The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on January 6, 1959 · Page 9
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 9

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 6, 1959
Page 9
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ANNIE € VOU LOOK LIKE A SMART WO. MXItL KEEP \«UR EARS AND 6VB9 OPEN.M3U1L L6ARN AN AWFUL LOT. DOES THAT eUQQ6efr AWTHINQ TO VbU? ABNIft MV FAT LIP "8 THAT WHAT V'QQT IN MIND? £0 COMMERCIAL ...... ALL THB WAY-AS IP NAM^K* ^' RB ' N '-^-AM° 1 PDfc SUCH A SORRY SUSIE CANYON HCREfeA WTOP J-, PETAILS ON MINNIE. 1 DESTRCVIT AFTER VDU LEARN IT,ANP THE SIMPLE CYPHER WE'LL USE FOR COMMUNICATION! ^^. IS* *4Sg* O' ANOTWJ »trrtie WACVJ-VDU'RE MOST WTRACTIVE.DEARt—STEPOVER IN THE UQHT, WHEREICANSttVOUBETTERl^BJiv .—• MARY WORTH SOMEONE WROTE ME THAT -A3U RE-MARRIED RECENTLY. 1 -..A QUITE WEALTHY MAN! JMART CHILD! trs AS EASV TO LOVE A RICH- PARDON ME! THOSE TIRESOME CUSTOM* SNOOPERS! THEY CANT UNDERSTAND WHY I'M BRINGING IN, TWO TRUNKS FULL OF COSMETICS.' I I CAN UNDERSTAND AUNT MARV! irS REALLY QUITE CLEAR- WHEN 1 YOU SEE HER FACE IN A STRONG \ LIGHT 1 A flu .r £r*m**S *^ PUIl rKCt*.-"* TOMORROW NK&MT 1 MOST ATT6MD AM5 /WO CRAFTS CLASS — TMURSO\Y NISKTJ^A 6OIMS Sf<Op| WTW MOM FRECKLES /-t FRICAY, SORORny MEGT- iNe — SATURDAY , SOOOL. F^AY REHEARSAL--AND SUWDAY I'LL HAVET ReLA- - T(YES vismws / lONISHT f DOMT BE RIDIC ••••!. HAVE MY HAlfiL UP/ THETtff ARF "PMES WWEM 6OIM6 STBMV MAKES A REGULAR HERMIT OUT OF A 6UY/ PRISCILLA'S POP~By A! Vermeer MADE YOUR FAVORITE DISK- DEAR! SCRAMBLED O' ' OH, BOY/ WITH OR WITHOUT? OUR BOARDING HOUSE-With Major Hoopla WHERE HA^E YOU BE£M KEERMS VOUR-5EUF, HOOPL& « T50MT TRY TO T£LL MB BEEM AWAY OM A MOOSE HUNT- THE CAP POESNT FOOL ME/ VOUNE PROBABLY BEE/^, FROM VOUR NEV4 SEAR'S EVJB RE^ELRY-s DID YOU SET CHEWl/JS SUW WADS IM YOUR HAIR AS USUAL. FROM BElNS UNDER 60 MANY TABLES ?-«~ HOW ABOUT CLEAMIM6 OP THAT BACK YARD OP YOURS TO START TB& NEW r^^7/—'—^ SEAR OFP RIGHT? IT SUReJ «^i O .WOULO-lMPRCMETHe, p'JfcS**V NEISHSORH^O'D' / >s « s ^ 0 >XJ E6AO,Y<OU ' HA^S A 4 UMiaue ")KT( ' TO < IIAPRCN6 'THE NEISH- FORHOOD, 30ST MOV& AWAY . FROM IT/ WITH OR WITHOUT WHAT? CARNIVAL-By Dick Turner OUT OUR WAY-By J. R. Williams POES TH 1 ROOSTER BMW TH' EASLIE A* HE SOARS THRU LIMITLESS SPACE! OR TH' EAGLE ENVV TH' WHO'S A WMiS IN HIS OWM UTTLe PLACE I Suva, the capital of Fiji, if one of the busiest cities in the Pacific. It is a center of trade and commerce. "He's a famous gun-*llnger, You'll find 'em slung all over the placel" At the age of 8 composer Richard Rodgers had to have an oper- -•- "",— • ; , • • ' —;— ation to gave his right index fine- During the Civil War, the United London's buses and subways Stales Naval Academy was local- carry about 75 million passengers ed at Newport, R. I. I a week. ^.pLEASEf!, uS£oV , fwSrj/ U ^EM' 1 LIVE" FT £V'KYONE uvu.. y | MATESV0 ^ NOT 6VWCNE, 0£AR!f >' DOTT OXlNtlf NfflSNAH IS UEGALLN REQUIRED TO" AH V/ANTS SOMEONE . TO LOVE rAfc WHO DQNTHAVBlt)/'- ^•BLrnt -" THE TOODLES AND IT JUST PROVES HOW EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT• SALLY AND TEX. LOOK, JANE- TEXIS A PINE MAN- ITS JUST UNFORTUNATE I AS OUTAS' THAT HE'S 7>OU FEEL-AND , EIGHTEEN S TWO MINUTES AGO YEARS OLDER)I'M SURE TEX WAS THAN SALLY.]/ N'T OVER TWEI\ ONE/ ARCHIE OH, rCXIRB THE NEW TEACHER.' TAKE THIS BROOM AND SWEEP OUT.MV OFF ice/ SIR 1 . 1 . I'VE ^ . HAD TWO YEARS ) OKAY.' ATATEACHEPS' J OKAY/ COLLEGE// JUDD SAXON-By Ken Bald and Jerry Brondfiold StsJIiaiii MORTY MEEKLB HI,YANCEY/WHAT BRING*VOU DOWN, HERE TO THE TOWN HALL? I'M GOING TO TAKE THE BIG STEP. MORTy.'ITA TIRED OF \ UVING ALONE/ FROM NOW ON I'LL HAVE A PARTNER TO TRAVEL LIFE'S BYWAYS WITH ME/ I CAMEDOWNTO GET MY LICENSE CONGRATULATIONS/ AND WHO'S THE LUCKY GIRL? ooo LICENSES nt >y *" to**.* fc» TJI. *» tfj. >.i AILEY OOP YES, I KNOW, ONLY TM AW, HE'S ONLY \ TIRED OF SHOOTIM' OFF HIS MOUTH I A HIM/ IT M^AN9 r CONSIDER THAT "GOTTA" BUSINESS ONLY HALF, AS FUNNY AS IF 6AIP HA..HW WASH TUBES AUSTIN (Minn.) HERAtD A Tuatdoy, Jan. 6, 1959, 9 I SHORT RIBS I CHIEF, TUB MEN WE'PS BOTH TKVlNd TO FIWP VAKII5HEP FKO& A 5ECLUPEP HOUSE K'EARTOWM OMR . McKEEt THE pTH&K WA* A BIS SHOT IM HI* COUMTRV rOK CERTAIN REASONS V WHAT WO YOU THIS MUSTN'T LCM< OUT WISH TO oussrai VET-BY ORPEIK OP THB THBWl ABOUT? IT STATE PEPARTWBNTl^ ^^^Y OWE U* A WHAT ABOUT A CKIMB THAT 0UTKA4G0 THI5 WHOL* KE6ION1 TWO JteN Of THBIR OESCKIPTlOW WPRB SEEN SLWKIM0 AWAY PUOIA OUR. SCHOOL SHORaY BBFOKB IT WAS DVNA' WITEP CIVB NlOHf* AflO* BUGS BUNNY FINISHED! HOW DOES / IT LOOK, ^ SYLVESTEP? EXCELLENT, SIRE 0 -~^ —^ IT'S SOMETHING TUEV CALL A BLANKET! JACOBY'S BRIDGE WOT 4KJT VQ109 • A9S4 *A107 aonrn • All VK98VI4 483 4JT84 BAST ' 410805 Vfl2 4QJ10 +Q533 SOOTH (D) *AQ94 VAJ *K90 Ho one vulnerable South West North Bast 1N.T. Pass 2+ Pasi 3V Pa»s Paw Paw Opening lead— Anything Br OSWALD JACOB? Written for NBA SerTic* In the Jacoby transfer bid tu« re«- ponsa of two diamond* to the opening no-trump shows a heart suit and demands that the opener rebld In heart*. The two - heart reaponea shows a •pads suit and demaodi a apada rabid while the two-spade reaponse 1* tht transfer to clubs and the three- olub response the transfer to diamonds. If respocder wants to play the hand In diamonds, hearts or opades he can bid three immediately in that suit. These lost responses are all mada with strong hands only and are game- forcing bid*. Now take a look at the North hand. Tour partner opena one no-trump and you see that the hand will do better in hearts than in no-trump, If you are playing normal bidding with two heart* a* a sign-off you can bid two heart* but sometimes your partner won't respect your algn-off. Playing Ch« transfer bid you simply bid two diamonds. Your partner bids two heart* dutifully and Is annoyed when you pas but pleased when, he sees the dummy. South will make two or mab* «ren three heart*. Wett ha* to op*& tome- thing and hi* lead will cost bin a trick. If North U declarer Eaat will open the queen of diamonds and Mt the hand against an normal method of play. Easy to Launder CERTAINLY VOU DON'T EXPECT ME TO HAVE CASH WHEN I'M IN SUCH DIRE FINANCIAL. STRAITS I er. People who advertise in Austin Daily Classified Pages arc Satisfied. Why Hot Try one LAST CALL FOR CHRISTMAS CLUB!! Christmas has come and gon« but sometimes it seems like th« bills go on foreverl There's still time to do something about next Christmas. If you would like a debt free Holiday, you can still open up your Christmas Club for 1959 at the Austin State Bank. It's very simple to open up a club . . . Simply choose the size club you want, make your regular weekly payments, and Presto your Christmas Club check will come just in time (November) for your gift buying season! That extra $100 to $250 will be most welcome. STATE BANK T*« MMK rmiM »»•» •*••»" We're here to help you get what you want E»*l«tt embroidery — stapl«« KW- ISK — pr«tU«*t cU«s» for d»ugbtwt Open* (Ut — Uawxt 1ft » Uttjl t>M remnants; m«k« wltb or wlthow enj- broldwy, P»tt*ra 871: onlldwn't gtcai. " 8. 10. Send Thirty * five C«nt» (eoiat ) fiw thU pati«ru — »dd i cents tar patiera tot 1st • oUw to the Austin Dally Herald, craft E»j>t . P. O. ^X m Oldj. uUou, New Tore U. K. T. ly PATTBRN UWJS8 ud plainl ADU

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