The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on October 26, 1894 · Page 7
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 7

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, October 26, 1894
Page 7
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*V a V ' v ^ r }• i i "i t ' ' fttfc BftttfMftt Is the enu newspat»e»in CM Ml •watt tuat it aHntM all M homo and it con mfttinvlWMtiMM Minify own mart aur otb» MM P«P«M IB this omrntr, PO-WKRB ft COLOLO, Props, FRIDAY, OOTOBEB 26, 1894. p EMOCRftTS^ Of the Campaign,' . AT THE CtitJRf H'OUSE, i=—GARRttips= .THURSDAY EVEN I NO. HOH. JOHH F. OUHCOMBE, OF FONT Dopac, able and* 'eloquent speaker, will ac press the people on the political issues f JbOiday from, a Democratic atand point. EVERYBODY INVITED. LOM//RATC* 6N 'Ad RAILHOADC. AN/O e VENTS iRubbers at Moore's. lies' overshoes at Moore'i. illdren's overshoes at Moore's, Gentlemen s overshoes 'at Moore's, nice line of school supplies, at th ace drug store,; . •' .•'': •-.,. <. ••. can get flae repairing done a re's shoe store. • When you Want first class fruits of an call at Schachtner & Egan's cas: icery. a cake of the Dairy Made Butter ilk epap for the complexion, at the Pal drug store. . , he • Olio club will, meet tomorrow ruoou at 3 o'clock at '.lie. residence o .M. Simon. bottle ot Ayer's Cherry Pectoral— X specific tot colds and coughs—sliouli every household. It is so mild and bright today 'that 'does not tppear tbat yesterday could 'have been BO disagreeable. 'hut do you take medldne tor? Became roi > sick and want to got well, of,coarse. • Tbon member, Hood's Hsreaimrills cure*. Try ft sack of Crosby's best flour* fo Schacbfuor & Egan's grocery, and be convinced of its superiority; For rent,—two dWelllat; houses,'one located on north side and the other on the 1 south side. Qeo. W. Bo wen. A good bouse to rent on north side with good accommodations. Enquire a< Carroll, box 211.—MBS. MABY HAUT. Call at Joyce's office for rock, meai and barrel salt, nil meal, storm^sasb, hart and soft coal. Special prices on surplus lumber. Schumacher & Mitts, dealers in flour, feed acil product) are prepared to furnish goods cheaper than ever before. Call on them when in want of anything,iu their line. '•'..•.,• •"-••• '- v * All who cau should attend the Demo- eratlc meeting al Carrol) next . Thursday even Ing, November 1. This will be the last,rally of Democrats during this cam palgu and the occasion ihould be a notable one, "1 would rather truftttjie medicine than auy doctor 1 know of," j»ays ,;,Jf r.8, Uattle |fagon of OlilUpii, ,0i»rt((r. ^9,-, J»fo., In •peaking of Oha;jibur|alu'8 G'old, Cholera and DUrrhova remedy. ; For e*le by J. r Batton, druggist, ,»• '• i?..,^ ;-,,„;,:.. Tbe tree* we're stripped of their leave* Um year Iu left tifne, (liqn •we iyor. »«w before. Bui one Ibiogjs g»)uud uy tile ,Urou)h and th^i lithe ic'ftvt'a.'.w^re 119 few and »p ainu|l th»> It f .111 not. ^liiiuiro muuh work U» remove tk|«in, from tho |parki and the .lawn*. • , When a doctor considers U uuces|i»ry ty prtwirlUti «ar«««*rUI/j, fy? ,/tow>jj «r4erA « bottle of Ayoi %kMOWiu|f Ml Wfill M»M lie will obtain ihwbjr: a jyrer aiwi .purer preparation thau any oilier which the drug ((lore can furnlih. Ayer'a JJHIHH- partita U tbe superior uiedleine. N DUtriot court will convene noil Monday, Judge Paine will be present al |b« opening but will probably eicbaogi' t)ftnoi>i>k with jludfe flo)n)e< ot |)«E Molnep «o (tut tyej can be wlt£ Ul« wrid who |« ai lite Jio»pital In (hat cllv rccclv- Tli*H joyful flug wlUi the t>xbllar«t- inx Bttuw of riwuwud, liBaltli and atrungth and lnl«r«t»l oloat»llut)8», which follow* , Iho few w(iu |mv« i<ul ,pjrogr0»«t'(l' beyond , Utuold tiiuit uit)UlolnB*«ndthocUu*p nub- BiUutea 'ttutituvluw* offered but never »o> ouptvd dy the well Informed. Iu loilwy's paper we publish a f«c sltullu o( the ballot »u it will be printed, willi (bt exctipUoa of the lowtihip' Uobet which win (tdd waterUlly to il« «l*c. The towj)Bbjp t|ok«c if « largo one «ml iweUua ihu utUuial btilnt the l»rg«»» over glvou to thu voiori oJ ihii couuiy. Firo 8tni tod iu the bittuiutiQt of lli« ollugu butlilluK thli worulug »ud «re«t- lod oooBidurnljlu oxclteuieutJ»mouK tb« f «Hldeo|g,f ; .|' lu r g e ajftount of op»l U ».« ^9 toifowi, tyi U (f tJjoyfW by »poQU&eou» comb(W- tlon. The student* lent IB out hefoto »n\ i to tb* bulld!«'g, fhiogi »«fe qflile rgmijfced for a whlib but as' the flm Wag discovered earlv iu thelmorn- luR everything wai in »bhr>e by the time school opened. : MrS, 8. H: ^ohnstoh teit yestardnv for KuteKtt SpringB, Arkansas, where ihe will epeod the winter. Her health hug been poor for some time And she has gone there for her hentth. She hag a btottier living the*e which will made her stay all the more pleasant. The date for the Democratic meeting at Temploton has been changed from Nov. t to Mov, 8, because of the Carroll meeting' next Thursday evening, at which Hofl. John V, buncombe will speak. Don't forget the date: Democrats mee,t at Templeton,. Saturday eyea- Idj?, November 8. '. • ' i : • ; /. f ' I i ' ' I • "i '•) ' ' * • * , Whydo7pu,Bnfter from a. bad cough when. Mann's Cough Cure will care ran at once. aceD t ug.8tore. 1 i , f Samuel Coder of Glldden has be^n bus /The number of. motors going east in durlnR the pa84 fe w weeks drawing woo th«(f :T«teM In the weelilj, must mantnflm « tH«t Wli re«oh our ofho* w«d«*idiiM -•f' . il'lj,.- &-..,!•.*'< ^H^-. , -'i '-.'»•<•'• «AST MBBSTT ANfi BtJOK BtJJf. Fred Flgert rides In a new buggy, 5everal'ffom this vicinity 'itWndtd th Qermanday festlvltes at Carroll, Lizzie Bell is teaching Iu the Sllchma dstrlct. Ollley Cooper has heard from hid broth er. He Is sate and Kouda, Thomas Smock has a riew Af on It or win Messrs. Pierce and Ulnkiey of Cai roll put it up. i "'•-' •• • • '• '> •••••• There was a> surprise party at Hernia Heat's on the evening of the 18th, In hono of Mrs. Best's birthday. Samuel Fucket has returned from Ori go a better satisfled with Iowa than 'eVe Ue says we do'not kuow what hard time ateliere. •..,.. Henry Schroder, accompanied by h has been vl&ltlng his mother n in, Iowa. She Is stllLverv sick.. coVered wagons, who are reluming from Nebraska and Dakota, is not decreasing. The drouth was much more severe in these Btates than. With us. Our farmers here ore so well fixed financially anyway that an .off crop does not affect them like It 'would have done twenty years n'go.' Hann'g Cough cure and Mann's Allgator Lint- meat are'guaranteed remedies and wilt cure every time, ; For snle at Pal»ee Drug Store. . When Wm, Langeiifeld said in his announcement before the county conven ftlon that he would • willingly abide -the decision of the Democratic county convention, every Democrat who knew him had faith in him,.and . knew, he wo,»ld keep his word., Vy.e.'are «lad to be able to ten our friend* th8^we>rere^ mii- tnken .in ;h]m, for hell supporting ihe entire Democratic county tlcket.i • r >--• Mann'i Alligator Liniment Is ttie moit penetrating medicine la, use, |and «il(cure inr,«ii- ment where kn external remedy IB needed. Vor sale at Palaoe Drug Store. - '^. . . .'•'. .','. > ••';.. Dr. U G. PattK formally an .b]d Carroll' boy bet of late of Templeton, bas moved to Fonda where he will engane/ in toe profession. Hia brother Clay Is running H drug store at -that place and it will be an advantage to both of them to ber located a the same point. Dr. Patty is a good student, liberally educated for his life work: and will no doubt keep on advancing in the profession. His father befor'e him was one of the' leading physicians in this locality, thus gave his son, all the advantages possible to become skilled in his work. We trust to hear good reports from him iu his new home. There is no medicine so often needed In every home and so admirably rtdxpted to the purposes fur which it is inteiied, as Chamberlain's Pain Balm, Hardly a week passes but some member of the family lias need of It, A toothache or headache may be cured by it. A touch of rheumatism or .neuralgia quieted, The severe pain ot a bum or sow Id promptly relieved and tho sore bealed In much lens time thau when medicine has to be sent tor. A sprain may be promptly treated befort' Inlliimir.ntionsetHln, which Insures a cure in about one-third ot the time otherwise required. Cuts and bruises should re- ceivulmiuediatetretttincnthaforu the parts become swollen, which cau only bo done when Pain Bultu U kept at hand. A Sove Jiroat may be cured before it become serious. A troublesome corn may be re- removed by applying it twice a day for a week or two. A lauie baek may be cured »ud several days of valuable i hue saved, or a pain in the side or chest relieved without psyiig a doctor bill. Procure a 60 ceut bottle,fttpuoeaud you will never regret It. For gale by J. W. LUtlon,drug- gist. . ._ , . .- . ... .__ . HABRIBO. Ls»» Wednesday Misa Ma/y W. )aeom, of parrolUon,and Pbilp Mozenev ( ViniuR IH,, were united in marriage at be Preabyteriin pareonage at Ooou Rapid*, Rev, Tanner prfprming the o»r*mony, Tbe wedding waa a quiet ffair.' After Ihe ceremony waa over the ride and groom took toe train for the groom'* home, where be In in Ibe era- -\nyot ikw Objoago, MilwaakMi : * St. 'ttul riiilroid, and u n urot qlnae t*le- raph .operator, W« tvi*u IU^ oawlj mar^ivd q<)Up)» pru«jpe'Hl^ A)i»« Bat oinuy fri»i)ilii fp the •onlberu pwtot hie oodut^ wtto will join wilhuilu our and corn fodder from his farm here. The Keystone corn shredder owned b Potter and Co. of G Udder was run oh 0 W. Sanderson's place lastwepfc. H1LI,. Rev. Ke'son preached nt No. 5 lust Sun day. i. . . , • Eugene Corwln Is clerking for Jas. Ol tlOO RawMd, tlOO. be urn tuM (Here U w l«Mt on* dmulcd nit *Gi*no* bM own able t o cui« In »ll Iu »t»g» od ta«U* oattrro. fl«ll'io»t«rrt cure I* liie cure now kuowu to tlw u«Ui««l . UUifb bring a QQn*tl(utlOQk| dli- •e. rwjulrw a «onitltuuomtl ti0»tui«ul. Hull's lurrh cum u Ukw loteroalli, »etln« aireutly l>|iuth« blood au<laiMOuiiurf*4«i of tut •}»• iji, tb«r«b| aeiuoylng toe founiUtion ot tb« and (irlhf (lie pillent »tree»lh br tbe dbniniutloa ana ^ilitln|r ii|i- muou f«lta In Iu «ur«ilv« vot/vn, that luer Iteront hundred auliar*, tor auy CMS tbat It Hi to curt. fertdforl|iUfl«*Mwa»l«jt, 4a<tn«* tr. J, OHKSlfY * CO., ToltUo, 0. FAST Oerroll will be p»rtltmJi(r)y favored by LU U»t mail train wUluh will hero euch'dsY at 18:09 p. w , a» il« will bo the only itop thg train will a»« belweou Doooo and Mlmourt Valley , he uiii which arrive* uerenuwut d tn. will QH sod «ft«r Suudtty arrive m Thli 1 lr*lo.)«)»Vo» Chluvyo *\ » ohok Iu the mQtDlqg auU w»kt>a the tiwu of ninu hour*. TUosu town* iloog Iho road, such ai utfereon, Puiiliou ttud JLogyu, will buvt> o w«lt for lli'ci \ilow tf^qe /P r <ue|r o<x»t- ru ugll, Th'ero Jl itoMuk too fast for arroll, iniley of the Valley will have well drilled tills week. ' Oscar'H(!Her »e Ita'rn has'removed from the lowne farm to one near Coon Rapids Dan Gable is 'having Ills willow hedg cut down, for posts. ... J. B. }Pilley bas repainted his barn; hag.In it ;one hundred and. twerhy-fiv loads ot bay. ' ;,.•.-.,• Al. Bedford bought a fine lot of feeder last-week..- 1 -.; .< ,. . ;.• ^ "D^a.r; : JI|ij,"j8it possible that you hav lost the grip on the item pencil; for w miss its work when absent. G. Joues, of Pocahontas county, Is dow for a few days visit with his son, B. Jones at Carrol Iton. C. A. Davis made a trial o( threahln .fodder last wee,k which proved very sue cessf ul. Bis prices are reasonable. We learn that the man who Rets th office of township clerk in this townshi wi|l have to work for it. Tho gossip about moving the parsonag front Carrollton to Ralston might as we stop now, ns if, can't be done. We learned thai 8. Byerly and Wm Kay buck went uo In the north patt of th state last week to look at .the soil there. John Coulter, one of Richland's Km supervisors, has $100 to open the ro» tliioiiKh the timber uortlieast of Carroll ton, and has a largo force of men at wor taking out the stumps and funding It this bas been a public thorn for some Urn but John Is the one to remove It. TEMVl.JJTON. iJev. Sclnilte was absent and Thursday. Jos. Pudenx, ot Mt. Carmel, placed hi oldest son In our school. Miss Ida .uiillor Isnowstaying with Mr and Mrs. II, A., Binder. Corn picking will be .nearly complnted this week. The wind will whistle ttirougl many cribs In tills locality. 600. Dodzler has his new residence completed. Dr. Patty left lust week for Fonda. We misH him from our city. Mrs. Francis Jfaher, of Salene, S. I). Is visiting relatives and frlwids. Mrs. M Is wvll known Iu tlio county and her maiden uamu waa Kraucig Knoblanch. Geo. Jilerl shipped a ear load of hogs and ouu of bteera last Saturday. A pleasant surprfse party was gotten up on (Jus IIB|tier last Sunday evening- Theru wer«JUHttw«nty-8lx ladles and an f Hu»l number ot gentlemen present. All report as having had the very best of a time. Our creamery will ftgalti begin business Ibe first of JJpv,wmber, Tim company Ims flooiired the services of a llrst class man to run it. Tbe highest market price will be p»ld for milk, . Mra. Wilson, of IlllnoU, mother of F. M., In here vlslllug her sou. Frank lloth l»ft for Chicago to tientmqut for a cancer whloli was growing on b.laJow^r lip, Ills wife received word from I lip phy»loUn who l)»» the oa»e tp qliargfttuaf her vu«b«pd In dolug ulc*ly and that «e would ^be coiuplettily cured IQ abuu( Hire*) more weuks. Agent Modlou U enjoying a visit from liU father, who U also a telegraph operator. ll'o were not "In U" last week, but could up* htilp i|. Some fellows piled all the buer keg» In towu In front of the busluetw homes the other night. Home of tuese fellow* will »eu the inside of the "red hou*e" It they we JJ. 11; Uengford, or Ooou Kaplds, wan a buikneuR vUltor last Jtfouday . ' covwy kuow IU vmuetpU Umewlio tMvvnol, b«oivoiv |Hop|ivnrtu«,ltyio uy II Its*. 0*11 <joi>yo(«ul46t« Uoaltli n»a Uottiebolil jii- tiructor, fr«o. AH of whluh |« guiirVuiuod to do yo.u good »»a oo»t you uotbliitf at J. W. drug ttorQ. _ . • 4 O* 1 CjtANUU Of t'OLUNO To Iho quallfled oleclor* of Carroll lowuiulp. Carroll oouutyJowa. Notice J* htireby Hlveu that the polling p)«oe for •aid (owniltlp USB been oVanged, will Iowa, YOU •ocordlogly. plemo he govero«a J. 0, JUPD, Townibip Qierk. OEPEW iNTftOOUCed iOOTM. •«tilfi(l|lltio Mk^ttitf of MrtlUlonal^i a« «^IMtlnntktii Held Mtterucgle ttnit. tlitw Yonic, Ocij.' JsH,*-The SilVation •ttftf filled Carnegie- hall last night whenChnuticey M, Depew introducei Creneral Booth to New-Yorkers. 1 thfee boxes we're teen W6rif> l»f),WO,000 In one box alone t50,OOp,(KKir*rnt repre «eh<*d. When General Booth catne ii 4,500'people stood up and a whiriwim ot> flying handkerchiefs obscured th tight. Mr. Depew Was a sharer in tht ovation a» he oame > on > the stage, fol lowed by Rev. Dr. ^IcArthnt, es-Polic Commissioner MacLeaa, ftalph Prime Aaroh Powell und JaMes Talcott. : ''.'It has been my lot.'V said'ilr. Depew "to address men of every kind, condition and creed, but 1 never have fe(t quite sc happy as 1 do tonight. At present my public, function of evenings is given to poliOos, and I wish I. could talk to men one-half as earnest and .with. a little o the enthusiasm which inspires you. may say I am on the side which has al the enthusiasm in this canvass." Gen eral Booth followed. He had spoki two and a halt hours in council in th morning, one hour and a half in th afternoon to a great throng in Associa tion hall, and at night made a speech o an'hour, .and a half. He. will speak three times tomorrow in.Cooper, Union and b has 500 more meeting* ahead of him. H Is (ft fears old, too. Camming*' Murderer Arrented, KANSAS CITY, Oct. 2tt.—While testify mg in court here against his wife In divorce suit in which ehe' sought separa tion, William Lacey, of Iola,.Kan., was arrested, charged with the murder a last August, of William Al Cnmmirigs. According to Mrs. Lacey' story her huaband had twice threatenec to take her life and for this reason ah wanted a divorce. Lacey was on th stand testifying against her, when Mra Lacey suddenly sprang to her feet an declared him to. be the murderer o Cummings. After his arrest his identity as the murderer was made positive npo receipt from lola authorities of his de- icriptiori. The murder was coldbloode and at the time caused a decided eenaa A skeleton, with a pair of rusty hand cuffs clasplnp; the arm, was found nea Thurber, O. T. Twenty-two inmates of the county hug pitnl at Coheaa, Gal., \vere poisoueil will strychnine iu coffee. A Chinaman is sus pectcil. TUe Ruprumo court of Pennsylvania has permanently enjoined the Standard 01 trust from K"'>Minu .tip the Producers ah«] Reftijers' Pittsburg. Tliejiiry which tried the suit of M»vj E. Harriett iigainst the estate of ])r Henry J.'.Ukvelow nt Cambric^ge, Mnsa. tor $175,000 for breaoh of, coiitract of luur riiige, (llsuigiveil. A wttr in jvires ii threatf noil unless tht Canadian PiuMflc liocomes a member o the \Vesteru Immlgraut.usHoclntion.' A jury ivt Al.-trclmll, Mo., returned a. ver diet, iijjuinsi. Bunker Browne anil Ci'.y Mnrshul Hedrick for ftlOO for killiiiK uiif; Will K.itoti lust spring. Mi-s. Hannah Chnffep, widow of FJIJ Chance,'died ut Adrian, Knu., ngeil 10^. She (jelt'hi'Htea her lust iu.i:uursiiy Sept. IU, anil was in full posse.s-ji^u of hci- Acuities. Colouel A. S. Everest,'one of the most famous iueji of Kniisas, died «t Atchison. For .years he was attorney for the Mis- sionri Pacific division. He syas also state Beuutor and wis ex-Snuntor Infrn'lls' chief attorney iu tUo senulorial in- veatlijrttion cuse some years 2:30. doo Oaor.EUA KKMHDY. T BBVB all the well bogs and a great many of the eiok ones. I sell medioiuf, or doctor ou the "uo Jiireuo puy" pUn. Adriredfl John Luoey Vail, Iow«,'or E. J Lucey, Carroll. REPAIR YODK WAIKS. Tbe eidewaiks of the city must be re paired for the winter, aud property owners ninel sea tint theib-wulfca are jlaoed in good condition within the next :e»*, or I will repair them and elukrge expanse ot eame to Ihe property. O. F. HAurLTON. Marehal. WAKTEU. SflO bushels of oats. Ulghest market >rlce paid. LsiTa F/.BTCHKII Co. MOTICH. We, the undersigned, agree to keep our meat market* closed on Sundays after Got. 31, 1804, until May 1, 1805. N. BBITKK. KA.KNK & J. OAIKBV, F.J. MU.MCK. HOAIIPRII , WANTKU A. few day boarders wanted at A. A '•Ibolt'g. __ _ . ___ Carroll Market Report COUN-M" "^ HO(lS HUTTKH KCJOS-Uo iO 1« WHiiA'iVttO . . : UO( lowa,C*nolleoiim]r,w: ntBUdUltlotfpuri of Carroll county, Ion, toriMfii « J. TetyBi plalnim v« JuJiii II. Currier, • . . . Jolin U. CurrUr; «Kttoulor of lb« «i|«U of i o Uarr B, cmtiir, o*o«»««a : llmt IBMU U now un k oi tlu> 4>»trivt aourt owa, tu» p»tmou of thu if tU(« u*iut<i ol, Mary 3, Currlvr, duftMNd, and oat rou ttt oiiuf Wuot * «a«l •tCtfOUBtliif nu «aU court, uuu uiuka a dual N loriMrour.aBtMM •«.«uuii •«««««•. ou liia t»uuafiiuiby leflonui your um »na mental uoadlilon rou are liiwipiiWe of dlioturgluu your uuvt \» ibo bMt LftVitttnu o( «ttiil etuto. ttust unt \<t Iho bttjn UuMtttnU o( «iilii etu|». u •at you li»v» faMi aivd uctfiwiou to fllo a w rupttrt and tuvwitoti ut IU« aM«Ub«- ««l(t WUt* wUloh have UIHUO Itito . *»d Ui« fou tuo (Kor a wuro par l*lu[ia' South i.ferollna Llque* Law. Qovetfior Tiilinnn and Me §np|jr)rtOTS hnyo Bho^ii n.-^owfer of odmlttisttative and legislative finessing Wcktfay :of • Talleyrand. Trie stiprome court of Sooth Carolina pronounced the dispensary law of 1893 nhdouatitutional QoYetnoi Tillman at once by proclamation closed alibis (lispeusnrios then in obedience to the decision. But meantime, M if in anticipation of the Bflpreme court's course, thu Soath Carolina legislators repealed the act of 1899 and passed another similar one.. This Governor Tillman did not attempt to enforce until more than six months had elapsed. On July 81, this year, the term of onebi the, judges hostile to the dispensary law expired. Iu South Carolina'all except probate jndges .are. elected by the; legislature. That body immediately .pat Lieutenant Governor Eugene B. Gar; into the vacant jndgeship. This gave a majority of the judges in favor of the state clispensnry law.... -Tbo snprerue court then decided that the new Jaw passed in 1803 is constitutional. State dispensaries are therefore in full swing again: One ground on which the old law waa pronounced • unconstitutional was that the state has no right to engage in trade. Judge Gary.decides that the,.state;must protect fits citizens, thereby necessitating that itdio, in a measure, police service. -Intoxicants are hurtful and dangerous to the morals of Hie state; therefore the state has. the right to regulate the sale. . The. act of 1898 is therefore a police measure. - ' Under the a, state commissioner of, liquors is appointed by the governor. Be purchases all liquors to be sold in the state, and a state chemist must test them to be sore that they are para A state board .of liquor;, control designates the county dispensers. The commissioner attache* to every package of liquor he: buys a tag or certificate, and this must go with the package everywhere it is shipped. The absence of such certificate is taken as evidence tbat the liquor is contraband. Under, a proper warrant a constable may search suspected houses at any time to find whether contraband drinks are there. The dispensaries are opeu from 8 to 6. Tho packages coiitaiu drinks iu quantity from five gallons to a half pint mid mnst'uuder j;o circumstances bo opened on the premises where they ato sold. Half the profits from^tbo sales go to the state, the otlier half to the county uud town iu which the dispensary is situated. . Holding Orllccs l)o\vu. Mr. W. H. Pugh has been legislated out of oflice ;va commissionur of customs at Waahiugtou aud transferred to a new office as superintendent of the in»f>m» tax division. His salary when he was comniiHSiofJer of cttstoms was |4,000. His salary M income tax supetintendent will be |4,8So. ,,, Now that he has made his last bow to the public as a customs officer Mr. Pngh does not mind letting some light iu on his late business. It seems from his report that there are ill this United States at least 60 customs offices that ought to be abolished ou the spot. All the collectors da at thoso points'is to keep their office chairs warm at government expense. ' '• ,. . -'• •>: In the 50 Offices which, Mr. Pugh names in hia report there were no transactions last year, none at all. Most of the ports where 'there are offices at which no business is done are in tho southern states. They are scattered over 10. states altogether, however. Here la a matter in which congress might economize to tho extent of many thousand dollars n year if it were disposed, Bn» a bill for the abolishment of 60 useless offices would have to pass tho senate. The senators, who have the confirming power,; will not, do away with the use* less offices and turn their constituents out in the cold—uo, not to save $60,000 a year, it is said. . The political campaign is hotter this fall than it has been any year since tho war, when, there was • not a president to be elected. Perhaps the Popu'listo have infused an element of "pop" into the air. Everywhere the registration has been almost .phenomenally large from the day tho lists wertt opened. The voto the country over will be enormous, perhaps exceeding the last presidential year. And when the result of the election is known there will be surprises all along the line. The most learned and exhaustive treatise 611 the bubonic plague has-been made by a learned Japanese, Professor B. Eitasato. . Professor Kitasato visited dying plague stricken patients, drew blood from their finger tips and examined it under the microscope. He mixed dust from the floors of infected houses with inenl aud fed it to rats and mice. They died of the plngue. Ho finds it Jo be a bacteriological disease, and the bacillus is similar to that which develops chicken cholera. Ono now knows what is the matter with tho Chinese army. Many of tho soliers are araied only with the jingal. That is why thlir fighting has been all jingle and nothing else. • • • VergineT&vuigerl'eUl, 'aged '6 years, Was fatally burned'ut a bonfire at Elgin, Ills. The fleet now being put into the east by Russia will be the moat formidable ever east pf.S.ue/.. GUILD Is letting: downthe pri ces on dry goods, notions, ladies' and. gentlemen's furnishings, cloaks and capes. x ^CLOAKS. 5.00 > ou can buy a gocid Beaver Cloak. 8.95 y° u Cat1 buy a Fine Crush Plush Cape. 14.T5 y° u can buy a Seal Plush Coat, just worth!$5.oo more. Children's and Misses 1 Coats from $2.50 np. These goods are.all now this season- We did not sell cloaks last year,consequeutly we have not an old garment in the house. UNDERWEAR. For IQc.Jyog can buy a Ladies' Jersey Ribbed Vest, worth 25 cents. F° r 35 C - y° u can buy an Egyptian Cotton Fleeced Vest ..,•:, or Pants, worth 50 cents. 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