Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on November 19, 1970 · Page 7
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 7

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 19, 1970
Page 7
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Your Personal Finance- The Tow Truck- Succor or Socker .. By RICHARD P. PRATT The modern automobile will carry you through rain, sleet, snow and gloom of night, asking little but oil in the engine and gas in the tank. But at some point in the life PLUMBIHGana HEATING REPAIRS-ALTERATIONS- INSTALLATIONS On the Farm PLUMBING & HEATING SERVICES Pumps Water Systems Pride-of-Farm Equipment CALL US FOR YOUR DIGGING NEEDS We do custom digging for water lines, sewer, foundations. FREE ESTIMATES CALL 792-3868 SCHECK'S Plumbing & Heating Air Conditioning >/4 Mile West of Hwy. 71 Stoplight of every car, it will roll to a wheezing stop and refuse to go. At that point you are probably going to need the services of a tow truck. In one way, seeking a tow is like buying any other service. You call a garage, request assistance and pay tlhe resulting charge. But psychologically, it's a lot different from, say, hiring a man to paint your porch. if you're stranded out on s*m* lonely road, perhaps with a car full of tired kids, you're apt to view a tow-truck operator more as an angel of mercy than as just another businessman. Hu man nature being wfaat it is however, some operators are not above socking it to you because of your plight. Your best defense is to be aware of possible problems an< to be ready to nip potential over charges in the bud: Do Your Need a Tow?—If ffw problem is something like , busted fan belt or a bent fende that rubs against a tire, yoL don't need a tow. What you ne« is some first aid that will ge you rolling again. If you realiz this, describe the problem on the I phone. The driver can the i bring equipment with him and make repairs on the spot. Check on Charges—Before Hi* driver hooks up, ask about rates. They should be based on a hoisting fee, plus so much per mile. You won't be in much of a position to bargain, of course, but you will look like less of a patsy if you display an interest early. Ask Where Car Is Goinf- Sounds obvious, right? But occasionally a trucker will try to FUN! CAHD/COME* AS WELL AS Canadian Revolutionaries Talk to NEA's Tom Tiede By TOM TIID6 MONTREAL (NEA) - Under the tight laws of the War Measures Act, no one in Canada, especially French Canada, is supposed to say anything that might aid or tend support to the outlawed terrorist group. "Front de Liberation du Quebec." But that doesn't from doing ». stop some Time* Herald, Carroll, la. Tf«ur*4«y, Nov. 19, 1970 Congratulations to ELLERBROEK'S and DEARDUFF'S On The Grand Opening of Their New Stores in Westgate Mall WALL COVERING AND PAINT SUPPLIED BY Joe's Paint Center > Joe Dalhoff, Owner Carroll, lew* tow a vehicle to a garage some distance away to boost the fee. The excuse is usually that nearer places are closed or that needed parts are not available elsewhere. The operator isn't likely to insist, however, if he semes your suspicion. Liit Ml DcmagM — If y*u'v« been involved in a collision, list ail the damage done, and make sure the driver knows you are doing M. Towed cars have been known to arrive at shops bearing more dents than they had when they were towed away. Some are caused by carelessness, others by design. Watch Hit Tt«hniqut--Fe«t towing with the front wheels elevated is hard on the car with an automatic transmission. Most trucks carry dolUea to put under the rear wheels of the towed car. t is also possible fc> disconect the car's drive shaft, but this is not an easy job. Hoisting the oar's rear wheels and towing it >ackward is suitable for short hauls at low speed. It will ease the pain of towing slightly if you know that part of the charge will be paid by someone else. Most auto clubs offer road service as a benefit of membership, but the cheapest coverage is apt to be a simple addition to your auto insurance policy. On a recent evenlnf , In fft« suburb of Verdun, a newsman met with sit young sympathizers of the FLQ. In a basement flat. In a soundproof lavatory. None would admit membership in the separatist organization but all admitted allegiance. Here are notebook jottings minus profanity, on what they Mid: "We are here because we believe the laws of Canada do not apply to the people of Quebec ... I would like to run a knife into (Canadian Prime Minister) Pierre Trudeau ... We will win ... I have a B.S. degree and work parttime in an office where I must speak English: if I speak French, my mother tongue, I will be fired ... Did you read today's papers? There anarchist tradition: action precedes thought; new words are built on the corpses of old; slaughter for "justice" is just. "If a government official is killed," said one, cutting his fingernails with a scissors, "it isn't murder. It's part of the war against the big fat cats." This war, according to Canadian '^'ory, has been waged for ct jries. The idea of an independent, French-dominated Quebec dates from 1759 when the British defeated the French and made Canada part of the empire. Talk dominated the battle until the 1960s. Then, with the help of Charles de Gaulle's call for "free Quebec," the terrorist activity began to swell well beyond the nuisance category. Now, a Royal Canadian Mounted Police report estimates there are 22 active FLQ cells in the province, with 130 active members and 2,000 others who, like the youths in the Verdun washroom, are active supporters. Interestingly, only about 500 are students; 150 are sity of Montreal, believes them to "be: "Very well organized. Some of them may be in it for the hell of it. but most of them seem to believe in what they're doing. They call themselves 'White Negroes.' they say they is no one in the world who ignores the FLQ now ... We will win ... We have 22 million supporters in the U.S. —• Negroes ... 1 learned how to rig a bomb five years ago . .. Palestine, Cuba, South America, Vietnam, people like us are everywhere. . Send in your troops. In the end we will win." Th» c0nver>»tiwi lasted two hours. Nowhere during it did any of the six people voice distress over any FLQ activity — murder, torture, political kidnaping. They were of the said to be taxi drivers and the rest probably school dropouts or workers. As a whole, the RCMP says, they earn money by robbing banks; they build an arsenal by stealing (over 9,000 dynamite sticks so far in 1970); they learn their tactics from Palestinian or U.S. counterparts. They official, "a „ „ asses," but he is quite wrong. Asses, maybe. But ragtag, no. Dr. Maurice Torrelli, a political scientist from the Univer- will die for their cause. They shy away from drugs, they maintain close ties with their families. In short, they seem a very solid group." And unfortunately for Canadian serenity, Ihey seem a very successful group. "What Vjo we want?" grins one student reporter. "We want to disrupt the economy, panic the government and force recognition of our demands. Well, we've done it. Half of Canada is looking for us. The Royal Air Force is using photo jets in the search. The premier of Quebec is being hissed out of office. All business is down. The newspapers and TV are full of nothing but FLQ news. We have already succeeded, and the people of Quebec are out shouting our praise. The quote is fairly acorate — except for the last phrase. The FLQ has not gained public support. According to polls, nine of every 10 citizens want them stamped out. Once, there was a kind of romantic empathy between the terrorists and the people of Qtie- Knjoy Thanksgiving Willi A Dream of A Diningrooiu al an Irresistible Low Price If You Choose it Right Now at Bierl's Parkway Furniture in Carroll If you delight in tasteful i play your treasured crystal styling, in sleek flowing i with pride on the beautifully .ines " and rich glowing woods. If you demand quality in the things you buy and refuse to settle for mediocre craftsmanship ... If you dream about serving graciously a dinner for happy, warm Thanksgiving with all the warmth of the American tradition, then matched top of the buffet, also resistant to stains and burns. And of the diningroom you choose here, ask what you want . . . beauty, quality, service, it will never disappoint you. You will display it with as much American tradition inen pri de many years from now it's high time you arranged - > are, <i says one Quebec ragtag band oi Mrs. Rupiper First Bonus Bucks Winner Mrs. Gary Rupiper, of Route 3 Carroll, was the first winner in the Bonus Bucks contest held by the retail merchants of Carroll on Wednesday. Executive Vice President Charles Beahm of the Chamber of Commerce announced Thursday. Mrs. Rupiper won the $25 consolation prize and failed to qualify for the grand prize of $100. The prize for next week's contest will be $175 and all entry blanks for the last contest have been destroyed. No purchase is necessary to enter the contest and 40 Carroll merchants have places to drop entry blanks. The contest will continue for four more week*. In Asia and Africa, the mongoose guards homes against cobras, rats and mice. Hi-Mom Program is Planned Again Local 7114 of the Communication Workers of America, AFL- CIO, plans to sponsor a telephone call to servicemen and women stationed overseas this year, as part of the union's 14th annual Hi-Mom program. The program is designed to provide calls between servicemen and women overseas and their loved ones at home, according to Ken Rains, president of C.W.A. Local 7114. Moms, dads, sisters, brothers or wives of military personnel stationed outside the 50 states are eligible to enter the contest. Anyone wishing to participate is asked to send a postcard or letter to P.O. Box 712, Carroll, Iowa 51401. Deadline for entries is Dec. 12, and the winner will be chosen Dec. 14. Any questions concerning the contest may be directed to Karen Fehring or John Clark, project co-chairmen, at 7921555. The project has provided an i estimated 25,000 calls since its inception in 1957, the co-chair- rnen said. C.W.A. President Joseph A. Beirne points out that the "program has helped C.W.A. build its reputation as 'the community minded union.' " Each year, C.W.A. locals across the nation sponsor about 3,000 calls. bee. After more jobs all, both were for (one of 11 here is out of work), better housing (there has been only one major low-cost housing project built in Montreal in 10 years), and French equality (80 per cent of Quebec's G million people are French, yet 90 per cent of them must use English as the official language). This romance, however, has been shattered by FLQ bombings (250 in Montreal alone) and other atrocities. Thirty-five countries adopted nickel and various nickel alloys for 70 new coins during 1969. male, but cannot fertilize itself. Still, the terrorists retain some support. They say to come out here to Bierl's Parkway Furniture at the East edge of Carroll and see our magnificent diningroom selection. We have a beautiful selection, styles at all prices. For instance we have a modern set. table 42 inches wide, extends to 96 inches long with four side chairs with upholstered seats, buffet, glass enclosed china with lined silverware drawer, all for only $499.99. Other sets up to $2,000. These beautiful dining- room suites are made from carefully selected woods, expertly assembled by craftsmen who CARE, and reinforced for extra strength. They are expertly finished and hand-waxed to a pleasing soft sheen. The beautifully crafted drawer pulls and accessories lend just the right touch of elegance to the glowing finish, whether you choose walnut, maple, cherry, oak or any other magnificent suites in our stock. You will dine relaxed too, (on the comfort- ominously, "enough support." What does this mean? One radical union leader, Michael Chartran, explained recently to a newsman: "We are going to win, because there are more boys ready to shoot members of Parliament than there are police, my friend." as you do today. For this Thanksgiving, tomorrow, or this week for sure is the lime for you to make a special trip to Bierl's Parkway Furniture and take a look at these fine name brand diningrooms, surprisingly modest jn price and so beautifully crafted. You'll see every style of diningroom you can imagine: sleek saucy Modern, w a r in , hospitable Early American, ever popular traditional. Or you might prefer the romantic Mediterranean or Italian Provincial. Or even the gracious beauty of French Provincial. Whatever your taste. Do come make your selection real so that we can deliver it to your home in plenty of time for Thanksgiving. That's Bierl's Parkway Furniture at the East edge of Carroll in the Parkway Plaza, North side of highway 30. We're open every Wednesday and Fri- nine and to 5 p.m. able full sized chairs) for the tables are protected with beautiful plastic tops that resist scratches and burns. The buffets supply plentiful storage for your silver and linens that you must keep on hand for entertaining and you can dis- day night until Sundays from 1 And remember, if you prefer not to lay out the cash right now for a diningroom, we can arrange for you to pay for it with a small down payment, easy payments monthly that you can choose yourself, and your payments don't start until January. Adv. igratulations to Ellerbroek's of Carroll YOUR NEW STORE IS TERRIFIC . . . And the important part that our carpet . . . a magnificent variety of colors and textures, has played in the completion of this most magnificent store makes us very happy. We're proud of Carroll's Westgate Mall and all of the new stores in it. I T "TT 1 LARGEST SELECTION OF BEAUTIFUL CARPET IN WESTERN IOWA Our congratulations and best wishes to the businesses of the Westgate Mall on their grand opening. Badding Construction Company is proud to have had a part in creating this new, exciting experience for Carrol land Shoppers. BADDING CONSTRUCTION COMPANY 7924123 814 W. 9th Street Carroll/ Iowa

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