The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on October 12, 1933 · Page 5
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 5

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 12, 1933
Page 5
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ffft MALVfettfr LgAtm MALVfefrfc, KJWA, OCTOBER 12, Mrs. Ofceftt Halt, Mrs. Artfraf trlvety, sM Mrs. Ivan Lwfcdgren gave * kttchfen shower for Mrs. Watte* Heddtog thnisdtay, feet. I, at tire noine of Mrs. Jo&fc fift- tsois. the afternoon was spent in tfayTnf tftftes led ty Mrs. Ray* Mrs. Heddlng received many useful gifts tot her kitchen. A dellcions Inneh consisting of chicken sandwiches, candy, pumpkin pie with Whipped cream and coffee was sorted to twenty-rite guests. Out of towjj guests were Mrs. Emll Lundgren, Mrs. loe Har- tllle, and Mrs. Donald Peterson, all of Red Oak, and Mrs. Raymond Nelson ahd daughter of Council Bluffs. Cooking School Visitors to Our Shop , . . , Ask about our Soap' less Shampoo for reconditioning the hair Permanent waves at the low prices, $2.95. S4.00 and $4.50. Latest methods. Everything in Beauty Culture. MILADY BEAUTY SHOP Phone 90 / ••i E MPRESO THEATER 0 FRIDAY • SATURDAY OCT. 8-0 A glittering palace' anchored three mile* outiide the lowl SHIP A PflW«9Vnl Picture with GARY GRANT BENITA HUME JACK LA RUE OLENDA FARREU ROSCOE KARNS THEATRE t«id SUNDAY-MONDAY Ost, • JV i. " 5 *T3fti v f*- £-) ~ * V5 KNEED WE SAY MUCH *^ '-v T XJrvnt Mr. and fitr». Gfeft A*d Mr. a*«! Mrs. Prank Summers entertafn*d * grotrp 6f t stettvs* and frlftttfls thnttdat event** M dinnef at the Olen girtntters ndztt'6, Bd'dioi'fftif Mr* aira Mrs. WflHs Summers ot Columbus, ftfta. fhe Sfttter was served in two courses at five small tables. Oaf den flowers were ttsed tot center pieces. After dinner hour* were spent playing bridge. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. v, A. Summers, Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Charles Summers, Mr. and Mrs. I. N. Summers, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Larlson, Mr. and Mrs. P. M. Carlson ,Mr. and Mrs. James Swain, Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Wearin, Mrs. Roe Hlxson, Miss Enlalle LaHson, the honored guests, and the families of the hosts. Hostesses to Ctittwh Society Misses Pantile and Sadie Clark Were hostesses to the Presbyterian Social Union last Thursday afternoon. Assistant hostesses were Mrs. Fred Hall, Mrs. Hurb Benton, Mrs, Horace Nagel, and Mrs. Karl Shook. They served delicious refreshments at the elose of the afternoon, There were about thirty present Give Picnic in Watiboitste Park Dr. and Mrs. J, O. Laird add Mr. and Mrs. J, P .Wearin entertained at a picnic in Waubonsle park Wednesday afternoon of last week. Their guests were Mr. and Mrs. Willis Summers of Colum* bus, Kan., Mrs. Mary Roth, and Ed Wearin. H. B. O. Meet* With Mm. White The R, 8. C, spent the afternoon ot Wednesday, Oct. 4, with Mrs. Verna White. A goodly number ot members and several guests were present, Mrs. Thomas sang a lyrical song. Mrs. Goldie Bass reviewed the book, "Let the Hurricane Roar," in a pleasing manner. Mrs. Anna Seeger then took charge of the quilt show. Thirty beautiful quilts of various kinds were on display. At the close ot the afternoon the hostess served a delicious lunch and the club adjourned to meet with Mrs. Hazel McCain on Oct. 26. Entertains Gnest* at Dinner Sunday Mrs. J. R. Scott entertained at dinner Sunday at the Malvern Tea Room for Mr. and. Mrs. C. 8. Royce, Mr. and Mrs. L, W. Boehner, and Mr. and Mrs, George A ^Ftttlfp OT frtftrVdil iftpftt n tnfc torn* at «* . fctti Krt. C. A. B8- Jasl IB * fttfpttw tfte occasion tefftf MI-B. ttter- (fcttttt-i utrSntfetB Mrtstey. flrdrt pfM*Bt wete Hi. »ud ttfft. frsnt fcaftftftifcHr (rt H*tt- ttfg, fi*. and MI-S. I. t>. ttowc, Hlsi ftftiel Owens, and Hdw*id LookaMTl. A « o'elocTt dtfttset consisting erf frted cBtetea ftnd Ml tfce trimmings was termed. TT»e t«We was ftttfstfeatty decorated wftfc eat Sowers and a huge angel food cafce adorned wfth seventy K°'d stars. Ah enjoyable evening was spent -Waiting and talking; over olden times. teiitetUHi at t*ifiocble Party Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Maekey entertained at a pinochle party at- their home last Thursday eve- hlng. attests were Mr. and Mfg. frank Zanders, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Robbing, Misses Minnie Mall and Dorothy Miller, Art Simmons and Sidney Larson. Wliliftm»4tUctteti Knptiais Sept. 18 The marriage of Olendon Williams, son ot Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Wlillams, to Miss Vera Mitchell of fort Wayne, lnd.» was announced last week. The ceremony took place Sept. 16 at Plaits- mouth, Nebr, and Mr. and Mrs. Williams returned immediately to Malvem where they are now making their home. Mr. Williams attended the Mai* tern schools and is a graduate of the Natal Academy at Annapolis, Md. Since then he was employed for some time by the General Electric company at fort Wayne. wnfft itffred wn*n]fef me one t»e when I was on Sty Harold oi fcoftfc Hollywood, a vacation. Mrs. Birdie Atstrope was tutus of Mr. Deartforff'a ens- totters and naturally Mr. Miner delivered groceries there. Well, Mrs. Mary Wilkinson who has been making an extended visit with her daughter, Mrs. frank Hlggins, left Wednesday morning for her home in Oreenvlew, 111. JAMES W. MARTIN Marjorie Gives Party Miss Marjbrie Duval gave a treasure hunt party at her home east of Malvern Friday evening. Eleven young people were her guests. After the treasure had been found the group returned to the Duval home where a delicious lunch of creamed chicken, potato cheese delight, sunshine salad, sandwiches, and pumpkin pie was served, The guests were Lorraine Hodges, Harriett Talbott, Annette Wilson, Jean Summers, Dorothy Henderson, Bob Wilson, Lloyd Walker, Junior Dashner, Bee McCord, Alan Puval, and Eldon Gru* die. (Continued from page 1) bis daughter, Mrs. Roy McClure, Oct. 7, 1933, at the age of eighty- two years and fifteen days. He was born near terre Haute, Ind., and grew to manhood near that place. Later he came to Page county with his parents and has been a resident of southwestern Iowa for the past sixty years. He was united in marriage on March 23, 1898 to Rachel Chlpps, who preceded him in death on feb. 23, 1916. to this union three children were born: Sadie B. McClure, Ben J, Martin, and one daughter who died in infancy, these, with four grandchildren, tbelma, Wayne, Jfeva Mr, Martin'Was. a • member of the East Liberty Methodist church where he and bis deceased wife were earnest workers. He was also a member ot the I.O.O.P, lodge In Silver City and of the Silver City Rebekah lodge. He took a great interest in his lodge and church work. By trade he was a carpenter and many houses.and buildings will remain as a monument of his skill and good workmanship. He will be greatly missed by all his relatives and many friends. "He lltetn long who Hteth well, All other life la short and tain; He liveth longest who can tell, Of liting most for heavenly gain," t Gidley's Guernsey Dairy is furnishing the milk and cream used in the Malvern Leader's Cooking School , this week. If you wantjfco try it call Phon§ 86 for delivery. cooperating with The Leader's Cooking wi would say, Prepare the, goqd foods to a kitebaa that is free from drudgery, Modernize Each mw piece of kitchen equipment, b§ It A cabinet or juat a "gadget" makes your house* work easier and modernizes your &tehtn» Your g/eatest modernialng and work aaving oppor» tuaity. is ia your kiteoen floor, t QUiEftft fflUOTi' - **&* •.'-^ M . .'£. r, f«:a OWSt, «SB«rtly «ft«.S. 6. Hunt- Sf's letter tt fire !#*der. Taking pen tn 6ai>d Mr. Harold recorded tft« ifteidents ot Stftftera's past which he recalled ifotn the days when he lited here. OBfy.flft* c»rr«Mou can The Leader editor make. As Mr. Hnnter stated fa Ms letter, it was Tim Manftfcan wM had the last saloon IB Matters. Tommy Madl- gan operated * so*t of ettra-legal refreshment business much on the order Of modern speakeasies. Mr. Harold's letter: North Hollywood, Calif. 11260 Cnmpston St. Dear fidttor: ThronRh the colamns of The Leader dated recently Mr. s. C. Hnnter recalls the last saloon in Malvern. Permit ine to say I think Tommy Madlgan had the last one In Malvem one block West of your Leader office by the Wabash railroad track. One more thing *— Coach Paul Herts Without a football team — lean not conceive of it. Too bad our potatoes are felting so small. I cannot remember since football was started in Malvern high school tot having a football and baseball team. Even back In my time, 38 years ago, when the lineup wast Guy Harold, center four years, Chick Kline quarterback, A. g. Marshall and L. Kline halt backs, Ray Jones full back, James Pollett and Otis Boles ends, Len- nle Balrd and Leo LaPrance guards, Albert Nickerson and Clyde Deardorff tackles. Not because I say it myself, but we were a pretty stiff lineup for weight and speed, especially when Marshall got his back bowed like a rainbow, and he went through, too. Well, so much for our time. Cheer up, Paul, perhaps next year you will have larger timber to work with. My boy, Bob, who is 16 years old, weighs 170 pounds, stands 6 ft. 11 in., arms stretched out measure 6% ft. from tip to tip, wears a No. 10 shoe, and is out for football. A chip oft the old block. Also some breast stroke swimmer. Holds first place in North high school,, second place in A.C.L.A. on tryouts. Different summer resorts come for him on Sundays and holidays to be lite guard. This boy I speak of is a Malvern, Iowa, product of which I am justly proud. Rolland, our oldest boy, who is 24, stands 5 ft, 11 in,, weighs 160, He Is'another Malvern boy. rden com- Import?.* ~*~~? —T^? t ?3«t" " " " "T — -"iCEJ" ,1.- • 'K'I'IP"', ', * . » former Malvern girl, at Long Beach. Pearl and Fern are still anyhow, Cnpfd started to WOT* around their hearts and they werfe married shortly after I returned from my Vacation. 1 could go on and enumerate a tot mofe good customers of Mr. Dear- dor ft bat you Would tire ot reading about It from a scribe like me. , H seems like when t go to ait iowa picnic ont here In Los Angeles or Long Beach that I am back in Iowa again. I see and visit with so many people from Queen Mills that I do not feel lonesome. I receive letters all the time from the bunch that were there from 1900 on. From James Follett in South Dakota, George Talbott in St. Paul, Minn.. Hatel Richmond, Brooklyn, N. Y., Otis Boles and Clarence Vandervert in Portland, Ore., Fred Stone In Lincoln, and a lot more that ! could mention. But t must hurry on. There have been a lot of our old friends from Malvern and Emerson, or I should say Mills county, gone to that house not made of hands never to return. One that has Just passed on, Mrs. J. R. McClymond, sure touched our hearts for we were neighbors of the McClymonds for many years, as well t as attending the same M. E. church. Her passing brings back fond memories ot how the men's class taught by Mr. Wortman used to cook big dinners for the whole church. McClymond was the official biscuit shooter, Dr. Baer and Dr. Oldley mashed the potatoes. I forget about the coffee making. Anyhow It was great stuff and so filling for the inner man as well as women and children. In closing this leaves the Harold family enjoying sunshine and roses in southern California and many other things too numerous to mention. Blanche joins with me in sending you and yours our best regards. The Leader is just like a letter from home. We receive it every Monday, . Ouy Harold. Smedley Butler has a scheme to maroon all of the racketeers on a tropical Island. Why not make it a volcanic Island, while you are about It? One thing that makes our road back to national recovery more hopeful is the fact that things are getting better in the other world, too, A'fter ^taking a ride thrbugfi the country last Sunday we are their own boss. They are still convinced that the man who lived keeping the home fires burning in a house by the side of the road with their mother., Mrs. 0, W. I has turned it into a gasoline fill- Fort, Of Long Beach. l in B station or a melon bazaar. Since the earthquake Long David Lloyd George says that Beach is coming right back into the World War should have end- its own. Clarence Barns is the "big squeeze" at the Hubbard apartments, Harry Whipple has a nice grocery business out on E. j Fourth St., Long Beach. L. E. • Berkhelmer, 1022 Center St., has the nicest spot In Bellflower. The quake had Leu shimmying around pretty lively before it stopped but he Is O. K. The NBA is a good thing and I think it will be fine for all of us, I am working eight hours a day, the shortest hours I have ever worked since starting in the grocery business back in Malvern, Oct. 15, 1900, for gmlth Bros. I was with them until they sold out. Myrtle Bushnell was book* keeper for them. Others employed were Charles Biggins now of Rock Rapids, Clarence Vander- yert of Portland, Ore,, John Pull, deceased, a»4 yours truly be^ sides Jesse and Nobe. Those were the good Old days in Malvern when the Burlington railroad north, of town was about completed. How well J remember the merchandise I hauled out to different P»mps with-, a one horse delivery, shay, W. S. Bell was agent for a long time. This all seeme like a' dream to me now , but still I think of it once in awhile and it all comes hack, to. we very clearly. After aforesaid sold out I went T, 6. Gibson staying two years w#h hiw and he sold out. Then I went across the street to work for H. A. R«ar4orff aftd was in Si8 employ for, 18 years. The fares consisted Q| Mr. end Mrs. ed in 1916. We can go him one better and say that it should bate ended the day before it started. Hertz, Albert JobnaoB, and my wit, Wfeea I took b§jk i rernen be* tbQue were sure fe»ppy days, mj#tts« «U ot tfeeae 1004 oW PUR- towejr* Ukt Frank se R bjn«, Qeo. U W. m», U W. i KUer AOMf > tbi dtUvsyy tiRI Jiere are two ot tee newt smartly designed Uruen watches that w typical example* ot the utmost vtuut u be touud man our f f- oe i c w oed Restock a nice line of these watches, Our YOURBX is another line in which we have pride. See the tableware in use in the Cooking School. It is taken from our regular line. W, L, SMITH Jeweler PHONE NO. § for Cream, Egga, 'AlUES $195 * $29§ 89c $1.95 Short Sleeve Ankle Length 69* Size 2-14 $295 . $890 $149 - $295 Men's Zipper Storm Jackets — $396 sfeev? IF YOUR CAR GOES WRONG eall Piper's Qarage Phone 251 •^ ---^g Malvern wholesale Fruit Co _. Groceries, Fruits at ff Wholesale Prices SPECIAL FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY Lux, Lifebuoy, Palmolive Soap 3 Bar* for— 20c PEACHES, PEARS, APRICOTS, PINE» APPLE, , in Heavy Syrup, No. 24* \ Can, per can— .• FLOUR pound Macaroni or Spa* ghetti 3 lb». --— 25c 2 Jb*. CRACKERS _25c FIG BARS or GINGER SNAPS, 3 lb». _-, ------ 2Sc ft, oa 4 «an» for ---- _-25<? POTATOES, «k. _ APLES Highest Price* Paid for EGGS in Trade. CORN PEAS TOMATOES No. 2 Can* 3 for or WAX BEANS Sugar, 19lbs ORANGES, Medium 6 '^' r .-.Head LETTUCE, GRAPEFRUIT, m A for — — ---- 25c GRAPES, Ex. IFcv, Sweet, Red Tokay 3 lb*. ----- ,_ Pure HONEY, S Jb. pails -.— 39c FREE DELIVERY FRESH MEATS FRESH MEATS waTttBJNP' fiS Fr»h 8U»*iu&Ti al . <•?•*» *9yw } C*» Syrup fit* wife ••& W.QQ ordtr BESEJVBfi ft Fw*h Supply 1 sf ftoircittf Cam MM* and OatftMft BM» Pil£Ei»

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