Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on November 19, 1970 · Page 8
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 8

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 19, 1970
Page 8
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r Junior Editor Quiz oiv KANGAROO •r*- THAT GRASS LOOKS OOOP- UTTLE JOBV fSTHINKINS -. OOPS- urns* SOMETHING? t? QUESTION: How does a baby kangaroo feed? -T ANSWER: A baby kangaroo — or "ioey" — is only 21 about an inch long when born. Maybe he's small, but he's —• possessed with a tremendously strong idea, which is to ^ climb into the big comfortable pouch his mother has ^ waiting for him. Once inside, he's happy. For weeks he -^ stays there, feeding on his mother's milk, which nature II; has thoughtfully piped down toward him. He rests and ri grows rapidly. Finally he pokes his head out and takes a -~ look at the world. One day. as in the upper picture, the ^ joey will see something tempting and hop out. He has the comforting feeling that his mother is around. And if he loses his nerve (bottom picture) he can always lake a flying leap back into his safe little home. It may be months before he is out on his own. Young animals have a great need for security when they first grow up. Nature provides many methods. Birds have nests. And many animals bring up their young in caves or insid thickets. A Kangaroo belongs to the great group of mar supial animals, each of which has developed its owi way of caring for its young by carrying them around ir a soft, warm pouch. (Barrel Hinkley of Sacramento, Calif., wins a prize fo this question. You can win $10 cash plus AP's handsomi World Yearbook if your question, mailed, on a postcarc to Junior Editors in care of this newspaper, is selectee for a prize.) TIZZY By Kate Osann "It wasn't your fault, Renfrew, that you stepped on my foot while we were dancing—only I wish you hadn't been wearing your ski boots!" SIDE GLANCES By Gill Fox tne way . . . v not shall I do with your pedestal?!" Daily Times Herald Features . . . Comics «UT OUR WAY COCHRAH Thursdoy, November 19, 1970 Vegetable Garden Aniwer to Previout Puttf* ACROSS 1 Pungent Jfleshy garden root 7 Thick edible root 13 Small space 14 Handled i 15 Rented 16 Simon met him 17 of corn • 38 Heron 20 Highway curve 21 Changed direction 23 Parasitic insect J!7 Perceptible to sight 31 Direction 32 Low haunt 33 Require 34 Bewildered 35 Unit of energy 36 Sea eagle 37 Train certain beans on these 39 Work (physios) 40 Marine worm 42 Teaspoon (ab.) 45 Unproductive 46 Reverential fear 49 Winged 51 Expunger 53 Word of promise 54 Helping 55 Exit 56 Whipsockets DOWN 1 Chest rattle 2 Range 3 Expensive 4 Moths 5 Shirt or coat part 6 Protective barrier 7 Diminishing 8 Connects 9 Royal Society of Edinburgh <ab.) 30 Appellation 11 Greenland Eskimos 12 Writing implements 3 9 Transposes 22 Eater 23 Meadows. 24 Hops' kiln 25 Employer 26 Discolor 28 Great mass of ice 29 Cotton fabric 30 Paradise 32 Strips o£ honors 38 Stair posts 39 Physostigminc! 41 Willows 42 Kind of recorder. 43 Metallic dross 44 Young salmon 46 Continent 47 Travel 48 Term in physics (pi.) 50 Pedal digit 52 Fruit drink OH, GKAMP, COME WATCH THE 3HOVV -A SITUATION COMEpy WITH A MIL- J W156 REA<ARkJS AMP LJOVI LAUfiHS.' THE MU& SHOTS .,—-I CLOSE THE DOOR ON OLkSHTA BE (5REAT WHEN SHE WIELPS A WASHCLOTH BEHlNf? HIS EARS AMP HAS TO USE A LOAD OF ELBOW GREASE OW A "THE LABOR FORCE MAl&INfl HOUJI . . . wltli . . . MAJOR HOOHI 123456 7 8 9 10 11 12 CARNIVAL By Dick Turner "Teacher says I must be getting smarter—she hasn't caught me at anything for the last three weeks!" BUGS BUNNY By HEIMDAHL & STOFFEL I'M PAY/MG FOR A GOOD PLASTEKIN' JOB, AND X INTENP SMOOTH OUT THOSE WOUGM SPOTS ... SET THAT CWACK OVER THERE... CAPTAIN EASY By CROOKS fr LAWRENCE F1K/DIW6 THAT R0CK/N6/ WEt-LiOWESOOP HORSe MAV HELP ME- / THIW6,,, THERE OUT WHC7 5ALLy / AREW'T TOO OLP-FA^HIO'NJE'P , THE/ AL/WO&T RANK A^ IPEA'. 1> WH«T ABOUT 7HI^ r, WOMAN, wiwwie KI.OTZ/ IWTEKIOR PECORATORVWHO TOOK CARB WMICK*,,, WHV WOTTRVAWEW5- PAPER AD ON F15H AMP THERE AREN'T CHJPJ5, EH ? . AH THAT WANV PLACED, EITHER W.ITS A Lowe- ^HOT.BUTWOT w.*wSCUBA M* ON MJtmSfr POLLUTION BINS THe HHrXPLlNES / SHORT RIBS By FRANK O'NEAL I TURNED-THE KING'S > BY ROYAL PROCLAMATION PROM NOW ON MUST ADDRESS THE FLINTSTONES ly HANNA-BARIERA o^/ PEAK!. INFLATION HAS MEAT PRICES OUT OF SK&HT WHAT CAN YOU GIVE ME FOR A DOLLAR II-K3 VOU CAM COME BACK HERE AMP L/CK THE , CHOPPING BLOCK/ PRISCILLA'S POP By AL VERMEER DO M3U THINK TV VIOLENCE »s HARMFUL TO CHILDRErNf, REVEREND WEEMS* YESTERDAY 1 | [SAW A MAN HIT ANOTHER MAN A 2. BY 4 .' WE STRUCK HIM SO HARD THE POOR HEAD VIBRATED LIKE A GUITAR STRISKSs.. !..AND THAT WAS JUST THE VODDY CARTOON SHOW; ALLEY OOP WHERE'S MV V1TTLES, UMPA? I'M HUMGRY/ THEY WENT FOR A VERV WORTHy CAUSE, PET/ 11-19 By V. T. HAMLIH WHAT COULD BE WORTHIER'N ME,/NOW JUST FOR CATSAKE?/ BECALM; auz; VVHATCHA MEAN/M CALM?// THtS'S KING* DAW TN'aMATKT PAY UPff, AN' WHAT HAPpffHS? ^ e. 1970 b, H[«. |.' t ., T.M. ».». U.S. r.i OH ...NO PRESENTS;; x NO PEOPLE, NO CEL.EBRAT/ON, WINTHROP By DICK CAVALLI I'M MAKING LIP/WCHRISIMAe QIFT USUCHIP5, xVslO r"M TGyfNQ TO DECIPE W-RT TO GIVE VOJ FRECKLES By HENRY FORMHALS L«*LAT H'MlMW.SO LAZ/ HE FALLS^K/f P ° M " n THEM H(5 CLOTHES OOU TMAT IDEA? WHEW THE/ V HOR.Se 7WAT WAS ' SGRATcHea CAMPUS CLATTER •y LARRY LEWIS IT WAS INEVITA8LE I THEY SHOULD UAVB SHARtD A FACUtTY OFFICE/ rd>^ G

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