The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan on November 16, 1939 · Page 5
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The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan · Page 5

Ludington, Michigan
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 16, 1939
Page 5
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THURSDAY, NOV. 16,1939. "HE DAILY NEWS—LUDINGTON, MICHIGAN. PAGE FIVE THE OPEN FORUM Readers are invited to use this column to express their ideas upon public question* and topics of general Interest. Letters printed under this heading will be understood to represent ^he opinion of the individual writer rather than that of The News. Letters involving racial or rellgiou; controversies or personal attacks will not be accepted. All communication) SHOULD NOT EXCEED 200 WORDS and must be signed by the nam. am address of the writer. TOWNSEND TRAIL EDITOR, THE NEWS: The trail I am about to discuss that is slowly being converted into a highway meanders Michigan organized in these four communities in the very near future, making Highway 10 outstanding in connection with the slogan "Every town a Townsend town." This great recovery plan will southern i be enacted into law in 1940. The i across the state of from Detroit on the end of Lake St. Clair, well to the| plan is sound, Christian and southeast corner of the state, to workable, and promises each re- Ludington on the eastern shore | cipient only his or her pro-rated A FARMER'S SKETCH BOOK By WILIARD BOITE • Stonycreekmouth Farm of Lake Michigan over 125 miles north of its starting point at Detroit. This trail is better known today as Highway 10, although it has not yet reached the complete highway stage, and is one of the main arteries of travel penetrating the heart of Detroit, as Woodward avenue from Pontiac south is Highway 10. This trail or highway starting from the business center of Detroit, that magic city known the world over as the automobile hub of the universe, stretches approximately 240 miles across or touching nine counties as follows: Wayne, its starting point, then Oakland, Genessee, Saginaw, then crossing Midland diagonally, touching Isabella, crossing Clare, Oscepla and Lake, ending its meandering course on portion of what a 2 percent na- i tion-wide transaction tax will produce. The Townsend plan does not promise anyone $200 a month. ThLs sum has been capitalized upon at all times by op- j ponents of the plan for the purpose of confusing them. Don't be misled by these. figures, or by men holding high er. Paul Elkins, Lloyd Broder, Maude Meisenheimer, F. Peterson, -A. Thompson, Gordon French, Theodore Erwin and Myron Delavergne. Frank Kibbey, accompanying- Frank Morse of Bachelor en- vicinity. Alfred Meisenheimer, young son of Mr. and Mrs. Elmo Meisenheimer, is very ill. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Houk recently spent a few days St. Johns visiting relatives. Mrs. J. K. Houk is with her Freesoii Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Crawford of Detroit arrived here Tuesday and are guests of Mr. and in JMrs. Edward Crawford. Eddie Crawford will hunt deer. Bill Donnelly and Peter Lob route to Austin, Texas, left ! daughter, Mrs. Thera Wolf, of Monday morning. They plan jAlgonac, who recently under- to remain during the winter, went a. major operation. Mr. and Mrs. Ervon Kistler Will Conrad of Ypsilanti, and children, Phyllis Ann, and ! who was ca n e d here by the Beverly Jean, accompanied by ' Mrs. Christine Men-it, Mrs. Frank Beebe and Miss Maxine Beebe, went to Reed City Sunday where they visited at the Louis Bowman home. Mr. and Mrs. William Brozzo, ' death of his sister, Mrs. John who recently moved to Ohio, are calling on friends in the Polsen; was a recent caller on several friends in the vicinity. Mrs. Eva Kistler, Mrs. John l^tai Rinebolt, Mr. and Mrs. Ken- p ' neth Kibbey, Mrs. Lillian Kibbey and Don Kibbey were entertained at the Ervon Kistler home Sunday, Nov. 12. of Flint are rooming in the village and hunting deer. Mrs. Alice Cole and Mrs. Nora Black were dinner guests Tuesday of Mrs. Nora Black. Mrs. Charles Reader of Scott- jville and Mrs. J. E. Bennett of of Holland are camping %t the Clifford Tubbs home and are hunting deer. Mr ' Manistee, Tuesday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Tucker i were both badly injured in an I automobile accident here Mon- I (day evening. 1 (Donald <and Bud VanLeuta WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE- Without Calomel-And You'll Jump Out of Bed in the Morning Ruin' to Go The liver should pour out two pounds of liquid bile into your bowels dally. If thli bile la not flowing freely, your food doesn't digest. It just decays in the bowels. Gas bloats up your stomach. You get constipated. You feel sour, sunk and the world looks punk. It takes those good, old Carter's Little Liver Pills to get these two pounds of bile flowlns freely and make you feel "up and up." Gentle, yet amazing in making bile flow finely. Ask for Carter's Little Liver Pills by name. lOtf and 25<. Stubbornly refuse anything else. More Electric Fence Sketch above shows a two-strand electric fence of barbed wire that has given perfect service on the farm of H. L. Luther in Kane county, Illinois. The lower strand—eight inches from the office, or by" unscrupulous poll-i ?i'°? nf £~ sta . r ^ les , the cows .?° much, with the first electric shock, ticians or die-hard party men i that thev wl11 not come wlthi " two feet of the fence. who shout to high heaven at election time "Vote for your party regardless of the man (or ' PT-A to Meet The Parent-Teacher association meeting of Sutton school, which was to have met Friday evening, Nov. 24, has been placed forward one week and will be held at the schoolhouse on Friday evening, Nov. 17. Button School his shortcomings or blunderings in the past)." G. H. YOUNG, Walhalla. EDITOR, THE NEWS: Mrs. George Piper Honored by Friends encung its meandering course on i It re mind s me~of something like I The hoi lunch project is pro- the white sand shore of Lake, the white elephant ad yoi ]= had greasing line and the children SUMMIT—Mrs. George Piper, Michigan in Mason county after| about advertising to make sales 'of the school are enjoying their having been notified that sev- T t*o Wrtl 1 »1 rr I nH I nrrT^-irt o if£j>1 im i . . _ ... O *7 . . i _ L I.-.-...-.1 1 n *J{ nn . ,,.„,, 1,J W^. «1 «..» n ^.3 4-n In the issue of Nov. 7 it happened you had great news about a .single woman picketing CIO. themselves making curtains for the basement at the school where the hot lunches are served. The curtains will have bright-colored figures of fruit and Dutch girls appliqued in black. A FRIENDLY CHALLENGE TO EVERY WOMAN WHO WANTS TO CUT HER FOOD BILLS! Please consider -we've made you a friendly challenge. Come into an A&P Market today, determined not to buy anything that isn't a real bargain. When you leave, see how many things you've bought at savings. You'll be amazed! Prices on 2,000 items are at low ebb here every day of the week. You see, we do a great big business — so we are content with a small profit on each item. We buy many things direct, save in-between profits and share the savings with you. We have no credit losses or delivery charges to add to the prices you pay. You make extra big savings on many fine foods that we both manufacture and sell. Join the parade of "bargain-wise" women today! traveling Ludington avenue i what fmeanTt's'raTe." Sols7aTe"s through the city of Ludington, | wnen public has no do iiars. warm meal at noon. The district is very proud of eral ladies would be pleased to spend Thursday, Nov. 9, with the little city, wide-awake, the j ""whaTl"want to bring "but is Leigh Rasmussen whose "4-H club her as their honored guest, ar- county seat of Mason county, j this, this woman alone has gone (potatoes won Jirst prize atjhe j^yed in the^morning^each ear- on picket line because her darling . - - i '--^ was out of work and that babies which is one of the most pro- on picket line because her dirtine I Traverse City Potato show. This rying a basket of food and gressive and- diversified in W as out of work and that ba^es ! is an unusual distinction as 20 I some handwork with them. Western Michigan. i would be minus Santa Glaus counties entered. j A sumptuous dinner was en- When driving from Ludington (where was she all these years? 1 Mr - and Mrs. William Brozzo ,.toyed and a gift was presented to Detroit on Highway 10, one if she found this out, just now I °f O nio were dinner guests at the jto the honored guest. i travels in a generally south- guess hunting the white elephant i George Towns home Saturday, |. Mr s.. Pijper will ]oin her hus- ea.sterly direction, passing is a good way to advertise and i Nov - H- During the afternoon |band in Detroit where they will I through the heart of Michigan's; make some dollars. jthe 4-H handicraft club of Sut- I spend the winter with their ; manufacturing, agricultural and; It seems funny, you take any i ton school gathered for a fare-| son; Arthur. ^Mrs. Piper will, livestock centers. Now for a; professionals and they have an ; we] l Party in honor of Mr. Brozzo | n ^wsve^^speiid^some time^with word about the Town-send plan j organization of some sort, but ' "" " ~"~ J '"" " "'* " °" n110 " 1 Dro '" .o«cino- in connection with this article, I no, the worker shall be as an in- a topic that was to be the main! dividual. He can be better ex- subject, as I want to review the i Pelted than united. Does this work of the original trailblazers! woman know how the unorgan- and they presented him with a | their daughters in Lansing. collective gift jThe husband, son and grand- Mr. and Mrs. George Towns] son. Buddy, will arrive Friday attended the wedding anniver- and Mrs ' Pl ' per . Wl11 accom - sary party held at the home of !» an y them on theil> return trip HOCKLESS PICNICS Small, Lean, Sugar Cured ,C 15 SLAB BACON Mild Sugar Cured Any Size Piece Ib. 15 SLICED BACON l/2-lb. Cello Pkg. 1C each 10 PORK ROAST Small Lean Fresh Picnics Ib. 11 WOIK 01 me original iraiiuiazers: wu.uuii n.uuw now i/ne unurgan-j^*J r *•«•"• «j ...y^u m, unx. i.^^ 'Qnnrtnv across the state from Ludington i i^ed farmer is faring for being Mr and Mrs. Charles Hamilton 6>u " aay - O _ i „ . . _ » j i . j A >_.. QOT11i*^*-\*» rttm»-ii\-»rr XT*-.»r 11 T 4- T*V^ f\ e to Detroit, as Ludington is the home of the organization in Western Michigan. In this 240 miles of highway stretching so loyal to his exploiters. When nature blesses him with abundance, he is blessed with lot of back-breaking and what is his across the state linking together' reward so he could enjoy the 30 cities, towns and villages, in all j blessing? From year to year about tne but four of them are to be found i aDO " L tne samc cred , u and P a y wide-awake Townsend clubs with i up , lf vou can - And thcn we have rapidly increasing membership. I 3 * °8 a " depression and why, be- lam quite sure clubs will be j pnilsp f - ho ^"""^ *"°" H " r fll ° Saturday evening, Nov. 11. It The guests included in this was sponsored by the Commu- pleasant affair were: Mesdames nity Farm bureau from Summit JL. A. Plawley, George Parsons, and Pere Marquette. iJames Brickley, Grace Crane, The Friendship club will meet Irving Clark and Guy Hawley, Thursday afternoon with Mrs. all of Ludington, and Mes- John Waddell and during the dames Manley French, Don social hour the ladies will busy [Kelley, W. Hawley, Mary Brod- rtet get the sweat of their labor. Here I have an advertisement of a mail order house. It reads 10,000,000 American homes need this sanitary convenience like an indoor toilet. The cheapest is $7.79. So multiply this by above. It creates some business. But can you dream of this when a lot of people can't even buy good clothing, eats, let alone toilets. And why? You figure this out as you know we know what we read but we should Center Riverton PT-AJVill Meet CENTER RIVERTON — The November meeting of Center Riverton Parent-Teacher association will be held at the schoolhouse Friday evening, Nov. 17, at 8 o'clock. AYi interesting program is being arranged by Mr. and Mrs. John Silvis and. Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Hanson. After the program there will be a pic social, the proceeds to be used to purchase a radio for the school. Ladies will please bring pies. Several of the Center Riverton pupils recently had dental work done in Ludington. Revival meetings are being conducted at St. Paul church every evening. Everyone is invited to attend. Mesdames Martin and Ernest i on Friday, Nov. 17, at 8 p. m. Schwass visited their aunt, ( An interesting program is be- on, because we farmer- I workers work and work and don't ! think. I F. MARTINCHEK. Custer. CHICKENS BEEF ROAST Lake Herring DUCKLINGS Fresh Dressed Young Fowl 16c 19c 4 ,b,25c 18e , bs ">• PORK LOIN ROAST PORK CHOPS 0 ' 0 '"' u "° Ib. Center Cuts Ib. 15o 19c FRANKFURTERS 2 • 25c 2 »»• 25c Tasty Rings GROUND BEEF PORK SAUSAGE OYSTERS BOSTON BUTT Direct from the Coast Pork Roast or Steak 2n* 25c 2 "-• 25c pint 21 f 15, Ib. No Specials—No Time Limits Low Prices Every Day In the Week! FRUIT COCKTAIL - lOc Wiley School PT-A to Meet Friday WILEY SCHOOL.—The Wiley school Parent-Teacher association will meet at the schoolhouse Mrs. Mary Gamertsf elder, of West Riverton Sunday, Nov. 12. Mrs. Martin Schwass and Mrs. Ernest Schwass returned Friday evening, Nov. 10 from Lansing where they had been in attendance at the State Farm bureau convention. ing prepared. A lunch will be served after the program and a cordial invitation is extended to all. Plan Pie Sale for Darr Students at Washington university, St. Louis, are insured against marriage before graduation to the sum of $35. PT-A DARK DISTRICT. — Darr school pupils will sell .candy and lunches at the pie sale at Darr Parent-Toucher association meeting on Friday evening, Nov. 10. Ladies in the district are invited to bring pies for the sale. Receipts will be used for purchasing a radio. Among numbers on the program not previously mentioned are Leonard Kovalcik's story of his northern camp trip, a piano solo by Kenneth Rosenow and a reading, Eddie Guest's, "It Couldn't Be Done," by Richard Wahr. THE WANT H F I P 7 din I -a' • NOTHIN6 DOES SO MUCH FOR SO LITTLE MICHIGAN ASSOCIATED TELEPHONE COMPANY All Authorities MICHIGAN MADE Fire Destroys Barn Friends are expressing sympathy over the loss of George Olson's barn by fire recently. No insurance was carried and all the year's feed crops and machinery were destroyed. A passerby, during the early morning .saw the fire, and called Mr. Olson, who hurried out and released the cattle. A windstorm blew the barn down when Mr. Olson began the building several years ago. Someone entered the Golden San ford garage at night recently and made^off witrf most of a hog which had been butchered for home use. Mrs. Irene Bepple'will return Saturday, Nov. 18, to the H. L. Darr farm after a .week's visit wrth her sister, Mrs' Gertrude Dick, in Charlevoix. Two new pupils have enrolled in Darr school. They are Edward and Florence Oberzyk who live with the Mlda .family. Mrs. Anthony Thurston was a BEET SUGAR Leading scientific men—doctors- foremost chefs—and Federal and State authorities tell you Beet Sugar has no superior for every sweetening purpose. Your United States Government says : "There is no choice between beet and cane sugar." When you use Michigan Made Beet Sugar you stand by Michigan farmers and labor who will appreciate your saying to your grocer— "Always give me Michigan Made Beet Sugar." t'.L No. t Can Salad Mustard Apple Butter Dill Pickles Hominy Crisco or Spry Karo Syrup KeifFer Pears Del Mali Niblets Corn Meal Rolled Oats Pancake Flour 2 <J«artg "J9C 27e Yellow 4 3 5 2 2 5 5 5 88-01. Jar half gallon far Ib. can Ib. pall Ibi. Ibs. Ibs. 19c 49c 30c 19c 23e 15c 18c 15c Sunnyfleld Or Rice lona Flour Plllsbury Flour Wheaties Corn Flakes Wheat Puffs Huskies Sparkle Dessert Peanut Butter Ann Page Ketchup Salad Dressing Pork and Beans (4V a tbi. £5C MV4 n». §9c pk«. 10c 2 law 3 2 pkg. pkf. pkg. Ib. Jar 14-or. bottlo Ann Png» PUMPKIN A&P Fancy 3 loiut large cans 1-lb. can 5c 9c 10c 21c lOc 27c 5c A&P Soft Twist Black r*-. Donuts Bread Shredded Cocoanut Tip Top Caramels Our Own Tea Lux Flakes Gold Dust Rinso Silver Dust Palmolive Soap Supersuds "DAILY" Brand FEEDS Glanl B7» Blue Pkf. 10c 23c 19e 10c 35c 21c 17c 39c large 23c doz. 3 24-oz. loaves 1-lb. bag 1-lb. bag Ib. large Urge 6 2 2 tall Ib. pkg. 2 Ibs. Ib. Fresh! Whitehouse Milk Pure Lard . Sure Good Oleo Roll Butter Wisconsin Cheese Seedless Raisins Birdseye Matches Heinz Baby Food Tomato Soup Tuna Fish Tomatoes - Corn Quality! Low Prices Every Day! Ccmpbell'i Sultans 17e 23c ibs. 5"C 18c 25c 21c 4 .an. 29C 3 can. 20C 2 can. 25C 4 ««• 25c QUALITY GUARANTEED! Buy one of the following brands: HOUSEWIFE'S FAVORITE RED ARROW BIG CHIEF PIONEER GREAT LAKES FARMERS AND MANUFACTURERS BEET SUGAR ASSOCIATION, SAGINAW, MICHIGAN The pick of the coffee plantations brought direct to you. EIGHT O'CLOCK Scratch Egg Mash Dairy Dairy Dairy 100 Ibs. Florida Juico 252 Size 16% 20% $154 BAHAHAS $210 ORANGES $1 ' 9Q CRANBERRIES *H.2.U AHanrrnniT $1.60 $1.67 4 23 GRAPEFRUIT 80's— Texas 2 2 7 doz. Ibs. for 31o 27c 25o RED EMPEROR GRAPES Oyster Shells 79c HEAD LETTQCE Block Salt >" 45c POTATOES Ib. 5 60 Size SWEET Jerseys or Yams 2 5 for Iba. 19c 19c SELF SERVICE SELF SERVICE OWNED AND OP]E»AT^D BX Ti^EiO^EAT^A^l-ANTlO & PACIFIC TEA Cf>. \ •• i&>ifr:lMi!i r.'W 'U-jk

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