The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on October 12, 1933 · Page 4
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 4

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 12, 1933
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR LfeAMft, MALVtim, K3WA, OCttttfeft jj, HIS LOCAL OF THE P* .MALVIRN TTMBfltt 1s*"fii tltt^T Pbon» Str*. Albert Xefeoa aad «aaga- ter. ErrHle, Mr*, John Bacoa. and Mr*. Ivan L-aadfren aad children were Red Oak shopper* Wednesday afternoon, Mr. aad Mrs. J. R. Freeaaa: aad eaBdrea of Red Oak *er# Sunday rapper rn-pjt? of SSr. as3 Mrs. Iras tbe tower jtardess *afc3a ar* a«- Frasws Beaton h*« t*«» a*aaat bwattttal til* faB, la the eoaatry tfcel Bo«*r Caller. *bo taw spttt put re* day*. Wedaesday of la* j *** . *»*** *«* r**atr**s aw rise maraed frea a f *» | "W**** *** ******* »' fwsttte* *ftb few daac*ier. KM. *** «*« waqpftay for *M«A be . aad family ia R*»lw f *eri8*rly *ortwd to Cbfc***. Kr*. afttneaa ,&*fCatlw and tie 'boy* are *ita Mr. day* E<! (•rib. SaftaWeJ ^ L*e ftobrnd. ime ot ear gttWo" *0f i^lWT'I&jr $$0&ttt"49''B£ ftttd: ftppwSR. i H^lftpS>l»lJ*fc fSTWMHSTS* "wJisft «k SM* — Deardarihs Grocery. li-S,}«r«af awl eaSNI f* *twrt8» Mr, aad Mrs. R. L Hal*. iXMftMfcft «f Ml breetfHtt ****- He aad .Mrs. 3. O. Laird, aad Mr*.j»vwi aortb*** of MaJtera *ow Mary R*t* drove to Shenaadoak I oa HBfcaway t*. wW8* ate TltTtrJloB-j' C? iA$t ^""iHSk *9 T*BK I iS&XnS& IBBBy Cv ?SB(9l>. tbe borUcaJtaral sboir aad to *** Be* Batta tits** » Craig, Uebr. lair a ftstt wftb cowsttt*, Mrs. Job* ?*•** aad CJara Wis*. Miss Wise re- a. :.. ^ ^ -..* |F |a Jfr ,. ^ Tl^ IkS^b » tl ifr ^ <ll>feMHt tames uo9nft wfta am for a Tnn •rltb eOwr reiaUrw tbere, Mrs. C. E. AxteJJ amJ daa^lt- ter, Rata, of BcncoBaa, Moat, are «d>e«e4 be=re tbe latter part ot ap to F!t**t Cbapel j ia for «racreita« Mr, C«tl«r** Mr. »ee» fw a «ttl ker of -«-eeJcs Mrs. AfrOTa mother *&« bad a bad fall wat* 1 Beutoa, a»d family. Tbey are sow Special Poods featured for October Pumpkin, Catsap. Assorted Jams, Prunes. 3f*caitmi, Spagrhetti. Grapefruit Mm the Free Pancake Day Saturday We -will furnish Su- for the cakes. KMMIFPS GROCERY Yo«r Star* of *r* for *t f-cr :> in : M«2rera rfeft Beat oa i * B. Mr wise font£p acd »ork^d at trsd? vttfc J. H. Here's yt»ar ebasre' af THE OMAHA BEE-XEWS. ] irbere tb«y tlslted aatfl days Dailr aad Ss&day by j la tbe boase of Mrs. Beatoa's It te straate bo* fe* people, erea ebarcb members, eaa irrre oaly oae or t%o boars a *ee» to tae s^rricos oC ta^fr caa~rc&. Tae sloths for oat cbarch at- tcatdaace DO* ft: Doable tbe at- teadanee at tbe ntoratei aad ere- afii^ ]?rfia£afa£ s^eJtiluss* it oaa be doue If the raembers *aat ft dene, tbe BfWe «ebool comld be increased one-tbird. Tb* TBstwr s«rtie» Sanday *»e*as quite *ell attended and pressed ; time aro S«e *ill Join ber io«- risitlag la Ckicaaro. teaad ia Cbtearo *x*. {Mr. aa< kr*. Hart ---- , DmnF .ocpresswi inem^Tea pieas- A trial of-;drtm. te^ H»^™ ^ S *. tnr *f!! *« «tt tlie Urn* ot settle*. Be at ; at - Sfty tb* «B raraS roatss or ia carrwr bey tc>Tiisi. JOT fitly Xt5» Glady* Riddl* a»d can- «t«. Taey were aecompaaied Beatoa's Mster tae tae IStt. Mis» ** ** Sttttday KBOO! at 10 and at 11 a, ai. Eptrortft letgoe at 4 p. m., aad tbe trMoa respw ««rrice at the Metbodtst church at 5 p. in. There at* tlH»* of «« *»» «r- teatly fattt* tfte imbBe to *tt«M! th« enattft »errt<*8 be«aaee ** feel that the <*nreh hM things of «la* to offer li*t yoa *H1 aot «a£ «aj- other place. We tt*Te foaad ia tie eharch precious Hfe ralaes *fcjca *e did not find other place*. biih recard. He fe»« tte*js SB !ac for JB»SJ- year* Is *fr ir,e ^n?.io*«? ssd mired » J»* SCO- Mr, *Ed Mrs. Ira E, F*r!t» *s- • a jvlp*-«*Et Ti?1t It$t •«-«** ; frfim tbeir «>BsiB*. Mr. *zd Mrs. Gar Mead and Mr?. Nettie lsm»w. *ho drore !n froin Hessdfr^cvs. IB. , A fine ?on w«* bora te» Mr. Mrs. Loosard Aodereoa at home soathwpst of Marr^ra. Sat- < ardsr. o«, 7. He ha« b«*a 3»»»»»a Walter Jerald. We extend ro»- rratnlatjons. Mndvra He>Me for Rnrt — $15. — Geo. Mellor. HU. Ed Fotlitt from pocttMist ef ; town tra* In Saturday. He laid bij danphter. Term, who recently ' had an appendix operation drpre ?P Oaa'ra Friday Mis* Riddle Rrtefct tie a; S5*r fcfttee- Miss Xerrljc trbere: esd b«r' a reunten family field at Ml. I Soodar? He don not know. takes **!- tif Tisarsday and J- Fiwse Jtr aad Mr*. Fred 141- W. a** r*«»5» of Coifnabtts. Kan, wbo are it|r rrtaure* cere wwit to Ooaa- cs! BJtff* Moeday to risJt Mr. and Mrs. FrwJ Rafn. Mrs. Miaaie Grares of Hiaton. OkU. caae Sanday for a ririt »«r sister. Mra. O. E, Darts, £>tlier Muu «0«Ut)r Matte. **>"• •»* **«• Ua«« drore to Omaha to meet her Sanday toora- to find oat. It brine • * tiii* •pun you bare any money bring it also. er. Eiza rteit alone fine aad he was fo- 1 ar^ to r^ jfcdiw Friday after ] inir ap tbe cert day to briar ber* borne. ; Xis> Marion Black and Mrs 3. \ O. Laird »ere in Council Blaffs j Friday aad risited Jot- Wearta in I tbe Edncndson bocpital. j Don Milllkan made a trip to i Omaha Friday, poteg ap to visit < Bm asd Bambarr > He«i»5 M SStoer -vere] Ee, a*d Mrs. T. V, Gld- j aft«mMa aad ere- j ifi £I Mr. aad Mrs. B. E. Bares went R. McCSnnoad aad Mis«» f to Strabaa Sanday xaoraiac aad Sefea&de, Katbertnf Walk-1 t^eat tbe day tbere *lth relaUrea Hwtx, and l«a Boreneiand attended tbe home coming at tbe MeUkodist ebarcb. 3. E. Raadersoa Is reported awtil* in tbe Jorfya Memorial- Mr asfl Mrs. B. F. Brenneman of AMletiF-, Kan. »eelc. Wedaesday, for Mr. and Mr*, Adam Gipe. Mr*. iGipe ^Sr?" Mm «3x»>L MlftM* Boreae aad Herts ireii: e»a to Prairie City to Mr*. Edna Van Mr. KrClyaocd drore from tbere to Knoxrille vnere be attended a reccion of the McClymond families Satarday and Sanday. Tbey retnrned to Malrera Sanday ere- ning. Mr*. Kenneth Thompson and j daughter, Bererly Joanne, of Mt,} . R*d Oak *ere gae«ta in tbe borne j annt of Mr. Brenne-Joj Mr. and Mrs. Henry Brenains ! > tbe e»- j u^t Tbarsday and Friday, one day. - ^ , Eldon Tyler and John Barth- ber sis- | olpmeir of Tabor »ere rae*U of °* ; Mr. and Mr*. J. D- Moore at quite a little improred (rota bis recent aertoas illaeas at bis borne ia northeast Malrera aad we hop* to see aim able to be oat again la a abort time. MOk detttnctvd. S cents per Qt— Robt Stroud. Pboae 148-W. adr. Mr. aad Mrs. J. F. Wearin leave this morning (or a several northwestern Nebraska, E. C. Uaqnist was up from Shenandoab yesterday calling on old friends and looking after baxin«*v matters. He reports a n his new store. Vttfrea* j Mrs. 3. Kotelka was pleasantly | Henderson yesterday aad called > surprised Friday evening when i to place an ad for a ble closing Mr, aad Mr*. Gt&ret WiCiajn-1 Jlr - ** d Mrs - Henry Bocken drove ! out salo ot tannin* equipment bo ot Council Blcffs were cnests > to trom H"" 5 * 31 f or a Tisit, Mrs. j wni bold oa tbe old Uoaley Chase Kocefta and Mrs. Bockea are; farm soatbeast ot Henderaoa. Read bis ad la this lasno. Modern Kitchenware and Best in Hardware You are iB\Tt«sd to visit their store wMle die Cooking School. and had an enjoyable visit I together not baring seen each j other for two yean. Mr. and Mrs. Bodtea retanwd to Harhva San- Teacher*' Ei i * owa «•»«*» *« *• kri« at th« Coanty Snper- |fB«BraBee. "A pewoy saved is a intcauleBfa oiHoo in Glen wood, penny «ara«d." Take care oif the| low*. Wednesday, Thnrsday. *n<J and the pocads wiH take i Fridar. Oct. 25 26. aad 27^ leareof tbemaeJTes." AlsoapoHcyi Examination* wfll begin at 8 in Use National Life Usat sires o'clock Wednesday moraine. yoa prou«tion in yoor aeUre life ^ay Hammers. and disability and old a«e b«ie-1 Coanty Saperintendent. «t*; and tnrongh depressions like th* present, keeps you from E pnblic eiarre- — C, E. be- j Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Ronk moved ; fe«s-e from Bed Oat la« week and are oenspyin^ the Mrs. Margaret Canningham residence ia the east part of town. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Farqabar and daag&ter, Elinor, drove to Jamaica Saturday for a week emd visit wHn Mr. and Mrs. ). ». Days Great Thursday Friday Saturday for WISE SHOPPERS t the free pancakes! ' We believe you'll find each one ot" these a genuine value, Our store makes « a point to give a complete drug service to this community in an eflflcient, economical manner, Tooth Paate $ * c 30e ^g 6 DC Bij t 25c Fint Aid Collins Drug Company a n,l«»US»» IWnn Her. and Mra. L. B. Bobbin tefi Tuesday naraiae far Mssca- sia« to aae&d tb* Baptist State ccffiveEuoB ia seatioB tbere OoL to 15, OUiCT« eotair rroa tils were th« paswrs of tbe Bed Oak and Cleawood Bapxitx cbarebes and taeir wtree. and all drove tfcere toeetber. Born — to Mr ^nd Mra. Joba Ratitibtfr Satardar, Ott- f, a aoa. . He bas bees named Gerald Oscar. LymE Warrea. who is takinc work in tb« law ooilece ef the* of Iowa, visited bis, Mr. tnd Mrs. M, C. War- i ren, near ESBEPSOB over tke week end aad iMMmtafly lagcUd after kis wfeeat aeediBC ia tlaa Tfdaitr. A- F. KiHoarue made a b«i- trip to Coiwre Ta«*4ay aft- a»d Su-st: Croat aooovpa- kiss for Cbe MBk We bope that under tbe new copper code tb« traflic policeman win bare to be a little rentier in bawling as oat. PreBbytetteH Chvtrli »eary Dale White, MlnUter Sunday school at 10 a. m. Morning wornhip at 11. The theme for tbe hoar to "Learners, Remembrancers and Partakers." Tbe Communion of tae Lord's Sapper Is to be celebrated at this service. All members of tbe chnrch aad congregation are cordially urged to be present. MetbodM Episcopal chart* Roy E. Oageler. Pastor We believe that those who were present at the union vesper service last Sunday were favorably Impressed. Tbe time of day, tbe nature of the service., etc, all seemed to contribute toward making it impressive. The choir will practice with Mrs. Zelma Fletcher Friday at ~:SO p. m. Former Retideat Die* fa State M oftica, Calif, Relatives and friends have received word of tbe pasting on of Evelyn Rath Traesdell, formerly Evelyn Bogve, at a Santa Monica, CaHt. hospital. Mra. TruesdeH spent her yoanger days in Malvern. She united with the Methodist church there when a young girl. She leaves to mourn her pawing her huaband, R, L. Trnesdell, at Santa Monica. Cast., and her mother. Mrs. TOHe Schneider, and two brothers, ElUworth and Richard Bogae, all of Council Bluffs. SHOES • fertile Whole ! Wort Shoe* School Shoes SPECIAL PRICES on ALL CLOSEOUTS AH Good We Sfcecia Quality Shoes Repairing If PAYS to have your Did Shoes REBUILT. We make them Look Like New. A special invitation to the ladies attending the Cooking: School to visit our store. FRED HALL Exchuir* Sbo* Dealer BoYER'S GROCERY Malvern . Flour ___ I ___ Friday and Saturday Only t Sack Umfc Paxton Ck>coa, 2 Ibs. ---- Ibs. Oats with dish 10 Ibs, Corn Meal 25c Kamo Corn Flakes 10c Pork and Beans, 16 oz. cans. Tones Old Golden Coffee ,. D EOF IN and look at the handsome new top coats for New Polo models with belt all around. Hall Beits and Plain Models in tbe newest fabrics The New Ford 15 Plate Battery fits 90 per cent of the cars made. 55 per cent more starts at zero tern- perature with this new battery at no additional cost Arvin Car Heaters Eveready Prestone Let as Re-condition your car for winter driving. Salyers Auto Co. FreeCookBook After the Cooking School come to Md g«t » Frw Cook The LANDIS HARDWARE a beautiful assort- ^Iwfl^lrT^i' ik^Si? flfc WWMs flBWwWH(Bp *^ff 9fwWmlj09f saWs^ppJ^yHBI^l* ^BMpjf^ JgTS O1T5 * * m To introduce our flour tw ««ulw u*» « Lwta, St* Irfc Frt*»j fajr

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