Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on November 12, 1966 · Page 7
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 7

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 12, 1966
Page 7
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lATURDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 1966 THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS -WATCHIIVtt TV- TONIGHT *<0a-2 Grand OI* Opr/. i ABC Scop> 4-12 Newi 6 Death Vallay Day* (eolof) 6 Porttr W«gon«r 11 Polka Variatio 4i30-2-3 Shan* (color) 4-12 Jaekl* Glaaton (color) 3-4 Flipper (color) fM-B^ PIMII* Don't (at th* Dallies, (color) 11 Rout* 66 ri30-23 l*wr*nc* Walk (color) 4-12 Plitola 'N' Pattlcoata (color) 5 -6 Got Smart (color) II0O-4-12 Million: Impeulbl* (color) 3-6 Movie: The Man Who Knew Toe Much. Jamet Stewart (color) 11 Nervllle Dollar liM-l-S Hollywood Palac* 11 Wreitllng 9iOO—4-12 Gunimoko i 9i3 &-a Mevlei Who Wai That Lady. Tony Curtii, Dean AAartin^ JefMt UIgh, ••rbara Ntcliols. S Praelurea niekeri l<)iOO-3-4-5^12 Newt II Roller Derby |0i1»-3 Gueatwtrd Ho 4 Movloi Merieri* Morlngitar. Kolley, Natalie llock And Whit* COLOR TV CemM In Belter On CABLE TV Phen* 242-5684 Today MT. VERNON CABLE TV 1306 Broadway Wood. ( Tonight Show )2 Movlei All the King's Men. Joanne Dru, Broderick Crawford. IOi4S -S Movie: Helen Morgan Story « Weekend at the Movlei (color) lliOO-ll The Beat lliSO— 2 Movie: Jeopardy. Barbara Stanwyck, Ralph Meeker. 11 The Jazz Scene l2:TS-5 AAerv Griffin 12)95-4 Frenkly Speaking lt>5-4 Movie: The Glory Brigade. Victor Mature, Lee Marvin 1i43-5 Weather 9:10-4 Newi SUNDAY AFTIilNOON t»0&-2 llfMM the llonheartad 5 Direction '66 S« Meet the Press (color) A Big Red Huddle 6 API Football. N. Y. at Buffalo (color) 11 Upbeat 12 Film 12:15-4-12 NFL Football. Sr. Louis va. Pittiburgh Steelers (color) i2i30-2 Stingray 3 Oral Roberti 3 Adventure 1:00—2 Movie: Triumph of the Son of Hercules (color) 3 Sunday Matinee 5 Wild Kingdom (color) II Greatest Show on Earth ttt^ AH Football. Miami at Kansas City (color) S :00—11 Championship Bowling (color) 2:00—Tenn. Tuxedo (color) 1)49-12 NFL Football. New York at Los Angelei (color) 9:00-2-3 Porky Pig (color' 6 Meet the Press (color) II Wrestling j.jS -4 NFL Football. New York Giants vs. Los Angeles Rams (color) 9)30-2 Richard Diamond 3 Tenn. Tuxedo (color) 6 Frontiers of Faith 4)00-2 Msvie) Who Was That Lady 3 Allen Revival 6 Wild Kingdom (color ) 4)90.-3 laramie 54 College Bowl (color) 11 Shirley Temple Theatre. Bill Robinson. i«0-54 Frank McGee (color) |«30—3 lawman 5 News Special 6 Back to Budapest 12 Sunday Afternoon News SUNDAY EVENING 4 :00—2-3 Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (color) 11 Movie: Night In Paradise. Turhan Bey, Merle Oberon (color ) »i30-4-12 It's About Time (color) World of Color (color) 7)00-2-3 F.B.I. 4-12 Ed Sullivan (color) Fiie-S-6 Hey landlord (color) II Th* Deputy •1OO-2-3 Movie: Jumbo. Jimmy Durante, Doris Day, Martha Ray (color) 4-12 Oarry Moore Show (color) 11 Focus on St. louls «iaO-4-12 Candid Camera (color) H Andy Williams (color) 11 Movie) Roxle Hart. Ginger Rogers, Adolph Menjou. f)90-4-12 Whafs My Line (color) IOieo-2-3-4-5-6-12 News IOtlS -3 Movie) Soldier In the Rain. 4-12 Sunday Big News 5 Dan Devine (color) 6 Movie: The Command. Guy Madison (color) WH80-2-3 New. 4 Movie: The little Fexei. Bette Davli, Herbert Marshall. 5 Movie: Ten North Frederick. Gary Cooper, Diane Varii, Sury Perker. 12 Merv Orlffin Show 10i4|.-3 AKAVI*) Th* Truth About Wom6n. Laurence Harvey, Julie Harris. 11 Movie: Homeward Born*. Umfe Damall, Rlcherd Kil*y. A pilot who comes home from war, finds his wife has adopted a war orphan, and fears h* i« unwanted. 12:00—3 Outdoor Adventure 12:40-4 Movie: I Marrltd A Woman. Geerg* Gebel, Diane Deft. MONDAY PROORAM Mernlna 5)20 -4 Newt 5)3(V-4 Sunrli* Semester 6:00 -4 Town and Country 12 Sunrii* Samctter 6)30 -4 P.S. Four 5 Foeui Your World 12 Chuck Wagon Gang 6:45 —2 Farm Report 12 Breakfait Show 4)30—2 Country Muile Caravan 7 )00-5-6 Today (color) 7:05-4 -12 Morning News. 7)25-5 Newi. 7 :30—4 Morning Scene 7)40-4 World of Mr. Zeerti B)00-2 Tree Hout* Tim* 4-12 Cept. Kangtre* 1 )30 —1 Romper Room. 9)00—3 Jack laLann* 4 -12 I lev* luey (color) 56 Ey*-Gu*** (eoler) 9)23-3-4 N*ws 9)30-2 Scor* Four 9 MNot For Hire; T-TH- Callfornlena; W-F- Family Theatre. 4 -12 Reel McCoys 56 Concentretlon 10)00—2-3 Supermarket Sweepitakea 4-12 Andy of AAayberry 3 -6 Chain Letters; Pat Boon* Show (color) 10 :30 —2-3 The Dating Game (color) 4-12 Dick Van Dyke 5-6 Show Down; The Hollywood Squares (color) 10 :45-11 Newt 11:00 -2 -3 Donna Reed 4 -12 Love of Life 3-6 Jeopardy (color) 11 Modern Almanac 11:30 -2 -3 Father Knows Beat 4-12 Search For Tomorrow 5-6 Swinging Country (color) 11 :55-56 News Afterneen 12:00 -2 Charlotte Peters 3-11 Ben Casey 4-54 -2 News 12:05—4 Dennis the Htntnzt 5 Noon Show (color) 12:15 -6 Pastor Speaks 12 Farm Picture 12:30-4-12 As The World Turns 3-6 Let's Make A Deal (color) 12:55 -5 -6 News 1:00—2-3 Newlywed Game 4-12 Password 5 -6 Day of Our Lives (color) 11 Mid -Day Movie (color) (color) 1:30 -2 -3 A Time For Us 4-12 House Party (color) J-6 The Doctors 1:55-2-3 News, Woman's Touch 2 )00—2-3 General Hospital 4-12 To Tell Th* Truth 54 Another World (color) 2:25-4-12 News 2:30-2-3 The Nurses 4-12 The Edge of Night 56 You Don't Say (color) 11 Best of Groucho 3:00 -2 -3 Dark Shadows (color) 4 -12 Secret Storm 5 -6 Match Game (color) IT Topper 3 :25-5-6 News 3:30—2-3 Where the Action Is. 4 Esriy Show 5 Mike Douglas 6 TV Bingo 11 Three Stoog:i 4:00-2 Dobie Gillis 3 The Hour 4 Popeye (colon 4:30-2 Lassie 6 Cheyenne 12 Punch and Judy Show (color) 4:45-11 Rocky and His Frlandj 5:00-2 News 3 M-W-F Adventure Club; Tu-Zorro; Th- Lone Ranger. 4 Leave It To Reiver 11 Superman 12 You Asked For It 5:30—3 Rocky and His Friends 4-12 News 5-6 Huntley and Brinkley (color) II Huckleberry Hound 5 :45-12 Scoreboard 5:50 -12 Weather 6:00 -2 Talea of Wells Fargo 3 Cactui Pete 4-5-6 -12 News 8 Antique!. China 11 PDQ (color) 6 :15 -4-5 Weather 6:30-2 .3 Iron Horse (color) 4 .12 Gllligan's Island (co^or) 5-6 The Monkees (color) 8 Turn of the Century 11 Th* American West (color) 7:00-4 -12 Run, Buddy, Run (color) 5-6 I Dream of Jeannie (color) 8 Science Reporter 1 1 Of Lands end Seas (color) 7:30—2-3 Rat Patrol (color) 4-12 The Lucy Show (color) 56 Roger Miller (color) 6 John Y. Brown (political) 8 What's New 8:00-2-3 Felony Squad (color) 4-12 Andy Griffith (color) 56 The Roed Weit (color) 8 Passport. The World ef the Penguins. II Movie: Male Animal. Henry Fonda, Olivia DeHavllland. Love and political satire hits a big college campus at the same time the big game does. 8:30-2-3 Peyton Place (color) 4-12 Family Affair 8 SlU Football. Videotape of game played November 12. 9)00-2-3 810 Valley (color) 5-6 The Aviation Revolution (color) 54 Run For Your life (color) 9)30 -4 -12 I'v* Get A S**r*t (color) 10)00-2-3 -4 -5-6-12 N*wt II Alfrtd Hitchcock 10 :15-3 Political 10:15 —5-6 Tonight Show (color) 12 WMther 10:20—2 Sports 3 Untouchables 4 Weather 10:25-4 Eye-line 10:30-2 Movie: Shadow on the Wall. Ann Southern, Zachery Scott. 4 Movie: The Oregon Trail. Fred MacMurray, Gloria Talbot. 12 Movie; The Man From Laramie. James Stewart, Arthur Kennedy. 11:00—11 Movie: Stromboli. Ingred Bergman, Mario Vltale. 11:20-3 Maverick 12:00—5 Movie: Across the Pacific Humphrey Bogart, Mary Astor, Sidney Greensfreet. 12:10—2 Movie: Gildersleeves' Bad Day. Harold Peary, Nancy Gates. 12:20—4 Movie: Tight Spot. Ginger Rogers, Brian Keith. 12 News 1:25-2 Newi; Credo 1:40-5 Weather 2:10 -4 Newi OLD AND NEW in farming are shown together on the Roy Humphrey farm near Grand Pass, Mo. In the foreground is a machine labeled "Daln's Safety Com Cutter, Ottumwa, Iowa," which has two blades that fold out. The mule walks between two rows of com and operators catch the cornstalks as the blades cnt them off. The stalks are then stacked into com shocks. The modem combine in the background has a six-row com bead and picks and shells corn in a single operatioo. May Bpost Private Line Toll Rates By STEPHEN M. AUG WASHINGTON (AP) — The Federal Communications Com- mis.sion again has ordered American Telephone & Tele- gi'aph Co. to bring its Telpal? rates into closer alignment with its more expensive private line rates. AT&T has interpreted this as meaning higher prices for Tcl- pak users, rather than lower prices for private line users. Telpak Is a package of communications lijies for voice, tele­ printer, photo and oilier ti'ans- missions. The immediate order affects only the smaller Telpak services known as "A" and "B." The fate of the larger Telpak "C" and "D" services is to become part of the commission's imrestigation into ATc&T's rate structure. The commission order issued Wednesday implements a Sept. 15 federal appeals court ruling affirming an earlier FCC decision under which AT&T was to bring its Telpak rates into line wifh the private line charges. The order affects virtually all mass communications media as well as more than 1,000 largo business firms. Under the minimum Telpak service, called "A" charges arc $15 per mile per month for 12 voice qualitV circuits — or I'M telegraph or teleprinter chai> nels. The private line rate is n.10 per mile per month for one oiegraph channel — compared with about 10 cents under Tel­ pak. Telpak "A" is a 12-circuit package, while "B" contains 24 channels. Telpak "C" is 60 voice grade circuits and "D" is 240. The FCC contends that Telpak and private line prices should be the same, since the services are the same. The FCC had said Telpak rates discriminate against .smaller private line users, in effect making them subsidize the larger users. Eighteen firms intenened in the court case — among them Xerox, Internal ional Business Machines, The .•Associated Press, T\vin Coast Newspapers, Inc.; Eastern .^ir Lines and American Ti-ucking Association. The trucking group said that if it had to pay private line rates for wiiat it now receives through Telpak, its operations would cost 547 million more each year. Eastern said its added cost would be about 527 million annually. His 10 Commandments Are Just Suggestions Fonda's Former Wife Had Dope ROME (AP)—A Rome court today convicted Baroness Ad- fera Franchetti, former wife of American actor Henry Fonda, of trying to smuggle marijuana into Italy and imposed a suspended sentence ot eight months. The baroness was set free after the court decision. The court gave the same sentence to the baroness' friend, Italian painter Mario Schifano, and fined each 80,000 lire ($129). Adfera Franchetti, an Italian socialite and member of the international jet set, was arrested at Rome's Fiumlcino Airport last July 30 as she arrived from London. Police said they acted on a tip and found 33 grams of marijuana in her purse. They quoted her as saying she had bought the drug for Schifano. CAiViBRrDGE, Mass. (AP) — Dr. Joseph F. Fletcher, professor of ethics at Cambridge Episcopal Theological School, says he would amend the biblical Ten Commandments to read this way: "Tliou Shalt not covet, ordinarily. "Tliou slwlt not kill, ordinarily- "Tliou slialt not commit adultery, ordinarily." "In other words," Fletcher says, "for me there are no rules —none at all." Fletcher is considered Ameri- I ca's leading exponent of "situation ethics." which he says "declares that anything and everything is right or wrong according to the situation— what is wrong in some cases would be right in others." "And this candid approach," he says, "is indeed a revolution in morals." Fletcher explained in an interview that a situationist looks only at individual, concrete cases, not at abstract principles. "I look at situations one at a time," he .said. "You ask me ' how often premarital sex would i be ,ill riglil and I would say relatively infi'equentiy. Maybe only once in 100 limes. But in some situations uiimamed love could be intintely more moral j than married unlove." I "A situationist would discai'd all absolutes except the one absolute: always to act with loving concern," he said. "Oh. I know, the word 'love' is a swampy one, a semantic confusion. "Put it this way then: A situa­ tionist is prepared in any concrete case to suspend, ignore or violate any principle if by doing so he can effect more good than by following it. "What is good? Good is first and foremost the good of people. Christians call it love, meaning neighbor-concern—to seek Ibe well-being of people. "The good is what works. Apart from the helping or hurting of people, ethical judgments or evaluations are meaningless." Situation ethics has been criticized, especiaU by Roman Catholics, who uphold certain absolute moral laws. An American Jesuit, the Rev. Rotwrt Gleason, said: "It is not in Christian tradition to present love as the exclusive motive for moral action." Fletcher added: "Situation ethics is criticized for saying everything is relative. "But we say, 'Look boys, this is the 20th century. The scientifically sophisticated world view is relati\astic. You are going to be left out in the cold if you think the moral sciences are somehow an exception to this rule and this influence'." Fletcher, in turn, criticizes persons he calls legalists— "people who like to wallow or cower in the security of the law." BARBS BY WALTER 0. FABXES As insurance against a worrisome conscience, hmiesty Is still the best polisy. • • • Romantic love Is a mhrage not confined to deserts. • • • If you enjoy the small of autumn's bun^ leaves, you probably didn't have to rake 'em. • • • A gal needs a good line when she fishes for compliments. Newspaper Has Right To Reject Ads LANSING. Mich. (AP) - A newspaper is a private business and has the right to accept or refuse advertising as it desires, the Michigan State Court of Appeals ruled today. The court upheld a Calhoun County Ch-cuit Court ruling that the Battle Creek Enquirer and News is not required to accept advertisements for "adult" movies. Unlike a telephone company or a hotel keeper, the Appeals Court said, a newspaper is not so "affected with a public interest" that its freedom of contract is impaired. In his opinion, Judge Donald E. Holbrook said: "The First Amendment to the federal Constitution declares and safeguards the sanctity of freedom <rf the press. "Out founding fathers recognized that well-informed citizens art essential for the preservation of democratic institutions and, toward this end, an hidependent press is indispensi- ble. "The publlo interest, therefore, demands that the press shall remahi Independent, unfettered by governmental regulations regardless of whether that regulation stems from legislative enactments or judicial QUICK QUIZ Q—Have any Affenpinschers been registered with the American Kennel Qub? A—In 1965, only 59 Affenpin­ schers ("monkey terrier" in German) were reg^ered. Was there ever a man who could leave a hardware store with only the one little Item be came to buy. • • • A happy family is its own defense against life's tribulations. I FRANCIS FURKrrURE 810 Dewey — 1 Block North Ot Park Avenne dhmch Mt. Vernon, IlL Quolity At Th* Most Rtasonoblt Pricts. AUTOMATIC WASHBRS Heavy Duty CommercW Type. We Service Whot We Sell" HOLLOWAY HEATING & ELECTRIC 1 001 Shawnaa — Phone 242-5481 A group of volunteer firemen assured themselves of an overflow crowd at a dance tliby sponsored when tlicy ran an ad in the local paper which read: "You come to our dance .... and we'll come to your fire!" ' A heel is usually a guy who thinks solely of himself. WATER BOY in modern I warfare, a paratrooper of I the 173rd Airborne Brigade carries his squad's empty canteens to a watering point In South Viet Nanu YOU Can Avail Yourself of the Services Otfered by This Agency- Our Mony Years of Experience Arc Yours For A Coll. VIRGIL T. BAILEY. INC, BRICK AND ALUMINUM SIDING RANCH. Wall built 7 reem mMl.rit ranch home-Lincoln ichool district; w/w carpeting throughout, larg* living room, panall«l family room and dining raom, 1 b*drasmi, 2 ceramic tiled hatha, beautiful provincial built in cablnala, built in itove and oven. Garbage diapotal, double gang* with panelled walla; large lot. Immediate poiseition. EASY TERMS. To e good netponiible party will buy fhia lovely 3 bedroom all modern ranch home, carpeted living r*em, built in cabinet!, ceramic tiled bath; full deep batemant, gae furnac*. Fin* location wett. Immediate poMe,ulen. WILL SELL OR TRADE-lovely brick 4 room all modarn h«me; hardwood floort, built in cabinet!, built in bath, newly decorated inside and out, utility room, gat furnace; garage. Immediat* po$s.3»ion. We>t aid* location, $S00 DOWN, balance like rent buy> S room ell modern heme, South 24th street; carpeted living room and dining room, nice built In cabinets, built in bath, gat heat; full lot. Nicely decorated intid* and out. Garage. Priced to tall. NEW LISTING—5 room all modern brick horn*; w/w carpeting throughout, spacious living room, dining room, (leautiful kitchen with new built in cabinelt, bath, full deep basement all finished, larg* screened in porch; extra large garage, oil heat. North 12th street. Lincoln school district. Immadiat* posiottion. PRICED TO SELL—lovely older 4 bedroem all modern heme; carpeted living room and dining ream, apacieut family room with fireplace, big kitchen with an abundant* of built in cabtnett, garbage disposal, new ttainless steel sink, hardwood floors, 2 built in baths, new gat hot water heating tytlam, new gat hot water healer; double garag*, lorner lot. Immediate potuettion. 1125 OAKLAND AVENUE. Large older family hem*; tpaclout living room with fireplace, dining room, nice kitchen with meny built Int, Panelled breakfast room, 2 balht, 3 badroomt, 1 matter bedroom with fiieplace, basement, get heat; extra larg* let, big carport. Priced to tell. ONLY $14,500.00 buys lovely 6 room effficiency all modern ranch home; nicely decorated Inside and out. large living room, built in cabinet!, dining room, Vh belhs, 3 bedroomi, well landtcapeJ lot. 2805 Casey. ONLY $15,500.00 buyt 6 room all modarn ranch home with basement; carpeted living room, beeutlful built in cabinets, ceramic tiled built in bath, family room In basement with panelling, garage. Immediate possession. West side location in the West Salem school district. FHA Loons and Gl Leans Avafla'dfa We v/ill make you a CASH OFFER for your Home or Farm VIRGIL T. BAILEY, Ince Tenth and Harrison — Phena 242-4380 "FREE PARKING FOR OUR CUSTOMERS" RAMSEY REALTY 704 Main Street Assume 5V4% loan, very good condition 2 bedroom home, large living room carpeted, gat heat, corner lot, equipped for a one operator beauty shop. Good location Watt part. 70 A. improved farm, no buildlngi, dote in NW. 6 room older home, corner lot, choic* 18th street location. New 3 bedroem heme Spring Garden. 160 A. unimproved farm Wett. Immadiat* peti*ttien-~3 bedroem, family room, many extrat $16,000. Wett. 3 bedroom elder home, basement, gat heat, large living room and dining reem, clot* in $9500.00. 70 acrei, 6 reem modern hem* Salem Read. For Rent: 3 bedroom brick heme, Lincoln School $150. and 4 reem houte $45. 80 acre form $10,000. Bargain. CHAS. and ORA RAMSEY, Realtors 242.3212 Watch Thlt Sign Per R*al Ettot* Bargains Many —Many Hemct Te Sell TODAY'S SPECIAL Lilting Ne. 374 — 3 bedroem, large family room, spaciout living room, basement, beautiful lawn with growing evergreent. Owner leaving town, will tell at bargain price. Located at 40 Wett Crownview. Phone 242-5191 PAGE INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. 54 Crownview Mt. Vernon, Illinois 62864 Kerner Housing Order Bon Stands SPRINGFIELD, Dl. (AP) Gov. Otto Kerner's office today declined comment on a judge's reaffirmation of his ban on Kerner's executive order on open housing. But a Kerner aide said the Democratic governor intended to try again in 1967 to pass an open housing biU in the legislature. Associate Judge Howai'd Lee White Wednesday upheld his '• own injunction against Kerner's order. Real estate groups had said the Kerner order was unconstitutional because it was a legislative act taken by an executive. The real estate groups had opposed a state motion to dismiss the injunction. Attorney' taking Kerner's side said they were considering whether to appeal. AUCTIONEER ROY TAYLOR Phone 244-1909 Or Write Rt. 7, Mt. Vernon decisions." The appeal was brought to the court by Floyd G. Bloss, owner of Eastown Theater, against Federated Publications, Inc., publishers of the Enquirer and News. cars are insured with DS than with any other companjL Find out why nowij BlU Thackrey 2600 Broadway 242-1421 STATE FARM MT. VERNON REALTY 00. 82S Harrison — Tom A. Pnckett, Bnriier — S4X-1211 Largest Farm Brokers In South*m llilnoli 30 acres, 4 reem heuie, 6 mll*s northeast. 38 acres, 2 miles north, 1 mil* oast, vacant land* 5 acres, 6 miles eatt m new highway 18. 6% acr*s ef beautiful weeds, a nlc* building leeaflent 5 miles northwest off th* Rhehvl*w Read. Well located elder type heme, with *xtra ground, within walking distance of square. ALSO SEVERAL NICE HOMES AND BUILDING lOH IN THI CITY. Call Any ef Our Salesmen Teidey; Philip Bryant, 242-S02t M. D. Burkett, 244-2819 — Ted Motet, 144-I28f Also See Us Per Home and Butlnett Proptity WE GET THE JOB DONE! . ^ IIST YOUR PROPERTY WITH US— ~ IxcallenI 7 room den* family hsm*; l*rg» Mrp *l*d ilvlng r**m, fir*pl*c*, Iar9* b*A**m*, formal dining r*em, fuN b*a*m*nf wMi r*cr**li*n roam and ftraplaf*,-*!! h**t; l- car t *rag* with S ream ma^ni fcmlthed apartmant abevai waeM let, near lincoln achoal—IIM Franklin Avanu*. Spaciout 4 ream brick ranch; w /w carpal* hag* livinfl faem, firaplai*, cNning a^c*, S far** b*dr**mi, V/x aarami* Hlad barti*, rsemy ceramic fitaci Mfchan, fbia batemant with playraem) central air eenditienad, ail heat, *N*ch*rf garaga—lincoln achasi ditlrict. N*. • Narlh Highland aaal. Oaad 4 ream bwngalaw, ballt In kitchan cablnaM, b*lh, % be* reama, baaanant, atokar h a a f; garage-set south Itth alrael. Only $S,350. Ixcallant t ream brick; tan ba uted at a duplex, fireplace, nica built In kitchena, 2 hatha, fd ba**m*nt, bin fed atebar h**t) 3- car garage. 3101 lagan alreet. 4 roema, hardwaad flaara; large lol-ril WhHa AvanHe-$1,100. lavely 4 ream atana ranch; fine w/w carpetth lang living ream, atone fireplace, dining ream, beautiful built in kitchen and bath, playroom, large wtiiity ream, gat haet; central air cendMened; carport, ttoraga raom. Choice lacatien —lincoln tchool district. Immadiala possession. 1802 Isabella AvMlM' $1,890 down payment. 300 Aces; built «p land. New > rsem medern ranch heme; w/w carpets, beautiful built In kitchen, balht, gat heal, central air conditioned. New barn—1 mile south ef Range- tae Ihit onel 5 Roomi, bath; garage—1420 S. 12th street. Only $2,550. Charming 4 rooms; new w/w carpeted living room, hardwood floors, built in kitchan and bath, utility room, gat heat; carport— 2705 Mannan-$900 down. Nice 4 ream nnch; newly da» aralad, baill hi klfchan and bath, 3 badraama, gat baaf^ car^rf- 321* Canlrat Avana*. Oiilr HJM. •xira nita • M*« baegiliwi nicaly dacaniadk aaay Ml hi kHthan and balb, « M bwaimnfc 401 Sa«rib I7lh mm». OeV III' 000. RvMiiy ft ffMM ffwckf W ||9 Si^ Inf VMIIIf fbvflltBVr lsf |||9 ilMM% large belli hi Mfcheii, m belhs, ga* heet, 3-car garage— aaiilh SSnd afreet. $21,000. Nlc* * wem, brick and hnm ranch; *ar|Mted living reae^ S bad* raama, lavaly ballf hi Unban and bath, all heal; caipart. Na. 7 Ivaa* Mate. Well cenalruclad 7 tmm NMh, brick end frame; w/w **rp*H^ *l *gant bwlfr hi kllcben, alava, even, dhpaaal, dinbig apace, 3 bedroemt, family room, IVi baiha, large clotatt, utility roam, g a ( heat; carport, patio. Na. 14 Crawnyiew. 3 Acraa an highway— S ream modem home; 3 bedroem*, hard- waad fleert, bath, full b *t*m*nl, gaa h*al; garaga—Fairfield Read. Only $10,000. 130 Acre*, 90 acrea tillable; 4 reem houte, bam—3 milea eat en lib*rty Road. $30,000. N*w 4 room ranch; w/w cap pett, beautiful built In kitchen and bath, 3 badroomt, gat hoi water heat — carport. 404 toulh 20th. Very attractive I roomt; hardwood floor*, built in kitchen and bath, gat heal, tlorm windowt— garaga. $5,250. MORTGAGE MONEY IS AVAILABLE SEE US FOR ONE OF THE LARGEST SELECTIONS OF REAL ESTATE IN SOUTHERN ILLINOIS SEE A. HAROLD LOGAN C. WILLIAHS & RICHARDSON 315 S. 10th Leiond Elliott, Royal Story, Emil Hoffman, Salosmon 242.0251 242-0252

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