The Evening Sun from Baltimore, Maryland on November 12, 1959 · 60
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The Evening Sun from Baltimore, Maryland · 60

Baltimore, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 12, 1959
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PAGE 60 THE EVENING SUN. BALTIMORE. THURSDAY. NOVEMBER 12, 1959 it n 1- I A - ro fe.'t-' ' ; ir imirT 'lli nii-iim ini"-"' 1 r " "" -" ''' COMING TO MAYFAIR Paul Muni and Luther Adler are In "The Last Angry Man," a tale about a dedicated doctor, which plays at Mayfair theater after "The Best of Everything" leaves. Talk Of Hollywood HOLLYWOOD - Why isn't Dolores Hart, who was so good on stage in "Pleasure of His Company," playing it on the screen? Since she's been in town, Tom McDermott has grabbed her to play opposite Barry Sullivan in a June Allyson TV show. McDermott is not only an executive vice president and partner, but is now running Four Star playhouse. Danny Thomas said McDermott had taken his present show from one hundred and seventh place on one network to the number one spot on another. She Switched , To Another Type AFTER "Life With Father," Jobs weren't so easy to come by so Laurene Tuttle changed type and started playing nasty women. This past year she's played murderesses, gun slingers, and only unpleasant females. When Jim Backus returned from work he found his wife, Henny, arranging flowers and asked where she got them. "From the garden," she said. He wanted to know where the ones he'd sent were. "I .never got any from you, but a florist delivery man drove up here and asked for Joan Davis's address. So I guess she got 'em." Jim and Joan played husband end wife on TV for so many years people thought they were married in spite of the fact they don't speak and are near neighbors in Bel Air. Nina Shipman opened in "Our Town" at the Pasadena Playhouse with Cluck Chandler and Jim Staplcton. One of Nina's brothers, Noel, got a bid from West Point. He wants a military career, but will have to go through many preliminaries before being accepted. Runaway Evelyn Rudie's yarn left me colder than Christmas in Alaska. It was so obvious. The way her parents pushed that child is a crime. She has talent but has become so obnoxious you can't be in the same room. The Bj HEDDA HOPPER day after she appeared in "Eloise" her father walked Into my office, introduced himself and said: "I'm sure you saw my bril liant child last night and will want to write something beautiful about her performance." My reply: "I thought she was hor rible, she ruined a delightful story." He fled. A Family Affair JIM HENAGHAN phoned urging me to come to Texas where they're filming "The Alamo." He said: "Duke's been asking for you. This is practically a family affair. His son, Pat, is acting; son Mike is assistant director; daughter Tony and her baby daughter are also in cast; his son-in-law is an assistant. Pilar's a stage mother with her name on a director's chair. And who do you think is here directing the second unit John Ford. He dropped in and asked for the job. So come on down and have fun. I'll fly you in mv Diane from San Antonio. Jerry Wald asked Sanford Meis ner to find a new, sweet 17 year old blonde who turns into a tramp for the starring role in "High Heels." They've got her right in their own studio. Tuesday Weld That fine actress, Elizabeth Patterson, told me, "In all my years of acting I've never heard a child read lines like Tuesday. Marilyn Monroe is up at crack of dawn riding a bicycle lor exer cise, so don't faint and think you've seen a ghost if you happen to see her in Beverly Hills. She's in rare form. I hope Arthr Miller remains during the making ot ner picture, she's always so much happier when he's around. Bob Horton, who's never been to England is being urged by B.B.C. to do a Christmas show for them. He's their number one American rave. I asked Kirk Douglas if he'd ever finish "Spartacus." His reply: "My crystal ball isn't working. AMUSEMENTS AMUSEMENTS Movie Notes Rock Hudson Forms Two Independent Companies By 8HEILAH GRAHAM HOLLYWOOD. Cal.-Rock Hud son, with his success with Doris Day in "Pillow Talk" to bolster his bank account, has formed two independent companies. One he calls "Seven Pictures, the other 'Gibraltar Productions" which goes well with his first nairje. His company will lend Rock to Universal-International for four movies, the other four will be released only by Universal, which discovered Rock a decade ago when he was driving a truck. Stephen Boyd is a doubtful starter for "The Book Of Ruth" at Twentieth Century-Fox. Another Steve Allen, will have every top comic in town at the testimonial dinner given him by the masquers the evening of De cember 4. Gary Cooper explains his movie appeal with "I look like the man next door. I hear that 70-year-old Charlie Chaplin wants to call it quits on the family count after the birth of his seventh child with Mrs. C next month. His oldest daughter, 15-year-old Geraldine, wants to be a ballerina. Isn't the James Jones story, "The Pistol," bought by Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra, a good deal like Jones's "From Here To Eternity," which revived Si natra s career. Frank s career is in full blast now. Sahl Entertains His Family MORT SAHL has been enter taining his family here from the east. But still no announcement of a marriage with Phyllis Kirk, His friends believe the high point in their friendship has been passed. British actor Robert Morley carrying a kind of carpetbag, was obviously in a hurry in the Republic lot, en route to tele-filming for Alfred Hitchcock. Oh Mr. Morley, I began. . . "Don't ask me too many ques tions," said Robert as he rushed by. I didn't get to ask him one! Energetic Katharine Hepburn puts in two hours a day prac ticing her tennis with teacher- pro Harvey Snodgrass at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Some day some one will write the real story of Miss Hepburn. And what a story of loyal devotion it is! Ingrid Bergman as Sarah Bern hardt? She is No. 1 choice of producer Leonard Stone who was invited by Roger Frey, French Minister of Information, and Andrew Malraifx, French Minister of Culture, to make the movie of the divine Sarah, in Paris which is where Miss Bergman happens now to live. Lucille Ball Will Live In The East IT'S ALL set for Lucille Ball to live in the east next fall, when she will star on Broadway for Morton Da Costa in "The Big Blonde." Husband Desi Arnaz will keep the Desilu fires burning in Holly wood. Ida Lupino and Howard Duff celebrated their eighth wedding anniversary in company of Col lier Young, once married to Ida, and who is still her business partner. Cosy place, Hollywood. Their "Mr. Adams and Eve" TV show is now being shown in France, Germany, Sweden and Italy. It sounds funnier than in English, says Ida. Bob Hutton and his wife are plotting a TV series titled "L'aventure." "And," says Bob, "we want a young Errol Flynn for it." They all do. Bob is now in "Cinderfella" with Jerry Lewis, and is a bit scared of having Judith Anderson for his mother. "But she's a great actress and goes out of her way to help me, he adds. Bob's kids like his old movies on TV with Joan Leslie and Joyce Reynolds, "but they can't believe I was ever that young. The big scene in "Seven Thieves" is where Eddie G. Rob inson dies, escaping from the Monte Carlo Casino with Eli Wal lach, and Rod Steiger breaks down and weeps. "Weeping comes easily," Rod said, "I find laughing a lot harder to do convincingly." When r 1 srir i ii i i imMinrrrn - inn ii imnini i rm ,m n AT CENTURY-"Pillow Talk" goes a major part of the attraction are on and on at the Century and Doris Day and Rock Hudson. Previn Wi Do Score Hollywood Andre Previn has been borrowed by George Sidney from Melro-Goldwyn-Mayer, to which he is under contract, to write an original musical score for "Who Was That Lady?" Previn, who won an Academy Award for his scoring of "Gigi" last year, will check into Columbia to start his assignment. He has just completed scoring "The Bells Are Ringing." In addition to writing an original score for "Who Was That Lady?" which stars Tony Curtis, Dean Martin and Janet Leigh, Previn and his musical group, known as Andre Previn and his Friends, will also record instrumental background music which will be heard on the film's sound track. Shelley Manne, drummer, and Red Mitchell, bass, comprise the personnel of the Friends, along with Previn, who plays piano in the group. TO LYRIC Jo-Ann Florio is in in the Borscht Capades, which will be presented Sunday at the Lyric at 8.30 P.M. All Set Hollvwood. Cal. Doris Dav. who just completed M.-G.-M.'s "Please Don't Eat the Daisies," is set to do nine Dictures in the next four years three at M.-G.-M., two at Columbia and four at Universal- International. Margaret O'Brien was a moppet and they wanted her to turn on the tears, they would tell her that her dog had been injured or ghastly things like that. Glycerine would be less damaging. Says Marie Windsor, at the New Hilton Rathskeller: "Since I had my nose straightened and changed riy agent in June, I haven't stopped working." William Holden is out as co-star with Jennifer Jones for "Tender Is The Night." Henry King was asked to direct, but couldn't make the November deadline. He's putting final touches to "Beloved Infidel," which opens in New York for the Damon Runyon Cancer fund November 17. Mickey Rooney lost $100,000 when the promoter of his four-week Australian tour canceled out. But the Mick felt better when his business manager explained he would have had only $8,000 after taxes. Now it looks like the tour is on again. Eddie Fisher's son, Todd Emanuel, gets all the royalties from mama Debbie Reynolds' new record hits, "Ask Me To" and "Am I That Easy To Forget." (North American Newspaper AUlence) AMUSEMENTS AMUSEMENTS AMUSEMENTS TODAY-8:30 P.M. TOM'W-Siao P.M. MAGNIFICENT ENTERTAINMENT hrtalODD-M ii aw mm n-MM DQR0TH1 OMMIPWLBtillT r$IAT$ ON SALE AT THE BOX OFFICE INn Al I I THE HECHT CO. STORES f. x e.. ill H IKJUHT TOU van acu 11; :: rTW0 EXTRAORDINARY FILMS h 4nfmit Exclusive Jgpgement Mxtraordinary ... II in th campany el lh arl i loriB film"-N. Y. foi( :: ..t S A 1 - J: At 4 tt icy in thorMhly tatlcful nil lfnl woy"-N. T. hmti SUMMER NIGHTrSgi v '.'oyt zl At 2, 6, 10 CJ ''K North t Linden Next To Tlieatr There was something different about Sapphire . . , This is her story . . . a thoughtful, thrilling film from Great Britain m i?!! nrfc fm n w NICEl PATRICK YVONNE MITCHELL fosfmoncofor LT west lit Nortli ot CharlM J At J. 4. 6. I 10 They had everything figured everything but their emotions . . and then . . . . PIAYI IO.t 'SK 25th tChrlM At J 4,1,1,10 t Ml "a mSTBrta" 'itnmMusT" OPEN-1:30 ciiddcmc COURT Say rJk YIVID-PROVOCATIVE I U)C AlPCrHIl SETT fL- Th$ Kttel tvttul JEANINE FRANCE MAT. I2TO5 EVES. MfU3? J4-9W5 i TlVjO Ixlta Aidft tRENCHY rAVRg Sim Karrr Piltlt Mill ConUj Jlirf 5Ull. kicki coRvrrrK Stxrli Tomorrow Sophia Loron "ATTILA THE HUN" John Wayne 'THE CONQUEROR" lAtf Tim' Tnntnht "North by Norfhwf, . China Ooll" ATTENTION! On Sunday November 13, an Important 'announcement regarding the uiiuc iiirttue vui lie rnnur Jon the amusement pages of phe Baltimore newnpapern We urge you to watch for It! The Staggering Story Of The i Strongest Man Who Ever Lived! His feats of strength... his seduction by the daughter of Hell-have echoed through the centuries! Somten armod only with tha jawbono of an in- dofaot a a Philiilino army of hardanad warrioril 1 I lJK-Vt - W tha meat awaiem momonl in hittory whan Samton pulli down tha huga pagan tampla. crushing hit mmit under tona el atona aa written in tha Book wa live byl the aeduetien ol Samton by the infamous Delilah who robe him of hit mark el power and delivare him to tha enemieit crciBOiMiurs LAM ARR - MATURE SANDERS-IANSBURY-WILCQXON TECHNICOLOR' Qnc -TIL 12:30 P.M. w OPEN 10:30 A.M. mm staiti with ALL DAY TODAY Coma Anytime A See 2 feeturei LAST 7 DAYS TODAY AT 112 5:10 8:30 y ; IXCIUSIVI-V Last Chanel To Set awTHI UlG HPirillWtMJUl . 'mm EW ux. anuni STARTS NOV. 19 ;1 fMIIKE louis iourdan p qrup BESToF 1 tvuniininwi 3t RQCIC HUDSON OTP R,S DAY ;ploA,oN,, m1' ' i NW HIGH IN SCREEN SUSPENSfcl MCK DAVID NELSON vmm 0IM 1(11(1 G Htflb- EI-fc-U m 100 BULKY ORLON CARDIGANS BRUSHED MOHAIR AND WOOL BULKY KNIT SLIPONS BOAT NECK & SHAWL COLLARS ALL STYLES IN SIZES S, M, L ULiulJ 4 WOOL FLANNEL IN STRIPES & SOLIDS TWEEDS, DONNEGALS AND PLAIDS SELF BELTS & NOVELTY TREATMENTS ALL STYLES IN SIZES 10 TO 18 f JU ' i I mm 11 3000 E. Preston St. (JUST 1 BLOCK FROM EDISON HIGHWAY)

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