced and won with speed to spare. Lucky Glitters rallied to outftnish the others. Sakuntala lasted over Prow. $2 Mutuels Paid rices iksa' Lucy Glitters Sakuntala . . SECOND $2,500; dm.; 3-yr. & up; 6 fur. Blue And White, 116 (C. Gonzalez) $16.20, $11.01, $7.d Stacia, 113 (R. J. Bright) $28.20, $14.20 Sun Spirit, 116 (J. Ulloa)...v $7.00 Time 1.14 2-5. Lanham Lady, Voyante, Royal Holiday, Cut In, Cedar Patch, Sharing, Crafty Wave, Windust, Becky also ran. THIRD $3,000; elm.; 3-yr. & up; 6 fur. Peel Parlor, 111 (Corle) $9.60, $6.00, $4.60 Exodo, 116 (Beneito) $5.20, $4.20 Ji-Jo, 114 (Cutshaw) $6.00 Time 1.14. War Police, Arch Rival, Early Morn, Admiral's Party also ran. FOl'RTH-$3,500; alln.; 3-yr.; 6 fur. Coach And Four, 105 (Graham) $26.20, $6.60, $4.00 Tuscany Pomp, 116 (Hartack) .....$3.00, $2.20 Leemowlee, 107 (Passmore) $4.00 Time 1.13 2-5. Step, Indian Trader, Right Dress also ran. FIFTII-$3,500; clm.J 3-yr. & up; 6 fur. EJ BD E0 sQB EB DE1 EGJ m- nn.DH sdesb mm & nn.D0 warn O...:-...;:.....-.... $Do.DH 1-Michore. 2-Daring Heart. 3-Sand Boy. 4-Harlcigh. 5-Fast Gun. fi-Bull Side. 7-Honeys Tiger. Tommy Gibbons Succumbs At Age 69 St. Paul, Minn., Nov. 19 MV-Thomas J. Gibbons, 69, onetime contender for the heavyweight boxing championship and former Ramsey county sheriff, died in his sleep at his home today. His most famous fight was his July 4, 1923, battle with Jack Dempsey, then heavyweight champion, in Shelby, Mont. Gibbons lost but was still on his feet at the end of the bout. ' Sheriff 24 Years . Gibbons was a big hearty man best known as Tommy who kept his personal popularity to the end. He spent ten years as a successful life insurance agent before becoming sheriff of St. Paul, a post he held for 24 years. At the peak of his ring fame after his famous fight with Dempsey, Gibbons deliberately turned down an offer of $100,000 for a return to the ring in order to save his health. Dempsey' Wallop "I thought of my brother, Mike, Mind in one eye. Harry Greb blind in both eyes. I decided thaT maybe it was time to get out," said Gibbons in later years. The fight at Shelby with Dempsey went for fifteen rounds. As Gibbons told it, Dempsey hit him a terrific blow on the forehead in the first round that almost knocked him out. "But I came out of it, and 1 really think I was even with him on points after ten. Then he got (stronger and I was in trouble near the end." Gibbons got nothing out of the fight, which drew a disappointingly small crowd that paid $201,485. Pcmpsey who was guaranteed $230,000 took all of the gate. However, the fame the fight brought to Gibbons launched him on his successful business and political career. Monday's Race Entries At Aqueduct AQUEDUCT. t.I., N.Y. IB the Associated Press . FIRST $3,500: elm.: 3-yr. & up: 8 fur. San Sebestian. Charming Hildv Sham Battle. , rSabena II . Frank's Lass. Miss Prim . , , Airstream . . . Lillian J 118 Bee Bang ... 112 Caricature . . 115 Justa Drizzle. 112 xShady Princess . . . 107 Eretria 112 Some Tune. . . 112 Zippy Gal 112 second 13.500; elm.; 2-yr, mile. Willie's Love. 118 Nymphe's Bully 114 Mystery Missile 114 Mickey Who Me. ... 118 THIRD $3,500; elm. mue. mdns.s 1 Dutchess B . . , Patricia Lee.. Cedar Way..., Arabian Mghis 118 111 113 118 2-yr.; mdns.: 1 Fair Hour 114 Newsservice.. 114 OH wonder . . 114 Cinder Path,. 115 & up:- xGoil paradise 111 Kke 114 Jus Liable. .. . lie Real Joy. .... 114 FOURTH $4,500; elm.! 3-yr, mi e. Sweet Lad.. 110 1 Sarah James 114 New star ... 1 14 Mavan Princess 114 nWlldDare.. 106 I.Lucie Manette 121 FIFTH $3,800: elm.: 2-yr. mdn.; 6 fur. Sweet Fairy . Ill I Enht Bars 113 Onrden Fresh. 115 1 Tirzah Ill Dorothy Buck 111 Double Cut... lis Reeards To Renency . . . . 119 Mabel 117 Melody in F UJ Southern Choice 119 SIXTH $4,500; alln.! 3-yr. & up; 8 fur Blooming Fleet 119 Anita F Jay walking. . Orbit's Too. . Cranberry Sauce 119 113 113 118 Motivation.... 116 x8turdv Prince 108 Great Manassa 113 SEVENTH $7,500: alln.; 3vr : 1 ml. Disoerse 115 1 Howard 0 115 All Hands.... 122 Air Medal 122 Bold Lark 117 I Idolater 115 EIGHTH $4 500; alln.: 2-yr.: 1 ml. 3-yr. up: Cauldron .... Livingston . . , Nance's Rule. , bNorth Pass.. 114 114 114 114 ml 110 115 1U 107 bMarshal-Johnson Very filnw Pay. 112 1 Rose. Male James. 112 Mile. Poussel. Rockwater . ... 112 OreBt Dame. . Oil Rovalty. ..112 Slarix Patricia L. 119 NINTH $4,200: elm Iranio 115 aHomelv 115 Battle Chant.. 115 aTomike .... 115 bBlue Blood ... 107 aSchwaru entry, entry. r.Three. xflve Pounds apprentice allowance claimed. Track fast. First Post-12 Noon. Aqueduct' Selections By the Associated Pressi FIRST RACE Charming HildV, Lil lian J.. Ziopy Gal. SECOND Mickey Who Me. Arabian Nights. Nymphe's Bully. THIRD Jus Liable. Real Joy, Coif Paradise. FOURTH Lucie Manette. New Star. Sarah Jam. FIFTH Southern Choice, Double Cut. Reqency. SIXTH Anita F., Cranberry Sauce. Orbit's Top. SEVENTH All Hands, Air Medal, Bold lam. EIGHTH Great Dame, Oil Royalty, Mile. Roussei. NINTH Nance's Rule, Tomike, Caul- dron. BEST BET Lucie Manette. BONIFACE SELECTS: AT PIMLICO By William Boniface lo'unpaper Racing Editor FIRST RACE $2,500: elm.' ($3,000); 3-yr.i 6 fur. Prob. P.P. Hoive Weight Jockey Odds 12 BLUE LAVA. 117 Corle 5-2 9 MATRIMONY. 117 No bor 7-2 7 PRINC'S AURIGA. Ill Oliver 4-1 8 AQUARIAN AGE, 114. No boy 5-1 3 TWIN BEAU, 114 . . .No boy 8-1 E OOODN'T LTJIES. 111. R'olds 8-1 K MARS-8 FAULT. 117 No boy 10-1 11 ROYAL VOYAGE. 114 Green 10-1 E SMIDGE, 114 No boy 12-1 1 ARCAS, 114 No boy 20-1 E LARK8PUR. 120 Ardulnl 20-1 10 8COTCHTWEED.111 No boy 20-1 8 DARK TREA8UR E. 111. No boy 20-1 4 EIGHT O THREE, 111 No boy 20-1 5 DOVE CALL. Ill Kirk 20-1, 2 FLYING DIVER. 114. Church 20-1 SECOND $2,500; elm. ($3,000); 3-yr.; 8 E TERRACE PARK, 120 ...N.B. 5-2 2 RED'S FIVE ACES, 111 Block 3-1 6 TOOLBOX, 114 No boy 4-1 7 TORNAT. 117 No boy 4-1 9 GLADLY, 111 Brooks 6-1 3 FIGHTING AL, 114 No boy 8-1 4 BLACK ARROW, 117 McKee 10-1 8 DOC MOSS. 117 ...Reynolds 10-1 5 ENSIGN CHIP, 117... No boy 15-1 10 GLEN WOOD MISS. Ill N.B. 20-1 E JIMMIES KATE, lll. W'kley 20-1 E SAGSBEE. Ill No boy 20-1 E LOST WALLET, xl06..Ver'ne 20-1 12 LICORICE STICK, 114 Green 20-1 11 SUDSY. Ill Monacelll 20-1 1 CONSTANT COM'NT, 111. N.B. 20-1 THIRD-$3.000; mdn.: 2-yr.; 6 fur. 1 A MB EG INNING, 118 . .No boy 2-1 2 ROMAN BREEZE. 115 No boy - 7-2 3 SOLAR GAIN, 118 ..No boy 7-2 8 bPARSIFAL. 118 No boy 5-1 10 bCOAST PILOT. 118 No boy 5-1 4 SWINGING DOOR. 118 Ch'rs 8-1 5 ARE CUSTOMER. 118 Cha'rs 10-1 E PINE SHOOT, 118 Bright 10-1 11 THRESHER, 118 . . . 8ervls 15-1 6 NAVAN, 118 No boy 20-1 7 alNITIATOR, 118 Brooks 20-1 9 MAD JOY, xllO Verrone 20-1 12 WEATHER LADY. 115 N.B. 20-1 E SILVER EGO, 118 Monacelll 20-1 E REFLECTION. 118 Reynolds 20-1 E aBONNY BRIDE. 115 Brooks 20-1 aChasann Stable-Mrs. A. A. Wile entry. f FOURTH $3,000; mdns.! 3-yr.: 6 fur. 10 BUDDY'S FLOWER, 115 Le'er 9-2 3 GOLDEN HEELS, 115. No boy 4-1 E SOFT BLUE, 115. Prestl 4-1 7 BALLINGARRY, 114. . .No boy 5-1 1 PURE SILVER. 115 No boy 8-1 11 BURGEE, 118 Lee 8-1 9 BLACK DOLPHIN, 115..Shuk 10-1 5 JAY BROWN. 118 Lee 10-1 4 LESTER'S PRIDE, 118. .Ulloa 15-1 2 SO BRIGHT, 118 Korte 20-1 6 WHITE MARS, 118 ..DePalo 20-1 8 SPINNING STAR, 115. No boy 20-1 12 DRAMBOWSKI, 118 . McKee 20-1 E THINK POSITIVE, XllO Ver'e 20-1 E WISE SEKRET. 118 Clark 20-1 E ROCKY FAIRWAY, 115 N.B. 20-1 Comment .Whipped a similar field at Laurel ...Narrowly beaten for $4,000 tag A winner lone out in Ohio ..Enough late speed to take share Ran third in last two outings . , , . Drop In class to be respected ....Always has chance this cheap Some fair races In Chicago .A "goody" when second at Laurel Continues to work well: tip ,. . . No speed racing for $5,000 ...Bhowed nothing In New Jersey Seen too ambitiously placed ...Maiden: should run with same . ... .Chronic also-ran; ignore here Early at Laurel for $3,500 fur. . ,, Came again to win last week , Reported ready for best try , . , .Game sort; lust missed In last .... ..Gets chance; throw eut last ....Runs little cheaper than usual Drop in class la not enough ....Will do better at Charles Town Breaks fast, but then fades ....Poor poorly when tip last start Ran unmpressive race In debut Ran last at 177-to-l odds ....Would do better In the barn Has a poor record so far ...Ratherly highly placed this go , , . .Last tn final Garden State race ...Rank outsider even with these Even-money when second at Gar. St. . . . Blew 3-length lane lead when 2d .. . Ran third, then second, at Laurel ..Missed by head to Prince Mercury . . Closed well to third last start , Reported showing speed in morning ..Been half in .50 2-5 In the A.M. . . . . , Should, await a better spot ....Needs inside post for best try ....Just taking up room again here ....Will still be maiden after this ....Should go back to Chas. Town ....Couldn't win at Shenandoah ... Late speed In sprints in N.J. . . . .Not likely to go: won't be missed ...Sixth in lone Laurel appearance ox entry, ba. R. Watkins-G. W. Parker Blew 4-length lead when fourth .... .Broke poorly when closed to 5th .... .2d to Island Singing last start Missed by 8 when 2nd to Prince Fear Closes; needs more distance Recent 3d was sudden improvement ...Raced in poor form in New York World of speed, but a quitter Worked Vs in 1.17 4-5 for this .. Has neither early nor late speed ..Unable to break maiden at halters Showed no class In New Jersey Can't get out of own way Faces better maidens this trip Breaks slowly, then quits .. .Probably scratch; not much horse FIFTH $2,500; elm. ($5,000); 3-yr.; 6 fur. 3 DERMAOH, 114 No boy 2-1 8 MISSY R. Ill Chambers 5-2 5 ROYAL EASTER, til .... Lee 5-1 6 BET HE WILL. 114... Clark 6-1 7 WORTHY WARRIOR, 114.Mil 8-1 10 BAY HORNET. 114. . Haycock 10-1 2 KOMETES. Ill Lee 10-1 1 GRAY FLUSH, 114 No boy 10-1 4 LIKELY MISS, 111 Block 15-1 9 ENTREATY, .114 No boy 20-t ...Blocked early when ran fourth ...3d, then second; could win here .. Tired to sixth going full mile 2d to Happy Water was near miss . . .40-to-l shot in finishing second ...Ran best races at the halters . . Has neither early nor late speed ...Slow beginner: drops in class Recent third surprised everyone . .Beaten by cheapest in New York SIXTH $3,000; elm. ($5,000); 4-yr. & up; l's mi. 1 EARL OF TYR'NE, llS.M'celli 5-2 .. 3 EAGER BEAVER, 122 M'celli 5-2 .. 2 NUVO. 116 Monacelll 3-1 .. 4 CHIEF PADUKE, xll7.. Oino 9-2 .. 6 MAJOR WATSON, 119 Kratz 6-1 .. 5 GENTLE KN CK, 116 Cutshaw 10-1 ., 7 SPRINTER, 116 Brooks 15-1 .. SEVENTH $3,500; alln.: 2-yr. fillies; 6 fur, 7 HIGHLAND LASSIE, 119 Corle 2-1 12WADDLE. 119 Chambers 5-2 2 MANGO NEWS. 119 Brooks 4-1 5 GOD'S GIFT, 119. . .Chambers 5-1 E INEVITABLY, 114 No boy 5-1 9 AFFECTIONATE. 119. . Servis 8-1 8 CHIC'S GHOST. 119. . Church 10-1 1 ETRUSCAN NIGHT, 119 McK. 10-1 10 LESLIE GIRL, 119 No boy 10-1 3 aSPEEDY ANSWER, 116 Esp'a 20-1 4 FATIGUE. 119 Monacelll 15-1 6 STINGING NETTLE, xll4 G'o 20-1 11 CHARGE IT. 119 ..Chambers 20-1 E aFREE MOVER. 116 .Espinosa 20-1 E COUNTESS BELL, 114 N.B. 20-1 I SANS INTERDIT. 114 . Servis 20-1 aS. O. Graham-T. Bardey Rogers . . . Closed to 4th In shorter race . . Led for half, stopped to third .Ran one good second at Garden . .Goes for third straight victory . . . Goes well in small Meld; won . .Moves up in class; should drop Has lived up to name so far EIGHTH $2,500; elm. ($4,000); 3-yr. & 4 CANARD, 122 No boy 2-1 9 SARATOGA PETE, 122. Brooks 7-2 1 WILD RIDE, 116 Block 5-1 3 UFO. 116 No boy 5-1 7 MAIN LINE JOE. 119 DePalo 6-1 6 HELIOBUBBLE. 113... Brooks 8-1 5 POLICHINELA II. 116 Lovato 10-1 2 GUARDED SECRET, 111 McK. 104 E BATALINI. 116 No boy 12-1 10 ROUGH SKETCH, 116. No boy 20-1 11 MID ERIN. 116 . . . Block 20-1 12 SOUTHERN POMP. 116 Corle 20-1 8 PROBATIONER. 113 Regalb'to 20-1 Second to Somali Bird was near miss . . . Improved to second with blinkers Won Nw Jersey-bred stake last start Beaten favorite; could make amends Intent-I Salute; Brookfield . Early speed with sixth in Futurity Won under $5,000 claim tag in N.J. Ran eleventh without excuse ...High figure on best Midwest races Displayed early foot at halfers From New England; worked fast Best would hardly be enough ...... Broke first, stopped to seventh Just helping to fill the race Hardly rsady for top effort Will not help field if goes entry. up; 1,'. ml. Won by length from similar Stable tip in Thursday victory ......Drops after seventh for $6,000 ..... Continues to work fairly well Won: then ran second at Laurel Trailed in an eight-horse field Just missed In $3,000 field Longshot winner at halfers ......Not likely to go; overmatched Too ambitiously placed here Trailed field by three last go Early speed; quits In stretch Can t figure In $4,000 field NINTH $2,500; elm. ($4,000); 3-yr 11 IMAGINE THAT. 118... Krai 5 IRI8H CHEER. 118... No boy 12 POST FIVE. 116 No boy 9 ATTEMPT. 118 Green 8 JANE JONES. 113 Kirk 7 MODEST COUNT, 116 Cuts'aw 6 HIGH TUNE. 113 Mclvor 10. SAINT MARCOUF, 116. . N.B. 1 IRISH SPARK, 118 Church 2 NOBLE DRAKE, 116. .No boy 3 LIBERTY, 116 No boy 4 LOTOCHAMP. 113 ....No boy E SUDDEN FAME. 113.. No boy . & up: lis ml. 3- 1 Closed from ninth to fourth In sprint 4- 1 Been holding well in sprints 7-2 Enough speed to handle No. 12 5-1 Has been half in A9H in morning 6-1 Ran three seconds in last four 8-1 ..Led for three quarters: ran fourth 10-1 ...Trailed eleven-horse field by three n-i Had early foot; quit on turf 131 , Tires at route; should sprint 20-1 Would need much Improvement 20-1 Hawthorne races not too bad 20-1 Seen outclassed by this field 20-1 Would be better off scratched xFive pounds apprentice allowance claimed. E Denotes also eligible; when horse gets In. he takes highest post position. Track fast. First Post 1 P.M. How They Ran Today AQUEDUCT LONO ISLAND. N.Y. By the Associated Press FIRST $3,500: elm.: 2-yr. mdn.! 6 fur. Frankie Laine. 118 (H Onsttnes). $5.30. S3 60. $2.70 Peppy Boy. 118 R. Stovall) $6.50. $4.40 Michael Pal. 118 R. Yorkt... . $7.30 Time 1.15. Galdrum. Croudle Level streak. Perfect Pick. Jack Berser, miss tstanaisn also ran. SECOND $3,500; elm.; 3-yr & up; 6 lunones. Green Turtle. 116 IB Baeral. HO. 00, $7.50, $4.10 Take Five, 116 (J. Leonard'. Si ro Crossruff. 116 (S. Boulmetls) . . $2.80 lime i.ijs. Kaiomo. Penny Circle. Hllwan, Toscan, Route Sixty also ran. Daily Double Frankie Laine and Green Turtle (10 and S) paid $62.40 for $2. THIRD $3,500: elm.; 2-yr. mdn.; S fur I Dunns, 1,d . V .1 . . .. l $41.10. ill SO. $9 10 Our Chris. 118 (J. Combest) $4.30, $3.60 conimicut. 118 (J. culmonei. Time 1.13 4-5. Polly Vale. Terrl Blue. PIMLICO Races 1 8 Boniface , Carter Blue Lava Matrimony Matrimony Blue Lava Princess Auriga Flying Diver Terrace Park Tornat Red's Five Ace: Toolbox Toolbox Terrace Park Ambeginning Roman Breeze Roman Breeze Ambeginning Solar Gain Solar Gain Buddy's Flower Golden Heels Golden Heels Buddy's Flower Soft Blue Burgee Dermngh Worthy Warrior Missy R ' Missy R Royal Easier Bet He Will Earl Of Tyrone Eager Beave . Eager Beaver Major Watson Nuvo Nuvo Highland Lassie 'Highl'd Lassie Waddle Etruscan Night Mango News Affectionate Canard Southern Pomp Saratoga Pete Canard Wild Ride Heliolmbble Imagine That Saint Marcouf Irish Cheer Jane Jones Tost Five Modest Count Sun Dial AP Itoamer Aquarian Age Matrimony Dove Call Flying Diver Aquarian Age Areas Smidge Twin Beau Matrimony Terrace Park Terrace Park Toolbox Tornat Torant Tornat Toolbox Doc Moss Sudsy Roman Breeze Solar Gain Roman Breeze Solar Gain Initiator Solar Gain Bonny Bridge Roman Breeze Navan Think Positive So Bright White Mars Golden HeeLs Pure Silver Burgee So Bright Jay Brown Jay Brown Gray Flush Royal Easter Dcrmagh Bet He Will Dermagh Missy R Likely Miss Worthy Warrior Gray Flush Chief Paduke Eager Benver Eager Beaver Nuvo " Chief Paduke Major Watson Earl Of Tyrone Springer Gentile Knock Highland Lassie Waddle Waddle Mango News Mango News Fatigue God's Gift Speedy Answer Affestionale Southern Pomp "polichinela II Rough Sketch Wild Ride Canard Guarded Secret Polichinela II Main Line Joe Polichineland Imagine That Noble Drake Jane Jones Saint Marcouf Irish Spark Noble Draka Jane Jones Modest Count Attempt Indicates Best Bet of each handicappcr Nile Breeze. Atoka, Noire Artiste, El. llott's pal Don. Doc Wal also ran. FOURTH $3,700: elm.; 3-yr.i 8 fur. filtvhft 11A iV nn.rinl $7.20, $4.70, $3.00 Willie W. 108 (R. Fairbanks!. $10 80. $4.0 Mr. Sam G 109 (J. Leonard) $2.60 Time 1.12 2-5. Royal Waltz. Royal Way, Scarlet Lilly, Aboriginal Boy, Beau Kea aito ran. FIFTH $4,000: 2-yr. mdn.: 1 ml, aRrume. 118 IS. Boulmetis). $9.90, $2.90, $2.50 Big Walt, 118 (B. Baezai $2.60, $2.30 St, Valarle, 118 (J. Culmonei.. $3.50 Time 1.39 4-5. Winged Victory. Monte Negro, tamng. Prince sol. aDav Glow. White Bait also ran. aPerrv entry. NARRAGANSETT PAWTUCKET. R.I. By the Associated Press) FIRST $2,000: elm.; 4-yr. up; 8 fur r,n, ,.,uuu. cull., -yi. ev up, t ,in. uuk ma ,13 T.l.l,, $21.00. $10 40, J Oardalle. 112 (C. Landers) $12.40, $9 East-West. 113 (W. Skuse). . . $10 Time 1.15 2-5. BBvwise. Busong secrei. lorrenna. gxean unu $0 .00 no ;. v in-Little . Hy KMahnnlr. Pi-lr-wlt. T-n,n-t: Tnitul iviarsnai also ran, second $2,000; elm.: 4-yr. up; iVt miles. f Hashco. 11) (N. Mercler) $S 40, $4 20, $3.40 Hugglescote. 114 (D. Sheppard) S6 SO, 14 20 Bended Knee, 120 M. Trombleyi J9.40 Time 1.57 1-5. Dynamometer. Wheat I... rn. ,in..ii. ni.nll.. Such Luck. Miss Fayebee. bone also ran. Daily Double Living High and Hashco (7 and 6) paid $107.20 for $2. THIRD $2,000: dm.! 3-yr! 1,'. ml. Mahmouche, 117 (H. McOtilgon). $17.60. $7 40. $4.0 Out Yonder. 120 (W. Bkusel $$.00, $4.20 Oran-Mar-Jo, 109 (F. Bryant)... $4,110 Time 1.49. Sandy Dancer. Rounn Gem. Florin, Flexible Flyer, Sunday Afternoon, Mlchekee, Wild Array, Cartr lina Step, Fastgator also ran. FOURTH H2.200: elm,! 3-yr.: 6 fur. Prince Pauper, 118 (H. MrClulinn), .' $10.40, $4.80. $3.40 Its A Beauty, 109 (P. Bryant , $5.40. $4 00 Lite Dare. 113 (C. Hooper) S8.40 Time 114 3-5. Colonel Nell. Thuries. Take No Notice, Decked Out. Sinning armor also ran. FIFTH $2,500: lln.: 2-yr.: 8 fur. Mona a Problem. 117 (P. I. OrlmmV $5,60. $3.20, $2.80 Eastern King, iV (W, Skusei, $1.00, $2 no HI Oreco, 117 (E. C. Rodriguez) $3.o Tlme-1 14 3-s. Firing Sauad. Gob bler's Image, Mr. Twister. Bustier's Darling, Queen s Becret also ran. '" ' mww-a!t Jt 4 ill . Ian! COMING TO THE MAYFAIR Lee J. Cobb, left, and Paul New-man are in the cast of "Exodus," the Otto Preminger production of the Leon Uris novel. It opens at Mayfair on December 19. Talk Of Hollywood By HEDOA HOPPER IIOLLYWOOD-It will be a busy year for Fess Parker. He and his wife, Marcy, expect their first child in June or July. Then, Fess said, "I've been notified by Paramount to report on April 17 for 'Separation Hill.' It's an original' war story by Robert Pirosh; he'll do the screenplay and produce." Fess recalled how he was kidded when he bought his home on the Hope ranch in Santa Bar bara, influenced by the fact that it had such excellent school facilities. But the Parkers plan a real family and Fess is a far- sighted man. Twentv-seven vears aco Andv Devine and his wife played together in John Ford's picture, ur. Bun. Recently Dornthv went to Brae- jketsville to visit Andy and John put her into "Two Rode Tocether." It becomes a familv affair; their son, Tad, also is in it. The Crosby boys in New York for the Perry Como show, to be aired November 23, are talking a variety show with NBC for one of its summer replacements. . j They d planned to do summer stock on the east coast in prepara tion for dramatic roles in films, so this fits in. Colombia Signs Dolores Dorn COLUMBIA has Sammy Fuller to thank for their newset contract star, Dolores Dorn. They signed her after seeing her work in "Underworld U. S. A." opposite Cliff Robertson. Billed Dolores Dorn-Heft on Broadway, Fuller cut her name down M marquee size. She was married to Franchot Tone at one time. 1 Mildred Dunnock flies West to do a comedy role in the Tom Ewell show, a nice change of pace. "Swiss Family Robinson," which John made for Walt Disney proved a real family attraction at the preview here with Dorothy McGuire, Janet Munro, and James MacArthur in the cast. The pirate battles staged by Yakima Canutt, who did the races for "Ben-Hur," are sensational. Anne Baxter, with her husband, Ran Gait, and daughter, Katrina, will be flying here for Thanksgiving with the Baxter family in Burlingame. Anne had a rough go of it when she lost her baby and had to re-j main in Sydney, Australia, two weeks more. Spyros Skouras signed her to a long term contract; she's slated for a big biblical film next year. When Tony Franciosa and Alan Caillou got together in New York, Tony closed a deal for Caillou's life story. He plans to take it to Metro when he reports for two pictures there. Adventurer Caillou, who's also an actor, was born in Palestine, vas a guerrilla fighter in the war, did cloak and dagger stuff, and wrote his first novel, "Walls of Jollo," in the United States. Sheree North Returns To Screen SHEREE NORTH goes back to the screen after more than a year's absence and plays the gal who leads Carol Lynley down the primrose path in "High Heels. It's a story of show biz. Robert Parrish directs. Jerry Wald pro duces for Twentieth Century-Fox. Patti Page recently turned down $50,000 for a deal to appear in Manila for ten days beginning December 23. She wants to be with Charles O'Curran in the new home they recently bought. . But Bob Hope is sweet talking her into his GI tour at Guanta-namo base in Cuba over the holidays and he's pretty persuasive. DAE OUT Yes, dine out and try our famous Cantonese or American foods. When you have a desire for good food, it's such a treat to relax and enjoy it in a friendly atmosphere at Baltimore's finest restaurant. For Prompt Home Delivery Call VE. 7-8103 COCKTAILS FLOWERS MUSIC FREE PARKING Opw Daily 'til 3 M. RESTAURANT 710 N. Howard St. (tSlFi On The Screen 'The Royal Ballet' At Charles ; Century lias 'Fast And Sexy By HOPE PAN'TKLL "THE ROYAL BALLET," at the Charles, is a visually and musically opulent film. Photographed in rich Eastman color it is the next best thing to seeing this fine English dance company on the stage. Produced and directed by Dr. Paul Czinner, who did a simil arly splendid job a couple of years ago with the Bolshoi Ballet, the picture showcases the brilliant ballerina. Dame Margot Fonteyn, in three of her greatest roles. She is teamed with Michael Somes in portions of "Swan Lake," "The Firebird" and "On-dine." The major part of the film is devoted to "Ondine," a ballet created especially for Dame Mar-got by Frederick Ashton to music by Hans Werner Irenze. Not to be rated among the greatest bal let masterpieces, it nevertheless provides Dame Margot with a vehicle she endows with immense appeal. VITT0RI0 DESICA gives a vastly amusing portrayal as a Puerto Rico Plans Shows New York W A year-round schedule of Broadway shows is being arranged for San Juan, Puerto Rico, by Barry Yellen. Having staged drama festivals for two summers In the Caribbean city, Yellen feels he has an audience for a continuing round of comedy, musicals and opera. The schedule starts with a pro gram of drama and light enter tainment in the Tapia theater from January 10 to March 5. Fishing Fair Dates Set North Beach, Md., Nov. 19 IAV- Dates of September 9-11 have been set for the 19C1 Chesapeake Bay Fishing Fair. The announcement was made by Robert Mead, of North Beach, president of the sponsoring association. BOWLING SHOES $59$ to $169$ SPORtlNG GOODS 221 NORTH CHARLES LE. 9-1307 AND TOWSOfV PLAZA Look again SON CLASSIF1EIL- really gets results like this Fast sale FURNITURE French Provincial bedrm. set, twin beds, triple dresser, mirror, like new: coffee table, mod. contour Chaise lounge. HU. 6-4149. Many calls RUOS 60 sa. yds. carpeting. In good cond. Will sac. RO. 4-3011. . Sold immediately FUR Baulrrel stole, perfect condition. $25. Call LI. 2-3750. Sold on 1st call POOL TABLE NO. 5-3514 Good response WASHER Whirlpool auto finds-miser, 9 lb. Perfect cond. Oood buy. 70 HO. 7-0B50. Top reaction CLOTHING Boy's Ivy. .League sDort coat trousers. Like new. Sir.e 12-14. ID. S-SflBO. Sold right away REFRIGERATOR Westinahouse. 9 cu. ft., pert. cond. Reas. VA. 5-0S!. . It's Easy to Place an Ad in Sun Classified . . . just dial LE, 9-7700 7 cm. to midnight daily Sunday's ads accepted up to 3 p.m. on Saturday. Ask for an ad writer. She'll word your ad for you. village priest in "Fast and Sexy,' at the New Theater. This Italian-made comedy with dubbed-in English dialogue isn't very fast but the presence of Gina Lollobrigida in the cast insures that it is sexy. She plays a wealthy merry widow who returns to her native Italy to seek a husband. Understandably, there are no end of suitors for her hand but the one man (Dale Robertson) she sets her cap for plays somewhat hard to get. However, Lollobrigida is just the girl to break down any man's resistance, particularly as provocatively costumed in this Tech nicolor film. Claudette Returns New York Claudette Colbert returns "to the White Way stage in "Julia, Jake and Uncle Joe," a comedy about an American couple in Russia. The play by Howard Teichmann is based on a book by Oriana Atkinson, wife of the former drama critic of the New York Times, Brooks Atkinson. It is due to debut in mid-January. AMUSEMENTS AMUSEMENTS huhrurrv;y. LAST WEEKS! , GOOD SEATS FOR ALL SHOWSX On Sale il Boi Office and all Hechl Co. Stores PHONE ORDERS ACCEPTED Today2&8P.M IE. O.0.294 Sati On Sole 'or Special YOUTH SHOW-9 A.M. SATS. SHOWS VERY EVENING MATINtCS WtO I WWW J A K V I tail EEISFl .. SAT., SUN rwriiii;iiii),ijj;!.ii,ii;i.fe I Tr acV March Kelly ,rerESM"r The tvv" Continuous Shawinas Features- 110. 3:20, 5:30, 7:45, 10 P.M. 1 H W a A. 4sV A of our next attraction it stars Hollywood's most glamorous star and is based on John O'Hara's outspoken hest seller! V'ou won t want to miss it! See The Preview at s.30 P.M. "Where The Hot Wind Blows" at :30 P.M. Off IT , &88MJ l,.9"M. WWW RIPPED. RAW UNO ROARING FROM REAL IIFE! CEATHPFC- 1, A, 6, 8, 10 P.M. IB IPIl . BFUHA ..MB WH IVES 'WINTERS ! DARKtN atctKli "M0NT1IM m FITZGERALD - irr lift llsll umiTr IIV miTUDll'-!. LLl riu lYlrtri imiiL mi tniHrn H.a.' II :: FILM FARE S TODAY Xol tho PREMIERE ThaotrtuXj: "STUNNING!" -N T. Times i: v'-BEHlNl THE j:;" .ghcat WAM-Tiijij : 'n color ;X; v Free Parking 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 vvr el . ;X; ;, 11111.1114 LA i-UU "Crat performances all!" '.: -N.Y. Post ' it Laurence Olivier $ ;j; "the Entertainer" $ 5 west 2, 4. 6. 8, 10 Aorls ei I kvlts vs. t int Gay & mischievoosl" ;! -N.y. Times fj 2. 4. . 8. 10 ' A. m 1 tils 1 ChmrUs ' :...!a..?P5.?5c?. 4l i, 4, , t. io r. . THE 3500 EtmonSus A. mm I2w5 1 P Vr2-ZJ0 The girl with the 1.OO0.000 tresses Adele lafour extra aided CATHY LOVE Billy Aintley Benny Moore Vfi CapTcne Kois Granger Fabian Fun Fille Adventure Filled. . f" Ji V NOTON I Hi" i I ' iMTt I Kafelf "'Wry MMGEMENP BSmuP ess? CfiLfeMr7 I H.e,i5 m. l CHARLES I7tt NORTH CMANLEI HC5Tm0 SAUCY? V-V-LpiLOfWiGiDA SExrlj-iT 1 NO CHILDREN'S) jj-' J '-'l ADMISSIONI . WVrT HXINOTON lAMIMt f.MOO DORIS DAY REX HARRISON Ptutiir 1 1 . , jfc J 1 l'Jf-7 40 STANTON ?;v. Tl SONG J? Without x Fisin DIRKBOaiRDE tiMHOUS i in m I- r; MAYFAIR na nohtm Mnvvann i r ' OttN I0W CI! R 2 weeks beg. next rUnU O mon. NOV. 2! (CATS ON SALI AT BOX OFFICE 10 A.M. to P.M. EM., 130 Man. Thurs. (TlMnkialelng) Nov. !4 4:30 P.M , Wed., Nov. 30, i P.M. and $11., Nov. 26, Oec. 3, 9:30 M li,,...... ..itTtlt MUtlCai Tl J 1 1 fsl llll 1 1 .' SHOW STARTS 7 P.M. HELL TO ETERNITY" Von Heflln "UNDER TEN FLAGS"

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