The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on February 6, 1933 · Page 6
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 6

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, February 6, 1933
Page 6
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THE BAKERSFIELO CALIFORNIA*?, MONDAY, FEBRUARY 6,1983 DoncM Amusement 1 'STATE FAIR" IS FOX ATTRACTION Iltis Our of Most Important Casts of Year; Based on Novel SEEN IN "STATE FAIR" i motion homey "Mate V'Hlr" Is lit ttir I'Y.x : ThnPB wlin s.'iw It ypstcrdiiy sny tlmt it 1.1 Mjpev swell fntert tiinmont, rontuln- fiiK just iilio'.it everything that In to lie desired In u iiinllnn picture. It hits one of the most Important rnstw of the your-- Janet Uiiynnr, Will floR- ri-N. l.i'V Ayi-rs. .Sully Kllcrs. Txmlse p reps or. Norman Kostor. Frank Oru- VPII nnd Hlne Hoy. "State Knlr" Is a fine adaptation of the best seller novel of tlu* same naMie by Phi! Stung. Mllllnns have read It. Hesldi's all this, if It weri' not. rnoiidh. "Stale V':iir" is a, first -claxs ' pii-ture. It has a plmpln story about norninl human rfolnp and saying things whl<'h every om> rim understand. It never tries to l)i> soim-thlng It Is not, nor do its people t ry to be artor.M. Not even Blue Boy. the prize hog. When he SPPK a swell sow ho pricks up his 0,'irs Rnd prnrrerN to sing, hog fashion . . . which is hoggish If not human. The city lad falls for the sweet .slm- lilii'lty of n I'linntry sirl, and to her h'< rpprcsfnts the dreams of n world far lioyonrl the small horl/.on of her father's farm. The hur<l-bolled sideshow gal begins by being lunUKud hy the unheltf'Yiiblr ereclulousneHH of a country boy. ends, by wishing .she tverp worthy of his Idolatry. Very subtly we see what happens when u father and mother are so wrapt up in raising hops and making mince meat that they take their children's welfare for granted. "Stn'te Fair" is a simple story of thn humanities, expertly treated as such by the most up-to-date technique the screen possesses. It Is one of those pictures you will probably find around here und there as a. re, issue long after nine-tenths of It.s contemporaries have been reduced to their original silver and bromides In the chemist's reports. OLD-TIME STAGE STARS IN DRAMA "If I Had a Million" Gives Work Jo Group Who Needed Help RIOTOUS COMEDY AT NILE Janet Gaynor and* Lew Ayres are two of the stars In Fox' "State Fair," In which the other stellar roles are played by Will Rogers, Sally Eilers, Norman Foster, Loulie Dresser, Frank Craven and Victor Jory. TRY IRONWOOD .SEATTLE, Feb. 6. (A. TM— Captain I'lndley Davis Is looking for a knotty piece of timber, at least 1 14 feft through and R feet long. He says his Mariner In a, towboat firm. George n. Cary. Is too much of a whlt- tler. In their 29 years at one office, Davis declares, I'ary has whittled through three thick planks on the office rail. A group of old-time stage and screen character actresses, many of whom have been sick, unable to obtain work or actually destitute, found that Hollywood ban n heart after all when production of "If t Had a Million," 15-star drama now at*the Ilex theater, waa set under way. The elderly women were given extra rqles and bit parts In sequences In which Gary Cooper, George Raft, Wynne Olbson, Charles Laugh ton, Jack Oakle, • Frances Dee, Charlie Unggles, Alison Sklpworth. W. C. Fields. Mary Roland, rioscoo Karns, May llobson. Gene Raymond, louden l,lttlf|fleld and Richard Bennett were starred. Among thn beneficiaries of this unexpected bounty were Margaret Mann, fumed for the mother role In "Four Sons": Titihy Lafayette, who must appear in the wheel chair In which she now spends her days; Oertr.ude Norman, who In 20 years of screen work lias been mother and grandmother to nearly every screen star; Lydla Knott, ho plnyed the mother In the original production of "The Miracle Man"; Kdlth Yorko, veteran London und Hroadway stagp and Hollywood screen actress who has been 111; Tda Lewis, who entered films In the early 'Whither Thou Goest" after BO years on the stage; and Emma Tansey, considered on« of the leading character actresses of a decade ago. 286.5 M.—KNX—1060 K. -<*> 6—News. 6:15—Bill, Mac and Jimmy. 6:30—SI and Elmer. 6:4f>—Currier's 7—Frank Watanatic and the lion. Archie. 7:16—"Pieces of Night." 7:30—Concert orchestra. 8—Ught concert tmi.sir. 8:30—Happy Chappies. 8:45—Golden memories. 9—News. B:lii—Crockett Mountaineers. K:30—Calrnun lAibovlskl and Claire Mellonlno. 10—ICNX dance band. 10:30—Organ recital. 11 to 12 midnight—Nfw Paris Inn. KERN—1200 K. G—Chesterfield prnRram, Rutli TCt- tlnn and Ix'onurd Ilayton's or- Hipslrn. 6:l. r >—Howard Kly at the orpan. 0:80—n.-incinp at tho Bcllrlve. 7—Columbia Huvvu 1 . 7:l. r i—"Tiirzan of the Apes." 7:30—Kdwln C. TII1I. 7:4."i—"Myrt and JIui'Bg." S—Hlue Monday Jumborcc. 10—Cross Cuts. 10:05—All requcKt hour. 10:40—Frank tlreenough and or- chcKtru. 11 — Dancing AVith tho Stars. 11:30-,—Cufu de Paris dunce orchestra. FOX THKATIti: Cintinuwi, 2:30 to 11:00 NOW SHOWING WILL JANET ROGERS GAYNOR SALLY EILERS NORMAN FOSTER LOUISE DRESSER FRANK CRAVEN VICTOR JORY LEW AYERS EXTRA A SILLY SYMPHONY IN COLOR "KING NEPTUNE A Romance of the Fulfillment of Heart's Desire FOX MOVIETONE NEWS AT CALIFORNIA 333.1 M—KHJ—900 K. K—CBS programs to S. S—Hluo Monday Jaiutmrec. 10—News items and Bls<|iiick band. 10:lf,—Ktudp Kthloplans. 10:110—Frank OrefiiouKh orchestra. 11 — UiuirliiK "With the Stars. 12 to 1 u. m.—Marshall Circuit, organ. •*- 468.5 M.— KFI—640 K. "STATE FAIR" FROM THE BEST-SELLER NOVEL OF THE SAME NAME BY PHIL STRONti Big in Theme! Mighty in Cast! B—StrlnB orchestra. ti:30—Tin' VUiick program. 7—"Makers of History," cast, and organ, 7:1)0—M. J. U. Demi-Tasse Revue. 8—Ami)." 'n' Andy. S:1j—Tho Soul of thr Don. 8:30—The Voice of Firestone. !i—ICFI Kun Factory. 10—Rlrhfleld Reporter of the Air. 10:15—1'hll Harris' orchestra. 11:30 to 12 midnight—Organ concert. JAMES CAQNEY, MARY BRIAN IN "HARD TO HANDLE" J AM123 CAQNEY'S performance of u promoter In "Hard to Handle," which opened yesterday at the Nllo, s a comedy riot from start to finish, lowever, the genial Jimmy, for the 'Irst time, has a serious contender for premier honors. Ruth Donnelly, who made such a hit In "Blessed Event," In a role rloh with laughs, steps forward literally, to steal tho show. In her portrayal of the promoting mother, anxious to get on Kasy .Street for her daughter's sake, and quite us much for her own. Miss Donnelly Is nothing leus than riotous. The story, concocted by Houston Branch, begins with one of those dizzy dunce marathons. It Jumps to New York and grabs fat reducing cream for some more laughs, then to Florida and squlrtless grape fruit, winding up with the 18-day diet gag. Including a funny burlesque of the recent Paul AVhltemun dieting. The furious pace of Mervyn T./eRoy'a direction never lets down for a single moment. The speed of th« dialogue might have satisfied some directors but ho Roy tulds tempo by the zli with which he moves his characters In and out of scene. Mary 'Brian contributes another o her charming heroines, and Clalri Dodd continues to display u superior brand of sex appeal. All the others In tho cast aro uniformly excellent. Would Have U. S. Collect AH Taxes Except Realty (United rrc*i W ASHINGTON, Foh. 6.—Collection by the federal government of all taxes except real estate levies was idyopnted here as a way out of tho tax jungle by Rn apparent majority of delegates from 32 states attending the American Lieglsla tors' Association conference. Under the proposal, the federal government would rebate part of the .axes to the states. ' "Tho only sensible and sound way o carry out taxation and eliminate •onfllptlng, bewildering and duplicity of systems* Is to lot the federal government levy und i rolled tuxes," said •ieldon R, Glenn, lax commissioner of Kentucky. He believed the federal government should levy a five or six cent tax on Riisollno and glvo the states four or five cents. Similar taxes on tobacco, cigarettes and other sources of revenue were advocated. "Income taxes should not bo assessed by states, Glenn continued, 'slnco Imposition causes wealth to move out of the state." Professor Robert M. Kalg, Columbia University, said that the time was Leaned TT(rt) ripe for the limited Introduction of » ' system of taxes collected entirely by tho federal government. . ,. • He predicted that "the system "would play a very big part In a feasible solution to present taxation difficulties.^ :•• States reported almost, without exception that they were being pushed toward enactment, of now revenue measures duo to th« necessity of providing for unemployed and because ot declining revenue from oxlstlnfi sources. Delegates pondered also over the huge debts already amassed by many states. Now Yorlf hns a funded .debt exceeding $420,076,070. funded debts at. the close of thi fiscal year 1«31 amounted to $104,- 864.8D6 In Mlssou'rl, $156,856,920 In Arkansas, $118,216,000 In New Jersey, $133,583,676 In California and $106,836,320 In Illinois. *_^t Audible sound waves so high pitched that they are said to be "terrific squeaks" have been used successfully by two Texas scientists to kill bacteria. Buster Keaton Will Take Long Vacation HOLLTWOOD. Feb. 6.—Buster Keaton Is going away on a long vacation, far away from the cameras which for nearly a dozen years have recorded his "dead pan" countenance for movie followers. In 111 health for months, the comedian Jina reached an agreement with his employers to cancel his contract so he can set out on his ouest for health. He will leave In a few days for Honolulu. Lew Codv will accomnanv him. How long they will be gone neither knows. The New Premier Ball Point MARIE DRESSLER POLLY MORAN N That's LOVE, baby, that's love S ' A COMEDY RIOT FROM START TO FINISH fACNE ^ HARD TO HANDLE ^^ ~» MARY BRIAN • RUTH DONNELLY Continuous, 1:30 to II :00 Today and Tomorrow ANITA PAGE, NORMAN POSTER EXTRA1 Charlie Chase •NOW WE'LL TELL ONE" Novelty—Fox Movietone Hewn B ORROWING a bank is a hard Job nowadays—excent in the movies. But an entire bank, with everything In it, Including.thi! office cat, was borrowed for a day to help Marie Dressier and Polly Moran In their comedy, "Prosperity," playing sit the California theater today and tomorrow. The company making the picture went to Tturbunk where a nice little bank In a nice little street awaited them. The studio negotiated Its use and Marie and Polly did their scenes of the amusing bank "run" to the great delight of hundreds of Burbank citizens who turned out en masse for the free treat. "Prosperity," an original story written for the comedy pair, concerns the riotous tribulations of rival mothers- in-law. Anita Page and Norman Fos- tcr head the supporting cast. fbothered with! Backache? RI ALTO S TO 6 P. M.. I5t: AfTER 6. lie, 25l Today nnd Tomorrow TWO BIG FEATURES Gloria Swanson in "Tonight or Never" and a Thrilling Mystery Melodrama "Two-Gun Caballero" Comedy, News, Fable Today and Tomorrow "IF I HAD A MILLION" GARY COOPER 15—Paramount Stars—15 Comedy—Cartoon—News Hotel El Tejon A DELIGHTFUL PLACE IN WHICH TO EAT Where You f!ct tho Highest Wuulity lit (hi! Uowest Cost (.'lull Hrcakfast, 2f>c to ,"iOo . Idiiich^H, fjOc and Sfic Dimu.T.s TiUc to *1.00 A liclicloii* T-ltono Steak lilimrr, $1.00 Aborted Toasted SandwIchCK, ' 1 ,V SPECIAL Mot Roust Turkey Sandwich, Mashed Potatoes, Olblet Gravy, 101 Tcjon Made Pies u la Mode, 15c It May Warn of Kidney or Bladder Irregularities A persistent backache, with bladder irregularities and a tired, nervous, depressed- feeling may warn of some disordered kidney or bladder condition. Users everywhere rely on Doan's Pills. Praised for more than 50 years by grateful ^users the country over. Sold by 11 druggists. Doaiv's VIRGINIA OPEN 12-11 P. M.—15c ANY TIME LAST TIMES TODAY Phillips Music Co. «usSheet MUSCAT Publishers' Prices ANY WATCH REPAIRED Material* Ua«d at Coit Reader's Jewelers 1522 Nlntteanth Street BifJNf PAUUNi>r\tforMCKS ' COMEQY, NEWS, FABLE W A Diuretic For th« Kidneys REDUCED PRICES en PLATES Quick Servlc* Office Over Kimball A Ston* Nineteenth and Chester DR. GOODNIGHT Manicure Scissors Nole the rounded ball points. These prevent jabbing Cuticle and make faster, safer work possible. t Note the extreme flatness of the blades. These permit closest, most accurate cutting without the need of sharp points. No Stabbing and Jabbing of Cuticle Precision hand workmanship applied to a fine special steel produces this extremely flat bladed manicure scissors "with ball points. Manicuring is done more confidently, more quickly and more efficiently. Unconditionally guaranteed. A Finer Implement Has Never Been Made NOW SOLD BY Kimball & Stone Tht Particular Drug«i«li Phone 53 Phont 54 PROMPT FREE DELIVERY BakwsfttU, Calif. AFTER-INVENTORY SALES NOW ON! IN ALL DEP'TS. Yardage! Beddings! Draperies! Men's Wear! Shoes! Hosiery! Needs for the Home! Ready-io-Wear! Corsets! Underwear! ITS TIME TO BUY! The New Deal- COMPLETE SERVICE PLAN EXPLAINED "As Interpreted by the Bakerafield Memorial Park, Inc., 'COMPLETE SERVICE' means—taking charge ot the remains of a deceased person Immediately after death; preparing the remains for burial and conducting all services pertaining thereto; operation of a Funeral Parlor, Chapel, Crematory, Mausoleum, Columbarium and Cemetery; the sale and erection of private tombs, selling and setting underground vaults, monuments, tombstones, grave markers, and having for sale such other services and/or funeral equipment as may be required under the circumstances." LET'S TALK IT OVER GIVE US A LITTLE OF YOUR TIME IN EXCHANGE FOR A LITTLE OF OUR TIME —WRITE OR TELEPHONE 5032 FOR FURTHER PARTICULARS WHILE THIS MESSAGE IS FRESH IN YOUR MIND. LEARN ALL OF THE REASONS why you should take advantage of this most unusual opportunity, then start your purchase •with a small down payment and pay the balance as you would add to a savings account at a regular time each month. NO INTEREST FOR YOU TO PAY—YOUR COMPLETED PURCHASE WILL EARN YOU o INTEREST PAYABLE QUARTERLY FOR 20 YEARS TITLE CONVEYED BY DEED—EXEMPT FROM ALL TAXATION—ALWAYS WORTH THE PURCHASE PRICE Wide Distribution of Ownership Is Earnestly Desired A ?50 Purchase as welcome as one for $10,000.00 Before Sorrow Comes Consult Our Advisory Department. Phone 5032 or 340 WE INVITE CRITICISM Bakersfield Memorial Park, Inc. A Limited Corporation AUTHORIZED CAPITAL $400,000.00 "Dedicated to tht Highest Fulfillment of the Memorial Ideal" MALCOLM BROCK President GEORGE B. CROME Vice-Presldent LOUIS BANDUCCI Vice-president J. K. MoALPINE Managing Director Ca. W. ROBINSON Director L. Si ROBINSON Secretary-Treasurer AMERIGO PIERUCCI, Director Identified With the Community Mausoleum Member of the Interment Association of California SPONSORED BY NEARLY TWO HUNDRED LOCAL MEN • AND WOMEN — LEADING CITIZENS OF BAKERSFIELD AND KERN COUNTY Exclusive Service Representative J. K. McAlpine Land & Development Co., Ltd. Main Office—Community Mausoleum Phone 5032 Springdale Meat Prices Effective Tues., Wed. and Thurs., Feb. 7, 8, 9 No. 1—Corner Twenty-first and Chester Ave. No. 2—Corner of Nineteenth and N Street. No. 3—Two Doors East of Nile Theater. BACON Fancy Eastern. Whole or Half Slub Pound .... lie STEAKS Sirloin, T-Bone, Round and Rib. Tender, Juicy. Pound .... 14c HAMBURGER Strictly Fresh and Cherry Red. Pound . . . . lOc LARD Cudahy's Rex, Put Up In 1-Pound Red Packages. Each 5c SAUSAGE Sprlngdale's Pure Pork, Bulk Pack. Pound . . . . IQc PORK CHOPS Lean, Tender, Ready for the Frying Pan. 21bs. 25c 171? 4 T PUAPO Cutlets and f lijAij L>tlUr P Shoulder Steaks VEAL STEW Lean Meaty Breasts to Stuff 2 Ibs. 25c . 6c VEAL ROAST shouldor - . lb. 9c L

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