Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa on October 11, 1933 · Page 7
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Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa · Page 7

Ames, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 11, 1933
Page 7
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" 'BUY BXTTU Of AJUS IMMBBI^_______ ^^^^*^^^^^^^^^^E~^S-HHHH^HHJI^ Price Control Dispute Rages In NRA Group WASHINGTON. (HE)—Price control disputes caught officials of the oil, recovery, and aKrlcultural administrations between heate cross-fire Tuesday. A direct effort of the NRA cor sinners' board to ward off prlct fixing of petroleum products wa revealed in a letter from th board's chairman, Mrs. Mary H Rumsey. to 'Secretary of Interlo Harold L. ickes, administrator o the oil code. She said that in the oil industry the "recovery program has beei moving at high apeed la reverse, by increasing *a« motorists' bll since June 1 at the rate of mon than $500,000,000 annually whlli paying workers only $126,000,00i more. The general retail code was stlJ pending bef or«^A.dmlnistrator Hugh S. Johnson. He was said to fayo the "stop loss" formula of pric< control but his consumers' advisory board insisted that U it was Incorp- orated''in the code there must be drastic regulation of trade. The separate grocery code, con taining a 7 1-2 per cent retail "stop loss" formula, was both praised and condemmed at hearings which started Monday before the agricultural adjustment administration. The national association of retail grocers strongly favored the code as written. DBS MO1NES <D-R> — Iowa's commission on liquor control met Tuesday In the Iowa statehouse to report on various systems the mem bfrs have investigated in the past Each of the commissioners has made a complete study of an inrtl- ^dual plan submitted to him earll- «-r in the year and Tuesday briefly outlln^ his findings to the commission as a group. In addition the commission has Mudied a variety of plans submitted to it Sept. 20 at a public hearing sponsored by the comrnl&sioners. Following Tuesday's reports the commission is expected to start drafting Us final recommendations which will be pres-nted to a special session of the? Iowa legislature in the form of a liquor control measure. Commissioners and the plans thtn- were to report on today are: sVn. Joe R. Frailey. FFt. adison. ttu* Bruit system of Sweden: DicJc U. Uine, Davenport. th<» Norwegian system: th* Rev. Stoddard Lane. ties Moinos, the Quebec system: NV R. Lee, Carroll, the Danish plan: John W. Carey, Sioux City, the Finnish system; Maj. Gen, ftauJww. A. Tialey, Council BJutfs, the Ontario plan; Dr. O. R. Latham. C«!ar Falls, the Delaware plan; R E. Mauley, Mason City, the Rhode Island plan: and Judge E. G. Moon, Ottumwa, the Connecticut DES MOIXES T.B--Revision of the Iowa coal price scale under provisions granted by the NRA was underway here 'Wednesday. Members of the board of directors of the recently organized Iowa Coal Trade association -were convened to classify all types of coal sold ia Iowa. A minimum price will be a;r e( i oa for each kiad of fuel and this state later will be considered by the Iowa coal code authority, a group composing both coal mine operators and dealers who were organized, to execute the code in Iowa. On being approved by the Iowa code authority group, the scale -vill be scanned by the code executive committee of division 2 -which includes Iowa. Illinois and Indiana. Besides drafting the proposed price scale, the Iowa code authority group -will be charged with, en- ioic-iueuc of the trade agreement, it was explained. The committee will receive all complaints of price cutting, short v.-eights or other infractions of the agreement. Entering into the price scale which lowans will pay for fuel this winter will be the influence of shortened work-days and wage changes under the NRA. revision of freight rates in various parts of tb? nation and increased handling costs, it was explained. ITS 101 Prof. Gucomo Peroni of Rome. .,11 emissary o£ the Italian govern- tueni. sseiK Monday and Tuesday on Us? Iowa State college campus in the course of his investigations < f agricultural wastes research in '.his country. Italy raises some eora and the Italian government; is particularly interested, the professor said in chemical engineering work with furfural and. maizolith. t. wo p ro . i.'ucr.s developed at Iowa State from corn The professor conferred wiui Prof. 0. R. Sweeney. iiea'i 'if chemical "ngineerins and !•'. B. Jacobs, in charge of the federal station for agricultural wastes research at Iowa State. Professor Peroni is a former member of tl)e r':i.cult.y of Turin i.'Diversii.y a.uii was at one time a iiieiTiber of t.!v? tt;i.llan parliament. 'I'll-? professor also is visiting '^" furt'unil pl'iui at. (.'wi'ar Rip'd.s I''" only one of t.he hind, a.nd Cor- ! i; t,hf . U1( , Ro- i n" AMIS DAILY TlIBUKrTlMlf, AMBt. 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